Black crocodile leather strap texture neat and beautiful and the use of black suture

Breguet since its inception in 1775, has been sparing no effort to promote the time to move forward, developed a more accurate and more reliable mechanical movement. In terms of shape, Breguet hand, Breguet digital scale, hand-engraved dial and hidden signature and many other elements are very classic and memorable. Today, the watch home for everyone to bring a Breguet Classique classic series of men’s watch, the official model: 5178BB / 29 / 9V6.

Breguet mentioned Classique classic series of watches, and more will think of slim case or large enamel enamel dial with blue steel Breguet needle, worn in the wrist is not only a gentleman and read at a glance, very suitable for men wearing a dress The

Case diameter 38 mm
This watch case to 18k white gold to create, the case diameter of 38 mm, thickness 8.25 mm. Clean “big fire” white enamel dial, the instructions of the third needle, continued Breguet used to the classic simple design. 38 mm and did not pursue the so-called big imitation Cartier love bracelet bibs, more suitable for Asian men to wear, and very slender. Bezel set in 84, about 0634 karats fine diamonds equipped with Breguet Cal. 777Q self-winding movement.

18k White Gold Gear Crown
18k white gold to create a gear-type crown shape simple and elegant, so slim case even more elegant, polished polished crown top embossed Breguet brand Logo, highlight the distinguished brand identity.

Black crocodile leather strap
Black crocodile leather strap, texture neat and beautiful and the use of black suture, fine workmanship.

Case side of the coin pattern modification
Slim case side using Breguet consistent and classic coin pattern modification, fully demonstrated the brand in the details of the style of the watch grasp. Curved bezel polished polished, exudes a unique white luster, elegant and elegant.

18k white gold buckle
A simple 18k white gold pin buckle, more suitable for everyday wear, simple and practical easy to fall off.

Welded fillet
Breguet is a classic style of welding rounded corners, small and lovely, fine Replica Cartier jewelry polished platinum material will be exposed to the shiny, comfortable to wear, to bolt fastening strap.

“Big fire” white enamel dial
Breguet digital timeline elegant and clear, 12:00, 3:00, 6:00 and 9:00 when the standard with a diamond scale. Minute scale with a delicate chic snow-type, 5 minutes next to the standard with the Breguet classic lily-shaped scale, “big fire” white enamel dial made of one made. Exquisite blue steel hollow eccentric moon blue steel pointer painted Breguet in-depth bone marrow elegant style, slender second hand tail also decorated with a hollow eccentric moon-shaped ornaments, more delicate and delicate. The trapezoidal date display is at 3 o’clock, at a glance.

Equipped with Breguet Cal.777Q self-winding movement
Bottom cover with the whole sapphire crystal glass to create, beautiful movement at a glance. Equipped with Breguet 777Q self-winding movement, 26 rubies. Power storage time of up to 55 hours. 18k gold grill automatic Tuo, rhodium-plated design. Linear lever escapement, silvery flat balance spring. Vibration frequency of 4 Hz. Adjusted by 6 orientations.

Summary: simple dial design to bring out the “big fire” enamel dial of the unique charm, white jade is not dust. Watch continuation of the Breguet classic series of traditional design, the use of Breguet digital time scale dial, hollow “moon-shaped” tip of the Breguet blue steel pointer, welded lugs, the appearance of the shell decorated with coins pattern, every detail Distribute the gentleman taste, the details determine the taste.

Taste, the beauty of the years of refining, a couple, two unexpected moments in the moment into the exchange of eternal. Friendship, love has been in the “according to wave” on the spectrum to write a sweet sonata, in the simple fashion of the metal track cruising, with unforgettable time language, the pursuit of artistic life and interpretation of the art of life. According to wave of the trend of the times, today’s watch home for everyone to bring a wave of butterfly flowers series watch

According to the wave of butterfly flower series fine porcelain white dial inlaid 8 natural diamonds, the center lining a circle of grass Yan, butterflies flirting pattern, take “Dielianhua” meaning, on behalf of the mutual appreciation between lovers and Love.

Elite quality, the achievements of the classic century, Switzerland, according to wave as the first couple table brand, uphold the “romantic moment, because of love eternal” Romantick promise, 160 years tabulation process, accompanied by a couple across the century, spread sweet love. This according to the wave of butterfly flower watch used for the 33.5 mm diameter design of stainless steel rose gold watch to create, simple three-pin design, sapphire crystal glass, concise and clear.

In the 160 years of watchmaking history, Switzerland according to wave table table in the global award-winning, today introduced this watch will be elegant culture and rigorous combination of rigorous technology, 6 o’clock with a very useful calendar display window, Read at a glance.

Crown design elegant and gentle, side carved with a simple wave pattern, the chain feel comfortable. Crown crown engraved with a brand 40’s classic butterfly-shaped logo, highlight the identity of the brand at the same time, even more retro and elegant. Which watch the case thickness of 11.4 mm, very much in line with the requirements of the table now love.

Watch with a white high-grade leather strap, and rose gold watch classic spectrum with elegant, with a large pattern crocodile skin texture, elegant in a trace of extraordinary fashion taste.

Case surface polished fine, and then by the ion plating rose gold treatment, the perfect presentation of delicate metallic luster, interpretation of the elegant and elegant texture.

The lugs are slender and smooth, complemented by fine surface finish polished, elegant and elegant, with slightly curved curvature ergonomics, fit wrist and comfortable to wear.

This watch is equipped with a 2671 self-winding mechanical movement, perspective through the bottom of the design, through the bottom cover embedded in the sapphire crystal glass can glimpse the exquisite Swiss automatic mechanical movement of the operation, enjoy the mechanical watch The charm of the watch, the waterproof depth of 50 meters.

Summary: According to the wave of butterfly flower series with the trend of fashion elements, designed to maintain a simple style, but the infiltration of the elegant retro trend, high leather strap, wearing stickers, comfortable. 160 years, according to wave to the romantic, positive, the pursuit of a better life vision to consumers, according to wave table to romantic and elegant style of mechanical aesthetics, known as the “Swiss couple table model” for the world countless couples Witness the beautiful moments.

Watch with a black crocodile leather strap sewn through the black thread worn soft and comfortable

