the specialty lies in the production of high-level watch shell prototype

In the western part of Switzerland, with a small corner bordering France, there is a lakeside city – Geneva, where there are beautiful scenery, was named the world’s best living city second, but also rich in human, religious and economic background. Geneva is the world’s watch and financial center, where the world famous watches and clocks, such as Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Rolex, etc., there is a newly established small company – MHC.

MHC, a typical French district watch factory in Geneva. Geneva was a religious holy land, still retains a lot of landmarks at that time, such as St. Peter’s Basilica. A few centuries ago, when England, France, Germany, Italy and other major powers at that time because of the development of war and science, religious exclusion, the church flee around, France, Germany and England, a considerable number of scholars and craftsmen fled to Switzerland , Thus forming a very unique imitation Cartier love bracelet landscape – the entire Swiss watch industry, all concentrated in the northwest Ruifa, Reid border valleys and small towns. More interestingly, for this reason, the Swiss watch industry formed two mainstream “factions” – the French and German districts, the French district focused on the process and complex structure (Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, etc.), pay more attention Handmade tabulation, the German area is a higher degree of industrialization, the general output is relatively large (Rolex, nations, etc.).

MHC (MANUFACTURE HAUTES COMPLICATIONS SA) was established in 2010 at Glacis-De-Rive in Parc Street No. 4, 200 meters north of Geneva is the south bank of the British garden and large flower clock, 500 meters west is St. Peter’s Cathedral and Rousseau’s former residence, 1 km west of the Patek Philippe Museum, the University of Geneva and other famous “scenic spots.” Today, the company has moved to the site to the north, near the Franz Park Chemin Frank-Thomas 80. MHC is one of the best in Switzerland for several other brands of R & D senior movement watch factory, the team is very small, but the service of a lot of rich customers, including the most will do the jewelry family (one) Graff, New senior watch brand Spero Lucem, and we are very familiar with the Bo Lai Shi and so on.

MHC core work is to develop some unique structure of the movement and production (mainly assembly) finished table, its founder Pierre-Laurent Favre has said that he most want to do is “making small watches and watches,” but MHC But also too small, the team members only about 15 in 2013 (10 watchmakers three designers a plotter and his own), in fact do not have to produce a table, including the case, pointer, dial, table Belt and other accessories, so it is away from the realization of Pierre-Laurent Favre’s ideal there are some distance.

Pierre-Laurent Favre’s senior watchmaking reputation in Switzerland is not great, he is very low-key, but does not mean he is not talented. Favre about 1980 or so into the Patek Philippe watch factory work, in 2003, he led the Patek Philippe precision watchmaking sector, in 2005 he left Patek Philippe. Working in Patek Philippe for about 25 years, and according to the practice of these big brands, the internal watchmakers rarely known to outsiders, especially Replica Cartier jewelry watchmakers, often the brand will be highly confidential, because they are in contact with or is responsible for the brand The most confidential work. After leaving Patek Philippe, he went to BNB Concept, which he had just created in 2004, and worked with three founders. His company president, Matthias Buttet, was also a very outstanding watchmaker, and BNB was also an outstanding third party Core research and development institutions, serving more than 30 customers, including Hermes, Romain Jerome, HD 3, Jacob & Co, DeWitt, Bo Lai Shi, Concord, Yu ship and so on.

Jean-Claude Biver
2010 BNB company due to debt tired (official claim), no one is willing to take over, and finally announced bankruptcy liquidation, all assets open auction, BNB company more than 30 watchmakers employed after the “marketing wizards” Jean-Claud Biver (Thanks to BNB’s long-term partnership), and Biver bought BNB’s production machinery and inventory movement, the industry’s coveted tourbillon and advanced complex movement R & D center, the final dust Settled, help Yu ship in the advanced watchmaking road on the big step forward.

BNB Concept After the bankruptcy, Pierre-Laurent Favre did not rush to the ship, but went to the 2010 Basel watch show, found that there are customers interested in his idea, so he decided to create a company, which has Today’s MHC. At that time the registered capital of 30,000 Swiss francs, about six months after the increase of 70,000 Swiss francs, the total share capital to 100,000 Swiss francs, the company name from the original MHC Manufacture Hautes Complications Sàrl changed to MHC Manufacture Hautes Complications SA. In 2012, the company’s original partner left the company, Favre led the team to continue the cause of his struggle. So far, based on the principle of confidentiality, MHC service brand, only a few can be revealed, but each of its research and development of the movement, are so different, creative and complex structure of the ingenious combination, so that the brand The most influential products.

Spero Lucem was the first two years to set up the company, 2013 Basel debut. This is a focus on the field of high-level watch the brand, which by drawing on Geneva’s cultural and iconic elements to design watches, in a new way to pass the taboo city of Geneva, the spirit and essence. Founder of the company Yvan Arpa is a designer, and the source of the idea of Geneva, but also his vision, MHC, SC2 (a watch company in Geneva, the specialty lies in the production of high-level watch shell prototype and gem mosaic, by Yvan Acquisition), Caiyun Song (a domestic watch collector) as a partner, Spero Lucem MHC is one of the most important customers.

Spero Lucem watch open after the clock, the clock and minute hand will be crazy rotation
La Clémence watch, is Spero Lucem released in 2013 watches, is also the brand’s first watch, it has a sacred name “forgiveness”. Inspired by the landmarks of Geneva, St. Peter’s Basilica, the crown of the emperor of Geneva and the priest’s title, La Clémence is the name of the bell in the north tower of St. Peter’s Basilica, called “the clock of forgiveness”. La Clémence was cast by Pastor Guerri de Marclay, officially installed in 1407, and in the past time the cathedral became a spiritual awakened sanctuary and created the famous city motto: Post Tenebras Spero Lucem (darkness is bright). The original inscription on the borders of the clock is also preserved: Vox mea cunctorum estror doemoniorum (Hong Zhongming receded the devil).

