Swarovski 2013 new jewelry release fresh ocean light

Swarovski 2013 new jewelry release fresh ocean light
Swarovski (SWAROVSKI) is the world’s leading crystal manufacturer, each year for the fashion, jewelry and crystal lamps and other industries to provide a large number of high-quality cutting crystal stone. At the same time Swarovski is also a high-quality, bright and highly accurate crystal and related products famous luxury brand. Recently, Swarovski launched new spring and summer jewelry. Exposure to the ocean is clear, the atmosphere is full of mysterious inspiration atmosphere, each ray of light are reflected in the unparalleled fashion.
Triumphal series with bright cut imitation crystal, accompanied by shiny and small dome imitation crystal pearls, fight out enough to match the Indian and Canadian national design of the beautiful design, the two pieces of the embodiment of the abstract flower pattern for white or coral The blue Triumphal series adds a charming embellishment.
The Nirvana Baby Necklace is the new, Nirvana series blend of contemporary design and simple lines of the masterpiece, not only show Swarovski’s unique technology and extraordinary technology; 93 cutting surface is more beautiful way to express light capture, Make this full cut imitation crystal jewelry doubled flashing dazzling. Nirvana Baby necklace with an open attitude to meet the baptism of the sun, Smart between us for the shining sun shine.

Swarovski 2013 new jewelry release fresh ocean light
Triumphal Blue bracelet Price: CNY 1,420
This turquoise blue acrylic bracelet with flowers as the Replica Cartier jewelry inspiration, and by a number of cutting crystal puzzle made of the pattern design, shining with creamy effect of turquoise blue tones; coupled with delicate and delicate magnet buckle, so you wear times Feel comfortable.

Swarovski 2013 new jewelry release fresh ocean light
Triumphal necklace Price: CNY 3,000
This sparkling opal-plated palladium-colored necklace combines a unique rhyme-transparent crystal claw chain with exquisite floral decorations decorated with multiple crystal trims to add freshness to your spring and summer dress.

Swarovski 2013 new jewelry release fresh ocean light
Triumphal White bracelet Price: CNY 1,420
This white acrylic glass bracelet is inspired by flowers, and is decorated with a number of crystal cut crystal design, shining with a charming milky tone; coupled with delicate and delicate magnet buckle, so you feel comfortable when wearing.

Swarovski 2013 new jewelry release fresh ocean light
Triumphal Ring Price: CNY 1,700
This flower-inspired palladium-plated ring, decorated with a number of flashing pleasing white milk cut crystal, full of charming charm. You can also match the same necklace or pendant, for the dress into the fresh and elegant style.

Swarovski 2013 new jewelry release fresh ocean light
Triumphal White Ring Sale Price: CNY 980
This elegant and charming white acrylic glass ring inspired by flowers, and by a number of cutting crystal made of the pattern design, shining with pleasing white tone. You can also match the same necklace, for the dress into the fresh charm.

Swarovski 2013 new jewelry release fresh ocean light
Nirvana Crystal Baby Necklace Price: CNY 1,420
This beautifully decorated white gold necklace, decorated with a small chic pendant, inspired by Swarovski iconic Nirvana ring; in addition to blending the pleasing pleasing transparent crystal and Swarovski unique flash drill effect , The top of the pendant is also engraved with exquisite Swanflower® pattern.
Marriage jewelry is both dowry, but also to accompany the girl’s life love keepsake, but also a good for a hundred years, everlasting sustenance and vision, is a kind of satisfaction with the well-being. De Beers this summer launched the new Adonis Rose series, as a unique actress in the wedding, the gas field perfect bloom. Come together to appreciate it

De Beers introduced the new Adonis Rose series this summer

De Beers this summer launched the new Adonis Rose series, with the top luxury diamonds and elegant and moving design, so that every couple in the harvest of the blessing of the gods at the same time, also harvest unforgettable memories of life.

As a unique actress in the wedding, the perfect blooming gas field. Adonis Rose series full of flowers in full blooming soft posture, in order to bring out the bride deserved honorable status. De Beers this drawn from the Greek mythology of the ultimate series to the theme of roses, showing the love of moving beauty, dense leaf graphics in the lofty diamonds more vibrant diamond. With the vigorous growth of foliage, the roses bloom to the sun.
Swarovski was founded in 1895 by Daniel Swarovski in Austria, is the world’s leading crystal manufacturer, each year for fashion, jewelry and crystal lamps and other industries to provide a large number of high-quality cutting stone.
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In the summer of 2013, Swarovski took the exquisite work of the “Love Paradise” series with the new dream country, and continued the gorgeous movement of the brand to the advanced jewelery market, presenting the unparalleled ultimate elegance of precious stones with www.ourlovestore.com excellent and lasting grinding techniques. And on the occasion of the arrival of Mother’s Day, Swarovski portrait selected three chic and elegant high-level jewelry, and you share the warmth of this love thick shining moment.
Sea of Flowers
Early summer breeze pregnant with the budding life, Swarovski Sea of Flowers flower sea theme products in the breeze blowing under the elegant bloom, accompanied by sweet fragrance, bring endless joy. Happiness Pendant uses more than 8 carats of amethyst, accompanied by diamonds and blue topa embellishment, with Swarovski’s high-precision fit mosaic technology, exudes a fascinating magic. The unique shape of the ornaments, flapping butterflies on the wings of the flowers around the graceful flowers, as the wizard-like child always nestled in the arms of the mother. Soft color fusion bright Yue move, a burst of fragrance seems to be inconvenient to open up. Love is dependent, love is passed, the original is the mother’s love to make life loved.

