Limelight Gala watch is a symbol of women’s eternal elegance

In the sixties and seventies of the last century, Limelight Gala and the “cuff watches” and the sautoir necklaces show the unique style and strong design of the count. From the endless stream of creativity to get inspiration, Limelight Gala watch is a symbol of women’s eternal elegance, is also the prince sincere commitment to build women’s watch commitment.

Rose gold version (G0A41213)
In 2013, the Earl released the Limelight Gala watch satin strap for the first time. Today, the brand launched a new rose gold or platinum watch (32 mm in diameter), equipped with Milanese strap. Carefully adjusted strap seamlessly integrated into the case, and diamond (total weight 1.75 karats) bezel and asymmetrical slim perfect match. Strap material silky supple, sparkling, comfortable to wear unparalleled, reflecting the count as always the highest imitation Cartier love bracelet standards.

Platinum Edition (G0A41212)
At the count, the watchmakers will focus on the details of every detail, into a realistic reality, admirable exquisite retouching, the interpretation of the brand’s unique skills and the pursuit of perfect commitment. Wearers can adjust the chain through the slider, match the wrist, as needle buckle as easy and convenient.
In 2015, the Hong Kong Watch Fair, Vacheron Constantin launched two new world watch, a 18K platinum to create a 18K 5N pink gold to create, the two Vacheron Constantin world watch equipped for the Vacheron Constantin self-developed And create the 2460 WT movement, this movement can be real time 37 times the time, including the world standard time difference of half an hour or minutes of minutes, and Vacheron Constantin for this movement to apply for a patent. Today, the watch home for everyone to bring this 18K 5N pink gold watch the world watch, watch the official model: 86060 / 000R-8985.
Simultaneous reading of the Kam Kam Denton latest series of world watch

Adhering to the brand to carry forward the pioneering spirit, and is committed to creating a perfect multi-time zone of the faith, Vacheron Constantin in 1932 presented its first world time zone function of the timepiece. The movement was made by a Geneva watch wizards, Louis Cottier, who conceived and designed a mechanical movement that could show 24 time zones, indicating from 1 to 24 time zones through the central dial of the dial, The outer circle has the name of the world’s major cities.

Watch with 42.5 mm diameter design

Today for everyone to bring this a watch is Vacheron Constantin in 2015 Hong Kong Watch Fair launched in the new world watch, this is a 18K rose gold watch, there is a 18K white gold watch, not too much the difference. Watch with 42.5 mm diameter design, 18K rose gold watch to create.

The watch can show real time in 37 time zones

This world is the biggest feature of the watch is not only can show the whole time zone, but also shows some time zone time, you can display the true time of 37 time zones, that is, part of the standard and standard time difference of half an hour or fifteen minutes of time zone Can be displayed.

Watch crown and lugs all used for the 18K rose gold to create

Watch crown and lugs all used for the 18K rose gold to create, threaded design Replica Cartier jewelry crown, easy to watch the tuning, watch the crown, engraved with Vacheron Constantin classic horse other LOGO logo.

Watch inside equipped with a 2460WT automatic winding movement

This Vacheron Constantin world watch is equipped with a 2460WT self-winding movement, by Vacheron Constantin independent research and development, diameter 36.6 mm thickness of 7.55 mm, can provide 37 time zone display, the full chain can provide 40 hours Of the power reserve, because the watch is through the end of the design, so we can clearly see the watch internal movement of the precise operation.

Summary: This world watch although it looks more complex, but the operation is extremely convenient, just select the required reference time to adjust to the 6 o’clock position on the black triangle mark, you can by the hour or 24 The hourly disk reads the standard time of the desired location.
Mechanical watch from the development, and later by the quartz watch, electronic table squeeze, and then to the present return to glory, after a hundred years, hard road, hundreds of thousands of back, and now thriving, in full swing mechanical watch market, Watch time master constantly from the efforts. Now the major watch brands are constantly explored in the field of high complex movement, mechanical watch prices are constantly rising, but the basic mechanical movement watch in the market still occupy a larger consumer groups, today for everyone to recommend three high Cost-effective mechanical watch.

