the specialty lies in the production of high-level watch shell prototype

In the western part of Switzerland, with a small corner bordering France, there is a lakeside city – Geneva, where there are beautiful scenery, was named the world’s best living city second, but also rich in human, religious and economic background. Geneva is the world’s watch and financial center, where the world famous watches and clocks, such as Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Rolex, etc., there is a newly established small company – MHC.

MHC, a typical French district watch factory in Geneva. Geneva was a religious holy land, still retains a lot of landmarks at that time, such as St. Peter’s Basilica. A few centuries ago, when England, France, Germany, Italy and other major powers at that time because of the development of war and science, religious exclusion, the church flee around, France, Germany and England, a considerable number of scholars and craftsmen fled to Switzerland , Thus forming a very unique imitation Cartier love bracelet landscape – the entire Swiss watch industry, all concentrated in the northwest Ruifa, Reid border valleys and small towns. More interestingly, for this reason, the Swiss watch industry formed two mainstream “factions” – the French and German districts, the French district focused on the process and complex structure (Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, etc.), pay more attention Handmade tabulation, the German area is a higher degree of industrialization, the general output is relatively large (Rolex, nations, etc.).

MHC (MANUFACTURE HAUTES COMPLICATIONS SA) was established in 2010 at Glacis-De-Rive in Parc Street No. 4, 200 meters north of Geneva is the south bank of the British garden and large flower clock, 500 meters west is St. Peter’s Cathedral and Rousseau’s former residence, 1 km west of the Patek Philippe Museum, the University of Geneva and other famous “scenic spots.” Today, the company has moved to the site to the north, near the Franz Park Chemin Frank-Thomas 80. MHC is one of the best in Switzerland for several other brands of R & D senior movement watch factory, the team is very small, but the service of a lot of rich customers, including the most will do the jewelry family (one) Graff, New senior watch brand Spero Lucem, and we are very familiar with the Bo Lai Shi and so on.

MHC core work is to develop some unique structure of the movement and production (mainly assembly) finished table, its founder Pierre-Laurent Favre has said that he most want to do is “making small watches and watches,” but MHC But also too small, the team members only about 15 in 2013 (10 watchmakers three designers a plotter and his own), in fact do not have to produce a table, including the case, pointer, dial, table Belt and other accessories, so it is away from the realization of Pierre-Laurent Favre’s ideal there are some distance.

Pierre-Laurent Favre’s senior watchmaking reputation in Switzerland is not great, he is very low-key, but does not mean he is not talented. Favre about 1980 or so into the Patek Philippe watch factory work, in 2003, he led the Patek Philippe precision watchmaking sector, in 2005 he left Patek Philippe. Working in Patek Philippe for about 25 years, and according to the practice of these big brands, the internal watchmakers rarely known to outsiders, especially Replica Cartier jewelry watchmakers, often the brand will be highly confidential, because they are in contact with or is responsible for the brand The most confidential work. After leaving Patek Philippe, he went to BNB Concept, which he had just created in 2004, and worked with three founders. His company president, Matthias Buttet, was also a very outstanding watchmaker, and BNB was also an outstanding third party Core research and development institutions, serving more than 30 customers, including Hermes, Romain Jerome, HD 3, Jacob & Co, DeWitt, Bo Lai Shi, Concord, Yu ship and so on.

Jean-Claude Biver
2010 BNB company due to debt tired (official claim), no one is willing to take over, and finally announced bankruptcy liquidation, all assets open auction, BNB company more than 30 watchmakers employed after the “marketing wizards” Jean-Claud Biver (Thanks to BNB’s long-term partnership), and Biver bought BNB’s production machinery and inventory movement, the industry’s coveted tourbillon and advanced complex movement R & D center, the final dust Settled, help Yu ship in the advanced watchmaking road on the big step forward.

BNB Concept After the bankruptcy, Pierre-Laurent Favre did not rush to the ship, but went to the 2010 Basel watch show, found that there are customers interested in his idea, so he decided to create a company, which has Today’s MHC. At that time the registered capital of 30,000 Swiss francs, about six months after the increase of 70,000 Swiss francs, the total share capital to 100,000 Swiss francs, the company name from the original MHC Manufacture Hautes Complications Sàrl changed to MHC Manufacture Hautes Complications SA. In 2012, the company’s original partner left the company, Favre led the team to continue the cause of his struggle. So far, based on the principle of confidentiality, MHC service brand, only a few can be revealed, but each of its research and development of the movement, are so different, creative and complex structure of the ingenious combination, so that the brand The most influential products.

Spero Lucem was the first two years to set up the company, 2013 Basel debut. This is a focus on the field of high-level watch the brand, which by drawing on Geneva’s cultural and iconic elements to design watches, in a new way to pass the taboo city of Geneva, the spirit and essence. Founder of the company Yvan Arpa is a designer, and the source of the idea of Geneva, but also his vision, MHC, SC2 (a watch company in Geneva, the specialty lies in the production of high-level watch shell prototype and gem mosaic, by Yvan Acquisition), Caiyun Song (a domestic watch collector) as a partner, Spero Lucem MHC is one of the most important customers.

Spero Lucem watch open after the clock, the clock and minute hand will be crazy rotation
La Clémence watch, is Spero Lucem released in 2013 watches, is also the brand’s first watch, it has a sacred name “forgiveness”. Inspired by the landmarks of Geneva, St. Peter’s Basilica, the crown of the emperor of Geneva and the priest’s title, La Clémence is the name of the bell in the north tower of St. Peter’s Basilica, called “the clock of forgiveness”. La Clémence was cast by Pastor Guerri de Marclay, officially installed in 1407, and in the past time the cathedral became a spiritual awakened sanctuary and created the famous city motto: Post Tenebras Spero Lucem (darkness is bright). The original inscription on the borders of the clock is also preserved: Vox mea cunctorum estror doemoniorum (Hong Zhongming receded the devil).

Pebble’s design philosophy is completely different from the Samsung Galaxy Gear

Pebble’s design philosophy is completely different from the Samsung Galaxy Gear. It uses black and white electronic paper screen, rather than color, which makes people think of Amazon Kindle e-book reader. So, no color display, no speakers, no microphone, no touch screen. What about such a watch in the end?
How much is the smart watch?
The first is the volume. Pebble smart watch is small, very thin, but the battery life is enough, each charge can be used for a week. In contrast, Samsung Gear’s life only two days. In addition, Pebble only four buttons: up, down, return, select, the user will never make a mistake. It is still waterproof. Here is not the splash protection, that is shower, swimming and diving (up to 165 feet). In this function, any product Replica Cartier jewelry on the market can not be comparable with it.
Despite all the advantages of the above, but by Keshi Lin plastic made of the original version of Pebble, far from fashion. The first release of a Pebble smart watch can still be sold, the price of 150 (about 930 yuan) US dollars or so. In fact, consumers will be able to buy the latest Pebble Steel for just over $ 100. Pebble Steel is equipped with stainless steel case, leather or metal strap. It looks very stylish, I believe many people are willing to wear it in the hands.

