Goethe once said that music is a flowing building and architecture is solidified

In modern life, people pay more and more attention to the table, indicating that the public’s demand for lifestyle is gradually increasing, not only for clothing and clothing, but also reflected in a number of personalized products, which are more for the watch High-end decorations, but also gradually become more enthusiastic. Table For women, and gold and silver jewelry in general more differences, the watch seems more than those gorgeous jewelry more practical, but also contains the meaning of wearing watch people watch the feelings of the watch as a life intimate work friend. Mido’s watchmaking philosophy is to create a watch that has high-quality materials, a precise movement, and a long-lasting watch with excellent water resistance, all in keeping with the real needs of contemporary women. Now, please follow the editor to explore this Mido DONNA Caliber 80 long power reserve women’s watch.

Goethe once said that music is a flowing building and architecture is solidified music. Madame DONNA ladies watch from the neoclassical building representatives – Rennes, France, the simple style of drawing inspiration, adhering to the tranquil and rustic style, with the ultimate imitation Cartier love bracelet simplicity of shape tribute to the heart of the watch design, the delicate curves and elegant The outline of the integration into the design, so grand symphony movement in the wrist, the transmission of strength and beauty, after the baptism of time, more brilliant.

Smooth appearance, stylish design, highlighting the style of urban women.

The DONNA collection is exclusively tailored to women, and the 33mm case is delicate and compact, fitting very well into the slender wrists of women. Metal shell, outlines the perfect rounded curve.

On the white dial, the mark of Mido impressively appears at 12 o’clock.

Through the sapphire crystal glass, the dial has a radiating streak modification, the mark of Mido impressively appears at 12 o’clock, the name of Mido comes from the Spanish “Yo mido”, which means “I measure” and want to become A Swiss table full of personality and your life.

The calendar display window is at six o’clock.

Functionally, the watch has a basic time-of-day display, and the circular calendar display window is located at six o’clock. Simple Arabic numerals show that reading time is easy to see.

Small crown with thread trim for easy handling.

From the side, the crown has the Mido mark decoration, surrounded by threads more convenient for the wearer operation. Time and calendar adjustments rely on twisting the crown to achieve.

Case and chain chain connection, only to the middle of the chain link.

Case and chain chain connection, just to the middle of the chain link, the natural transition to the Replica Cartier jewelry, this design makes the watch more in line with the human body structure, while meeting the overall design of the watch a sense of harmony.

Sparkling gold bracelet, more dazzling in the light.

From the wear point of view, the metal bracelet more comfortable and skin-friendly, do not have to worry about sweat stains on the strap corrosion. Sparkling gold bracelet, more dazzling in the light.

Watch with folding clasp, the clasp also has the Mido classic Logo.

When the watch is snapped together, the classic Logo of Mido appears on the inside of the wrist and the DNA of the brand is everywhere, giving the wearer the longest companionship.

Automatically placed Tuo carefully engraved Geneva ripple and MIDO logo.

Through the bottom of the watch, watch movement structure at a glance. Automatic Tuo carefully carved Geneva ripple and MIDO logo, each part of the decoration are exquisite polished, let the wearer feel the superb craftsmanship of Swiss watchmaking.

DONNA Caliber 80 long power reserve women’s watch, breaking the craft limit.

DONNA Caliber 80 long power reserve ladies watch breakthrough process limit, equipped with Caliber 80 automatic movement, Caliber 80 automatic movement strictly abide by the Mido standards, power reserve up to 80 hours, even if not wearing three days still able to travel accurately. Long energy savings for women full lasting charm.

Summary: Every woman needs a watch of their own, accompanied by the watch is the other jewels of jewelry can not be replaced. If you have not yet read the watch, please observe every detail of it quietly in the dead of night, and you will always find the beauty of craftsmanship and design that touches your heart. In the tiny case, even still contains a huge energy, which is how wonderful works, accompany your time, the more you can experience the toxicity of the watch.

Where there is light, where there is a story, where there is a changing landscape. People always attempt to depict the trajectory of time, keep the reflection of time, grasp the tail of time, but always can not control the time. As a result, designers look for inspiration from a variety of natural buildings and landscapes. Madame DONNA’s watch draws inspiration from the minimalist styling of the Neo-Classical architecture delegate, the Rennes Opera House, France, with a different www.ourlovestore.com perspective The story of time, showing a classic fashion, precision and durability of the ladies watch, enchanting.

33 mm case, compact and sophisticated.
From the appearance point of view, Mido ultra-long power reserve ladies watch highlights the most simple lines, the most fluid design, compact dial with basic time display, calendar display window at three o’clock position, sleek and stylish metal case with Metal bracelet, comfortable to wear and easy to take care of. The details of the watch even more prominent brand of intentions and expertise, let us follow the photographer’s camera to enjoy the beauty of it.

Crown with thread decoration, easy to operate.
With the lens to record the details of the watch, you will be touched by that kind of detail in the filming, simple style, elegant design, Mido is so to show the beauty of women’s watches, people can not refuse to DONNA ladies watch Charm.

Metallic links, comfortable to wear and beautiful.
From the power point of view, soft and elegant design beating is a strong “core” dirty, Caliber 80 automatic movement to strictly abide by the Mido standards, power storage up to 80 hours, even if not worn for three days can still be accurate to go . Long energy savings for women full lasting charm, completely eliminating the women’s concerns about the power of travel time.