When you hear Swarovski version of Samsung when a product

When you hear Swarovski version of Samsung when a product, I believe you have been surprised, so the latest Gear S Strap naturally will not make you surprised. Have to admit, Gear S in the set after the shining crystal, the original kind of stiff feeling no longer exists, and it can act as a celebrity or fashion accessories.
Samsung Swarovski limited edition watch GEAR introduction
It is understood that Samsung and Swarovski has established long-term cooperative relationship, they will cooperate to launch the device called Swarovski for Samsung series. Prior to this, Samsung has just launched a combination of Swarovski Galaxy S5 to create the luxury of the shell.
Samsung introduced, Gear S Strap crystal used by Swarovski in July this year, just launched Crystal Fine Mesh. Although this crystal products have been in a variety of the world’s top market brands to use, but it is the first time in a technology products.
It is reported that this limited edition Gear S Strap will begin in October in the Samsung online store sale. Slightly regrettable that Samsung did not announce its price. In addition, Samsung revealed that they will also be in the near future for the new flagship mobile phone Amulette de Cartier Bracelet Replica launch Swarovski crystal version of the phone shell – is likely to be Galaxy Note 4.
In fact, Gear S this smart watch even without crystal body, it is also very attractive. It is reported that this watch supports 3G network connection, the user can use it directly to make and receive calls.
Raised the military table, the mind will emerge heavily armed, armed assault rifle special forces of the figure. As if the military table has become their synonyms. And the military table that thick, simple, rough shape can easily conquer every man’s heart! The following watch home to talk about the top ten military outdoor watch brand!
Headquartered in the United States LAU’s AM AMICAN WATCH COMPANY company, 15 years has been for the US Secret Service, Navy SEALs, Air Force pilots, Delta Special Forces, the US Army Rangers, FBI agents, DEA (hemp banned office), SWAT special police force, British SAS, the Israeli special forces to provide military watches.
As the Swiss watch, although the Swiss list, but this table is a fashion table, the only one is characterized by TRASER light source, but with the world military watch MTM gaseous tungsten luminous compared to this TRASER light source is negligible, the appearance of delicate , The strap is used in nylon strap, crashworthiness is relatively weak, can not bear the harsh outdoor environment. So this is not an outdoor military table. But for the more love of the customer is worth owning.
Luminos Luminox
This table in the world rankings, ranked third position, but also Switzerland’s third generation military table, in the outdoor military table which also has a certain popularity, but bought the brand’s military table friends will be able to know, although all In the publicity for the outdoor US military use of the military table, but in the real outdoor use, the crash is not strong, the strap in the outdoor use, there are bumps, scratches. Luminos main propaganda is done in place, so this can not be called professional outdoor military table, so in the general outdoor camping, the end of the case of difficulty to use. Because before the publicity in place, so the rankings, or a little success.
SWISS MADE Swiss Officers table
On the Swiss officer table, this category is relatively wide, the brand is also more Cartier love ring replica messy, more famous are Wooguo (WENGER), Victor (Victorinox), GENESIS, SWISS ARMY, SWISS MOUNTAIN PATROL, etc., so do not enumerate, put them Unification is attributed to “SWISS MADE”.
MARATHON, the most authentic US military service table, the only US government certification, the table hit US GOVERNMENT, (this is the oldest version, is for US military active forces to use, the current production of the government word is not for the EU National forces used) each of the stainless steel dials have a complete army number. So this table in addition to the use of value there is a collection value.
Hamilton Hamilton
Hamilton Hamilton table, well-known for its high-quality timers, was a watch factory founded in 1892 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and supplied to the US government for cutting-edge technology during the first war to the next few decades Timers. During the Second World War, the Hamilton Hamilton Table was selected for the US and Allies to produce a variety of watches, clocks, astronomical clocks and time devices. Almost every prepared military vehicle or ship is equipped with Hamilton Hamilton.
5.11 HRT tactical watch
The 5.11 Tactical Series and Horus Vision are designed by the LLC team and have a built-in ballistic trial function designed for long range sniper rifles in their titanium alloy watch. Anyway it looks like it is cool. Has a trajectory trial system H.R.T tactical watches, for the military special forces sniper, law enforcement officers of the sniper, the general civil long range contestants, are able to provide their trial range function. And the coolest is that the 5.11 tactical series of H.R.T contains a trajectory trial system of tactical watches, all of its features are included in a small watch, so it can be said to be very easy to carry. Of course, this watch still has the basic function of providing the clock.
Langkun LACO
Long Kun table LACO is a famous German watch brand. In 1925, the company was founded by two highly talented German watchmakers Frieda Lacher and Ludwig Hummel in the German watch town of Pforzheim. During World War II, the German brand Langkun LACO to create World War II Air Force pilots table B-Uhr and fame, its original marked with the Arabic numerals inside and outside the non-reflective dumb black surface and coated with fluorescent material Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica three-pin, a modern pilot Standard design of the table.
Chase Dreyer CHASE DURER
More than a decade ago by the Hollywood producer Brandon and Mary, Anders and Swiss partner Stephen Dreyer set up the company to the real price, the top quality of the Swiss watch specially designed to meet the professional pilots (civilian, military) In the months before the start of the design work, the company was looking for pilots in all areas before consulting, starting the design, making the sample, and finally putting it in, the shape, function, ruggedness and reliability of the field immediately Know. Not only to meet the important needs, but also the price structure to produce similar products of other companies attention.
The German military table started SINN at the beginning was the flight instrument, founder HelmutSinn in his own name in Germany – Frankfurt began manufacturing the pilot’s watch, a tool used as a tool to provide maximum functionality and meet the professional pilots On the tough and perfect requirements. At that time those watches were sold directly from the factory, did not use the dealer to sell, there is no advertising; with high value, the first level of quality, and the most cost-effective price / performance ratio, Sinn’s name among the pilots Fast spread to.

Spring of the praise Van Cleef & Arpels new Frivole series of jewelry

Spring of the praise – Van Cleef & Arpels new Frivole series of jewelry
“Biyu makeup into a tree high, 10,000 hanging green silk sash.” Dai green spring, flowers and flowers, but also a year when the spring is good. In this refreshing season, Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels once again pay tribute to the endless nature of the Frivole Cartier love ring replica series of nine new to write the flow of light “spring praise”. New cohesion extraordinary creativity, flowers spit Rui bloom, like in the breeze under the slight trembling, lifelike. Whether it is turned into a single flower, or sparkling flowers are burst out of the bright elegance of the genial light, makeup soft skin.

Flowers spit Rui, bright spring

Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels Frivole Pendant Large Style Yellow K Gold, Diamond
Van Cleef & Arpels Frivole Series Between the Finger Ring

Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels Frivole series earrings trumpet style yellow K gold, diamonds
Spring back to the earth, Vientiane update. Spring breath for the Frivole series of pure shine style into the vitality. Exquisite heart-shaped petals composed of gorgeous elegant three-dimensional flowers, one or three diamonds dotted them, blooming out of the dazzling color. Bright shadows and works of geometric lines against each other, showing a charming charm. Nine new works will be March 20, 2017 officially listed, Frivole series with their own precious metal materials and new size blooming new Yan. New work, the family is presented for the first time elegant light bracelet works.

Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels Frivole Pendant Mini Style Yellow K Gold, Diamond

Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels Frivole Series Bracelet Mini Style White K Gold, Diamond
The new material with yellow K gold as the main material and the new diamond in this series shines in the series, including trumpet earrings, large pendants and Between the Finger finger ring. Bright and pleasing to the eye of the family is the iconic design of the family, two asymmetrical Cartier love bracelet replica flowers at both ends of the ring embraced each other, unique. The family insists on the most stringent standards of selection of diamonds, embellished on each of the works of each diamond up to D, E or F grade color, and VVS to the upper level of clarity.
Ingenuity craftsmanship

Van Cleef & Arpels Frivole series of jewelry production process pictures
Van Cleef & Arpels has always adhered to the pursuit of the pursuit of nature fleeting Smart beauty. In the Frivole series, the overall shape of the flower structure and petals are carefully considered and designed to reproduce the ever-changing nature of the moment. The family along the 1920s will be used since the mirror polishing process, the perfect lift the brightness of the metal, making the petals pavilions shine, each piece is filled with a unique vitality.
Van Cleef & Arpels Frivole series of jewelry production process pictures
In addition, the “gold hand” who uses the mesh fine craft, in the jewelry works of gold components on the hole, so that light can penetrate through the hole directly through the diamond, creating a shiny bright effect. Exquisite jewelry craftsmanship craftsmen on the details of the meticulous dedication to make Frivole series of works more refined.
Eternal magnificent source of inspiration

Pavot Brooch Design Sketch, Diamonds & Stealth Mystery Set Ruby, Van Cleef & Arpels Collection
From the 1920s diamond brooch to contemporary jewelry works, flowers have been one of the classic source of Van Cleef & Arpels. The family is attracted by the ever-changing nature, many times the vitality of the flowers thriving and touching beauty into a section of bright jewelry works.
Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels Collection Series Bouquet Brooch Yellow Gold, Sapphire & Ruby 1940
Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels Collection Collection Brooch Yellow K Gold, Ruby & Diamond 1941 – 1942

Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels Collection Flower Brooch Diamond 1959
Christmas roses, big cosmos, poppy flowers, bell bell pond, lily of the valley and cherry blossom composed of the family poetic charming garden, through the “golden hand” exquisite craft, blooming extreme beauty. Frivole series also continued the Van Cleef & Arpels to pay tribute to Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica the natural beauty of the timeless creation tradition.
Explore the Frivole series

Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels Frivole Series Ring Yellow K Gold, Diamond 8 Flower
Frivole Yellow Gold and Diamond Works

Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels Frivole Pendant Large Style Yellow K Gold, Diamond

Van Cleef & Arpels Frivole Series Between the Finger Ring
Gently touch, delicate flowers that fragrance Tuyan, blooming brilliant corolla or bouquets to follow the 1950s classic gold jewelry style, emitting a glimpse of Jinmang, reflecting the bright and colorful diamond flower.
Frivole White Gold and Diamond Works

Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels Frivole Pendant Large Style White K Gold, Diamond
Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels Frivole series earrings trumpet style white gold gold, diamond
Like the flowers in full bloom, light delicate skin, make it shine. Mirror polished craft makes the precious metal more glamorous, Jiaoqiao petals blooming sparkling glory.

