official timing partner for the upcoming 100th anniversary countdown

Tissot launched the 100th anniversary of the Maiden Railway limited edition watch
Full of creativity and vitality of the Swiss professional watch brand Tissot “Tissot”, since its inception in 1853, constantly “extraordinary creativity, from the traditional” spirit, to bring watches and clocks enthusiasts stunning design and watches, more sustained Expand the diversity of ideas and partners. Jungfrau is Switzerland’s most famous mountain, beautiful and magnificent scenery, with the reputation of the top of Europe.
August 1, 2012 The Swiss Jungfrau Railway will greet the 100th anniversary of inviting the Tissot to become the exclusive official partner of the timetable. In order to celebrate this special moment, the Jungfraujoch and Kleine Scheidegg stations in Europe set up two Tian Tian table countdown to the clock, so that visitors to visit the girls peak of the common expectations of the arrival of this celebration. The Tissot in particular for the 100th anniversary of the Maideng Railway, launched a love of the young couple of fans limited edition watches, a total of five series of seven exquisite limited edition watch, so that the table fans at the same time collection of Tissot The superiority of the table with the top of Europe’s beautiful beauty, witnessed the beauty of the young girl’s legend.
Tissot Jungfrau Classic Dream Lady, Swiss made quartz movement, sapphire crystal Cartier love bracelet replica mirror, 316L stainless steel case, waterproof 3 pressure (30 m / 100 feet), 316L stainless steel belt with a fold Diego, face diameter 38mm and 28mm, table back engraved with the young girl dragons centuries.
Today’s most successful mountain railway company – Jungfrau Railway Company in order to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the precious commemorative, launched a number of ingenious celebrations and a number of concessions trip. In particular, this cooperation with the Tissot, and in particular was designated as the 100 anniversary of the Jungfrau railway activities in the only official timing partner for the upcoming 100th anniversary countdown, precise time control and perseverance perseverance, Is the people who can board the highest railway station in Europe, the key factors, Jungfrau railway serious railway engineering and Tissot 158 years of precision watchmaking skills, all from the most exquisite skills and infinite enthusiasm, Tissot will be the young girl Celebrations of the 100th birthday of the railway to the world around the watch enthusiasts, so that friends around the world to celebrate, to commemorate the beauty of the beautiful girl.
Professional design of the touch-sensitive young couple of the railway line century watch limited edition Tissot Jungfrau T-Touch Expert, Switzerland made quartz movement, sapphire crystal mirror, anti-magnetic 316L stainless steel case, rotating bezel, waterproof 10 pressure (100 m / 330 feet), leather strap with a folding button buckle, face plate printed with a girl’s peak pattern, the table engraved with a young couple of dragons and clocks.
TISSOT Jungfrau Jungfrau Railway Centennial limited edition watches, the first peak of Europe’s beauty and pound momentum at the same time into the watch design, the integration of the natural beauty of the Alps and fashion design, in the steel table back engraved Unique Jungfrau Railway 100th anniversary of the classic Logo pattern, this series adds unique and delicate elegance, increase its memorable collection of value, each with a special collection box.
“Tissot T-Touch Expert Professional Touch Sensitive Yumeng Railway Centennial Limited Cartier love ring replica Watch” has a 100-meter-high quality waterproof design, a rotating bezel and brown leather strap, with a unique innovative folding buckle design , High-quality performance and creative design, to attract the attention of everyone, the surface printed with the girl’s peak railway pattern, add the commemorative value of watches.
CAROS series of young women’s guns centuries limited edition men watch: Tissot Carson Jungfraubahn Swiss manufacturing automatic movement ETA2824-2, sapphire crystal mirror, 316L stainless steel case, waterproof 3 pressure (30 m / 100 feet), 316L With a folding buckle, face diameter 35.5mm, table back engraved with a young couple of dragons.
There are two exquisite men and women on the table and two exquisite pocket watch, sapphire crystal mirror with 316L stainless steel to create the case, refining, low-key beauty of the color to bring out the temptation between men and women, the beautiful scenery of the beautiful collection of girls; Tissot watch young girl’s centuries-old limited edition pocket watch “exquisite retro watch shape, elegant texture of the mineral crystal mirror, it is memorable, so that favorite watch collectors like the mountains in the Alps.
(30m / 100t), 316L stainless steel refining, 316L stainless steel watch, waterproof 3 pressure (30m / 100 feet), 316L stainless steel refining, 316L stainless steel watch, waterproof 3 pressure (30 meters / 100 feet), 316L stainless steel refining With folding buckle buckle, face diameter 27mm, table back engraved with a young couple of years.
Jungfrau is one of Switzerland’s most prestigious mountains, snow-capped throughout the year, the world famous natural heritage, and the famous Jungfrau railway, in 1896 to start, it takes 16 years, at 1912 Yearly, the streets of the Alps to the beautiful scenery, attracting tens of Cartier nail bracelet replica thousands of tourists every year to visit, in order to look at the Alpine four seasons of the changing beauty of magic, and become one of the most popular tourist attractions in Europe tour one of the attractions, One of the 3,454 meters above sea level railway station topped the highest railway station in Europe, Switzerland became one of the most important achievements in the history of the railway. In this special occasion of the 100th anniversary of 2012, with the 158-year history of the Swiss Tissot exclusive cooperation, to celebrate this lively festival, to bring collectors and travel enthusiasts, worthy of the collection of beautiful memories and moved