Pebble Steel does not have much functionality, but each is trying to do the best.
First, it can send a vibration reminder. Reminders include SMS, e-mail, Facebook messages, application messages, and calls. SMS and Facebook messages will be displayed on the watch screen. If it is other types of content, Pebble Steel will display the name or number for the user. And through the up and down button, the user can choose to accept or reject the call.

Interestingly, users can also set their own hope to watch those content on the watch. For example, turn to the user to play “Words with Friends”, receive Voxer voice messages, to remind the cat, etc., depending on the user.
IPhone users can directly select the content to be displayed on the watch in the existing notification settings. Android phone users have to download an application called Pebble Notifier. As a result, Pebble Steel will vibrate when you receive text messages, phone calls, Facebook messages, app calls, and Gmail messages.

Second, it can control the music on the phone. It can display the name of the song, with the right three buttons can be on a song, the next song, pause / play operation. In other words, users can control the music playback process even without touching the phone. Perhaps in the future, humans Cartier love bracelet replica will evolve into robots like “robots”, and maybe.
Third, it can run the application. In the introduction of Pebble Steel smart watches, Pebble also introduced a new generation of 2.0 operating system and Pebble application store. At present Pebble application store has more than 1000 applications, these applications apply to all models Pebble. It is important that all applications are free. However, before searching for download applications, users need to download a Pebble application on the phone.
To be honest, Pebble store some applications are “garbage”, but some applications are very good. Here recommended several “fine”:
– Wristronome
This application is suitable for music workers, is the metronome on the wrist. Its characteristic is not like the other metronome as toot, but “quietly” to vibrate. Listeners never know, the singer has such a small tool in the help.
– Pebble Snap
This application is used to remotely control the operation of mobile phone camera. Press the middle button in Pebble, it is equivalent to press the shutter. The disadvantage of this application is the need to install a matching application on the phone. And, it’s not free.
Nest (smart thermostat) users must try this application. Even in thousands of miles away, the user can use it to mediate the temperature inside the house, just press the Pebble watch up or down button can be.
– WristVision
This application can turn the user’s phone into a remote spy camera. In this way, the Pebble watch, the user will be able to see the phone camera “see” to all things.
– PebbleGPS
As the name suggests, PebbleGPS is the wrist on the GPS navigator. This application is slightly rough in the design, naturally can not be compared with Google Maps. But if the user is walking, cycling or riding a motorcycle, then it can help no small busy.
– Slides
The same is a remote control application, used to control the phone to play the slide. With it, the user no longer needs to wield his hands from time to time.
– Twebble
This is a Twitter client application, the performance is unexpectedly good. It can be neatly Fake Cartier love bracelet arranged in the Twitter message displayed on the watch screen, and even directly reply to a tweet.
In addition to the above several applications, Pebble application store there are hundreds of games, stocks, fitness, calculator applications. But in order to keep the watch simple and sensitive, Pebble limited smartphone users can only install 8 applications on the phone, including “dial”. Speaking of which have to mention the smart phone dial design, there are numbers, there are long needle, there are generous beautiful, humorous and fun. Pebble Steel users are said to even set their own dial, such as upload photos.

Small defects
Of course, an electronic product can not be without a drawback. Pebble, many consumers have a lot of complaints. Which focus on the smart watch and mobile phone connection between the start. First, there is no user manual, consumers do not know how to operate. Of course, you can find a guide on the Internet, but more from other Pebble users, which may be a lot of problems. ; For example, in Google search “delete Pebble application”, it will tell you the way for the 1.0 system. Second, let the watch and the phone to maintain the connection of the Bluetooth wireless signal, you need to spend 5% -10% of the electricity. Third, the connection between the watch and the phone is sometimes broken, the user needs to re-match. And this process is sometimes very fast, sometimes very slow.

There is a problem you must be very concerned about and that is the problem of life

Chile Z Watch smart watch evaluation
Z Watch smart watch is the company’s products. The most a domestic brand, the wisdom of the company is committed to research and development of domestic smart wear equipment. After the New Year’s Eve effort, Z Watch Bell in the interview. Its stylish small form factor, so many people put it down. The following is Z Watch only watch evaluation!

Look at Z Watch, you will find it very simple design. The left side of the body is a 3.5mm interface, below a small hole, is built-in microphone for recording. There are two buttons on the right side of the body, one is the power button and the other is the return Cartier love ring replica key. This design is not redundant, just right, easy to use.

Z Watch use 22mm universal strap, you can heart for the strap! Oh, the overall length of 24.5cm, there are 8 kinds of colors optional. Z Watch is also equipped with a USB to 3.5mm headphone jack data cable for charging and data transmission. The display is a 240×240 resolution 1.54-inch TFT LCD display, equipped with capacitive multi-touch screen tempered glass panel, very sensitive to use. Z Watch has a feature that is in the standby dormant state can also be counted, all-weather at any time to record your activities.

In storage, Z Watch’s performance is also very good, it is equipped with 512MB Mobile DDR cache and 4GB eMMC large-capacity flash memory, do not worry about the problem of insufficient storage.
Z Watch supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0, equipped with a three-axis acceleration sensor, can be used to measure the daily walking distance and energy consumption. Z Watch also equipped with a micro-vibration motor, set the alarm clock, SMS, call, WeChat reminders will shake, I feel very strong, no longer let you missed calls and text messages.

Z Watch itself built-in action sensor and intelligent algorithm, it can let it know Cartier love bracelet replica your watch the action, automatically lit dial, gently shaking the wrist, you can switch songs, refused to call and dial and many other features The
There is a problem you must be very concerned about, and that is the problem of life. Z Watch built a 300mAH lithium polymer battery, joined the coprocessor, only open the meter and other functions, you can continue to use up to 12 days. In addition, the watch charging time is quite short, satisfactory.
As for the price, the intellectual Z Watch offer for 699 yuan, it is very cost-effective and competitive. As a domestic brand, Chile Z Watch has been very good. Powerful and cheap, you deserve it!
Pat watch profile
The name of the patted watch comes from its special structure, as it is just a shot in the hands of a shot will be closed. Strap is made of silicone and steel. Head can be removed.

Patted the design of the table from abroad, and now the domestic market is not a lot of. This unique design, easy to wear, and can change the strap, will make you thousands of attention.
Pat the characteristics of the watch
Steel is wrapped with silicone, will not cut the skin, silicone is a new environmentally friendly Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica materials, non-toxic and tasteless, chemical stability, in addition to alkali, hydrofluoric acid does not react with any material. Various types of silica gel because of its different manufacturing methods to form a different microporous structure. It has a high adsorption performance, good thermal stability, chemical stability, a higher mechanical strength.
Suitable for the crowd
As a new fashion, of course, young and young young people love. Many foreign companies as a promotional gift, convenient and generous.
Now the domestic market has appeared in various shapes of the pat watch, plug-in pat watch the development, making a variety of cartoon shape can appear in this fashion new products. In addition, patted strap and dial can also be printed on the company logo, let it be one of the preferred promotional gifts.