Frivole White K Gold Pendant in Diamond

Van Cleef & Arpels Frivole Series Between the Finger Ring

Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels Frivole Series Necklace White K Gold Pendant Diamond 9 Flower
White K gold works of fine structure, the surface of the chip inlaid with diamond-studded technology, blooming silver-white glare. Precious stones and precious metals into one, emitting a bright light.

Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels Frivole Series Brooches White K Gold Pendant Diamond Style Double Flower
The picturesque nature has always been an important source of inspiration for the Van Cleef & Arpels, the new Frivole series that is Van Cleef & Arpels on the beautiful spring praise, but also the colorful natural praise.

Bo Lai Shi released BR01 COMPASS compass military watch

Bo Lai Shi released BR01 COMPASS compass military watch
As we all know, Bell & Ross Bo Lai Shi watch the biggest feature is the elements of the aircraft instrument well into the watch design. And this period there is no lack of bold: for example, in 2010 to the market BR01 RADAR watch, is a radar instrument inspired by the creation of works. On the eve of Baselworld in 2011, Bell & Ross Laurent has released the BR01 COMPASS Compass Limited Military watch with compass.
Watch bezel is divided into two parts, the upper part of the center has a fixed imitation Cartier love bracelet vertical white line, with the clockwise rotation of the concentric hour plate and minutes, you can read the time. All time scales and scales are coated with white luminous coating.
Watch case with 316L stainless steel to build, and coated with black PVD coating. In addition the bezel is also available decorated with Geneva ripple rose gold material is optional.
Different from the traditional pointer display, the turntable instead of the pointer will always appear uneven weight. In order to solve this problem, Bo Lai Shi application of innovative materials and cutting-edge technology to create a very light and strong turntable, which is not easy to deformation and very low coefficient of friction of the advantages of power reserve and travel time accuracy will not cause any negative impact. In addition, the master watchmaker to ensure that the size of the two turntables accurate to the level of microns to ensure smooth rotation of the two discs.
Watch limited to 500, equipped with a classic ETA2892 self-winding movement, stable and reliable. Domestic price of 49,000 yuan.
Young people choose 20 years old preferred watch recommended
Often more young when the more interested in those old style, a pair of words for the new words that melancholy Mo Yang, in fact, young and young should be the kind of vibrant kind of children, those who are serious about the table, Those models of the basic wild models all occupy the side of it, you need bold, bold, and then bold, publicity, publicity, and then publicity. Leopard, colorful, come on, popular elements common use, this is the 20-year-old young man’s world!
41mm Yu Bang Big Bang leopard table
Leopard has been hot for several years, but the whole leopard pattern watch you dare not wear Replica Cartier jewelry ? Yu ship has always been a bold design of the brand, the introduction of such Leopard watch is not surprising. Rose gold case, 48 andalusite, smoked quartz and square yellow crystal, and 6 H-type embedded titanium screws, leopard denim lined with black natural rubber strap, big bang watch than any bracelet Pull more wind. And Leopard style, whether it is daily dress or dinner to cope with their capability, you can usher in the practice of cheers.
Chanel J12 Chromatic Titanium Ceramic Watch
Chanel’s J12 ceramic watch from 2000 has already begun its journey, and this Chromatic titanium ceramic table can be said that the J12 family is the most mysterious member. From the picture point of view it is between the black and white metal gray, but in fact, in the sun, under the faint light, as long as the environment is different, different light sources, the color of the table will be distributed with different shiny colors, From the ceramic into the titanium caused by the mysterious change to create the feeling J12 is a great choice.
Tudor Fastrider series watch
If the previous table has a neutral taste, that Tudor this watch is definitely for men born, the expression of speed and passion. It is inspired by the motorcycle world, timing button and case connection with two black PVD coated sleeve, reminiscent of the engine piston; and watch outer ring is engraved speed scale, do exercise Breath, even the bracelet can also choose three racing style striped black weave strap. Just press the timer button, you can carry out accurate timing, the next moment, we entered the motorcycle race high-speed world.
Men talk about fashion accessories, the total can not be separated from the watch, so the watch can not be separated from fashion circles. Look at the editor for everyone to collect the 10 fashion watch, but they are the world’s most expensive list of the forefront of the list, and enjoy the next bar.
Shuangfei Taobilun rotating watch
Manufacturer: Breguet
Price: $ 329000
This table design inspiration seems to come from our mysterious solar system, the case is made of 95% pure white gold, double tourbillon in the solar system pattern at the same time flying, the hands are hand-built.
The world’s first four-hammer-style three asked the table, double-sided hollow face plate can directly appreciate the mechanical fine engraved engraving and delicate hammer. Crocodile style table edge, Westminster stopwatch transponder, there are three pure gold gear.
Blancpain (Blancpain) launched this watch design and development and manufacturing project took 6 years, is the world’s most complex, most features of the manual mechanical watch one. Watch from 740 precision parts, set the world today’s mechanical watch all six complex mechanical functions in one, including ultra-thin self-winding movement, double pointer flyback time, Tourbillon, time points three functions, calendar and Moon phase profit and loss function. Watchmakers need to use a year and a half to produce such a watch, the world’s only three watchmakers can produce such a complex watch. Even if the ability to buy this watch, have to book at least 3 years in advance can be.
Want to have this value of $ 850,000 watch yet but by 2008, the world’s limited production of only three, platinum case, equipped with three asked the table, tourbillon, timer,
Alacria Royal Limited Edition Carl F. Bucherer The excellent craftsmanship of the exquisite craftsmanship and ultimate jewels.
Elite Royal royal limit is the continuation of the beautiful Qi Li Lai Lai series, designed for the noble royal staff tailored limited edition style, four by the precious diamonds and sapphires, orange gemstones, rubies and emerald Inlaid female form, from the panel, case to the strap, every gem has been carefully selected by the skilled experts hand-refined, by the Baqi Lai watchmaker designed to meet the noble honor status Of women wearing watches.
It is a piece of jewelry or a watch, perhaps confused for a long time not only the editor himself, but no matter how that this produced by the Hublot, the value of it is a piece of 000,000 luxury goods show in front of us, So that all blood flow, rapid heartbeat.
This Tourbillon watch is a mosaic of 493 Wesselton Need for diamonds, but more alarming is to see the star-studded diamonds, we can not find any support diamond structure, this set by Van Cleef & ; Arpels (Paris) invented the diamond technology is still a trade secret.
After more than 2,000 hours, from the program to the research, from the selection of equipment to the cutting of diamonds, as well as the final announcement to the public, Hublot in the global gathering of the clock Baselworld successfully completed the Heaven’s pen, we have reason to believe , His performance has just begun.
The case has been carefully designed to have a 44mm large diameter, so that the three pieces of the table resonant sound is excellent, and linked to the case and percussion parts of the innovative decorative version of the anchor tied, and 18K rose gold case of copper Sound quality performance help.
Manual winding mechanical movement frequency of 18,000 times per hour, power storage for about 58 hours. Movement features include: hand table bridge angle processing, human mobile phone carved Ctes de Geneve pattern, and circle polished plate. Has a mark on behalf of the quality and the perfect craft of the Geneva mark. This watch is limited production, is bound to be extremely rare and precious.
Set with 576 diamonds; through 18K white gold, diamonds and black agate gem. Built in this series of jewelry watch in the Jaeger-LeCoultre 101 movement, exquisite workmanship, outstanding excellence, much distinguished by the outstanding women love, such as the coronation of the British Queen Elizabeth II. Whether it is a gemstone chain or a full set of diamonds, this movement can always be different with the appearance of the design complement each other, in the foil watch gorgeous glory at the same time, showing the elegant superior watch function.