Gibbon as one of the world’s top ten watches, its history can be traced back to 1791, more than two centuries, its independent design, creation, development and production of watches and external parts of the watch “heart” – movement , Through this comprehensive and comprehensive mode of operation brand has nearly 80 patents, more than 100 models of the perfect top movement and world-renowned mechanical watch series. In 2015 Basel International Watch Fair, launched a new miracle treasure watch, watch house for everyone today to bring you a miracle treasure in the land map watch tasting, watch the official model for the : 49534-52-R05-BB60.
The map of the land map is inspired by the Italian Jesuit Matteo Ricci. Matteo Ricci is a theologian, philosopher, mathematician, cosmologist and astronomer. The missionary had been in Asia for a long time. He arrived in Macau in 1582 and settled his life in China. He shared his knowledge with local scholars and officials and became the first Westerner to be allowed to enter the Forbidden City. During the Ming dynasty, his translated maps changed global Cartier love bracelet replica geography to China.
The world, including the treasures of the world, the road map and the new world, today to introduce you to this is a road map watch, watch with 18K Rose gold material to create, 40 mm diameter design, the disk shows the ancient map of China, I believe many people will be more interested.
Watch for the 40 mm diameter design, the case used for the 18K rose gold material to create, the crown is also used for the 18K rose gold material to create, and the use of thread groove design, easy to watch the watch, watch the table Champion engraved with a classic LOGO.
Watch with a black crocodile leather strap, sewn through the black thread, worn soft and comfortable in the wrist, especially in the cold winter, than the metal chain can be really gentle many. Watch the buckle used for the 18K rose gold to create the needle buckle, easy to wear and very safe, watch in the clasp of Shanghai engraved with the classic LOGO LOGO.
Although the watch is equipped with an internal self-winding movement, but the thickness of the watch is only 4.2 mm, I think if the match for a manual mechanical watch watch thickness of only 3 o’clock thickness, 4.2 mm in thickness to wear a special box wrist, with a shirt can also be stuffed in the sleeves.
Wrist watch for the production of Girard Perregaux GP3300-0060 self-winding movement, a total of 205 movement movement, automatic plate made of 18K rose gold to Geneva ripple polished modification, movement on the chain of stars to provide More than 46 hours of power reserve.
Summary: This section of the road map watch the disk used to create a white jade material, each side of the dial, with a jade sculpture into a thin disc, through the fine polishing, to create the best thickness (0.70 mm), and the surface Completely flat. Disk to elaborate Chinese ink painting Cartier love ring replica creation, Chinese wind full.
The name comes from the Spanish “Yo mido (I measure)” the United States intended to create a watch to become a close friend of the watch, and this watch will be the eternal design and use of functional combination, with high-quality materials and Precise movement. The United States and the United States under the helmsman watch the birth of the watch for the beauty table has added a new member, its strong performance has been highly appreciated and recognized. Today, watch home for everyone to bring a masculine atmosphere design, both excellent performance chronograph, the official model: M025.627.36.061.00.
Since the establishment of the United States since 1918, with excellent quality has been widely praised. The helmsman series, as a series of American meters, draw inspiration from the Sydney Harbor Bridge, with a high degree of attention to the elegant masculine profile and superior performance.
This black watch to stainless steel to create the case, the use of dark gray dial, with a black leather strap, masculine type. 44 mm table diameter solid atmosphere, gray dial shows time and date, and symmetrical design of small dial display timing function, outer ring black bezel with speed display function.
Watch has three crown, for the more common round, the central side of the crown to the pit pattern modification, easy to grasp the function of the adjustment, the top of the United States and the name of the United States; upper and lower crown for the timing button. Crown shiny restrained, smooth surface.
Watch with a black leather strap, the central band with a small hole to decorate the edge of the use of eye-catching red suture stitching; strap soft and tough, comfortable to wear.
Watch diameter 44 mm case surface smooth, streamlined design, lines flowing Lai; low-key black case looks low and heavy, solid atmosphere.
Watch ear is not long, and with the case of casting, lug and case link smooth, simple lines flowing. The ear was slightly radian, more conducive to the watch and wrist fit
Wrist watch case is decorated with a dark gray dial with Geneva stripes, dial ornamentation delicate and beautiful Cartier nail bracelet replica; round and Arabic numerals when the standard design is simple, easy to read when the traditional common three needle pointer using eye-catching red second hand; The left and right dials show the minutes and seconds of the chronograph function, respectively. There is a date display on the dial at six o’clock.
Two dial on the left and right sides of the dial is arranged in two small dial is the timing of the watch disk, the left side of the chronograph seconds, showing sixty seconds time, the right side of the time minutes, showing the number of minutes; Arabic numerals and foreign aid scale for numerical display
Transparent bottom cover design clearly show the automatic swing Tuo on the carved Geneva ripple and MIDO logo, decorated with blue screws delicate and delicate, for the precise travel time to provide a strong driving force. Watch with Caliber 60 automatic movement of the watch, up to 60 hours, super power reserve support to make multi-functional timing more durable.
Summary: The meter is good at drawing design inspiration from the building, the eternal design and super practical combination, to create a superior performance and elegant design of the timepieces. This beauty helmsman GENT series watch adhering to the American tradition, with excellent performance and elegant appearance of the United States show the superb craftsmanship. This watch with complex timing function, with excellent performance and masculine design of the United States show a solid watchmaking process.

Hamilton watches and Tissot watches which is good

Hamilton watches and Tissot watches which is good
Like the watch on the Hamilton and Tissot watches should be no stranger, the same is a well-known Swatch Group in Switzerland, then the two brands which watch is better? Here just look at the watch home to look at it!
Hamilton watch was founded in 1892 in the United States, has been a hundred years of history, is now a well-known Swiss watch manufacturer Swatch members, watch uphold the usual rough, honest, innovative, bold and firm American design style, popular The
Tissot also has a hundred years of history, is the Swiss watch brand, brand style is advocating character, natural. To simple, refined, personalized style of the original return, but also very sought after by the country.
Hamilton watches and Tissot watches which is good
In fact, from the level, Hamilton and Tissot is about the same. Because the same imitation Cartier love bracelet four categories of tables, and this level is the top three Tissot, the United States, Hamilton. This can only say that Hamilton’s popularity as good as Tissot, but the quality of work is not the case!
How much is the price of the watch?
Among the many Swiss watch brands, Rolex, Omega and other watches must have been very familiar with you, and the luxury watch you may not have heard. Thailand is the young watch brand, adhering to the men cutting-edge, publicity style of work, is committed to the classic Swiss movement and modern innovative design combination, the interpretation of the Swiss watch a new variation. So how much is the price of the watch?
The story of tyranny begins at the northern end of Lake Bill, the traditional Swiss watch center – Bill, which is the birthplace of CODEX. In this mountain with the water everywhere full of medieval style of the quiet atmosphere, CODEX Hao watch every part of the watch, are purely handmade watchmaking workers, the traditional dedication, marking their meticulous professional watchmaking Concept, and then by the design master of the well-designed, will carefully grinding the perfect combination of parts, reflecting the new process of beauty. Swiss handmade manufacturing and assembly also highlights the CODEX degree from the Alpine snow-capped mountains under the noble descent.
How much is the price of the watch?
Pride has a large and professional design craftsman team. For excellence, CODEX degree of detail on the requirements of excellence, very harsh on the quality control. The price of the watch on the market from 1,500 yuan – 500000 range range!
How much money is the price of the watch?
Haojue watches are in strict accordance with the Geneva mark the production of strict standards, and all watch Replica Cartier jewelry products are stamped with the Geneva, the level of technology without doubt. So how is such a Haojiao watch price is how much money?
brand introduction
The talented watchmaker Roger Dubuis made an important encounter with the adventurous designer and entrepreneur Carlos Dias, which led to the establishment of Roger Dubuis in 1995. Compared to other centennial watchmakers, Roger Dubuis is still young, but its strong and distinctive style and dignity, even if the watch is a senior watch brand can easily identify.
How much money is the price of the watch?
Haojue watch to Geneva traditional watchmaking craftsmanship, blend close to the perfect top technology, since its inception, will follow strict standards of production, all watches are contained in the Geneva mark, regardless of watch design or production technology, Are well recognized. In the market, Haojue watch prices ranging from 300 yuan – 6,000 yuan!
How about the quality of the watch?
Hollson poetry HOLUNS watch brand originated in Switzerland, as the Swiss watch. Nature is very popular. But some are planning to buy Hao Lun poetry watch friends may have some concerns. How about the quality of the watch, this is their biggest question. Let the watch home to introduce it!
HOLUNS watch is a watch industry veteran side by side to create a high-end watch brand, as the watch industry well-known brands, Hao Lun poetry HOLUNS since its inception at the beginning has been “superb technology, careful inheritance” as a brand adhere to the purpose , With a strong design research and development strength, with outstanding design team as the core, the introduction of Swiss watch manufacturing industry advanced technology, technology and core components, through the international leading level of precision machining equipment, designed and produced every ho Lun Lun HOLUNS timepieces is the culmination of the excellent watchmaking process.
How about the quality of the watch?
Hailun poetry HOLUNS since its inception at the beginning has been “superb technology, careful inheritance” as the brand adhere to the purpose, with a strong design research and development strength, with outstanding design team as the core, the introduction of Swiss watch manufacturing industry advanced technology, And the core components, through the international leading level of precision machining equipment, designed to produce each of the Hao Lun poetry HOLUNS timepiece is a great expression of the culmination of the production process. Hao Lun’s poem as the purpose of Hao Lun poetry HOLUNS the purpose of “superb craftsmanship, careful inheritance”, as you have every Hao Lun poetry HOLUNS timepieces will be new, worthy of transmission!

