Smart watches of the brilliant big screen makes them have a common weakness

Smart watches of the brilliant big screen makes them have a common weakness, that is, poor endurance. But if there is a simple operation, life and long smart watch you will like it? Here and watch the home together to see this Martian Notifier smart watch it!
Easy operation Martian Notifier smart watch introduction
Martian Notifier smart watch looks more like an ordinary watch, no gorgeous color big screen, only a simple pointer dial and a small size monochrome OLED screen. Martian Notifier can only provide a simple notification function, and accordingly it is far more than other smart watches up to five days of battery life. And its timing feature can be used for two years with a separate battery, even if you forget to charge it, OLED screen can not be used Cartier love bracelet replica, but Martian Notifier can also be the same as ordinary watches for your service.
Martian Notifier can be connected through Bluetooth and IOS and Android system, mobile phone, the use of the corresponding mobile app function. Martian Notifier can bring you a variety of application notification function, OLED screen can display text, watch also have LED lights to remind you through the flash message. For example, through the OLED screen, you can see the sender of the message and the message content. You can also see the sender and subject of the message.
Martian Notifier in the function and endurance of the contradictions, the choice of the latter, only equipped with a simple function. More like an ordinary watch that adds a simple smart function. Such a smart watch would you like it?
Ohno Di watch set up several years, constantly design, develop new products to meet the consumer. Ounuo Di watches series of products are the following series of products: Feng Shang series, Tianlang series, day language series, Yashi series, Galaxy series, Chi Shang series, Zhuo Wan series and respect is still series.
O’Nealy watch market price is how much
Ounuo Di watch was established in 2006, with 3,000 square meters of plant area, more than 300 outstanding staff, creative design team accurate market judgment, human design, united spirit of the concept, the success of the Conodi watches Pushed to the strength of the large enterprises in the ranks of watches and clocks. Ou Nuo Di watches in order to adjust the past a relatively simple model, registered in 2009, “ONUODI Onodi” high-end brands. The company knows the quality of quality; intimate human service is a business survival of the way, the company’s ONUODI Onodi brand from the creation has always been to ensure product quality in the first place.
How many of the money?
O’Neill watch market price is not too expensive, is a more cost-effective close to the people small brand. The price is usually between 400 yuan – 1500 yuan!
The world’s luxury jewelry brand almost all in Europe, and compared to other Cartier love ring replica places, the price is the cheapest. In the watch is also true, to buy watches in Europe is also a good choice. The following watch home to talk about cheap European watches do you buy cheap European watches?
Europe to buy a table cheap
Of course, according to the regional and watch the price difference, the European table to buy a cheap and expensive. However, relative to the domestic buy table, discount and tariff issues have a great advantage. For example, China’s production of goods, although the price is not high, but coupled with the logistics costs and tariffs shipped to Europe, its price in Europe than the domestic expensive. On the contrary, in Europe is a free trade, there is no tariff problem, the low cost of the case, in Europe to buy their own products naturally also cost-effective.
About tax rebate
First explain a value – added tax errors, about how to calculate the value – added tax. For example, a country’s value-added tax is 20%, then you buy 100 dollars of tax-free goods, need to pay 20 value-added tax. Then the value-added tax accounted for the percentage of the amount of money paid by consumers? To a primary school students can count, 20/120 is about equal to 16.7. If you want to achieve a 20% tax rebate, it proves that the country’s VAT up to 25% !!
VAT VAT for each country in Europe is different. For example, the UK is 20%, France is 19.6%, Germany is 19%, Spain is 18%, Switzerland 8%. In general, the higher the VAT, the higher the tax rebate. Everyone in the shopping when the general is to get the tax rebate tax rebate, this tax rebate in the tax rebate will be charged a certain fee.
Most shoppers get a tax rebate for a tax rebate, which is characterized by the greater the amount of each Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica document and the higher the amount of the refund. If the purchase of goods exceeds a certain amount, such as the United Kingdom is more than 5,000 pounds, then the tax rebate company charges a fixed fee of 350. So we better buy everything in a good, so you can save some tax rebate fee.
To sum up, in Europe to buy the cheapest goods, we need to do is in the higher VAT countries to find discounts in the larger business. Personal recommendation of the United Kingdom, France, Germany, these countries can be described as both. If you want to find rare money, that Switzerland is the only choice. Although expensive, but absolutely pure Swiss Made. Even the demolition of the custom is also the Swiss master in Switzerland to complete.
Watch the key tips: to buy watches in Europe, the tax rebate on this issue should also be a good look. VAT VAT for each country in Europe is different, the higher the VAT, the higher the tax rebate. Everyone in the shopping when the general is to get the tax rebate tax rebate, this tax rebate in the tax rebate will be charged a certain fee. In addition, the language exchange can be found in the Chinese students to help, or in the local Chinese forum to find a channel to help the Chinese, if you can find that the issue of the discount can also be a good solution

