Watch with a black crocodile leather strap sewn through the black thread worn soft and comfortable

Gibbon as one of the world’s top ten watches, its history can be traced back to 1791, more than two centuries, its independent design, creation, development and production of watches and external parts of the watch “heart” – movement , Through this comprehensive and comprehensive mode of operation brand has nearly 80 patents, more than 100 models of the perfect top movement and world-renowned mechanical watch series. In 2015 Basel International Watch Fair, launched a new miracle treasure watch, watch house for everyone today to bring you a miracle treasure in the land map watch tasting, watch the official model for the : 49534-52-R05-BB60.
The map of the land map is inspired by the Italian Jesuit Matteo Ricci. Matteo Ricci is a theologian, philosopher, mathematician, cosmologist and astronomer. The missionary had been in Asia for a long time. He arrived in Macau in 1582 and settled his life in China. He shared his knowledge with local scholars and officials and became the first Westerner to be allowed to enter the Forbidden City. During the Ming dynasty, his translated maps changed global Cartier love bracelet replica geography to China.
The world, including the treasures of the world, the road map and the new world, today to introduce you to this is a road map watch, watch with 18K Rose gold material to create, 40 mm diameter design, the disk shows the ancient map of China, I believe many people will be more interested.
Watch for the 40 mm diameter design, the case used for the 18K rose gold material to create, the crown is also used for the 18K rose gold material to create, and the use of thread groove design, easy to watch the watch, watch the table Champion engraved with a classic LOGO.
Watch with a black crocodile leather strap, sewn through the black thread, worn soft and comfortable in the wrist, especially in the cold winter, than the metal chain can be really gentle many. Watch the buckle used for the 18K rose gold to create the needle buckle, easy to wear and very safe, watch in the clasp of Shanghai engraved with the classic LOGO LOGO.
Although the watch is equipped with an internal self-winding movement, but the thickness of the watch is only 4.2 mm, I think if the match for a manual mechanical watch watch thickness of only 3 o’clock thickness, 4.2 mm in thickness to wear a special box wrist, with a shirt can also be stuffed in the sleeves.
Wrist watch for the production of Girard Perregaux GP3300-0060 self-winding movement, a total of 205 movement movement, automatic plate made of 18K rose gold to Geneva ripple polished modification, movement on the chain of stars to provide More than 46 hours of power reserve.
Summary: This section of the road map watch the disk used to create a white jade material, each side of the dial, with a jade sculpture into a thin disc, through the fine polishing, to create the best thickness (0.70 mm), and the surface Completely flat. Disk to elaborate Chinese ink painting Cartier love ring replica creation, Chinese wind full.
The name comes from the Spanish “Yo mido (I measure)” the United States intended to create a watch to become a close friend of the watch, and this watch will be the eternal design and use of functional combination, with high-quality materials and Precise movement. The United States and the United States under the helmsman watch the birth of the watch for the beauty table has added a new member, its strong performance has been highly appreciated and recognized. Today, watch home for everyone to bring a masculine atmosphere design, both excellent performance chronograph, the official model: M025.627.36.061.00.
Since the establishment of the United States since 1918, with excellent quality has been widely praised. The helmsman series, as a series of American meters, draw inspiration from the Sydney Harbor Bridge, with a high degree of attention to the elegant masculine profile and superior performance.
This black watch to stainless steel to create the case, the use of dark gray dial, with a black leather strap, masculine type. 44 mm table diameter solid atmosphere, gray dial shows time and date, and symmetrical design of small dial display timing function, outer ring black bezel with speed display function.
Watch has three crown, for the more common round, the central side of the crown to the pit pattern modification, easy to grasp the function of the adjustment, the top of the United States and the name of the United States; upper and lower crown for the timing button. Crown shiny restrained, smooth surface.
Watch with a black leather strap, the central band with a small hole to decorate the edge of the use of eye-catching red suture stitching; strap soft and tough, comfortable to wear.
Watch diameter 44 mm case surface smooth, streamlined design, lines flowing Lai; low-key black case looks low and heavy, solid atmosphere.
Watch ear is not long, and with the case of casting, lug and case link smooth, simple lines flowing. The ear was slightly radian, more conducive to the watch and wrist fit
Wrist watch case is decorated with a dark gray dial with Geneva stripes, dial ornamentation delicate and beautiful Cartier nail bracelet replica; round and Arabic numerals when the standard design is simple, easy to read when the traditional common three needle pointer using eye-catching red second hand; The left and right dials show the minutes and seconds of the chronograph function, respectively. There is a date display on the dial at six o’clock.
Two dial on the left and right sides of the dial is arranged in two small dial is the timing of the watch disk, the left side of the chronograph seconds, showing sixty seconds time, the right side of the time minutes, showing the number of minutes; Arabic numerals and foreign aid scale for numerical display
Transparent bottom cover design clearly show the automatic swing Tuo on the carved Geneva ripple and MIDO logo, decorated with blue screws delicate and delicate, for the precise travel time to provide a strong driving force. Watch with Caliber 60 automatic movement of the watch, up to 60 hours, super power reserve support to make multi-functional timing more durable.
Summary: The meter is good at drawing design inspiration from the building, the eternal design and super practical combination, to create a superior performance and elegant design of the timepieces. This beauty helmsman GENT series watch adhering to the American tradition, with excellent performance and elegant appearance of the United States show the superb craftsmanship. This watch with complex timing function, with excellent performance and masculine design of the United States show a solid watchmaking process.

AC watches all selected in line with European standards for stainless steel as the case of the material

Alexandre Christie referred to as AC, from the Swiss brand, by the European modern boutique design master Alexandre Christie founder, AC brand concept is B.E.E.F, specifically the brand, economy, elegance, fashion. How to combine fashion elements, self-true colors, and the right price into a brand, Alexandre Christie has been thinking about it since 1986, and he began to design some low-cost watches with the Reachable-Style concept. The combination of urban style and practicality of the design of the watch, slightly radian combination of geometric lines outline the unique elegance of self-confidence to “with personal characteristics show different style” to create a modern style simple and realistic style of the watch.
Alexandre Christie Alex Elite watch introduction
With the increasing number of leisure activities, people are also selected with this style of watch, so the Swiss brand Alexandre Christie (table fans like the Swiss alexandre christie watch called “AC” table came into being, and it also for us To bring a “high quality parity” choice, tell you: for a watch should enjoy its brand, the quality of the ideas conveyed, and these do not need to spend a high price to get.
AC values also quickly changed the concept of many people’s consumption, no longer “good table” and “expensive” equate. In Europe, the Americas, Southeast Asia and other places, AC has become the leading brand of many young people, and now in mainland China this AC whirlwind finally landed, and willing to share with the local watch enthusiasts to share their own ideas. As the AC brand mainland area official said: from the beginning of the imitation Cartier love bracelet creation of the AC brand BEEF philosophy, specifically the brand (Brand), economic (Economy), elegant (Elegance), fashion (Fashion), and All of which can be displayed from the AC watch most vividly.