Why does the ring size table differ?

Why does the ring size table differ?
Many people in the purchase of diamond ring will always encounter some big or small problem, may be just a small detail, will become an important factor affecting the effect of wearing, which ring size is a very important and worthy of attention, the size of the ring What is the size of the table? The face of different regions and countries of the diamond ring brand, its ring size will have some minor differences How to accurately grasp the size of his girlfriend ring it? Give her a surprise, which requires your patience and careful, Xiaobian today with you to share the ring size table, as well as the purchase of the ring to pay attention to the details and measurement methods.
How to measure the size of the ring

Want to give his girlfriend a surprise? Surprise is not casually talk about you can complete Oh, you need to have enough patience and careful, careful through the details of life to understand the size of his girlfriend ring, patience is to make sure you can spend a lot of Replica Cartier jewelry time in many styles Choose a suitable for her. How do not know in the case of his girlfriend to measure the size of the ring, Xiao Bian here for everyone out of a few strokes it! First of all, if the girlfriend itself has a ring, you can directly get her jewelry jewelry store to estimate, if not convenient, then you can prepare a white pen with a pencil along the inner wall of the ring circle. Of course, you can also read the magazine inadvertently asked the size of the ring, the specific form depends on your way with your girlfriend, I believe this must be difficult.

Measure the need to pay attention to the details

Small ring carrying a lot of good, can not because of their careless effect of the wearing effect, Xiao Bian is still here for everyone to list a few need to pay attention to the small details of it 1, seasonal, the size of the purchase of the ring when the size is seasonal, the summer when the ring is just enough to buy, can not be too loose, too loose, then it will be easy to fall off in the winter, which is hot and cold A principle, but also affect the effect of ring wear an important factor. 2, wear habits, the previous custom is the male left female right, but with the continuous improvement of modern ideas and updates, many people do not care about this problem, on the contrary, everyone has everyone to pay attention to the way, You personally to understand the understanding of the size of different fingers will be different Oh.

Self-measurement can not guarantee accuracy

Sometimes for convenience, may choose to choose their own home at home, because their own professional may cause some errors, it should be able to go to the jewelry store for professional measurement, it will start from a lot of details, for you to find a suitable size , So that you can have a better wearing effect of the United States!

There are a variety of rings, each person’s size is only one, each ring has its own special significance, I hope everyone in the purchase of the ring before some more attentive and patient, although the different brands of ring size table will be different, but as long as Patience, so that you can buy a satisfactory diamond ring, witness your happiness.
Love is born from heaven and earth, irrelevant, irrelevant, only about two people. I do not know when, always smiling, then inadvertently climbed the cheek. Love and love to fill the heart of every corner, is looking up at the sky can see the stars, diamond ring, it is this little bit of the brightest bright stars that one. Cartier classic six claw diamond ring, only to bring the world’s most stunning beauty.

Cartier classic six claw crown diamond ring

Diamond ring at the fingertips temperature, like a love of fantasy. Cartier is called “the emperor of the jewelry industry,” it’s every diamond ring is the time of the classic, is the history of the waves after the waves still exist under the glow of gold, its jewelry concept has been deeply with this and the times Fused together, interact with each other, and with the times and common progress. Classic six claw crown wedding that is an ancient love, it’s every inch of Guanghua, are firmly grasp the people’s eyes, it is the perfect combination of classic and fashion, the ultimate luxury bright, elegant and refined, glamorous.

Cartier six claw diamond ring red box of the secret

Love is a time to cook the rain of the romantic dream, is written in the diary of the footer of the time mark, will be on every day of love are marked with the time stamp. Love is to miss a person bit by bit condensate into the secret, with a strong charm when the freeze, in the encounter that moment, dial the heart chord, think about it, let the memory branded every time with you, So deeply to your facial features, your smiles and laugh, engraved in every corner of my heart. Cartier exceptionally with the “red box” take the diamond ring, which is not only filled with the commitment to love, but also for every customer a good marriage blessing.

Jade and jade bracelet difference between jade and jade bracelet What are the differences between

Jade and jade bracelet difference between jade and jade bracelet What are the differences between
Jade and jade bracelet difference, jade and jade bracelet What are the differences? Throughout the ages, the bracelet is still a lot of women’s favorite, wearing a woman’s delicate side of the mind. Jade shopping malls in today, jade bracelet and jade bracelet is more common. So when we hold a bracelet in our hands, how difference jade bracelet and jade bracelet?

For jade bracelets and jade bracelets, we must know that jade is a jade, jade can be called jade, but jade is not necessarily jade, because there are many kinds of jade. Generally speaking, jade bracelets and jade bracelets, mostly refers to the jade and jade made of bracelets. In general, the price of jade than jade bracelet prices higher. In terms of hardness, jade bracelet hardness than jade bracelet hardness higher, toughness is also stronger, so the bracelet bracelet than the bracelet stronger than some of the compressive.
Jade bracelet and jade bracelet to wear the feeling is not the same. Jade bracelet exudes a glass of luster, looks like ice is very cold, but the jade bracelet is distributed in the luster of oil, feels very warm, gives a very gentle feeling. If the temperament is relatively cold friends can choose jade bracelet, temperament more warm friends can choose jade bracelet, so you can more highlight your temperament, so you become more popular.
What is the difference between jade and jade bracelet? For the Oriental Replica Cartier jewelry woman, the essential jewelry is a bracelet, and women in order to highlight their own temperament, always in the wrist with bracelets, so that women will become more elegant. But for the bracelet woman friends do not know should choose jade bracelet or jade bracelet, to know that jade and jade are a woman’s favorite. For jade bracelets and jade bracelets we must first understand the difference between the two, and then according to their own situation and then choose, then the difference between jade bracelet and jade bracelet what?
The difference between jade and nephrite

In addition, many other places on the “soft jade” and “hard jade” is not enough to explain.In fact, “soft jade”, “jade” is used in the predecessors of the habit of the law, this is just a habit The hardness of the jade is 6.5-7, jade (that is, jade) hardness is 6.5-7, the two structures are the same, both are the same, are not the same For the fiber staggered structure, is the most compact, the most stable structure.
According to its color, soft jade can be divided into: white jade, jade, jasper, ink jade, topaz, sugar and other major varieties of soft jade and jade are obvious differences are:

