Violet Jade prices how much violet jade emerald collection value

Violet Jade prices how much violet jade emerald collection value
Purple itself is a mysterious and noble color, violet emerald is “expensive” gas upgrade, which is why the reason why the violet emerald, then the price of violet jade? What is the value of the collection of violet Jade? Here to introduce the type of violet jade and its price, we can understand!
The type and price of violet emerald

Royal purple
Has a pure color of smoke, saturation is relatively high, this type of jade is actually rare, is a rare collection of jade, the value of nature is also very high.

2. red and purple
Red Purple Jade Jewelry is a kind of red in the red of a Replica Cartier jewelry purple, the general color is relatively light, the value is not very high, but encountered a rich color, rich color red purple emerald, it must not miss, this collection The value is beyond imagination.

3. blue and purple
This type of violet jade is the most common, color on the bias in the blue, this type of emerald color change, from shallow to deep, because in the market more common, the price is relatively low.

4. Pink and purple
Pink and purple emerald tones reddish, but they can not reach the rich red emerald, light pale pink, looks more attractive, in fact, the value is the lowest in the violet emerald.

5. Violet
Violet color of the emerald color rich, like violet flowers, in general, the texture to be slightly rough, is the most common violet emerald.

Violet Jade Collection value

At present, the purple emerald polarization is very serious, the kind of delicate, colorful violet jadeite prices rose very powerful, and the general color of light, dark, rough texture of the violet emerald in sharp contrast, and the gap between the two growing. At first good violet bracelet, but a few million, and now has risen to 40 to 50 million, while the same color pale, texture, general violet bracelet, and now the market price is only 1 to 2 million.

Violet jade collection value is high: beautiful color production scarce. In the emerald, the violet emerald because of the rich purple violet jade emerald most consumers on the market, and according to the statistics of these years, the kind of water is good violet jade emerald world is actually less than the green emerald, Which is also added in the invisible violet jade collection value.

Identification method of violet emerald

1, to the business request for jade identification certificate
It is best to more authoritative institutions to identify the authenticity of jade quality.

2, magnifying glass observation
With a magnifying glass to observe the violet emerald, if after artificial dyeing, in the emerald will appear inside the accumulation phenomenon, there will be some small particles magazine.

3, ultraviolet radiation
The real violet emerald has no fluorescence reaction under UV irradiation, and the stained emerald will have a very obvious fluorescence phenomenon.
Collection sector has a jargon “gold is priceless jade”, where jade is jade, said the value of jade is even the city. Jade in recent years, the market price is also rising, then the price of jade in 2017 how? What is the price trend this year? Take a look!
2017 emerald price trend

1, high-grade jade
High-grade emerald prices have been rising for a long time. Mainly due to the relatively scarce high-grade jade, its high value, rarely affected by external factors. High-grade emerald appreciation space is much higher than the mid-emerald, but can buy high-grade jade who did not buy high-grade jade people, sales are not as mid-range emerald.

2, mid-range emerald
In the high-grade jade because of price, quality and other factors of the advantages, so in addition to the volatility between 2002 and 2005, the latter few years are almost steady rise. Mid-range emerald price is moderate, coupled with the appreciation of space is relatively considerable, its sales is the largest.

3, low-grade emerald
Low-grade emerald prices have long been ups and downs, especially after 2011, continued to shock, mainly because of its own value is not high, before the hot market is often a lot of business speculation, and with the market changes, many people know the emerald Continue to strengthen, coupled with the improvement of living standards, the requirements of the jade is also getting higher and higher, so low-grade jade in recent years continue to devalue.

Emerald collection of three major considerations

1, do not buy too transparent emerald
Although the emerald permeability is an important factor in measuring the value of jade, which is because the emerald of the better water is more transparent, but here can not buy too transparent jade is due to the emerald base is too thin and seem transparent The

2, cost-effective jade do not buy
Encountered some “cost-effective” emerald, be sure to be careful to their own expertise to identify the true and false Jade, if it can not be identified, you can help the master, only to determine the true and false to start to buy, so more safe!

3, the color is not the emerald do not buy
Emerald color is not evil, especially green jade, green are generally pure green, although the color is not uniform, colored roots, but no other variegated. Sometimes we will find some emerald above the evil color, such as some green jade on the flashing blue, or reveals a yellow, which may not be jade, but green agate or malay jade forged.

Thousands of silver bracelet brand list Thousands of silver bracelet brand which is good

Thousands of silver bracelet brand list Thousands of silver bracelet brand which is good
Buy thousands of silver bracelets where to go? Buy a thousand silver bracelet which brand is good? Now thousands of silver bracelets more and more popular, I believe that these problems are troubled by the problem for many years, many well-known throughout the country thousands of silver bracelet shop competing to launch the new thousands of silver bracelet for consumers to choose, but also actively create their own brand image, we come Look at Cartier love bracelet replica the top ten thousand thousand silver bracelet shop list it.