Amy CHRONOGRAPHE AUTOMATIQUE Automatic chronograph series LC6058-SS001-430 watch
Watch Comments: This watch looks like his series of names as elegant and deep, looks more noble. Round stainless steel case after polishing and matte surface treatment, with a black calfskin strap, suture neat embossed natural. Blue dial, elegant and deep, set the calendar window at 3 o’clock position, 6 o’clock position set 12 hours chronograph, 9 o’clock position set small seconds, 12 o’clock position set 30 minutes chronograph, disk neatly coordinated. Dial covered with curved sapphire crystal inner anti-glare table mirror, more wear-resistant, smooth.

Celebrity Ham Burton series MOA08878 watch
Watch this watch looks like some retro feeling, stainless steel case and silver dial, with dark brown belt, elegant retro style, this section both dual time zone and dynamic display display, dial 12 Point position set the second time zone pointer, 6 o’clock position set fan-shaped display, 3 o’clock position settings calendar window, all the needle with blue steel material, the overall gives a sense of elegance

Tiger TAG Heuer Monaco Series WW2111.FC6204 watch
Watch Comments: This Tiger Hyon Jay Monaco series of watches, stainless steel square case surface covered with sapphire crystal glass mirror, with blue crocodile leather strap, with avant-garde style. Dial with a steady blue with “small three needle” disk, 3 o’clock position set calendar window, 6 o’clock position set a small seconds, the overall look concise coordination. Stainless steel crown is located on the right side of the case, providing 50 meters of water for life.

Summary: mechanical watch as a handed down watch, has been the table fans relish, Switzerland’s best quartz movement life of about 20 to 30 years, and mechanical movement, as long as the normal use, on time maintenance , Can always keep running, coupled with the emergence of self-winding movement, mechanical watch in the quartz and electronic watch market, a serious pressure on the case, no very Tailai, ushered in today’s brilliant. Today for everyone to recommend these three mechanical watches, are in today’s mainstream cost-effective mechanical watch market watch products.

Watch collection is a more popular topic collection watches do not like other

Watch collection is a more popular topic, collection watches do not like other. Really understand the true value of each of your collection is a qualified watch collector. Antique watches are often sold at astronomical prices, to high prices to buy a small space holding the watch has become the majority of Chinese guests signs. In the West, the collection of watches is a culture that needs to be learned from a higher level of knowledge and appreciation!
Why can watch appreciation, those watches can appreciate
The Watch Club in London, England, is a classic example: they are London’s authoritative watch collection salon, and shopkeeper Danny is a veritable collector. He watches all kinds of watches, brands and models complete. But the most worth to show off is his antiques Rover and Patek Philippe series. Whether it is a rare model or perfect watch the situation, will make every eye-catching people eye-opener.
70’s Daytona is the ancestor of the modern Rolex Daytona, the classic Amulette de Cartier Bracelet Replica timepiece three dial surface and was the first design of the unlocked timer button is more modern watch design from the vanguard of the image. After Rolex used the same Di Daya for the legendary characters Paul Newman designed a series of surfaces, it becomes one of the most hedging watch nowadays.
Rolex 1655 Explorer II in 1971 factory, then 70 years famous actor STEVE MCQUEEN one of the Queen’s watch, and orange GMT needle quickly on behalf of the design. This watch with original box and certificate, such a complete combination is now very rare, the price increase faster than other watches faster.
Patek Philippe Ref 5131 can be said that PP collectors dream of one of the series, because this world time zone watch dial is enamel surface, and because the PP enamel process is very strict, then can make such an enamel surface system Very little master of the table. So this piece of 5131 production is very low, but the collection value is very high, and now the market if you can find this watch the new intact situation, the price is already the original price of 4-5 times.
Patek Philippe 39.7 million calendar month phase time. This movement is the most classic PP complex movement. Whether it is the appearance of the design or movement functions are occupying a high collection value.
Patek Philippe 5070 manual winding time series can be said that the PP time watch Cartier love ring replica entry version, but because the whole series only platinum, rose gold and Perkin, so collectors in the circle is also very popular.
Patek Philippe 5074 calendar three questions can be ranked in the PP series higher, super complex movement with three asked function, and this watch production is very small. Owned collectors are sure to have a certain understanding of the watch and research. All super complex movement watch space is very large, if the watch in good condition and with all the original configuration, then the price will be more on the level.
Swiss watch work fine but expensive, but also a symbol of identity. And Patek Philippe as the Swiss table level pyramid of the top brands, the watch craft too much place to let people praise. The following watch home to wear everyone to explore the Patek Philippe watch production process it!
Quest Patek Philippe watch production process
Patek Philippe is the only family in Switzerland, the independent watch business, founded in 1839, has a long history, superb technology, has always been committed to the design, development, refining and assembly of the world’s most perfect real work.
Patek Philippe watches super complex function chronograph series is the wealthy who love, the price can reach 500,000 US dollars, (equivalent to about RMB 300 million yuan, the equivalent of a mansion price bar). Each year the output of 50,000 watches, with the Swiss brand Rolex annual output is 14 times it.
The price is so expensive and Patek Philippe watches have a direct relationship between the work, the watch work is extremely complex, craftsmen need a full one year to complete. One can imagine, this expensive, labor accounted for a large part of it
Do not underestimate this is a small watch, but there are 252 parts, and these parts are all manually assembled by the craftsmen!
Quest Patek Philippe watch production process
Patek Philippe in the cutting operation, the use of modern technology for precise cutting
Quest Patek Philippe watch production process
These parts are very fine, the naked eye looks dense, want to assemble up, completely Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica by the naked eye is not enough, this time you need to use a magnifying glass can.
Quest Patek Philippe watch production process
Craftsmen are sitting in front of the table is carefully assembled watch. Feeling these craftsmen are holding their breath in the operation, for fear of their own a big breath will blow the front of the parts.
Quest Patek Philippe watch production process
Craftsmen need to strictly follow the drawings to assemble the watch to ensure that every part is in the right place
Quest Patek Philippe watch production process
Watch the chassis using laser cutting, the entire process by the computer control operation, the accuracy is self-evident
Quest Patek Philippe watch production process
The use of modern technology combined with the traditional process is unique to Patek Philippe, even now, hand-assembled for Patek Philippe is still very important.
Quest Patek Philippe watch production process
After the watch is assembled, the craftsmen are required to rigorously test these watches to ensure that the watch is working properly