Bangdun watch prices Bangdon Bestdon watches offer how much money

Bangdun watch prices Bangdon Bestdon watches offer how much money
Originated in the Swiss Bond table, focusing on product quality and user needs. And open up the market for many years in the country, the image of practical people has long been popular people. So now to buy a bunton watch price is how much money?
Bordon (Bestdon) watches, originating in the Swiss watch brand, by the Guangzhou City, China Bangdun watches and clocks, limited liability company in Asia, the production operations, designed for urban elite white-collar workers to create a perfect watch. In 2006, under the influence of the rapid development of e-commerce, Bonton watch deliberately developed the Internet market, the official brand website officially launched, to build China’s first e-commerce watch brand.
Bangdon table consumer group positioning is 80,90 after the young fashion, the trend of the user base. The price is also relatively cheap people. Common watches are generally between 200 yuan – 13,000 yuan!
Polaroid watch price how much money?
Swiss Polaroid is an internationally renowned watchmaking company imitation Cartier love bracelet and brand, the English name berliget, in 1895, founder Emmanuel Berliget in the town of Ulysa, Ulixi, the town of Berliget watches. Has become a Asian user inlaid Swiss style of high quality watch. How much is it?
The name of Berliget is closely linked to the name of the founder, Emmanuel Berliget. In 1849, Emmanuel Berliget was born in the town of Albion Lake in the Ulysa River, Switzerland. At the time of the Swiss watchmaking industry, Emmanuel Berliget grew into an excellent mechanic who is proficient in carving, grinding, chiseling and creating ornaments.
Po Lily watch cultural spirit
Polaroid slogan
Inheritance of superb attainments to witness the centuries
Polaroid family spirit
Berliget (Berliget) is committed to set in a calm style, the accuracy of the sun and the moon and watch the clock, the family “to explore the real world of love,” the spirit of the clock manufacturing from generation to generation.
Experienced “Polaroid Berliget” watch designer team, drawing on a number of well-known classic style, combined with the latest watch market forefront of fashion, has developed several series of watches. Follow-up will also be in accordance with the different crowd style positioning, the development of more popular models. And the current market, the usual price of the Valorick watch in the 120 yuan – 6,000 yuan between!
Is the brand name? Is the domestically produced?
The name of Berliget is closely linked to the name of the founder, Emmanuel Berliget. In 1849, Emmanuel Berliget was born in the town of Albion Lake in the Ulysa River, Switzerland. At the time of the Swiss watchmaking industry, Emmanuel Berliget grew into an excellent mechanic who is proficient in carving, grinding, chiseling and creating ornaments.
Polaroid watch as a Swiss watch brand, has a long history. Since it is the Swiss watch, a lot of people will ask the Polaroid watch in the end is not a brand name? Let the watch home below to answer for you!
During the centuries of the legendary process of the watch industry, the Berliget family Replica Cartier jewelry left a mark of ink and ink, with the Patek Philippe, Blancpain, Breguet, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Jaeger-LeCoultre, the count of the watch industry, the Berliget family, The spirit of the watch manufacturing is still handed down from generation to generation. Although the Polaroid watch has a great contribution to the Swiss watch industry, but it is not a world watch brand.
Although Polaroid berliget is not a watch brand. But draws on a number of well-known classic style, combined with the watch market, the latest cutting-edge fashion, has developed several series of watches. In the quality of work are still very good!
How is the name of the book?
Polaroid watch is one of the Swiss watch brand, but not very famous. The brand was founded in 1895 with the founder of Emmanuel Berliget in the town of Ulysses, Ulrich, Switzerland. So how is it?
The name of Berliget is closely linked to the name of the founder, Emmanuel Berliget. In 1849, Emmanuel Berliget was born in the town of Albion Lake in the Ulysa River, Switzerland. At the time of the Swiss watchmaking industry, Emmanuel Berliget grew into an excellent mechanic who is proficient in carving, grinding, chiseling and creating ornaments.
How is it, how is it?
Experienced “Polaroid Berliget” watch designer team, drawing on a number of well-known classic style, combined with the latest watch market forefront of fashion, has developed several series of watches. Follow-up will also be in accordance with the different crowd style positioning, the development of more popular models.
In addition to the selection of platinum, gold, platinum, rose gold, stainless steel and diamond-based material, and even the use of space in the field of rare metal tantalum, titanium alloy, set off a senior watch industry use Innovation of high-tech materials boom.
How is it?
Po Lima watches are domestic watches in the relatively young watch brand, founded in 1998 in Guangdong. In the domestic fame is not great, not many people know. But in the local Po Lima watches or favored by consumers. What about the Po Lima watch?
Baoli Ma watch after several experience by the market, is now Mr. Fang Haijun line of the company’s exclusive agent sales, as Taobao mid-range watch well-known brand Baoli Ma watch imported quartz movement, high-quality stainless steel strap, imported Australian metal case , Tempered crystal glass surface. Baoli Ma watch life waterproof, shock, anti-magnetic. Baoli Ma hand performance by Mr. Fang Haijun first-line table company exclusive agent sales, as the online mid-range watch well-known brands.
How is the barama watch?
Po Lima watches in the quality or a little lack of appearance of the atmosphere, it is suitable for the public to wear, the price is very cheap, the price of tens of dollars, this price can buy this table on the whole good, cost is high.
Other users parity
1, watch wearing a very beautiful appearance is very beautiful, that is very satisfied, nice, and the seller described the same, the table quality is also very good, value for money.
2, the surface to see good quality, very satisfied, very heavy, walking error in the standard range, worth buying, yes! For this price, it is very good, very delicate feeling.
4, luminous function duration is not enough to dawn in the morning, I was 11 o’clock to sleep at night, 5 o’clock in the morning there, 6:30 to get up no waiting for the night, but this is not a problem.