Caliber 80 automatic movement, visible through the back through.
Summary: This watch comes down to two highlights worthy of our attention, the first is the long power, allowing women to experience the power of advanced watchmaking highlights the practicality of the watch. The second is the appearance of fashion and beauty, no matter what kind of occasions, accompanied by what style of dress, there is always one with you accompanied, add radiance to each other. Interested friends can go to the store to try on, really get started, you will find another fascination meter, an unforgettable experience.

Hamilton watches and Tissot watches which is good

Hamilton watches and Tissot watches which is good
Like the watch on the Hamilton and Tissot watches should be no stranger, the same is a well-known Swatch Group in Switzerland, then the two brands which watch is better? Here just look at the watch home to look at it!
Hamilton watch was founded in 1892 in the United States, has been a hundred years of history, is now a well-known Swiss watch manufacturer Swatch members, watch uphold the usual rough, honest, innovative, bold and firm American design style, popular The
Tissot also has a hundred years of history, is the Swiss watch brand, brand style is advocating character, natural. To simple, refined, personalized style of the original return, but also very sought after by the country.
Hamilton watches and Tissot watches which is good
In fact, from the level, Hamilton and Tissot is about the same. Because the same imitation Cartier love bracelet four categories of tables, and this level is the top three Tissot, the United States, Hamilton. This can only say that Hamilton’s popularity as good as Tissot, but the quality of work is not the case!
How much is the price of the watch?
Among the many Swiss watch brands, Rolex, Omega and other watches must have been very familiar with you, and the luxury watch you may not have heard. Thailand is the young watch brand, adhering to the men cutting-edge, publicity style of work, is committed to the classic Swiss movement and modern innovative design combination, the interpretation of the Swiss watch a new variation. So how much is the price of the watch?
The story of tyranny begins at the northern end of Lake Bill, the traditional Swiss watch center – Bill, which is the birthplace of CODEX. In this mountain with the water everywhere full of medieval style of the quiet atmosphere, CODEX Hao watch every part of the watch, are purely handmade watchmaking workers, the traditional dedication, marking their meticulous professional watchmaking Concept, and then by the design master of the well-designed, will carefully grinding the perfect combination of parts, reflecting the new process of beauty. Swiss handmade manufacturing and assembly also highlights the CODEX degree from the Alpine snow-capped mountains under the noble descent.
How much is the price of the watch?
Pride has a large and professional design craftsman team. For excellence, CODEX degree of detail on the requirements of excellence, very harsh on the quality control. The price of the watch on the market from 1,500 yuan – 500000 range range!
How much money is the price of the watch?
Haojue watches are in strict accordance with the Geneva mark the production of strict standards, and all watch Replica Cartier jewelry products are stamped with the Geneva, the level of technology without doubt. So how is such a Haojiao watch price is how much money?
brand introduction
The talented watchmaker Roger Dubuis made an important encounter with the adventurous designer and entrepreneur Carlos Dias, which led to the establishment of Roger Dubuis in 1995. Compared to other centennial watchmakers, Roger Dubuis is still young, but its strong and distinctive style and dignity, even if the watch is a senior watch brand can easily identify.
How much money is the price of the watch?
Haojue watch to Geneva traditional watchmaking craftsmanship, blend close to the perfect top technology, since its inception, will follow strict standards of production, all watches are contained in the Geneva mark, regardless of watch design or production technology, Are well recognized. In the market, Haojue watch prices ranging from 300 yuan – 6,000 yuan!
How about the quality of the watch?
Hollson poetry HOLUNS watch brand originated in Switzerland, as the Swiss watch. Nature is very popular. But some are planning to buy Hao Lun poetry watch friends may have some concerns. How about the quality of the watch, this is their biggest question. Let the watch home to introduce it!
HOLUNS watch is a watch industry veteran side by side to create a high-end watch brand, as the watch industry well-known brands, Hao Lun poetry HOLUNS since its inception at the beginning has been “superb technology, careful inheritance” as a brand adhere to the www.ourlovestore.com purpose , With a strong design research and development strength, with outstanding design team as the core, the introduction of Swiss watch manufacturing industry advanced technology, technology and core components, through the international leading level of precision machining equipment, designed and produced every ho Lun Lun HOLUNS timepieces is the culmination of the excellent watchmaking process.
How about the quality of the watch?
Hailun poetry HOLUNS since its inception at the beginning has been “superb technology, careful inheritance” as the brand adhere to the purpose, with a strong design research and development strength, with outstanding design team as the core, the introduction of Swiss watch manufacturing industry advanced technology, And the core components, through the international leading level of precision machining equipment, designed to produce each of the Hao Lun poetry HOLUNS timepiece is a great expression of the culmination of the production process. Hao Lun’s poem as the purpose of Hao Lun poetry HOLUNS the purpose of “superb craftsmanship, careful inheritance”, as you have every Hao Lun poetry HOLUNS timepieces will be new, worthy of transmission!

