Smart watches of the brilliant big screen makes them have a common weakness

Smart watches of the brilliant big screen makes them have a common weakness, that is, poor endurance. But if there is a simple operation, life and long smart watch you will like it? Here and watch the home together to see this Martian Notifier smart watch it!
Easy operation Martian Notifier smart watch introduction
Martian Notifier smart watch looks more like an ordinary watch, no gorgeous color big screen, only a simple pointer dial and a small size monochrome OLED screen. Martian Notifier can only provide a simple notification function, and accordingly it is far more than other smart watches up to five days of battery life. And its timing feature can be used for two years with a separate battery, even if you forget to charge it, OLED screen can not be used Cartier love bracelet replica, but Martian Notifier can also be the same as ordinary watches for your service.
Martian Notifier can be connected through Bluetooth and IOS and Android system, mobile phone, the use of the corresponding mobile app function. Martian Notifier can bring you a variety of application notification function, OLED screen can display text, watch also have LED lights to remind you through the flash message. For example, through the OLED screen, you can see the sender of the message and the message content. You can also see the sender and subject of the message.
Martian Notifier in the function and endurance of the contradictions, the choice of the latter, only equipped with a simple function. More like an ordinary watch that adds a simple smart function. Such a smart watch would you like it?
Ohno Di watch set up several years, constantly design, develop new products to meet the consumer. Ounuo Di watches series of products are the following series of products: Feng Shang series, Tianlang series, day language series, Yashi series, Galaxy series, Chi Shang series, Zhuo Wan series and respect is still series.
O’Nealy watch market price is how much
Ounuo Di watch was established in 2006, with 3,000 square meters of plant area, more than 300 outstanding staff, creative design team accurate market judgment, human design, united spirit of the concept, the success of the Conodi watches Pushed to the strength of the large enterprises in the ranks of watches and clocks. Ou Nuo Di watches in order to adjust the past a relatively simple model, registered in 2009, “ONUODI Onodi” high-end brands. The company knows the quality of quality; intimate human service is a business survival of the way, the company’s ONUODI Onodi brand from the creation has always been to ensure product quality in the first place.
How many of the money?
O’Neill watch market price is not too expensive, is a more cost-effective close to the people small brand. The price is usually between 400 yuan – 1500 yuan!
The world’s luxury jewelry brand almost all in Europe, and compared to other Cartier love ring replica places, the price is the cheapest. In the watch is also true, to buy watches in Europe is also a good choice. The following watch home to talk about cheap European watches do you buy cheap European watches?
Europe to buy a table cheap
Of course, according to the regional and watch the price difference, the European table to buy a cheap and expensive. However, relative to the domestic buy table, discount and tariff issues have a great advantage. For example, China’s production of goods, although the price is not high, but coupled with the logistics costs and tariffs shipped to Europe, its price in Europe than the domestic expensive. On the contrary, in Europe is a free trade, there is no tariff problem, the low cost of the case, in Europe to buy their own products naturally also cost-effective.
About tax rebate
First explain a value – added tax errors, about how to calculate the value – added tax. For example, a country’s value-added tax is 20%, then you buy 100 dollars of tax-free goods, need to pay 20 value-added tax. Then the value-added tax accounted for the percentage of the amount of money paid by consumers? To a primary school students can count, 20/120 is about equal to 16.7. If you want to achieve a 20% tax rebate, it proves that the country’s VAT up to 25% !!
VAT VAT for each country in Europe is different. For example, the UK is 20%, France is 19.6%, Germany is 19%, Spain is 18%, Switzerland 8%. In general, the higher the VAT, the higher the tax rebate. Everyone in the shopping when the general is to get the tax rebate tax rebate, this tax rebate in the tax rebate will be charged a certain fee.
Most shoppers get a tax rebate for a tax rebate, which is characterized by the greater the amount of each Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica document and the higher the amount of the refund. If the purchase of goods exceeds a certain amount, such as the United Kingdom is more than 5,000 pounds, then the tax rebate company charges a fixed fee of 350. So we better buy everything in a good, so you can save some tax rebate fee.
To sum up, in Europe to buy the cheapest goods, we need to do is in the higher VAT countries to find discounts in the larger business. Personal recommendation of the United Kingdom, France, Germany, these countries can be described as both. If you want to find rare money, that Switzerland is the only choice. Although expensive, but absolutely pure Swiss Made. Even the demolition of the custom is also the Swiss master in Switzerland to complete.
Watch the key tips: to buy watches in Europe, the tax rebate on this issue should also be a good look. VAT VAT for each country in Europe is different, the higher the VAT, the higher the tax rebate. Everyone in the shopping when the general is to get the tax rebate tax rebate, this tax rebate in the tax rebate will be charged a certain fee. In addition, the language exchange can be found in the Chinese students to help, or in the local Chinese forum to find a channel to help the Chinese, if you can find that the issue of the discount can also be a good solution