From the technical point of view the watch is still without losing the level of excellence

Breguet: and the warm spring on the color wrist
Spring in March, coincides with the sunny, all things grow. Spring and pleasant days, with a Breguet watch in the wrist, your wonderful spring will be able to icing on the cake. Founded in 1775, the brand has a history of 240 years ago. As the Swiss watch industry, “Crown of the Pearl”, Breguet watches elegant and delicate, constantly inherited excellent classic, trying to create extraordinary timepieces. Still hesitant Choose a hold hold your watch, and the United States and spring endorsement it!

Four seasons, walking non-stop, graceful time has been to the spring. Bright Cartier nail bracelet replica red willow green, grass long warbler fly, and warm spring into a soft warm sun, flick face. Coincides with the spring when the bright, it is a good time to collect spring, picking a few weeks early spring color in the wrist, full of vitality and interesting. Breguet know the spring time of the hurry, so to cherish the gesture, will be numerous colors freeze in the soft when the meter, and the United States and the best spring spokesperson.

Peugeot elegant and moving
Since the 1775 brand has been created, the classic series has always been one of the most representative of Breguet, perfectly show the Breguet elegant and timeless style. 2016, the new launch of the Breguet (Breguet) classic series of Classique 9087 Ms. moon watch for the Breguet watch series add a rejuvenated, Peugeot elegant style particularly touched the heart.
Breguet: Bourgeois Burgundy Classic Collection Classique 9087 Moon Watch
White large enamel dial exquisite and elegant, and carefully decorated with the founder of the brand in 1783 to create a classic handed down the “Breguet Digital” when the standard, minute scale inlaid little stars, every five minutes of the scale of a unique lily-shaped, heritage classic. Dial 6 o’clock position with moon window, easy to observe the moon phase profit and loss, in its surface, watchmakers division with a small second hand, enhance the dial function. It is worth mentioning that the entire watch the use of the Breguet original blue steel pointer – this is Mr. Breguet in 1783 creation of the classic needle tip pointer, on this basis, the watchmaker to ingenuity design , With a more unique attitude to show the pointer shape, with elegant and delicate dial, prepared when the extraordinary temperament.
From the technical point of view, the watch is still without losing the level of excellence. 9087 equipped with Breguet 537L self-winding mechanical movement, equipped with silvery escapement and gossamer, with advanced technology and professional watchmaking Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica skills for women to create an extraordinary time. Through the bottom of the watch sapphire crystal bottom cover, the internal movement at a glance, hand-polished parts row upon row, patchwork layers of layers, more valuable is the parts very carefully decorated with hand-carved flowers, Decorated with elegant chic Geneva corrugated, gold balance wheel also decorated with exquisite wheat stakes decorated pattern. In order to ensure that women customers choose to buy, Breguet launched a total of eight new classic series of ladies watch, and provide natural mother of pearl handmade carved dial, decorated with blue steel pointer and Roman numerals, with platinum or rose gold Case, with a diamond version and non-diamond version, available for random purchase.

Charm personality unique fragrance
Breguet sailing series Marine Chronographe Dame 8827 women’s chronograph watch in many watches, also be regarded as different from the existence. Sports atmosphere blend of elegant temperament, revealing the modern women’s independent style.
Breguet Marine Chronographe Dame 8827 watch
As early as Mr. Breguet in the era, Breguet is committed to serving the distinguished female patrons, and even specifically for the female customer tailored mechanical movement, dedicated to women’s watch. Dial with steel material, equipped with a new white natural mother of pearl dial, highlighting the feminine temperament. Dial in addition to the central part of the show, but also intimate with a precise time to go with the second hand. 6 o’clock position can clearly observe the date, tap the timer button, you can start the central chronograph second hand operation, 3 o’clock position set 30 minutes totalizer, and 9 o’clock position of the 12-hour totalizer side by side. And is the power of storage up to 45 hours of 550 automatic winding mechanical movement to complete the mission of the above, making the watch graceful and harmonious and accurate coexistence of precision. In order to watch the wearer can bloom in the spring charm, Breguet specially prepared two different strap, a striking turquoise leather strap designed for the watch, the other is 8827 series of universal new Metal bracelet, can be made between the wrist.

Yongrong Hua Gui soft and beautiful eyes
Breguet Naples Queen Series is one of the most legendary collection of Breguet, in 1810, Naples Queen Caroline Murat commissioned Mr. Breguet to create an oval asked the table, this watch after more than two years of operation The polished was delivered in 1812. This number Replica Cartier jewelry is NO. 2638 watch has become the history of the earliest since a watch. Breguet watchmaker is inspired by it, in 2002 created the Naples Queen series, as one of the classic Breguet series.

Breguet Breguet Naples Queen Series Reine De Naples 9818 Mini Princess watch
The watchmaker followed the soft oval design, part of the table with the moon or power reserve display function, the other is equipped with self-reported when the complex functions. It is born out of such a historical origin, 2016, Breguet once again display their innovative ideas, launched Breguet (Breguet) Naples Queen Series Reine De Naples 9818 mini princess watch, followed by the Naples Queen series of unique oval table Shell, but also to ingenuity, the idea of a number of ingenuity of the design, the superb craftsmanship and elegant beauty perfect combination. Dial with lavender mother of pearl dial, unique and unique, decorated with exquisite white mother of pearl shell standard. As the mother of pearl material delicate and fragile, very test watchmaker process level. Bezel and lugs glare, a total of 64 inlaid about 1.654 kt of bright cut diamonds, the crown is also set with a weight of about 0.15 karats pear-shaped diamonds, even more dazzling. Watches equipped with silky gossamer, equipped with 38 hours power reserve Caliber 586/1 movement. With blue leather strap, luxurious

How about Seiko watches? Seiko table quality, how is the price?