On the bias of the East China Sea crystal

On the bias of the East China Sea crystal
I was born in the northeast, at the age of six to Donghai County, University in Nanjing since now.
From childhood like these natural gemstones, and primary school parents work in the East China Sea is the crystal market, godmother is also doing crystal business. Junior high school, the family also tried to dig crystal. Intermittent contact with the crystal for Replica Cartier jewelry more than a decade, it can be said that step by step looked at the beginning of the crystal fell on the ground no one picked up, production for sale. To the current distribution center looks like, all the people thinking about the night riches in the market shuttle, but also take pictures and microblogging is microblogging, and everywhere to cry.
Why the impression of the East China Sea crystal is not good, the first reason is about the local people. At first we still books to do business, even if it is moving brains, just add a color, package a silver. In essence, it is only pure natural crystal, is the ore to the. To the late, do more people, do not pretend to understand but have to be more expensive people, foreign visitors for the price of crystal regardless of regardless of regardless of, as long as cheap. Cheap, only glass and plastic. The price is placed there.
Generally speaking, the crystal itself is impossible to have the so-called effect. Like the role of placebo effect, or can be recognized. But based on this, you need to believe that the subjects, and this, that is, consumers need to believe that the seller’s touted, really believe that there is no letter is not. So called religion, probably so?
What magnetism and disease to open life, are Bluff people. Crystal is an ordinary stone, semi-precious stones, large pieces of silica crystals.
Pure crystal is colorless and transparent; containing manganese and iron will show purple; iron will show yellow; with manganese and titanium will show rosy, known as rose quartz, that is, crystal powder; smoke smoke crystal ; Brown for the crystal; black but transparent is the ink crystal. But no matter what color, the difference is only the difference between the metal elements, the content is also small, and how much will affect the so-called feng shui?
Gem is gem, beautiful, durable, hardness. Do not have to worry about some did not, look like, wear out on the line.
“In the polarized mirror turn a week, if there are four changes in the dark is the natural crystal, otherwise it is false crystal.” The problem is that synthetic crystal still has this feature, which is only used to distinguish the glass, but now the glass is less false, mostly are crystal to impersonate, so it can not tell whether it is natural crystal. Also, how many people will buy a portable polarizer? And carry it with you? Even if it is engaged in jewelry is generally not, unless you know http://www.ourlovestore.com today to see the goods. Through the two color to distinguish is the same reason.
“With the hair, the crystal on a hair, the naked eye through the crystal can see the hair silhouette, natural crystal with birefringence.” This method is also limited, if the crystal is less than five centimeters in diameter, is not visible, because the crystal birefringence of only 0.009, light does not pass a certain length can not be observed.
“With a thermal conductivity meter, adjusted to the green four grid test gem, natural crystal will rise to yellow two cells, fake crystal is not”. Thermal conductivity meter there is another common name, measured drill pen, no one of the identification agencies will use this method to measure the crystal.
“Natural crystal vertical placed under the sun, no matter how to see, from which point of view, will see the beautiful luster, fake crystal can not”. So the subjective identification method is also served, the beautiful glory is how to define, and if you take a natural crystal beads and faceted glass than the words, it must be more brilliant carved. This method is too do not fly.
“Natural crystal hardness is relatively large, with gravel in the jewelry on the slippery, there will be no traces left, if there are streaks, that is false crystal.” Here is not the strict place is gravel, gravel, then broken diamond is gravel. And even from the outside casually picked up a stone, but the most rich crustal elements in the crust, the hardness and hardness of the crystal is likely to be the same, if the two damaged, the stone does not matter, the crystal is broken, Who is responsible for this loss? This is a destructive test.
“With a magnifying glass in the transmission of light under the conditions of observation, if found bubbles, basically can be set as false crystal.” This is true, because it is to identify the glass, but can not be used to identify synthetic crystal.
It is said that “natural crystal in the formation process, usually by the impact of the environment and some impurities.If the observation of the sun, is able to see a touch of uniform and small stripes or catkins-like material. Most of the crystal with the residual glass slag, crystal slag http://www.ourlovestore.com for melting, and then after grinding processing, color imitation, there is no uniform stripes or floc.
In fact, the contents of the gem really want to say it is not generally said to be impurity, because the so-called impurities, in fact, because of these, will make the gem has a variety of forms, colors and performance, correct The argument is inclusions, or package body.
Glass slag, crystal slag smelting is also a problem, the raw material of glass is sand, and synthetic crystal is more will not use these slag. The real quality of the crystal is very high, the color is, the meat is very clean, no ribbon colored crystal or a lot, not sparse, so even if there is no so-called floc is not necessarily false.

Gold jewelry to wear knowledge

Gold jewelry to wear knowledge
When wearing gold jewelry, pay attention to some of the knowledge and skills with the clothing, one of the most important thing is that clothing and jewelry style must be consistent.

Article 1: gold jewelry and clothing between the two colors to match each other. For example, to wear Cartier love bracelet replica cool clothing, it is necessary to cool with the main jewelry, such as platinum or silver, etc .; and if you wear warm clothing, you have to gold or more bright k gold or pearls to modify the clothing.

Article 2: gold jewelry and clothing in the match is to pay attention to distinguish between primary and secondary relations. For example, in the wear of clothing itself has a lot of gold and silver ornaments, then, with similar jewelry do not need to wear again, so as not to let people can not tell the primary and secondary relationship.

