Pebble’s design philosophy is completely different from the Samsung Galaxy Gear

Pebble’s design philosophy is completely different from the Samsung Galaxy Gear. It uses black and white electronic paper screen, rather than color, which makes people think of Amazon Kindle e-book reader. So, no color display, no speakers, no microphone, no touch screen. What about such a watch in the end?
How much is the smart watch?
The first is the volume. Pebble smart watch is small, very thin, but the battery life is enough, each charge can be used for a week. In contrast, Samsung Gear’s life only two days. In addition, Pebble only four buttons: up, down, return, select, the user will never make a mistake. It is still waterproof. Here is not the splash protection, that is shower, swimming and diving (up to 165 feet). In this function, any product Replica Cartier jewelry on the market can not be comparable with it.
Despite all the advantages of the above, but by Keshi Lin plastic made of the original version of Pebble, far from fashion. The first release of a Pebble smart watch can still be sold, the price of 150 (about 930 yuan) US dollars or so. In fact, consumers will be able to buy the latest Pebble Steel for just over $ 100. Pebble Steel is equipped with stainless steel case, leather or metal strap. It looks very stylish, I believe many people are willing to wear it in the hands.

Pebble Steel does not have much functionality, but each is trying to do the best.
First, it can send a vibration reminder. Reminders include SMS, e-mail, Facebook messages, application messages, and calls. SMS and Facebook messages will be displayed on the watch screen. If it is other types of content, Pebble Steel will display the name or number for the user. And through the up and down button, the user can choose to accept or reject the call.

Interestingly, users can also set their own hope to watch those content on the watch. For example, turn to the user to play “Words with Friends”, receive Voxer voice messages, to remind the cat, etc., depending on the user.
IPhone users can directly select the content to be displayed on the watch in the existing notification settings. Android phone users have to download an application called Pebble Notifier. As a result, Pebble Steel will vibrate when you receive text messages, phone calls, Facebook messages, app calls, and Gmail messages.

Second, it can control the music on the phone. It can display the name of the song, with the right three buttons can be on a song, the next song, pause / play operation. In other words, users can control the music playback process even without touching the phone. Perhaps in the future, humans Cartier love bracelet replica will evolve into robots like “robots”, and maybe.
Third, it can run the application. In the introduction of Pebble Steel smart watches, Pebble also introduced a new generation of 2.0 operating system and Pebble application store. At present Pebble application store has more than 1000 applications, these applications apply to all models Pebble. It is important that all applications are free. However, before searching for download applications, users need to download a Pebble application on the phone.
To be honest, Pebble store some applications are “garbage”, but some applications are very good. Here recommended several “fine”:
– Wristronome
This application is suitable for music workers, is the metronome on the wrist. Its characteristic is not like the other metronome as toot, but “quietly” to vibrate. Listeners never know, the singer has such a small tool in the help.
– Pebble Snap
This application is used to remotely control the operation of mobile phone camera. Press the middle button in Pebble, it is equivalent to press the shutter. The disadvantage of this application is the need to install a matching application on the phone. And, it’s not free.
Nest (smart thermostat) users must try this application. Even in thousands of miles away, the user can use it to mediate the temperature inside the house, just press the Pebble watch up or down button can be.
– WristVision
This application can turn the user’s phone into a remote spy camera. In this way, the Pebble watch, the user will be able to see the phone camera “see” to all things.
– PebbleGPS
As the name suggests, PebbleGPS is the wrist on the GPS navigator. This application is slightly rough in the design, naturally can not be compared with Google Maps. But if the user is walking, cycling or riding a motorcycle, then it can help no small busy.
– Slides
The same is a remote control application, used to control the phone to play the slide. With it, the user no longer needs to wield his hands from time to time.
– Twebble
This is a Twitter client application, the performance is unexpectedly good. It can be neatly Fake Cartier love bracelet arranged in the Twitter message displayed on the watch screen, and even directly reply to a tweet.
In addition to the above several applications, Pebble application store there are hundreds of games, stocks, fitness, calculator applications. But in order to keep the watch simple and sensitive, Pebble limited smartphone users can only install 8 applications on the phone, including “dial”. Speaking of which have to mention the smart phone dial design, there are numbers, there are long needle, there are generous beautiful, humorous and fun. Pebble Steel users are said to even set their own dial, such as upload photos.

Small defects
Of course, an electronic product can not be without a drawback. Pebble, many consumers have a lot of complaints. Which focus on the smart watch and mobile phone connection between the start. First, there is no user manual, consumers do not know how to operate. Of course, you can find a guide on the Internet, but more from other Pebble users, which may be a lot of problems. ; For example, in Google search “delete Pebble application”, it will tell you the way for the 1.0 system. Second, let the watch and the phone to maintain the connection of the Bluetooth wireless signal, you need to spend 5% -10% of the electricity. Third, the connection between the watch and the phone is sometimes broken, the user needs to re-match. And this process is sometimes very fast, sometimes very slow.

There is a problem you must be very concerned about and that is the problem of life

Chile Z Watch smart watch evaluation
Z Watch smart watch is the company’s products. The most a domestic brand, the wisdom of the company is committed to research and development of domestic smart wear equipment. After the New Year’s Eve effort, Z Watch Bell in the interview. Its stylish small form factor, so many people put it down. The following is Z Watch only watch evaluation!

Look at Z Watch, you will find it very simple design. The left side of the body is a 3.5mm interface, below a small hole, is built-in microphone for recording. There are two buttons on the right side of the body, one is the power button and the other is the return Cartier love ring replica key. This design is not redundant, just right, easy to use.

Z Watch use 22mm universal strap, you can heart for the strap! Oh, the overall length of 24.5cm, there are 8 kinds of colors optional. Z Watch is also equipped with a USB to 3.5mm headphone jack data cable for charging and data transmission. The display is a 240×240 resolution 1.54-inch TFT LCD display, equipped with capacitive multi-touch screen tempered glass panel, very sensitive to use. Z Watch has a feature that is in the standby dormant state can also be counted, all-weather at any time to record your activities.