Vacheron Constantin as the world’s longest watch manufacturer

Swiss brand-name mechanical watches are those
For many love table and consumers, to collect a few pieces of Swiss brand name mechanical watch is very proud of. Swiss mechanical watch with his quality, workmanship, timing accurate world famous. Here, the watch home to inventory the Swiss brand name mechanical watch brand.
Swiss brand-name mechanical watches are those
1, Patek Philippe
Patek Philippe was founded in 1839, as the last independent watchmaker Replica Cartier jewelry in Geneva, Patek Philippe in the design, production until the assembly of the overall process to enjoy a comprehensive freedom of innovation, to create a world of experts praise the world masterpiece masterpiece, and follow the brand founding Mr. Antoine Norbert de Patek and Jean-Adrien Philippe’s vision, with exceptional professional skills and quality traditions, Patek Philippe has more than 80 patent patents.
2, Vacheron Constantin
Vacheron Constantin, as the world’s longest watch manufacturer, since 1755 in Geneva since its inception, never stopped production. Adhering to the “go hand in hand, excellence,” the purpose of each of their timepieces represent the Swiss high-level watch the culmination of the tabulation process, embodies the Vacheron Constantin in the world watch industry Zhuoqi group status.
3, Audemars Piguet
Audemars Piguet, one of the world’s top ten watches. Audemars Piguet’s predecessor was founded in 1875, two Swiss watch factory, and brilliant development from 1881 began to officially registered “Audemars Biguet & Cie” Audemars Piguet, founder Jules-Lou.
4, Blancpain
Blancpain Blancpain, currently the world’s most complex, most functional full-hand mechanical watch. Since 1735, Blancpain has never produced a quartz watch, this goal will be carried out in the end, the same lasting! The oldest watchmaking brand Blancpain no flow of the factory, the manufacturing process all in the old farmhouse, By the individual watchmaker personally Seiko mosaic. Until today, every Blancpain timepieces by the watchmaker personally check, engraved with the number and signature for the record, its strict quality control, and years ago the practice is no different
5, Breguet
Breguet (Breguet) has been the most important synonym for Swiss watches and clocks, in recent years after the company Cartier love bracelet replica reorganization, 250 anniversary of the Daqing and global marketing network after the rectification, is poised to begin to rebuild the past glorious history.
6, plot home
Jaeger-LeCoultre was founded in 1833 in Ruhou Valley, Switzerland. Brand to follow the traditional traditional watchmaking technology and the pursuit of technological innovation, called the senior watch industry in the model.
The predecessor of Jaeger-LeCoultre was the watchmaker founded by Antoine Lecoultre in 1883, and the founder was a craftsman, who invented the accuracy of the measurement To 1/1000 mm micrometer, so that the accuracy of processing parts and watches greatly improved.
7, the count
Since the birth of 1874, the count has been adhering to the “never do better than the requirements of the brand spirit, the superb craftsmanship and infinite creativity into each piece of work, while giving priority to the development of creativity and the pursuit of detail, watch and Jewelry craft completely integrated together. At the beginning of the creation, the count focused on the watch movement design and production. In the 1960s, the Earl expands his field of expertise and has launched an amazing series of jewelry watches and innovative jewelry. Earl can capture the charm of time, every watch and jewelry works are in the courage, professional and imagination driven by the superb craftsmanship of the tireless exploration.
8, Randy
Randy watches, fashion and romantic design master Louis Langdi was founded in 1974 in Basel, Switzerland. Randy watches, since the birth, adhere to focus on the couple design, production, research and development, has been fashion, romantic, simple, elegant design style highly respected people, has now become the first brand of couple watches, the world’s most Influential couple watch brand. Randy watches, the world’s only focus on couple watches, to create a unique wrist style.
9, Athens
Since its founding in 1846, the Ulysse Nardin has gone through a century and a half, as one of the top ten tables of the Swiss table, in its long-lasting context, superb watchmaking and innovative ability, Has become synonymous with the Athens table. Committed to the breakthrough Fake Cartier love bracelet process of watches and clocks and endless creativity, it is the composition of the classic value of the table and the classic watchmaking skills of the main spiritual elements.
10, Glashütte
Glashütte As early as 1845, the famous watchmaker ALange was funded by the German government, in the eastern part of Germany Glashutte (Glashutte) established a watch production base. But after two world wars, Glashütte’s watchmaking industry was once isolated, until recently, after the reorganization of Glashütte company after the war.
More than ten brands are Swiss watch in the special table, as the Swiss brand of mechanical watches, the price is not cheap. If you like, you can buy according to their own situation.

Omega is the world famous and Longines watches are not bad

Longines and Omega which is good? Good or good ohm
brand introduction
Longines watches
In 1832 the Swiss Auguste Agassi began operating in the clock business in Saint-Imier, and later his nephew, Ernest Francis, continued to expand his business and opened a watchmaking factory in LesLongines, Switzerland in 1866. 1867 Francis Yong registered “Longines” company, Longines brand was born, the same year the first Longines movement L20A available. From 1867 onwards, each Longines are carved with flying wing hourglass signs.
In 1880, Longines in Switzerland officially became a registered imitation Cartier love bracelet trademark, it is also the Swiss watch industry in one of the oldest trademark. In 1885, Longines won the first prize at the Antwerp International Exhibition. Longines won a series of international awards, including a record 10 times to win the Greenwich Award.
Into the 20th century, watch gradually replace pocket watch. 1905 Longines to create the first mechanical watch, in 1912 and launched a very innovative spirit of the square watch, the elegant geometric design into the watch industry. In 1912 at the Swiss Federal Games in Basel, Longines became the world’s first launch of the automatic timer watchmaker.
1920s, Longines on the design and manufacture of watches and clocks have been handy, and its new decorative art style greatly praised the market, with a geometric design concept of Longines become elegant generation. In 1927, the flyer Charles Lin white first New York to Paris across the Atlantic uninterrupted flight record, he chose the timer is Longines. Later, Lin Bai specially designed for Longines a timer, it is Longines navigation watch the prototype. By the 1930s, Longines had become a must for some famous explorers.
Longines 30 million watch was born on February 19, 2001. 1994, Longines after nearly half a century to re-enter the Chinese market, by 2003, the Chinese market Longines sales is the world’s first, more than the Longines sales in Italy and Japan.
Longines is a company founded by Ernest Fulan Xilin in St. Emir, Switzerland. Its origins can be traced back to the 1930s. Longines also has the oldest list of registered trademarks (an hourglass with hourglass). Now Longines company belongs to the Swiss Swatch Group.
Longines is famous for its “flightists” watch. After successfully carrying out the Atlantic Atlantic flight, Charles Lindenberg designed a table to help navigate the air. Longines was originally used as a special purpose for his flight.
Omega watches
In 1848, the Swiss Confederation was born, Louis Brandt and La Chaux-de-Fonds began to watch the assembly work. In 1880, Louis Brandon’s son, Louis-Paul and Csar, moved the plant to a manpower, resource-rich and easily accessible Bienne area. Since then, the use of mechanized Cartier love bracelet replica production, uniform specifications of the parts, and the introduction of new division of labor system assembly work, fitted with precision and accurate, high quality and reasonable price of watches. World-famous Omega 19 movement in 1894 after the launch, not only become its excellent logo, the company also named “Omega”. Since then, Omega with its advanced watchmaking technology, a watch industry pioneer for 150 years.
For fifty years, Omega has become the pioneer of the world watch industry, laid a remarkable achievement.
In space, the series is not only the only watch on the moon worn, but also helped save the sun god 13 astronauts, the space agency issued by the “Snoopy Award” (Snoopy Award).
1900, the Paris World Exposition. In the Eiffel Tower, the Omega style series with its outstanding performance won the International Committee on the highest award issued by the famous, the famous Greek Temple (Greek Temple) pure gold carving table is one.
In sports, Omega is the Olympic Games (including the requirements of extreme swimming and competition projects) and in the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan held the automatic racing team championship (CART) designated timing device.
In technology and design, Omega has not only countless accurate records, and excellent design, the first of a number of technologies, such as creating the world’s first only tourbillon watch.
In the world of Omega, only the superior quality of the watch can be displayed in more than 130 countries in the high window. Celebrities are proud of this, Cody Crawford, 007 Pierce Brosnan, Michael Schumacher and Swiss tennis Princess Martina Martina Hingis chose to wear Omega.
Longines and Omega which is good, User rating
Comments 1: Longines and Omega is not the same grade. From the collection value, Omega is definitely higher than the level of Longines, value-added ability to better. Longines style Tingzhi, suitable for young white-collar wear, Omega fashionable, exquisite workmanship, both have their own characteristics. But to say that the value is certainly much higher in the Omega. Longines price positioning is in the price of 5000-15000 yuan, while the price position of the Omega is 10000-100000 yuan in the price.
Comments 2: Omega grade is higher than the Longines, and its self-produced movement and movement level is also higher than the Longines, the choice of range is also greater, personal feeling Ou Bo wave to look good, if the budget is sufficient, it is recommended Europe.
Comments three: that is too professional you may not understand … simple, regardless of material brand movement added value … Longines are not possible and Omega confrontation … since the ability to buy Omega that certainly on the Omega … Longines this level almost no one foreign people will choose Longines .. Tudor TAG Heuer Le Méridien Baocai Wan Baolong are on Longines … Interested to see … As you budget to buy Omega is pretty good .. But about 20,000 or so Amy TAG Heuer is also very good … but I think that since the selection of the grade of the Omega table of young people with thousands of countries and Rolex is considered more taste of Fake Cartier love bracelet the Omega in a class of leaves can only be considered as general It is also very good, but these are to increase the budget … more than 20,000 can not buy
Comments: four: Omega is the world famous, and Longines watches are not bad, they are from Switzerland Oh, from the above price, the price of the Omega brand will be better, Omega, he has a lot of series are very popular with friends like, To say which brand to buy more people, Longines watches will be better than the Omega buy, and now many people wear watches, the brand is not Omega, or Longines, if you want to buy some good watches, you can consider Longines watch Oh I hope my answer can help you!
Comments five: Omega is a second class table, Longines is the second class two tables. Omega watches starting price of about 20,000. Longines starting price of 7,000 yuan or so. Not a level. Longines in the domestic sales certainly more than Omega.
Comments 6: Omega and Longines watches in Switzerland are part of a group production, but the performance of Omega watches much better than the Longines. In terms of scarcity, Omega belongs to each series only after the production of a certain number of production, so the hedge is better. Longines watch from the appearance and price terms, the name of the teacher is the recent years of sales has been a very good system. Two brands are very good, but the people who buy Longines is still a lot of! I hope the answer will give you a little help! Thank you!

