What is the meaning of wearing a bracelet?

What is the meaning of wearing a bracelet?
is a rare organic gem, white jade, is also a Buddhist holy thing. is the largest in marine shells, up to 1.8m in diameter.one began in the Han Dynasty, because the surface of the shell has a road was radial-like groove, its like the ancient rut, so called the canal. Descendants because of its hard as stone, in the garage next to the stone word. The pearl, coral, amber in the West is known as the four organic gems in Chinese Buddhism with gold, silver, glass, agate, coral, amber is also one of the seven treasures. So what is the meaning of the bracelet?

What is the meaning of the bracelet?
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Meaning a bracelet after thousands of years of growth, absorption of the essence of the month, the magnetic field energy is endless, endless, with a very strong magnetic field energy. With the provision of evil spirits, disaster relief, in addition to evil poly spirit, change feng shui, for the Buddha spiritual repair, for the Buddhist secret treasure, many practitioners will be regarded as for the Buddhist spirit, auspicious things, they believe, Holding the Cartier love bracelet replica practitioners, to purify the corruption, anger, crazy, to eliminate the barrier, disaster relief blessing, the effect of the body to reduce the magic, its power incredible.

Meaning two,  bracelet is for the Buddha to repair the auspicious thing, you can eliminate the disaster solution, evil, the town of evil, body health, longevity, Tibetan Buddhism as the exorcism of the magical treasures. bracelet allows the wearer to purify the body and mind, to enhance the mood to reconcile, inspired intelligence function. Holding its practice of law enforcement has more than doubled morality, and wisdom of the realm. Since the Qing Dynasty officials from time to time to wear the beads are made by the 砗 磲 made, made of Buddha beads in the Buddhist community widely rumored.

Meaning three,  in today’s popular “Buddhist Qibao”, the first row of exorcism. contained trace elements can stabilize emotions, remove distractions, so that the grumpy believers to eliminate trouble, nursed back to physical and mental balance.

In the traditional Chinese medicine, the tail of the shellfish was considered to have the same effect as the pearl, because of its trace elements, shell keratin and amino acids have health care, promote the function of body metabolism, anti-aging and To prevent the effect of osteoporosis, ground into powder often love things.

Wearing a bracelet on behalf of the meaning

1. have a strong magnetic field, can stabilize the patient’s mood, remove distractions, improve insomnia, health care can achieve the effect.

2.  is for the Buddha of the auspicious thing, you can eliminate the disaster solution, evil, the town of evil, physical fitness, longevity, Tibetan Buddhism as the exorcism of the magical treasures.

3. Wear bracelet can also keep fit, enhance immunity, stabilize emotions, prevent aging, play a longevity effect

4. According to “Compendium of Materia Medica” records,  has a very high medicinal value: to cooling blood, lower blood pressure, soothe the nerves scared, especially for sore throat, child blisters more effective.

5. Wearing  can enhance the body’s magnetic field, you can eliminate the trouble barrier, increase the wisdom of self-care.

What are the benefits and benefits of wearing ??

Can cool blood, lower blood pressure, soothe the nerves scared, especially for sore Cartier love ring replica throat, child blister more effective. can be physical fitness, longevity, Tibetan Buddhism as the exorcism of the magical treasures. is both jewelry and blindly traditional Chinese medicine, wear  jewelry on the body and mind have a good effect. “Compendium of Materia Medica” in the records of the town has peace of mind and thirst of blood and cooling effect. After long-term with incredible magic power, such as enhance immunity, to prevent aging, stable heart rate, improve insomnia and other efficacy.砗 磲 bracelet is easy to wear yellow when wearing, pay attention to daily maintenance.
With the change of people’s minds, men are more and more attention to dress up. A line with their own character, grade and preferences of the bracelet can not only set off the temperament of men, but also to others left a deep impression. What do men wear bracelets? Here are some recommended for men wearing a hand string, we can refer to!

Men wear bracelet good

Men wear bracelet good – tiger eye stone bracelet
Because the beads have a kind of tiger eyes, so the name of the tiger eye stone, tiger eye oil luster, glare overflowing, stars glare cat’s eye, the middle also slightly with gold, worn in the wrist domineering, gestures between the natural Temperament will be distributed for her out.

Men wear bracelet good – amber bracelet
Amber bracelet has a long history, high collection and ornamental value, as well as the appreciation of the space, amber absorption of the earth’s aura, a powerful energy magnetic field, can eliminate the disaster, healed frivolous state of mind, fortune-saving special effects, and amber arts and crafts Became the dynasty are royal favorite gems.

Men wear bracelet good – obsidian bracelet
This kind of hand string business more like to add brave. The two together, a symbol of the evil of evil, Lucky treasure into the effect. Obsidian hand string is also full of the audience’s favorite, black jewelry with rough men’s wrist, simple is perfect match.

Men wear bracelet good – Buddha beads hand string
Men’s hand string is now the most people wearing a Buddha beads hand string, lobular red sandalwood hand string, King Kong Bodhi hand string, yellow pear hand string of these most popular. And these three have some special meaning, such as the symbol of men in the future life and work in the smooth water. Evil spirits, security peace, soothe the nerves of the role.