Buy common sense
First, the appearance of high quality materials: AC watches all selected in line with European standards for stainless steel as the case of the material, in the table glass is to strengthen the mineral, sapphire crystal to meet the requirements of different states.
Second, the unique aesthetic design: AC good at using black, white, blue three colors, not only reflects the simple, elegant atmosphere, and bold choice of color dial, with rectangular and square fashion watches, whether it is suits or casual clothes , With the same natural and fit.

Third, the practical multi-function: In order to meet the needs of leisure activities, AC watches to increase the timing (Chronograph) and other multi-functional, not only add a multi-pin timing of the practical, but also brought a bold visual impact.
Fourth, excellent warranty performance: in the AC movement series in particular highlight the waterproof, while the dial is also marked with the corresponding water depth, the other hand and scale using professional luminous materials, the purpose is the same in the dark environment Accurate resolution time. Of course, each AC table has a one-year warranty, regardless of any AC table in the world service center, you can enjoy the perfect after-sales service.
Hong Kong wave SAILANG watch brand, due to individual independence and health. After the impact of the hustle and bustle of the city, racing watch watch leap out of the unique charm, between the East and the West back through the line, low-key, but its capability.
Racing watch introduction, SAILANG how
High-profile elegance, low-key luxury is the brand of racing watch brand characteristics. Watch culture Replica Cartier jewelry highlights the modern cultural connotation of the integration of Paris romantic capital of the elegant and fashion characteristics, innovation, research and development of unique sales model, to create fashion and elegant, urban business and other high-end sales strategy, and strive to become the world are eagerly awaited Watch brand.
How to watch SAILANG watch
Racing watches work is very fine, beautiful appearance. Product quality is also very good, mostly movement in Japan, Switzerland imports. The price is not very high, more close to the people.
Racing SAILANG watches recommended
Racing watch introduction, SAILANG how
SAILANG Sai Lang black and white gold belt steel men watch
This race watch business quartz watch, it is casual, simple, generous. Simple leisure, is very refined, fashion wild. High quality imported quartz movement, travel time accurate. High-grade leather strap, comfortable and beautiful. Stainless steel buckle with leather strap, distinguished. Details also highlight the quality. Sapphire mirror, 100% high-end custom movement, stainless steel strap.

Waterproof Quartz Watch
This ladies waterproof quartz watch strap, and the case, are using 316 stainless steel. This steel and ordinary steel is different from the steel texture and gloss better, unlike ordinary steel so dark, and more durable, wear scratch, its waterproof function is also very good. The appearance of fashion, can highlight the temperament of women.

SKONE watch is where the production of SKONE is what brand watches

SKONE watch is where the production of SKONE is what brand watches
Few people know SKONE watch brand, its Chinese name for the time and space table. Then SKONE space table where the production? This problem is to watch the house to tell you!
SKONE is a watch brand, SKONE watch Chinese name is called the time and space table. Space brand is Guangzhou days Dali company focus on creating the young brand, the product mainly for young cutting-edge, including sports table, leisure table, student watches and so on. Watch design, the timetable to its young fashion, leading the trend of the design, to win the warm tide of the influx of people
How about time and space
SKONE watch the time and space on the selection, using a high-strength minerals plus hard glass lenses; case with alloy material. In the table most concerned about the movement of choice, the time and space products of the quartz watch movement for the original Japanese imitation Cartier love bracelet imports of quartz movement; mechanical watch for the mechanical movement plus Japan imported quartz movement, automatic Tourbillon movement, etc. The
The emergence of space-time table, so that the youth campus students more prominent personality, arouse youth; let the youth burning dream, let the dream ahead of time.
Two Swatch Swatch purple watch appreciation
In the watch brand, Swatch swatch is definitely a synonym for young fashion. It is fashionable colorful watch design to win the young fashion family heart! In the colorful swatch watches, purple is worth mentioning. Purple emit other colors do not have the temperament, more attractive to women’s attention! Please look at the following two swatch purple watch it!
Two Swatch Swatch purple watch appreciation
Swatch Swift Free Purple Purple Run SUIV401
Purple silicone strap with transparent case, purple chronograph button and crown; a number of vertical white balance line sewn on the purple plastic strap, can be rotated on the bezel with a white Arabic numerals; 4 o’clock, 8 o’clock and 12 o’clock position is shown in white Arabic numerals, and 3 o’clock position on the white background of the calendar window. 10 o’clock position and 2 o’clock position with a small minute chronograph; 6 o’clock position of the small second Replica Cartier jewelry hand table basin is printed with a white mark. Metal hour hand, minute hand coated with white fluorescent pigments.
Two Swatch Swatch purple watch appreciation
Swatch 11 classic original color colorful purple purple extravagant neutral quartz watch SUOV702
This is quite eye-catching watch, with pure purple silicone strap and clasp ring, worn on the wrist, attracting many envious eyes. Sun pattern matte deep purple dial decorated with 12 slender blue hour scale, and at 3 o’clock position inlaid with blue bottom purple day / date calendar window; dial is not decorated with any digital scale, simple at the same time , Highlight the classic fashion; milky white slim luminous coating hour hand, even the night, will also bloom endless dazzling light.
How about Sony Ericsson LiveView watches?
Sony is in fact a lot of ideas are ahead, since the launch of Sony Ericsson LiveView, took over Sony Ericsson also introduced the corresponding smartwatch series. But in accordance with some of the views of the Chinese people, Sony’s applause is not good?
How about Sony Ericsson LiveView watches?
This product in 2012 this kind of intelligent wearable equipment is not embryonic when the time, it can be considered an innovation, his concept is more advanced, especially in 2012, this device to strengthen the phone and wearable equipment, You do not need to turn on the phone when you use the lightweight information and handle unnecessary information.
Advantages: These are all in today’s wearable equipment has been reflected
(A) can be used as a mobile phone information push, easy to view the necessary information, weather, RSS push, etc. to improve work efficiency;
(B) can be extended to the application, to facilitate personalized custom wear equipment, but also in the above to do some simple, such as alarm clock, dialing, countdown and other functions
Disadvantages: poor standby, screen pixels serious, very dependent on Bluetooth (no Bluetooth can only be used as a digital clock)
The application is very scarce, this may be because Sony’s appeal is not strong, say the lack of the necessary brand effect, then the product did not appear too advanced concept, this product with the iterations after the upgrade, software development Not the following, can be considered aborted … the so-called first product is the basic test field, who bought is when a mouse …
But back to 2014 can be wearing equipment can be said to be blown, and look back at 2012 this product, showing its forward-looking, variable who often do not have time to see this day.
In general, Sony, Microsoft, Intel these veteran manufacturers, there are always some advanced products, but the so-called Yangtze River waves before the waves, clear Lingshi on the beach … wine is not afraid of alley deep, Who will seize the opportunity to conduct marketing, is estimated to be a reason for the success of it now.