Bo Lai Shi released BR01 COMPASS compass military watch

Bo Lai Shi released BR01 COMPASS compass military watch
As we all know, Bell & Ross Bo Lai Shi watch the biggest feature is the elements of the aircraft instrument well into the watch design. And this period there is no lack of bold: for example, in 2010 to the market BR01 RADAR watch, is a radar instrument inspired by the creation of works. On the eve of Baselworld in 2011, Bell & Ross Laurent has released the BR01 COMPASS Compass Limited Military watch with compass.
Watch bezel is divided into two parts, the upper part of the center has a fixed imitation Cartier love bracelet vertical white line, with the clockwise rotation of the concentric hour plate and minutes, you can read the time. All time scales and scales are coated with white luminous coating.
Watch case with 316L stainless steel to build, and coated with black PVD coating. In addition the bezel is also available decorated with Geneva ripple rose gold material is optional.
Different from the traditional pointer display, the turntable instead of the pointer will always appear uneven weight. In order to solve this problem, Bo Lai Shi application of innovative materials and cutting-edge technology to create a very light and strong turntable, which is not easy to deformation and very low coefficient of friction of the advantages of power reserve and travel time accuracy will not cause any negative impact. In addition, the master watchmaker to ensure that the size of the two turntables accurate to the level of microns to ensure smooth rotation of the two discs.
Watch limited to 500, equipped with a classic ETA2892 self-winding movement, stable and reliable. Domestic price of 49,000 yuan.
Young people choose 20 years old preferred watch recommended
Often more young when the more interested in those old style, a pair of words for the new words that melancholy Mo Yang, in fact, young and young should be the kind of vibrant kind of children, those who are serious about the table, Those models of the basic wild models all occupy the side of it, you need bold, bold, and then bold, publicity, publicity, and then publicity. Leopard, colorful, come on, popular elements common use, this is the 20-year-old young man’s world!
41mm Yu Bang Big Bang leopard table
Leopard has been hot for several years, but the whole leopard pattern watch you dare not wear Replica Cartier jewelry ? Yu ship has always been a bold design of the brand, the introduction of such Leopard watch is not surprising. Rose gold case, 48 andalusite, smoked quartz and square yellow crystal, and 6 H-type embedded titanium screws, leopard denim lined with black natural rubber strap, big bang watch than any bracelet Pull more wind. And Leopard style, whether it is daily dress or dinner to cope with their capability, you can usher in the practice of cheers.
Chanel J12 Chromatic Titanium Ceramic Watch
Chanel’s J12 ceramic watch from 2000 has already begun its journey, and this Chromatic titanium ceramic table can be said that the J12 family is the most mysterious member. From the picture point of view it is between the black and white metal gray, but in fact, in the sun, under the faint light, as long as the environment is different, different light sources, the color of the table will be distributed with different shiny colors, From the ceramic into the titanium caused by the mysterious change to create the feeling J12 is a great choice.
Tudor Fastrider series watch
If the previous table has a neutral taste, that Tudor this watch is definitely for men born, the expression of speed and passion. It is inspired by the motorcycle world, timing button and case connection with two black PVD coated sleeve, reminiscent of the engine piston; and watch outer ring is engraved speed scale, do exercise Breath, even the bracelet can also choose three racing style striped black weave strap. Just press the timer button, you can carry out accurate timing, the next moment, we entered the motorcycle race high-speed world.
Men talk about fashion accessories, the total can not be separated from the watch, so the watch can not be separated from fashion circles. Look at the editor for everyone to collect the 10 fashion watch, but they are the world’s most expensive list of the forefront of the list, and enjoy the next bar.
Shuangfei Taobilun rotating watch
Manufacturer: Breguet
Price: $ 329000
This table design inspiration seems to come from our mysterious solar system, the case is made of 95% pure white gold, double tourbillon in the solar system pattern at the same time flying, the hands are hand-built.
The world’s first four-hammer-style three asked the table, double-sided hollow face plate can directly appreciate the mechanical fine engraved engraving and delicate hammer. Crocodile style table edge, Westminster stopwatch transponder, there are three pure gold gear.
Blancpain (Blancpain) launched this watch design and development and manufacturing project took 6 years, is the world’s most complex, most features of the manual mechanical watch one. Watch from 740 precision parts, set the world today’s mechanical watch all six complex mechanical functions in one, including ultra-thin self-winding movement, double pointer flyback time, Tourbillon, time points three functions, calendar and Moon phase profit and loss function. Watchmakers need to use a year and a half to produce such a watch, the world’s only three watchmakers can produce such a complex watch. Even if the ability to buy this watch, have to book at least 3 years in advance can be.
Want to have this value of $ 850,000 watch yet but by 2008, the world’s limited production of only three, platinum case, equipped with three asked the table, tourbillon, timer,
Alacria Royal Limited Edition Carl F. Bucherer The excellent craftsmanship of the exquisite craftsmanship and ultimate jewels.
Elite Royal royal limit is the continuation of the beautiful Qi Li Lai Lai series, designed for the noble royal staff tailored limited edition style, four by the precious diamonds and sapphires, orange gemstones, rubies and emerald Inlaid female form, from the panel, case to the strap, every gem has been carefully selected by the skilled experts hand-refined, by the Baqi Lai watchmaker designed to meet the noble honor status Of women wearing watches.
It is a piece of jewelry or a watch, perhaps confused for a long time not only the editor himself, but no matter how that this produced by the Hublot, the value of it is a piece of 000,000 luxury goods show in front of us, So that all blood flow, rapid heartbeat.
This Tourbillon watch is a mosaic of 493 Wesselton Need for diamonds, but more alarming is to see the star-studded diamonds, we can not find any support diamond structure, this set by Van Cleef & ; Arpels (Paris) invented the diamond technology is still a trade secret.
After more than 2,000 hours, from the program to the research, from the selection of equipment to the cutting of diamonds, as well as the final announcement to the public, Hublot in the global gathering of the clock Baselworld successfully completed the Heaven’s pen, we have reason to believe , His performance has just begun.
The case has been carefully designed to have a 44mm large diameter, so that the three pieces of the table resonant sound is excellent, and linked to the case and percussion parts of the innovative decorative version of the anchor tied, and 18K rose gold case of copper Sound quality performance help.
Manual winding mechanical movement frequency of 18,000 times per hour, power storage for about 58 hours. Movement features include: hand table bridge angle processing, human mobile phone carved Ctes de Geneve pattern, and circle polished plate. Has a mark on behalf of the quality and the perfect craft of the Geneva mark. This watch is limited production, is bound to be extremely rare and precious.
Set with 576 diamonds; through 18K white gold, diamonds and black agate gem. Built in this series of jewelry watch in the Jaeger-LeCoultre 101 movement, exquisite workmanship, outstanding excellence, much distinguished by the outstanding women love, such as the coronation of the British Queen Elizabeth II. Whether it is a gemstone chain or a full set of diamonds, this movement can always be different with the appearance of the design complement each other, in the foil watch gorgeous glory at the same time, showing the elegant superior watch function.