In storage, Z Watch’s performance is also very good, it is equipped with 512MB Mobile DDR cache and 4GB eMMC large-capacity flash memory, do not worry about the problem of insufficient storage.
Z Watch supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0, equipped with a three-axis acceleration sensor, can be used to measure the daily walking distance and energy consumption. Z Watch also equipped with a micro-vibration motor, set the alarm clock, SMS, call, WeChat reminders will shake, I feel very strong, no longer let you missed calls and text messages.

Z Watch itself built-in action sensor and intelligent algorithm, it can let it know Cartier love bracelet replica your watch the action, automatically lit dial, gently shaking the wrist, you can switch songs, refused to call and dial and many other features The
There is a problem you must be very concerned about, and that is the problem of life. Z Watch built a 300mAH lithium polymer battery, joined the coprocessor, only open the meter and other functions, you can continue to use up to 12 days. In addition, the watch charging time is quite short, satisfactory.
As for the price, the intellectual Z Watch offer for 699 yuan, it is very cost-effective and competitive. As a domestic brand, Chile Z Watch has been very good. Powerful and cheap, you deserve it!
Pat watch profile
The name of the patted watch comes from its special structure, as it is just a shot in the hands of a shot will be closed. Strap is made of silicone and steel. Head can be removed.

Patted the design of the table from abroad, and now the domestic market is not a lot of. This unique design, easy to wear, and can change the strap, will make you thousands of attention.
Pat the characteristics of the watch
Steel is wrapped with silicone, will not cut the skin, silicone is a new environmentally friendly Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica materials, non-toxic and tasteless, chemical stability, in addition to alkali, hydrofluoric acid does not react with any material. Various types of silica gel because of its different manufacturing methods to form a different microporous structure. It has a high adsorption performance, good thermal stability, chemical stability, a higher mechanical strength.
Suitable for the crowd
As a new fashion, of course, young and young young people love. Many foreign companies as a promotional gift, convenient and generous.
Now the domestic market has appeared in various shapes of the pat watch, plug-in pat watch the development, making a variety of cartoon shape can appear in this fashion new products. In addition, patted strap and dial can also be printed on the company logo, let it be one of the preferred promotional gifts.

Spring of the praise Van Cleef & Arpels new Frivole series of jewelry

Spring of the praise – Van Cleef & Arpels new Frivole series of jewelry
“Biyu makeup into a tree high, 10,000 hanging green silk sash.” Dai green spring, flowers and flowers, but also a year when the spring is good. In this refreshing season, Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels once again pay tribute to the endless nature of the Frivole Cartier love ring replica series of nine new to write the flow of light “spring praise”. New cohesion extraordinary creativity, flowers spit Rui bloom, like in the breeze under the slight trembling, lifelike. Whether it is turned into a single flower, or sparkling flowers are burst out of the bright elegance of the genial light, makeup soft skin.

Flowers spit Rui, bright spring

Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels Frivole Pendant Large Style Yellow K Gold, Diamond
Van Cleef & Arpels Frivole Series Between the Finger Ring

Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels Frivole series earrings trumpet style yellow K gold, diamonds
Spring back to the earth, Vientiane update. Spring breath for the Frivole series of pure shine style into the vitality. Exquisite heart-shaped petals composed of gorgeous elegant three-dimensional flowers, one or three diamonds dotted them, blooming out of the dazzling color. Bright shadows and works of geometric lines against each other, showing a charming charm. Nine new works will be March 20, 2017 officially listed, Frivole series with their own precious metal materials and new size blooming new Yan. New work, the family is presented for the first time elegant light bracelet works.

Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels Frivole Pendant Mini Style Yellow K Gold, Diamond

Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels Frivole Series Bracelet Mini Style White K Gold, Diamond
The new material with yellow K gold as the main material and the new diamond in this series shines in the series, including trumpet earrings, large pendants and Between the Finger finger ring. Bright and pleasing to the eye of the family is the iconic design of the family, two asymmetrical Cartier love bracelet replica flowers at both ends of the ring embraced each other, unique. The family insists on the most stringent standards of selection of diamonds, embellished on each of the works of each diamond up to D, E or F grade color, and VVS to the upper level of clarity.
Ingenuity craftsmanship

Van Cleef & Arpels Frivole series of jewelry production process pictures
Van Cleef & Arpels has always adhered to the pursuit of the pursuit of nature fleeting Smart beauty. In the Frivole series, the overall shape of the flower structure and petals are carefully considered and designed to reproduce the ever-changing nature of the moment. The family along the 1920s will be used since the mirror polishing process, the perfect lift the brightness of the metal, making the petals pavilions shine, each piece is filled with a unique vitality.
Van Cleef & Arpels Frivole series of jewelry production process pictures
In addition, the “gold hand” who uses the mesh fine craft, in the jewelry works of gold components on the hole, so that light can penetrate through the hole directly through the diamond, creating a shiny bright effect. Exquisite jewelry craftsmanship craftsmen on the details of the meticulous dedication to make Frivole series of works more refined.
Eternal magnificent source of inspiration

Pavot Brooch Design Sketch, Diamonds & Stealth Mystery Set Ruby, Van Cleef & Arpels Collection
From the 1920s diamond brooch to contemporary jewelry works, flowers have been one of the classic source of Van Cleef & Arpels. The family is attracted by the ever-changing nature, many times the vitality of the flowers thriving and touching beauty into a section of bright jewelry works.
Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels Collection Series Bouquet Brooch Yellow Gold, Sapphire & Ruby 1940
Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels Collection Collection Brooch Yellow K Gold, Ruby & Diamond 1941 – 1942

Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels Collection Flower Brooch Diamond 1959
Christmas roses, big cosmos, poppy flowers, bell bell pond, lily of the valley and cherry blossom composed of the family poetic charming garden, through the “golden hand” exquisite craft, blooming extreme beauty. Frivole series also continued the Van Cleef & Arpels to pay tribute to Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica the natural beauty of the timeless creation tradition.
Explore the Frivole series

Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels Frivole Series Ring Yellow K Gold, Diamond 8 Flower
Frivole Yellow Gold and Diamond Works

Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels Frivole Pendant Large Style Yellow K Gold, Diamond

Van Cleef & Arpels Frivole Series Between the Finger Ring
Gently touch, delicate flowers that fragrance Tuyan, blooming brilliant corolla or bouquets to follow the 1950s classic gold jewelry style, emitting a glimpse of Jinmang, reflecting the bright and colorful diamond flower.
Frivole White Gold and Diamond Works

Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels Frivole Pendant Large Style White K Gold, Diamond
Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels Frivole series earrings trumpet style white gold gold, diamond
Like the flowers in full bloom, light delicate skin, make it shine. Mirror polished craft makes the precious metal more glamorous, Jiaoqiao petals blooming sparkling glory.