beautiful young girls like flowers in full bloom in spring as beautiful

To give ladies what brand of watches? Dedicated to the four women’s watch recommended!
In the world of women, beautiful young girls like flowers in full bloom in spring as beautiful, each flower can be blooming in the sun; middle-aged woman as mature as autumn and poetic, every tempered to make life more There is gusto. Men should learn to appreciate every stage of the woman, blink of an eye on March 8 to the woman’s holiday is full of warm atmosphere. We may think of the usual mother nagging care, think of his girlfriend sweet companions, think of female colleagues enthusiastic help, in this special festival, why not offer a blessing for them? For her to prepare a delicate watch, so that your care for the time to accompany the bit.
In the brand founded more than 100 years of history, Hamilton constantly Replica Cartier jewelry writing and creating the legend and glory, so that more people understand the brand, and even fell in love with the brand. Hamilton brand has two major product lines – the United States classic and khaki sports, both based on the brand of American heritage, the integration of modern design and manufacturing technology to create a masterpiece.
Watch Comments: round and square watch is not uncommon, for a shape appear more eye-catching. This adventure series of new members of the ladies watch extremely cold gas field, adventure of the future type of triangular three-dimensional shape design used in women’s watch, no longer so Jieao publicity, but revealed the exquisite elegance. This watch dial by the white pearl Fritillaria and metal with a double, shiny steel shell and pearl touch white matt rubber straps have formed a contrast of light and shadow, so that the whole body of white showing a multiple level. White rubber strap with the overall tone consistent, comfortable to wear, V-shaped back through the quartz movement with a different kind of visual experience, reflecting the super modern design sense.
Tissot integration of more than 150 years of creative and traditional Swiss watchmaking process, adhering to the “advocating character, natural, simple, refined, personalized style of the original return to the original” brand design concept, in the process and design continues to introduce new, Sales network more extensive, more variety, the price is more than any other traditional Swiss brand more attractive high-quality watch, the practice of its “let the excellent at your fingertips” commitment.
Watch comments: 28 mm dark blue dial design simple, four Arabic numerals are very clear, regardless of the artistic layout of the dial, the fine design of the pointer to the smooth and beautiful lines of design, Tissot designers are to create a rigorous standard of art To build. This Tissot watch with polished fine fashion steel material, silver bracelet and folding clasp to watch the charm of Dayton. Worn in the wrist, fashion and elegant and noble, in the gestures between the outline of the beautiful arc, so you become the focus of everyone.
TAG Heuer since its inception in 1860, has been known as the Swiss avant-garde precision watch model, under the world’s largest luxury goods group – LVMH Moet Hennessy Group (LVMH), is the world’s top five luxury watch watch brand The As a pioneer in the Swiss watch Cartier love bracelet replica industry, TAG Heuer insists on creating accurate timing tools and exquisite watch, and gets more attention.
Watch Comments: This table diameter of 27 mm, slim and small, with the activities on the wrist freely. Case material for the 18k gold – stainless steel, although the stainless steel is not gold so glittering, but the color of the two together but also do not have a feeling, naturally different design will have different people appreciate. White pearl mother of pens dial pure and clean, calendar display window at three o’clock position, TAG Heuer logo engraved in 12 o’clock direction. Gold bracelet with folding clasp, easy to use. This watch will be female noble and generous temperament embodied most vividly, raised his hands and wrist are revealing beauty.
Speaking of ladies watch, had to think of celebrities, although there is no Omega, Audemars so luxurious, but also have their own personality, and strive to play their own value. Celebrity watch in order to pursue perfection, to break the tabulation technical restrictions, in the constant pioneering and innovative and adhere to the excellence, reflect the value and lead the trend. Here we look at a stylish watch watch, so that your gift more than a choice.
Watch Comments: celebrity Ling Ni series MOA10036 watch inherited the traditional classic design, but also into the modern fashion, is one of the best gift of the Women’s Day. Silver-gray dial will make you a fashion and not artificial really my template, six o’clock calendar display window so you always keep a clear idea of time. Those who require high quality, but also need to mix with the Lady who must not miss. Brown leather strap fashion and pretty, the most popular is that this watch Fake Cartier love bracelet can do is to replace the strap at any time, around the style or rattan style can be free to match, so that ladies can feel free The
Summary: With the modern network and digital development, more and more people through SMS, QQ or WeChat and other means of blessing, and sometimes even a blessing sent to a lot of people, inscribed forget to write. Such a quick and simple wish can sometimes make people more distant from the distance some, we all forgot to face to face contact more conducive to emotional communication, ignoring the more stress the world needs true feelings. All the excellent watch brand is too much, and can not enumerate for everyone, do not know the editor for your recommendation of the above several watches have not let your heart? In fact, no matter how the goods, what kind of price, as long as the intention to bless, you can let each other feel the care, warmth and happiness.