official timing partner for the upcoming 100th anniversary countdown

Tissot launched the 100th anniversary of the Maiden Railway limited edition watch
Full of creativity and vitality of the Swiss professional watch brand Tissot “Tissot”, since its inception in 1853, constantly “extraordinary creativity, from the traditional” spirit, to bring watches and clocks enthusiasts stunning design and watches, more sustained Expand the diversity of ideas and partners. Jungfrau is Switzerland’s most famous mountain, beautiful and magnificent scenery, with the reputation of the top of Europe.
August 1, 2012 The Swiss Jungfrau Railway will greet the 100th anniversary of inviting the Tissot to become the exclusive official partner of the timetable. In order to celebrate this special moment, the Jungfraujoch and Kleine Scheidegg stations in Europe set up two Tian Tian table countdown to the clock, so that visitors to visit the girls peak of the common expectations of the arrival of this celebration. The Tissot in particular for the 100th anniversary of the Maideng Railway, launched a love of the young couple of fans limited edition watches, a total of five series of seven exquisite limited edition watch, so that the table fans at the same time collection of Tissot The superiority of the table with the top of Europe’s beautiful beauty, witnessed the beauty of the young girl’s legend.
Tissot Jungfrau Classic Dream Lady, Swiss made quartz movement, sapphire crystal Cartier love bracelet replica mirror, 316L stainless steel case, waterproof 3 pressure (30 m / 100 feet), 316L stainless steel belt with a fold Diego, face diameter 38mm and 28mm, table back engraved with the young girl dragons centuries.
Today’s most successful mountain railway company – Jungfrau Railway Company in order to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the precious commemorative, launched a number of ingenious celebrations and a number of concessions trip. In particular, this cooperation with the Tissot, and in particular was designated as the 100 anniversary of the Jungfrau railway activities in the only official timing partner for the upcoming 100th anniversary countdown, precise time control and perseverance perseverance, Is the people who can board the highest railway station in Europe, the key factors, Jungfrau railway serious railway engineering and Tissot 158 years of precision watchmaking skills, all from the most exquisite skills and infinite enthusiasm, Tissot will be the young girl Celebrations of the 100th birthday of the railway to the world around the watch enthusiasts, so that friends around the world to celebrate, to commemorate the beauty of the beautiful girl.
Professional design of the touch-sensitive young couple of the railway line century watch limited edition Tissot Jungfrau T-Touch Expert, Switzerland made quartz movement, sapphire crystal mirror, anti-magnetic 316L stainless steel case, rotating bezel, waterproof 10 pressure (100 m / 330 feet), leather strap with a folding button buckle, face plate printed with a girl’s peak pattern, the table engraved with a young couple of dragons and clocks.
TISSOT Jungfrau Jungfrau Railway Centennial limited edition watches, the first peak of Europe’s beauty and pound momentum at the same time into the watch design, the integration of the natural beauty of the Alps and fashion design, in the steel table back engraved Unique Jungfrau Railway 100th anniversary of the classic Logo pattern, this series adds unique and delicate elegance, increase its memorable collection of value, each with a special collection box.
“Tissot T-Touch Expert Professional Touch Sensitive Yumeng Railway Centennial Limited Cartier love ring replica Watch” has a 100-meter-high quality waterproof design, a rotating bezel and brown leather strap, with a unique innovative folding buckle design , High-quality performance and creative design, to attract the attention of everyone, the surface printed with the girl’s peak railway pattern, add the commemorative value of watches.
CAROS series of young women’s guns centuries limited edition men watch: Tissot Carson Jungfraubahn Swiss manufacturing automatic movement ETA2824-2, sapphire crystal mirror, 316L stainless steel case, waterproof 3 pressure (30 m / 100 feet), 316L With a folding buckle, face diameter 35.5mm, table back engraved with a young couple of dragons.
There are two exquisite men and women on the table and two exquisite pocket watch, sapphire crystal mirror with 316L stainless steel to create the case, refining, low-key beauty of the color to bring out the temptation between men and women, the beautiful scenery of the beautiful collection of girls; Tissot watch young girl’s centuries-old limited edition pocket watch “exquisite retro watch shape, elegant texture of the mineral crystal mirror, it is memorable, so that favorite watch collectors like the mountains in the Alps.
(30m / 100t), 316L stainless steel refining, 316L stainless steel watch, waterproof 3 pressure (30m / 100 feet), 316L stainless steel refining, 316L stainless steel watch, waterproof 3 pressure (30 meters / 100 feet), 316L stainless steel refining With folding buckle buckle, face diameter 27mm, table back engraved with a young couple of years.
Jungfrau is one of Switzerland’s most prestigious mountains, snow-capped throughout the year, the world famous natural heritage, and the famous Jungfrau railway, in 1896 to start, it takes 16 years, at 1912 Yearly, the streets of the Alps to the beautiful scenery, attracting tens of Cartier nail bracelet replica thousands of tourists every year to visit, in order to look at the Alpine four seasons of the changing beauty of magic, and become one of the most popular tourist attractions in Europe tour one of the attractions, One of the 3,454 meters above sea level railway station topped the highest railway station in Europe, Switzerland became one of the most important achievements in the history of the railway. In this special occasion of the 100th anniversary of 2012, with the 158-year history of the Swiss Tissot exclusive cooperation, to celebrate this lively festival, to bring collectors and travel enthusiasts, worthy of the collection of beautiful memories and moved

Rolex watch use Note Rolex watches to pay attention to what?