SKONE watch is where the production of SKONE is what brand watches

SKONE watch is where the production of SKONE is what brand watches
Few people know SKONE watch brand, its Chinese name for the time and space table. Then SKONE space table where the production? This problem is to watch the house to tell you!
SKONE is a watch brand, SKONE watch Chinese name is called the time and space table. Space brand is Guangzhou days Dali company focus on creating the young brand, the product mainly for young cutting-edge, including sports table, leisure table, student watches and so on. Watch design, the timetable to its young fashion, leading the trend of the design, to win the warm tide of the influx of people
How about time and space
SKONE watch the time and space on the selection, using a high-strength minerals plus hard glass lenses; case with alloy material. In the table most concerned about the movement of choice, the time and space products of the quartz watch movement for the original Japanese imitation Cartier love bracelet imports of quartz movement; mechanical watch for the mechanical movement plus Japan imported quartz movement, automatic Tourbillon movement, etc. The
The emergence of space-time table, so that the youth campus students more prominent personality, arouse youth; let the youth burning dream, let the dream ahead of time.
Two Swatch Swatch purple watch appreciation
In the watch brand, Swatch swatch is definitely a synonym for young fashion. It is fashionable colorful watch design to win the young fashion family heart! In the colorful swatch watches, purple is worth mentioning. Purple emit other colors do not have the temperament, more attractive to women’s attention! Please look at the following two swatch purple watch it!
Two Swatch Swatch purple watch appreciation
Swatch Swift Free Purple Purple Run SUIV401
Purple silicone strap with transparent case, purple chronograph button and crown; a number of vertical white balance line sewn on the purple plastic strap, can be rotated on the bezel with a white Arabic numerals; 4 o’clock, 8 o’clock and 12 o’clock position is shown in white Arabic numerals, and 3 o’clock position on the white background of the calendar window. 10 o’clock position and 2 o’clock position with a small minute chronograph; 6 o’clock position of the small second Replica Cartier jewelry hand table basin is printed with a white mark. Metal hour hand, minute hand coated with white fluorescent pigments.
Two Swatch Swatch purple watch appreciation
Swatch 11 classic original color colorful purple purple extravagant neutral quartz watch SUOV702
This is quite eye-catching watch, with pure purple silicone strap and clasp ring, worn on the wrist, attracting many envious eyes. Sun pattern matte deep purple dial decorated with 12 slender blue hour scale, and at 3 o’clock position inlaid with blue bottom purple day / date calendar window; dial is not decorated with any digital scale, simple at the same time , Highlight the classic fashion; milky white slim luminous coating hour hand, even the night, will also bloom endless dazzling light.
How about Sony Ericsson LiveView watches?
Sony is in fact a lot of ideas are ahead, since the launch of Sony Ericsson LiveView, took over Sony Ericsson also introduced the corresponding smartwatch series. But in accordance with some of the views of the Chinese people, Sony’s applause is not good?
How about Sony Ericsson LiveView watches?
This product in 2012 this kind of intelligent wearable equipment is not embryonic when the time, it can be considered an innovation, his concept is more advanced, especially in 2012, this device to strengthen the phone and wearable equipment, You do not need to turn on the phone when you use the lightweight information and handle unnecessary information.
Advantages: These are all in today’s wearable equipment has been reflected
(A) can be used as a mobile phone information push, easy to view the necessary information, weather, RSS push, etc. to improve work efficiency;
(B) can be extended to the application, to facilitate personalized custom wear equipment, but also in the above to do some simple, such as alarm clock, dialing, countdown and other functions
Disadvantages: poor standby, screen pixels serious, very dependent on Bluetooth (no Bluetooth can only be used as a digital clock)
The application is very scarce, this may be because Sony’s appeal is not strong, say the lack of the necessary brand effect, then the product did not appear too advanced concept, this product with the iterations after the upgrade, software development Not the following, can be considered aborted … the so-called first product is the basic test field, who bought is when a mouse …
But back to 2014 can be wearing equipment can be said to be blown, and look back at 2012 this product, showing its forward-looking, variable who often do not have time to see this day.
In general, Sony, Microsoft, Intel these veteran manufacturers, there are always some advanced products, but the so-called Yangtze River waves before the waves, clear Lingshi on the beach … wine is not afraid of alley deep, Who will seize the opportunity to conduct marketing, is estimated to be a reason for the success of it now.

Why does the ring size table differ?

Why does the ring size table differ?
Many people in the purchase of diamond ring will always encounter some big or small problem, may be just a small detail, will become an important factor affecting the effect of wearing, which ring size is a very important and worthy of attention, the size of the ring What is the size of the table? The face of different regions and countries of the diamond ring brand, its ring size will have some minor differences How to accurately grasp the size of his girlfriend ring it? Give her a surprise, which requires your patience and careful, Xiaobian today with you to share the ring size table, as well as the purchase of the ring to pay attention to the details and measurement methods.
How to measure the size of the ring

Want to give his girlfriend a surprise? Surprise is not casually talk about you can complete Oh, you need to have enough patience and careful, careful through the details of life to understand the size of his girlfriend ring, patience is to make sure you can spend a lot of Replica Cartier jewelry time in many styles Choose a suitable for her. How do not know in the case of his girlfriend to measure the size of the ring, Xiao Bian here for everyone out of a few strokes it! First of all, if the girlfriend itself has a ring, you can directly get her jewelry jewelry store to estimate, if not convenient, then you can prepare a white pen with a pencil along the inner wall of the ring circle. Of course, you can also read the magazine inadvertently asked the size of the ring, the specific form depends on your way with your girlfriend, I believe this must be difficult.

Measure the need to pay attention to the details

Small ring carrying a lot of good, can not because of their careless effect of the wearing effect, Xiao Bian is still here for everyone to list a few need to pay attention to the small details of it 1, seasonal, the size of the purchase of the ring when the size is seasonal, the summer when the ring is just enough to buy, can not be too loose, too loose, then it will be easy to fall off in the winter, which is hot and cold A principle, but also affect the effect of ring wear an important factor. 2, wear habits, the previous custom is the male left female right, but with the continuous improvement of modern ideas and updates, many people do not care about this problem, on the contrary, everyone has everyone to pay attention to the way, You personally to understand the understanding of the size of different fingers will be different Oh.

Self-measurement can not guarantee accuracy

Sometimes for convenience, may choose to choose their own home at home, because their own professional may cause some errors, it should be able to go to the jewelry store for professional measurement, it will start from a lot of details, for you to find a suitable size , So that you can have a better wearing effect of the United States!

There are a variety of rings, each person’s size is only one, each ring has its own special significance, I hope everyone in the purchase of the ring before some more attentive and patient, although the different brands of ring size table will be different, but as long as Patience, so that you can buy a satisfactory diamond ring, witness your happiness.
Love is born from heaven and earth, irrelevant, irrelevant, only about two people. I do not know when, always smiling, then inadvertently climbed the cheek. Love and love to fill the heart of every corner, is looking up at the sky can see the stars, diamond ring, it is this little bit of the brightest bright stars that one. Cartier classic six claw diamond ring, only to bring the world’s most stunning beauty.