What is the meaning of sending earrings to send earrings?

What is the meaning of sending earrings to send earrings?
Earrings are worn on both sides of the left ear lobe, is the closest to the heart of the place, so wearing a love to send earrings, on behalf of life to listen to the voice of love. Many young friends are particularly fond of beautiful exquisite earrings, often can not resist the temptation of earrings. At first, the earrings are people in order to avoid evil exorcism, bless the product of peace, the development of today, earrings have become a female friend love jewelry, but also a lot of friends gifts the best choice. So, what is the meaning of sending earrings?
What is the meaning of the ear studs?

Meaning one, boys send girls earrings: your body has my mark, can only belong to me.

Meaning two, girls send boys earrings: stare you life or Replica Cartier jewelry marry me.

Meaning three, boys send girls right ear nails: I like you, please contact me.

Meaning four, boys send girls left ear nail: Please and I finished my life.

Meaning five, girls send boys right ear nails: hope we can be together.

Meaning six, girls send boys left ear nail: let us hand in hand to see lonely human.

What is the meaning of the ear studs?
Snail lady earrings

The meaning of sending the earring

1, send earrings the earliest time with the role of amulet, so at that time people donated earrings each other is equivalent to the amulet is expressed that the other side of the concern, hope that the other side can be safe, often loved ones or better friends between each other Gift.

2, send earrings slowly develop to a certain stage, between men and women began to donate earrings to express their feelings, because the ancient Chinese men and women expressed the feelings of the special subtle, often not straightforward to say it, often through the gift earrings Of the small jewelry to express their minds.

3, if the girls are donated earrings between each other, often because of the feelings between each other very good, is the expression between the girlfriends affection.

4, and boys donated earrings each other, either because their brothers wearing earrings look better, or is the love of love between the same sex keepsake.

5, send earrings and the ancient superstition, the legendary devil and other demon soul always want to enter the human body, the body, so the human body may be all out of the hole must be particularly guardian, and earrings are worn on the ears Lucky character.

How do the earrings look good with the face?

(1) oval face: this face is our most common, this is the traditional oriental women’s standard face shape. This face is the largest range, almost any shape of the earrings can be worn. Send earrings on behalf of what, but also pay attention to the size of the earrings to be consistent with their overall feeling, with their own body, hair and clothing with the perfect moving Oh!

(2) square face: square face on the face of the need for visual softening of the line. Suitable choice of flower-shaped, heart-shaped, oval-shaped earrings, can be a good way to ease and modify the face of water chestnut, to reduce the face lines too obvious shortcomings. Send earrings meaning, try to avoid the earrings, because the earrings are generally only a good face to wear the appropriate crush, and other flawed face to try to avoid earrings, because it is not only make up for defects, but also strengthen the highlights defect.
Earrings what material good different material earrings the advantages and disadvantages

Earrings common materials are pearls, Choi Po, diamonds, gold, platinum, then ear studs what material is good? The following describes the advantages and disadvantages of different materials, earrings, we can according to their actual situation to choose Oh!
Ear studs what material is good – pearl
Pearl ear nails, pearls have the role of care, pearl commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine, mediocre in medicine must be scared, heat Yiyang, received mouth muscle and other effects, so wearing pearl earrings can play a very good regulatory role, so that the skin exceptionally smooth , Delicate; color Po earrings, color colorful color, the price is not high, elegant and elegant for the love of young women

Earrings what material is good – sterling silver
Generally limited funds in the student period, the choice of sterling silver stud ear is good, low prices and no allergies, generally about twenty or thirty can buy

Earrings what material is good – platinum
Platinum earrings high purity can prevent allergies, platinum process in addition to smooth and faceted; but expensive.

Earrings what material is good – diamonds
Now more people will choose diamond stud earrings, ear a little more than a drill, and not because it is small and it shines, it is to achieve the icing on the cake of the great results.

Ear studs what material is good – gold
Gold color is glittering, but the gold is very soft because the material is difficult to shape, the process is limited, are generally smooth and frosted, and gold earrings ear rods generally thick, so many people do not like

Earrings what material is good – ordinary metal
Ordinary metal earrings advantage is a variety of styles, affordable, or even two dollars can buy a pair of beautiful earrings; shortcomings are easy to allergies, bad for the body.

What studs are good material? The above description of the advantages and disadvantages of different materials, earrings, we can refer to!
In this trend of society, you will see a lot of people are wearing earrings, earrings are pairs of pairs, that is, left ear nails and right earrings at the same time wear. But you will see a lot of people wearing only one ear, especially the boys, is to show their own personality, fashion or other deep meaning? What does that mean?
Wearing right ear nails on behalf of the meaning

1. earrings worn on the left ear of the male is often that single, not married, left ear nail there is a meaning that is intimate meaning, while wearing the right ear nails that men are gay, that is, gay. This argument is generally popular in foreign countries, generally not so much in the country to say that young people want to play in which ears, on which ears to play.

2. with the earrings of the most important meaning is beautiful, but according to modern analysis, especially abroad, left and right earrings have different claims. Such as wearing a left ear nails of men are gay (gay), wearing right earrings of the male is bisexual. Wearing a stud earrings, no matter which ear, are said to be homosexual.