Rolex watch use Note Rolex watches to pay attention to what?
Rolex watch quality So, is the first-class Swiss watch brand. In China, Rolex watches have become a symbol of successful people. It can also be said that people who can wear Rolex, must not be ordinary people. As a luxury watch, we must be careful when we use it every day. As far as possible not to love the strap to unnecessary damage! The following watch home to introduce you to the Rolex watch use it!
Rolex watches use notes
First, Rolex mechanical watch daily Note:
(1) To prevent moisture from penetrating the Rolex case and maintaining the waterproof performance of the watch, make sure that the crown is in a locked condition.
(2) manual winding movement of the watch should be at the same time every day winding time, so that the watch in the next 24 hours have enough energy to operate.
(3) more than 40 hours did not wear the automatic winding Rolex watches, should be worn again, the crown rotation of 20 laps to start the movement of the drive system again.
(4) automatic winding movement of the watch, the energy comes from the wearer’s Replica Cartier jewelry arm movement, so the normal wear without manual winding, only because the wearer’s exercise is not enough to add enough energy to the clock, you can use manual winding The way to make up.
Second, Rolex watches to adjust the time Note:
(1) Rolex watches week calendar calendar, due to the system is divided into two different speed, the first ± 5 minutes to complete the calendar, the second in 3 hours to complete the calendar.
(2) In the case of a Rolex watch with a spiral crown, do not pull it out, turn it back in the counterclockwise direction to open the locked crown. After adjusting the time, turn the Rolex watch clockwise and push it Lock, so as not to water.
(3) In case of a calendar with a calendar, you need to adjust the date to the day before the date you want, and then turn the clock to adjust the date. When the needle passes by midnight, the date will change. The date of the day is confused.
(4) Rolex watch calendar, week, moon phase adjustment Do not operate between the watch time 21:00 PM — 3:00 AM, during which the calendar function is operating, but also when the gear engagement is low, Frequent action will damage the internal parts of the Rolex watch.
Where is the origin of Cartier watches?
Cartier watches where the origin? In 1847, Cartier was founded in Paris, France. Branch offices in 1902 and 1909 were established in London and New York. Maison Cartier’s cornerstone was laid.
Cartier SA (Cartier SA) is a French watch and jewelry manufacturer, in 1847 by Louis-François Cartier in Paris Rue Montorgueil 31 founder. In 1874, his son Yafa Cartier inherited his management, by his grandson Louis Cartier, Pierre Cartier and Jiesi Cartier to develop into a world famous brand. Is now the Swiss Richemont Group (Compagnie Financière Richemont SA) affiliated companies. In 1904, he designed the world’s first wrist watch, the Cartier Santos, for the pilots Alto Tudson.
Cartier tradition of the perfect combination: excellent design, pure shape, innovative ideas and excellent durability. These are the main features of Cartier’s world-famous. Shop design followed the Cartier global synchronization of the “copper concept” style, the Cartier’s work and distinguished atmosphere reflected most vividly.
Cartier mechanical watch maintenance method
Watch after a hundred years of development, has long been from a simple timing tool has been to highlight the identity, taste the important jewelry. Especially for male friends, but when we have a good table, can not just wear and ignore the maintenance. Maintenance of the watch is very important, it can extend the life of our love table! The following watch home to introduce you to Cartier mechanical watch maintenance method!
A Cartier mechanical watch is often expensive, buy Cartier watch how to maintain, how much money maintenance it? Recommended every two to three years to do the appropriate maintenance, replacement of waterproof components, testing travel performance and movement power, cleaning machine Core, and the maintenance of the appearance, such maintenance services will effectively extend the life of Cartier mechanical watch.
In general, the mechanical watch should be 2 to 3 years maintenance 1, maintenance, to Cartier watch parts all broken, with 120 gasoline wipe movement, and then by professional equipment cleaning other other instruments within the watch, and finally oil, Assembled. In addition to the parts inside the watch, cleaning the Cartier watch also polished watch the shell. Because the watch on the technical parameters of the request is very high, so clean Cartier watch is a very fine job, professional cleaning usually takes 5 days to complete. While the old watch after such a complex professional cleaning, the general can turn to Bacheng new
Cleaning watches need a certain cost, especially on the million list, maintenance costs is even higher. According to the different quality of watches, demolition costs are also ranging from the same, like Cartier mechanical watches, ordinary watch the demolition fee is 770 yuan, if the gold watch, demolition costs more than 800 yuan. According to the provisions of the watch industry associations, tens of thousands of watches, in addition to demolition costs, but also according to the price of watches, etc. charge a thousandth of the inspection fee.

How long does the automatic mechanical watch last?

How long does the automatic mechanical watch last?
A lot of friends who wear automatic mechanical watches will encounter watches because of lack of motivation caused by the stop showing. Automatic mechanical watches must have sufficient power to operate properly. Then the automatic mechanical watch how long last winding? Let the watch home to tell you now!
Automatic mechanical watch without batteries, some with manual winding, and some do not take, but still have the best hand winding. Generally in the case of the winding can be running for 30 hours or so, depending on the movement may be. Older and often sitting in the office and less sports are most suitable for wearing such watches, in this case, it is recommended that the wearer regularly manually wrist watch. Automatic mechanical watch at room Replica Cartier jewelry temperature, 24 hours error in ± 45 seconds for the normal error. Automatic mechanical watch to rely on the arm of the swing and automatically winding, so every day must wear more than eight hours in order to ensure accurate timing.
Rolex Shui Gui, Rolex Blackwater Ghost and Green Water Gui worth selling it?
Rolex black water ghosts and green water ghosts can be said that Rolex is the most popular watches, almost all fans will be the Rolex Shui ghost as a collection of gold watch. Then Rolex Blackwater Ghost and Green Water Gui worth selling? See the watch home below to answer!
Rolex Shui Gui, Rolex Blackwater Ghost and Green Water Gui worth selling it?
Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner is the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner. This as a deep wrist watch “Rolex Water Ghost” family, including the green, black, blue, red ghost, and the “King of Ghosts,” said Comex series. “Rolex Shui Gui” among the family, each “King of Ghosts” Comex more known to really under the sea. And green water ghosts and black water ghosts the most popular, especially green water ghost, it is a city to be sold out.
Rolex Blackwater Ghosts
Blackwater ghost is to fill the green water ghost in the market of great vacancies and the introduction of the watch, “black” refers to the black ceramic material.
Rolex’s deep submarine watch success thanks to a number of groundbreaking technological innovations, including Rolex exclusive new case structure RingloCKSystem, which ensures that the watch in the deep water calmly under great pressure. Especially for the most demanding professional divers design. In addition, the other three excellent watch components to achieve the outstanding performance of this watch contributed: its high-performance stainless steel ring placed in the blue crystal glass and case between the back cover to ensure that the glass and case back cover easily Withstand the huge water pressure; its blue crystal glass surface was slightly arched, than other oyster-style watch the glass surface thicker, and the other compressive capacity doubled; case back cover with a high resistance to resistance made of titanium alloy, And with excellent performance 904L stainless steel ring fixed.
Rolex Green Water Ghosts
Rolex Submarus calendar series 116610LV green dish watch, also known as “green water ghost”. It was first introduced in 2010, is characterized by the watch surface with PVD technology coated with “green gold” coating, and its green gold material ratio is secret. Bold design for Rolex stick to the traditional brand is a great innovation, green water ghost since the launch, will undoubtedly become one of the richest products Rolex, and because this table only out of a group, it Of the next batch of functional shape is exactly the same as the black water ghost replaced, making this watch has a very high collection value.
It uses the Rolex classic 3135 automatic mechanical movement. Its case material is 904L stainless steel, excellent corrosion resistance; mirror is a strong wear resistance sapphire crystal glass. The surface of the additional window convex lens display and instant change calendar display, allowing users to dive or exercise clear and convenient observation date. In addition, this table with a one-way rotating outer ring, accurately marked the scale, clockwise rotation of the bezel to the bezel on the triangular scale at the minute hand, the use of scale display to calculate the landing time.
Watch Casio and hundred of which good? Speaking of Casio watches and watch the watch, we may not be unfamiliar. They are more close to the people of the watch brand, do not need a lot of money will allow most people have a high quality watch. So what about Casio and the hundred who is good? Let’s watch the house to tell you
Casio watches represent the vitality of the young, stylish, multi-functional brand image has been deeply rooted. Casio company has always been a leader in peer-to-peer skills, over the years will have a breakthrough skills. Will be high, refined, sharp technology combined with new LCD technology, properly applied to the wrist on the meter, continue to improve the level of development on the wrist time – Casio has always been advocated by the “wrist technology” spirit in China is also Be able to follow and spread.
Bailun Lun
BESTLUN 100 World Lun watches assembled top watch jewelry brand classic style of the essence, to promote simple, elegant style. Focus on science and technology and art, all spare parts are provided by the world’s major brand manufacturers. With the most sophisticated assembly technology, as many as nearly 100 strict testing technology to products with a high degree of quality assurance. At the same time, “so that each watch has a deep meaning of the name.” It is also part of BESTLUN culture. High-quality materials, the top of the process, first-class quality, so that BESTLUN hundred times more unique charm.
Watches Casio and Besie Lun which is good? In fact, Casio and Bailun Lun is not a type of watch, so it is not suitable to put them together to compare. Casio watches pay attention to the function, with absolutely strong quality. Its sports watch is very good! And 100 is a watch and jewelry fusion fashion watch brand. The appearance of more than the Casio exquisite, but the quality may be better than Casio. As for which brand is good, but also according to the user’s own needs to choose!