AP table fans Lin Xinrui as the endorsement Audemars Piguet Millennium series watch

AP table fans Lin Xinrui as the endorsement Audemars Piguet Millennium series watch
Swiss senior watch Audemars Piguet (Audemars Piguet) for the modern independent women to create a new series of Millennium watch release, as the entertainment industry both beautiful and ability, the strong woman on behalf of Lin Xinru, AP fans Cartier love bracelet replica and collectors, She is perfect to master the elegant shape and complex movement coexistence of the Millennium series of female table.
AP table fans Lin Xinrui as the endorsement Audemars Piguet Millennium series watch
The appearance of slender sweet Lin Xinru, in fact, the heart of the man. She said, “I am a boy character, buy basically more than 40mm large diameter male watch, neutral table, sports style is the most in line with the personality, jewelry table for the job needs to buy.” Like she has a royal oak offshore watch, a large table completely cover the wrist, let her wear the door often knocked to the table, my father did not care about the watch, but she responded to the “things bought is to wear of.”
17-year-old debut Lin Xinru, all the way from the model to the actors, singers, theater producers, and set up a studio when the boss, show modern women changing and never stop life attitude. She also uphold the philosophy of “people want to progress”, she said, “I need to continue to innovate, repeat one thing easy to let me lose enthusiasm, will not progress, when the reserves of energy, they should dare to break, do not let yourself Regret. “Her next challenge is when the film production, but” the heroine or me, sorry. ”
Millennium series watch rose gold, bezel, ear ear diamonds, mother of pearl eccentric disc and small seconds, 90 million 8,000 yuan
MasterGraff three asked the watch is equipped with a three-ask device, the wearer only need to push up in the case on the side of the three asked the table dedicated slider, you can start the timekeeping function. Two hammers plus two different combinations of sound spring, respectively, with different high and low bass reported hours, carved clocks and minutes.
Master Graff three asked watch introduction
In addition to 80 hours of power reserve manual refining mechanical movement, this masculine temperament full of men’s watch is also equipped with a flyback tourbillon, at 6 o’clock hole so that this exquisite Tourbillon exposing, round The hole edge also surrounds a small Cartier love ring replica second hand disc. Black paint or white paint on the dial with a rose gold standard, 12 o’clock also set in the Graff logo inverted triangular cut gem. Crown with Graf’s cutting-edge diamond design, 47 mm carved case is a single round diamonds from the inspiration.
This unique and elegant watch with black or brown crocodile leather strap and Graff exclusive folding buckle, with rose gold and platinum two materials to choose from, each are strictly limited edition 30.
Movement energy: self-winding mechanical movement
Watch function: chronograph
Case material: rose gold
Strap Material: Leather
Shape of the dial: round
Dial color: black
Movado’s MOVADO watch is famous for its twentieth century by the most influential artists of the twentieth century, and the prototype table created from the artist’s concept sketch is accompanied by exquisite mechanical parts made by Swiss watches. Strap is an important part of the Movado watch, while the straps determine the comfort and convenience of the Vatican watch, the safety of the Vatican watch also has a relationship. Then Movado Turnda MOVADO watch which should pay attention to what?
Movado Turnda MOVADO strap to pay attention to what that
Metal strap
1, when the Movado watch spread out, the strap on the discount letter or logo to dial the same, if it is reversed, that is, straps installed anti.
2, metal strap in the removal of the band when the time, it is best to go to the number of pairs, and must be decorated with Movado Tuo table buckle are evenly removed. So as to ensure that the clasp is centered, wearing only comfortable, especially the wrist of the more fine ladies, in the band to pay more attention to this issue
3, the demolition of the band is a directional direction, generally in the Movado table strap is an arrow to indicate the direction between the staircase between the spikes out, not anti, the direction of installation and removal of the direction On the contrary.
4, air-core strap section, the general use of the so-called “hair plug”. Easier to loose and Cartier nail bracelet replica sprang, and solid core strap with a piercing screw or bolt to connect the strap section, a long time may also loose sprang, so be sure to check regularly. You can use the needle-like things to push it out, if a pincer on the out, it means that has been loose. If you find signs of exposure, to immediately repair.
Cortical strap
1, Mo Tuo Tuo leather strap strap and the width of the case should be suitable for the opening file, not too narrow. Narrow the strap will be around the move, easy to compress the strap bolt spring and make it fall, resulting in Moro Tuo watch lost, but also not beautiful. (Especially those with large diameters and longer straps). The most commonly used leather strap width is: male table 18 or 20MM, female table 10 or 12MM.
2, the thickness of the strap should also take into account the opening of the case and the strap between the bandage, if the strap is too thick will be in the case and strap tied between the plug, resulting in the activities of the strap Do not die.
3, the strap with a clasp that cut (short that cut) should always be in the top of the Movado watch (when the Movado watch is watching, the table in the right).
4, with a discount Movado table strap, the side will have many holes, used to adjust the length of the strap. When retracting the strap, also note that the clasp adjustment section (indent and release) should not indent the surface of the strap with the axis of the shaft. So that the clasp will form a lever force, so that the strap is very easy to be opened, it is easy to throw off Van Tuo watch.