Sweetie Pendant is also the finishing touch in the Sea of Flowers. Different colors of the top of the pala flower flowers spread, flashing diamonds around the flowers, shaping the three-dimensional sense of folding. Graceful style supplemented by bright and magnificent magnificent colors, auspicious harmony of the good meaning arises spontaneously. Gift of such a lovable pendant, for kind mother to warm smile.
Glittering Heart theme product
Glittering Heart theme product continues the last season on the romantic feelings of infinite vision, in the summer of 2013 again will be gorgeous and beautiful filling in the mix of design style, with the name of love show good intentions. Tie your Heart Earrings with symmetrical love will eternal friendship timeless; exquisite fine edge row drill in the brand precision cutting skills to create, to create an unparalleled dazzling brilliance. Row of diamonds wrapped heart-shaped amethyst to multi-layer section will shine together, intended to set off the mother in the hearts of the only noble, beautiful light for her gorgeous bloom.
Three spring flowers love thousands of strands, a heart is willing to Hundreds. Let us use the delicate feelings brewing the most sincere blessing, with our silent touched the most affectionate love. Full of love forever her heart, Swarovski new high-level jewelry series dream country “Love Paradise” for the Mother’s Day exquisite gift, praise mother unparalleled kindness.

Swarovski brand profile

Swarovski (SWAROVSKI) is the world’s leading crystal manufacturer, each year for the fashion, jewelry and crystal lamps and other industries to provide a large number of high-quality cutting crystal stone. At the same time Swarovski is also a high-quality, bright and highly accurate crystal and related products famous crystal handicraft brand. [1] August 16, 2012, Zhengzhou Swarovski was blown its counter thousand dollars crystal is glass, industrial and commercial intervention investigation.

Swarovski “Silver Crystal” series of exquisite design, style ingenuity, including animals, candlesticks and other desk furnishings, at present, around the world more than 12,000 Swarovski stores can buy silver crystal products, as products Series is more than one hundred and twenty species. You may have thought (silver crystal) the name of the source, many people are wrong to say that the crystal contains silver ingredients, in fact, crystal projection in the light of a silver, it is the origin of silver crystal name. Swarovski adheres to the tradition of diversified development and is committed to consolidating its position as the world’s largest manufacturer of cutting crystal products.

Engagement diamond ring style

Engagement diamond ring style
Engagement diamond ring is the man to the woman’s diamond ring, used to determine the willingness to marry both sides, engagement diamond ring style generally luxury eye-catching, it is necessary to show the man has to let her happy capital, but also expressed her Chongni, the more the more likely to get her heart, after all, few women have resisted the diamond shine. So how to choose the type of engagement diamond ring?

Engagement diamond ring style and marry diamond ring style difference: engagement diamond ring are generally in the grand and grand occasion to wear, such as engagement party, family meeting and so on, so the engagement diamond ring style selection luxury Cartier love bracelet replica is better, generally single drill mosaic ; And wedding ring is the man on both sides of the wedding for each other to wear the ring, meaning the pursuit of good, style is not necessarily more luxurious and expensive, suitable for everyday wear the best.

Engagement diamond ring style and wear law: wedding ring is in pairs, usually in the ring circle engraved with love letters, such as the other’s surname, date of marriage, etc., worn on each other’s ring finger; and engagement ring are generally Not lettering by the man for the woman to wear in the left middle finger, indicating that the flowers have the main, engagement ring quit the best arm without a gap, a symbol of love sweet and no room, no other people involved in the room.

Engagement diamond ring style and price: diamond ring price and diamond size and style, engagement diamond ring style pursuit of luxury models, the greater the better the amount of diamond carats, manual technical requirements are very high, the price will naturally not cheap, said the price of engagement diamond ring is married The diamond ring several times. In addition to the purchase of engagement diamond ring, but also can be customized, select the bare drill, design style, will make the engagement diamond ring style can capture her heart.
“You are in love, you enjoy the selflessness of tolerance, care and was blessed if the treasure of the feeling, if the love of wings, then some warmth pure. Zuo Kayi wedding ring to love for the design elements, natural diamond color seems to map your pure flawless love. Smart modeling turned into fingertips romantic, witness you pure and sincere love.

Wedding ring is the wedding when the gift of each other’s ring. The ring on Cartier love ring replica the more inlaid diamonds or precious stones and other accessories, and there is no gap of the ring, the implication is that both sides of the pure and flawless love, so that others can drill seamless. On the origin of the wedding ring, China’s argument is: in ancient times, the king favored the concubine, gave her a silver ring for the certificate, when she gave birth to children, and then replaced by gold ring. Later, ordinary people also to the ring as a marriage certificate, gradually evolved into a wedding ring.

Wedding ring is a commemorative, in the West is always with the will not take off, to consider the comfort, the circle is a ring than the flat comfortable, flat than the square has a pleasant water chestnut, this in the choice of Time is very important. Election wedding ring because it is necessary to take a long time, tend to choose a little bigger, that is, after wearing a clenched fist has a certain space, which is to prevent the fortune, after the child can not wear.

In the selection of wedding ring, to consider whether or not small drill, with a small diamond will be more luxurious drilling some, but also very nice, but if it is wearing a long time, or a single drill style better. Because there are small drill style, later to change the size of the circle Cartier nail bracelet replica is more difficult, will increase the possibility of squeezing diamonds; those more complex wedding ring style, not suitable for a lifetime to wear, more suitable for occasional wear.

Wedding ring is generally on the ring, at the wedding of the bride and the new side of the two sides finished after I would like to wear a wedding ring for each other, when wearing for each other, are generally worn on the left hand ring finger, said the meaning of marriage The Ring finger is from the heart of the recent fingers, meaning the heart of each other, but also the meaning of guarding each other. In the selection of wedding ring, it is best to choose the two sides together, so after buying can be more of both sides mind, before buying to determine the budget, to avoid overruns, affecting the follow-up life.