Smart buy jewelry

Smart buy jewelry
For beautiful to love you, buy a good quality jewelry can be said to be creating a great life is the most important lesson. Because jewelry is valuables, in order to seek exorbitant profits some illegal businessmen on the market, at the false seriously, shoddy, when buy so don’t be a moment of passion. Gem association of guangdong province, guangdong industry technical college original geological associate professor Tian Shugu teacher, for readers summarizes several common types of jewelry fraud and identification method, smart people according to the scientific method can buy beloved jewelry.
The durable – gold
Gold occupies the important position in the accessories.. According to the provisions of Cartier nail bracelet replica the state, our country gold ZhuBao field of gold jewelry or gold inlaid jewelry, jade jewelry of gold content is clearly marked on the jewelry, such as 18 k gold, is inscribed with “18 k” or “750” and other words, generally not be fake. But also should require companies issue formal invoices, so that justice when problems arise.
In addition, there is a marked with “18 KGP” jewelry, is refers to the 18 k gold plated, only on the surface coated with a thin layer of 18 k gold, basic material is not gold. If companies to sell its when 18 k gold, is cheating.
Gem queen – pearl
Pearls, give a person a kind of elegant and polished, noble and elegant temperament. Excellent pearl ornament color thick, net and uniform color, a cone, with strong pearly luster, punch, wear beads and buttons on the pearl knot are very delicate.
Is the most effective way of judging the pearl, the necklace of arbitrary two bead rub against each other, have a rough and is a real pearl powder, have slippery feeling and peeling phenomenon for imitation pearls. Because of the black pearl or golden pearl production is rare and expensive, on the pearl stand for a few dollars a grain are dyed. When out an invoice to the businessman should specify the pearl varieties (such as freshwater cultured pearls, and not only write “pearls”), selling price, so that when it is necessary to return or claim.
Majestic demeanor – diamond
Diamond is the “king of the gem”. Domestic normal bazaar diamond counters selling certificates of quality appraisal of diamond jewelry, is the real natural diamond processing, as long as the invoices, certificates, you can rest assured purchase.
Buy diamond jewelry, must pay attention to the following four points: Turner (CUT), color (CLOUR), CLARITY, CLARITY, and carat (CARATWEIGHT), which is the so-called 4 c standard for diamond.
What kind of diamond for you? It depends on their own economic strength. Expert imitation Cartier love bracelet clew, said economic strength generally buyers when the choose and buy diamonds, don’t need to perfect each “C” requirements. Along with the increase of the carat diamond prices will rise by multiples, must more when buy. The wedding diamond ring, about 50 points is enough “is placed on the table.
In essence, diamond jewelry is to please the eye, so the colour and lustre of diamond is very important, as white as possible, of course, but also want to decide according to their own strength. Get married diamond ring should choose color to G color I, at least not less than I. The true color, appropriate tell a diamond with white as the background, and viewed from the side.
Clarity is the highest standard of VVS, namely “America”. Ordinary people to buy diamond, there is no need to pursue the highest level, lower level of VVS not VS, VS diamonds, with a magnifying glass also basic can’t see the inside of the impurities. VS the next level of SI1, this level of diamond under the magnifying glass, experts can see almost invisible to the naked eye. Visible, select SI1 grade diamond, has never “eyesore”.
Evaluate the superiority of lathe work, we can see if there is a “rotor” the diamond. In the sunlight, diamond like can coruscate gives the dazzling light, Turner “in place”.