Wedding cake customization advantages and disadvantages PK

Wedding cake customization advantages and disadvantages PK
Brand cake shop custom
Advantages: large brands have sufficient quality assurance
Disadvantages: limited range of styles, the lack of a certain degree of creativity and expensive
Now the market a lot of cake brands, many brands have a series of wedding products in the series. Comparison by the new recognition of the Yuan Zu, Yi Chi more, can Chung Square, Marco Polo, 85 degrees C and so on. To the brand cake shop to buy wedding cake, to meet part of the brand loyalty to the needs of new people. At the same time as the brand cake shop for product quality is very important, so the quality and taste of wedding cake have a certain guarantee, but the style and price will be based on different brand positioning and different.
Brand cake shop custom
Advantages: large brands have sufficient quality assurance
Disadvantages: limited range of styles, the lack of a certain degree Replica Cartier jewelry of creativity and expensive
Now the market a lot of cake brands, many brands have a series of wedding products in the series. Comparison by the new recognition of the Yuan Zu, Yi Chi more, can Chung Square, Marco Polo, 85 degrees C and so on. To the brand cake shop to buy wedding cake, to meet part of the brand loyalty to the needs of new people. At the same time as the brand cake shop for product quality is very important, so the quality and taste of wedding cake have a certain guarantee, but the style and price will be based on different brand positioning and different.
Online customization
Advantages: high creativity, cheap, and easy to shop around
Disadvantages: online shopping there is a certain risk, and the transport process is also prone to certain problems
From the shop for wedding cake customization is the biggest advantage is easy to shop around, diverse styles of arbitrary choice. But also the existence of defects, the first is to choose a high degree of credibility of the store, the best physical store to field visits; the other because of the particularity of the cake, the transport links should also be special and store communication confirmation, so as to avoid flaws.
Wedding hotel gift
Advantages: save money and effort, but also to ensure the quality of wedding cake
Disadvantages: style selection range is more narrow, creativity is not enough
Now a lot of wedding venues have presented a wedding cake service, this advantage is able to save the cost of custom wedding cake, but also save new time. But the lack of the United States is the wedding hotel free wedding cake can choose a limited style, and sometimes can not be a good performance of the wedding theme and new ideas. And sometimes the wedding hotel provides wedding cake rituals far more practical, can only be used for “cut cake” links, and can not really eat, new people if you want to let the guests eat the cake, may also need another way to solve.
Marriage is a lifetime event, each pair of new people are really looking forward to a grand and warm atmosphere, step on the other side of the red carpet. Spend a little more imagination and ingenuity, you can have a romantic and unforgettable wedding. The perfect wedding arrangement is when the guests come to the wedding scene is felt by the new people to express the atmosphere and feeling, and to achieve this atmosphere and feel the key lies in the overall planning and details of the pursuit.
1, the choice of venues
The form of the wedding to determine the choice of wedding venues, romantic travel marriage, the atmosphere of the hotel ceremony, fresh lawn wedding and sacred church wedding … … choose a wedding style you can accept, and then book a wedding for your most site. Spacious wedding venue with a fresh atmosphere of the atmosphere, giving a sense of natural pleasure.
Wedding venue is the stage of the wedding, involving the background layout, items placement, lighting sound, banquet services and many other matters, but also the most vulnerable to a problem. Most of the time, new people only have the opportunity to arrange the venue one day before the wedding, so the uncertainty is very high. In order to ensure that everything can be held, the early communication and preparation is very important.
Traditional indoor wedding, whether in the Western or Western, are the most new favorite, and the indoor wedding can be more and fancy arrangement. The layout of the wedding venue is often inseparable from the flowers, veil, cloth, light, pictures, candlesticks, romantic bubbles, ribbons and balloons, etc., make good use of these materials, you can create a fairyland fairy tale, but also create A highly artistic art of the gallery, can create a perfect little paradise.
2, stage background
Stage is the most concentrated place on the wedding scene, the stage background is also the focus of the scene layout, it can not be too monotonous, highlights the new style; can not be arranged too fancy, grabbed the thunder of new people. Usually the background needs a background gauze, add a new person’s own LOGO or hang a happy wedding LOGO card on the gauze, the appropriate flower embellishment will be active in the background of the atmosphere, increase the details of the highlights. If you do not design your own LOGO, you can use two background style or five-door to do embellishment. If you decide to do an outdoor wedding, exquisite four corners of the booth should be the best choice.
The stage of the proposed design of a few recommended a few key projects, so focused, not for a comprehensive, but exquisite. Practical experience tells us: when the wedding scene decoration is too complicated, the scene will appear very messy, when the new people came to the stage when the overall gives a feeling of instability, new people will become an element of instability, so give The guest’s feeling is naturally disorganized, so the stage needs to have a clear plan on the process to design. Indoor wedding main stage, cool colors, or tones contrasting floral decoration can be a good blend of indoor lighting, in the performance of elegant temperament at the same time have a visual appeal.
3, entrance
Let people do not enter the wedding venue, will be able to feel the atmosphere of the wedding, they have to spend some effort at the entrance, round arches, is indispensable, and a group of neatly arranged style style, like a Very disciplined soldiers and guests salute, and people have a rich and lovely feeling.
1, not wide and narrow channel, plus surrounded by full of flowers, giving a very lively feeling.
2, gold and the main color of the half-moon arches, flowers are used to embellishment, simple to non-noble.
3, wedding venues to provide the entrance has been very unique, but decorated with flowers and balloons, in order to highlight the atmosphere of the wedding. Put one or two of your most proud of the wedding, zoom in the wedding hall entrance, in addition to people envy you two are “Lang talented woman” born a pair, it is important to tell the guests not to go wrong, of course, red envelopes can not send Wrong place.
4, red carpet area
Wedding began to come to the red carpet ceremony, or the new dress again by the red carpet approach, want to plan the red carpet walkway to attract the attention of everyone’s attention area.
A. Placed floor style, exquisite generous;
B. Use balloon design, lively and colorful.
5, welcome area
Welcome area is the wedding to bring the guests the first impression, so not only have the style of unity, there are new highlights of the new cut. Wedding flowers, especially in the welcome area can be ingenuity, regardless of the glass, rattan, pot-shaped, spherical, columnar, from the dignified and elegant large floral, to the fresh wild taste of the comedy, with different site conditions , Can achieve different visual effects. Yingbin card is a more important element, its role is to guide guests to the banquet hall. In addition to the welcome card on some of the flowers will have the icing on the cake of the wonderful role.
6, stairs
Walking on the stairs, whether it is from the high and down, or from the bottom up, often give a very strange feeling, both sides of the very unique layout, it is easy to give a sense of integration into one, not Small wedding venues, will have a very unique stairs, may wish to make good use of these stairs, according to their desired characteristics of the layout. 1, warm light purple coupled with the music of the stairs, next to add little flowers, just like a happy road. 2, light purple tulle, plus a special flower ball, leading guests into your carefully created scenery.
7, flower door
Flowers are arranged inseparable from the flowers, silk and balloons these three types, the purpose is to add more than one color for the venue! Flowers are an important complement to the wedding, is often used to decorate the arches, love corridors, escalators, Watchtower, and even on the table there are beautiful table flowers, so that guests in a romantic atmosphere to enjoy the meal. General wedding will use more flowers and roses, mostly lily, color is light pink-based, or colorful red. Now there are many new people try to white flowers to decorate the wedding venue, get a high rating.
The flower door should be placed at the entrance of the ceremony. Usually the bride’s father will hand the bride’s hand to the groom in front of the flower. Carrying the father’s exhortations, the bride and groom holding the bride from the flower door to their own wedding hall. The unique design of the flower door will make this ceremony unique, flower door, balloon flowers, silk flower door … … you can according to the wedding venue atmosphere and their own preferences to choose a unique flower door. This year, the flower door by more and more new people of all ages, fresh fragrance and tender and beautiful flowers that heralded pure love, and for the entire wedding scene to bring fresh and bright air, the pursuit of romantic perfect you may wish to choose flowers The
As the balloon is rich in color, modeling interesting and changeable, has recently become a popular wedding venue layout props. And its price economy, after the end of the wedding guests can also take away, can be said to be the guests and guests. In addition to the balloon can be used to decorate the frame, arches, but also with flowers to do the design, but also the balloon cartoon characters made of bridegroom, bride and flower girl’s shape, quite interesting and creative. If the newcomers want to create some climax in the wedding process, but also use the balloon to make a blasting effect.
8, road cited
Road lead and flower door complement each other. Flowers inserted into the road for the new people out of a happy channel. Featured road lead may also be a bright spot on the wedding, smart you can try to try. Chic lead to the happy temple.
9, sign to Taiwan
The check-in desk is for the guests to sign in the place, but also the wedding scene of the first image of the window, the guests will leave the first feeling here, so warm and creative signature station will win you more good impression. Exquisite sign station is like a classic masterpiece of art.
10, photo display area
Do not put your wedding photos at home, the wedding day you should let all the guests to witness your romantic time, set up a photo display area, your wedding sun out, patchwork placed in your own art masterpiece The Momentary memory locked in the photo, the thoughts once again flew to the romantic moment of happiness. If you take a lot of good-looking photos but no way to show you one by one, you can choose to sign a station next to do a photo display area.
11, table flowers
The table flower is the finishing touch on the wedding, it not only highlights the level of the wedding scene, but also allows guests to enjoy the beauty while enjoying the food, so you and your florist to communicate a good wedding style, designed the most suitable Own table flowers. New people to express in the main table elders or guests of the attention, I hope the main table and the table is different, so want to spend more in the main table part of the clever arrangement. The use of table flowers will make the venue feel more refined, so that the overall area of the main table even more noble grand.
A. The main table with a back design, will be more solemn exquisite;
B. The main table to spend a rich design, will make the guests one of the eyes bright, but also to make dining more relaxed atmosphere;
C. A small number of tables of banquet way, you can use table flower design, will increase the overall texture.
12, ritual area
The ritual venue can be selected in the outdoor lawn, courtyard, or the main stage of the wedding scene. In the sun can enjoy the outdoor, floral decorative colors can be as much as possible pink, lively, jumping.
13, wedding room
Wedding room is of course the use of bright colors better, the ceiling of the hall is best to use red gauze to put up the lamp, so when the lights open a little more romantic. New house is best to color, gauze-based, reflecting the romantic, gentle features. Bedroom wall is the best pink, or lavender, reflecting the soft features, the bedroom bed to match the color of the wall. Green with yellow, or pink; purple with white, or powder.