Cartier classic six claw crown diamond ring

Diamond ring at the fingertips temperature, like a love of fantasy. Cartier is called “the emperor of the jewelry industry,” it’s every diamond ring is the time of the classic, is the history of the waves after the waves still exist under the glow of gold, its jewelry concept has been deeply with this and the times Fused together, interact with each other, and with the times and common progress. Classic six claw crown wedding that is an ancient love, it’s every inch of Guanghua, are firmly grasp the people’s eyes, it is the perfect combination of classic and fashion, the ultimate luxury bright, elegant and refined, glamorous.

Cartier six claw diamond ring red box of the secret

Love is a time to cook the rain of the romantic dream, is written in the diary of the footer of the time mark, will be on every day of love are marked with the time stamp. Love is to miss a person bit by bit condensate into the secret, with a strong charm when the freeze, in the encounter that moment, dial the heart chord, think about it, let the memory branded every time with you, So deeply to your facial features, your smiles and laugh, engraved in every corner of my heart. Cartier exceptionally with the “red box” take the diamond ring, which is not only filled with the commitment to love, but also for every customer a good marriage blessing.

Hualuo Fu 30 points diamond ring price

Hualuo Fu 30 points diamond ring price
Huaruo Fu 30 points diamond ring high prices and Hua Luofu brand’s long history. In the 18th century German society, the more orphans came to the streets, the survival became particularly difficult, and the Duke of Darden and his wife began to take care of the poor orphans. But with the heavy financial burden, the Duke of Baden, Carl Friedrich and his ministers, had to re-plan to help the orphans out of poverty and to make the country more prosperous. Jewelery brand was founded in 1893 by Einstein – Alexander – Hua Luofu. He has studied at the Grand Duke of Arts and Crafts at the Baden Grand Prix in Pforzheim and graduated with the highest grade of excellence. Soon Einstein in his family’s support, to achieve the dream to create their own brand.
Hualuo Fu 30 points diamond ring price
Huaruo Fu 30 points Jumbo brand founder Einstein – Alexandria Cartier love bracelet replica has always adhered to the eternal handed down the values, and will be derived from the natural inspiration of the design into one, this unique design concept quickly succeeded, whether it is Members of the British royal family, the aristocrats of the Russian tsar, or the German aristocrats who often travel to Baden are favored by their works.

Wahlu 30 points diamond ring how much money

Hualuo Fu 30 points diamond ring how the price? In 1960, Hans Pate – Wallock became the brand’s family manager and developed the market to the United States and the United Kingdom. In 1970, Hans Pate – Hua Luofu created a diamond “W” logo and the Hua Luofu jewelry series to the Asian market. Hua Luofu family after four generations, has been sticking to the “Golden City” Pufuerzheim for the pursuit of true value of people to create the top perfect luxury jewelry works.

Huaruo Fu 30 cents diamond ring true value, not just the company’s slogan, it is the brand has been inherited Hua Luofu concept. All of Warlows must be real, real and trustworthy. Hua Luofu family with all the effort to maintain this commitment, it led the enterprise to an independent attitude of long-term development. Hans Pate – Hua Luofu love for his wife and family, has been a valuable design inspiration Huaruo Fu brand. Every new work is born, the family members will be a few days to try to ensure that it has a proud to wear Hua Luofu comfortable feeling.
Comparison of Huaruo Fu 30 points diamond ring and Zuo Kayi jewelry diamond ring price, to understand the price of Huaruo Fu 30 cents diamond ring.

To white 18K gold diamond ring Zoai Iraqi style white 18K gold 30 minutes /0.3 carat diamond ladies ring for reference, product parameters:

Material: white 18K gold, metal weight: 1.50 grams.

Main Diamond Information: Quantity 1, Shape: Round, Weight: 0.30 Carat, Color: I-J, Clarity: SI Cut: VG

Hua Luofu 30 points diamond ring to open up the pursuit of perfect appreciation of the leading vision, to create a jewelry with eternal value. Hua Luofu 30 points diamond ring brand’s goal is to create the most perfect jewelry. Every piece of treasures must be true and reliable; the same behind each product has a story. In all the series, the most classic two is the gold silk knitting chain and rotating ring.
Hua Luofu 50 points in the love of love in the early autumn, giving an unexpected surprise. German famous jewelry brand Hua Luofu once again launched a wedding ring selection series, with a variety of affectionate diamond interpretation of the constant change of love power. Like the gold braided necklace, Huaruo Fu’s ring is also famous in the world, its classic design reflects the family’s fourth generation descendant of Mr. Christopher-Hua Luofu born at the child’s life cycle of deep insights, each one The perfect turn marks the infinite continuation of true love and life, which is a symbol of eternity – the birth of new life makes the wheel of life rolling.
Hua Luofu 50 points diamond ring price

Hua Luofu since 1893, Hua Luofu 50 points diamond ring with hundreds of years of Cartier love ring replica superb craftsmanship, fine tradition and innovative design, are leading the Huaruo Fu cross time test, as today’s internationally renowned and highly respected jewelry Brand. 17 years ago, Hua Luofu first landing in Hong Kong. 17 years later in May 2011, Hua Luofu Beijing first boutique in the International Trade officially opened three. Its unique and refined design, beyond the eternal value of time and space and excellent quality and then by the customers and jewelry collectors welcome. The future, Hua Luofu will continue to maintain the quality and design results over the years, so that the discerning customers whom attracted.

Huaruo Fu 50 points diamond ring how much money

The launch of the Hua Luofu wedding ring are used in its family of special refined platinum or gold manufacturing, and inlaid with precious diamonds to show its excellent exquisite design features. As we all know, Huaruo Fu 50 points diamond ring each piece of Hua Luofu jewelry are inlaid with W diamond mark as a family to remember, and this unique and unique commitment to mark for each customer to bring superior quality, exquisite work Huaruo Fu Crafts produced.

In addition to a variety of romantic wedding ring, the Huaruo Fu especially for the bride selected daylight necklace, sun bracelet and daylight earrings. Hua Luofu as the most accurate jeweler, each jewelry by the exquisite jewelry craftsmen to the meticulous top technology made. Therefore, each Huaruo Fu necklace and bracelet has a silky smooth touch, each ring can be smooth rotation. Huaruo Fu 50 points diamond ring in the design of elegant platinum jewelry background, the wedding dress is particularly beautiful; as the gold style is more able to perfect combination with the Chinese skirt coat for the beautiful and moving bride left the most charming and brilliant memories.
Comparison of the price of 50% diamond ring between. To Zoecai white 18K gold 50 points / 0.5 carat top diamond ladies ring this for the price reference.