One, Tiffany

List of reasons: silver on behalf of the brand, style luxury aristocratic silver symbol.

Insufficient: more expensive, is a foreign brand, mainland China store less.

Recommended index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Brand introduction; Tiffany (Tiffany & Co.) is an open in 1837 the United States jewelry and silver company. In 1853 Charles Tiffany mastered the company’s control, the company name is simplified as “Tiffany” (Tiffany & Co), the company has since established the jewelry industry for the business focus.

Second, the old Fengxiang

List of reasons: Lao Fengxiang is the old Chinese, in the industry has a high reputation, many consumers praise.

Lack of: less style, the price is relatively high.

Recommended index: ★ ★ ★ ★

Brand introduction: venture in 1848, the old Fengxiang has gone through more than 160 spring and autumn, is the Chinese jewelry industry century brand. Shanghai Lao Fengxiang Co., Ltd. is created by the development of the old Fengxiang Silver House in 1848. Its trademark “Lao Fengxiang” is also derived from the name of the old Fengxiang Silver House.

Third, Chow Tai Fook

List of reasons: China’s well-known brand, the country most of the prefecture-level cities have branches, a total of more than 2,000.

Inadequate: we only know that buying money to Chow Tai Fook, but do not know to buy silver can also go to Chow Tai Fook

Recommended index: ★ ★ ★ ★

Brand: Chow Tai Fook Jewelery Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Chow Tai Fook Group, which specializes in Chow Tai Fook brand Jade Gold Gold 12 Zodiac Pendant business. It is a comprehensive enterprise which integrates raw material procurement, production design and retail service. It has more than 80 years of history, Is the mainland of China and Hong Kong’s most famous and the largest jewelry brand.

Four, old silversmith

List of reasons: in the northern region has a very high visibility, product design first class.

Insufficient: Southern market coverage is less, less seen.

Recommended index: ★ ★ ★

Brand introduction: the old silversmith to “spread the silver culture, to create a beautiful life” for the mission to “silver” as the media, heritage and carry forward the traditional Chinese culture, “craftsmen” from Xu, committed to the needs of different people to create personalized jewelry The Since the creation of the brand since, has repeatedly with the fashion industry, the performing arts cooperation, by the fashion and the media industry’s attention and become its work and life accessories.

Five, silver age

List of reasons: the domestic outstanding silver brand

Inadequate: due to open days cat shop, Lynx shop prices lower, the impact of the market to join the store.

Recommended index: ★ ★ ★

Brand Description: Sterling silver series, gold-plated series, mosaic series, Thai silver Cartier love ring replica series, the ancient silver series, drawing series, couple series constitute a silver era rich product line to meet the needs of various consumer groups. Each series has its own characteristics, giving people or intellectual, refined, or elegant, natural beauty connotation, a comprehensive interpretation of 925 sterling silver fashion jewelry features and taste.

Thousands of silver bracelet brand which is good

Thousands of silver bracelet brand which is good? Buy thousands of silver bracelet, in addition to beautiful and unique, but also depends on the quality of technology and brand sales, etc., each brand is the good and bad, some very good brand, such as Tiffany, the price will be in a thousand More than two thousand or so, very high, if it is Tuhao class friends, election Tiffany is also a good choice.

If you want to buy three hundred or so thousands of silver bracelet, in the Chow Tai Fook old Fengxiang and other well-known brands can choose a very good, and domestic brands have an advantage, the factory in the country, the company is also domestic, design and transportation Cartier nail bracelet replica costs are low , After sale is also very convenient, it is a good choice. Of course, there are some new brands such as the silver era, Yi Cai Tang silver, seven silver jewelry, the price of two hundred dollars in the days of cat and other channel sales are also good, that is, after-sales need to mail, of course, thousands of silver bracelet if wearing a long time Oxidation black, but also can use their own toothpaste cleaning.

A new realm of diamond cutting

A new realm of diamond cutting
The emergence of profiled drill, rich diamond world, so that diamonds emit a ever-changing, colorful light. From the princess square to the heart-shaped, from the drop-shaped-oriented olive-shaped, each shaped drill are hidden without drift attitude and self-advocating character.

Princess square first appeared in the eighties of last century, is developed by BEZAMBER. At that time the drill was only stepped cut (STEPCUT), BEZAMBER to imitate the desktop diamond cutting, bottom cutting to retain the ladder, known as the four bright Cartier love bracelet replica (QUADRILLION). Princess square diamond design and round diamonds, so it looks bright and colorful, showing neat, simple, dazzling style, beautiful brightness and unique cut to make it the best choice to build wedding ring. Princess diamond has a crown angle and the Quartet shape, is the most popular shaped diamond, coupled with cut the personality of the distinctive, so inlaid into a diamond shape simple and concise, male diamond ornaments also like to use this cut diamonds.