Article 3: When wearing multiple pieces of gold jewelry, pay attention to highlight the focus. If the whole body wears gold jewelry more than three, it should be noted that a particular focus should be selected to highlight. For example, wearing a large earrings, complex patterns, then the other jewelry should be as simple as possible to highlight the earrings; or, the body wearing a more complex necklace, then it should be more golden jewelry is more concise, to highlight Necklace of the United States.
1, usually wear gold jewelry, in order to prevent the surface of the jewelry stained with dust, you can apply a thin layer of nail polish above, to protect the luster of gold jewelry.
2, after a long time wearing gold jewelry, easy to appear on the surface layer of black silver film. With bleach powder 8 grams, baking soda 7 grams, 60 ml of water, salt 2 grams, can be formulated into a special scrub gold “gold cleaning agent.” Use cleaning is about to clean the gold jewelry, with a soft cloth can be wiped dry.
3, if it is inlaid precious stones gold ring, you can use a small sticks like a match sticks on a small piece of cotton, dipped in toilet water and glycerol mixed solution, the gem and its frame to be cleaned, and then use the flannel to ring Wipe clean.
4, in the usual can be more salt and vinegar mixed into a cleaning agent to wipe gold Cartier love ring replica jewelry. So often clean the wipe, you can keep the gold jewelry to keep the new look.
The presence of gold jewelry has changed people’s daily life, then, do you know the classification of gold jewelry?
There are many kinds of gold jewelry classification, which in accordance with the amount of gold can be divided into gold and K gold two categories. Pure gold jewelry, as its name, the purity of gold is pure, jewelry gold content reached 99%, up to 99.9% or more. Pure gold jewelry color is very bright, for the bright golden yellow. Pure gold hardness of 2.5, adding other metals, the formation of another class of gold: K gold. K gold and pure gold compared to not only hardness, but also can have a variety of different colors. It is better to add copper in pure gold, the resulting K gold will show a beautiful rose red, and add silver will appear light yellow or white color.
Pure gold and K gold jewelry also has a very good feature: these jewelry are marked with. In the marked gold content of gold, gold jewelry with “full gold” or “thousands of gold” to indicate the words, and K gold jewelry has a different marking method. K gold jewelry by the amount of gold, to indicate the corresponding number of K made of jewelry. For example, the domestic common K gold jewelry is marked “G13K Au750”, this mark shows its gold content of 75%.
Gold jewelry has become an indispensable part of people’s daily life, then, how should the maintenance of gold jewelry, so that it can wear longer it?
First of all, the texture of gold is relatively soft, if the external force is easy to deformation. So when wearing a gold jewelry do not pull to avoid deformation.
Second, in the long-term do not wear gold jewelry, gold jewelry should be wrapped with flannel and then into the jewelry box, so as not to jewelry boxes and other gold jewelry wear each other.
Again, the luster of gold jewelry may be encountered in the detergent, disinfectant Replica Cartier love bracelet and other chemical substances and become bleak. Therefore, in the cleaning work, or swimming before the gold jewelry should be removed in advance.
In addition, pure gold jewelry should also avoid direct contact with perfume, hair gel and other cosmetics, these mercury, lead cosmetics, although not the golden luster dim, but they can react chemically, produce a white spot and stick to The surface of gold jewelry.
Finally, a long time to wear gold jewelry gold jewelry because of contamination and become dull light. At this point, as long as the gold placed in neutral detergent to warm water soak and clean, and then remove the dry can.

Gold GUESS interpretation of luxury and the perfect

Gold GUESS interpretation of luxury and the perfect noble temperament
GUESS brand origin: 1981, from the south of France Marciano three brothers, founded in the United States GUESS brand. They will be romantic and passionate French design, with the United States the perfect combination of realism style. GUESS brand first from the clothing, its jeans series fully reflects the individual’s pragmatic style. On this basis, Marciano brothers and in 1983 founded the GUESS watch. Then they use high-quality and durable materials, fashion lines cut, and innovative design concepts, creating a perfect mix of personal clothing watches and glasses and other accessories.
In the eyes of the public, GUESS is a luxurious and perfect combination of products. Gold is the representative of luxury and noble.
From the first day of birth exclusively for girls special accessories. So wear Fake Cartier love bracelet to choose the most lining their own right that! Remember!
Do not forget the beautiful neck and highlight the collarbone, wearing a dotted dazzling necklace. Noble nobility to share the enemy.
Like to wear jewelry a class of jewelry girls, will feel that the hands do not wear something to less like, and these unique design bracelets, bracelets do not attract them are immune.
Slender jade ring, a fine shiny ring, raised his hand between the elbow, the crowd’s eyes will move with you.
In the world-class jewelry brand, has never seen the figure of Chinese jewelry, and in this the world’s most influential jewelry industry event – the Basel World Watch and Jewelry Fair, the tide Acer on behalf of China was first invited in the This international top stage on the special show of the East jewelry show, with its unique charm and elegance that the Chinese jewelry to the world attention, so that the magnificent oriental jewelry culture among the world jewelry culture.