How much is a carat diamond ring now?

How much is a carat diamond ring now?
When buying a diamond ring, people’s favorite size, than a carat diamond ring. There are two reasons, the first is a carat diamond ring in the appearance can be said to be very domineering, but not too exaggerated, can be very good to meet some of the daily life and party. People in the purchase of a carat diamond ring, the most concerned about the issue, than a carat diamond ring how much money. Xiao Bian collected some brands of a carat diamond ring offer, in this article which for everyone to answer this question in detail.
The international first-line brand prices the highest: a carat diamond ring can be fried to 20 million price

The same price, in the domestic brand can buy a 3 karats Cartier nail bracelet replica of diamond rings, but in the first-line brand, but only can only buy a starting price of a carat diamond ring. International first-line brand launched by the diamond ring, whether it is in the product design or material use, are exquisite, but also rich in artistic spirituality. Many consumers bear a huge economic pressure to buy a first-line brand launched diamond ring, a large part of the reason is that the hearts of the luxury of the dream at the mischief, so that they hesitate to put into the arms of luxury jewelry , Will be a piece of art to take home. Xiao Bian suggested that you buy a carat diamond ring when, although the brand is very important, but also the ability to do so, must not be lost because of small.
Second-line brand the most popular: eight to ten thousand yuan can buy good quality ring

In the Xiaobian concept, the second-line brand is the most cost-effective, because the second-tier brands also have a good brand image, while the quality of the diamond ring can provide protection for consumers in the diamond ring after-sales service, can also provide Good choice, so the second-line brand launched a carat diamond ring, is currently on the market people love to buy. Eight to ten thousand yuan price, buy a fineness good, fashionable and unique, professional service in place of the diamond ring, no matter how to look are very cost-effective.
Custom brand sudden emergence: the main push low price and cost

Many brands can not stand the high entrance fees, choose their own diamond factory shop, reduce the diamond ring to the hands of consumers in the middle of the link, and can also provide consumers with better customized services, the price ratio Shopping malls inside the finished product to be about 60 percent lower, as many young people a new choice. In the diamond factory shop customization of a dedicated carat diamond ring, just only two or three million!

For a carat diamond ring how much money the topic, in fact, worth the value of the heart, the value of the geometry of the men and women are not important, it is important to harvest a sweet love through the diamond ring.
In the wedding market, the most popular, than the diamond diamond ring. Platinum Replica Cartier jewelry diamond ring not only has a diamond shine, as well as platinum solid, more importantly, represents the commitment of life. People in the selection of platinum diamond ring, often feel puzzled, I do not know how to start, Xiao Bian recently received a lot of readers of the letter, to consult Xiaobian how to choose platinum diamond ring, Xiao Bian also sorted a few, and Everyone to share.
Choose a diamond diamond ring Tips: Diamond quality is very important

Platinum diamond ring in the most out of the color part, is undoubtedly the middle of the diamond inlaid, and a good platinum diamonds, in the diamond part must be very good. Measuring a diamond is good, mostly to measure the diamond 4c quality, that is, this diamond carat, clarity, cut and color. Diamonds closer to the transparent color is an appointment, the color is also better to pure, in the carat number, the greater the carat diamond is more difficult to mine and processing, the natural price will be relatively high. From the cut point of view, the more smooth cutting surface, the more able to release the fire of the diamond, the natural diamond ring the better quality. In the selection of platinum diamond ring, only these qualities are combined in order to pick the most suitable for their own products.
Choose platinum diamond ring tips two: platinum ringing material to see

Platinum is currently used in the ring mosaic on the best material, but the platinum material is not a single, it will be divided into pt990 and pt950, which is often said that platinum 990 and platinum 950. Pt990 platinum content is the highest, that is, people often say that the quality of the most pure, the price is relatively high. Pt950 in the platinum content on the inferior, but the win in the more hard, ductility is also better, the average price per gram than pt990 material to be cheaper about 50 yuan. Comprehensive above the characteristics of the diamond ring on the use of the most is pt950 material, a combination of cost and quality in one.
Selection of platinum diamond ring tips three: diamond ring style to fit the wearer’s hand type

People often say that for their own is the best, this sentence is used in the platinum ring is a good point. In the selection of diamond rings, be sure to choose a style for their own hand type, to be able to avoid weaknesses. Fingers more rounded women, that is, in the traditional concept of the blessing of the hand, not suitable for wearing ring ring thick diamond ring, this will only appear to your fingers more sturdy, no beauty at all. At the same time, the fingers are very slender women, you can choose straight ring, will set off your fingers more slender

Have the meaning of the ring brand which

Have the meaning of the ring brand which
The ring is an ornament worn on your finger and anyone can wear it. The custom of wearing rings has a long history, and different places have different meanings for different ways of wearing. And in many areas worn on the left index finger is considered to courtship, the middle finger that love, the little finger that we do not love or life alone. In ancient Rome, the ring is a seal as a symbol of right.
1, Zuo Kay jewelry brand

Zakai, jewelry brand, mainly engaged in diamond jewelry, in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and other major cities in the country with stores, and through the official website of the brand and the mainstream B2C platform set flagship store to provide customers with products and services. From the “same diamond” to “half price”, from “B2C single shot” to “020 model together marketing”, from the “Internet Diamond brand” from the “super diamond Cartier love bracelet replica store” to “Asian five-star diamond building” To “jewelry new commercial civilization of the aircraft carrier”, he used this exploration, so that its innovative ideas and career layout increasingly international. “Outstanding”, which is his vision of the future of Zoakai, but also the industry’s cognitive evaluation of him.