“REDCROSS” is the most well-known princess in the diamond drill, appeared in Christie’s London auction in 1918, the last public appearance in the auction in Tokyo in 1973. This diamond weighs 205.07 karats, is a faint golden beige, because the relationship between the cutting, from the front to see the desktop will clearly see a Maltese cross. It is another magical point is that people in the light than the white diamond looks even bright, and placed under the light for some time, and then placed in the dark will see it self-shiny.

Heart-shaped diamonds is one of the most basic symbol of love, with 100% romantic temperament, is the first choice to express love. Due to the close to round diamonds, heart-shaped diamonds also have close to the round pavilion, making a charming color. Is the best choice for men to express their love.

Heart-shaped diamonds have often become the focus at the auction, such as Christie’s auction at New York on October 24, 1996, making a heart-shaped diamond with a weight of 101.31 carats, Level is the flawless level, the size is 30.86 × 31.8 × 17.37mm, was appeared in the auction at this color and clarity level in the largest heart-shaped diamonds, the original estimated price is “pending”, and finally to the standard end.

What are the shapes of profiled drill?

Water droplets are a very sexy diamond, and some people according to their shape of the romantic called “teardrop-shaped”, with the brightness of the drop-shaped diamond-shaped diamond rounded, one end narrowed into a point, the shape is very elegant. Generally as a pendant or earrings, as the ring when the length of the diamond can increase the sense of slender fingers.

The representative of the water droplets is the “De Beers Millennium Star” published by the De Beers Group in 1999. Its weight is 203.04 carats, the color grade is D, the clarity level is no time, and the line proportion is the most Beautiful drop-shaped, 4C conditions are the best, is the world’s ninth largest drilled. “De Beers Millennium Star” debut, is in the De Beers Group London headquarters, by the international star Sophie Marceau hand for the media to take pictures. Diamonds brilliant radiance, shining flow, two light matched, and people could not bear to move the head.

Oval diamonds from the shape of the original stone cut from it, it is gentle and graceful, much like ladylike. In the eyes of the West, the oval and eggs are similar, and the egg also represents the endless, so oval diamonds, meaning the eternal vitality. Oval diamonds have the same brilliant brilliance as the round drill, and by its length highlights the ladies’ fingers slim, thus becoming extremely popular alien diamonds.

Oval diamond was the first to be raised, is the current collection in London, England, “KOH-I-NOOR”, the free translation is “mountain light.” It is actually a nearly round oval, weighing 105.60 karats, it seems very weight. This diamond is one of the oldest known diamonds, and the earliest record about it is the fifteenth century owned by the Indian mausoleous dynasty, and it is legendary that it has a magical power to dominate the world.
Also known as “olive”. Charming, personality, elegant lacquered diamond set in a single diamond ring particularly attractive fashionable women, diamonds narrowed at both ends into the point, so that the ring is more beautiful, by the modern lady’s favorite.

The world’s top 100 drilled, cut into a horn shape less, “JONKERIII” is one of the relatively well-known. There is also a Lesotho III (LESOTHOIII), but also from a huge diamond cut off the original stone. This is also found in South Africa, the giant diamond, weighing 601 Cartier love ring replica karats of the original stone, and later was bought by the pirates Winston, cut out eighteen diamonds, the third largest is a sharp tip of the cut, weighing 40.42 carat.
[Bright love] 18K white gold F-G color 50 heart-shaped diamond ring

Shaped diamonds meaning

Unlike the common round drill, all shaped diamonds are very uncertain, each one is unique, and different shaped diamonds represent the meaning is not the same. Heart-shaped diamonds on behalf of the romantic and emotional, is the best gift to love; princess square and emerald green on behalf of the bright future, to show the wearer’s self-confidence and strong; water-shaped diamond symbol of blood thicker than water is given to sisters And other precious gifts of their loved ones; olive-shaped diamonds symbolize maverick, the same 1 carat diamond, olive tip looks the largest, more by the personality of the ladies of all ages.
Variety of modeling, rich character meaning, rare high-quality cut, so that the diamond has become the darling of the world’s people. But in another case, shaped diamonds are only popular in North America, Western Europe, Australia and South Korea and other developed areas, only in China, Taiwan, a small number of rich people to play appreciation, early in the mainland profiled drill is rare items. The reason is that the alien diamonds in the country to promote the need for a certain process, consumers need to slowly accept this exotic diamond popular; second is the special diamond drill on the requirements of the cut is very strict, the domestic diamond institutions in general is difficult To achieve this level of cutting, promotion is more unable to speak.
In October 2006, the international diamond agency century edge in its international jewelry store Jinan shop held the first special diamond exhibition, in the industry caused no small impact, domestic consumers were able to enjoy the charm of shaped diamonds. Century edge of the international diamond laboratory has been committed to the diamond cutting technology updates and research, decades have overcome several diamond cutting problems, only to diamonds to the domestic public. In addition, Davey Jewelery also made a large web of profiled diamonds on its website. However, like the century margin, Davey so willing to work hard to profiled drill in the domestic promotion, to have several? This situation, more or less restricted the profiled drill in the domestic market development.