50 points diamond ring product parameters

Brand: Zoakai Name: White 18K gold 50 points / 0.5 carat top diamond ladies ring

Certificate: National Authorization Cartier nail bracelet replica Certificate Number: W00775-W-RD-1 Material: White 18K Gold Metal Weight: about 2.30g

Main drill information

Shape: Round Number: 1 piece Weight: 0.50 Carat Color: D-E Clarity: VS Cut: VG

This section of the Zouka 50 cents diamond official website price: ¥ 15999.00

Hua Luofu wedding ring and the classic love story of the West forged a bond, each paragraph Huaruo Fu 50 points behind the diamond ring contains a love legend, in the vast universe, tempered, true love more shining.

World famous diamond gem processing center introduced

World Diamond Gemstone Processing Center Daquan World famous diamond gem processing center introduced
Diamonds are bright only through high-quality cut to show, and Belgium’s Antwerp, Israel’s Tel Aviv, the United States of New York, India’s Mumbai with different cutting style and known as the world’s four major diamond processing center.

The world’s five gem processing centers are:

World Gem City – Germany Elder – Oberstein.

Emerald Roughing City – India Jaipur.

Sapphire City – Bangkok, Thailand.

Jade and “Four King One” (referring to Cartier love bracelet replica diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds and pearls) processing center – Hong Kong.

Middle and low gem processing city – Japan Kofu.
World famous diamond gemstone processing center introduced

Antwerp, Belgium – Exquisite diamond processing center. Antwerp is the world’s leading diamond processing center, from the middle of the 15th century began to become the world “diamond capital”, the city 80% of the residents are engaged in diamonds and related industries, processing most of the diamonds for export.

Mumbai, India – Small Granular Diamond Processing Center. India’s diamond cutting has a long history, but its modern diamond processing development is relatively late. India’s diamond processing output in 1966 accounted for only 1.9% of the world, to the 20th century, 80 years, India’s modern diamond processing has been rapid development, by 1992 its diamond processing output accounted for 35% -40% of the world.
New York – Big Diamond Processing Center. New York is the world’s leading diamond cutting center, many well-known big jewelers are gathered here, New York’s diamond processing center gathered more than 400 skilled grottoes, about 2,000 diamond dealers. New York Diamond Center less cutting division, processing area is not large, diamond processing skills, but because of the high cost of manpower, wages to tens of dollars per hour to calculate the cutting costs are higher, so the main processing more than 1 carat large drill , Diamond cutting the difficulty and accuracy of the world famous. American-style rounded round diamond has 58 faces, polished at the end of polished into a transparent octagonal, the edge of the grinding into a transparent facade.

Israel Tel Aviv – exquisite fancy diamond processing center. Tel Aviv has a long history of diamond processing, but also one of the most famous diamond cutting ground. Especially in the fancy cut the world famous, the global diamond jewelry market has 40% of the round drill and 70% of the fancy diamond is cut here processing, with 10 to 50 points. But the processing level is very uneven, polishing also often use traditional tools.
How to choose a wedding ring

Marriage is a major event in life, every procedure, every detail must be carefully, so in the choice of a marriage symbol of marriage, when the wedding ring, even more meticulous.

A small number of people will be married in the wedding ring into the safe trouble, but most people will choose to wear it all day, so choose a wedding ring, we must pay attention to their style, to choose some feel and simple, not too much Exaggerated, regardless of any occasion or wearing any clothing can be lining.

Wedding ring engagement ring and wedding ring two, the former most of the inlaid with precious stones, different gems have different meanings, as detailed below.

Diamond: a symbol of permanent change.

A symbol of passion.

Sapphire: symbolic love like the sea.

Emerald: a symbol of wealth, the image of pure love.

Pearl: a symbol of noble. As for the wedding ring, optional inlaid Cartier love ring replica with the type of gem.
Choose wedding ring need to know things

But remember that take the big and small, to be elegant and elegant, comfortable combination, easy to see simple, is to buy wedding ring three tips.

As for the wedding ring material, should not use gold or gold-plated, otherwise it will give children play and do not seriously feel. Should use gold or platinum (mainly gold), and platinum is more rare than gold, the price is more expensive than gold. Pure platinum refers to PT950, purity of 95%. In general, polished silver and platinum gold and silver color similar, but the platinum is more glossy, not easy to sub-flowers, hardness is much higher than silver, with it inlaid gem, durability is higher than gold, especially Inlaid colorless diamonds, but also shine diamonds bright.
Lovers have what kind of diamond ornaments better

A fine diamond ring confirms sweet love. Since the diamond ring is the first choice for the bride and groom, then what kind of diamond ring is appropriate to send it?

Generally speaking, choose 50 points below the diamond mosaic of the ring, more suitable, both to express love and can be accepted by the general income class, 30,40 points of a single diamond diamond ring is the usual choice for white-collar workers.

Some broken diamond set in the ring, because of its compact design also by a person’s favorite. If the economic conditions permit, then choose more than 50 points better diamond, because more than 50 points of diamonds already have a considerable value, value-added, with a certain investment value.

Pay attention to the weight of diamonds at the same time, we must pay attention to the color of the diamond, clarity, cut, that is, considering the “4c” standard. Heavy weight, good cut (with bright light), pure flaws, color and white diamonds is a good diamond. Buy more than 40 points of diamond jewelry, must not forget to ask the business to produce national inspection department identification certificate.
How to choose the gift of the lovers

It is recommended in the purchase of diamond ring, the best will be able to match Cartier nail bracelet replica the earrings, pendants to buy, so as not to bride jewelry with improper left regret.

Similarly, the bride gave the groom a diamond ring as a token, is also very appropriate. In general, the diamond ring diamond ring diamond ring is appropriate, simple, generous, both gorgeous and not publicity, just to show the owner of the taste. In addition, choose a beautifully crafted diamond watch, give her husband is also very good, both distinguished and practical.