Tide Acer jewelry is in this infinite yearning quietly walked into this “feast”, and with a modest self-confidence and high spirits of the works, won the hearts of many critical international audience.
Diamonds since ancient times because of its highest hardness of the ore properties, as the eternal love of the dream symbol and the best keepsake. Recently, the top jewelry brands from the United States ─ ─ Harry Winston Harry Winston, in its place in the hotel brand boutique Jinghua launch classic wedding ring exhibition to “The Unconditional Love” (the most complete love) as the theme, exhibition Platinum diamond wedding ring series, this work is mainly white diamonds, and then divided into different shapes introduced to the public series, it is worth all the diamond lovers attention, this is also to introduce Hai Winston has been included in the hundred Cartier nail bracelet replica names Drilling classic works, is a rare bright feast.
Harry Winston’s classic diamonds, in fact, behind all have a timeless love story, such as: movie star Richard Burton gave his wife Elizabeth Taylor Taylor. Taylor-Burton (Taylor-Burton), is the best love keepsake in this century; Greece Ship Wang Onassis and his wife Jia Guilin Smith when marrying, the United States will always give the first lady Lesotho III Ma Yan-style cut (Marquise Cut) diamond ring, also pass for the elephants; Madonna married with Gary Rich, carefully designed by Hai Winston, different shapes of cut diamonds inlaid by the cross of the pendant, also spread a long time; Gwen female star in the 2001 Epicurean love story in the best actress award, her father in order to make her remember this memorable moment, so she was wearing the jewelry that night Buy, let her as a memorial. These moving stories are all people talked about, watching these works at the same time, we also seem to witness a period of historical events, beautiful love, precious family, and eternal diamond, the more lasting, the more Mi new.
Compared with other jewelry brands, Harry Winston came to Taiwan a short time, but in fact, Harry Winston development so far has been more than 100 years of history, and because of the royal nobility, celebrities love, become a symbol of high society, It is famous for its exquisite fancy cut and unique inlay arrangement skills, and even enjoy the king of diamonds – King of Diamonds status, and the most classic hexagonal emerald cut (Emerald Cut) Can be described as a symbol of the brand logo. Because Harry Winston’s foresight, since 1944 for the first time sponsor Oscar for best actress Jennifer Jones Jennifer Jones wearing awards, not only opened after the major jewelry brand to invite stars to wear the ceremony to attend the awards ceremony, also won the “star Jewelers “reputation, and the ordinary as you and me, and therefore can be in a variety of major celebrations with red carpet occasions, a glimpse of the peerless beauty of rare beauty.
Harry Winston’s expansion this year has opened stores in Honolulu, Hawaii, and Miami in the Cartier nail bracelet replica southeastern United States, following New York, Paris, Geneva, Beverly Hills, Tokyo, Osaka, and Taiwan. , And this year again in Tokyo, Japan Omotesando (Omotesando) opened the tenth store, so that diamond lovers can have more opportunities to close the top jewelry.

Where in this exhibition period, set Hai Rui Winston platinum diamond wedding ring series, and provide the most romantic way to propose to the public to share, that have the opportunity to wear at the wedding by 207 diamonds, weight 118.26 kt, Type cut diamonds about 10.21 kt, priced at NTD31,200,000 for the stunningly beautiful Horatio Winston Classic Crown Tiara

Why do women need diamonds?

Why do women need diamonds?
DE BEERS has been very much like advertising, and it is extremely attractive words phrase is deeply rooted in people’s hearts: diamond forever, a permanent spread. This slogan is said to be translated from the DE BEERS original ads, the English original is A diamond is forever, I do not know which translator students spend wonderful pen, actually make the flat light of the sentence is so affectionate meaningful and meaningful.

DE BERRS advertising has always been love, whether it is television or flat. There is a still fresh, a child to a little girl wearing a petal ring, then the two separated, grew up, and finally a lover into a family. Picture poetic, music is warm and moving, then feel that, if not DE BERRS, I really do not know what to witness the splendor of love brilliant. Later, there is a beach couples version, Australia in the beach and sunset Meilunmeihuan, creative good mood is also charming.

Diamond with its natural, pure, long-lasting, irreplaceable love to become a Replica Cartier love bracelet keepsake. In our minds, the diamond is not just a symbol of love, it is more like an amulet. Love is the world ‘s most vulnerable fragile thing, so we need the world’ s highest hardness of the most able to withstand the exercise of diamonds, to protect our love for a long time.

Men often complain that women are so vain, like the kind of flowers do not real things? What is it that we are so fascinated by diamonds? Some people say that the precious diamond is that it is very rare and extremely beautiful processing. In fact, the value of things, not its own, but rather that we give it the value. We are not what experts, do not understand which is the most important 4C, but also figure out the cut, color, clarity, and how carat classification and identification. For women, the value of diamonds is only one, that is, his own treasure.

Forget which movie or novel, or which celebrity story to see, the actor in his wife’s birthday each year, gave her a beautiful diamonds. In this way, I thought it was the most luxurious and most affectionate. Although the diamond is only a symbol, but in many cases, it is not just a form. We are just ordinary woman, do not expect such a romantic, we need, just a small one, gorgeous and not publicity, the combination of his hundred percent of the mind.

ROSEMARY said in the post to see that she has the other stones, but the lack of diamonds. Their economic situation is not good, and when her husband has a fortune, but it can take the initiative to say: \ Do not say her own, even our other people listen to feel warm and touched . Although diamonds can not eat can not be used, but it is clearly her husband’s true heart.

Suh Huilun has a song called love is a diamond. A small diamond, but can weigh the weight of your heart in his heart. Relative to the house and car, the cost of a diamond may be only a fraction of it. But a lot of men, why so much money are willing to spend, but distressed for women to buy a diamond ring? Only because he can enjoy the house car, while the diamond ring, he did not have any practical value. If a man is willing to live frugally to buy you a beautiful but not practical Cartier love ring replica diamonds, we have reason to believe that in his mind, you are the most precious treasures. Let a little diamond, a flawless, crystal, beautiful diamonds, heavy pressure in the heart, there will be a lifetime of feeling. It always blooming bright light, with each passing day, will become a shining day.
Appearance rounded bright pearls, jewelry is an integral part of the wedding, wedding accessories and pearls how to do the perfect match?

First pearl jewelry styles are divided into: rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches, pearl string … … and so on, can match a variety of styles of wedding dresses. To pearl string chain, for example, is very suitable with a word collar, thin shoulder strap, shoulder-style and cup-style wedding dress, decorated with pearl string chain, not only highlights the beautiful lines of the bride neck, Can add wedding dress noble and elegant temperament.

Long-type string in wearing a halter-style wedding dress, with the finishing touch of the effect. When the bride wearing a halter-style dress, you can wear long bead string to do a variety of changes, such as the long beads to wear scarf-style wear; or bead to the gradient in the way of wearing Cartier love ring replica the rear dress, So that the natural pendant of pearls show the effect of the bride’s back curve embellishment of the more beautiful.