How about Seiko watches? Seiko table quality, how is the price?
About Seiko
Seiko (SEIKO) is a well-known Japanese watch company, founded in 1881, the company formerly known as the service department of time shop, in 1892 changed its name to fine homes. In 1924, published the first official use of Seiko brand watches. In 1969, Seiko launched the world’s first pointer quartz watch -SEIKO ASTRON35SQ. In 1995, Seiko and Japan Oriental table company co-founded a joint venture factory. Seiko homes or computer printer manufacturers – Epson (EPSON) the parent company.
Has a century of history SEIKO Bingzhe “innovation and refining” brand definition to develop and operate the Chinese market. Its novel, stylish and classic watches, by the various sectors of the domestic favorite. SEIKO is currently in China’s domestic sales sites throughout the country, has been in various cities in the country set up a Seiko point of sale, and more than 20 cities with maintenance stations.
Seiko’s SPRING DRIVE became the only one pointer to reflect the real time of movement of the watch.
Spring Drive Four Outstanding Features Spring Drive offers its imitation Cartier love bracelet sophistication, accuracy, reliability and durability through four key areas of luxury watch manufacturing.
High Accuracy “Three Synchronous Modulation Controlled Speed Control” Synchronous control regulates the output of three different energy, mechanical, electrical and electronic magnetic energy produced by the mainspring. Instead of the traditional mechanical watch speed control system, escapement device, through the one-way rotation of the innovative speed modulation system, making the watch from the more stable and durable, more accurate. Spring Drive is accurate to 1 or 2 days per day.
Scanner smooth pointer Spring Drive movement without balance wheel escapement system, the whole group of machinery has always been one-way rotation, making the pointer has a unique scanning type of sliding movement. Spring Drive is the only watch in the world that can truly reflect the flow of time.
Long time energy storage of the new mainspring can give more heroic, more stable, more long-term power. SEIKO (Seiko) has developed a special kind of alloy material, in addition to durable, resistant to high temperature and corrosion, but also produce more energy. Spring Drive can have 72 hours of energy storage even when the timer function is used continuously.
Rapid winding in 1959 SEIKO (Seiko) invented the mechanical watch on the chain of special components – “magic lever”. Regardless of which direction swing swing, it’s each time the energy generated by the rock can be effectively used up, thus greatly improving the efficiency of the automatic winding system! Now the new magic lever on the chain system, by the Tuo Tuo bearing directly driven, so that the chain is more efficient than before.
In addition to the above outstanding features, SEIKO’s top manufacturing technology also ensures the top quality of the product. The Spring Drive series is one of SEIKO EPSON, one of the few integrated production plants in the global watch industry, all made up of its own, assembled and assembled by the finest watchmaker.
December 25, 1969 officially listed the world’s first quartz watch, is SEIKO (Seiko) quartz watch ASTRON, which subverts the world’s time history. The quartz frequency of this watch is 8192Hz, which is one quarter of the quartz frequency of the quartz watch. One of the biggest features of this quartz watch is the installation of an open stepper motor, so that the second hand can run in seconds, which has become a major feature of the quartz watch.
How about Seiko watches?
User evaluation one: Oh, Seiko’s high-end brand is expensive and GS, limited production. Guoduo main precious metal table, GS main high-level machinery. Seiko two high-end brands are no domestic counters. In particular, GS manufacturing standards than the Swiss Observatory Replica Cartier jewelry standards, mechanical technology and precision is very high. You are interested in finding the Internet. ^ _ ^
User evaluation two: Seiko in this price is a very good table ~ ~ years ago just to her husband out of a very common No. 5 shield series of mechanical watches ~ so far no more than 30 seconds error to her husband surprise exception ~ ~ To know, the mechanical table of the errors are great to say ~ was holding the error of 2 minutes a day to prepare the heart ~ Oh ~
User evaluation three: I wear Seiko (so afraid of being said to be married days, hard to force students to forgive me), Taobao with the Japanese price almost, I was let the students back in Japan, very fine, go Is also very accurate, tell the truth is not very grade, because the Japanese watch what Mody I bought this one, the other I did not dare to conclude.
User evaluation four: tell the truth than the plum is the steel is too soft and no way.
User evaluation five: Japan is one of the three largest watch brands, if you say Seiko mechanical watch, then a lot of grades, and 5 shield is the most common, hundreds of dollars it, more durable but Accuracy is not very high, especially the prospective but also depends on luck, and then up SCVS series, with 6r15 movement this much better, and now more than 2,000 parallel imports, I had wanted to buy this, but later Choose a double lion. Seiko also GS and KS, are expensive. In fact, some of his quartz chronograph code is also good, but not expensive.
User evaluation 6: the sixties of the last century, spent $ 155 to buy a piece of Seiko mechanical watch. Wearing thirty-three years, the oil broken, failed to cross the century. Now still keep. Thirteen years old. Just do not know what the quality now.
Seiko table quality how
Seiko is a very practical brand in Japan, Japan is a senior watch brand, nearly 90 years of tabulation history. Good quality. In terms of seeking truth from facts, Seiko mechanical watches in the hearts of watch players in the position is still very high. Seiko of the quartz watch in general, most people with this on. Hundreds of pieces of thousands of things, many models are still good. But Seiko mechanical watch, thousands, or even tens of thousands. Classic GS models, it is said that every day more than one second error, the famous as Grand series. Moreover, many parts of the Seiko watch are handmade. All in all, Seiko watches cost-effective, quality is absolutely reliable. Coupled with its in China have a better sales and maintenance system, consumers can feel at ease to buy.
Seiko table how the price
Seiko watch prices ranging from two to eight thousand nine thousand. Seiko watch the price is generally not high, are practical watches. Seiko high price table for the mechanical watch, quartz table relative price lower. Coupled with the precision of the material is mostly stainless steel, very few precious metals, so the lower the price of the table, the collection value is not high.