Fortunately, shaped diamond or seize the only chance, with its own unique temperament to attract the diamond lovers of the eye. According to the author survey, the domestic market, several major diamond brands such as Tiffany, Kanya’s counter has a lot of customers consult princess square, drop-shaped and other shaped diamonds. Most of the industry experts also predicted that due to the unique shape of its own diamond, the domestic diamond market is about to usher in a wave of profiled diamond consumption boom. In this article is about to be written, the century edge and came the good news, its shaped diamond products series “C · Vatican” is about to market, the domestic market finally ushered in the first special diamond special brand. This is the fortune of the century, it is the blessing of the domestic jewelry industry. It is better to wait and see, open arms to meet the shape of diamonds from the face.

The opposite sex has become a new trend in consumption
Identification and selection:

Focusing on cutting and visual effects. The reason why the price of diamonds are somewhat Cartier nail bracelet replica different, mainly from the visual effects of the differences, and secondary is the difference between their cutting technology.

Visual effect

Princess square diamonds: looks elegant and full, the proportion of coordination, but also the first to enter the Chinese market of shaped diamonds, naturally sought after by the market.

Drop-shaped and diamond-shaped diamonds: Looks not so full, the price of course, greatly reduced.


After forming the more symmetrical shape, the better the reflective effect, the more asymmetric the effect is worse. The best way to cut is made of 57 section of the circular cut, and the emerald is a square cut the way for the best, cat eye is the best oval cut.

5 carat diamond price 5 carat diamond ring price

5 carat diamond price 5 carat diamond ring price
5 carat diamond prices, the quality of diamonds determines the price of diamonds, we all know that the criteria for determining the quality of diamonds are diamonds 4c standard, ie diamonds weight, color, clarity, cut, 5 carats diamonds determine the weight of diamonds, the other three factors The most likely to affect the price of 5 carat diamond is cut and color, high grade 5 carat diamond prices may be as high as one million.

5 carat diamond ring price, 5 carat diamond ring can also be said diamond ring score of 500 points, is a very rare pigeon egg ring ring. 5 carat diamond ring price not only count the price of 5 carat diamond but also with the price of 5 carat diamond ring, usually imitation Cartier love bracelet like 5 carat so big diamonds will be used 18k gold or 950 platinum mosaic, the price of about 1000 yuan The

Another different brand of 5 carat diamond ring price will be different, the more internationally renowned brands its brand value-added higher, corresponding to its 5 carat diamond ring the higher the price. In fact, the quality of diamonds and the brand is not much relationship, the visibility is not so high diamond brand such as Zuo Kayi, its 5 carat diamond ring is also a very high quality products.
It is the eternal love of the representatives of many domestic jewelry sites are also introduced diamond ring custom, diamond quality diamond ring style can choose their own, to buy diamond ring of consumers are very good, in fact, Big choice of space, then the diamond ring custom which site is good?

In fact, the custom diamond ring is good or with the quality of diamonds, and diamond quality is almost no relationship with the brand, all brands of diamond quality is to see the diamond 4c. The other is related to the diamond ring style, and some well-known jewelry website diamond ring style is very delicate and therefore attracted a large number of consumers, Darry Ring, Zoca and so are quite good diamond custom website.

Diamond ring custom to which site, diamond ring custom is not just consider the brand, cost is high is the key. Many of the big brands of custom diamond ring are often charged a relatively high value-added brand, the same diamond ring but to spend more money, diamond ring is a luxury, and then spend some unnecessary expenses or not.

Zoukai site diamond ring custom is the best quality diamonds, the most exquisite style and the most real price so that each person to customize the diamond ring are satisfied and has been, Zoucai has always been committed to lead the new diamond consumption trend , Strictly follow the American Academy of jewelry proposed 4C standard selection of diamonds, for consumers around the world to provide a wide range of distinguished services, custom diamond go to Zoukei official website.
1, Cartier (Cartier)

Cartier (Cartier) was founded in France in 1847, the world’s jewelry, watch and accessories field leader, has been the British King Edward VII praised as “the emperor’s jeweler, jeweler’s emperor.”