As for the wedding dress and pearl jewelry with skills, we must first determine the main accessories and accessories of the points, if the bride wearing a simple style of pearl jewelry, you can choose the style fancy wedding dress; if the bride choose jewelry style is more luxurious , Wedding dress style is simple and elegant is appropriate.

In addition, pearls can also be applied directly to the design of the dress, for example, in the wedding dress collar, cuffs and waist to pearl to do the key type of embellishment, and the first part of the pearl to do decorative decoration is also very beautiful! As long as the grip of the characteristics of pearls to be played, but the best pearl wedding dress partner!

do with is precious metals prices cheaper

Palladium and platinum has nothing to do with is precious metals prices cheaper
International association of palladium, gold and platinum and palladium has nothing to do with precious metals prices cheaper
Following the traditional K gold, platinum and platinum jewelry, jewelry market Cartier love bracelet replica this year and pool “palladium”, in a lot of platinum jewelry daqo shout “palladium as platinum rob city”, the international association of palladium yesterday has sent a letter to the newspaper, the initiative to the boundaries of palladium and platinum, and palladium and platinum as white rare precious metals, but palladium jewelry because of low price more competitive.
Problem a: palladium jewelry is used the black fracture
Association: quality palladium has designated dealers
With the people understanding of platinum, gold, palladium market how many somewhat ignoble. In October this year, media reported partial businessman for the price of less than 200 yuan per gram to promote “platinum jewelry or scrappage, with palladium as platinum gimmicky. Only gold and palladium in the Chinese market early, haven’t open up an outlet is buckle on the name of “platinum”.
International association of palladium says, appear on the market most of the black, fracture of palladium jewelry because of palladium jewelry production technology does not pass. According to understand, even more than platinum palladium jewelry production process, process Fake Cartier love bracelet upset is conquering it until the late 1990 s. Consumers want to buy craft through palladium jewelry should be the best choice in the international association of palladium designated dealer purchased, such as Ryan diamond restaurant chains, the lot product.
Problem two: I wonder if palladium is valuable
Association: palladium is more rare than the gold
With such a bad reputation, palladium what values are not worth money into a lot of the consumers’ mind the biggest question. The international association of palladium China chief representative li said: “the palladium and platinum, is one of the most rare precious metals in the world, even once historical prices than platinum. 2005 world production of palladium and platinum is the same, less than 10% of the total gold production, is also very valuable.”
Palladium jewelry currently on the market price is in 198 yuan/grams generally, price between gold and platinum jewellery. And because the palladium market time is short, a lot of consumer recognition of palladium jewelry is very low. This has caused some illegal businessmen in the name of platinum ruined the reputation of the palladium.
People have since ancient times the jade of the special interests, in the ancient “gentleman Cartier love ring replica without reason, jade, gentleman with jade bede how”. Today, the mei-yu has become one of the types of jewelry to fondle admiringly, is a symbol of luck and social status, show individual character, taste, grace. The specially for several type mei-yu boutique.
A long jade furnishing articles
The value of jade with overall modelling, profound implication, carved with process and has a very important relationship with qiao color. Seven division of labor “is the so-called” three points. Manual sculpture and raw material of different characteristics make every piece of work is the only one. Long life furnishing articles according to the material characteristics and color of jade itself, to carve, formed a vivid art treasures.
Mobile phone chain
Moderate price of emerald mobile phone chain is nowadays deserve to act the role of men and women love, don’t meaningful chain. Design and weaving, implied meaning is “up”, “happiness consists in contentment”, “rich” everywhere, also can hang on the bag bag, also do not have lasting appeal.
Hetian jade play a
Hetian jade is a kind of nephrite. Its color, transparency, gloss, toughness and hardness, weight Cartier love ring replica is top grade of jade, strange precious, distributed in the kunlun mountains in south of tarim basin. As the material basis of the unique culture, hetian jade is the ancestors of the Chinese nation from various kinds of stone screening out the beauty of the “stone”, has WenRunYing ze, the aesthetic feeling of fine tenacity and practical function.
Crystal and jade ring color, style each different. Tender is its unique shape. Have to shave, glittering and translucent purple red warm and beautiful, beautiful green jade. Amethyst and the design of the green jade ring particularly generous, men’s and women’s wear and suit.
The jade bracelet
From a person wearing jewelry can show a person’s grade and status. Jade has the elegant, elegant temperament, and the Oriental inherent color, physique, banner phase contrast is very harmonious, is suitable for people of all ages to wear. Whether with decent Chinese style clothing, modern Cartier love ring replica business attire, or elegant evening dress collocation, can reveal the wearer noble, elegant temperament to get incisively and vividly.
Sweater chain
Sweater chain for fashion accessories, especially in the pure silver plating platinum pendant by fancy for designer’s unique design, composed of jade, crystal, ruby, agate design pattern, shape of both the ancient COINS, the traditional modelling of double butterfly shape, and there was a purple heart, modern fashion designs. Color is rich, ruby moist texture. Wear in the neck, immediately can show a good taste.