Frivole White K Gold Pendant in Diamond

Van Cleef & Arpels Frivole Series Between the Finger Ring

Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels Frivole Series Necklace White K Gold Pendant Diamond 9 Flower
White K gold works of fine structure, the surface of the chip inlaid with diamond-studded technology, blooming silver-white glare. Precious stones and precious metals into one, emitting a bright light.

Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels Frivole Series Brooches White K Gold Pendant Diamond Style Double Flower
The picturesque nature has always been an important source of inspiration for the Van Cleef & Arpels, the new Frivole series that is Van Cleef & Arpels on the beautiful spring praise, but also the colorful natural praise.

From the technical point of view the watch is still without losing the level of excellence

Breguet: and the warm spring on the color wrist
Spring in March, coincides with the sunny, all things grow. Spring and pleasant days, with a Breguet watch in the wrist, your wonderful spring will be able to icing on the cake. Founded in 1775, the brand has a history of 240 years ago. As the Swiss watch industry, “Crown of the Pearl”, Breguet watches elegant and delicate, constantly inherited excellent classic, trying to create extraordinary timepieces. Still hesitant Choose a hold hold your watch, and the United States and spring endorsement it!

Four seasons, walking non-stop, graceful time has been to the spring. Bright Cartier nail bracelet replica red willow green, grass long warbler fly, and warm spring into a soft warm sun, flick face. Coincides with the spring when the bright, it is a good time to collect spring, picking a few weeks early spring color in the wrist, full of vitality and interesting. Breguet know the spring time of the hurry, so to cherish the gesture, will be numerous colors freeze in the soft when the meter, and the United States and the best spring spokesperson.

Peugeot elegant and moving
Since the 1775 brand has been created, the classic series has always been one of the most representative of Breguet, perfectly show the Breguet elegant and timeless style. 2016, the new launch of the Breguet (Breguet) classic series of Classique 9087 Ms. moon watch for the Breguet watch series add a rejuvenated, Peugeot elegant style particularly touched the heart.
Breguet: Bourgeois Burgundy Classic Collection Classique 9087 Moon Watch
White large enamel dial exquisite and elegant, and carefully decorated with the founder of the brand in 1783 to create a classic handed down the “Breguet Digital” when the standard, minute scale inlaid little stars, every five minutes of the scale of a unique lily-shaped, heritage classic. Dial 6 o’clock position with moon window, easy to observe the moon phase profit and loss, in its surface, watchmakers division with a small second hand, enhance the dial function. It is worth mentioning that the entire watch the use of the Breguet original blue steel pointer – this is Mr. Breguet in 1783 creation of the classic needle tip pointer, on this basis, the watchmaker to ingenuity design , With a more unique attitude to show the pointer shape, with elegant and delicate dial, prepared when the extraordinary temperament.
From the technical point of view, the watch is still without losing the level of excellence. 9087 equipped with Breguet 537L self-winding mechanical movement, equipped with silvery escapement and gossamer, with advanced technology and professional watchmaking Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica skills for women to create an extraordinary time. Through the bottom of the watch sapphire crystal bottom cover, the internal movement at a glance, hand-polished parts row upon row, patchwork layers of layers, more valuable is the parts very carefully decorated with hand-carved flowers, Decorated with elegant chic Geneva corrugated, gold balance wheel also decorated with exquisite wheat stakes decorated pattern. In order to ensure that women customers choose to buy, Breguet launched a total of eight new classic series of ladies watch, and provide natural mother of pearl handmade carved dial, decorated with blue steel pointer and Roman numerals, with platinum or rose gold Case, with a diamond version and non-diamond version, available for random purchase.

Charm personality unique fragrance
Breguet sailing series Marine Chronographe Dame 8827 women’s chronograph watch in many watches, also be regarded as different from the existence. Sports atmosphere blend of elegant temperament, revealing the modern women’s independent style.
Breguet Marine Chronographe Dame 8827 watch
As early as Mr. Breguet in the era, Breguet is committed to serving the distinguished female patrons, and even specifically for the female customer tailored mechanical movement, dedicated to women’s watch. Dial with steel material, equipped with a new white natural mother of pearl dial, highlighting the feminine temperament. Dial in addition to the central part of the show, but also intimate with a precise time to go with the second hand. 6 o’clock position can clearly observe the date, tap the timer button, you can start the central chronograph second hand operation, 3 o’clock position set 30 minutes totalizer, and 9 o’clock position of the 12-hour totalizer side by side. And is the power of storage up to 45 hours of 550 automatic winding mechanical movement to complete the mission of the above, making the watch graceful and harmonious and accurate coexistence of precision. In order to watch the wearer can bloom in the spring charm, Breguet specially prepared two different strap, a striking turquoise leather strap designed for the watch, the other is 8827 series of universal new Metal bracelet, can be made between the wrist.

Yongrong Hua Gui soft and beautiful eyes
Breguet Naples Queen Series is one of the most legendary collection of Breguet, in 1810, Naples Queen Caroline Murat commissioned Mr. Breguet to create an oval asked the table, this watch after more than two years of operation The polished was delivered in 1812. This number Replica Cartier jewelry is NO. 2638 watch has become the history of the earliest since a watch. Breguet watchmaker is inspired by it, in 2002 created the Naples Queen series, as one of the classic Breguet series.