Men’s Ruby Earrings

Men’s Ruby Earrings
Men’s ruby earrings Although few people wear, but not no .. Men’s ruby earrings is wearing jewelry in the ear, the market is relatively rare, generally custom-based, the price is relatively high relative to the woman’s ruby earrings. A single earring is usually a single gem.
Men’s ruby earrings include natural ruby earrings and artificial ruby earrings Cartier love bracelet replica made of crystal, gum, 925 silver and other materials. If it is artificial ruby earrings, the price is very cheap and is around ten yuan. While the natural ruby earrings, the price is at least a thousand or so, the better the fineness of rubies, the greater the higher the price.

Wearing men’s ruby earrings of the boys is still relatively small, boys wearing earrings are usually wearing diamond earrings, diamond stud earrings, or some relatively cool, more domineering sterling silver stud earrings, of course, gold or platinum, There are also. Ruby earrings most of the styles are more feminine, so men want to buy men’s ruby earrings, generally need to customize a custom atmosphere, more masculine ruby earrings.

Men’s ruby earrings have a variety of colors, the best is the deep pure red, followed by the microstrip purple red, followed by the deeper pink, purple, slightly brown red, the other as brown , Black red, very light pink are poor rubies. Also from the table to observe the ruby, in the rotation, should only see a color for the best, if you can see other colors, then the ruby processing orientation is not correct.

Men’s ruby earrings Although there is no diamond so flash, but still have fire color, is in the light source, the ruby of the performance of the color, it is essentially ruby transparency, cut, the role of a combination of color, A good ruby in the gently turn (the table against their own), showing a lot of red inside the small “flames” in the flash, very beautiful, for high-quality ruby requirements of its fire to account for the entire crown of 55% the above.
18k gold is gold and other metal smelting together alloy, which accounted for 18/24 gold, so referred to as 18K gold. 18K gold color rich, white 18K gold, yellow 18K gold, rose 18K gold, black 18K gold, green 18K gold, etc., is lower cost and wear a more comfortable fashion gold Cartier love ring replica ornaments, loved by the public!

18k gold on the market, with white 18K gold, yellow 18K gold and rose 18K gold majority, other colors are less. White gold can be mixed with a variety of precious stones or diamonds, as a gem inlaid gold, there is no color on the restrictions, so mostly fashionable and stylish, colorful jewelry mix and match. Huang K gold virtually gives the extravagance, warm feeling, so the color is also often with the red, purple, yellow line of warm colors, and similar colors of colored stones with. Rose 18K gold reddish color, and in the yellow K gold luxury and white K gold cold, people feel warm, but also more suitable for Asian people yellowish complexion.

18k gold material because the precious metal is the hardest material, and the price is affordable, so the general luxury of some models, or very expensive style, or less expensive style, are 18K gold inlaid, because 18K gold is the most inlaid Solid precious metal material, precious stones for precious stones, the firmness is very important, and for cheap gem diamonds, 18K gold affordable, mosaic is appropriate.

Of course, 18k gold material has advantages, naturally there will be shortcomings, even if some of the metal platinum and gold, there will be advantages and disadvantages. 18K gold material is the shortcomings of wearing a long time or improper maintenance, oxidation will turn yellow. Because 18K gold contains 75% of gold, so after oxidation will turn yellow. Of course, if properly maintained, wear a year or two will not be oxidized. Even if the oxidation turned yellow, you can also return to the original purchase, free cleaning renovation, but also the same as the new.

18k gold maintenance methods: 1, to try to avoid contact with chemicals. 2, wearing Cartier nail bracelet replica 18K gold jewelry, it is not appropriate to do intense physical or sports, to avoid bumps. 3, to avoid 18K gold jewelry placed in the cold or overheated environment, because 18K gold has the nature of thermal expansion and contraction, overheating too easy to make inlaid precious stones or diamonds loose. 4, need to use soft cloth gently rub 18K gold jewelry, but should not use chemical ingredients such as hand sanitizer cleaning.

The significance of diamonds to people

The significance of diamonds to people
1. Marriage, people placed the same expectations on it —– all-conquering, married husband and wife are loyal to each other, mutual respect, the husband and wife’s “eachother” love remain unswerving until forever. Marriage means that the happiness of a lifetime to another person, and men in order to fully express the deep feelings of the woman, will be dumping their own expression of their minds.
2. Marriage, become one of the most important things in life, because the happiness of life and marriage has a very important link. Of course, marriage has become a premier event in the family, for their children’s marriage, parents often dump their own, spend all the Cartier love bracelet replica savings, even even if the debt should be generous at this time, brothers and sisters is utmost to help, and some brothers in the The field, thousands of miles away to rush to attend the wedding. This shows the importance of marriage. As an important monument to marriage (the most symbolic marriage of marriage) —— wedding ring, it is not a small look. A large blue diamond necklace (heart of the ocean), in the film as a representative of love and appear many times, which fully shows the diamond As a representative of love is the origin of a long time.
3. Diamond culture has a long history
Since ancient times, diamonds have been regarded as a symbol of power, dignity, status and wealth. Its indestructible, invincible, honest and eternal and majestic masculine quality, is the eternal pursuit of human goals. It has a potential, great cultural value.
4. Diamond inherent in the inherent charm of quality
As a gem, must have beautiful, durable and scarce these three elements. Diamond is the only set of the highest hardness, strong refractive index and high dispersion in one of the gem varieties, any other gem varieties are unparalleled. This treasure in the treasure, dilute the rare, should be the most expensive to become the most expensive.
Diamond ring is more meaningful from the mining to the finished product of the careful processing, a diamond ring is a natural Creator and more than 200 million people’s crystallization of the diamond is extremely valuable in which it is.
The diamond must be carefully treated to maintain a bright luster. The drill ring is greasy for grease and therefore must be cleaned once a month. There are two main ways to clean up:
Clean the bath method – first dip the diamond ring in a small dish mixed with a mild detergent in the warm water, and then gently wash with a small brush, then the diamond ring on the filter with warm water rinse, and finally with the cloth dry water The
Cold water immersion method – with half a cup of household use of the Ammonian water, add the same capacity of water, diamonds dipped in the solution for about 30 minutes, and then gently wash the diamond brush with a small brush around the mosaic metal, And then into Cartier love ring replica the solution gently waving, remove the paper after the water to dry, do not rinse.
Care diamonds, have to do three do not: do housework, do not let the diamond ornaments wearing bleach. Bleached water will not damage the diamond ring, but will make the metal set fade or produce spots. Do not put the diamond ornaments together in the drawer or jewelry box, the diamond ring friction will be “self-killing.”
Every bride is eager to have a precious wedding ring, used to engrave their eternal love. However, how to maintain the diamond ring is also a major event can not be ignored, the following teach you a diamond ring care taboo, see how to maintain the diamond ring.