How much is the world’s largest diamond

How much is the world’s largest diamond
How much is the largest diamond in the world? At present, the world’s largest diamond-grade diamond is found in January 1905 in South Africa’s Plemir diamond mine, known as the “African Star” “Cullinan” diamond, is a crystal is not complete diamond block, the color is Colorless and transparent, without any flaws, excellent texture, weighing 3106 karats. At that time, the name of the general manager of the mine “Curtinan” to name.

How much is the largest diamond in the world? “Cullinan” diamond imitation Cartier love bracelet was later processed into 9 large diamonds and 96 smaller diamonds. The largest of the pieces is called “African Star No. 1”, water-shaped, set in the British king’s scepter. The next one is called “African Star II”, square, 64 face, weight 317. Carat, set in the British Empire crown.

“Cullinan” because too big, then no one can afford. Later, the local authorities in the German city of Delaware acquired £ 150,000, and on December 9, 1907, the British royal family was presented to the British King Edward III’s birthday. At the beginning of 1908, “Cullinan” was sent to the then author of the most authoritative city of diamonds – Amsterdam, the Netherlands, to the processing of processing, processing costs 80,000 pounds. As the original stone is too large, need to plan in advance to split into a number of small pieces. This is a very difficult job, because if the study is not enough or poor technology, this huge diamond will be broken into a pile of little value of little debris.
Teach you how much money you know about the world’s largest diamond

The cleaving work was carried out by the famous Dutch craftsman about Aschary. He spent a few weeks studying the “Cullinan”, creating a glass model by its size and shape, and designing a set of tools. He first used these tools to test the glass model, the results achieved the desired requirements.

How much is the largest diamond in the world? On February 10, 1908, he and his assistant came to a special studio, with a large pliers tightly clamped “Cullinan”, and then with a special steel wedge placed in its pre-grinding groove The About a heavy hammer hit the steel wedge. “Snapped” sound, “Curtinan” motionless, steel wedge is broken. Aschar had a cold sweat on his face, and in an atmosphere of tension that was going to explode, he put a second steel wedge. And then hard to percussion, this time, “Cullinan” completely in accordance with the expected split into two halves, and Aschal was fainted on the ground.
On the origin of the heart of the diamond diamonds, and ultimately due to a movie. But it also has another name “Star of Hope”. In short, the heart of the ocean diamond means hope, and it is also considered to be unfortunate things, will bring bad fate for the owner, but this is only the history of the fog, and no exact basis.

Ocean Heart Diamond is a bright and dark blue transparent diamonds, is rare treasures, big grain only a few stars in the world, famous “hope” is one of them. The existing diamond “hope”, weighing 45.52 kt, has a very rare dark blue.

Ocean Heart Diamond Price

Everyone has heard of the heart of the sea diamond it! How much do you know Replica Cartier jewelry about it? Speaking of all this will think of “Titanic” in the “Ocean Heart”, today Xiaobian give everyone under the story of the heart of the ocean diamond.

Give you the heart of the next diamond. It has a bright dark blue transparent diamonds, is rare treasures, large particles of the world only a few stars, drilled “hope” is one of them. The existing diamond “hope”, weighing 45.52 kt, has a very rare dark blue. In fact, the film “Titanic” in the “Ocean Heart” prototype is taken from the “heart of hope”. The heart of the movie is a gemstone called Tanzanite, produced in Africa, Tanzania, is not a real diamond. The “heart of hope” is the real diamond, but only one in the world, the existing Smithsonian Institute of the United States.
Ocean Heart Diamond Source: Ocean Heart Diamond About this diamond will bring bad luck story, first out of 1909, when MayYohe and Newcastle Duke divorced, and his marriage and career failure attributed to this diamond The On the June 25 issue of the Times, a journalist in Paris wrote an article saying that the diamond had brought bad luck to many owners. 1920, May to persuade the famous silent film director George? Klein shot a long hope diamond mystery, and personally starred in the main role.

The filmwriters fabricated many stories, such as the discoverer Tawenei was killed by the dog (in fact, he was 84 years old in Russia hospice), and the Malata people fail in the UK and so on. McLean also added some of the characters for this story, even including the Russian Empress Catherine II. These stories, coupled with McLean himself later did encounter unfortunately, for this diamond cast a layer of mysterious color.

Ocean Heart Diamond How much money?
Bright dark blue, peach heart shape, “Ocean Heart” magnificent eye-catching. Ocean Heart Diamond not only represents the pure love, but also the witness of eternal love. Ocean Heart Diamond is almost all the pursuit of perfect love women dream, looking forward to their loved ones can wear a diamond heart for their own diamonds.

Ocean Heart Diamonds of the beautiful love story

On the origin of the heart of the diamond diamonds, and ultimately due to a movie. But it also has another name “Star of Hope”. In short, the heart of the ocean diamond means hope, and it is also considered to be unfortunate things, will bring bad fate for the owner, but this is only the history of the fog, and no exact basis. Now the name of the ocean heart diamond items, or more popular, we have a great understanding of the past has also been a great change.

Men’s Ruby Earrings

Men’s Ruby Earrings
Men’s ruby earrings Although few people wear, but not no .. Men’s ruby earrings is wearing jewelry in the ear, the market is relatively rare, generally custom-based, the price is relatively high relative to the woman’s ruby earrings. A single earring is usually a single gem.
Men’s ruby earrings include natural ruby earrings and artificial ruby earrings Cartier love bracelet replica made of crystal, gum, 925 silver and other materials. If it is artificial ruby earrings, the price is very cheap and is around ten yuan. While the natural ruby earrings, the price is at least a thousand or so, the better the fineness of rubies, the greater the higher the price.

Wearing men’s ruby earrings of the boys is still relatively small, boys wearing earrings are usually wearing diamond earrings, diamond stud earrings, or some relatively cool, more domineering sterling silver stud earrings, of course, gold or platinum, There are also. Ruby earrings most of the styles are more feminine, so men want to buy men’s ruby earrings, generally need to customize a custom atmosphere, more masculine ruby earrings.