Breguet Breguet Naples Queen Series Reine De Naples 9818 Mini Princess watch
The watchmaker followed the soft oval design, part of the table with the moon or power reserve display function, the other is equipped with self-reported when the complex functions. It is born out of such a historical origin, 2016, Breguet once again display their innovative ideas, launched Breguet (Breguet) Naples Queen Series Reine De Naples 9818 mini princess watch, followed by the Naples Queen series of unique oval table Shell, but also to ingenuity, the idea of a number of ingenuity of the design, the superb craftsmanship and elegant beauty perfect combination. Dial with lavender mother of pearl dial, unique and unique, decorated with exquisite white mother of pearl shell standard. As the mother of pearl material delicate and fragile, very test watchmaker process level. Bezel and lugs glare, a total of 64 inlaid about 1.654 kt of bright cut diamonds, the crown is also set with a weight of about 0.15 karats pear-shaped diamonds, even more dazzling. Watches equipped with silky gossamer, equipped with 38 hours power reserve Caliber 586/1 movement. With blue leather strap, luxurious

Omega is the world famous and Longines watches are not bad

Longines and Omega which is good? Good or good ohm
brand introduction
Longines watches
In 1832 the Swiss Auguste Agassi began operating in the clock business in Saint-Imier, and later his nephew, Ernest Francis, continued to expand his business and opened a watchmaking factory in LesLongines, Switzerland in 1866. 1867 Francis Yong registered “Longines” company, Longines brand was born, the same year the first Longines movement L20A available. From 1867 onwards, each Longines are carved with flying wing hourglass signs.
In 1880, Longines in Switzerland officially became a registered imitation Cartier love bracelet trademark, it is also the Swiss watch industry in one of the oldest trademark. In 1885, Longines won the first prize at the Antwerp International Exhibition. Longines won a series of international awards, including a record 10 times to win the Greenwich Award.
Into the 20th century, watch gradually replace pocket watch. 1905 Longines to create the first mechanical watch, in 1912 and launched a very innovative spirit of the square watch, the elegant geometric design into the watch industry. In 1912 at the Swiss Federal Games in Basel, Longines became the world’s first launch of the automatic timer watchmaker.
1920s, Longines on the design and manufacture of watches and clocks have been handy, and its new decorative art style greatly praised the market, with a geometric design concept of Longines become elegant generation. In 1927, the flyer Charles Lin white first New York to Paris across the Atlantic uninterrupted flight record, he chose the timer is Longines. Later, Lin Bai specially designed for Longines a timer, it is Longines navigation watch the prototype. By the 1930s, Longines had become a must for some famous explorers.
Longines 30 million watch was born on February 19, 2001. 1994, Longines after nearly half a century to re-enter the Chinese market, by 2003, the Chinese market Longines sales is the world’s first, more than the Longines sales in Italy and Japan.
Longines is a company founded by Ernest Fulan Xilin in St. Emir, Switzerland. Its origins can be traced back to the 1930s. Longines also has the oldest list of registered trademarks (an hourglass with hourglass). Now Longines company belongs to the Swiss Swatch Group.
Longines is famous for its “flightists” watch. After successfully carrying out the Atlantic Atlantic flight, Charles Lindenberg designed a table to help navigate the air. Longines was originally used as a special purpose for his flight.
Omega watches
In 1848, the Swiss Confederation was born, Louis Brandt and La Chaux-de-Fonds began to watch the assembly work. In 1880, Louis Brandon’s son, Louis-Paul and Csar, moved the plant to a manpower, resource-rich and easily accessible Bienne area. Since then, the use of mechanized Cartier love bracelet replica production, uniform specifications of the parts, and the introduction of new division of labor system assembly work, fitted with precision and accurate, high quality and reasonable price of watches. World-famous Omega 19 movement in 1894 after the launch, not only become its excellent logo, the company also named “Omega”. Since then, Omega with its advanced watchmaking technology, a watch industry pioneer for 150 years.
For fifty years, Omega has become the pioneer of the world watch industry, laid a remarkable achievement.
In space, the series is not only the only watch on the moon worn, but also helped save the sun god 13 astronauts, the space agency issued by the “Snoopy Award” (Snoopy Award).
1900, the Paris World Exposition. In the Eiffel Tower, the Omega style series with its outstanding performance won the International Committee on the highest award issued by the famous, the famous Greek Temple (Greek Temple) pure gold carving table is one.
In sports, Omega is the Olympic Games (including the requirements of extreme swimming and competition projects) and in the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan held the automatic racing team championship (CART) designated timing device.
In technology and design, Omega has not only countless accurate records, and excellent design, the first of a number of technologies, such as creating the world’s first only tourbillon watch.
In the world of Omega, only the superior quality of the watch can be displayed in more than 130 countries in the high window. Celebrities are proud of this, Cody Crawford, 007 Pierce Brosnan, Michael Schumacher and Swiss tennis Princess Martina Martina Hingis chose to wear Omega.
Longines and Omega which is good, User rating
Comments 1: Longines and Omega is not the same grade. From the collection value, Omega is definitely higher than the level of Longines, value-added ability to better. Longines style Tingzhi, suitable for young white-collar wear, Omega fashionable, exquisite workmanship, both have their own characteristics. But to say that the value is certainly much higher in the Omega. Longines price positioning is in the price of 5000-15000 yuan, while the price position of the Omega is 10000-100000 yuan in the price.
Comments 2: Omega grade is higher than the Longines, and its self-produced movement and movement level is also higher than the Longines, the choice of range is also greater, personal feeling Ou Bo wave to look good, if the budget is sufficient, it is recommended Europe.
Comments three: that is too professional you may not understand … simple, regardless of material brand movement added value … Longines are not possible and Omega confrontation … since the ability to buy Omega that certainly on the Omega … Longines this level almost no one foreign people will choose Longines .. Tudor TAG Heuer Le Méridien Baocai Wan Baolong are on Longines … Interested to see … As you budget to buy Omega is pretty good .. But about 20,000 or so Amy TAG Heuer is also very good … but I think that since the selection of the grade of the Omega table of young people with thousands of countries and Rolex is considered more taste of Fake Cartier love bracelet the Omega in a class of leaves can only be considered as general It is also very good, but these are to increase the budget … more than 20,000 can not buy
Comments: four: Omega is the world famous, and Longines watches are not bad, they are from Switzerland Oh, from the above price, the price of the Omega brand will be better, Omega, he has a lot of series are very popular with friends like, To say which brand to buy more people, Longines watches will be better than the Omega buy, and now many people wear watches, the brand is not Omega, or Longines, if you want to buy some good watches, you can consider Longines watch Oh I hope my answer can help you!
Comments five: Omega is a second class table, Longines is the second class two tables. Omega watches starting price of about 20,000. Longines starting price of 7,000 yuan or so. Not a level. Longines in the domestic sales certainly more than Omega.
Comments 6: Omega and Longines watches in Switzerland are part of a group production, but the performance of Omega watches much better than the Longines. In terms of scarcity, Omega belongs to each series only after the production of a certain number of production, so the hedge is better. Longines watch from the appearance and price terms, the name of the teacher is the recent years of sales has been a very good system. Two brands are very good, but the people who buy Longines is still a lot of! I hope the answer will give you a little help! Thank you!