Diamond ring care taboo:
1, bogey violent shock: Today, inlaid jewelry, although the base design is very reliable, but the number of violent vibration will be affected. Only cherish your jewelry, it will never protect the glory.
2, avoid wearing laundry, bath: pear afraid of acidic substances, can not touch the detergent.
3, bogey pieces of jewelry together: for example: hard diamonds will easily scratch other stones; so, after their own secret, sub-grid storage.
4, avoid chemical gases and pollution of the environment: For example: all jewelry are bogey sulfur, emerald avoid pesticides, other sprays.
5, bogey and cosmetics together: the ring even if the stained with cosmetics, the glory will be weakened; especially diamonds, very easy to paste the grease of cosmetics, but also to strictly separate.
6, bogey drugs: some drugs can produce chemical reactions to jewelry, so that jewelry discoloration, deterioration.
7, bogey high temperature: some gems are not high temperature, or dehydration and Cartier nail bracelet replica crack, or discoloration. Such as cat’s eye afraid of high temperature. Jade above 55 ° will dissolve the wax layer on the surface and lose protection, reducing the gloss of the wax.
8, bogey wear movement, dry and rough live: For example: sweat containing fatty acids, urea and other pearls have erosion, so there are “Lingnan Zhiling North wear” said. North cold, sweat less, should wear.

A brief description of several major silverware brands

A brief description of several major silverware brands
Silver is made of silver with a variety of jewelry, silver and gold are all precious metals, with the production process more and more superb, a variety of silver jewelry is also more and more beautiful, and now more and more people like to wear silver, Here to introduce several major silver jewelry brand.
1, a well-known brand Chow Tai Fook’s sub-brand – CTF2, with young and sensitive young people for the consumer, the product more emphasis on the trend, innovation and diversification to meet the different needs of consumers fashion.
2, the domestic well-known chain of silver jewelry brand – the old silver shop, the old silver shop is a century-old shop wallet inherited down to the superb tradition of the process as a prerequisite, combined with modern technology, to create personalized Cartier love bracelet replica for different groups of silver jewelry.
3, has a long history and brand culture of the century-old silver shop – old Fengxiang silver floor, the old Fengxiang silver building was founded in 1848 Shanghai, a half century of development has always been adhering to the superb technology and innovation, to create a unique brand culture.
4, to retro silver jewelry pirate ship famous, its products to mysterious, adventurous, unique brand concept has been well received by consumers,
Now for more and more urban fashion personality family loved.
5, walking in the forefront of the v6 silverware, as a silver industry sector a star, v6 silver in a short period of ten years with its new, unique style and highly personalized style by everyone’s favor, continue to break and innovation.
6, classical romantic Mang silver silver MGS, Mang ancient silver was founded in Thailand, classical combination of fashion creative ideas, launched a series of artistic and fashion sense of both silver jewelry.
7, closely follow the international fashion trends Audrey Silver, Audrey Silver is the perfect combination of national and fashion silver brand, fashion for the soul, a variety of styles are deduced most vividly, and has the texture of the atmosphere.
8, is committed to the aesthetic beauty of seven degrees silver, with a unique taste, style interpretation of the United States to understand the pursuit of temperament and the soul of its perfect performance for the consumer to provide a different image of the show.
9, the silversmith family Xiongyingyin, founded so far has two hundred years of history, advanced technology and the combination of traditional technology, products to reflect the characteristics of Oriental aesthetics, by the petty bourgeoisie fashion crowd favorite.
10, advocating the natural simplicity of the PH7 handmade silverware, with plain silver style of the spread of simple and green life attitude.
People often say 925 silver, 925 silver, what exactly is what kind of silver? In fact, as the name said, 925 silver is silver in 92.5% of silver. However, although silver content is only 92.5%, but this has been recognized as the most standard silver. This is because the hardness of silver is very small, and even the real content of 100% of the silver can not make silver jewelry. Of course, this is only to talk about, really full of silver is soft and easy to oxidize, but even so, the importance of 925 silver so, he has been created since, it is considered the standard silver content.

925 silver can be said to be active, even if it is placed there, it will be easy to react Cartier love ring replica with the sulfur in the air to form a black material covered in the 925 silver surface to make it black. Therefore, 925 silver can be said to be more critical of the environment, bad environment, completely impossible to wear for a long time. In addition, in addition to sulfur in the air, some of the sweat of some substances will also affect the 925 silver, which is usually people say “silver pick” a form of expression.

When wearing, 925 silver and gold jewelry can not wear at the same time, otherwise the two will be contaminated with each other, white 925 silver yellow, yellow gold white. Of course, a separate 925 silver jewelry can not be a long time to wear, time then, how will change color, no matter what you do before the protection measures.

925 silver jewelry black do not panic, this is a normal phenomenon, clean up is also very convenient, directly with the purchase of 925 silver jewelry when the rubbing with silver cloth can be wiped.