What is the meaning of the ring finger?

What is the meaning of the ring finger?
Now young people, especially after 90, many people will bring their favorite jewelry, good jewelry can give a good image, the ring is a symbol of the happiness between new people, the bride for a future life of the bearing If the exchange of wedding ring is also an important part of the wedding, but many people do not know which finger to wear the ring? Below Zuo Kay Xiaobian to come to solve these doubts for you, look at the ring in the end what are the different meanings.
What is the meaning of the ring finger?

Meaning of the ring, the ring is very particular about wearing Cartier love bracelet replica a finger, according to Western traditional habits, the left hand shows God gave you the luck, so the ring is usually worn on the left hand. International is more popular wearing law is: index finger – want to get married, that unmarried; middle finger – has been in love; ring finger – that has been engaged or married; little finger – that single.

Meaning two, as the right hand, in the traditional also have a finger wearing a ring when there is meaning, that is ring finger. It is said to wear here, that has a nun’s heart, in ancient times, the ring is not used as an ornament at the outset, but the court concubines every month to avoid the king “Yu Xing” when a special sign, so called Ring. In today, the ring is not only beautify the life of the decorations, but also became a love of love good token.

Meaning three, the ring worn on different fingers, can reflect the psychological meaning associated with the character. Hi wear in the index finger, character more extreme stubborn. Hi in the right middle finger, advocating the doctrine of the concept of life. Hi wearing the left middle finger, there is a sense of responsibility, attention to the family. Hi wearing a little finger, there is a sense of inferiority. Hi wearing in the ring finger, no ambition, easy-going, do not care about gains and losses, embedded stones ring has a different meaning. Diamonds symbolic eternal, in Europe and the United States, every anniversary of the wedding, the husband should generally give their wife a diamond ring and precious metals, to show love loyalty. Jade said that love, pearls that noble, amethyst that healthy, smart and lucky.

Meaning four, but in different places, wearing a ring of knowledge is not the same. Such as Italy, France and many other Europeans put the wedding ring on the left middle finger, because they believe that the human fingers, only the middle finger of the blood is the same to the heart, the Secretary for feelings, known as the heart. Wedding rings are only worn in this finger can only “heart and mind” of the implication.
Wearing a ring finger on behalf of the meaning

1. thumbs: According to the ancient Roman literature, wearing the ring in this means to help you reach your wish, towards the road to success.