Men’s ruby earrings have a variety of colors, the best is the deep pure red, followed by the microstrip purple red, followed by the deeper pink, purple, slightly brown red, the other as brown , Black red, very light pink are poor rubies. Also from the table to observe the ruby, in the rotation, should only see a color for the best, if you can see other colors, then the ruby processing orientation is not correct.

Men’s ruby earrings Although there is no diamond so flash, but still have fire color, is in the light source, the ruby of the performance of the color, it is essentially ruby transparency, cut, the role of a combination of color, A good ruby in the gently turn (the table against their own), showing a lot of red inside the small “flames” in the flash, very beautiful, for high-quality ruby requirements of its fire to account for the entire crown of 55% the above.
18k gold is gold and other metal smelting together alloy, which accounted for 18/24 gold, so referred to as 18K gold. 18K gold color rich, white 18K gold, yellow 18K gold, rose 18K gold, black 18K gold, green 18K gold, etc., is lower cost and wear a more comfortable fashion gold Cartier love ring replica ornaments, loved by the public!

18k gold on the market, with white 18K gold, yellow 18K gold and rose 18K gold majority, other colors are less. White gold can be mixed with a variety of precious stones or diamonds, as a gem inlaid gold, there is no color on the restrictions, so mostly fashionable and stylish, colorful jewelry mix and match. Huang K gold virtually gives the extravagance, warm feeling, so the color is also often with the red, purple, yellow line of warm colors, and similar colors of colored stones with. Rose 18K gold reddish color, and in the yellow K gold luxury and white K gold cold, people feel warm, but also more suitable for Asian people yellowish complexion.

18k gold material because the precious metal is the hardest material, and the price is affordable, so the general luxury of some models, or very expensive style, or less expensive style, are 18K gold inlaid, because 18K gold is the most inlaid Solid precious metal material, precious stones for precious stones, the firmness is very important, and for cheap gem diamonds, 18K gold affordable, mosaic is appropriate.

Of course, 18k gold material has advantages, naturally there will be shortcomings, even if some of the metal platinum and gold, there will be advantages and disadvantages. 18K gold material is the shortcomings of wearing a long time or improper maintenance, oxidation will turn yellow. Because 18K gold contains 75% of gold, so after oxidation will turn yellow. Of course, if properly maintained, wear a year or two will not be oxidized. Even if the oxidation turned yellow, you can also return to the original purchase, free cleaning renovation, but also the same as the new.

18k gold maintenance methods: 1, to try to avoid contact with chemicals. 2, wearing Cartier nail bracelet replica 18K gold jewelry, it is not appropriate to do intense physical or sports, to avoid bumps. 3, to avoid 18K gold jewelry placed in the cold or overheated environment, because 18K gold has the nature of thermal expansion and contraction, overheating too easy to make inlaid precious stones or diamonds loose. 4, need to use soft cloth gently rub 18K gold jewelry, but should not use chemical ingredients such as hand sanitizer cleaning.

Teach you to know rose gold jewelry

Teach you to know rose gold jewelry
Rose gold, with it enough romantic name, you can cause people to countless wonderful association. Following the sparkling gold jewelry and classic elegant platinum jewelry, the soft colors and charming rose gold jewelry has gradually become fashionable “new favorite.” Rose gold to her unique culture and style, the interpretation of the precious metal jewelry and a new world.

The current jewelry market, there are two kinds of rose gold jewelry: 1, the use of rose gold jewelry for the matrix processing, rose color belongs to its true color; 2, jewelry matrix is other K gold alloy, made in the surface plating rose gold. Rose gold as the matrix processing of jewelry, process complexity, and thus relatively high cost, more common in high-end brand jewelry. Rose gold plating process is the late nineties of last century popular a plating process. At present, the rose gold plating process is relatively stable, and simple operation, the solution of the deep plating capacity and plating capacity are extremely excellent, low cost. Now, this rose gold plating process can make jewelry popular rose gold, after the jewelry after the bright color, uniform, with excellent decorative effect. Therefore, the rose gold plating process in the jewelry processing industry has been widely used.
Processing of platinum jewelry should pay attention to:

1. Must prevent foreign objects on the surface of the workpiece (to prevent contamination by other metal debris);

2. When annealing or welding, can not be used by other metal pollution support frame. There are welding with a fire-resistant support, and can not use charcoal.

3. Protect your eyes. High-temperature welding of white radiation and ultraviolet Cartier love bracelet replica radiation is much higher than the ability to bear the naked eye, long time by this beyond the capacity of the radiation will cause “arc burning eye”, which may make the retina permanent damage. It is safer to use a filter for welding protection when welding platinum. Platinum alloy has a strong antioxidant, jewelry carefully polished, in the static state, will never lose platinum dazzling luster. If after a high degree of polishing, and then plating a layer of white metal rhodium, you can enhance the surface hardness. As the high reflectivity of rhodium, light brightness lasting, this will make platinum alloy jewelry look more dazzling.

If you buy gold, you know how to distinguish color, then this will bring us great convenience. As the saying goes, gold is “seven green, eight yellow, nine purple, ten red”. What is the meaning of this sentence in the end?

Some experts believe that: if the gold content of gold into the Qi Cheng will be yellow with blue, gold over eight percent will be yellow, over Jiucheng is yellow through the purple, gold content will reach 10% will be red.

In addition, there are gold “nine five red, forty-six does not show gold,” said. The so-called nine five red, refers to the gold gold content of 95% when the overall color of gold was red. And forty-six does not show gold, refers to the gold content of less than 60% of the time has not shown the true nature of gold. Gold content of less than 60% of the gold is yellowish white color, and gold content of 40% in the following gold is completely white.
In life can affect the gold price changes in the factors that can be divided into the following aspects:
First, the supply factors: things rare. Scarcity determines the price of gold.

1, the total reserves of gold on earth. 2, the cost of gold mining. 3, the annual amount of gold mining. 4, the country’s gold sell-off. 5, gold production countries in all aspects of the latest policy.
Second, the demand factor: the demand for gold and the use of gold have a Cartier love ring replica direct relationship.

1, the amount of gold needed to hedge. 2, the amount of gold needed for gold investment. 3, gold in the application of jewelry and industrial production in the amount of demand changes. The following are the same as the ”
Third, other factors: factors closely linked with gold will also affect the impact of gold prices.