2, Tiffany (Tiffany & Co)

Tiffany & Co.1837 was founded in the United States New Zealand was made by the silver plate, in 1851 launched the silver 925 ornaments and more famous. In 1886, Tiffany launched the most classic series of diamond ring.

3, Bvlgari (Bvlgari)

Bvlgari BVLGARI – gorgeous Italian jeweler. Bvlgari BVLGARI, in 1884 in Italy to establish Replica Cartier jewelry a high-level jewelry brand BVLGARI Bvlgari, from the ancient Greek and Roman culture essence.

Wuhan diamond ring brand

4, darry ring

In the definition of Darry Ring, life only one, just pass on the true love of love alone. It is also the harsh pursuit of true love, each darry ring custom diamond ring on behalf of a firm love.

5, Chow Tai Fook

Is a comprehensive management of raw materials procurement, production design, retail services business, with more than 80 years of history, the mainland of China and Hong Kong’s most famous and the largest jewelry brand The

6, Xie Ruilin

Many people to this evaluation Xie Ruilin jewelry: bright, pure, shiny, perfect, is the cost of excellence wedding ring of choice!

7, Zhou Dasheng

To 2013, Zhou Dasheng chain reached 2300 scale, covering 32 provinces and cities nationwide more than 300 large and medium-sized cities, favored by the vast number of consumers, has become the largest jewelry chain brand.

8, Kimberley

May 1995, “Kimberly Diamond” officially settled in mainland China, and successfully registered through the trademark, is China’s first diamond-based professional brand companies.

women jewelry market has almost become a woman of the world

Nature of beauty, women jewelry market has almost become a woman of the world, many businesses are pegged to the women’s wallet, but ignored the men also have a beautiful heart. On the market at present the most is also suitable for women to wear, men’s jewelry is few and far between. As more and more men begin to pay attention to “face” problem, men’s jewelry is becoming more and more attention. A lot of jewelry merchants male jewelry has begun to tap the market.
With the continuous improvement of people’s living level and the development of fashion Replica Cartier jewelry, jewelry and accessories to create the image of men played a more and more important role. From the perspective on the market at present, specifically for men act the role ofing is tasted, and style and variety is single.
It is understood that most men think wear jewelry can better show a man’s personality, temperament, accomplishment and identity. To grasp the psychological of successful men, must carefully select line, men pay more attention to taste, the goods must be authentic brand, it is better to work. The clerk’s quality is very important, should be directed to a customer. Male act the role ofing is tasted, currently on the market are either expensive jewelry in the jewelry store, or is not inflow of cheap, apparent lack of middle class of goods.
In the man who is known as the “new middle class” in the pockets of Japan also seized control of fashion consumption, the male jewelry will be more and more seriously, a good prospect of market.
Have card light texture is TITONI Switzerland wintersweet of latest watches series Slendline – as the name implies, this series wrist watch is famous for its delicate, casing thickness is only 2.7 mm, with light and meticulous strap, a symbol of the wearer’s noble status and elegant style, suitable for match line to work clothing and everyday clothes.
So thin design must cooperate with wonderful artical excelling nature, watch of wrist of fine handwork and flowing lines, dial 37 mm diameter, surface with pearls and silver fritillaria texture design combined with Roman numerals or calibration time display. Table adopts wear-resistant sapphire crystal lens, to ensure not easily scratched. Watch case with pure steel, fearless daily friction. Strap, respectively with leather strap and rose gold belt to choose from, it is no wonder that the launch is ranked as the most popular TITONI is new bestow favor on.
In addition to the choiceness exquisite appearance, Slendline armed with the male, the female imitation cartier love bracelet and neuter design, take care of the needs of different people. Slendline is most can manifest TITONI brand one of the important series of special value. Elegant design is suitable for low profile has the connotation and the taste of gens. Dainty watch body, light touch, marking the eternal classic. Despite the season change, trend change, Slendline accompany you through life.
Master Series18K rose gold wrist watch observatory, is the newest member of this series, show the special noble temperament.