How about Seiko watches? Seiko table quality, how is the price?

How about Seiko watches? Seiko table quality, how is the price?
About Seiko
Seiko (SEIKO) is a well-known Japanese watch company, founded in 1881, the company formerly known as the service department of time shop, in 1892 changed its name to fine homes. In 1924, published the first official use of Seiko brand watches. In 1969, Seiko launched the world’s first pointer quartz watch -SEIKO ASTRON35SQ. In 1995, Seiko and Japan Oriental table company co-founded a joint venture factory. Seiko homes or computer printer manufacturers – Epson (EPSON) the parent company.
Has a century of history SEIKO Bingzhe “innovation and refining” brand definition to develop and operate the Chinese market. Its novel, stylish and classic watches, by the various sectors of the domestic favorite. SEIKO is currently in China’s domestic sales sites throughout the country, has been in various cities in the country set up a Seiko point of sale, and more than 20 cities with maintenance stations.
Seiko’s SPRING DRIVE became the only one pointer to reflect the real time of movement of the watch.
Spring Drive Four Outstanding Features Spring Drive offers its imitation Cartier love bracelet sophistication, accuracy, reliability and durability through four key areas of luxury watch manufacturing.
High Accuracy “Three Synchronous Modulation Controlled Speed Control” Synchronous control regulates the output of three different energy, mechanical, electrical and electronic magnetic energy produced by the mainspring. Instead of the traditional mechanical watch speed control system, escapement device, through the one-way rotation of the innovative speed modulation system, making the watch from the more stable and durable, more accurate. Spring Drive is accurate to 1 or 2 days per day.
Scanner smooth pointer Spring Drive movement without balance wheel escapement system, the whole group of machinery has always been one-way rotation, making the pointer has a unique scanning type of sliding movement. Spring Drive is the only watch in the world that can truly reflect the flow of time.
Long time energy storage of the new mainspring can give more heroic, more stable, more long-term power. SEIKO (Seiko) has developed a special kind of alloy material, in addition to durable, resistant to high temperature and corrosion, but also produce more energy. Spring Drive can have 72 hours of energy storage even when the timer function is used continuously.
Rapid winding in 1959 SEIKO (Seiko) invented the mechanical watch on the chain of special components – “magic lever”. Regardless of which direction swing swing, it’s each time the energy generated by the rock can be effectively used up, thus greatly improving the efficiency of the automatic winding system! Now the new magic lever on the chain system, by the Tuo Tuo bearing directly driven, so that the chain is more efficient than before.
In addition to the above outstanding features, SEIKO’s top manufacturing technology also ensures the top quality of the product. The Spring Drive series is one of SEIKO EPSON, one of the few integrated production plants in the global watch industry, all made up of its own, assembled and assembled by the finest watchmaker.
December 25, 1969 officially listed the world’s first quartz watch, is SEIKO (Seiko) quartz watch ASTRON, which subverts the world’s time history. The quartz frequency of this watch is 8192Hz, which is one quarter of the quartz frequency of the quartz watch. One of the biggest features of this quartz watch is the installation of an open stepper motor, so that the second hand can run in seconds, which has become a major feature of the quartz watch.
How about Seiko watches?
User evaluation one: Oh, Seiko’s high-end brand is expensive and GS, limited production. Guoduo main precious metal table, GS main high-level machinery. Seiko two high-end brands are no domestic counters. In particular, GS manufacturing standards than the Swiss Observatory Replica Cartier jewelry standards, mechanical technology and precision is very high. You are interested in finding the Internet. ^ _ ^
User evaluation two: Seiko in this price is a very good table ~ ~ years ago just to her husband out of a very common No. 5 shield series of mechanical watches ~ so far no more than 30 seconds error to her husband surprise exception ~ ~ To know, the mechanical table of the errors are great to say ~ was holding the error of 2 minutes a day to prepare the heart ~ Oh ~
User evaluation three: I wear Seiko (so afraid of being said to be married days, hard to force students to forgive me), Taobao with the Japanese price almost, I was let the students back in Japan, very fine, go Is also very accurate, tell the truth is not very grade, because the Japanese watch what Mody I bought this one, the other I did not dare to conclude.
User evaluation four: tell the truth than the plum is the steel is too soft and no way.
User evaluation five: Japan is one of the three largest watch brands, if you say Seiko mechanical watch, then a lot of grades, and 5 shield is the most common, hundreds of dollars it, more durable but Accuracy is not very high, especially the prospective but also depends on luck, and then up SCVS series, with 6r15 movement this much better, and now more than 2,000 parallel imports, I had wanted to buy this, but later Choose a double lion. Seiko also GS and KS, are expensive. In fact, some of his quartz chronograph code is also good, but not expensive.
User evaluation 6: the sixties of the last century, spent $ 155 to buy a piece of Seiko mechanical watch. Wearing thirty-three years, the oil broken, failed to cross the century. Now still keep. Thirteen years old. Just do not know what the quality now.
Seiko table quality how
Seiko is a very practical brand in Japan, Japan is a senior watch brand, nearly 90 years of tabulation history. Good quality. In terms of seeking truth from facts, Seiko mechanical watches in the hearts of watch players in the position is still very high. Seiko of the quartz watch in general, most people with this on. Hundreds of pieces of thousands of things, many models are still good. But Seiko mechanical watch, thousands, or even tens of thousands. Classic GS models, it is said that every day more than one second error, the famous as Grand series. Moreover, many parts of the Seiko watch are handmade. All in all, Seiko watches cost-effective, quality is absolutely reliable. Coupled with its in China have a better sales and maintenance system, consumers can feel at ease to buy.
Seiko table how the price
Seiko watch prices ranging from two to eight thousand nine thousand. Seiko watch the price is generally not high, are practical watches. Seiko high price table for the mechanical watch, quartz table relative price lower. Coupled with the precision of the material is mostly stainless steel, very few precious metals, so the lower the price of the table, the collection value is not high.