Cleaning gem ring and simple method is introduced

Cleaning gem ring and simple method is introduced
Gem ring is wiped
Jewel-encrusted ring with dust, most of the product below. At this time, can use toothpick or matches on a piece of cotton, the toilet water, glycerin, or a mixture of magnesium chloride and ammonia in the wet, scrubbing the gem and its framework, then use flannelette polished ring. Must not use sharp objects to clear gem and its framework.
Silver ornaments of cleaning
Another simple methodology is painted with paper towel now some correction fluid, then coated with polished silver correction fluid, you will find that the silver can if brightness is new.
First washed with soap and water, polish with velvet. Also can use hot soapy water imitation Cartier love bracelet washing. Then tu fu with ammonia (ammonia water) and the mixed powder paste mixture, wipe dry with a small piece of flannelette, until a luster.
Gold has a price, the jade is priceless, this ultra-premium jade store visitors was shocked by the high price of 9.99 million. It’s rare? The beauty of its color, look from the exterior, like green feathers kingfisher, is “perfect, perfect,” and the jewelry jade by the state administration of quality supervision, inspection center, according to the appraisal certificate issued by this boy worship goddess of mercy jade 45 grams left and right sides, the total weight is 7.9 cm, 3.1 cm wide, 1.1 cm thick, variety is a old pit full of green glass, water head, carver is exquisite.
, experts say, see a jade value discretion is often to see how many on the emerald green and green is bright, pure. Kind of refers to the exquisite, moist degree of jade material, kind of a good, green color makes beauty; In addition, natural jade has a unique texture; Look from the category, the size of the jade also decided to value, the same color, kind of the jade expected, the bigger the value; But in terms of technology, good technology can greatly promote the jade carving art appreciation and investment value. The boy worship goddess of mercy of jade with absolute value of collection, is a rare rare treasures.
So, what is “old pit”? Expert introduction, sichuan gemstone association mining jade Replica Cartier jewelry craters some match with a long history for centuries, some nearly a century, some decades, some new. For the material match very long time, generally referred to as the old pit, the “old” refers to the ancient origin match, because the old pit in history to produce a lot of good materials, high-grade materials. A few years ago, flying jewelry has sold a “level with green jade emperor” pendants, 4.4 cm long, 2.8 cm wide, caused a sensation during rong on display. In recent years, due to resource depletion into jade products prices rose sharply, the market value of the “level with green jade emperor” rising.
, little knowledge,
Jade collection, experts say a higher value of jade, should be from the five conditions to evaluate:
1, good quality of a material: structure of polycrystal structure of jade, the thickness of crystal structure and the order will affect the quality of the jade is good or bad.
2, good penetrability, good light transmittance of the jade more strengthen, internal less impurity, more high clarity.
3, rich color to: jade generally divided into three kinds, besides red fei green emerald green, there is a violet color. Pure green jade is the best, very rare, pure green, “zhengyang” more properly, the after taste.
4, do manual work is good: the so-called the finest diamond must be cut abrasive, to spread the value of imitation cartier love bracelet the collection, it is very important to a good work.
5, good product sample: that is to say wants to coordinate, size, specifications conform to the public’s aesthetic idea.
In the identification of jade, there are three contents, one is to identify the quality of the jade, jade jade expected variety is what namely; The second is to identify artificial processing, that is, the color of jade and ancient jade ooze color or other features caused by artificial processing; Three is to identify counterfeit goods and finished product, even the real phony identified.
1. The soft jade identification
Nephrite is usually artificial handler does not see more, because of their pursuit is white color, so don’t need to go to dyeing. Since ancient times, nephrite jade is a rare kind of jade. Thus there are counterfeit. Most of the counterfeit is serpentine jade, jade jade quartz and calcite, etc. Sensory characteristics of soft jade, it is a shiny, oily luster, characterized with grease or feeling of glass; Secondly, the structure, soft jade is a kind of small fibrous crystals mixed of jade, can see small fibrous crystals composed of interwoven, sparse and tinea, but not the transparency of small granular crystal, known as “phenocryst”; Third, transparency, relative may confuse the jade, the transparency Cartier love bracelet replica of its relatively poor, although is translucent or opaque, in fact most of the jade is slightly transparent, soft and translucent jade is not easy to meet.
2. The jadeite identification
The surface of the jade has star point, line and flake. Jade color colorful, it is not possessed by other gems, so color not only has to look at the color and tonal, also want to notice the color combination and distribution. Jadeite gloss is vitreous luster, oily luster or vitreous luster with grease. Good jade transparent head removed from your mind, not by other jade. The jade smooth surface on the face or lips feel cool.
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What is the emerald A, B, C delivery?
Jade A goods, for the pure natural jade. Only through the surface of the traditional mild acid or pier wax surface treatment, the structure of the jade to the corrosion and damage.
Jade B goods, jewelry, jade standard issued by the state, to optimize the jade for replica Cartier love bracelet machining process, after dipping acid bleaching, pier wax processing of jade. According to the strength of the acid leaching bleaching, also can be divided into two weak strong corrosion and erosion corrosion, strong corrosion to optimize jade is equal to the market without glue B mentioned goods. The interior has received much damage. Sufficient glue processing jade in the machining process, after bleaching, acid corrosion roguing optimum processing, the jade was badly damaged by the internal structure, and then inject the anti-reflection consolidation of colloid polymer fill said rubber goods. Sufficient glue processing or optimization of jadeite jade, in fact, should be dealt with as a destructive jade namely B goods. And weak corrosive jade, because of its destructive, should say optimization of jade. In addition, water glass (silica) filling jadeite, and with nano-sized aluminum material, the siliceous material filling of jadeite, are called senior B goods.
Filling glue additive process jadeite, by acid leaching bleaching note glue or not note glue, and join the stain of jade jewelry say B + C.
Jadeite jade C goods for dyeing. Whether pickling bleaching or not, filling glue or not, all artificial additive color jade said C.