As the flagship Series of TITONI Switzerland wintersweet, Master Series Master Series have already become the pronoun of the observatory watch, of which 18 k rose gold wrist watch observatory is extremely expensive. This year, TITONI for Master Series added a valued member.
Table frame 40 mm in diameter, with 18 k rose gold casting and become, wrist table selection by the special reflection mirror processing double arch sapphire glass. Rose gold on the surface of hours, minutes, small second hand, 12 when the number and scale, make the wrist watch appearance more dazzling. 3 when the position has a small fine date window, annular texture with 6 when the position of the small second hand makes surface design more rich stereo feeling, combined with engraved with translucent, emerald green TITONI marks the end of the manual very meticulous, elegant natural.
As the observatory wrist watch, the Series are obtained by the Swiss official observatory COSC precision timing test organization (Contrle Officiel Suisse des Chronometres) issued by the certification certificate, and under the small second hand watchcase respectively with COSC small signs and movement certification number, these in addition to is the best proof of precise timing, also reveal Master Series of exceptional status. Wrist watch with leather or stainless steel strap, black and white for your choose and buy.
TITONI Master Series 18 k rose gold wrist watch observatory by the design, production and materials are all take measurements, show exalted temperament, it has a fine pedigree is to collect the Master Series wrist watch are the inevitable choice.
Always more material and observatory machine core proud TITONI Master Series launched surprise extremely observatory phases of the moon for the first time watch, as this year’s finale. This delicate watches can fully reflect the advanced TAB the essence of art, perfectly combined with precise timing function and elegant design.
More than 90 years, the plum blossom as a Swiss watch company high quality mechanical watches, has established the high prestige in the international. Throughout its history, the company relies on its excellent TAB to the skills of many clocks connoisseurs leave deep impression. This season, the brand is the honorable Master Series Series new observatory four phases of the moon watches, all equipped with a pointer type date display, weeks, and rare in the display window.
In addition to implementing these wrist watches Switzerland wintersweet of high-quality technology, it is more dial with a unique design. Fritillaria pearl rings clear hour scale and date marked on the scale, and week, month, and the moon display window is located in highly detailed design the dial of the central dark texture. Hollow out the hour hand, minute hand and the red crescent needlepoint design date display pointer, all reflected the prominent attention to detail, and the pursuit of brand. And Master Series other wrist watch, watch is equipped with automatic observatory machine core, obtained by the Swiss government observatory COSC precision timing test organization (Contrle Officiel Suisse des Chronometres) issued by the certification certificate, watch of wrist of each unique authentication code will be indicated in the certificate, and engraved on the movement and scale at 9 o ‘clock position watchcase lateral metal on the card.
This watch has a white and blue pearl fritillaria two dial, and equipped with stainless steel and black leather strap to choose from. Different collocation, can reveal the customer unique elegant style. For the convenience of the user, the brand is also special for this type of wrist watch make a calibration pen, with exquisite wooden box attached to, this is the subtleties TITONI are also thoughtful.
TITONI Switzerland wintersweet performance as President Daniel schluep Mr (DanielSchluep) pointed out: “the Master Series observatory Series incorporates many innovative elements. We believe that the watch of wrist of the observatory of the moon is the essence of our family-owned business philosophy and plum table elegant temperament is the embodiment of the eternal.” The emergence of new observatory phases of the moon watches, shows the superb tabulation skills, beautiful sex and high ratio of performance elements. Mr Schluep also added: “this watch definitely fully embodies our slogan Shaping Moments of Life.”
TITONI since it was founded in 1919 has been established by the people schluep family owns, insist on each wrist watch all in green town factory assembly (Grenchen), to ensure product quality, fully display the product strictly accurate.