3. boys in the absence of his girlfriend when the left ear earrings means: healing or playing cool, if in the case of a girlfriend, the boys left ear earrings means: you are my favorite. Girls single ear when the left ear wearing a nail means to commemorate a love, accompanied by her boyfriend when the left ear wearing earrings, meaning I want to love the people finished a lifetime.

4. girls wear side which does not matter, if the male band, both sides with no special meaning, if only with the left is also normal, but if only with the right side may be homosexual.

Earrings (earrings) wear precautions

First, to prevent accidental loss of earrings

1. To wear ear holes to select the coarse ear nails, silver needle rod diameter of 0.7mm and above the tight plug;

2. If the selected silver nail <0.7mm plastic stopper can be straddled into the silver needle, can not afford to long-term (this method is our professional wear law, they are not easy to operate);

3. Silver nail behind the small ring (forbidden straight hook), to ensure that will not hang pillow. These three kinds of wear, earplugs should be left with the ears of 2mm gap to facilitate the breathable, on the drug, rotation.

Second, within a month before the earrings accidentally fall off or want to change the other earrings do not wear, and scratch the ear wall caused by inflammation.

Ear hole within one month after the hole, the skin regeneration of the hole there is a process, just forming a thin and tender layer of film, not enough to withstand any slight outside the scratch, this period, such as earrings accidentally fall off, hanging injury Or want to change the other earrings, but found how to wear on the hard wear will cause scratches, bleeding, bacterial infection will be inflamed. A friend said that because of the ear hole slanting to wear in the past, in fact, you want to be really slanting oblique wear should wear through, so in any place piercing ears are asked you not to pick a month Surely, earrings accidentally fall off or for the first time in the case of their own do not grasp the best to find a professional store to help you wear.

Third, the choice of silver nail quality

Change the ear nail when the pain, do not wear and the quality of the earrings, nail head shape, and now a wide range of commercially available earrings earrings, some varieties of processing technology delicate, ear tip cut off after the high temperature firing, The end of a smooth, curved, comfortable to wear; there are some silver ear nail (ring) processing technology is simple, silver nail directly after processing finished products, nail face and nail was 90 °, sharp edges, for some lack of earrings experience Friends, wearing this earrings hanging ear piercing the possibility of a larger.

Fourth, do a good job cleaning care

Some friends have finished the situation has been very good, to the effect did not go to the tube, and sometimes hang after the pain, bleeding and no anti-inflammatory care, leading to ear puff from the pustules. So after the cleaning care is also very important. There are ear holes, alcohol, cotton swab should be a regular product, a month should always use alcohol cotton cleaning wipe ear holes before and after the gap, like every day to wash their faces, ear holes need to clean every day, wounded, bumps also need On the drug care, can not care, only careful care to make the ear hole fast and healthy intact.

What is the implication of ice jewels?

What is the implication of ice jewels?
What is the implication of ice jewels? Ice Jade Jade Jade is not only the texture of warm people like, its implication of auspicious meaning is to convey the hearts of people good wishes. Generally different kinds of ice jade jewelry is a different meaning.

One, ice kind of emerald green beans meaning

Is our favorite kind of plant carvings, it carved beautiful, simple yet luxury, and implied meaning is very auspicious and very much.

Ice is also known as the blessing of beans, the meaning of happiness is well-being, longevity, is the younger generation blessed elders longevity of the good intentions: also implies the meaning of cardamom, meaning vibrant, endless.

In addition, ice jade jade is a plant full of fruit, but also the meaning of grain bumper, congratulations business people are booming business, financial resources. It is very full, but also indicates that life happy joy, academic success, with greater hope and confidence.

Second, ice kind of emerald longevity of the public meaning

Ice kind of emerald longevity, as if to see through all, both to bless us longevity, but also to bless us to the soul. It is in addition to longevity, but also to master the life of the person is to master the life and death of people, so longevity is also rising, academic success, career success, bureaucratic Replica Cartier jewelry and so on. Shou Xing Gong’s image of the frontal prominence, full of longevity, smiling, rich state extremely, so also meaning wealth and wealth, wealth prosperous. Birthday stars often and Fuxing, Lu Xing together in the ice kind of emerald, meaning Lu Lu Shou Samsung high, Fortune head, happy and happy.
Third, the ice kind of emperor Guanyin meaning

Goddess of Mercy is often heard by folk people, so the ice kind of Jade Goddess of Mercy also gave people to send the meaning of blessing. Bodhisattva Bodhisattva is the blessing of the people of peace and joy of the Buddha, Purdue beings, save people in the suffering, save people in distress and disaster, so the ice kind of Jade Goddess of Mercy can also protect the wearer away from distress pain, everything wishful. In addition, it can also become hostility, Guanyin compassionate, no desire, peace of mind, so wear ice species Jade Goddess of Mercy also able to resolve the wearer’s mind evil and hostility, so that wearers have a peace of mind.

Four, ice kind of emerald Buddha beads of the meaning

It is not only a piece of accessories, it is a religious significance of the holy things, has a very important position, and the number of different ice species emerald Buddha beads have a different meaning. There is always a large pearl, which is a very important main bead, representing peace and happiness, happiness and well-being, all the other small Buddha beads on behalf of the other devout believers, enjoy the Buddha Of the shines.

Ice kind of emerald Buddha beads can improve people’s fortune, bless our family happy, everything wishful, better bless our health, peace and wealth. But usually when doing housework, remember to take the ice kind of emerald Buddha beads down, do not let dirty things stained with ice on the emerald Buddha beads above.

Five, ice kind of emerald lotus meaning

Ice kind of jade lotus is all ice kind of jade jewelry in the most of a:

1, a product clean. Qinglian and “clean” homonym, lotus symbol of “a product clean”, meaning high and not greed, fair and honest.

2, pure and beautiful. Lotus pure, holy, representing a beautiful friendship, love.

3, more than a year later Lotus and “even” homophonic, can be combined with other auspicious things to express a lot of auspicious meaning.

4, open branches and leaves. There are many seeds in a lotus, a symbol of more than a blessing. To sit on the lotus leaf, hand holding Sheng, one hand lotus seeds, is the meaning of more than a blessing.