(1) the crystal grain shape between the two is essentially different

The shape of the crystal grains between the two are essentially different, soft jade mineral particles for the sugar-like granular structure, and jade is a columnar or fibrous crystal grain structure, jade has a unique “Tsui”, and soft jade Without this feature, so from the reflective surface or through the light can determine the emerald or nephrite;

(2) Gloss is one of the biggest differences in jade jade

The luster is one of the biggest differences in the quality of jade, the slightest experience of people through the reflected light to determine the soft jade and jade, soft jade surface is the strength of the inconsistency of the oil luster, so the gloss is soft, warm , And therefore we understand the warm jade, while the emerald reflection of the gloss of the rigid glass luster, shiny revealed the cold chill, so called chilling jade;

(3) the proportion

The proportion of nephrite (3.00) is slightly lower than that of emerald (3.33)

(4) refractive index

The refractive index of nephrite (1.62) is also slightly lower than that of emerald (1.66)
Jade and jade bracelet with which hand, jade and jade bracelet which hand is very good? Beautiful jade bracelet, jade bracelet bought back, many people will fall into a “dilemma” problem, the jade bracelet, jade bracelet to wear in which hands? Should you wear your left hand or right hand?

Since ancient times, Dai Yu is a status, a symbol of character, jade not only has a good decorative effect, but also beauty beauty, health and love. Jade bracelet is one of the most favorite jade jewelry, its roundless, a symbol of success and happiness. A young round of jade and jade bracelet is a lot of women’s favorite, especially the Oriental woman, the jade and jade bracelet is a kind of unspeakable love. In fact, jade and jade bracelet wear a lot of elegant, although many people like jade bracelet, but do not understand these elegant, even the jade bracelet worn in which hands are not clear. So today we come to give you about science, jade and jade bracelet should be worn in which hand.
In the traditional concept, we all look at the “male left female right”, so when wearing bracelets, some people suggested that women should be worn on the right hand jade bracelet. However, modern women know that, usually, jewelry is not worn on the right hand. The right hand is the primary work of life, jewelry will be worn on the right hand, not only will damage the jewelry, but also hinder things. Jade bracelet is relatively large, if long wear on the right hand, the wearer will feel very inconvenient, especially some office women, often used in computers, jade bracelet in the wrist will make the wrist was hard to Ge, a long time, Will lead to wrist numbness and soreness, health is very negative, so we do not recommend a woman will be jade and jade bracelet worn on the right hand.
Jade and Jade Bracelet Which hand is very good? Many people think that wearing a bracelet also elegant “male left female right” is true? Is there a basis for it? It seems that the male left female right that seems to be an unwritten “Convention”: men dedicated channel is usually located on the left, ladies dedicated channel is usually located on the right; in fact, “male left female right” argument, at first to protect men and women are different Privacy and the birth of the unwritten rules, if used in the jade ring to wear the above is obviously a bit inappropriate. On the emerald bracelet worn in the right hand of the woman said evil spirits, it is nonsense.
The jade bracelet worn on the right hand is to make beautiful bracelets will have more opportunities to show, but this is likely to make the right wrist injury, in life, we use the right hand most, especially in the office of the woman, Computer wrist joint-intensive, jade bracelet often gorgeous wrist, a long time the wrist will numb and pain, especially when the activity more pain, such as things, twist towels, and even shake hands with the brothers and so on.

The jade bracelet worn on the left hand, not only to protect the wrist, as well as the wealth of wealth effect, this is because the folk kind of argument is called “left into the right”, so jade bracelet worn in the left hand has the effect of financial wealth. People who like jade bracelets should wear bracelets on their left hand, both to protect their wrist, there are good moral, why not?

What is the meaning of sending earrings to send earrings?

What is the meaning of sending earrings to send earrings?
Earrings are worn on both sides of the left ear lobe, is the closest to the heart of the place, so wearing a love to send earrings, on behalf of life to listen to the voice of love. Many young friends are particularly fond of beautiful exquisite earrings, often can not resist the temptation of earrings. At first, the earrings are people in order to avoid evil exorcism, bless the product of peace, the development of today, earrings have become a female friend love jewelry, but also a lot of friends gifts the best choice. So, what is the meaning of sending earrings?
What is the meaning of the ear studs?

Meaning one, boys send girls earrings: your body has my mark, can only belong to me.

Meaning two, girls send boys earrings: stare you life or Replica Cartier jewelry marry me.

Meaning three, boys send girls right ear nails: I like you, please contact me.

Meaning four, boys send girls left ear nail: Please and I finished my life.

Meaning five, girls send boys right ear nails: hope we can be together.

Meaning six, girls send boys left ear nail: let us hand in hand to see lonely human.

What is the meaning of the ear studs?
Snail lady earrings

The meaning of sending the earring

1, send earrings the earliest time with the role of amulet, so at that time people donated earrings each other is equivalent to the amulet is expressed that the other side of the concern, hope that the other side can be safe, often loved ones or better friends between each other Gift.

2, send earrings slowly develop to a certain stage, between men and women began to donate earrings to express their feelings, because the ancient Chinese men and women expressed the feelings of the special subtle, often not straightforward to say it, often through the gift earrings Of the small jewelry to express their minds.

3, if the girls are donated earrings between each other, often because of the feelings between each other very good, is the expression between the girlfriends affection.

4, and boys donated earrings each other, either because their brothers wearing earrings look better, or is the love of love between the same sex keepsake.

5, send earrings and the ancient superstition, the legendary devil and other demon soul always want to enter the human body, the body, so the human body may be all out of the hole must be particularly guardian, and earrings are worn on the ears Lucky character.

How do the earrings look good with the face?

(1) oval face: this face is our most common, this is the traditional oriental women’s standard face shape. This face is the largest range, almost any shape of the earrings can be worn. Send earrings on behalf of what, but also pay attention to the size of the earrings to be consistent with their overall feeling, with their own body, hair and clothing with the perfect moving Oh!

(2) square face: square face on the face of the need for visual softening of the line. Suitable choice of flower-shaped, heart-shaped, oval-shaped earrings, can be a good way to ease and modify the face of water chestnut, to reduce the face lines too obvious shortcomings. Send earrings meaning, try to avoid the earrings, because the earrings are generally only a good face to wear the appropriate crush, and other flawed face to try to avoid earrings, because it is not only make up for defects, but also strengthen the highlights defect.
Earrings what material good different material earrings the advantages and disadvantages

Earrings common materials are pearls, Choi Po, diamonds, gold, platinum, then ear studs what material is good? The following describes the advantages and disadvantages of different materials, earrings, we can according to their actual situation to choose Oh!
Ear studs what material is good – pearl
Pearl ear nails, pearls have the role of care, pearl commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine, mediocre in medicine must be scared, heat Yiyang, received mouth muscle and other effects, so wearing pearl earrings can play a very good regulatory role, so that the skin exceptionally smooth , Delicate; color Po earrings, color colorful color, the price is not high, elegant and elegant for the love of young women

Earrings what material is good – sterling silver
Generally limited funds in the student period, the choice of sterling silver stud ear is good, low prices and no allergies, generally about twenty or thirty can buy

Earrings what material is good – platinum
Platinum earrings high purity can prevent allergies, platinum process in addition to smooth and faceted; but expensive.