In addition, due to the soft silver, 925 silver certainly not too hard. Therefore, usually wear time to pay attention to not be able to pull it vigorously, otherwise it will easily be broken or even broken, 925 silver jewelry caused unnecessary damage. And sleep time should try to 925 silver silver jewelry off, so as not to flatten.
Old silversmith, is a silver brand, the brand’s history is not long, founded in 1998, to now is 15 years. But have to say is that the old silversmith has become the earliest self-designed silver jewelry a pioneer. From the day the old silversmith brand was founded, it began to absorb traditional Chinese culture and craft on the basis of traditional Chinese culture and craftsmanship, integrate traditional and fashion with each other, and blend the ancients and modern aesthetic Together, to create a unique design style. This rich heritage, good at the spirit of innovation and character has gradually won the title of the domestic silver jewelry experts, by the majority of silver jewelry consumers love.

Old silversmith brand culture is “silver” as their own media, Yong silver jewelry to convey the traditional Chinese culture, to create both suitable for traditional and modern silver jewelry. In this process, the old silversmith has always insisted on the combination of traditional and fashion, the national and the world of mutual integration of the form of technology for different people to create their own silver, and also many times and fashion, the arts industry cooperation with Replica Cartier love bracelet each other, Will own products to different areas, and strive to become China’s first brand silver.

In this era of rapid development of material civilization, a variety of decorations continue to emerge, and how can the material civilization and spiritual civilization can be combined to create their own want to silver jewelry, is the old silversmen want to solve the problem The. Earlier, people were not particularly interested in this idea, but after the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the idea began to get hot again when the world began to re-understand China and recognize Chinese traditional culture The And the old silversmith really no matter what time, are trying to traditional culture through the modern fashion silver jewelry show, this spirit, perhaps the old silversmith has been the brand spirit of it.

Believe that, after the time, the traditional and fashion topic is still the most people need, and the old silversmith is bound to get more people understand and agree to get more consumer resonance, perhaps this time, become China A silver brand dream is really not a dream it

Glittering royal jewelery, the crown worn in the fingers

Glittering royal jewelery, the crown worn in the fingers
Each piece of jewelry masterpiece is for those who advocate fun and favor the traditional people carefully crafted. These jewels are more tasty than tea towels or wedding cups.
Pearls, the most representative of women’s gentle and low-key luxury. It is not like a gem so hard and angular, rounded shape and dark elegance always reminiscent of the gentle Virgin Mary. This group of Perla Dorada series of jewelry, white diamond and pearl perfect combination, people more appreciate the kind of hardness and beauty of women beauty. Moreover, the choice of golden pearls more romantic and romantic autumn with the Cartier love bracelet replica appropriate, as if the warm sun, warm all over the fall.
Here is the gold market in Dubai, I believe all the women here will be heartbeat to speed up. Stretching a few streets of various gold jewelry shop, window hanging all kinds of necklaces, rings, earrings, etc., dazzling, almost all kinds of styles around the world you can see here.
Retro restored to the Stone Age, retains the original natural gem of natural, natural character, with the most pure texture and gold and silver with, in turn the rustic pull back to the modern. Seemingly cold metal material shot sharp light texture, in this full of postmodern material at the same time, will make you look at the spotlight under the cold queen.
In the world, the rose is used to express the common language of love, she is the embodiment of the beauty of God, but also into the love of God’s blood, set love and beauty in one.
So never wither “24k gold-plated fresh rose” in the industry has been hailed as “flowers in the jewelry, jewelry in the wonderful work.” A never withered gold-plated real roses, representing the youth forever, true love eternal, friendship survived.
She is not only Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, graduation ceremony, wedding commemorative, birthday, business to commemorate the best gift, but also friends, relatives and customers the best gift between, it is auspicious Jiapin.
Each of her roses is made from Bulgarian precious flowers, each line seems to be unintentional clear lines are carefully selected, respect for nature to give them the natural colors and their rich in Bulgaria soil attitude.
And then the use of unique modern biotechnology, together with 24K gold as the carrier, to exquisite pure handmade craft – each flower has been 164 full manual process, 7 days of elaborate, blend of French classical mosaic art, success To the original ecological rose lasting fresh and elegant graceful fusion of jewelry.
Charming and moving, bright brilliance, leading jewelry ginger Cartier love ring replica new trend.

Petal – Bulgarian original fresh rose color (without any dyeing)
Lace – 24K gold (gold, platinum)
Accessories – Sterling Silver plated 24K gold
Pendant with chain or tie-up chain for the 925 sterling silver plated 24K gold, tether for the import of American silk
American famous treasure hunt company Mel Fisher’s Treasures, in the Spanish shipwreck Nuestra Senora De Atocha sinking – 35 miles west of the Florida West West Sea, found a huge green stone ring, two silver spoon and two other silver Quality items, including emerald gold ring valuation of more than 500,000 US dollars.

The seascape is worth $ 500,000 for the Emerald Ring
The emerald gold ring is 5.8 cm high, 4.7 cm wide, the above inlaid rectangular cube, emerald specifications for the 2.5 cm × 2.3 cm, a total of 10 car weight.

Gold part of the modified gorgeous, external seal with sculpture, ring Cartier nail bracelet replica internal, emerald is engraved with the following “VRC” exclusive words
Nuestra Senora De Atocha is the 17th century 60’s Spanish escort ship, served as the Spanish plunder of gold and silver jewelry mission, in August 1662, in the transport of hurricanes and sank, the ship a lot of gold and silver jewelry sink into the sea. Mel Fisher’s Treasures was founded in 1955 by Mel Fisher and is a company specializing in salvage shipwrecks. Since 1969, Nuestra Senora De Atocha has been salvaged and has found a $ 500 million sunken relic.