5, spotless. Lotus’s growth process represents a person to remove selfish thoughts, from the shore to the other side of the process of Buddha into practice. So jade carving Guanyin or Buddha’s works, the Lotus throne represents the Buddhist world spotless.

6, opening and closing lotus meaning holding lotus opening and closing of different conditions, and have different meaning: not open lotus (lotus buds): with the beginning of the sentient beings Bodhi heart; early Lotus: Lotus early opening, metaphor first Bodhi heart, the table will be able to practice good deeds, Bodhi fruit; open lotus: lotus flowers, flowers and fruit with a foot to witness the fruit of the fruit, Lotus in the Buddhist temple, for the Buddha is often used as a metaphor, characterized by quiet, no dye, light, free, the meaning of liberation.
Does turquoise have a collection value?

Turquoise has been popular with the public, in recent years, due to the diminishing of resources, many collectors to look to the turquoise of this beautiful stone, making the original price rise of turquoise nearly five years of the rally is very impressive; In the international market, the top blue porcelain pine can even and gold price.
With the pursuit of fashion beauty, for the turquoise fashion darling from the consumer hot spots, will be the most important consumer goods, can become the mainstream of the consumer market, one of the gems is understandable. Turquoise has a good collection of investment prospects, so it is worth the collection of potential stocks.
What are the points for the turquoise collection?

First, due to a wide variety of turquoise, the quality of large span, different grades of turquoise price disparity is also great, so whether it is optional or collection must be polished eyes.

Second, and many colored gemstones, the key elements of the decision value of turquoise mainly color, texture and size, the color is usually pure blue sky is better, uniform color, glossy soft, no brown wire for the top grade; Hard texture porcelain pine is better; In addition, the case of natural, beautiful wire mesh can also increase the value of turquoise collection.

Third, turquoise domestic prices do have a certain gap with the international price, so in the next period of time, turquoise price is inevitable, but need to be reminded that the turquoise market is still relatively chaotic, collection must be careful to buy.

What are the turquoise collections?

One, look at the color

It is particularly important to see whether turquoise has a collection value and color because the color is one of the key elements that determine the potential for the appreciation of turquoise. High quality turquoise requires bright colors, exquisite designs, natural texture and no impurities, no sand, no Cracks and other defects.

Second, look at the shape

As turquoise carving is difficult, so a good process for the turquoise value of a lot, especially the unique shape, obviously different from ordinary turquoise works more appreciation potential.

Third, look at the texture

In the domestic collection market, turquoise generally according to the hardness of the size can be divided into four categories, namely porcelain pine, green pine, pine and loose wire loose. Porcelain pine is the hardest texture of the turquoise, because the break out of the shell-like shape, polished glossy texture are like porcelain, so named, usually the color is pure sky blue, turquoise in the top grade; Contains a black wire was reticular distribution, the surface was black turtles, textured or veiled pattern, as the performance of the pattern of natural, beautiful and unique, so the collection value is also higher.

How to assess the value of jade

How to assess the value of jade
With the rising jade market in recent years, people want to increase the purchase of jade, then buy jade when the value of how to assess it? We all know that color is the most intuitive of the gem, the most easy to identify a nature, usually also its value, jade is no exception.
How to assess the value of jade

With the rising jade market in recent years, people want to increase the purchase of jade, then, in the purchase of jade how to assess its value? We all know that color is the most intuitive, most easy to identify the nature of jade, usually its value, jade is no exception, the color is to determine the value of the most important basis.

There are many kinds of emerald colors, the largest number is white, gray, the highest value is green, purple, in addition to red, yellow, brown, blue, black and so on.

1, white emerald in the deposit is often a large area appears. The market has a certain Replica Cartier jewelry value of white jadeite micro-glass species, ice jade, these white jade although there is no color, but because of fine texture, good head, very popular with people’s favorite.

2, gray is often seen as jade in the dirty, no value, if the gray appears in the valuable emerald, will only reduce the original value.

3, green jade is the highest value in the emerald. Experts buy raw materials often say how much color this piece of material, the color means that in fact is green, the color is high price. Look at the color of the material one or two value of how much money, and then estimate how much color the whole piece of material to determine the value of the whole piece of material, we can see the value of green is the fundamental value of jade. But the green is too rare, in the large white jade, green is just one of the stars, green emerald mostly distributed in the white emerald, experts called “tape”, a large piece of white jade raw materials Can have a thin green belt, this piece of raw materials will be worth a hundred times, and if there can be slightly larger than the fist of a group of green, then buy people may be rich overnight.

Why some of the same place where the emerald is white, some places are green? The original green part of the emerald is due to the coloring elements caused by chromium and iron, colored iron and chromium replaced the colorless aluminum ions, iron ions often show light green, chromium ions will show very bright green, high-grade green are Due to the formation of chromium ions. But too much chromium, jade green will become too strong, looks like black, but the value will be reduced a lot. As the proportion of chromium, iron, jade will show a variety of different green, pure green, but also partial yellow, blue, grayish green, different green value is also different.
4, purple jade is also called violet, experts also called “spring”. Purple also has a lot of tones, common with partial powder and bluish blue. Purple in the emerald often have a larger area of the distribution, like clouds into lumps, sometimes in the purple which will be a pulse of the distribution of green. Usually purple jade value is lower than the green, a good on the purple Cui ring face, kind of fine run, rich color uniform, large particles, the value of about 30 million, while the same quality green ring, the value should be in the hundreds Million yuan.

5, there is a kind of pink jade, very rare, like the emerald mountain “Peach Blossom Spring” is the base of pink emerald.

6, yellow and red emerald are called “Fei”, that is, “Huang Fei”, “Red”. Yellow and red in addition to Yan Yan larger cracks distribution, the general existence of jade in the skin.

7, yellow with yellow, brown, honey yellow, which is the highest value of pure honey yellow, this honey only in the pure colorless glass species, ice jade emerald skin exists, so more rare.

8, red emerald brown red, red, completely without brown tone pure red the highest value. Buy red emerald need to pay attention to is not to burn the red as a natural red Fei Fei. Some red is burned, this red is often not natural, and the coarse species, which is added to the limonite after the formation of the color of heating.
What are the colors of jade bracelets?