2. Index finger: the direction of the fingers, the ring wear this finger will become cheerful and independent, the most suitable for people engaged in the free industry to wear.

3. Middle finger: second in the ring finger is best suited to wear wedding Cartier love ring replica ring finger, ring wear on it the most able to create a free and cheerful atmosphere, make you inspiration, become more attractive, there are heterosexual edge.

4. ring finger: from the ancient Roman times since the habit of wearing a wedding ring on it, according to legend, this refers to the heart connected, the most suitable for the publication of the sacred oath. And ring finger on the important acupuncture points, the ring wear it can be moderate to press the muscles, there is stability and emotional effect.

5. little finger: little finger to convey is a tragic sexy message, the ring worn on it will have unexpected things happen, especially recommended to intuition keen, engaged in fashion-related workers.

Men wear what material ring is good

1. wearing a pure silver ring that mild temperament, easy to accommodate others, easy to communicate.

2. Dai Jin ring who pay more attention to interests, often have a smart business mind.

3. wear jade jade who have the strength, pay attention to the quality of taste, rigorous work.
Ring of this jewelry, after thousands of years of wind and rain baptism, to now has been generally accepted by people, and in modern life, playing a no small role. Or as a decoration, or as a token of marriage, or purely used to be rich. Is this common ornaments, people on its research seems to be not much, but scattered in the clothing, customs books. The ring worn on each finger has a different meaning, then the Zoca ring wearing finger what is the meaning of it?
What is the meaning of the ring wearing a finger?

Meaning one: thumb wearing a ring method is relatively rare, but occasionally you can see some girls use this method of wearing, thumb wearing a ring can highlight the power, but also on behalf of self-confidence, and the thumb can also bring their own good luck, so that The cause of the pursuit of people as soon as possible to the road to success.

Meaning two: in the index finger above the ring, usually can reflect the wearer’s fashion personality, highlights their own character, often in this finger wearing a ring girl, are in love, the desire to get married, but the desire, but But still in love, and did not enter the marriage, this method of wearing more suitable for some free and free life of the girl.

Meaning three: the middle finger to wear the ring is usually the engagement ring, because in the five fingers, the middle finger on behalf of the meaning of engagement, so girls after engagement, or by her boyfriend to marry him, you can wear the ring on this finger. So that you can pass the news of the current engagement to the outside world, but also to those who want to pursue your boy and stop, the other engagement ring is usually worn on the left middle finger, so unmarried girls in order to avoid passing the wrong information, The ring is worn on the middle finger of the right hand.

Meaning four: ring finger is all the fingers of the most sacred fingers, why do you say it? Because the ring finger symbolizes being married, and the ring finger is all fingers, can not separate the fingers. So in the ancient legend, the ring finger or the connection between the heart and the channel, by the people now call it the pulse of love, in the marriage of the reason why people will only send a lifetime Levi’s ring wearing on this finger, Is hope that the future can be with their loved ones never separated, but also through the ring, always feel the love of each other.

Meaning five: little finger wearing a ring girl, always give a sense of mystery, and little Cartier nail bracelet replica finger above the tail ring, but also make women’s charm increased. Then the little finger above the ring, its meaning is not marriage or divorce, they are currently in a single state.
The ring wears the finger on behalf of the meaning

Rings to wear a finger on the memorial or decorative with a small ring, with metal, jade and other made, a ring what exactly belongs to the country’s invention and creation, but also inconclusive. In China, the use of the ring at least two thousand years of history, from a large number of literature, the Qin and Han Dynasties, Chinese women have generally wear rings. The ring spread to the folk, its role is not only a simple ornament. Men and women love each other, each other presented, Shanmenghai oath, as evidence.

The ring of precious stones wearing fingers have different meanings, diamonds symbolic eternal, in Europe and the United States, every anniversary of the wedding, do her husband’s general to his wife presented diamond rings and precious metals to show love loyalty The Jade said that love, pearl said noble, amethyst that healthy, smart and lucky, crystal with a unique magnetic field energy so that more people love at first sight.