In the concept of Zoac, the jewels are faithful companions and recorders, for the owner to support the journey of time and soul. “Jewelry is a art of aesthetics, is the people to convey good feelings of the token, the practitioners need to carefully and carefully. Brand and customers should not only trade relationship between, if a jewelry can accompany customers for ten years or even For decades, the brand should also strive to become a trustworthy customer trust. ”

2, Chow Tai Fook brand

A model for the F140326 gold men’s ring, the price of 4300 yuan. The product is made of thousands of gold, and its table and all have been polished, has a very good gloss, and the carved Fu word is smooth lines, was stereoscopic, which represents the people’s wish, the ring The mouth of the design, according to the need to wear a free adjustment, very human, the whole men’s ring showing a low-key and luxurious beauty.

3, Cartier

Cartier SA (Cartier SA) is a French watch and jewelry manufacturer, in 1847 by Louis-Fran? Ois Cartier in Paris Rue Montorgueil 31 founder. In 1874, his son Yafa Cartier inherited his management, by his grandson Louis Cartier, Pierre Cartier and Jiesi Cartier to develop into a world famous brand. Is now the Swiss Richemont Group (Compagnie Financière Richemont SA) affiliated companies.

4, Tiffany

Tiffany & Company (Tiffany & Co., NYSE: TIF) is an American jewelry and silver company founded in 1837. In 1853 Charles Tiffany mastered the company’s control, the company name is simplified as “Tiffany” (Tiffany & Co), the company has since established the jewelry Cartier love ring replica industry for the business focus. Tiffany gradually established stores in major cities around the world. Tiffany has developed a set of its own precious stones, platinum standards, and was adopted by the US US government as the official standard. Today, Tiffany is one of the world’s leading luxury goods companies.

5, Chow Sang Sang

Chow Sang Sang was in Hong Kong in 1934 to carry out retail business in China, founded in 1948 in Hong Kong, and in 1973 to become a listed company, in 1994 to develop the mainland business market. “Chow Sang Sang” name, “week” and then, “life and life” endless meaning, and “week” is the founder’s surname. As the Group’s main business, Chow Sang Sang Jewelry Co., Ltd. for the wholly-owned business, is the Greater China famous jewelry manufacturers and retailers. The Group’s main three-line business is: jewelry retail and manufacturing, precious metals wholesale and securities futures services, the Group in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, more than 4,000 employees.

6, Xie Ruilin

(“TSL” or “Group”) is a well-known jewelery group in Asia, principally engaged in the design, retail, export and manufacturing of jewelery. TSL was established in 1971 and was listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited in 1987. Is the first to enter the Chinese mainland market in Hong Kong jewelry brand. The Group has been committed to improving the coverage rate in the Chinese market, in China has developed more than 20 to the theme of modern jazz “Xie Ruilin │Saxx” brand new concept jewelry chain.
There are moral rings of the world brand

NO.1: Cartier (Cartier)

Founded in France in 1847, Cartier is the most famous watch and jewelery manufacturer in France and the world. It has a history of writing jewels and watch designs and enjoys the praise of the emperor’s jeweler and jeweler emperor. In 1899, Cartier went to the present site, 13 Heping Street, Paris, followed by the Cartier three brothers inherited the family business, their footprints traveled all over the world, from India to Russia, from the Persian Pirates New World.

NO.2: Boucheron

Boucheron (Po Shi Long) is the French GUCCI Group’s jewelry company. Was established in 1858 in Paris, France. At the beginning of creation, Po poetry dragon is celebrity by virtue of the favor, the cause and thus flourishing. Russian actresses, French actress Sarah Bernhardt, American millionaire Mackay and Vanderbilt, Polignac countess, Lady Curzon are all Po-long customers.

NO.3: Van Cleef & Arpels

In the world of jewelry, you can not indifferent to Van Cleef & Arpels, it is definitely not the general Cartier nail bracelet replica sense of the jewels, but the noble French temperament. Has been the world’s aristocratic and celebrity Ascot is particularly favorite top jewelry brand. From the Duchess of Windsor, Monaco Queen Grace Kelly, the king of Iran and the Queen, all choose Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry, to show their distinguished temperament and style.

NO.4: Bvlgari

Bold and unique, distinguished classical. The balance also incorporates classical and modern features, breaking the rigorous rules of the traditional academic design, inspired by the Greek elegance, the Italian Renaissance and the 19th century metallurgical technology, creating the unique style of the Bulgari. Unique style is known, get the world’s social celebrities in hot pursuit, much royal nobility, film stars of all ages.

NO.5: Mikimoto

In 1893 the father of the Japanese pearl Royal Mukimoto cultivated the first lesson of the perfect pearl, and then founded the Mikimoto, 1924 the Japanese royal family is designated Mikimoto for the Queen’s jewelry shop. Not only in Japan, even the British royal family and nobles are all their love, many important occasions, their crown and jewelry by Mikimoto provided.

NO.6: Harry Wynston

Hayward Winston was founded in New York in 1890, a skilled and embrace of the dream of the jeweler with its exquisite craftsmanship and craftsmanship to have the shop or the Hai Rui Winston became well known, enjoy the “King of Diamonds “and” star jeweler “reputation, Hai Rui Winston was founded in 1932 in New York, focusing on high-level jewelry and senior watch production.