official timing partner for the upcoming 100th anniversary countdown

Tissot launched the 100th anniversary of the Maiden Railway limited edition watch
Full of creativity and vitality of the Swiss professional watch brand Tissot “Tissot”, since its inception in 1853, constantly “extraordinary creativity, from the traditional” spirit, to bring watches and clocks enthusiasts stunning design and watches, more sustained Expand the diversity of ideas and partners. Jungfrau is Switzerland’s most famous mountain, beautiful and magnificent scenery, with the reputation of the top of Europe.
August 1, 2012 The Swiss Jungfrau Railway will greet the 100th anniversary of inviting the Tissot to become the exclusive official partner of the timetable. In order to celebrate this special moment, the Jungfraujoch and Kleine Scheidegg stations in Europe set up two Tian Tian table countdown to the clock, so that visitors to visit the girls peak of the common expectations of the arrival of this celebration. The Tissot in particular for the 100th anniversary of the Maideng Railway, launched a love of the young couple of fans limited edition watches, a total of five series of seven exquisite limited edition watch, so that the table fans at the same time collection of Tissot The superiority of the table with the top of Europe’s beautiful beauty, witnessed the beauty of the young girl’s legend.
Tissot Jungfrau Classic Dream Lady, Swiss made quartz movement, sapphire crystal Cartier love bracelet replica mirror, 316L stainless steel case, waterproof 3 pressure (30 m / 100 feet), 316L stainless steel belt with a fold Diego, face diameter 38mm and 28mm, table back engraved with the young girl dragons centuries.
Today’s most successful mountain railway company – Jungfrau Railway Company in order to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the precious commemorative, launched a number of ingenious celebrations and a number of concessions trip. In particular, this cooperation with the Tissot, and in particular was designated as the 100 anniversary of the Jungfrau railway activities in the only official timing partner for the upcoming 100th anniversary countdown, precise time control and perseverance perseverance, Is the people who can board the highest railway station in Europe, the key factors, Jungfrau railway serious railway engineering and Tissot 158 years of precision watchmaking skills, all from the most exquisite skills and infinite enthusiasm, Tissot will be the young girl Celebrations of the 100th birthday of the railway to the world around the watch enthusiasts, so that friends around the world to celebrate, to commemorate the beauty of the beautiful girl.
Professional design of the touch-sensitive young couple of the railway line century watch limited edition Tissot Jungfrau T-Touch Expert, Switzerland made quartz movement, sapphire crystal mirror, anti-magnetic 316L stainless steel case, rotating bezel, waterproof 10 pressure (100 m / 330 feet), leather strap with a folding button buckle, face plate printed with a girl’s peak pattern, the table engraved with a young couple of dragons and clocks.
TISSOT Jungfrau Jungfrau Railway Centennial limited edition watches, the first peak of Europe’s beauty and pound momentum at the same time into the watch design, the integration of the natural beauty of the Alps and fashion design, in the steel table back engraved Unique Jungfrau Railway 100th anniversary of the classic Logo pattern, this series adds unique and delicate elegance, increase its memorable collection of value, each with a special collection box.
“Tissot T-Touch Expert Professional Touch Sensitive Yumeng Railway Centennial Limited Cartier love ring replica Watch” has a 100-meter-high quality waterproof design, a rotating bezel and brown leather strap, with a unique innovative folding buckle design , High-quality performance and creative design, to attract the attention of everyone, the surface printed with the girl’s peak railway pattern, add the commemorative value of watches.
CAROS series of young women’s guns centuries limited edition men watch: Tissot Carson Jungfraubahn Swiss manufacturing automatic movement ETA2824-2, sapphire crystal mirror, 316L stainless steel case, waterproof 3 pressure (30 m / 100 feet), 316L With a folding buckle, face diameter 35.5mm, table back engraved with a young couple of dragons.
There are two exquisite men and women on the table and two exquisite pocket watch, sapphire crystal mirror with 316L stainless steel to create the case, refining, low-key beauty of the color to bring out the temptation between men and women, the beautiful scenery of the beautiful collection of girls; Tissot watch young girl’s centuries-old limited edition pocket watch “exquisite retro watch shape, elegant texture of the mineral crystal mirror, it is memorable, so that favorite watch collectors like the mountains in the Alps.
(30m / 100t), 316L stainless steel refining, 316L stainless steel watch, waterproof 3 pressure (30m / 100 feet), 316L stainless steel refining, 316L stainless steel watch, waterproof 3 pressure (30 meters / 100 feet), 316L stainless steel refining With folding buckle buckle, face diameter 27mm, table back engraved with a young couple of years.
Jungfrau is one of Switzerland’s most prestigious mountains, snow-capped throughout the year, the world famous natural heritage, and the famous Jungfrau railway, in 1896 to start, it takes 16 years, at 1912 Yearly, the streets of the Alps to the beautiful scenery, attracting tens of Cartier nail bracelet replica thousands of tourists every year to visit, in order to look at the Alpine four seasons of the changing beauty of magic, and become one of the most popular tourist attractions in Europe tour one of the attractions, One of the 3,454 meters above sea level railway station topped the highest railway station in Europe, Switzerland became one of the most important achievements in the history of the railway. In this special occasion of the 100th anniversary of 2012, with the 158-year history of the Swiss Tissot exclusive cooperation, to celebrate this lively festival, to bring collectors and travel enthusiasts, worthy of the collection of beautiful memories and moved

What is the implication of ice jewels?

What is the implication of ice jewels?
What is the implication of ice jewels? Ice Jade Jade Jade is not only the texture of warm people like, its implication of auspicious meaning is to convey the hearts of people good wishes. Generally different kinds of ice jade jewelry is a different meaning.

One, ice kind of emerald green beans meaning

Is our favorite kind of plant carvings, it carved beautiful, simple yet luxury, and implied meaning is very auspicious and very much.

Ice is also known as the blessing of beans, the meaning of happiness is well-being, longevity, is the younger generation blessed elders longevity of the good intentions: also implies the meaning of cardamom, meaning vibrant, endless.

In addition, ice jade jade is a plant full of fruit, but also the meaning of grain bumper, congratulations business people are booming business, financial resources. It is very full, but also indicates that life happy joy, academic success, with greater hope and confidence.

Second, ice kind of emerald longevity of the public meaning

Ice kind of emerald longevity, as if to see through all, both to bless us longevity, but also to bless us to the soul. It is in addition to longevity, but also to master the life of the person is to master the life and death of people, so longevity is also rising, academic success, career success, bureaucratic Replica Cartier jewelry and so on. Shou Xing Gong’s image of the frontal prominence, full of longevity, smiling, rich state extremely, so also meaning wealth and wealth, wealth prosperous. Birthday stars often and Fuxing, Lu Xing together in the ice kind of emerald, meaning Lu Lu Shou Samsung high, Fortune head, happy and happy.
Third, the ice kind of emperor Guanyin meaning

Goddess of Mercy is often heard by folk people, so the ice kind of Jade Goddess of Mercy also gave people to send the meaning of blessing. Bodhisattva Bodhisattva is the blessing of the people of peace and joy of the Buddha, Purdue beings, save people in the suffering, save people in distress and disaster, so the ice kind of Jade Goddess of Mercy can also protect the wearer away from distress pain, everything wishful. In addition, it can also become hostility, Guanyin compassionate, no desire, peace of mind, so wear ice species Jade Goddess of Mercy also able to resolve the wearer’s mind evil and hostility, so that wearers have a peace of mind.

Four, ice kind of emerald Buddha beads of the meaning

It is not only a piece of accessories, it is a religious significance of the holy things, has a very important position, and the number of different ice species emerald Buddha beads have a different meaning. There is always a large pearl, which is a very important main bead, representing peace and happiness, happiness and well-being, all the other small Buddha beads on behalf of the other devout believers, enjoy the Buddha Of the shines.

Ice kind of emerald Buddha beads can improve people’s fortune, bless our family happy, everything wishful, better bless our health, peace and wealth. But usually when doing housework, remember to take the ice kind of emerald Buddha beads down, do not let dirty things stained with ice on the emerald Buddha beads above.

Five, ice kind of emerald lotus meaning

Ice kind of jade lotus is all ice kind of jade jewelry in the most of a:

1, a product clean. Qinglian and “clean” homonym, lotus symbol of “a product clean”, meaning high and not greed, fair and honest.

2, pure and beautiful. Lotus pure, holy, representing a beautiful friendship, love.

3, more than a year later Lotus and “even” homophonic, can be combined with other auspicious things to express a lot of auspicious meaning.

4, open branches and leaves. There are many seeds in a lotus, a symbol of more than a blessing. To sit on the lotus leaf, hand holding Sheng, one hand lotus seeds, is the meaning of more than a blessing.