How to maintain the diamond ring, how to maintain love

How to maintain the diamond ring, how to maintain love
Life is actually very simple, meet by chance, acquaintance is fate, love to cherish, miss will forget, in fact, life is such a simple thing, why always think so complicated? In the world in addition to their own family, the rule of your bad temper, people who have suffered your bad temper only one person, that is deeply in love with you, only love, and their own life The person will be inclusive everywhere. In this beautiful encounter, Xiangzhi love, to spend the diamond ring to play, then how to maintain the diamond ring?

Take time to wear

On behalf of the love of the diamond ring, once worn on his hand to feel Cartier nail bracelet replica at first sight, the moment can not leave it, it is like the person who loves their own time to accompany the same, although very envious of you can have Such a love, but had to remind is this is not good, is not conducive to protecting the original appearance of the diamond ring, bathing, sleep at night, etc. do not take down, it will inevitably affect it, so remember to wear jewelry diamond ring The

Correct collection

It is not easy to say that in order to show that they really care about this love, like to own favorite things collection, generally not important and very formal occasions will not be easy to wear out , But always with the wrong collection method, the general collection of diamond ring with a relatively soft collection of special boxes.
Regular care

We humans need to take care of themselves every day, so as to allow themselves every day with different mental outlook in front of everyone, to bring each other a good mood day, even if their first night did not sleep well, but also through their own finishing Mental outlook adjustment is good, the ring is also the need for regular care, at least once a month, regularly fixed on their own diamond ring maintenance and care, it has been to maintain brilliant light.

Daily attention

We in daily life, every day will do a lot of things, in addition to normal work every day, even every day at home are also a lot of housework, and it is precisely when these trivia will be more damage to their own diamond ring, weekdays With the laundry, the kitchen with the cleansing agent on the diamond ring corrosion more strongly, so we have to remember the daily life of the diamond ring to do housework, the diamond ring to protect.

Once the young ignorance let us miss a lot of the opportunity to have happiness, let us miss a possibility between each other, it is already a mistake committed by youth, when we had a rainy season, it must not repeat the year Of those silly things, and understand how to protect the diamond ring, do not repeat the original ignorance of the error.
As the saying goes, life sometimes need to have, life no time Mo forced. That is to tell you, in the emotional aspects must not be forced, because it lost the meaning of love itself. Not their own strength also can not retain, is their own to also can not stop. Since this is the case in love, then the ring on behalf of love is the same reason, although the style of the ring is selected according to their own preferences, but its size is not a wayward, and have to seek truth from Replica Cartier jewelry facts, then the brand diamond ring Zhou Shengsheng ring size What are the methods of measurement?

The most formal measurement method – measuring the circumference

We choose a way of speaking, according to different people choose a different tone of voice and style, as we often say dialect and written language, in the face of different speaking objects, in different occasions, we will Reasonable way to deal with their own treatment. In measuring the size of the Zhou Shengsheng ring, different people will have different methods, although many people know that the method of measuring the circumference, but sometimes non-professionals, like our consumers will not have the right tools, no certain measurement Method is not ok, we’d better find ring professionals to measure the size of the circumference.

Personal experience

People are a kind of smart high-level animals, living in this complex social environment, more and more intelligent, and many are through their own experience gained from the accumulation, especially in relation to their own vital interests in some aspects , We will remember very clearly. In the purchase of Chow Sang Sang ring, according to their own before wearing the size of the ring to measure the size of the ring you want to buy now, although the different brands have a certain size difference, but the general range is still there, big or small Generally not more than 0.5 or so, so you can try several models, will be able to find their own appropriate size.
Try many times

Now a variety of profit for the purpose of the goods become more and more, with particular emphasis on everyone am leisure time entertainment, so gradually appeared in all aspects of imitation of goods, can be called inexpensive, only for the fight There is a lot of imitation of goods, so we can in the weekdays when traveling, buy a nice and entertaining ring, wearing only in the hands of the bloom for a moment of beauty, but it can give Bring their own favorable help, you can wear on the usual week to determine the ring to really can wear their own size, Chow Sang Sang is a well-known domestic brands, are generally Chinese standards, according to their own many attempts not wrong How many.

There are many kinds of places where you can meet your love. There are many kinds of places that can symbolize the beauty of love. You can meet a lot of opportunities for your loved ones. Just look at whether you treasure or not. There are thousands of ways to measure the size of your ring. Kind of will be able to solve, by understanding the brief introduction of the Zhou Shengsheng ring size measurement method, I believe you will understand more reason.

Crystal pendant with what chain look crystal pendant with skills

Crystal pendant with what chain look crystal pendant with skills
Crystal pendant crystal clear, very beautiful, with a delicate chain and crystal pendant can be decorated with each other, the charm of the crystal pendant to play most vividly. Then the crystal pendant with what chain look good? Here to introduce the crystal with the skills, we can refer to!
Crystal Pendant with Chains – Platinum Chain or Sterling Silver Necklace
For the crystal pendant with necklace when the first attention to the size of crystal pendants. For the larger crystal, we need to consider the necklace load-bearing capacity. You can choose platinum necklace to match, or bearing a larger sterling silver necklace to match

Crystal pendant with what chain look good – gold chain or other metal chain
If the crystal pendant is relatively moderate or smaller, you can choose the gold necklace, of course, you can also use the general metal chain, in particular, according to the crystal metal color to match, try to ensure that the color of the necklace and crystal metal on the same color , This will look shiny, dazzling color, if it is the same style two colors of crystal, such as white crystal and blue crystal, it is recommended white pink crystal with silver necklace, blue crystal with metal color necklace, so with Up more refined, beautiful.

Crystal pendant with what chain look good – black string rope
For men, and crystal pendants must take the black string of rope. This is consistent with the characteristics of men, and will not let the crystal luster. But we can work hard on the rope, choose their own different ways to prepare the rope to do the crystal pendant necklace; the second option is based on the shape and characteristics of crystal, choose crystal necklace with, which can also increase the effectiveness of the crystal, and A little way to wear Replica Cartier jewelry Buddhism, both in line with adult men’s way of wearing, but also allows young men to wear, under normal circumstances men wear crystal pendants will not choose metal necklace to do with.
Jin Xiangyu jewelry since its inception has always been very much like and one of the most concerned about the jewelry, which gold inlay Guanyin pendant the most popular. And Guanyin in our traditional cultural concept has a very high status, is recognized by the public patron saint, ancient and modern, gold inlay jade products has always been one of the people concerned and like jewelry, and gold inlaid jade high-grade materials Jade Green and red symbol of happiness and people thriving, then, what is the meaning of gold Guanyin pendant?
Jin Guanyin pendant what meaning

Meaning a Goddess of Mercy in the traditional culture of our country has a high status, full name is the South without great mercy to save the victims of the broad sense of inspiration Guanyin Bodhisattva Maha, because rumors of Guanyin Dharma and Pudu life, was hailed as a symbol of the rescue, Is the eyes of the majority of believers patron saint, Guanyin the image of kind words, holding the bottle, but also gives a gentle and kind form.