The law and meaning of the flower ring

For the decorative flower ring did not say so much, like where to wear can, are only decorative effect, no special significance. If it is wearing two rings, then pay attention to the best with a complex with a simple, color also need to harmony and harmony, people do not feel awkward. In addition, the two rings to wear on the adjacent two fingers, the interval between a feeling is also very strange. Also be careful not to wear too many rings, giving the feeling of selling rings.

What is the meaning of wearing a bracelet?

What is the meaning of wearing a bracelet?
is a rare organic gem, white jade, is also a Buddhist holy thing. is the largest in marine shells, up to 1.8m in began in the Han Dynasty, because the surface of the shell has a road was radial-like groove, its like the ancient rut, so called the canal. Descendants because of its hard as stone, in the garage next to the stone word. The pearl, coral, amber in the West is known as the four organic gems in Chinese Buddhism with gold, silver, glass, agate, coral, amber is also one of the seven treasures. So what is the meaning of the bracelet?

What is the meaning of the bracelet?
Miss Snail Bracelet

Meaning a bracelet after thousands of years of growth, absorption of the essence of the month, the magnetic field energy is endless, endless, with a very strong magnetic field energy. With the provision of evil spirits, disaster relief, in addition to evil poly spirit, change feng shui, for the Buddha spiritual repair, for the Buddhist secret treasure, many practitioners will be regarded as for the Buddhist spirit, auspicious things, they believe, Holding the Cartier love bracelet replica practitioners, to purify the corruption, anger, crazy, to eliminate the barrier, disaster relief blessing, the effect of the body to reduce the magic, its power incredible.

Meaning two,  bracelet is for the Buddha to repair the auspicious thing, you can eliminate the disaster solution, evil, the town of evil, body health, longevity, Tibetan Buddhism as the exorcism of the magical treasures. bracelet allows the wearer to purify the body and mind, to enhance the mood to reconcile, inspired intelligence function. Holding its practice of law enforcement has more than doubled morality, and wisdom of the realm. Since the Qing Dynasty officials from time to time to wear the beads are made by the 砗 磲 made, made of Buddha beads in the Buddhist community widely rumored.

Meaning three,  in today’s popular “Buddhist Qibao”, the first row of exorcism. contained trace elements can stabilize emotions, remove distractions, so that the grumpy believers to eliminate trouble, nursed back to physical and mental balance.

In the traditional Chinese medicine, the tail of the shellfish was considered to have the same effect as the pearl, because of its trace elements, shell keratin and amino acids have health care, promote the function of body metabolism, anti-aging and To prevent the effect of osteoporosis, ground into powder often love things.

Wearing a bracelet on behalf of the meaning

1. have a strong magnetic field, can stabilize the patient’s mood, remove distractions, improve insomnia, health care can achieve the effect.

2.  is for the Buddha of the auspicious thing, you can eliminate the disaster solution, evil, the town of evil, physical fitness, longevity, Tibetan Buddhism as the exorcism of the magical treasures.

3. Wear bracelet can also keep fit, enhance immunity, stabilize emotions, prevent aging, play a longevity effect

4. According to “Compendium of Materia Medica” records,  has a very high medicinal value: to cooling blood, lower blood pressure, soothe the nerves scared, especially for sore throat, child blisters more effective.

5. Wearing  can enhance the body’s magnetic field, you can eliminate the trouble barrier, increase the wisdom of self-care.

What are the benefits and benefits of wearing ??

Can cool blood, lower blood pressure, soothe the nerves scared, especially for sore Cartier love ring replica throat, child blister more effective. can be physical fitness, longevity, Tibetan Buddhism as the exorcism of the magical treasures. is both jewelry and blindly traditional Chinese medicine, wear  jewelry on the body and mind have a good effect. “Compendium of Materia Medica” in the records of the town has peace of mind and thirst of blood and cooling effect. After long-term with incredible magic power, such as enhance immunity, to prevent aging, stable heart rate, improve insomnia and other efficacy.砗 磲 bracelet is easy to wear yellow when wearing, pay attention to daily maintenance.
With the change of people’s minds, men are more and more attention to dress up. A line with their own character, grade and preferences of the bracelet can not only set off the temperament of men, but also to others left a deep impression. What do men wear bracelets? Here are some recommended for men wearing a hand string, we can refer to!