Bulgari gold coin long necklace

Bulgari gold coin long necklace
Once, gold is a symbol of wealth. Now, after a variety of turning points, the golden gold and stand in the forefront of the market, representing the trend of people fashion. As a result, we have to admire the potential of the existence of gold, but also have to believe that the road has shining bright golden light will once again evoke people’s minds. Bulgari antique collection series of gold and gold coins long necklace, mosaic of seven Alexander III period (about 336 BC – 323 years) of the ancient coins, which is enough to prove its value.

Bulgari B.zero1 in the design of this jewelry, meaning “start” and “end” two extremes. At the same time, this jewelry also expressed in addition to the “past” and “now” surrealist complex. This ring is one of Bulgari’s most popular jewelery, enduring. Bulgari Bulgari Cartier love bracelet replica series of gold pendants are basically designed with ancient Roman inscriptions as a source of inspiration, and on this basis, emphasizes the Bulgari tradition and brand personality unique pattern elements. This double logo shape contains a strong visual effect, and gradually become the most commonly used in the works of one of the elements.
Angular Momentum is a world-renowned Swiss watchmaker who designs and manufactures innovative watches with a reputation. Their watches are not just an ordinary timer, these watches can be many people dream of collectibles, works of art.

Sculpture series is the super luxury collection of valuable watch brand in a. This series of watches can be said to be unique, so when buying, pay at sight. This series of watches are carved with gold, platinum and silver. Among them, Oriental Blossom Time Cushion this, by the 18K gold carved case, the top set with 100 full cut (foot turned bright) diamonds. In addition, in the dial 12 o’clock position, there is a round sapphire. At present this series of watches only 20.
Women’s pursuit of jewelry never end, and clothing, always feel that the jewelry box less so, and all women, she also loves jewelry, like its swaying posture, elegant calm temperament and its delicate attitude , This is her recent love of jewelry, fashion chic style is her favorite style.

This just gold muse goddess of thousands of gold series to the Greek mythology Cartier love ring replica for the design inspiration, which contains the church, opera house, palace and other distinctive features of the European human elements, magnificent magnificent metal coupled with mysterious elegant turquoise, instantly improved Low-key luxury texture, fashion glamorous exotic distribution of breathtaking atmosphere.

Very design sense of the bracelet, hand and detailed pattern of pure gold gold presents a romantic, mysterious European beauty, very personalized jewelry, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
On the jewelry, each woman has its own taste and hobbies, irrelevant to the other, only from the inner pleasure and dedication to the beautiful, for example, someone is a ring, but also some heart and butterfly modeling a soft spot, she But unique love set, especially fine, elegant, which is her many sets of a set of elegant style lining her more customs million.

This just gold of the French beauty to the rich European characteristics of the Cartier nail bracelet replica cross for the design inspiration, pure gold through the three-dimensional cross-chic exquisite chic, accompanied by rich romantic atmosphere of the purple spar to be embellished, fashion glamorous, distributed irresistible Seductive charm, small tassel design is to make elegant, gentle temperament spread like wildfire, just like the light of the beautiful beauty of the beautiful, mysterious, seductive.

Very stunning set of gold, whether it is designed or workmanship are unique style, the European cultural characteristics and oriental elements of the ingenious fusion of self, into the body, will certainly become the focus, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like The

What is the difference between platinum and real platinum on the market?

What is the difference between platinum and real platinum on the market?
In the market, it is usually heard that platinum will be called platinum, and then not long, white K gold is also called platinum, which makes a lot of people know a little knowledge of gold do not understand, platinum in the end what is it?
In fact, these businesses are not really white platinum in the real sense. In their mouth, as long as the white color of the metal can be called platinum. And in the real knowledge inside, white k gold and platinum can not be confused. White K gold, K gold in a kind of gold and other metals are produced by the integration of a gold alloy. And platinum, the English name Platinum, referred to as Pt, is directly a natural white metal. And this metal box, like gold, is a member of precious metals. Under normal circumstances, only platinum can be called platinum, rather than white metal called platinum. Estimated in the gold market, there must be a lot of people will be mixed with these two metals. So, what is the difference between k and platinum?
First of all, as just said, the two are essentially the same Cartier love bracelet replica material, earrings two basically can be said that a completely different material, white gold is gold alloy gold, and another platinum, in fact, can Become a platinum.
In addition, the price of white K gold than platinum on the ground a lot. Because in the original circumstances, the price of gold is lower than the platinum, and white gold is gold alloy, so the price is certainly not higher than the price of gold Therefore, count to count, the price of white K gold than platinum a lot lower.
At the same time, although the white K gold and platinum in appearance there is a big resemblance, but we can also be very convenient to distinguish the two jewelry. One of the biggest reasons is that jewelry will certainly have the production of material mark, like platinum jewelry will make PT words, and white K gold jewelry can only play “18k”, “G750” and other mark.
In the new century, when gold is more and more popular, another different winds appeared: that is white metal! In this new force, the most popular combination is white K gold, platinum and silver. In fact, although the momentum of these white metal before there is no big gold, but it still has a love of their own, and is considered more introverted, elegant.

Platinum can be said that the price is not bad compared with the gold cents! But its use history is far less than gold. Platinum was in the late 19th century began to be used as a material for jewelry. The nature of platinum is almost the same as gold, but it is even more scarce than gold. The most important thing is, in hardness, platinum is much better than gold.

It is because of these characteristics, platinum is diamonds, pearls, even after the formation of the history of the famous “Edwardian jewelry”, formed the end of the 19th century, the early 20th century popular “white style”. In addition, in the 20th century, 20-30 years, with the trend of progress, in the decorative arts style period, platinum in the history of jewelry reached another peak.
Platinum as the most perfect partner of diamonds, not only with the diamond is very similar to the eternal characteristics, also has a bright white appearance.

Platinum is also known as platinum, the nature is quite stable, with the skin does not make any Cartier love ring replica allergic nature of the phenomenon. Therefore, platinum jewelry for anyone wearing.

Platinum has such a good nature, then the platinum jewelry will fade it?