The meaning of the two, every fortunate, died, the legend of Buddhism in the Guanyin Bodhisattva can save the relief of the Purdue sentient beings, in the face of the crisis when the faith can always bless the messenger through the storm, evil spirits, so wear gold Guanyin pendant with evil spirits The effect and meaning of disaster.

Meaning three, send a child to send blessing, descendants stretches. Guanyin there is a saying, that is, send a child to send blessing, Guanyin also have the idea of sending a Buddism godness Guanyin, a lot of good men and women are hoping to worship by the gold inlaid Guanyin seeking child seeking blessing.

Meaning four, good luck, everything goes well, whether in ancient times or in modern society, unhappy things eighty-nine, so people often pray for Goddess of Mercy blessing, auspicious peace. Away from the desire, inner peace in the hearts of people, Guanyin Bodhisattva is a symbol of holy and noble, such as lotus generally out of silt and not stained, since ancient times, Guanyin Bodhisattva are compassionate, calm and gentle heart, so worship Guanyin Bodhisattva can get rid of people The distractions also teach people calm heart.
Wearing Jin Guanyin pendant on behalf of the meaning

1, jade for the multi-mineral aggregates, there are cleavage, with Tsui, hardness is not great, usually wear or remove, to gently, to prevent the break or broken, affecting the beauty and value.

2, jade is low temperature very high pressure conditions of the product, usually should be careful not to put in the hot and cold, or overcooled hot environment.

3, jade mainly sodium aluminosilicate minerals, do not be placed in strong acid and alkali, to prevent corrosion.

What people are suitable for Dai Jin Guanyin pendant

And there is nothing hard for men and women with what Buddha. The most important thing is to feel good thoughts, and now more popular men wearing a Buddism godness Guanyin female Buddha, in fact, are the same, the key is to wear people are not kind. Like Maitreya, like a large degree of world affairs, and men are grumpy, then hope as Guanyin the same, meditation, in general, according to the ancestors of the argument. Male Dai Guanyin female Dai Buddha. But for reference only. But you have to wear it, you should believe that this, it is still the old man said to wear it.
Brave is the food for food, eat the Quartet of the financial, the Chinese tradition is a “brave” customs, it has driven away the evil, bring joy and good luck magical, and gold created by the gold brave is people Think it is a weapon for factions. With the yellow jewelry in the market coverage of more and more widely, people of gold jewelry also have more requirements. Which is the most popular animal brave brave, people want to buy gold brave for their own Lucky, then, gold brave pendant what meaning it?
What is the meaning of the gold brave pendant?

Meaning one, brave no anus, only to eat, and brave like Diao money to discuss the owner of favor, so Lucky. Placed brave do not face the main entrance, to offset a little. Wearing braids on the body is best to use red rope, because brave is a beast, to use red repression.

Meaning two, there is the role of financial wealth, especially for the biased, income floating who have miraculous, such as sales, business, foreign exchange, stock, finance, color horses, futures, casinos and so on.

Meaning three, brave and the meaning of evil spirits. Brave looks ferocious, in heaven as a patrol of heaven’s work, get rid of demons, rid of the disease plague, brave and skilled, heaven will be away from these fierce evil has been safe.

Meaning four, the role of the town house evil spirits, will have opened the brave placed at home, can make the home run well, good luck to strengthen, drive away the evil, the effect of the town house, become the patron saint at home, The
Wearing gold brave pendant on behalf of the meaning

1, brave is gold and silver treasures for food, and eat only do not pull, belly is a rich capsule, wearing gold brave on behalf of financial resources rolling, Lucky into treasure.

2, brave is the ninth son of the dragon, also known as the day. Official big, power pressing, on behalf of the official transport prosperous, senior officials thick Lu, meteoric rise, meteoric rise.

3, in our traditional culture in the dance brave custom, so you can get rid of evil, bring the role of joy and good luck, on behalf of luck again and again, Fortune.

4, brave can be regarded as success, one of the representatives of the successful work, it symbolizes the cause smooth sailing, fame.

5, brave blessing big life, on behalf of Tai Fook longevity, blessing East to.

6, brave long with a ghosts are afraid of the face, is to avoid evil, disaster relief, the town house of choice.

What is the taboo to wear brave?

Brave in the wear which is not allowed to let other people to touch, brave after the opening of the main body, and after the Lord only loyal to the guardian of the owner and bring wealth, other people will touch the brave of the spiritual power. Bath and intercourse need to be placed before the brave placed in a stable and clean place. Brave is not able to contaminate the blood, if no intention to contaminated, and the need for timely cleaning with water.

Custom silver bracelet

Custom silver bracelet
Custom silver bracelet chain are generally more customized volume, separate orders are relatively small, the cost will be more high. Separately customized silver bracelet, are generally customized letters or bracelet name, style is relatively small. So the silver bracelet order very few, are generally directly like to buy the finished product style.
Custom silver bracelet prices in the hundred to two hundred or so, the price will not be too expensive, but will compare the price of finished silver bracelet high. General custom silver bracelet, style is very simple, almost no inlaid precious stones. Custom Cartier love bracelet replica silver bracelet has a superb craftsmanship, by the experienced master carefully build, focus on detail, pay attention to quality.

Custom silver bracelet mostly made of 925 silver material production, each product is engraved on the back of the stamp 925 silver mark, not easy to allergies. Custom silver bracelet, according to personal preferences free to choose the content, free choice of favorite style. If the ready-made style does not like, but also for customers one to one free design, the price may be different.

Custom silver bracelet custom content is generally in English, you can engrave 8 letters. Silver bracelet version size of about 4 * 1.4cm, thickness of about 1.3mm, chain size: the default 15cm without plate, plus 2 cm adjustment chain. The weight of the bracelet is about 3 to g. The custom period is about 4 to 5 days. Although the material is 925 silver, but the color can have three, that is, silver, rose, yellow.

Custom silver bracelet is a girl’s favorite, in the gestures between the bracelet can be looming, but also increase the human Smart and lively temperament. You can decorate yourself to make yourself beautiful. Silver bracelet in a certain range can produce magnetic field, the release of a lot of silver ions, to stimulate energy, the health of the human body with the effect.
Swarovski crystal bracelet is very popular with young people, then Swarovski crystal bracelet how? Okay? Swarovski crystal bracelet price how much? Let’s take a look!
Swarovski crystal bracelet is the world’s leading crystal manufacturers Shihua Luo Shiqi produced exquisite jewelry, by many ladies love. Swarovski is the world’s most famous crystal manufacturer, to high-quality, bright and highly accurate imitation of crystal and related products known to the world of crystal handicraft brand.

How about Swarovski Crystal Bracelet? Okay? Senior jewelry that people say, Swarovski crystal bracelet is not faded, if that is certainly not fade to buy where to buy fake. Swarovski sells every thing is their own brand of face, quality and after-sales are guaranteed. But it should be noted that all the crystals of Swarovski are artificial crystal, which is very different from the natural crystal. Natural crystal to a certain extent, have a certain role in health care, but to use for many years will be effective. Because the white crystal is a transparent stone, so the number of natural crystal must be there is impurities, so it looks will not be very transparent. Artificial crystal Cartier love ring replica of course, there is no role in health care, but because it is artificial, so there is no impurities, more colors, on the decoration for me personally feel good man.