The ring wears the knowledge of the woman who wears the ring to wear the hand

The ring wears the knowledge of the woman who wears the ring to wear the hand
To see more wear when wearing a ring, we can easily find that not everyone will wear the ring in the same position. Wear knowledge for your popular ring, and let you see what the woman’s ring is wearing.

Left hand ring finger – heart to heart

Married woman ring wearing a left hand ring finger, from such a Cartier love bracelet replica statement: it was said that there is a ring finger is a direct access to our heart, coupled with the left hand is close to our left atrium, so the left hand ring finger Is the nearest place from our heart, the ring set in their own left hand ring finger, the first is on behalf of each other’s love tight set in their own heart, followed by their own love for each other’s commitment and love into the expectations Heart, and finally on behalf of each other’s minds connected. Carefully remember the promise, intentions to prove each other’s love, hand guard each other’s marriage, is the beginning and the continuation of happy life.

Left middle finger – “set” under love

We are often able to hear such a sentence: “the pursuit of separation from”, which is for our fingers means meaning, “set” will refer to the “set” marriage, to determine a marriage, “set” under a section Love. So the woman will be wearing a ring wearing their own middle finger is also reasonable, on behalf of their own mind has been identified, on behalf of a marriage to determine. Just as Levi’s life only to send a diamond ring, since that, then you are the only one. Then choose the left middle finger or right middle finger when more people think that love from the heart, commitment and waiting from the heart was more sincere, so closer to his left atrium of the left hand was elected. Left middle finger to bring a wedding ring, love from a heart, set in a heart, guarding a pair of people.
Right middle finger or ring finger – male left female right

Married woman to “set” the next section of love to choose the middle finger to wear a wedding ring, with the closest to the heart to choose ring finger to wear a wedding ring, but in the left hand or right hand choice, choose the right hand, which is why? Because since ancient times, there are still many places still retain the old feudal ideas, patriarchal, and still maintain the tradition of male superiority. Since ancient times to the left respect, left is male position, the woman Cartier love ring replica can only be right. So the woman married when wearing a ring will be “male left female right” as a reference, and finally choose to wear the ring in the middle of the middle finger or ring finger.

The best expression of the diamond ring, is in my name, crown your fingers. Married woman who wear a hand or may not have a special stress, happiness is holding each other whether the hand has been clenched.
Many people have been asked, between men and women should not be clear, in fact, the best stage of love is clear, but to the marriage stage is not necessary. A lot of things, love your people will naturally think of helping you to bear, on the wedding ring who bought the problem, is the same reason. But there are a lot of people puzzled, then today Levi Si Xiaobian to explain to you about it.
Wedding ring together to buy, in order to both at the same time the minds of two people

In the pursuit of individuality and autonomy of the modern society, many people are no longer willing to listen to their parents, this is not filial performance, but because young people should have their own choice and way of life. In the past, wedding rings are generally bought by the man, or the male family inherited ancestral ring, which is a very good heritage. But if not, it is necessary for both men and women to consider their own wedding ring to buy things, and any one can not replace the eyes of others, so wedding rings so important things of course should be two people to pick the purchase is appropriate.

Wedding rings together to buy, two people through the joys and sorrows

We always say that two people should be married after marriage, each should bear what kind of responsibility, in fact, this is unreasonable, because men and women are equal, if a person is willing to bear more responsibility in marriage, it is only because he Enough to love you, and not what Cartier nail bracelet replica he should do. Buy a wedding ring, do not need to be too expensive, in the range of your two people can bear, do not have to parents for money, because marriage is your own, life is also!
Wedding rings who are buying, suitable for their most important

When you go to buy a wedding ring together, you should consider many aspects, you can also listen to the elders at home before the proposal, be sure to choose to suit your own, because for you, it is accompanied by a lifetime ring, the best of the world Love is nothing more than this!

I firmly believe that two people who really love will understand each other, mutual sharing. Wedding rings who buy these are just small problems, as long as you love each other on the line. Whether it is diamond ring, or Chow Tai Fook gold ring, is the AA system to buy, or a separate commitment, which for you is never a problem.

World famous diamond gem processing center introduced

World Diamond Gemstone Processing Center Daquan World famous diamond gem processing center introduced
Diamonds are bright only through high-quality cut to show, and Belgium’s Antwerp, Israel’s Tel Aviv, the United States of New York, India’s Mumbai with different cutting style and known as the world’s four major diamond processing center.

The world’s five gem processing centers are:

World Gem City – Germany Elder – Oberstein.

Emerald Roughing City – India Jaipur.

Sapphire City – Bangkok, Thailand.

Jade and “Four King One” (referring to Cartier love bracelet replica diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds and pearls) processing center – Hong Kong.

Middle and low gem processing city – Japan Kofu.
World famous diamond gemstone processing center introduced

Antwerp, Belgium – Exquisite diamond processing center. Antwerp is the world’s leading diamond processing center, from the middle of the 15th century began to become the world “diamond capital”, the city 80% of the residents are engaged in diamonds and related industries, processing most of the diamonds for export.