Earrings what material is good – diamonds
Now more people will choose diamond stud earrings, ear a little more than a drill, and not because it is small and it shines, it is to achieve the icing on the cake of the great results.

Ear studs what material is good – gold
Gold color is glittering, but the gold is very soft because the material is difficult to shape, the process is limited, are generally smooth and frosted, and gold earrings ear rods generally thick, so many people do not like

Earrings what material is good – ordinary metal
Ordinary metal earrings advantage is a variety of styles, affordable, or even two dollars can buy a pair of beautiful earrings; shortcomings are easy to allergies, bad for the body.

What studs are good material? The above description of the advantages and disadvantages of different materials, earrings, we can refer to!
In this trend of society, you will see a lot of people are wearing earrings, earrings are pairs of pairs, that is, left ear nails and right earrings at the same time wear. But you will see a lot of people wearing only one ear, especially the boys, is to show their own personality, fashion or other deep meaning? What does that mean?
Wearing right ear nails on behalf of the meaning

1. earrings worn on the left ear of the male is often that single, not married, left ear nail there is a meaning that is intimate meaning, while wearing the right ear nails that men are gay, that is, gay. This argument is generally popular in foreign countries, generally not so much in the country to say that young people want to play in which ears, on which ears to play.

2. with the earrings of the most important meaning is beautiful, but according to modern analysis, especially abroad, left and right earrings have different claims. Such as wearing a left ear nails of men are gay (gay), wearing right earrings of the male is bisexual. Wearing a stud earrings, no matter which ear, are said to be homosexual.

3. boys in the absence of his girlfriend when the left ear earrings means: healing or playing cool, if in the case of a girlfriend, the boys left ear earrings means: you are my favorite. Girls single ear when the left ear wearing a nail means to commemorate a love, accompanied by her boyfriend when the left ear wearing earrings, meaning I want to love the people finished a lifetime.

4. girls wear side which does not matter, if the male band, both sides with no special meaning, if only with the left is also normal, but if only with the right side may be homosexual.

Earrings (earrings) wear precautions

First, to prevent accidental loss of earrings

1. To wear ear holes to select the coarse ear nails, silver needle rod diameter of 0.7mm and above the tight plug;

2. If the selected silver nail <0.7mm plastic stopper can be straddled into the silver needle, can not afford to long-term (this method is our professional wear law, they are not easy to operate);

3. Silver nail behind the small ring (forbidden straight hook), to ensure that will not hang pillow. These three kinds of wear, earplugs should be left with the ears of 2mm gap to facilitate the breathable, on the drug, rotation.

Second, within a month before the earrings accidentally fall off or want to change the other earrings do not wear, and scratch the ear wall caused by inflammation.

Ear hole within one month after the hole, the skin regeneration of the hole there is a process, just forming a thin and tender layer of film, not enough to withstand any slight outside the scratch, this period, such as earrings accidentally fall off, hanging injury Or want to change the other earrings, but found how to wear on the hard wear will cause scratches, bleeding, bacterial infection will be inflamed. A friend said that because of the ear hole slanting to wear in the past, in fact, you want to be really slanting oblique wear should wear through, so in any place piercing ears are asked you not to pick a month Surely, earrings accidentally fall off or for the first time in the case of their own do not grasp the best to find a professional store to help you wear.

Third, the choice of silver nail quality

Change the ear nail when the pain, do not wear and the quality of the earrings, nail head shape, and now a wide range of commercially available earrings earrings, some varieties of processing technology delicate, ear tip cut off after the high temperature firing, The end of a smooth, curved, comfortable to wear; there are some silver ear nail (ring) processing technology is simple, silver nail directly after processing finished products, nail face and nail was 90 °, sharp edges, for some lack of earrings experience Friends, wearing this earrings hanging ear piercing the possibility of a larger.

Fourth, do a good job cleaning care

Some friends have finished the situation has been very good, to the effect did not go to the tube, and sometimes hang after the pain, bleeding and no anti-inflammatory care, leading to ear puff from the pustules. So after the cleaning care is also very important. There are ear holes, alcohol, cotton swab should be a regular product, a month should always use alcohol cotton cleaning wipe ear holes before and after the gap, like every day to wash their faces, ear holes need to clean every day, wounded, bumps also need On the drug care, can not care, only careful care to make the ear hole fast and healthy intact.

Diamond really someone else said so rare?

Diamond really someone else said so rare?
Always heard that diamonds are very rare, mining for decades did not, this is true? Are diamonds really so rare?

Q: always heard people say that diamonds are very rare, mining for decades did not, this is true? Are diamonds really so rare?

The best answer: De Beers told us that the earth is only 30 years of drilling, but we do not know is that he added before this sentence “has proven” this clever prefix, and chemistry tells us, Diamonds are essentially carbon, and there are many on earth. But the diamond into the mantle, the need for tens of thousands of Pa pressure and high temperature, and then hold on for millions of years, so the reason why diamonds so “rare” because it takes Replica Cartier jewelry decades of mining costs, grinding costs, and the world only three major mining Companies, they monopolize the mining, and unearthed diamonds, only about one millionth of the diamond for the high quality carat drill, five millionth of a total of 2 karats, fifteen millionths to reach 3 karats. More than 90% of the diamond impurities are too much, or this is too small to reach the gem level. So it is rare to reach the gem-level drill.
In general, the question of which finger is associated with the emotional marital status of the person. The newly married couple will wear the wedding ring on the left hand of the ring finger, indicating that the new people have their own heart, the flower has a master. Ring finger on a blood vessel is leading to the heart, will represent the lovers blessing and mind of the wedding ring wearing on the ring finger, a symbol of life is not separated, love forever.

In the end of the wedding ring wear on which finger is good

First of all, marriage for a person is a big thing in life, for everyone is more important, and wedding options for the wedding ring is also as important as a token. It is up to you to see which finger is the most important. In medicine, the left hand of the ring finger on a blood vessel is straight to a person’s heart, so the wedding ring on the left hand ring finger on the most appropriate.

How to wear wedding dress can be more elegant

First of all, this and the wedding ring on the size of the diamond, too much diamond wear in the hands of heavy, and even some people will feel the bride grab the bride’s limelight. But the diamond is too small and will not be obvious, people do not see the beauty of diamonds So in general to choose to wear wedding ring to wear, to choose the size of diamonds is better.
Followed by wedding ring how to wear more elegant, and wedding ring style has a large degree of relationship. Want to elegant and luxurious, then it is best to use luxury mosaic way, so that the ring is more shining, so that their ring is more different. Wearing the bride’s hand is also more compelling.

Finally, but also depends on the bride was the evening of the dress, if it is wearing a Western-style wedding dress, then the wedding ring with a diamond ring is more suitable, if the bride wear Chinese cheongsam as a wedding dress, you can choose gold wedding ring or mosaic jade Wedding ring more suitable.

Wedding ring wear ring what pay attention to

In general, the question of which finger is associated with the emotional marital status of the person. The newly married couple will wear the wedding ring on the left hand of the ring finger, indicating that the new people have their own heart, the flower has a master. Ring finger on a blood vessel is leading to the heart, will represent the lovers blessing and mind of the wedding ring wearing on the ring finger, a symbol of life is not separated, love forever.