Jade bracelet color is divided into two kinds: the original color and secondary color. Native colors include green, blue, purple, black and gray, and all the colors derived from them. Sub-color, including red and yellow and other derived from the color, simply the original color is the growth of emerald out of the color forming colored roots. Secondary color is formed from the surface to the inside, the color from shallow to deep, filled in the jade bracelet crystal fissure.

Jade bracelet color is actually very diverse, red, white, yellow, green, blue, purple, black, almost all the colors have appeared. Even, these colors have appeared in the same piece of jade bracelet on the possible!
What color is the emerald bracelet?

The same texture of a jade bracelet, their color is different, its value and price advantage is different. According to the color, if the emerald bracelet is only a single color, the highest value of green, that is, grandmother green jade bracelet is the highest value. In the green below, there are blue and green, purple blue, red, yellow, green, yellow, blue, gray and blue jade bracelet.

These colors are only in the presence of a color when sorting, in the same bracelet, if there are any different colors, the value of a single color than the emerald bracelet, or even, can be said that more than one color, You can grow a level of value.

In general, people will have any three different colors called three-color emerald, and in the same piece of jade bracelet, both purple, there are green called spring belt color, and then there are blessing Lu and blessing Lu Shouxi.

Diamond earrings how much money

Diamond earrings how much money
Relative to the ring, the earrings of the history of a more long, earrings called “珰” ancient books have words: “ear ear beads called ‘珰’. Previous earrings are mostly jade earrings, with the rise of diamonds in the beauty industry and popular, diamonds Earrings gradually become a dress with the embellishment of things, the finishing touch of the pen. A variety of diamond earrings impact of people’s attention, then how much a pair of diamond earrings?

If the diamond ring is passing love, then the diamond earrings highlight the personal charm, sometimes wearing a diamond earrings in the ear will become the most obvious feature of a person, the book likes to say: “a makeup wearing a diamond earrings Cartier love bracelet replica Woman, smiled at him kindly. So how much kind of diamond earrings how much money? And diamond-related jewelry will not be cheap where to go.

Diamond earrings the price is closely related with the diamond, according to style design, embedded in the earrings on the diamond is large and small, large diamond earrings price is more expensive, and according to the diamond 4C standard, divided into different grades of high quality 50 points diamonds Earrings prices to tens of thousands of dollars.

If the diamond earrings inlaid diamonds is a small diamond, or the quality and its ordinary diamonds, then the price of diamond earrings is not expensive, of course, how much money diamond diamonds not only with the diamond, but also related to the material of the earrings, platinum because of high purity, On the human skin without any sensitive role, coupled with texture and said diamonds, so platinum diamond earrings are very popular, the price is more expensive.

Finally, the brand will also play a role in the diamond earrings in the general brand to buy diamond earrings, 10 cents a pair of diamond earrings about three thousand dollars, if the big brand counter purchase price will be doubled, diamond earrings Mosaic mostly small Cartier love ring replica drill, mainly used to embellish life, so as long as the style like, in the network diamond brand to buy, the price will be more affordable.
More than 5 carats of diamonds are called pigeon eggs, the price of millions of dollars, 18 carats of diamonds on the weight is more than three times more than 5 carats of diamonds, the price is naturally expensive to climb, the diamond is the most dazzling gem One, it is indulge, it is bright, pure, dotted with the United States, the greater the diamonds, the more sought after, then 18 carat diamond value how much money?

(Including color, clarity, weight, cut), the parameters of different levels, 18 carats of diamonds are also different prices, and the diamond has nothing to do with the output of the diamond , When the business because of the diamond’s intention to raise the price of diamonds, the purchase of drilling when you need to be careful.

Diamond is a luxury, expensive and no doubt, the purchase of high-priced goods, quality assurance is very critical, so the purchase of 18K carat diamonds need to buy a formal place to buy, must remember to obtain a diamond identification certificate, identification certificate Mark the parameters of the diamond, these parameters are the authority of the rigorous procedures identified, but also determine the value of 18 carats in the end how much money.

Like 18 carat so big diamonds is good, the price is astronomical, with 18 carats of diamonds Replica Cartier love bracelet are generally extraordinary income, such as millionaires, celebrity stars, diamond investors have 18 carats of diamonds is also temporary, but want to diamonds The price rise period of sale, earn a profit only, for ordinary people with 18 carats of diamonds is not realistic, so 18 carat diamond value of how much money do not have to be too concerned about.

18 carat diamond is difficult to have, but 0.18 carat diamonds for the new people is not a difficult thing, a 0.18 carat diamond, the price of a thousand or so, plus the cost of the whole 0.18 carat diamond ring no more than three or four thousand Yuan, not so much attention to the brand, in the network diamond brand purchase price of two or three thousand dollars, very concessions.

The significance of diamonds to people

The significance of diamonds to people
1. Marriage, people placed the same expectations on it —– all-conquering, married husband and wife are loyal to each other, mutual respect, the husband and wife’s “eachother” love remain unswerving until forever. Marriage means that the happiness of a lifetime to another person, and men in order to fully express the deep feelings of the woman, will be dumping their own expression of their minds.
2. Marriage, become one of the most important things in life, because the happiness of life and marriage has a very important link. Of course, marriage has become a premier event in the family, for their children’s marriage, parents often dump their own, spend all the Cartier love bracelet replica savings, even even if the debt should be generous at this time, brothers and sisters is utmost to help, and some brothers in the The field, thousands of miles away to rush to attend the wedding. This shows the importance of marriage. As an important monument to marriage (the most symbolic marriage of marriage) —— wedding ring, it is not a small look. A large blue diamond necklace (heart of the ocean), in the film as a representative of love and appear many times, which fully shows the diamond As a representative of love is the origin of a long time.
3. Diamond culture has a long history
Since ancient times, diamonds have been regarded as a symbol of power, dignity, status and wealth. Its indestructible, invincible, honest and eternal and majestic masculine quality, is the eternal pursuit of human goals. It has a potential, great cultural value.
4. Diamond inherent in the inherent charm of quality
As a gem, must have beautiful, durable and scarce these three elements. Diamond is the only set of the highest hardness, strong refractive index and high dispersion in one of the gem varieties, any other gem varieties are unparalleled. This treasure in the treasure, dilute the rare, should be the most expensive to become the most expensive.
Diamond ring is more meaningful from the mining to the finished product of the careful processing, a diamond ring is a natural Creator and more than 200 million people’s crystallization of the diamond is extremely valuable in which it is.
The diamond must be carefully treated to maintain a bright luster. The drill ring is greasy for grease and therefore must be cleaned once a month. There are two main ways to clean up:
Clean the bath method – first dip the diamond ring in a small dish mixed with a mild detergent in the warm water, and then gently wash with a small brush, then the diamond ring on the filter with warm water rinse, and finally with the cloth dry water The
Cold water immersion method – with half a cup of household use of the Ammonian water, add the same capacity of water, diamonds dipped in the solution for about 30 minutes, and then gently wash the diamond brush with a small brush around the mosaic metal, And then into Cartier love ring replica the solution gently waving, remove the paper after the water to dry, do not rinse.
Care diamonds, have to do three do not: do housework, do not let the diamond ornaments wearing bleach. Bleached water will not damage the diamond ring, but will make the metal set fade or produce spots. Do not put the diamond ornaments together in the drawer or jewelry box, the diamond ring friction will be “self-killing.”
Every bride is eager to have a precious wedding ring, used to engrave their eternal love. However, how to maintain the diamond ring is also a major event can not be ignored, the following teach you a diamond ring care taboo, see how to maintain the diamond ring.