5, spotless. Lotus’s growth process represents a person to remove selfish thoughts, from the shore to the other side of the process of Buddha into practice. So jade carving Guanyin or Buddha’s works, the Lotus throne represents the Buddhist world spotless.

6, opening and closing lotus meaning holding lotus opening and closing of different conditions, and have different meaning: not open lotus (lotus buds): with the beginning of the sentient beings Bodhi heart; early Lotus: Lotus early opening, metaphor first Bodhi heart, the table will be able to practice good deeds, Bodhi fruit; open lotus: lotus flowers, flowers and fruit with a foot to witness the fruit of the fruit, Lotus in the Buddhist temple, for the Buddha is often used as a metaphor, characterized by quiet, no dye, light, free, the meaning of liberation.
Does turquoise have a collection value?

Turquoise has been popular with the public, in recent years, due to the diminishing of resources, many collectors to look to the turquoise of this beautiful stone, making the original price rise of turquoise nearly five years of the rally is very impressive; In the international market, the top blue porcelain pine can even and gold price.
With the pursuit of fashion beauty, for the turquoise fashion darling from the consumer hot spots, will be the most important consumer goods, can become the mainstream of the consumer market, one of the gems is understandable. Turquoise has a good collection of investment prospects, so it is worth the collection of potential stocks.
What are the points for the turquoise collection?

First, due to a wide variety of turquoise, the quality of large span, different grades of turquoise price disparity is also great, so whether it is optional or collection must be polished eyes.

Second, and many colored gemstones, the key elements of the decision value of turquoise mainly color, texture and size, the color is usually pure blue sky is better, uniform color, glossy soft, no brown wire for the top grade; Hard texture porcelain pine is better; In addition, the case of natural, beautiful wire mesh can also increase the value of turquoise collection.

Third, turquoise domestic prices do have a certain gap with the international price, so in the next period of time, turquoise price is inevitable, but need to be reminded that the turquoise market is still relatively chaotic, collection must be careful to buy.

What are the turquoise collections?

One, look at the color

It is particularly important to see whether turquoise has a collection value and color because the color is one of the key elements that determine the potential for the appreciation of turquoise. High quality turquoise requires bright colors, exquisite designs, natural texture and no impurities, no sand, no Cracks and other defects.

Second, look at the shape

As turquoise carving is difficult, so a good process for the turquoise value of a lot, especially the unique shape, obviously different from ordinary turquoise works more appreciation potential.

Third, look at the texture

In the domestic collection market, turquoise generally according to the hardness of the size can be divided into four categories, namely porcelain pine, green pine, pine and loose wire loose. Porcelain pine is the hardest texture of the turquoise, because the break out of the shell-like shape, polished glossy texture are like porcelain, so named, usually the color is pure sky blue, turquoise in the top grade; Contains a black wire was reticular distribution, the surface was black turtles, textured or veiled pattern, as the performance of the pattern of natural, beautiful and unique, so the collection value is also higher.

About the legend of diamonds The beauty of precious stones

About the legend of diamonds The beauty of precious stones
Diamonds legend, Zoacui introduces you to the legend of diamonds, provides information on the legend of diamonds, and information about the legend of diamonds at the Zoacai Jewelery House.
Diamonds, which originate from ancient times, deep in the depths of the earth, with endless mystery, with a bright luster, with its scarce, precious, hard, unique and never to the beauty of beauty and make people longing for the pursuit of even worship.
Beautiful diamond legend
There is no kind of gem like a diamond that spread a lot of moving, filled with the temptation of the legend and story. One of the most seductive I am afraid when the number of “Diamond Valley” story. Legend in Central Asia there is a horrible terrible valley, the floor is a diamond. There are birds flying patrols in the sky, underground snakes close guard, the eyes of these snakes can be placed to death. This legend tells the story of the hardships of diamond Cartier love bracelet replica mining. “Brazilian colored diamonds” is known worldwide and can be located in the very desolate area of the Tuokang Tesi River. The locals say that the Tuokang Tesi River is harder than the day to pass through the desolate virgin forest and the endless marsh strip, The snake is a beast. Dutch explorers repeatedly with the raft business circle over the swamp, all ended with a tragic failure. In the story of the diamond, the most touching story than “Feng Le Burton Diamond”. The story tells the story of the Hollywood star Taylor will own cherished Taylor Burton diamond auction, in the hometown of diamonds – Boqing Wana built a welfare hospital, leaving the name of the aromatic name.
Diamond and Imperial
Before the 15th century, only the emperor can wear diamonds, as a leader of the war, the country’s amulet. According to the famous Indian epic “Mahapraboda” records, in four thousand years ago, people use diamonds to decorate their heroes. Ancient diamonds are filled with mysterious, legendary and romantic colors. So some people believe that diamonds are falling fragments of stars; others say that diamonds are gods tears. In the ancient savory era, diamonds are the symbol of the imperial power since the generation, the emperor wearing diamonds as a symbol of strength, courage and invincible. In India, people have embedded diamonds in the Hindu gods on the eyes, you can see people on the degree of worship of diamonds. Europeans once thought that diamonds with disease prevention, evil effect, the Chinese Tibetan medicine also recorded with diamond powder treatment of stomach story. Diamonds are more or reminiscent of many romantic stories and legends. In the 13th century, the law of St. Louis had ordered the ban on all the women’s pilgrims. Even royal princess and aristocratic ladies are no exception. In his view, only the Virgin Mary is worthy of wearing diamonds. The first woman who dared to break the ban was Angelus Sullivan. In fact, she had neither royal nor noble lady, but she was able to transcend the decree by her love of King Charles VII. Since then, the Pilfer diamond is no longer just a symbol of exuberant jewelry.
The meaning of engagement weddings
Engagement diamond ring cut in the left hand insignificant finger on some of the legend of the United States. Believing in Christians believe that this is from the ceremony, the priest holding the ring in order to touch the new left hand, and said: “the Father, the Son, the name of the Holy Spirit.” The last ring worn on the new left hand fourth finger, thus forming the tradition. However, the romantic ancient Egyptians believe that the “love of the pulse” is connected through the left hand ring finger and the atrium. In the Middle Ages, many people believe that diamonds are not only a symbol of love, but also has the effect of maintaining love, it can make the rupture of the marriage to consolidate.

Romans are even more favored by diamonds, and they think diamonds have supernatural powers, so the Roman diamonds are not only used as a carving tool, but also as an amulet.
Diamond quality is good or bad with its own nature, but also with the processing quality. Diamond’s assessment is usually 4C as the standard, ie, the color of the diamond, the Clarity, the Cut and the Carat, and the different countries and regions have their own grading system, the American Jewelery Institute (GIA) and the International Jewelery Union (CIBJO) proposed classification system has been generally recognized. China is the current national standards
Diamonds are almost always machined into faceted gemstones, and the quality of processing is good or bad, and the size of the diamonds, the regularity of the facets, the width of the girdle, the underside and the external flaws are to be considered. With the ratio and degree of modification to be classified into good, good, general three levels.