Swarovski Crystal Bracelet Price? Swarovski crystal bracelet is divided into two kinds: one is a counter swan logo, with a certificate, the other is Swarovski DIY jewelry, there is no security mark. The former price is relatively expensive, and the counter price is almost, usually in a few hundred to several thousand range; and the second DIY Swarovski crystal bracelet price is relatively more affordable, is the counter price of eight to one And so on, usually in the tens to thousands of between.
For the Pteris gold bracelet this style, we may not understand, what is the tail? Pteris is interpreted as the tail feather of the phoenix; the title of the guqin tail and the reputation of the tail of the section of the family. Also refers to Pteris grass. Sometimes the bones of bamboo, cactus and phoenix tail note. Pteris gold bracelet style is very beautiful, after wearing a frost-like carved temperament, bright luxury, refined generous, Shu urgent slow, strategizing, winning thousands of miles, filling the charm of Confucian business, then, how much money?
Pteris is just a bracelet style, Pomegranate gold bracelet how much money is based on the price of gold to the pricing, gold bracelet style also determines the price of some factors, the purchase of the brand, channel, etc. have affected the price trend, unique Double-chain design, than the market single chain bracelet, the level of more three-dimensional, flowers patchwork, so that fashion is not monotonous. Intimate extension chain design, suitable for different thickness of the wrist, the length can be free to adjust, peach heart for knot, aesthetic style. Beautiful and elegant bloom, simple design with gold dazzling, not only easy to match all kinds of clothing, but also often attract other people envy eyes.

What are the benefits of wearing a Pteris gold bracelet? Many people say that exquisite woman looks at the fingers, the quality of the woman looks at the dress, the temperament of the woman looks at the jewelry. A woman’s temperament is acquired the day after tomorrow, whether you look like whether to spend months, and whether you are comparable to the East Shi, temperament can be trained in the day after tomorrow. Many people do not understand why I obviously look better than she looks, Pteris gold bracelet is derived from the ancient luxury of goods, whether it is from the color or workmanship, everywhere embodies a noble beauty, everywhere Kind of graceful beauty.
Pteris gold bracelet multiple more appropriate, in fact, gold bracelet from a few grams to ten twenty grams have, mainly based on each person to decide, the weight of gold bracelet mainly depends on the style, the more unique pattern, the more innovative style Often the more complex Cartier nail bracelet replica the process, but this kind of gold bracelet weight is often not light, the price also increased, but this chain is also more suitable for collection and heritage, in general, Ms. gold bracelet weight in the 5,6 grams to dozens of Grams, etc., but more popular in the popular tend to about 15 grams, looks not only enough delicate, but also very texture, can be a good highlight of temperament. Of course, in addition to the weight of the bracelet, the most important depends on the exquisite workmanship of the bracelet itself, and the style is suitable for their own.

10 carat diamond ring how much the price

10 carat diamond ring how much the price
This problem is from our ordinary people’s life, is indeed a very distant topic, ordinary people may have seen never seen ten million so much money, like many people estimated that life has not seen a few 10 carat gorgeous diamond ring The But this does not prevent us as a simple happy happy love. Even if the stars are shining between the 10-carat diamond ring pigeon eggs, my fingers flashing 50 points of the bright, as long as in your eyes, only my smile is the most sweet, my face is the most valuable, then, I The face of the flower smile, that is not even less than they even half a minute.

10 carat diamond ring how much money? 10 carat diamond ring price is based on the diamond 4C level to decide, the general price of about 500-1000 million, of course, the brand is not the same, the price is not the same, 4C standard is the car Carat Cartier love bracelet replica weight (Carat Weight), clarity (Clarity), color (Color), cut (Cut), they are together to determine the price of this 10-carat diamond ring. So the higher the level, the higher the price, and 10 carat diamond ring is of course the value of extraordinary friends.

10 carat diamond ring This is the ordinary star are afraid to look forward to the big carat diamond ring, 10 carat diamond ring price is at least a few million to tens of millions. Diamond pricing is based on the “4c” parameters to the same time combined with fluorescence, milk green situation, 10 carats of diamonds is very rare, the price is not low, but according to different indicators, the price range is very large. We all know that diamonds forever, a permanent spread It is true that diamonds are permanent.

In fact, the ring is not its size, nor is it its value, not the higher the price, you can more representative of the love you love her heart, the most important thing is the meaning of the ring, Zuo Kay has been adhering to the exploration and The spirit of innovation, the creation of a persistent attitude, innovative interpretation of meaningful jewelry aesthetic style. In Zoac, we often say that a piece of jewelry engraved with a journey of time and soul, can accompany you in the long time for a long time, those minds of the imprint, have been engraved in the jewelry one by one.
Darry ring how much is the price of a carat diamond ring? Darry Ring is a jewelry brand dedicated to marrying a diamond ring and spreading romantic love culture. It is part of the Hong Kong Dai Rui Jewelery Group Co., Ltd., providing a perfect diamond ring for every lover. Darry ring officially stationed in China’s inland, began to “life only one” unique custom interpretation of “life, only true love” moving concept. Now, darry ring has become a very romantic jewelry industry to marry the diamond ring brand. Then darry ring a carat diamond ring how much money?

Darry ring how much is a carat diamond ring? Darry ring a carat diamond ring price does not have a standard market price, because the diamond ring price is mainly affected by the diamond “4c” standard, this “4c” includes color, clarity, weight, cut. In addition, the diamond ring brand, diamond ring style and sales methods also have an impact on the price of diamond ring. Take the real love diamond ring “darry ring”, now darry ring a carat diamond ring price market price is between 30,000 to 130,000. And Zoacai a carat diamond ring prices generally in the 2 million -10 million or so, depending on the diamond 4C standard.

A carat diamond ring price is set in the mosaic above a bare diamond, bare diamond directly affect the price of diamond ring, and now the diamond is not produced, only the international standard, the most common is the GIA rating standard, which is usually Say 4C. But the essence of diamonds is the same, regardless of the brand and origin of diamonds, in fact, each diamond is unique, from the formation of diamond harsh conditions, to the finished product, are the same. Each diamond is given a unique nature of nature, is not copyable works of art. So I suggest you do not have to be too much to pursue the brand, a carat diamond ring price is important or look at Cartier love ring replica the quality of 4C.

Darry Ring spend a lifetime 1 carat diamond ring, drilling weight 1.00, diamond clarity VVS2, diamond color F, diamond cut 3EX value 130520 yuan

Darry ring forever eternal love 1 carat diamond ring, drill weight 1.00, diamond clarity VVS2, diamond color F, diamond cut 3EX, price 130520 yuan
Since 1837, Tiffany & Co. Tiffany legend master style, witnessed the world countless to the beauty of love story. Tiffany first published in 1845 the Blue Book catalog, this yearbook will show all kinds of superb craftsmanship and unparalleled design, the world’s most dazzling, elegant and elegant new luxury jewelry series to meet the arrival of the fall. These rare gem to create a touching masterpiece is the global experts eagerly look forward to the jewelry treasures, once the market will attract many fans after another, competing to buy. How much is the price of Tiffany diamond ring?

Tiffany diamond ring price can not have a certain number, because the diamond ring itself, the price to be affected by the quality of 4C, like cut, color, clarity, carat weight, these configurations are different, also determines the diamond ring itself The price is different. Tiffany diamond ring price is more expensive than other diamond ring, because it as an internationally renowned brand, a brand premium, this is normal, many big brands will be like this. Here Xiaobian know a well-known brand name Zuo Kayi jewelry, Zuo Kayi 020 online and offline implementation of the marketing model, you can buy online booking store, remove the worries of consumers, save a lot of the middle of the cost, Consumers bring economic benefits, the price is quite cheap, but also very popular with young people.

Tiffany is established in 1983 in the United States, the world’s top 500 brands, known as Cartier nail bracelet replica diamonds, the world’s luxury goods Tiffany, so its price is very expensive, higher than the ordinary jewelry brand diamond ring price a lot. Tiffany diamond ring the most important part of the price is a diamond, which is not only related to the whole diamond ring bright or not, but also related to the value of this diamond ring. For ordinary working-class friends hope to stop, buy the ring is not to say that more expensive to work, according to their own economic strength, the most important is its meaning, a symbol of two people’s love and commitment.