The answer is very sure: no. The chemical properties of platinum are extremely stable and are known as a “never fading, never worn” precious metal. But why in the day-to-day people say that platinum will fade?

Originally, in the spoken language, I do not know platinum is called platinum, some white K gold will be people mouth called platinum, and faded platinum refers to them.

In fact, such as platinum fade the cause of this thing is that many people do not know enough about the metal, will give birth to white gold is also known as platinum, platinum, K gold, silly is not clear. Therefore, to master the precious metal knowledge, know what is platinum, do not white and white gold to continue to confuse the gold.
Platinum is a very rare substance. At present, the annual output of platinum or even only gold 1/20. There are a lot of countries in the world to produce platinum, but 95% of the share are produced in South Africa and Australia.
Platinum’s largest producer is South Africa. Just a South African land of platinum production Replica Cartier love bracelet has accounted for 60% of the world’s output, not much.
The world’s second largest producer of platinum is Russia. The country’s platinum production is also a lot, accounting for about 30% of world production. South Africa and Australia’s platinum production has accounted for 95% of the world.
China is also a country that produces platinum. In China, platinum production of about 300 tons, its main origin concentrated in Gansu, Yunnan, Sichuan and other provinces.

Cartier HIMALIA reproduce the “decorative arts”

Cartier HIMALIA reproduce the “decorative arts”
The world’s luxury giants, the British King Edward VII praise as “the emperor’s jeweler, jeweler of the emperor,” Cartier, in this golden early autumn has brought surprises for everyone: the latest jewelry series HIMALIA dazzling debut.
HIMALIA is a rotating star around Jupiter, the vastness of the night sky, the shining light and vibrant running track, making her the most spectacular star of the universe. Cartier HIMALIA jewelry series is the origin of its inspiration, rounded shape, simple geometric design, countless stars inlaid with diamonds on her, as if like a star-like dazzling, but also like Cartier respected women, passionate and Elegant and moving. HIMALIA not only to reproduce the classic Cartier nail bracelet replica “Art Deco” style, but also cleverly willow link hidden in the exquisite design, technology and art, not only safe and reliable, but also make the work more comfortable and smooth shape.

In various occasions, you can find the time to wear HIMALIA jewelry. During the day, busy focus on the workplace, necklaces, rings, earrings or bracelets, just a single product, you can see the night sky, the bright and clean party, complete sets of wear HIMALIA will Zhuocheng elegant temperament, make you like the night sky flashing bright star; That is, you can let the unique style of your head to cast between the natural showing a very low-key but extremely elegant charm; casual moments, according to mood with one or a few HIMALIA jewelry, even the most simple white shirt jeans, Emitting a dazzling brilliance. The series also 18K gold diamond, 18K white gold and 18K gold diamond three options, but also adds the Mix & Match of freedom.
Oxette: Fashion from Greece
From the ancient European origin – Greece, which has thousands of years of brilliant silverware culture, in the distant era of the Greeks first to use silver to decorate their own clothing. Oxette has been leading the Greek and European markets for silverware and matching accessories. It is the world’s leading fashion jewelry producer. It has developed into a global more than 30 countries and regions of the internationally renowned brands. Its local and overseas companies include retail stores, extensive franchise network, located in different downtown stores and department stores to open shop in the store. Oxette created life is taste, so that the concept of life in Europe enjoys popular support. The company is entering a period of rapid growth.

Oxette is internationally recognized fashion jewelry brand, retail performance is also among the forefront of its excellent quality and unique design is subject to the vast number of consumers a high degree of trust and recognition. More than 100 dealerships throughout Greece. Worldwide branches include Beijing, Moscow, Berlin, Dublin, Melbourne, New York, Los Angeles, Kuwait, Rome, Milan, Amsterdam, Santiago, Tokyo, Paris, Seoul, Sydney, London, Cairo, Sofia, Rio de Janeiro, Madrid. , Miami, Buenos Aires, Prague, Vienna, Warsaw and so on.

Fashion and fashion are constantly changing every year, how to allow consumers to always walk in the forefront of fashion, spend a small amount of money, but value for money. Oxette has done, mainly in six areas: the leadership of fashion, full of unique charm and personality of the imitation Cartier love bracelet design, product variety, diverse materials, a wide range of customers and reasonable prices, good service and complete European handmade.

1, design: support Oxette brand is the core of creativity. From Greece, Italy, Britain, France, the wisdom of designers every year with new themes, fashion patterns and new materials to design hundreds of different styles of personalized products. Oxette is divided into spring and summer and autumn and winter respectively. Unique style and fashion can be perfectly coordinated with the fashion.

2, types: Oxette all the products are designed and manufactured. No matter how you choose which products will have a pleasant surprise, they echo each other fashionable avant-garde. Products include watches, rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, brooches, handbags, belts, glasses, scarves ,, men’s products, gifts and so on.

3, material: 925 silver as the main material, embellished with South Africa, South America natural stone, semi-precious stones, synthetic stone and Swarovski crystal, full of elegance and fashion. In addition to 14K, 18K gold jewelry for the material, full of elegance and mystery.

4, groups: Oxette: suitable for ages 15-50 years. Success, self-confidence, pay attention to the professional life of women

5, Loisir: suitable for ages 15-35 years. 5, service: Oxette provide valuable high-quality Fake Cartier love bracelet services, professional sales team with a wealth of professional support and perfect with the skills to provide consumers with a variety of lifestyle choices and guidance. Improve after-sales service so that consumers worry-free.

6, the process: complete European handmade, so that each jewelry craftsmen with the soul to convey the elegant carrier, the perfect combination of traditional technology and modern technology, so that each jewelry to become a good quality assurance.