People in love often ask the wedding ring with which fingers such a problem, fear of wearing an embarrassing situation. Because in love when people will wear the ring on the middle finger, but when the wedding to change a finger, will feel very used to, in fact, the opposite is that wearing a wedding ring just to reflect a different emotional changes, not The same identity.
It is said that by wearing a ring style can also see a person’s psychology. Like the pink ring of girls rich feelings, more romantic; like ruby girls more enthusiastic, hot, like sapphire people are more indifferent, introverted; like emerald people are more vulnerable feelings.

Girls ring wear stress

If you are a cheerful and generous, engaged in free occupation of the SOHU family, then you can wear the ring on the direction of the index finger; if you like anytime, anywhere to create a relaxed, hearty Atmosphere, so that gathered around the opposite sex, then you have to wear a ring to pay attention to the implementation of the method, the ring worn on the middle finger.
It is said that by wearing a ring style can also see a person’s psychology. Like the pink ring of girls rich feelings, more romantic; like ruby girls more enthusiastic, hot, like sapphire people are more indifferent, introverted; like emerald people are more vulnerable feelings. But girls wear a ring of stress, in different historical stages will have different meanings, if you want a more in-depth understanding, you can go to consult the diamond bird professionals, they will give you detailed, authoritative explanation.

Boys ring wear stress

In the marriage feelings of boys wearing a ring of stress is also different:

1. The index finger indicates that you want to get married but not yet.

2. The middle finger indicates that she is in love, but she does not get married.

3. Anonymous finger indicates that it has been engaged or married.

4. The little finger indicates that the man is a celibate.

Men wear ring knowledge, where the need to put forward is that men’s ring is best not to be too thin, it is best to thick some weight heavier, this ring wearing the hands of boys, only more in line with the boys rough, bold Personality characteristics, Pepe to wear more men even more.

Wedding ring wear stress

The first: because in the people’s ring finger, and a blood vessel is connected with the heart, for the together for life lovers, the wedding ring to the ring finger on behalf of their heart and mind, heart interlinked.

The second: wedding ring to wear in the ring finger reasons, because the ring finger on behalf of husband and wife, is a lifetime does not separate. True love, stick together, is eternal life are inseparable.

Swarovski 2013 new jewelry release fresh ocean light

Swarovski 2013 new jewelry release fresh ocean light
Swarovski (SWAROVSKI) is the world’s leading crystal manufacturer, each year for the fashion, jewelry and crystal lamps and other industries to provide a large number of high-quality cutting crystal stone. At the same time Swarovski is also a high-quality, bright and highly accurate crystal and related products famous luxury brand. Recently, Swarovski launched new spring and summer jewelry. Exposure to the ocean is clear, the atmosphere is full of mysterious inspiration atmosphere, each ray of light are reflected in the unparalleled fashion.
Triumphal series with bright cut imitation crystal, accompanied by shiny and small dome imitation crystal pearls, fight out enough to match the Indian and Canadian national design of the beautiful design, the two pieces of the embodiment of the abstract flower pattern for white or coral The blue Triumphal series adds a charming embellishment.
The Nirvana Baby Necklace is the new, Nirvana series blend of contemporary design and simple lines of the masterpiece, not only show Swarovski’s unique technology and extraordinary technology; 93 cutting surface is more beautiful way to express light capture, Make this full cut imitation crystal jewelry doubled flashing dazzling. Nirvana Baby necklace with an open attitude to meet the baptism of the sun, Smart between us for the shining sun shine.

Swarovski 2013 new jewelry release fresh ocean light
Triumphal Blue bracelet Price: CNY 1,420
This turquoise blue acrylic bracelet with flowers as the Replica Cartier jewelry inspiration, and by a number of cutting crystal puzzle made of the pattern design, shining with creamy effect of turquoise blue tones; coupled with delicate and delicate magnet buckle, so you wear times Feel comfortable.

Swarovski 2013 new jewelry release fresh ocean light
Triumphal necklace Price: CNY 3,000
This sparkling opal-plated palladium-colored necklace combines a unique rhyme-transparent crystal claw chain with exquisite floral decorations decorated with multiple crystal trims to add freshness to your spring and summer dress.

Swarovski 2013 new jewelry release fresh ocean light
Triumphal White bracelet Price: CNY 1,420
This white acrylic glass bracelet is inspired by flowers, and is decorated with a number of crystal cut crystal design, shining with a charming milky tone; coupled with delicate and delicate magnet buckle, so you feel comfortable when wearing.

Swarovski 2013 new jewelry release fresh ocean light
Triumphal Ring Price: CNY 1,700
This flower-inspired palladium-plated ring, decorated with a number of flashing pleasing white milk cut crystal, full of charming charm. You can also match the same necklace or pendant, for the dress into the fresh and elegant style.

Swarovski 2013 new jewelry release fresh ocean light
Triumphal White Ring Sale Price: CNY 980
This elegant and charming white acrylic glass ring inspired by flowers, and by a number of cutting crystal made of the pattern design, shining with pleasing white tone. You can also match the same necklace, for the dress into the fresh charm.

Swarovski 2013 new jewelry release fresh ocean light
Nirvana Crystal Baby Necklace Price: CNY 1,420
This beautifully decorated white gold necklace, decorated with a small chic pendant, inspired by Swarovski iconic Nirvana ring; in addition to blending the pleasing pleasing transparent crystal and Swarovski unique flash drill effect , The top of the pendant is also engraved with exquisite Swanflower® pattern.
Marriage jewelry is both dowry, but also to accompany the girl’s life love keepsake, but also a good for a hundred years, everlasting sustenance and vision, is a kind of satisfaction with the well-being. De Beers this summer launched the new Adonis Rose series, as a unique actress in the wedding, the gas field perfect bloom. Come together to appreciate it

De Beers introduced the new Adonis Rose series this summer

De Beers this summer launched the new Adonis Rose series, with the top luxury diamonds and elegant and moving design, so that every couple in the harvest of the blessing of the gods at the same time, also harvest unforgettable memories of life.

As a unique actress in the wedding, the perfect blooming gas field. Adonis Rose series full of flowers in full blooming soft posture, in order to bring out the bride deserved honorable status. De Beers this drawn from the Greek mythology of the ultimate series to the theme of roses, showing the love of moving beauty, dense leaf graphics in the lofty diamonds more vibrant diamond. With the vigorous growth of foliage, the roses bloom to the sun.
Swarovski was founded in 1895 by Daniel Swarovski in Austria, is the world’s leading crystal manufacturer, each year for fashion, jewelry and crystal lamps and other industries to provide a large number of high-quality cutting stone.
Related brands: Swarovski
Category: jewelry brand

In the summer of 2013, Swarovski took the exquisite work of the “Love Paradise” series with the new dream country, and continued the gorgeous movement of the brand to the advanced jewelery market, presenting the unparalleled ultimate elegance of precious stones with excellent and lasting grinding techniques. And on the occasion of the arrival of Mother’s Day, Swarovski portrait selected three chic and elegant high-level jewelry, and you share the warmth of this love thick shining moment.
Sea of Flowers
Early summer breeze pregnant with the budding life, Swarovski Sea of Flowers flower sea theme products in the breeze blowing under the elegant bloom, accompanied by sweet fragrance, bring endless joy. Happiness Pendant uses more than 8 carats of amethyst, accompanied by diamonds and blue topa embellishment, with Swarovski’s high-precision fit mosaic technology, exudes a fascinating magic. The unique shape of the ornaments, flapping butterflies on the wings of the flowers around the graceful flowers, as the wizard-like child always nestled in the arms of the mother. Soft color fusion bright Yue move, a burst of fragrance seems to be inconvenient to open up. Love is dependent, love is passed, the original is the mother’s love to make life loved.