Ten kinds of white sheet is tasted

Ten kinds of white sheet is tasted Let you from early autumn fashion to the depths
White is the most easy to build, is also the most pure feeling, professional, uninhibited, and so on the color of the temperament, a white dress may be able to create a goddess of the rise of a new topic, but may also have a pair of white high-heeled shoes to create a dress of disaster! This qiu dong, white’s classic status is still not shaken. What are the most fashionable white item? What are the white item you worth to try? Vogue’s comb for you, let you use the white, from early autumn Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica has been fashionable to winter.
White shirt is a basic model sheet is tasted, even if you don’t like some white shirt is inflexible and serious, but the closet is indispensable. But white shirt also can play a lot of new things, actually Thakoon that a white shirt, and a skirt, and do vertical fold in girth, Mosaic black belt, it tide, loose version of type, can wear a natural and unrestrained feeling, in the workplace can also deduce maverick street style.
Speaking of ring, everyone will have the impression that metallic luster, but a qualitative breakthrough made alternative style between his fingers. Due to Punti ivory white ring parts, broken ring to colloid material, metal impression and inlaid with silver metal, add to the tide of feeling of punk.
By the use of white handbags need you to be careful and good cuisine, you may have rejected the white bags for many years. But this qiu dong, white bags will become a popular item worth investment. Ann Demeulemeester white bag, concise style, only package body with white collocation black imitation cartier love bracelet shoulder straps, for casual look, can match degree is quite high.
Pearl is not ripe women’s products, warm and elegant pearl item should be more fair maiden. Into early autumn, for all kinds of knitwear, turtle neck sweater or coat, pearl earring is undoubtedly an excellent choice accessories, Tom Binns pearl earring contain metals, pearls and diamonds three kinds of material, both show a pearl always warm feeling, also poses a luxurious style, the picture earrings collocation of brunet dress, will be very rob mirror.
Bullock, leather shoes, very gentleman style isn’t men’s patent, to dress collocation, brock shoes tie-in dress or a suit, can make a formal, can also be leisure, or a yuppie, or rock and roll style. Miu Miu black and white color matching block shoes with dark suit of cultivate one’s morality, and win a good lead.
Black motorcycle jacket always hold up handsome neutral wind can properly! The classic version and Cartier love bracelet replica metal zipper details are enthusing about motorcycle jacket, but when you use a Proenza Schouler white motorcycle jacket to match, will be more unique personality. To autumn and winter, white motorcycle jacket can match your dark pencil pants, also can match your dark dresses or broken beautiful dress.
In the autumn and winter, the sun glasses is still is an essential part of daily collocation accessories. Sunglasses can protect eyes from not only the stimulation of autumn winter sunshine, also can protect the eye week skin by ultraviolet. Illesteva this handsome Leonard II round frame sunglasses send out strong wind restoring ancient ways, take dress pants, draw a gorgeous labial makeup, the overall effect is not bad!
Delicate round collar, tighten the waist, straight fold line and tense drama style of skirt, makes this dress more aura, but plain white and freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese design, added a Stoic temperament again, it will be the eye-catching XiGong blanket wardrobe, an elegant turn round, can murder Fake Cartier love bracelet the photographer a lot of film.
Leopard grain, python will begin in early autumn show that in the design world absolutely dominant forces! Shirts, coats, shoes, bags will find these patterns to be seen. But if you can going to pattern selection, can yet be regarded as a good time to show individual character. Proenza Schouler dots chamois leather handbags, than leopard grain, pythons aura slightly lose, but fun with fashion.
Many years ago, you will be reminded, white high-heeled shoes is not so good match, easy to show. But in late summer or early autumn, taking snapshots of wave’s many began to spawn it doesn’t fit in with the item. Saint Laurent white high-heeled shoes to match texture of dress or coat. Of course, you can also reference to tide people from taking snapshots of inspiration: such as collocation with ankle edge jeans, or choose A dark color printing type A skirt restoring ancient ways of dress, A white high-heeled shoes can let grounding gas urban fashion sense.

the fashion brand shop

An unkind but real example, friends at Ermenegildo Zegna buy a pair of shoes to beautiful to the extreme, but through the sole namely appear rupture, three days after some back to the factory repair, to the second fracture didn’t insist on how long, the clerk had to admit that is the Fake Cartier love bracelet design of this pair of shoes have a small problem, recommend friends to reinforce roadside shoe shop. Not question the quality of ermenegildo Zegna, but it is well known that the Z home really sought is well-tailored suits, especially the top wool fabrics is good for men’s investment. When it comes to buying shoes, it’s much more Ferragamo and Manolo blahniks insurance, on the other hand, I don’t particularly recommended F home buying in avant-garde fashion.
Fashion brand also has a classic, of the house of Chanel 2.55 chain bag is a typical case. However, no matter how excellent, Chanel 2.55 using leather nerve, seduce customers to buy it for decades, still is the same ling + gold chain combination, ms Coco Chanel is elegant and practical to the soul of a design. For fashion brands, time is a vital factor, luxury brands can be launched year after year, no change, rise and fall of a fashion brand is closely related to designers and design year, so the replica Cartier love bracelet Christian Dior fashion has a vintage, the same is not true on the Hermes Birkin. Alexander McQueen’s death is the biggest loss of fashion industry in recent years, with his administration’s death, the value of the brand with the same geometry, the contrast is very obvious.
In a word, the fashion brand shop, buy is to design, material and quality while to watch, but focus on reference, you can completely in Lanvin bought a large number of synthetic strings and silk flowers, bought in Balmain Christophe Decarnin design holes for t-shirts, or Marc by Marc Jacobs Special Items that the poor quality of shocking gadgets, anyway, buy is concept and trend. But, please don’t in the Louis Vuitton under surrounded by layers of good quality leather bags, spent tens of thousands of yuan finally just bought a plastic bag.
Back in the title, buy right and wrong, also is not absolute, the concept of personal preferences and the tendency is the Cartier nail bracelet replica deciding factor. And she is shopping with our great pleasure, but also simple division. , of course, there are a lot of brand understanding is not a bad thing, after all, are extremely valuable first-line brand, a miss is still painful. Said in the end suddenly want to say, the point big cooperation with H&M series is worth buying? Personal view is that feeling good design at civilian price? Buy from hand! Buy home lock in the closet, do the collection? Don’t have to!