Diamond ring care taboo:
1, bogey violent shock: Today, inlaid jewelry, although the base design is very reliable, but the number of violent vibration will be affected. Only cherish your jewelry, it will never protect the glory.
2, avoid wearing laundry, bath: pear afraid of acidic substances, can not touch the detergent.
3, bogey pieces of jewelry together: for example: hard diamonds will easily scratch other stones; so, after their own secret, sub-grid storage.
4, avoid chemical gases and pollution of the environment: For example: all jewelry are bogey sulfur, emerald avoid pesticides, other sprays.
5, bogey and cosmetics together: the ring even if the stained with cosmetics, the glory will be weakened; especially diamonds, very easy to paste the grease of cosmetics, but also to strictly separate.
6, bogey drugs: some drugs can produce chemical reactions to jewelry, so that jewelry discoloration, deterioration.
7, bogey high temperature: some gems are not high temperature, or dehydration and Cartier nail bracelet replica crack, or discoloration. Such as cat’s eye afraid of high temperature. Jade above 55 ° will dissolve the wax layer on the surface and lose protection, reducing the gloss of the wax.
8, bogey wear movement, dry and rough live: For example: sweat containing fatty acids, urea and other pearls have erosion, so there are “Lingnan Zhiling North wear” said. North cold, sweat less, should wear.

The perfect combination of skills to create upset the blanket of all beings

The perfect combination of skills to create upset the blanket of all beings
Why should there be hollow design
Since the advent of watches and clocks, talented design masters began to movement in the gear, rod and spring interaction between the fascinated. They will watch the movement of the various plywood to be hollowed out to show deep in the works such as ballet-like graceful wonderful dance. In the day after day of the carving and interpretation, the unique style of the hollow table will be born this.
Hollow table not only has a stunning artistic attainments, its exquisitely carved curve to lead the connoisseurs through the time, minutes, seconds composed of the microscopic world opened the mystery of time. To achieve this ultimate goal, the designer of Cartier love bracelet replica the hollow table needs to be exhausted with patience, extraordinary artistic talent and extraordinary craftsmanship, in order to finally complete a breathtaking perspective structure. As an elegant evening dress is not only from the appropriate cut, in the watch after the hollow processing, craftsmen must also be added to the best of its carved ornaments, in order to maximize the sudden appearance of its gorgeous, and make The connoisseurs, regardless of any angle, can enjoy the light into the movement.
How to be considered a real hollow table

And enamel with other art forms to give the beauty of the form of watches is different, the hollow table of artistic achievements entirely from the watch itself. Its English formerly known as “Skeleton (bone)”, is trying to describe the hollow table with the beauty of the skin. The most purely hollow table is not simply exposed to the movement of the movement on the dial, but with the craftsmanship of the craftsmanship, as much as possible to remove the movement of the metal plate, and through the delicate contours, layout and lines and Gorgeous and tedious decoration to show its unique artistic attainments.

Traceable hollow watch

As early as in the era of popular watch, the hollow table is already a rare art boutique. 1760, for the first time, the wearer can not open the table under the premise, only from the complex curl of the hollow to see a strong movement empire. The completion of this era of significance is the watchmaker Andre-Charlés Caron. He alone designed and completed the world’s first hollow table, the internal movement of the watch complex structure and subtle parts to the perfect skills to cover the horizon half-cover in front of the world. In the modern hollow table, carrying a complex function or in which the jewelry mosaic of the works become a highlight of the value of another important factor in the hollow table. But no matter how the trend of evolution, the delicate lines and the layout of the feast for the eyes, is a hollow table is called the highest standards of art.
【4 large high-priced reasons

The perfect combination of skills

Design and manufacture a top hollow table, the difficulty is not only the need for Cartier love ring replica skilled technicians on the watch movement and contours to be the most delicate and delicate modification, the movement often need to be based on the aesthetic appearance of the watch itself New transformation and even design. Only internally and externally, complement each other to create a fine art of the hollow table. This requires the designer and the manufacturer not only need to be aware of the structure of the movement at the same time, and according to its shape derived from the sense of space. In addition, the hollow designer and manufacturer also need to have a very tacit understanding, in order to understand and imagine the skills to be the most perfect gesture to be presented.

Near the lost carving process

As an elegant evening dress is not only from the appropriate cut, in the watch after the hollow processing, craftsmen must also be added to the best of its carved ornaments, in order to maximize the sudden appearance of its gorgeous, and make The connoisseur, through any angle, can enjoy the light entering the movement along the polished slope naturally born dancing. Top engraved in the carved carving process mostly use the traditional manual machine carving way to complete, but now even in the watch manufacturing process the most exquisite Switzerland, excellent hand-carved carving skills are only a few master watch master, and even for the clock Giving fine ornamentation of the senior carved machine, the number is also a handful. Technical limitations, so that the hollow table has become a high-level watchmaking in the field of hard to find treasures.
Unique artistic features

As the hollowing out of the hollow and carving process must be done by hand, so there will be a slight difference between each hollow table, even by the same manufacturer to design and manufacture the same style of the hollow table, the details also not exactly. This unique Cartier nail bracelet replica feature, for the hollow table to give more artistic potential and value.