Diamond often pondering into a round multi-faceted type, it is based on the principle of total internal reflection design. Good cut cut out of the diamond, the light will be reflected from one facet to another facet, and then from the top of the diamond emit a colorful fire color
How to use the naked eye to assess the quality of diamond cutting

Experienced can be experienced, with the naked eye assessment side of the diamond cutting quality.

Specific observation, the diamond table up, and turn the diamond. View the diamond surface brightness and fire color. In general, the proportion of good diamond cut bright, fire color moderate, light stick eyes. When the cut ratio is not very good, such as the same carat two diamonds, the table is too large will appear “big”, but the fire color will be weakened, diamonds look stiff and lifeless; face too small fire strong, when When turning diamonds, the colorful light is so obvious that the diamonds will look smaller.

In addition, in determining the cut, the need to observe the diamond pavilion ratio, the specific observation of the diamond table up, and up and down swing, when the diamond ratio is appropriate, the diamond pavilion should be relatively bright, when the cut ratio When the diamond pavilion is too shallow, the diamonds will leak in the vicinity of the waist to form a circle of white ring like fish eyes; when the diamond pavilion is too deep, the diamond Will be light in the diamond table within the scope of the formation of a gray-black shadow, that is, “black.”
Diamonds are usually cut in the industry

At present, China’s jewelry market sales of diamonds in the industry usually cut its Cartier love ring replica work known as three: Belgian cut, cut in Israel, India cut.

In general, India has a thicker waistline, the overall shape of the symmetry is relatively low, relatively rough processing. Belgian cut the overall proportion of moderate waist thickness is generally about I% ^ – 5%. Diamond fire color, light and so on are more appropriate. Israel cut between the two.

In fact, to determine the diamond cut, not to place names (processing) to judge, and deal with the cut rate of diamonds, the degree of modification to measure, in order to accurately cut the diamond to evaluate.

Cut the side of the calculation is a complex work, there are a lot of side calculation method is generally measured on the diamond scale meter.

Inlaid diamonds cut the amount of side only emphasizes the aspect ratio and pavilion depth than the two specific test the most in the laboratory to complete.

For the measurement of cutting and inlaid diamonds, the use of 10 times the magnifying glass or side of the instrument measurement method, measuring the aspect ratio, pavilion depth ratio ratio to home and the impact of the degree of modification to describe the turbulence.
The world ‘s most important diamond cutting center

At present, the world’s most important diamond cutting centers are: Antwerp in Belgium, Tel Aviv in Israel, New York in the United States, Mumbai, India, Bangkok, Thailand.

Antwerp has a reputation as a “world diamond capital”, where half of the world’s diamond trade is done here, and “Antwerp Cut” is synonymous with perfect cut, and because of the labor force is more expensive and more rough. Tel Aviv has now become the main base for fine cutting and fancy diamonds. New York Manhattan due to high cost of land, the labor force is expensive, generally only processing more than 2 karats of diamonds. India in general to drill small diamond-based, in recent years, diamond processing industry has been rapid development, but relatively speaking, “India cut “Diamond cut less than the other .208 century developed Bangkok diamond plus the next industry to processing 1-10 small drill mainly due to its color gem and jewelry processing and trade center, the next few years it will May be 20 points below the finished product drilling processing trade center.

Brief introduction of eight heart eight arrows

Eight Hearts is one of the diamond professional terms. Also known as “Cupid Cut”. The so-called “eight heart eight arrows” is the use of the world’s top Cupid-style cutting. Perfectly symmetrical eight hearts and eight arrows, accurate and flawless cut is amazing. Eight heart eight arrows together one, metaphor “encounter, love, hint, dream system, the first kiss, lingering, understanding and Shan Union” eight beautiful mood. No matter from any point of view, can see the most bright and most dazzling light, its eight hearts and eight arrows inspire the meaning of love, unparalleled and wonderful Eight heart and eight arrows are symmetrical, like the love of Cupid’s Cartier nail bracelet replica visit, through the heart and arrows of the map, so that love firm. Eight hearts and eight arrows to release the light, but also the advent of love when the dazzling mood to do the most perfect interpretation.
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Quality and Authenticity of Diamond Grade Evaluation

Classification and characteristics of the clarity level of diamond grade evaluation

De Beers diamond ring price

De Beers diamond ring price
De Beers Group is the world’s diamond industry cartel, multinational companies, one-stop service to dominate the world nearly 40% of the diamond mining and trade, in marketing, the most familiar is the phrase “diamond forever, one A Diamond Is Forever, the diamond as a symbol of love and commitment, greatly enhance the consumer demand for diamonds. De Beers loyalty to the symbol of love around the diamond immortal emotional value Cartier love bracelet replica of the consumer love elements of the mining, developed a customer’s emotional needs, to create a new concept of the market, then De Beers diamond ring how the price? The

De Beers diamond ring price

How much is De Beers diamond ring? In the De Beers diamond ring brand style, such as 1 carat diamond ring color, clarity, cut, these are the importance of the price level, the best level of 4c is the top, 1 carat VVS, the color at the DF level Of course, that the diamond ring is of course the bigger the better, but as a working-class newcomer if you feel the pressure or you can select the diamond scores smaller diamond ring, as long as the sincerity declaration with the sincerity of the declaration, even if the diamond ring did not So high prices, suitors of the mind, is also priceless.

How is the price of De Beers diamond? De Beers diamond jewelry company, inherited the excellent tradition of De Beers, high-quality diamond has the most professional right to speak. De Beers diamond ring is occupied by 40% of the world’s diamond mining and trade group, headquartered in Luxembourg, founded by Cecil Rhodes 1888, De Beers diamond ring, we should be familiar with that “diamond permanent Far, a permanent spread “, the diamond and love and commitment to link, to stimulate people’s purchase needs.

De Beers diamond ring price

De Beers diamond ring expensive expensive? De Beers diamond ring price is more expensive, after all, De Beers Group accounted for nearly 40% of the world’s diamond mining and trade, De Beers diamond jewelry Bridal series, through the beautiful design to express the eternal love, praise the life of the Love is one of the more expensive ones. Dai Beers diamond ring price is a large part of the brand’s added value, but as a French luxury goods company, the diamond ring is also high prices are understood.
Luk Fook Group was founded in 1991 by a group of senior jewelery professionals Cartier love ring replica and was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in May 1997. Luk Fook Jewelery is a very powerful jewelery company that has been committed to jewelry for many years. The design and production, many years of heritage experience makes them for the quality of the product particularly fancy, quality service is also particularly welcomed by everyone, Luk Fook Jewelery Diamond Ring believe that many people want to buy, then how about the price of Lu Fu diamond ring?