Swatch autumn and winter jewelry

Swatch autumn and winter jewelry about romantic fairy tale
“Winter snow, love story, metropolitan night, childlike” – autumn and winter four popular series, is what you dream, is the vast sky under the winter night fantasy. This season, Swatch for you to capture the moon, meteor, endless happiness, music, temptation, sophistication and snow … … your winter turned into the opposite sex and the memory of childhood memories.

Winter Snow Series Moonlight Rhapsody (Moon Illusion)

Moonlight lotus, calmly floating in the rippling river of life; happy feelings, as this jewelry and it shows the white petals as pure and perfect.
Pendant: white ceramic material of water lilies with crystal Cartier love bracelet replica stone, necklace is a white ribbon with steel plug-in buckle. RMB 720
Ring: white ceramic material with water lilies and crystal stone. RMB 560
Material: ceramic, crystal, satin, stainless steel
Winter Snow Series Starry Star

Astronomers say the winter sky is the most beautiful and pure. Swatch for you from the stars in the sky to capture the brightest group.
Necklace: Exquisite stainless steel beads shining silver or purple stars, and a hiding in the chain buckle below. RMB 720
Earrings: two exquisite stainless steel beads wearing two amethyst stars. RMB 398
Material: stainless steel, crystal stone
Love the story of the eternal flower (Flowercage)

The goddess of the poet and the artist, the symbol of love and elegance – the blooming flowers turn into eternity in the air … the eternal beauty captured through time and space, the masterpieces that are woven with pink thread will light the gray winter .
Pendant: Beautifully framed stainless steel framed by embroidered flowers on a satin Cartier love ring replica gray satin finish, suspended in a black ribbon necklace with adjustable stainless steel buckle. RMB 680
Bracelet: Beautifully framed in stainless steel framed by a gray satin trimmed with crystal stones embroidered flowers on the pink thread, set in pink leather bracelet, with a magnetic button. RMB 680
Earrings: Beautifully framed stainless steel frames embellished with crystals of gray satin on the pink thread embroidered flowers. RMB 330
Rings: Beautifully framed stainless steel framed by embroidered flowers on a satin pink satin trimmed with crystal stones. RMB 398
Material: stainless steel, satin, crystal stone and leather
Love Story Pearl Fairy (Mrs Fairy)

In Europe a long time ago, pearls were said to cure melancholy; in the East, pearls were also seen as talismans. Today, pearl is a symbol of feminine beauty, but also a symbol of love. The magic of the pearl reveals the most precious secret of the pearl goddess.
Ring: flexible stainless steel ring, inlaid four rows of white or purple artificial pearls. RMB 330
Material: stainless steel, synthetic resin
Metropolitan Night of the double-sided angel (Eveneve)

She succumbed to the snake before or after the lure? She can be as pure as silver, or as tempting as copper, you want to be what kind of Eve?
Bracelet: Stainless steel bracelet, is a flexible collection of small discs, deduce the shape of the snake. Color: Steel or PVD copper. Safety buckle. RMB 720
Ring: flexible stainless steel ring, is the side by side five small discs, showing a snake. Color: Steel or PVD copper. RMB 398
Material: Stainless steel
Never Ends of Metropolitan Night

Feelings should be eternal. Stainless steel soft bead line symbolizes the endless love, stroking your skin, indicating the enduring happiness and luxury of capture.
Necklace: Six stainless steel chain consisting of a long necklace, slide over the same Replica Cartier love bracelet material metal parts. RMB 720
Bracelet: Six stainless steel bracelets, slide over the same material metal parts. RMB 680
Earrings: three stainless steel chain consisting of earrings, sliding over the same material metal parts. RMB 398
Ring: three stainless steel chain composed of rings, sliding over the same material metal parts. RMB 398
Material: Stainless steel
Metropolitan Night Dance Feel the Beat

Hip Hop, chamber music, electronic music … people who like music, whether traditional or avant-garde, this section pendant and rings from the active light in the night light, in response to the most cheerful night sky notes. Whether you love bars or discos, this “form” will surprise you.
Pendant: stainless steel disk with a black leather necklace, plug-in buckle. Two colors are available: gold or silver. RMB 680
Ring: radio-style stainless steel disk. Two colors: gold or silver. RMB 398
Material: stainless steel, leather
Metropolitan Night of the Love Declaration (Love Explosion)

The silhouette of the love affair reflects the heavy harvest season, black crystal pearls show your charming every move.
Ring: Stainless steel ring with black crystal pearls. RMB 560
Material: stainless steel, crystal pearl
Metropolitan Night’s So Much

Leather and stainless steel are used to express the simplicity of geometry and the connotation of the city. This set of jewelry to make light and shadow into the corresponding interest, is ready for men and elegant accessories, with the most simple way to describe “rich.”
Pendant: Rectangular stainless steel pendant decorated with architectural relief, with black leather necklace. Stainless steel chain buckle and can be slightly adjusted chain. RMB 480
Ring: Stainless steel ring, decorated with architectural relief. RMB398
Cufflinks: Rectangular stainless steel cufflinks, relief with architectural equipment. RMB 398
Material: stainless steel, leather
Fruit Party Cherry Party (Fructus-Cherry)

Pendant: two dark stainless steel cherry with stainless steel background, with dark green leaves; black leather necklace, stainless steel adjustable chain buckle. RMB 480
Earrings: two with stainless steel backdrop of dark red cherry, with dark green leaves. RMB 330
Rings: Two dark red cherries with stainless steel backing, dark green leaves. RMB 398
Material: stainless steel, synthetic resin, leather
Fruit Party Apple Party (Fructus-Apple)

Pendant: stainless steel background glowing green fluorescent apple, with dark green leaves; black leather necklace, stainless steel adjustable chain buckle. RMB 480
Earrings: stainless steel background glowing green fluorescent apple, with dark green leaves. RMB 330
Ring: stainless steel backdrop of glowing green fluorescent apple, with dark green leaves. RMB 398
Material: stainless steel, synthetic resin, leather