Notes gold jewelry in the music world to write the legend

Notes gold jewelry in the music world to write the legend
Often feeling intangible music actually seems to have a magical magic, not only can give people a wonderful hearing to enjoy the hearts of people can touch the heart, and now let us collect the most beautiful notes of the season, with brilliant gold in the music world to write Legend, enjoy the most dazzling fantasy song.

This just gold fairy music series to play the sounds of nature harp, footsteps, treble symbols and eight notes for the inspiration, the design of fashionable magnificent gold, such as fairy-like wonderful jingle, so that the wearer in the immortal Music, as if at the moment is surrounded by music, in a relaxed romantic atmosphere in the joy of life music.
Very beautiful and very fine jewelry, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
Whether it is a clear change in the sunny, or the ancient mythology of the legend of the moon, or it is full of aura of luster to the moon shrouded in a layer of mysterious and romantic aura, coupled with its soft and changing mind, All with the picture out of the woman is Cartier nail bracelet replica similar, so there is the moon is also a woman said.

This just gold heart ring to the mysterious and romantic moon for the design inspiration, take its people a total circle of artistic conception, with the moon sunny circle of morphological changes to the performance of women delicate and varied mind, different sizes of flowers and Solid round together, to create a kind of beads from the fall of the Smart feeling, fashion generous with a happy meaning of harmony.

Beautiful ring, simple elements to create a stylish atmosphere of beauty, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
Because this year committed too old, so she wanted to buy a small horse to wear, was originally ready to buy Pink Box of the Trojan horse, but unfortunately not familiar with HK, did not find the Pink Box counter, then bought this, and fortunately it also Without losing the delicate cute, but also very fit her mind.
This pony pendant exquisite work portrayed a horse in the run, Q version of the shape is very love, a small belly hung a large U-type lucky hoof down, although the size is not right but also down Without losing funny cute, smooth and frosted craft combination highlights the realism, though not solid, the opposite can not see the place is also very fine workmanship.

Very delicate and lovely little horses, recommended to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
“Although it is the bow of the gentle, just like the breezy shy.” Although the original meaning of this sentence is not written Magnolia, but she felt that the mood with it in the right, pure flowers, quiet bloom, such as snow Of the skin, elegant and pleasant fragrance … … is not exactly the cardamom girl?
This set of Chow Tai Fook’s magnolia gold ornaments to pure and elegant magnolia for the design inspiration, exquisite workmanship show magnolia from buds to blooming process, like cardamom girl like a shy shiny, distinct petals, coupled with the edge of each petal Hook gold line, all of a sudden to enhance the three-dimensional magnolia, coupled with the design of tassels, it is Smart and elegant.

This is her favorite set of gold, beautiful magnolia, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
Most women love roses, but she is more preferred lily, relative to the warmth of the roses she admired its holy, like love, vigorous and not necessarily long and long, and remain unswerving to steady.
This Chow Tai Fook lily ring to the appearance of elegant and elegant, elegant imitation Cartier love bracelet and elegant lily design for the prototype, exquisite workmanship to reproduce the lily of the delicate and charming, the shape of flowers vivid, especially the treatment of flowers, petals on the Texture is also very fine, far from smell as if you can smell the fragrance of bones.

This is her favorite ring, very fine lilies, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
Clover is also known as the “Clover”, the legend to find the four clover can be happy, although this is the world to give it a good meaning, but she is like this simple plant, although there is no flowers tender and beautiful, But has its own characteristics.
This Chow Sang Sang’s bracelet to the classic lucky four-leaf grass for the design blueprint, elegant lines outline the outline of the clover, the middle of the tea crystal embellishment, highlight the sense of hierarchy, simple shape, expressed in fact happiness is very simple, , Because only belongs to your happiness Clover on the side, passing the meaning of happiness.

This is her recent just received the bracelet, beautiful clover, kind is very fine, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
Recently, she began to like garnet, crystal clear crystal in the natural light exudes a warm luster, like a beautiful woman, elegant, gentle and yet bright, in the red appearance contains a warm and beautiful connotation, which Let her know why it is called a woman stone.
This is her own DIY bracelet, composed of warm and tidy, fresh and refined garnet Fake Cartier love bracelet and her mother’s genus golden pig, garnet string into a chain with a paper-cut series of small gold pig pendant, slightly open mouth, charming The eyes and the flowers of the body all make it flourish.
Very special match, long chain stacked on the wrist there are different kind of style, recommended to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.