Liu Fu diamond ring price

Liu Fu diamond ring how the price? Luk Fook Jewelery is not only a good product, and Luk Fook Jewelery after-sales service is first class, if you want to customize the product, Luk Fook Jewelery will be one-on-one full service, until you bring the best products. Lufthansa jewelry each piece are equipped with the authority of the jewelry identification agencies recognized the authenticity of the certificate, the quality of absolute guarantee, the customer by virtue of goods and warranty can be more than 1,300 Lufo jewelry stores around the world to enjoy the same in the store to buy the same after-sales service The

Liu Fu diamond ring how much money? Diamond is a standardized product, its price has nothing to do with the brand, mainly to see the diamond certificate on the diamond 4C level, remove the brand value according to the diamond 4C level, Zuoai Yi a carat diamond ring price between 20,000 yuan, according to Different brands of influence added value, the same quality diamond ring price is not the same, Luk Fook Jewelery is well-known diamond brand in Hong Kong, it’s a carat diamond ring price should be 4.5-13 million or so, the specific how much money mainly to see the diamond level.

Liu Fu diamond ring price

Liu Fu diamond ring expensive expensive? Luk Fook Jewelery, it can be said that the domestic more famous jewelry brand, and its diamond ring price than some ordinary jewelry brand diamond ring more expensive, familiar with the diamond people know that the diamond ring can be measured by the diamond 4C standard one The quality of diamonds, that is, the color of diamonds, weight, clarity and cut, the color accounted for 15% -20%, cut 20% -35%, weight 40% -60%, clarity of 15% -25 %. Then, coupled with its brand value-added costs, diamond ring price difference is great.
Zhou Dasheng China’s well-known jewelry brand, Zhou Dasheng is also loved by love Cartier nail bracelet replica jewelry brand, Zhou Dasheng’s scale is very large, as one of the top ten jewelry brands, it is now more than three hundred cities in the country opened a chain, as China Jewelry chain brand, it has entered the top 500 in Asia, so Zhou Dasheng brand strength, Zhou Dasheng each diamond has its unique beauty, all represent a love heart. We believe that diamonds are blessed with love, so in the top of the process into the treasure, then Zhou Dasheng diamond ring how the price of it?

Zhou Dasheng diamond ring price

Zhou Dasheng diamond ring how the price? Zhou Dasheng jewelry is the first in Shenzhen won the well-known trademarks and brand-name jewelry enterprises in China, in 2013 entered the Asian brand 500, is the Chinese jewelry jewelery jewelry demonstration shop, Zhou Dasheng jewelry adhere to the dedication of the customer, send love, the diamond beauty Sent to the hands of every lover. Zhou Dasheng diamond ring price mainly by the diamond 4C level to measure, in addition to the diamond level, Zhou Dasheng diamond ring price and ringing material is also related to the market today, the material is mainly by the platinum and K gold, K gold price cheaper than platinum.

Chow Dasheng diamond ring how much money? Price issues are often people’s concerns, then how much money Zhou Dasheng diamond ring price? We know that the price of diamonds based on the diamond 4C level to measure, each one to achieve the standard diamond, there will be a certificate to prove its 4C level, when buying diamonds should pay attention to whether the business can give you a formal diamond certificate, Diamond prices more than a few million or so, the specific price depends on the level of diamonds to give a more accurate data.

Zhou Dasheng diamond ring price

Zhou Dasheng diamond ring expensive expensive? Such as Zhou Dasheng this big brand diamond ring price than some other small brand is certainly expensive, it is because Saturday fame, have their own culture and heritage, which will give value-added products, which makes the diamond ring will be higher prices Some, if you are not deliberately pursuing a big brand, you can also choose to go to some jewelry to buy electricity, so the price will be much cheaper, such as Zouqi jewelry is a good choice.

Omega launched the 160th anniversary of the monument

Omega launched the 160th anniversary of the monument commemorative watch
Omega Constellation series watch is the world’s most prestigious, much loved one of the watch series. Ten years ago, supermodel Cindy Crawford chose the constellation watch, after a whole generation are furious to catch up with this trend, choose to wear Omega Constellation watch. Today, Omega with a dazzling diamond mosaic to a new interpretation of this iconic watch series, blooming Omega 160 anniversary of the sparkling shine.
On the table

Omega 160th Anniversary Memorial Edition watch provides three styles: 35.5 mm male watch and 25.5 mm and 22.5 mm two female form.

Three male watch

Omega 160 anniversary of the constellation commemorative edition male watch

Omega 160 anniversary of the commemorative version of the male Cartier love bracelet replica table matte case with Omega famous claw design. Provide 18K red gold, 18K gold, bimetallic (stainless steel with 18K red gold or gold) or all steel watch to choose from. 18K gold and bimetallic watch on the bezel or inlaid with 40 diamonds, or covered with black Roman numerals; all steel watch on the bezel for the black Roman numerals. “160 Years” (160th anniversary) words are etched on the back of the transparent table. All styles of dial with 11 diamond hour scale, calendar window at 3 o’clock position.

Omega 160 anniversary of the constellation commemorative edition male watch is the constellation series in the first Omega 2500 automatic winding movement watch. The movement with a revolutionary coaxial escapement and non-caliber hairspring balance wheel, to ensure long-term operation of the accuracy and reliability. Was awarded the official Swiss Observatory certification, power reserve for 48 hours.

The dial has silver or champagne to choose from. Through the anti-reflective arc-resistant anti-wear sapphire crystal mirror, dial details at a glance. Each dial comes with a matte-processed Omega alphabet and logo, a constellation star logo and calendar window. Bracelet and case completely natural.

Elegant and elegant series of watches will undoubtedly become the Omega 160 years of superb Cartier love ring replica watchmaking history of the best gift.

Three female form

Omega 160 anniversary of the constellation commemorative version of the female table

Omega 160 anniversary of the constellation commemorative edition female table is divided into small models (25.50 mm) and mini (22.50 mm). Scaffolding case with a constellation series unique pawl design. Provide 18K red gold, 18K gold, bimetallic (stainless steel with 18K red gold or gold) or all steel watch to choose from. Button table back etching “160 Years” (160 anniversary) words, as well as the constellation series of famous Observatory badge pattern.

25.50 mm and 22.50 mm watch on the bezel were embedded with 38 and 30 diamonds, respectively.

Omega 160 anniversary of the constellation commemorative edition female watch equipped with Omega 1456 quartz movement, battery life of 32 months

Female table

The dial has a pearl white or champagne to choose from, decorated with exotic Arabic-style images Replica Cartier love bracelet from the emblem. There are 12 bright diamonds on the dial, as well as the emblem logo and the Omega logo. Curved anti-wear sapphire crystal mirror after anti-reflective treatment.

Omega 160 anniversary of the constellation commemorative edition watch, the perfect interpretation of the luxurious connotation of watches and clocks.