Late autumn jewelry also maintenance “desire”

Late autumn jewelry also maintenance “desire”
Autumn weather is dry, low humidity of the air, dust is more, the jewelry how to maintain? City jewelry jade jewelry industry association deputy secretary-general Yang, such as flat hint, jewelry, should be cleaned regularly to prevent lose luster due to dust contamination. Different kinds of jewelry, there are different ways to maintain.
Gold platinum silver and other precious metal jewelry
The yellow metal jewelry as far as possible not to put the same jewelry box with the white metal jewelry. Gold jewelry don’t put together with platinum jewelry, silver jewelry, because will rub against each other, causing wear and contamination on the color. Some precious Cartier love ring replica metal jewelry Dai Jiu fade easily become dim or hair hair black, can use the velvet, suede, towel dry brush, such as can also be used to store jewelry cabinet, gold jewelry store cleaning. To avoid contact with vinegar, fruit juice, bleach, etc. After the make-up to wear the best jewelry accessories, so that you can avoid perfumes, cosmetics, etc. The damage to the accessories.
Jade jade jewelry
Fall dust, jade jewelry should be cleaned regularly, prevent emerald because of dust contamination and lose luster. Available water soak jade, with a soft bristle brush or soft cloth gently wipe the jade, jade surface with soft cloth finally moisture blot. Inside of jadeite jade has many dark crack the appearance of fine lines, not in the sun exposure or high temperature fire burning, it is easy to fracture. Autumn is dry, can give appropriate “moisturizing” jade jewelry, maintain the surface gloss. Can use the water soak hetian jade, gently wipe the surface with soft cloth, then dry naturally.
Tourmaline garnet crystal classes such as jewelry
Tourmaline, garnet, aquamarine, obsidian jewelry, such as crystal like shall periodically to wipe, avoid surface fouling. If already scaling can use soft cloth dips in water wipe, reoccupy does cloth to wipe clean. If you must wash, need to avoid water containing chemical reagent, use less detergent. If there is inlaid jewelry, must wipe after washing, avoid metal parts have a chemical change.
Lobular rosewood aloes wood hand string, etc
Late autumn temperature difference is relatively large, indoor and outdoor temperature difference is big, the wood hand string easy to heat bilges cold shrink. Such as wearing beads out, can dish with the hand, keep the bead temperature, can also hand movements.
Diamonds, red sapphire, such as high-grade gem
Before sleeping, bathing, sports, cooking best remove red sapphire, such as high-grade gem Cartier nail bracelet replica diamonds, to avoid knock against, water soaking and soot erosion. Can use soft cloth store alone, or with a jewelry box. Suggestions to the jewelry store for professional cleaning maintenance on a regular basis.
Preserved in hetian jade seed makings, many will have a problem, whether it is need to coat the hetian jade seed makings, the answer to this question is not fixed, anyone guess.
Actually the quality of the seed material itself determines whether it needs oiling. If the quality of the seed makings is fine, it is easier to save, do not need oiling, lay can directly, even if there is no dish to play for a couple of years, take out also is very oil. So fat a good hetian jade seed makings is simple convenient preservation. But if seed makings stone is heavy, it is need to wipe some oil regularly, so as to make it look more oil.
We might find a lot of buyers like to lubricate material, it is because the display material outside, buyers worry about long-term use shoot the lamp to be baked will make it look too dry, so wipe some oil maintenance maintenance is understandable, but also some not too the merchants of conscience, they give jade expected to wear the liquid of oil or other similar hair gel to cover defects of jade material itself, such as jade expected after the crack to wipe the oil is very ugly out, will greatly interfere with the consumer’s judgment.
To sum up, good hetian jade seed makings need not plate also need not clean oil, rock heavy seed makings need to wipe some oil and maintenance, be careful when buy bubble oil seed makings, clean look at best. If something hetian jade material not often wear, also really need to wax or oil, and then closed. Because most hill makings is easy to dry.
For jewelry box, not only to protect goods, deliver goods image effect, also is laden with the function of jewelry quality and added value. Many jewelry stores in order to attract the attention of consumers quickly, except in the design of jewelry fluctuation kongfu, also on the design of the Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica packing box constantly trying new methods. So how to quickly attract the attention of consumers? Maybe can reference the following way.
A, the structure design
Jewelry box packaging design, the most basic is to consider its structure design, as hangzhou jewelry box printing, this is the basic architecture. During the structure design of jewelry boxes, you need to consider:
(1) the grade of the jewelry, mainly deals with the modelling design and material selection of jewelry box, etc., in the same class jewelry packaging, should guarantee the choice of materials is the most economical, and environmentally friendly;
(2) the characteristics of jewelry and accessories, mainly involving the jewellery box type design and selection of lining;
(3) meet the basic requirements of packaging;
(4) the corresponding packaging test, ensure that packaging has a certain strength, enough to protect inner jewelry;
(5) try to make jewelry box use or half mechanization production mechanization.
Second, the material selection
For the jewelry box, heaven and earth cover type is the most common way of packing. For the design imitation cartier love bracelet of the heaven and earth cover type, the most taboo is lifted the lid and with inward concave, so when choosing materials, lifted the lid and should be paid attention to with the stiffness of the material used, often can choose the material including gray board and fibre board. Because of the difference of each material, so the corresponding dimensions and specifications will be different.
Third, scene design
With the increasing competition in jewelry, jewelry box design size need more attention to cater to consumer demand and habits, and flexible adjustment according to the use of scene, become the new trend of the jewellery box design. To the design of the jewelry box, not only should provide a variety of more consumer experience with consideration of different size package solution, more should put yourself in for consumers consider the package sizes and using scene matching of ease and comfort.