Mumbai, India – Small Granular Diamond Processing Center. India’s diamond cutting has a long history, but its modern diamond processing development is relatively late. India’s diamond processing output in 1966 accounted for only 1.9% of the world, to the 20th century, 80 years, India’s modern diamond processing has been rapid development, by 1992 its diamond processing output accounted for 35% -40% of the world.
New York – Big Diamond Processing Center. New York is the world’s leading diamond cutting center, many well-known big jewelers are gathered here, New York’s diamond processing center gathered more than 400 skilled grottoes, about 2,000 diamond dealers. New York Diamond Center less cutting division, processing area is not large, diamond processing skills, but because of the high cost of manpower, wages to tens of dollars per hour to calculate the cutting costs are higher, so the main processing more than 1 carat large drill , Diamond cutting the difficulty and accuracy of the world famous. American-style rounded round diamond has 58 faces, polished at the end of polished into a transparent octagonal, the edge of the grinding into a transparent facade.

Israel Tel Aviv – exquisite fancy diamond processing center. Tel Aviv has a long history of diamond processing, but also one of the most famous diamond cutting ground. Especially in the fancy cut the world famous, the global diamond jewelry market has 40% of the round drill and 70% of the fancy diamond is cut here processing, with 10 to 50 points. But the processing level is very uneven, polishing also often use traditional tools.
How to choose a wedding ring

Marriage is a major event in life, every procedure, every detail must be carefully, so in the choice of a marriage symbol of marriage, when the wedding ring, even more meticulous.

A small number of people will be married in the wedding ring into the safe trouble, but most people will choose to wear it all day, so choose a wedding ring, we must pay attention to their style, to choose some feel and simple, not too much Exaggerated, regardless of any occasion or wearing any clothing can be lining.

Wedding ring engagement ring and wedding ring two, the former most of the inlaid with precious stones, different gems have different meanings, as detailed below.

Diamond: a symbol of permanent change.

A symbol of passion.

Sapphire: symbolic love like the sea.

Emerald: a symbol of wealth, the image of pure love.

Pearl: a symbol of noble. As for the wedding ring, optional inlaid Cartier love ring replica with the type of gem.
Choose wedding ring need to know things

But remember that take the big and small, to be elegant and elegant, comfortable combination, easy to see simple, is to buy wedding ring three tips.

As for the wedding ring material, should not use gold or gold-plated, otherwise it will give children play and do not seriously feel. Should use gold or platinum (mainly gold), and platinum is more rare than gold, the price is more expensive than gold. Pure platinum refers to PT950, purity of 95%. In general, polished silver and platinum gold and silver color similar, but the platinum is more glossy, not easy to sub-flowers, hardness is much higher than silver, with it inlaid gem, durability is higher than gold, especially Inlaid colorless diamonds, but also shine diamonds bright.
Lovers have what kind of diamond ornaments better

A fine diamond ring confirms sweet love. Since the diamond ring is the first choice for the bride and groom, then what kind of diamond ring is appropriate to send it?

Generally speaking, choose 50 points below the diamond mosaic of the ring, more suitable, both to express love and can be accepted by the general income class, 30,40 points of a single diamond diamond ring is the usual choice for white-collar workers.

Some broken diamond set in the ring, because of its compact design also by a person’s favorite. If the economic conditions permit, then choose more than 50 points better diamond, because more than 50 points of diamonds already have a considerable value, value-added, with a certain investment value.

Pay attention to the weight of diamonds at the same time, we must pay attention to the color of the diamond, clarity, cut, that is, considering the “4c” standard. Heavy weight, good cut (with bright light), pure flaws, color and white diamonds is a good diamond. Buy more than 40 points of diamond jewelry, must not forget to ask the business to produce national inspection department identification certificate.
How to choose the gift of the lovers

It is recommended in the purchase of diamond ring, the best will be able to match Cartier nail bracelet replica the earrings, pendants to buy, so as not to bride jewelry with improper left regret.

Similarly, the bride gave the groom a diamond ring as a token, is also very appropriate. In general, the diamond ring diamond ring diamond ring is appropriate, simple, generous, both gorgeous and not publicity, just to show the owner of the taste. In addition, choose a beautifully crafted diamond watch, give her husband is also very good, both distinguished and practical.

Diamond earrings how much money

Diamond earrings how much money
Relative to the ring, the earrings of the history of a more long, earrings called “珰” ancient books have words: “ear ear beads called ‘珰’. Previous earrings are mostly jade earrings, with the rise of diamonds in the beauty industry and popular, diamonds Earrings gradually become a dress with the embellishment of things, the finishing touch of the pen. A variety of diamond earrings impact of people’s attention, then how much a pair of diamond earrings?

If the diamond ring is passing love, then the diamond earrings highlight the personal charm, sometimes wearing a diamond earrings in the ear will become the most obvious feature of a person, the book likes to say: “a makeup wearing a diamond earrings Cartier love bracelet replica Woman, smiled at him kindly. So how much kind of diamond earrings how much money? And diamond-related jewelry will not be cheap where to go.

Diamond earrings the price is closely related with the diamond, according to style design, embedded in the earrings on the diamond is large and small, large diamond earrings price is more expensive, and according to the diamond 4C standard, divided into different grades of high quality 50 points diamonds Earrings prices to tens of thousands of dollars.

If the diamond earrings inlaid diamonds is a small diamond, or the quality and its ordinary diamonds, then the price of diamond earrings is not expensive, of course, how much money diamond diamonds not only with the diamond, but also related to the material of the earrings, platinum because of high purity, On the human skin without any sensitive role, coupled with texture and said diamonds, so platinum diamond earrings are very popular, the price is more expensive.

Finally, the brand will also play a role in the diamond earrings in the general brand to buy diamond earrings, 10 cents a pair of diamond earrings about three thousand dollars, if the big brand counter purchase price will be doubled, diamond earrings Mosaic mostly small Cartier love ring replica drill, mainly used to embellish life, so as long as the style like, in the network diamond brand to buy, the price will be more affordable.
More than 5 carats of diamonds are called pigeon eggs, the price of millions of dollars, 18 carats of diamonds on the weight is more than three times more than 5 carats of diamonds, the price is naturally expensive to climb, the diamond is the most dazzling gem One, it is indulge, it is bright, pure, dotted with the United States, the greater the diamonds, the more sought after, then 18 carat diamond value how much money?