About the legend of diamonds The beauty of precious stones

About the legend of diamonds The beauty of precious stones
Diamonds legend, Zoacui introduces you to the legend of diamonds, provides information on the legend of diamonds, and information about the legend of diamonds at the Zoacai Jewelery House.
Diamonds, which originate from ancient times, deep in the depths of the earth, with endless mystery, with a bright luster, with its scarce, precious, hard, unique and never to the beauty of beauty and make people longing for the pursuit of even worship.
Beautiful diamond legend
There is no kind of gem like a diamond that spread a lot of moving, filled with the temptation of the legend and story. One of the most seductive I am afraid when the number of “Diamond Valley” story. Legend in Central Asia there is a horrible terrible valley, the floor is a diamond. There are birds flying patrols in the sky, underground snakes close guard, the eyes of these snakes can be placed to death. This legend tells the story of the hardships of diamond Cartier love bracelet replica mining. “Brazilian colored diamonds” is known worldwide and can be located in the very desolate area of the Tuokang Tesi River. The locals say that the Tuokang Tesi River is harder than the day to pass through the desolate virgin forest and the endless marsh strip, The snake is a beast. Dutch explorers repeatedly with the raft business circle over the swamp, all ended with a tragic failure. In the story of the diamond, the most touching story than “Feng Le Burton Diamond”. The story tells the story of the Hollywood star Taylor will own cherished Taylor Burton diamond auction, in the hometown of diamonds – Boqing Wana built a welfare hospital, leaving the name of the aromatic name.
Diamond and Imperial
Before the 15th century, only the emperor can wear diamonds, as a leader of the war, the country’s amulet. According to the famous Indian epic “Mahapraboda” records, in four thousand years ago, people use diamonds to decorate their heroes. Ancient diamonds are filled with mysterious, legendary and romantic colors. So some people believe that diamonds are falling fragments of stars; others say that diamonds are gods tears. In the ancient savory era, diamonds are the symbol of the imperial power since the generation, the emperor wearing diamonds as a symbol of strength, courage and invincible. In India, people have embedded diamonds in the Hindu gods on the eyes, you can see people on the degree of worship of diamonds. Europeans once thought that diamonds with disease prevention, evil effect, the Chinese Tibetan medicine also recorded with diamond powder treatment of stomach story. Diamonds are more or reminiscent of many romantic stories and legends. In the 13th century, the law of St. Louis had ordered the ban on all the women’s pilgrims. Even royal princess and aristocratic ladies are no exception. In his view, only the Virgin Mary is worthy of wearing diamonds. The first woman who dared to break the ban was Angelus Sullivan. In fact, she had neither royal nor noble lady, but she was able to transcend the decree by her love of King Charles VII. Since then, the Pilfer diamond is no longer just a symbol of exuberant jewelry.
The meaning of engagement weddings
Engagement diamond ring cut in the left hand insignificant finger on some of the legend of the United States. Believing in Christians believe that this is from the ceremony, the priest holding the ring in order to touch the new left hand, and said: “the Father, the Son, the name of the Holy Spirit.” The last ring worn on the new left hand fourth finger, thus forming the tradition. However, the romantic ancient Egyptians believe that the “love of the pulse” is connected through the left hand ring finger and the atrium. In the Middle Ages, many people believe that diamonds are not only a symbol of love, but also has the effect of maintaining love, it can make the rupture of the marriage to consolidate.

Romans are even more favored by diamonds, and they think diamonds have supernatural powers, so the Roman diamonds are not only used as a carving tool, but also as an amulet.
Diamond quality is good or bad with its own nature, but also with the processing quality. Diamond’s assessment is usually 4C as the standard, ie, the color of the diamond, the Clarity, the Cut and the Carat, and the different countries and regions have their own grading system, the American Jewelery Institute (GIA) and the International Jewelery Union (CIBJO) proposed classification system has been generally recognized. China is the current national standards
Diamonds are almost always machined into faceted gemstones, and the quality of processing is good or bad, and the size of the diamonds, the regularity of the facets, the width of the girdle, the underside and the external flaws are to be considered. With the ratio and degree of modification to be classified into good, good, general three levels.

Diamond often pondering into a round multi-faceted type, it is based on the principle of total internal reflection design. Good cut cut out of the diamond, the light will be reflected from one facet to another facet, and then from the top of the diamond emit a colorful fire color
How to use the naked eye to assess the quality of diamond cutting

Experienced can be experienced, with the naked eye assessment side of the diamond cutting quality.

Specific observation, the diamond table up, and turn the diamond. View the diamond surface brightness and fire color. In general, the proportion of good diamond cut bright, fire color moderate, light stick eyes. When the cut ratio is not very good, such as the same carat two diamonds, the table is too large will appear “big”, but the fire color will be weakened, diamonds look stiff and lifeless; face too small fire strong, when When turning diamonds, the colorful light is so obvious that the diamonds will look smaller.

In addition, in determining the cut, the need to observe the diamond pavilion ratio, the specific observation of the diamond table up, and up and down swing, when the diamond ratio is appropriate, the diamond pavilion should be relatively bright, when the cut ratio When the diamond pavilion is too shallow, the diamonds will leak in the vicinity of the waist to form a circle of white ring like fish eyes; when the diamond pavilion is too deep, the diamond Will be light in the diamond table within the scope of the formation of a gray-black shadow, that is, “black.”
Diamonds are usually cut in the industry

At present, China’s jewelry market sales of diamonds in the industry usually cut its Cartier love ring replica work known as three: Belgian cut, cut in Israel, India cut.

In general, India has a thicker waistline, the overall shape of the symmetry is relatively low, relatively rough processing. Belgian cut the overall proportion of moderate waist thickness is generally about I% ^ – 5%. Diamond fire color, light and so on are more appropriate. Israel cut between the two.

In fact, to determine the diamond cut, not to place names (processing) to judge, and deal with the cut rate of diamonds, the degree of modification to measure, in order to accurately cut the diamond to evaluate.

Cut the side of the calculation is a complex work, there are a lot of side calculation method is generally measured on the diamond scale meter.

Inlaid diamonds cut the amount of side only emphasizes the aspect ratio and pavilion depth than the two specific test the most in the laboratory to complete.

For the measurement of cutting and inlaid diamonds, the use of 10 times the magnifying glass or side of the instrument measurement method, measuring the aspect ratio, pavilion depth ratio ratio to home and the impact of the degree of modification to describe the turbulence.
The world ‘s most important diamond cutting center

At present, the world’s most important diamond cutting centers are: Antwerp in Belgium, Tel Aviv in Israel, New York in the United States, Mumbai, India, Bangkok, Thailand.

Antwerp has a reputation as a “world diamond capital”, where half of the world’s diamond trade is done here, and “Antwerp Cut” is synonymous with perfect cut, and because of the labor force is more expensive and more rough. Tel Aviv has now become the main base for fine cutting and fancy diamonds. New York Manhattan due to high cost of land, the labor force is expensive, generally only processing more than 2 karats of diamonds. India in general to drill small diamond-based, in recent years, diamond processing industry has been rapid development, but relatively speaking, “India cut “Diamond cut less than the other .208 century developed Bangkok diamond plus the next industry to processing 1-10 small drill mainly due to its color gem and jewelry processing and trade center, the next few years it will May be 20 points below the finished product drilling processing trade center.

Brief introduction of eight heart eight arrows

Eight Hearts is one of the diamond professional terms. Also known as “Cupid Cut”. The so-called “eight heart eight arrows” is the use of the world’s top Cupid-style cutting. Perfectly symmetrical eight hearts and eight arrows, accurate and flawless cut is amazing. Eight heart eight arrows together one, metaphor “encounter, love, hint, dream system, the first kiss, lingering, understanding and Shan Union” eight beautiful mood. No matter from any point of view, can see the most bright and most dazzling light, its eight hearts and eight arrows inspire the meaning of love, unparalleled and wonderful Eight heart and eight arrows are symmetrical, like the love of Cupid’s Cartier nail bracelet replica visit, through the heart and arrows of the map, so that love firm. Eight hearts and eight arrows to release the light, but also the advent of love when the dazzling mood to do the most perfect interpretation.
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