1, inflation will have an impact on the price of gold. 2, the stability of the international political situation will have an impact on the price of gold. 3, the stock market will have an impact on the price of gold. 4, the dollar exchange rate changes will have an impact on the price of gold. 5, countries of the Cartier nail bracelet replica monetary policy and international gold prices are closely related. 6, international trade, fiscal policy and external debt deficit will have an impact on the country’s gold price. 7, oil prices and gold price interrelated.
Gold investment is a complex investment process, investors involved in the gold market when the transaction varieties, trading strategies have a full understanding in order to effectively avoid risks, so that investment to maximize the benefits.

Lovely bracelet to relax your feelings

Lovely bracelet to relax your feelings
Do not let the work of the pressure and life disturbed upset the mood, always put a piece of interesting and lovely jewelry on the body, will let you inadvertently smile.
Colorful world
Every girl dreams of the perfect life of the little princess, where every Cartier love bracelet replica pendant can be unreserved to show your princess complex, together with a variety of colorful colors, bring out the happy mood and innocence you!

Lovely bracelet to relax your feelings
Little people word drag, Mercedes-Benz cars are so we find back to childhood happy, soft colors always feel warm and happy.

Lovely bracelet to relax your feelings
According to the Japanese model of the baby pocket design is very cute, the color is very pretty, is the girl’s favorite thing.

Lovely bracelet to relax your feelings
When some beautiful things into pocket version, as your mobile phone chain or necklace is an essential part of the belief that your mood will be good every day.
Silver time
Polished polished to retain the original color of silver, different shapes of the workmanship fine, extravagant, the color of the package is still full of fun, silver is very generous eye-catching!

Lovely bracelet to relax your feelings
Guitar, notes … … every fine and realistic workmanship as if in this blooming spring issued a beautiful melody.

Lovely bracelet to relax your feelings
Goblets, lipstick and high heels these fashionable girl’s eyes in the twinkling of Cartier love ring replica an eye into a delicate strap, very attractive.

Ultra-IN large frame glasses unlimited dress magic
Wearing a platinum coat of silver jewelry each surface are platinum PT, lasting glossy, is not oxidized Oh.
Into December, the city filled with Christmas festive atmosphere. Attracted everyone want to own a dream of their own Christmas gifts. Hard work for a year, why not the occasion of the arrival of the festival, first for their own pick one, whether it is someone else to give you, or buy their own, will bring a cheerful mood to meet the new Christmas.

Christmas 10 single product taste of the election
Look at our recommended Christmas ceremony for them, they can be in December the corresponding brand stores to buy.

Christmas 10 single product taste of the election
JUICY Gold Heart Bracelet
A golden heart composed of gold bracelet is very festive atmosphere, large bracelet is also the trend of the season selection. Even if the dress low-key, there is a finishing touch of the pen can be brightened the overall festive atmosphere.

Christmas 10 single product taste of the election
Lancel Christmas exquisite dinner bag
Delicate and smooth ivory white satin texture, combined with Ying Luo and beads of retro tassels, bundles of handbags after the presentation of simple fan lines with tassel decoration and metal accessories, such a small exquisite dinner package enough to make you at the Christmas party Respond freely. Not only has a refined appearance, while its applicability of the more people, up after the opening can be placed lipstick, powder, etc., as well as a delicate make-up mirror with, intimate and thoughtful to appreciate the unique and excellent quality.

Christmas 10 single product taste of the election
Longchamp Christmas Limited Edition Series
CELINE Papillotte evening handbag gold brown velvet cotton texture and black patent leather ribs made of geometric patterns of fabric, and golden spine shuttle shuttle them. The luxurious texture of the fabric and the classic models are very suitable for Christmas investment. At the same time also in particular the custom of the exquisite flash silver gift box, the embossed diamond-shaped pattern with the handbag echo each other, this year’s Christmas noble generous gift selection!

Christmas 10 single product taste of the election
CanonIXUS 870IS Gold Digital Camera
Having a compact digital camera is a must-have, especially in the Christmas party or Replica Cartier love bracelet friends party it will come in handy. For you this recommended IXUS family camera, gold more popular type of design people love it at first glance, while 200 times the zoom lens and 1: 1.8 wide-angle lens with the shooting process allows you to use freely.

Christmas 10 single product taste of the election
CELINE Papillotte evening bag
Rectangular bag body design, simple folds, so that this handbag, such as packaging beautiful gifts like pleasing. There are two versions of CELINE’s famous Chain Blason chain jacquard, and the petite body can accommodate all the small objects that go to the party. The detachable design of the slender shoulder strap makes this package available. Shoulder can also hand, with ease, with the sex line

Christmas 10 single product taste of the election
Jimmy Choo red lambskin handbag
Jimmy Choo Christmas has a charm of seventy years of the magnificent figure, “shining star” – the Christmas song in the small red hand bag on the wonderful expression. Feel soft lambskin and fairy tale-like flash star element combination, the most suitable as a reward for their own Christmas gifts.

Christmas 10 single product taste of the election
Juicy Couture key ring
Green, gold is the Christmas color in doing my part. Metal keys on the Juicy Couture iconic bear and crown full of fairy tale colors, you can add some fun to Christmas fun.

Christmas 10 single product taste of the election
Lalique amber crystal necklace
If you want to Christmas in their own jewelry box to add some special items, you can consider this amber crystal spiral necklace. Inspired by the ancient Lijiang style, has a fascinating glamor.

Christmas 10 single product taste of the election
“Golden Apple” limited hand bag
“Golden Apple” in the ancient Greek mythology only the most beautiful woman can have, so when Temperley launched this handbag, also made in the world several major cities of the limited number of 25 move. Expensive price, beautiful appearance, want to get “the most beautiful woman’s symbol” is a very nice it gift.

Christmas 10 single product taste of the election
Cartie gold handbag
Little suede soft feel is the women can not resist, plus the appearance of gold bling-bling, and metal trim, it is suitable for those generous elegant women. Give yourself a reason to have it: in order to participate in the Christmas pie, it will be in the bag.