luxury brands and fashion brand

For luxury brands, the most worth buying, is still the continuation of decades or even one hundred classic series, Louis Vuitton bags, Hermes scarves and leather goods, Van Cleef & Arpels custom-made jewelry… Also include Dunhill lighters and Moleskine notebook, regardless of size, no matter how far you have to have.
Shopping is right or wrong? It might be, I think.
So-called brand on the market, roughly divided into two kinds, one kind is a luxury brands such as imitation cartier love bracelet, Gucci and Hermes, another is a fashion brand, Balmain, Vivienne Westwood, Yohji Yamamoto, and more is such. Known as far more than the number of luxury fashion brand, and the difference between the two is that luxury brands tend to be more a long history, and usually is one kind of high quality products, representing the industry’s highest technology, LV, Hermes, Gucci are the earliest do leather goods, Ferragamo is shoes, Burberry today, how much is due to the war for the army to provide excellent dust coat; The success of fashion brand, benefit from the founder of the brand or some of the personal style and design concept of stylist, France’s most important two Dior and Chanel fashion brand, its brilliant by the founder of the star cast, Givenchy in Ricardo Tisci hands back to peak, or Jil Sander by elite Raf Simons continue style, have a great deal of involvement with the senior designer.
But fashion industry development up to now, both one hundred percent positioning is not clear, as there is no black and white, luxury brands and fashion brand identity will always appear overlap. Especially in the highly developed commercial society, almost all brands are spare no effort to expand the product Cartier love bracelet replica line, produce various unexpected goods to drain the customer’s wallet, though, the statement said the quality but the sham as the genuine bad goods, also is not what unexpected things. So we talk about the purpose of the above guidelines, is for the “right” to buy things, or another way, to buy more “smart”.
For luxury brands, the most worth buying, is still the continuation of decades or even one hundred classic series, Louis Vuitton bags, Hermes scarves and leather goods, Van Cleef & Arpels level custom jewelry… Also include Dunhill lighters and Moleskine notebook, regardless of size, no matter how far you have to have. Because in addition to absolutely fine quality, these or brand is the most important signs, natural and brand maintenance to ensure that the value of the maximum effort part, basic won’t appear buy a deficit situation.

long history of cooperation with the international wool bureau

Vivienne Westwood has a long history of cooperation with the international wool bureau. In a limited series 2016/17 autumn and winter, Vivienne Westwood top Australia merino wool is used. This contains 12 pieces luxury item series, both men and women in present perfectly and using the diversity of the merino wool fiber. Vivienne Westwood, as Britain’s top of the world’s most prestigious fashion brands, for 40 years has been renowned for keen fashionable originality. Ms Vivienne is keen to use different forms of wool and high fiber, sustainability and is particularly admired the wool fiber used in the field of fashion. “Buy less, buy fine, long-lasting and durable” she has been promoting Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica consumption concept also. Therefore jinbiao of qiu dong season, the red mark and men series based on the natural, durable, the use of Australian merino wool, this concept is a very good expression.
Vivienne Westwood 2016/17 limited edition of qiu dong series, the biggest bright spot is 100% merino wool fit clipping a close-fitting cardigan. Excellent color performance merino wool, not comparable to other fibers, so the department as a bring classic autumn colors: black, beige, the color of camel’s hair, wine red, blue and green.
In jinbiao women’s clothing series, a knee-length dress perfect combination of soft wool fabrics, unique design reflects built-in belted at the waist, as well as the unique hollowed-out neckline design. In addition, more use of merino wool on the single knit unlined upper garment of a light, close to get fit, and highlights the shoulder outline, so luxurious close skin daily attire sweater is enough to makes perfect.
On the red mark in the women’s clothing series, classic long-sleeved waist woolen sweater, and 7 minutes of imitation cartier love bracelet sleeve round collar two-piece fine knitted sweater, is appropriate in any occasion.
Men’s clothing series, including the classic knitting sweater, v-neck pullover and on into double color turtleneck sweater buttons, these are all made of merino wool fiber, its durability and easy care nature means that they can be sustained in a lifetime.
The chairman of the international wool bureau Stuart McCullough said: we are very happy, today’s design, the most influential one of the most important designer Vivienne Westwood lady, shows the merino wool at its best. Merino wool is a kind of beautiful and natural fiber, ms Westwood presented the contemporary feeling and high-end fashion fabric.
Westwood, says ms wool is one of the most amazing natural fiber in the world, is famous for its diversity and Cartier love bracelet replica comfort – winter warm, summer is cool, this is the amazing diversity. People won’t want to use in synthetic fibre, because luxury in this classic and natural wool fiber take in everything in a glance.
“Thirty years ago, when I had just become a fashion designer, I succeeded in worsted wool knitwear, and British two-piece, back into fashion. Everyone likes this kind of fabric. It is so light, so comfortable. You can also choose to fold dress collocation, it looks fantastic.”
– Vivienne Westwood
“I’d rather a gentleman buy only a product, in ten years, I also don’t want him to buy 10 pieces of cheap knits only for a year.”