Sweetie Pendant is also the finishing touch in the Sea of Flowers. Different colors of the top of the pala flower flowers spread, flashing diamonds around the flowers, shaping the three-dimensional sense of folding. Graceful style supplemented by bright and magnificent magnificent colors, auspicious harmony of the good meaning arises spontaneously. Gift of such a lovable pendant, for kind mother to warm smile.
Glittering Heart theme product
Glittering Heart theme product continues the last season on the romantic feelings of infinite vision, in the summer of 2013 again will be gorgeous and beautiful filling in the mix of design style, with the name of love show good intentions. Tie your Heart Earrings with symmetrical love will eternal friendship timeless; exquisite fine edge row drill in the brand precision cutting skills to create, to create an unparalleled dazzling brilliance. Row of diamonds wrapped heart-shaped amethyst to multi-layer section will shine together, intended to set off the mother in the hearts of the only noble, beautiful light for her gorgeous bloom.
Three spring flowers love thousands of strands, a heart is willing to Hundreds. Let us use the delicate feelings brewing the most sincere blessing, with our silent touched the most affectionate love. Full of love forever her heart, Swarovski new high-level jewelry series dream country “Love Paradise” for the Mother’s Day exquisite gift, praise mother unparalleled kindness.

Swarovski brand profile

Swarovski (SWAROVSKI) is the world’s leading crystal manufacturer, each year for the fashion, jewelry and crystal lamps and other industries to provide a large number of high-quality cutting crystal stone. At the same time Swarovski is also a high-quality, bright and highly accurate crystal and related products famous crystal handicraft brand. [1] August 16, 2012, Zhengzhou Swarovski was blown its counter thousand dollars crystal is glass, industrial and commercial intervention investigation.

Swarovski “Silver Crystal” series of exquisite design, style ingenuity, including animals, candlesticks and other desk furnishings, at present, around the world more than 12,000 Swarovski stores can buy silver crystal products, as products Series is more than one hundred and twenty species. You may have thought (silver crystal) the name of the source, many people are wrong to say that the crystal contains silver ingredients, in fact, crystal projection in the light of a silver, it is the origin of silver crystal name. Swarovski adheres to the tradition of diversified development and is committed to consolidating its position as the world’s largest manufacturer of cutting crystal products.

Have the meaning of the ring brand which

Have the meaning of the ring brand which
The ring is an ornament worn on your finger and anyone can wear it. The custom of wearing rings has a long history, and different places have different meanings for different ways of wearing. And in many areas worn on the left index finger is considered to courtship, the middle finger that love, the little finger that we do not love or life alone. In ancient Rome, the ring is a seal as a symbol of right.
1, Zuo Kay jewelry brand

Zakai, jewelry brand, mainly engaged in diamond jewelry, in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and other major cities in the country with stores, and through the official website of the brand and the mainstream B2C platform set flagship store to provide customers with products and services. From the “same diamond” to “half price”, from “B2C single shot” to “020 model together marketing”, from the “Internet Diamond brand” from the “super diamond Cartier love bracelet replica store” to “Asian five-star diamond building” To “jewelry new commercial civilization of the aircraft carrier”, he used this exploration, so that its innovative ideas and career layout increasingly international. “Outstanding”, which is his vision of the future of Zoakai, but also the industry’s cognitive evaluation of him.

In the concept of Zoac, the jewels are faithful companions and recorders, for the owner to support the journey of time and soul. “Jewelry is a art of aesthetics, is the people to convey good feelings of the token, the practitioners need to carefully and carefully. Brand and customers should not only trade relationship between, if a jewelry can accompany customers for ten years or even For decades, the brand should also strive to become a trustworthy customer trust. ”

2, Chow Tai Fook brand

A model for the F140326 gold men’s ring, the price of 4300 yuan. The product is made of thousands of gold, and its table and all have been polished, has a very good gloss, and the carved Fu word is smooth lines, was stereoscopic, which represents the people’s wish, the ring The mouth of the design, according to the need to wear a free adjustment, very human, the whole men’s ring showing a low-key and luxurious beauty.

3, Cartier

Cartier SA (Cartier SA) is a French watch and jewelry manufacturer, in 1847 by Louis-Fran? Ois Cartier in Paris Rue Montorgueil 31 founder. In 1874, his son Yafa Cartier inherited his management, by his grandson Louis Cartier, Pierre Cartier and Jiesi Cartier to develop into a world famous brand. Is now the Swiss Richemont Group (Compagnie Financière Richemont SA) affiliated companies.

4, Tiffany

Tiffany & Company (Tiffany & Co., NYSE: TIF) is an American jewelry and silver company founded in 1837. In 1853 Charles Tiffany mastered the company’s control, the company name is simplified as “Tiffany” (Tiffany & Co), the company has since established the jewelry Cartier love ring replica industry for the business focus. Tiffany gradually established stores in major cities around the world. Tiffany has developed a set of its own precious stones, platinum standards, and was adopted by the US US government as the official standard. Today, Tiffany is one of the world’s leading luxury goods companies.

5, Chow Sang Sang

Chow Sang Sang was in Hong Kong in 1934 to carry out retail business in China, founded in 1948 in Hong Kong, and in 1973 to become a listed company, in 1994 to develop the mainland business market. “Chow Sang Sang” name, “week” and then, “life and life” endless meaning, and “week” is the founder’s surname. As the Group’s main business, Chow Sang Sang Jewelry Co., Ltd. for the wholly-owned business, is the Greater China famous jewelry manufacturers and retailers. The Group’s main three-line business is: jewelry retail and manufacturing, precious metals wholesale and securities futures services, the Group in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, more than 4,000 employees.

6, Xie Ruilin

(“TSL” or “Group”) is a well-known jewelery group in Asia, principally engaged in the design, retail, export and manufacturing of jewelery. TSL was established in 1971 and was listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited in 1987. Is the first to enter the Chinese mainland market in Hong Kong jewelry brand. The Group has been committed to improving the coverage rate in the Chinese market, in China has developed more than 20 to the theme of modern jazz “Xie Ruilin │Saxx” brand new concept jewelry chain.
There are moral rings of the world brand

NO.1: Cartier (Cartier)

Founded in France in 1847, Cartier is the most famous watch and jewelery manufacturer in France and the world. It has a history of writing jewels and watch designs and enjoys the praise of the emperor’s jeweler and jeweler emperor. In 1899, Cartier went to the present site, 13 Heping Street, Paris, followed by the Cartier three brothers inherited the family business, their footprints traveled all over the world, from India to Russia, from the Persian Pirates New World.

NO.2: Boucheron

Boucheron (Po Shi Long) is the French GUCCI Group’s jewelry company. Was established in 1858 in Paris, France. At the beginning of creation, Po poetry dragon is celebrity by virtue of the favor, the cause and thus flourishing. Russian actresses, French actress Sarah Bernhardt, American millionaire Mackay and Vanderbilt, Polignac countess, Lady Curzon are all Po-long customers.