Men wear bracelet good – crystal bracelet
Crystal bracelet modeling exquisite beauty, with health effects. Long time to wear, can up to ease fatigue, so clear mind; improve headaches, joint pain and so on.

What do men wear bracelets? Recommended above for several men wearing a hand string, hope that we can find their own satisfaction bracelet Oh!
Dharma practitioners in the world, in the lower people in the knot, he rescued the doom of the leprosy female Xiao Chan, in the course of time together Xiaocan heart love, which to the painstaking practice of Dharma bring a lot of inconvenience. Bodhidharma arrived in the Cartier nail bracelet replica Northern Wei Dynasty, the state division flow of three Tibet conscious position threatened, they resorted to various means to Dharma drive out of the Central Plains, Bodhidharma and flooded Sanzo launched an indomitable struggle, the final Dharma not only beat the opponent, The ensuing emotional temptation, Zuo Kay Xiaobian so simple to introduce Dharma, then, what is the meaning of Dharma bracelet?

What is the meaning of the Dharma bracelet?
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The meaning of a, Dharma bracelet meaning healthy and longevity, blessing, such as the East China Sea, Dharma beard white, is a face charity image of the old man, so the old man wearing a bracelet jade can get it asylum, evil spirits, health and longevity.

Meaning two, Bodhidharma bracelet meaning wisdom and knowledge, Dharma face kindness, eyes deep, there is a sense of great care. According to legend, Dharma itself does not know a few characters, but he humbly studious, devote themselves to practice, a long beard appears that he is wise, a full of economic look. So students wear emerald bracelet can get the spirit of encouragement, under the influence of Dharma, may be able to devote themselves to study, abandon the distractions, wholeheartedly learn to become a knowledgeable person.

Meaning the three, Dharma bracelet meaning the beginning and end of the quality and dedication to the pursuit of perseverance, wear jade bracelet can show the man’s spirit, play to encourage the effect of the spirit of Dama can make men aware of their own responsibility, So as to be a beginning and end, strong and brave people.

Meaning four, Dharma bracelet meaning exorcism evil spirits, Dharma mana profound, you can resist all the calamities and suffering, and there are evil evils, the key moment can save the day.

Meaning five, Dharma bracelet meaning peace of mind, Dharma life and Buddha edge, his six clean, heart as a mirror, is a no greed and desire of people, he see through the Red, no trouble, life flies ease.

Wearing a bracelet on behalf of the significance

1, Dharma for my generation guru, face charity, eyes deep, wings beard, as if into the realm of the big thoroughfare, long and white beard to show his practice and the profound knowledge of the profound, Year-end correction fruit, on behalf of only eight bucket, learn rich five cars, learn something into.

2, Dharma life and Buddha junction edge, six clean, as if the mirror, there is no greed and desire, see through the Red, on behalf of you can remove all the troubles, everything goes well, life is comfortable.

3, Bodhidharma, for our ancestors Zen ancestors, magic can be imagined, you can resist all the calamities and suffering, on behalf of the risk of exorcism, exorcism asylum.

4, the performance of the form of Dharma is usually a long to reflect the thick beard long and white, but still can sit as bell, station like pine, stalwart of the body on behalf of healthy longevity, blessing, such as the East China Sea.

5, Dharma has been able to become the founder of Zen, because he can clear his heart, clear their own pursuit, to be clear heart, perseverance never give up, they can be fruition, the representative to clear their own goals , Once the goal, we must adhere to in the end, so there are beginning and end.

Jade Dharma for the crowd

Students wear: students wear emerald Dharma can give them the spirit of encouragement, I believe that under the influence of Jade in the Dharma, they will meditate on learning, can do both ears do not hear out of the window, put aside all the distractions, plus persist in the end The confidence, so naturally will learn something, learn rich five cars.

Old man wearing: Dharma is a face charity, hair white, beard thick and long and white, full of old man image, but at the same time Dharma can also sit as bell, station like loose, line of wind, plus stalwart of the body Enough to show its health and longevity of the physical quality. Elderly people wear emerald Dharma, in the blessing of Dharma, but also healthy and healthy, longevity; the face of any pain, can be saved; even emerald Dharma can help the elderly to escape evil, from the pain of the disease.

Male wear: male is the pillars of the family, whether it is life, career, love encountered any difficulties can not be back. Wear emerald Dharma can be a good show of male-specific temperament, in the Emerald Dharma’s inspiration, but also to better understand their own men, accurate positioning to their own, and then brave forward, to be a beginning and end, have to play Of the man, will naturally be superior appreciation, the opposite sex of all ages.

Life pressure big people: the increasingly fierce competition in the community, naturally, from all sides of the pressure, trouble can not escape, wearing Jade Dharma, you can make his master six clean, state of mind, such as clear, away from all sorts of Kind of temptation, the natural troubles will be less, life and more natural laughter and happiness, with a good mood to deal with all kinds of things, will be smooth and smooth

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