(Including color, clarity, weight, cut), the parameters of different levels, 18 carats of diamonds are also different prices, and the diamond has nothing to do with the output of the diamond , When the business because of the diamond’s intention to raise the price of diamonds, the purchase of drilling when you need to be careful.

Diamond is a luxury, expensive and no doubt, the purchase of high-priced goods, quality assurance is very critical, so the purchase of 18K carat diamonds need to buy a formal place to buy, must remember to obtain a diamond identification certificate, identification certificate Mark the parameters of the diamond, these parameters are the authority of the rigorous procedures identified, but also determine the value of 18 carats in the end how much money.

Like 18 carat so big diamonds is good, the price is astronomical, with 18 carats of diamonds Replica Cartier love bracelet are generally extraordinary income, such as millionaires, celebrity stars, diamond investors have 18 carats of diamonds is also temporary, but want to diamonds The price rise period of sale, earn a profit only, for ordinary people with 18 carats of diamonds is not realistic, so 18 carat diamond value of how much money do not have to be too concerned about.

18 carat diamond is difficult to have, but 0.18 carat diamonds for the new people is not a difficult thing, a 0.18 carat diamond, the price of a thousand or so, plus the cost of the whole 0.18 carat diamond ring no more than three or four thousand Yuan, not so much attention to the brand, in the network diamond brand purchase price of two or three thousand dollars, very concessions.

Pearl necklace pearl color with color and halo color

Pearl necklace: pearl color, with color and halo color
With color, is floating in the pearl surface of a or several colors. Intuitive feeling is accompanied by a layer of plastic film, the pearls wrapped up. Common colors are pink, rose, blue, silver and green. Usually in the top of the pearl positioning a refraction light, with color from the top to the pearl central refraction light to see the color. More difficult to observe, and the need for a certain amount of time to distinguish between color and color.
Halo color, refers to the surface of the pearl or surface formed by the fluttering Cartier love bracelet replica rainbow color, the cause is a combination of several kinds of optical effects. Halo color mainly pink, yellow, green, blue, orange, purple, etc. or a combination of a variety of colors. Rolling pearls, to seek halo color, there may be two or even more rainbow colors. Like fritillaria luster, not very round pearls on the easy to see.
Pearl luster and accompanied by color, halo color is homologous, so a good shiny pearls may have accompanied by color and halo color, halo color is rare.
Nanyang white beads, akoya, Tahitian pearls and so on the sea pearls, in the brightness, with color, halo color are better than fresh water beads. Akoya is more white body color, pink with color known. Freshwater bead body color more, especially penguin shellfish, there will be a lot of interesting colors. Big spirulina produced by the seaweed beads is bright pink, rose and flame pattern is known.
The color of pearls is very important, occupying a quarter of the weight of the weight. Pearl color has three parts, respectively, for the body color, with color and halo color.
Body color, pearl for the selective absorption of white color, simply the pearl is the overall color. The factors that affect the various colored ions, the type and content of organic pigments, as well as pearl structure. In fact, freshwater pearls regardless of what color of body color, as long as the powder into the words, are milk yellow, the color depth is different, which can see the impact of the structure.
In general, the body color yellow (not the golden kind of gold beads), dull, is relatively bad body color. White words will also give people to the low price of the white.
Freshwater body color is white, yellow, pink. Color name on the difference, the picture shows the fresh water beads include the natural color, there may be differences in depth, but basically there will be no beyond the scope of the map. In addition, the black line of fresh water as a variegated. Most of the white sea water, there are gold beads and black beads.
South Sea beads, then whether it is white beads, black beads Tahitian, Jinzhu, the smallest size Cartier love ring replica are 8 mm or so, most of the 10mm to 12mm between the 16mm or more the number of less, the price will increase a lot, there are A certain collection of meaning.
Generally speaking, the size of the pearl is the smallest diameter to count, but the shell is not the same as beads, but also need to mark the thickness of the irregular shape also marked length and width. Beibei usually 10 mm from the beads, 14 to 16 mm are more common size. In theory, shellfish can be done very much, but because of the thickness limit, the proportion of view will be the lack of beauty, so generally not more than 20 mm, in addition to the shape of the drop. The price of shellfish is not affected by its size.
Pearls are divided into two kinds of free pearls and shellfish. Shell attached to the beads are attached to the inside of the formation of Fritillaria. Shellfish is a pearl to develop the type, not a biological species classification, any kind of Fritillaria can form shell attached beads. Its shape in accordance with the implanted nuclear growth, in general, very stable, very few defects on the surface. Its positive smooth like ordinary pearls, luster better, Fritillaria halo color, the surface of the common rainbow color, the back is Fritillaria.
In general, the pearls are divided according to the size of the diameter, 2.0 to 5.0 mm is the bead, bead; 5.0 to 5.5 mm is the bead; 5.5 to 7.0 mm is the bead; 7.0 to 7.5 mm is the big bead; 7.5 to 8.0 mm Is large beads; 8mm above is the big beads.
Freshwater pearls have a lot of beads, so the price is low. More than 10 mm of fresh water drops on the number of plummets, so the price will increase. But now there have been nuclear freshwater pearls, Edison pearls, roundness is good, size is also large, but the price is lower than the Cartier nail bracelet replica nuclear-free freshwater pearls, the need to pay attention to this point when buying.
Akoya Auru pearl is also a nuclear pearl, but because of the smaller size of the mother shell, so the implanted beads in the general is 5 to 8 mm, the length of the pearls to 5 to 8.5 mm more, more than 10 The number of millimeters is still small, no more than 14 mm. There are tiny pearls, 2 to 4 millimeters, and the number is not much, but the price and the 5mm gap are not great. Akoya will naturally form some small particles, finely shaped pearl, the shape is more weird, more cute gloss, Japan is also often referred to as poppy pearls.