NO.3: Van Cleef & Arpels

In the world of jewelry, you can not indifferent to Van Cleef & Arpels, it is definitely not the general Cartier nail bracelet replica sense of the jewels, but the noble French temperament. Has been the world’s aristocratic and celebrity Ascot is particularly favorite top jewelry brand. From the Duchess of Windsor, Monaco Queen Grace Kelly, the king of Iran and the Queen, all choose Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry, to show their distinguished temperament and style.

NO.4: Bvlgari

Bold and unique, distinguished classical. The balance also incorporates classical and modern features, breaking the rigorous rules of the traditional academic design, inspired by the Greek elegance, the Italian Renaissance and the 19th century metallurgical technology, creating the unique style of the Bulgari. Unique style is known, get the world’s social celebrities in hot pursuit, much royal nobility, film stars of all ages.

NO.5: Mikimoto

In 1893 the father of the Japanese pearl Royal Mukimoto cultivated the first lesson of the perfect pearl, and then founded the Mikimoto, 1924 the Japanese royal family is designated Mikimoto for the Queen’s jewelry shop. Not only in Japan, even the British royal family and nobles are all their love, many important occasions, their crown and jewelry by Mikimoto provided.

NO.6: Harry Wynston

Hayward Winston was founded in New York in 1890, a skilled and embrace of the dream of the jeweler with its exquisite craftsmanship and craftsmanship to have the shop or the Hai Rui Winston became well known, enjoy the “King of Diamonds “and” star jeweler “reputation, Hai Rui Winston was founded in 1932 in New York, focusing on high-level jewelry and senior watch production.

How to choose the first element of the South

How to choose the first element of the South
Sui this argument, I should come from the emerald school, referring to the simple repair type, do not do any carving things. South red texture hard, poor toughness, sculpture is very difficult, but also because the material expressive, and become a lot of masters favorite raw materials, often common to many masters carefully carved boutique, but for our people, Of the carving, it can not afford, and some ordinary craftsmen, do a lot of things is a kind of damage to the material, looked very distressed, so the rapid rise in the South red now, choose some less value-added elements , It may be a good choice for our wage earners.

Although it is too love because of the stone, was forced to do Replica Cartier jewelry business, more time, from the player’s point of view, how to choose their own some cost-effective, after the appreciation of large space stone, so you can play while upgrading , Slowly, to improve the quality of things in their own hands, can be considered no white investment so much time and energy. Simply based on their own experience to sum up, where is the choice of their own elements of the South red element.
1, size
General 20 grams is my bottom of the brand of red gold (necklace pendant), and then a small, upper body is not significant, particularly good material, such as pure color material, or color to Jinhong, after the mosaic of the material , Can be relaxed to 15 grams, and then small, really did not feel, and now the price is not very high South red, we have the conditions to try to choose something big point. Like these three brands, the size is not large, persimmon red I can not remember 20 grams, but one is full of meat persimmon red, good color is very pure, a almost pure color rose, the two if mosaic, then slightly Design, will come out the effect of solid color, we think about it, so solid things, what price now? So, despite the slightest size, but the overall value is not bad.
As for the side of the brand, because it is very material, the same material, out of the brand than the water droplets and more loss of more than 20% of the weight, so very rare, worth leaving, of course, the shape of the pendant with the face with what, everyone we have their own The standard, not much to say.

2, shape
Chinese people like the success of their own is picky, so my own shape of the brand is very picky, asymmetrical not, not full, the thickness of 10, but no, anyway, things in the hands of feeling, , Visual around the upper and lower should be symmetrical, so comfortable, lines to be soft and full, regardless of how much weight, must have a sense of presence, to be comfortable, if later to carving, to have enough margin to toss, can not carved Two knives, through, and waste.
This water droplets, the color is slightly weaker, but the natural fire Phoenix pattern, the side to see very thick, full of hands like an egg, impeccable big guy, it is like.
This carved pieces, the color is very good, half persimmon half Jinhong, although the pattern of weaknesses, but very eye-catching, the side is a semi-circular beads, it is domineering.
3, texture
Texture is the material of the soul, is persimmon red, or rose red, or flame, such as the material, persimmon red, slightly with the same color pattern, indoor darkness is a solid color effect, the thickness of the shape are perfect, this material upper body effect Said that once the right opportunity, met a good engraver, the value of this stone is not doubled the problem.
4. Pattern: pattern is the soul of nine flame material, although there are meticulous, abstract, freehand, all worthy of thin to pondering,
1, straight hanging Yunfan economic sea: solid color of the persimmon a few lines of water lines outline the sea slowly leaves a sail

Mountains: fine flame pattern out of the mountains

Tianchi: very realistic Changbai Mountain Tianchi scene

Lotus pond moonlight: a pool of clear water, lotus layers stacked, very artistic

Bullfighting woman: big hat, pleated skirt, very vivid fighting bullfighting, the image and vivid!

Sweat persimmon
Super red a large drop of water, rounded full, very red, like the northeast of the skin persimmon, would like to bite
Itself is a very cheap material, wrapped silk material, but the pattern of distribution is very level, very sense of picture

5, plasticity
Some material look at the material phase, but careful observation, there will be very shallow plasticity, which is a 85 grams of water droplets, color yellow, flat pattern, but in the hands of the engraver, out of a small boutique , The pattern on the material, due to the advantages of the guide, designed into rock flowers, etc., out of the effect of beautiful!
original appearance
Finished look

Like this big water droplets, patterns are very hierarchical, very thick shape, good use of patterns, you can come out a very nice landscape.
Big beads, 34 diameter, mostly persimmon red, you can carve a flower ball, think are beautiful
Full of meat persimmon material, there is a little water lines, if you want to carve, the water line pattern landscaping look, the effect should be good

6, practical
This big flame beads, 360 degrees without dead ends, it is suitable for viewing play, upper body is difficult, suitable for pure collection of players

And this Dole more than 40 grams, three different patterns, each have their own, to do pendants, with bracelets are very practical,

This red and white material, take very affordable, 46 grams, less than 1000, red and white, their own natural patterns are good, then, later, by a special aesthetic guy, into this, very Meng, but. The The The The The
7, how to get a good stone
Everyone who loves the stone wants to get a good stone, but how can we do it, some difficulty, some of their own small experience exchange it

the first. To be forward-looking, many sisters holding the previous things to me to find, how to say it, the channel did not change, supply more, but the quality of something like a stubble, before the past forever, unless the hands of the family is willing Turn, the quality of new goods and the previous can not be compared, we can only find the best now, can not be the best before, jade is an example of jade, mineral things, the more mining less, less, good things Less, to the former, who can not return to the past. Can only pick inside the inside!

second. A price of a cargo, good goods is always a good price. Their own according to their own budget, choose their own acceptable things, really good things, to be willing to buy stones 2, 3 years, have a experience, a lot of time is the price of space for the price, get good things.

third. Two-way choice, we pocket money, you can choose their own businesses and goods, and businesses have the right to choose customers, which is everyone’s rights and obligations, and sometimes, will give me some trust in the old customers to find something, And then there are other sister to ask, why do not you give me this thing, I want to say, you do so I trust: only to my goal and price range, all to me, and then do not return, and Very satisfied? Very sincere to everyone, most afraid of being hurt, so many times to avoid to avoid, something shoot clear, written clearly, and then the system regularly shelves, the price is transparent publicity, we can freely choose, this is My intelligence can do the best way. Although it has been trying to make everyone happy.