Negligible yield

As early as the era of popular watch, hollow table is already a rare art boutique. The long process of production and the high demand for handmade skills led to the hollow table in the production of minimal. Famous for the Swiss altar altar master Kurt Schaffo father and son, the studio made three years each of the three-dimensional embossed hollow table, but also a few areas only. In addition, due to the hollow table in the hollow and carving process must be all done by hand, so each hollow table will be between the very slight differences, this unique artistic value, but also created a collection of hollow collectors rush.

How to choose the first element of the South

How to choose the first element of the South
Sui this argument, I should come from the emerald school, referring to the simple repair type, do not do any carving things. South red texture hard, poor toughness, sculpture is very difficult, but also because the material expressive, and become a lot of masters favorite raw materials, often common to many masters carefully carved boutique, but for our people, Of the carving, it can not afford, and some ordinary craftsmen, do a lot of things is a kind of damage to the material, looked very distressed, so the rapid rise in the South red now, choose some less value-added elements , It may be a good choice for our wage earners.

Although it is too love because of the stone, was forced to do Replica Cartier jewelry business, more time, from the player’s point of view, how to choose their own some cost-effective, after the appreciation of large space stone, so you can play while upgrading , Slowly, to improve the quality of things in their own hands, can be considered no white investment so much time and energy. Simply based on their own experience to sum up, where is the choice of their own elements of the South red element.
1, size
General 20 grams is my bottom of the brand of red gold (necklace pendant), and then a small, upper body is not significant, particularly good material, such as pure color material, or color to Jinhong, after the mosaic of the material , Can be relaxed to 15 grams, and then small, really did not feel, and now the price is not very high South red, we have the conditions to try to choose something big point. Like these three brands, the size is not large, persimmon red I can not remember 20 grams, but one is full of meat persimmon red, good color is very pure, a almost pure color rose, the two if mosaic, then slightly Design, will come out the effect of solid color, we think about it, so solid things, what price now? So, despite the slightest size, but the overall value is not bad.
As for the side of the brand, because it is very material, the same material, out of the brand than the water droplets and more loss of more than 20% of the weight, so very rare, worth leaving, of course, the shape of the pendant with the face with what, everyone we have their own The standard, not much to say.

2, shape
Chinese people like the success of their own is picky, so my own shape of the brand is very picky, asymmetrical not, not full, the thickness of 10, but no, anyway, things in the hands of feeling, , Visual around the upper and lower should be symmetrical, so comfortable, lines to be soft and full, regardless of how much weight, must have a sense of presence, to be comfortable, if later to carving, to have enough margin to toss, can not carved Two knives, through, and waste.
This water droplets, the color is slightly weaker, but the natural fire Phoenix pattern, the side to see very thick, full of hands like an egg, impeccable big guy, it is like.
This carved pieces, the color is very good, half persimmon half Jinhong, although the pattern of weaknesses, but very eye-catching, the side is a semi-circular beads, it is domineering.
3, texture
Texture is the material of the soul, is persimmon red, or rose red, or flame, such as the material, persimmon red, slightly with the same color pattern, indoor darkness is a solid color effect, the thickness of the shape are perfect, this material upper body effect Said that once the right opportunity, met a good engraver, the value of this stone is not doubled the problem.
4. Pattern: pattern is the soul of nine flame material, although there are meticulous, abstract, freehand, all worthy of thin to pondering,
1, straight hanging Yunfan economic sea: solid color of the persimmon a few lines of water lines outline the sea slowly leaves a sail

Mountains: fine flame pattern out of the mountains

Tianchi: very realistic Changbai Mountain Tianchi scene

Lotus pond moonlight: a pool of clear water, lotus layers stacked, very artistic

Bullfighting woman: big hat, pleated skirt, very vivid fighting bullfighting, the image and vivid!

Sweat persimmon
Super red a large drop of water, rounded full, very red, like the northeast of the skin persimmon, would like to bite
Itself is a very cheap material, wrapped silk material, but the pattern of distribution is very level, very sense of picture

5, plasticity
Some material look at the material phase, but careful observation, there will be very shallow plasticity, which is a 85 grams of water droplets, color yellow, flat pattern, but in the hands of the engraver, out of a small boutique , The pattern on the material, due to the advantages of the guide, designed into rock flowers, etc., out of the effect of beautiful!
original appearance
Finished look

Like this big water droplets, patterns are very hierarchical, very thick shape, good use of patterns, you can come out a very nice landscape.
Big beads, 34 diameter, mostly persimmon red, you can carve a flower ball, think are beautiful
Full of meat persimmon material, there is a little water lines, if you want to carve, the water line pattern landscaping look, the effect should be good

6, practical
This big flame beads, 360 degrees without dead ends, it is suitable for viewing play, upper body is difficult, suitable for pure collection of players

And this Dole more than 40 grams, three different patterns, each have their own, to do pendants, with bracelets are very practical,

This red and white material, take very affordable, 46 grams, less than 1000, red and white, their own natural patterns are good, then, later, by a special aesthetic guy, into this, very Meng, but. The The The The The
7, how to get a good stone
Everyone who loves the stone wants to get a good stone, but how can we do it, some difficulty, some of their own small experience exchange it

the first. To be forward-looking, many sisters holding the previous things to me to find, how to say it, the channel did not change, supply more, but the quality of something like a stubble, before the past forever, unless the hands of the family is willing Turn, the quality of new goods and the previous can not be compared, we can only find the best now, can not be the best before, jade is an example of jade, mineral things, the more mining less, less, good things Less, to the former, who can not return to the past. Can only pick inside the inside!

second. A price of a cargo, good goods is always a good price. Their own according to their own budget, choose their own acceptable things, really good things, to be willing to buy stones 2, 3 years, have a experience, a lot of time is the price of space for the price, get good things.

third. Two-way choice, we pocket money, you can choose their own businesses and goods, and businesses have the right to choose customers, which is everyone’s rights and obligations, and sometimes, will give me some trust in the old customers to find something, And then there are other sister to ask, why do not you give me this thing, I want to say, you do so I trust: only to my goal and price range, all to me, and then do not return, and Very satisfied? Very sincere to everyone, most afraid of being hurt, so many times to avoid to avoid, something shoot clear, written clearly, and then the system regularly shelves, the price is transparent publicity, we can freely choose, this is My intelligence can do the best way. Although it has been trying to make everyone happy.