Also check when buy two famous away the sham as the genuine of synthetic diamond. One is “Soviet drill”, this is the first synthetic compounds by the former Soviet union, the appearance is quite similar with real diamond, but its price is very low, less than one over one thousand of the real diamonds. One is the “beauty,” god, is first introduced the C3 company, currently in 30 countries and regions in the world, including guangzhou and shenzhen) have sales general agent, the price is about one over ten of the natural diamond.
The spirit of green –, jade
The Chinese like to jade. High quality natural jade (business name as “A”) more expensive, “B” is to emerald and jade jade is poor, by using strong acid bleaching and injection plastic products. Actually “B” has A value of jade is the use of new technology will make it already appear beautiful Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica, but the price, the quality of the jade and emerald look worse than “A”.
The problem is that few profiteers knowing is “B” is to approximate an “A”, fool laymen, to seek exorbitant profits. “B” green is not normal, often a fine mist distribution, appear even without shade. Its green seem overblown. After the “A” is struck A ringing sound pleasing to the ear; “B” sound dull. Buy value higher jade, ask the boss to provide “A” certificate, and invoice to claim if necessary.
When the choose and buy should pay attention to the following:
1, the quality of a material. Should better transparency is glass luster of choose and buy a product, but to prevent glass products (commonly known as the event). Identify the main points of the jade is pervious to light as a part of mist or porphyritic, glass products without fog and porphyritic, there are air bubbles. With green jade the color shade depth, cui. And the glass color are basically identical.
2, the hardness. Than glass and other jade jade of high hardness, classes are hard, can be used in the glass.
3, weigh in hand. Jade than major, weigh in hand in hand with heavy feeling, so the glass has a light feeling. Henan jade proportion is big, easy to pretend to be jade, its colour and lustre is also close to emerald, comprehensive inspection.
4, see color. High green (especially gorgeous) or full of green products must be very careful, because so genuine its high price, average price is impossible to sell. As with a small amount of green head and colour and lustre is bright is good, its price is moderate.
5, look at work. Attention should be paid to watch a product craft carving (had better use more than four times the magnifying glass observation). Figure statue facial behaviour, facial features should be reasonable; Animal statues to see whether the proportion of the imitation Cartier love bracelet trunk and limbs. Special attention should be paid to carve the sunny side of and at the bottom of the shadow and whether smooth level off. Whether also scan line thickness is consistent, have broken knife or overlap. Bracelet a note for fractures.
6, select the vendor. The seller on the market basically has 3 kinds: speciality store price goods really high, individual antique shop price is low but illusory, individual booth price low fake goods, need to choose carefully.
Cold ao beauty –, crystal
Crystal should be the most popular gemstone. Natural crystal clear transparent, and is often visible to the micro cracks, the color white and bright; Artificial crystal or glass products there is no crack, often have the tiny bubbles and hearing the glass in white suffused with green, yellow, and lack of sense of bright. If use the tongue lick, or to touch the face, the crystal has a cool feeling, glass has a warm feeling.
Buy more expensive (worth 100 yuan of above) crystal ornaments, the boss made it clear whether natural crystal, on the basis of invoice, indicating that content, in order to claim for compensation or replacement if necessary.