Men wear bracelet good

Men wear bracelet good – tiger eye stone bracelet
Because the beads have a kind of tiger eyes, so the name of the tiger eye stone, tiger eye oil luster, glare overflowing, stars glare cat’s eye, the middle also slightly with gold, worn in the wrist domineering, gestures between the natural Temperament will be distributed for her out.

Men wear bracelet good – amber bracelet
Amber bracelet has a long history, high collection and ornamental value, as well as the appreciation of the space, amber absorption of the earth’s aura, a powerful energy magnetic field, can eliminate the disaster, healed frivolous state of mind, fortune-saving special effects, and amber arts and crafts Became the dynasty are royal favorite gems.

Men wear bracelet good – obsidian bracelet
This kind of hand string business more like to add brave. The two together, a symbol of the evil of evil, Lucky treasure into the effect. Obsidian hand string is also full of the audience’s favorite, black jewelry with rough men’s wrist, simple is perfect match.

Men wear bracelet good – Buddha beads hand string
Men’s hand string is now the most people wearing a Buddha beads hand string, lobular red sandalwood hand string, King Kong Bodhi hand string, yellow pear hand string of these most popular. And these three have some special meaning, such as the symbol of men in the future life and work in the smooth water. Evil spirits, security peace, soothe the nerves of the role.

Men wear bracelet good – crystal bracelet
Crystal bracelet modeling exquisite beauty, with health effects. Long time to wear, can up to ease fatigue, so clear mind; improve headaches, joint pain and so on.

What do men wear bracelets? Recommended above for several men wearing a hand string, hope that we can find their own satisfaction bracelet Oh!
Dharma practitioners in the world, in the lower people in the knot, he rescued the doom of the leprosy female Xiao Chan, in the course of time together Xiaocan heart love, which to the painstaking practice of Dharma bring a lot of inconvenience. Bodhidharma arrived in the Cartier nail bracelet replica Northern Wei Dynasty, the state division flow of three Tibet conscious position threatened, they resorted to various means to Dharma drive out of the Central Plains, Bodhidharma and flooded Sanzo launched an indomitable struggle, the final Dharma not only beat the opponent, The ensuing emotional temptation, Zuo Kay Xiaobian so simple to introduce Dharma, then, what is the meaning of Dharma bracelet?

What is the meaning of the Dharma bracelet?
Miss Snail Bracelet
The meaning of a, Dharma bracelet meaning healthy and longevity, blessing, such as the East China Sea, Dharma beard white, is a face charity image of the old man, so the old man wearing a bracelet jade can get it asylum, evil spirits, health and longevity.

Meaning two, Bodhidharma bracelet meaning wisdom and knowledge, Dharma face kindness, eyes deep, there is a sense of great care. According to legend, Dharma itself does not know a few characters, but he humbly studious, devote themselves to practice, a long beard appears that he is wise, a full of economic look. So students wear emerald bracelet can get the spirit of encouragement, under the influence of Dharma, may be able to devote themselves to study, abandon the distractions, wholeheartedly learn to become a knowledgeable person.

Meaning the three, Dharma bracelet meaning the beginning and end of the quality and dedication to the pursuit of perseverance, wear jade bracelet can show the man’s spirit, play to encourage the effect of the spirit of Dama can make men aware of their own responsibility, So as to be a beginning and end, strong and brave people.

Meaning four, Dharma bracelet meaning exorcism evil spirits, Dharma mana profound, you can resist all the calamities and suffering, and there are evil evils, the key moment can save the day.

Meaning five, Dharma bracelet meaning peace of mind, Dharma life and Buddha edge, his six clean, heart as a mirror, is a no greed and desire of people, he see through the Red, no trouble, life flies ease.

Wearing a bracelet on behalf of the significance

1, Dharma for my generation guru, face charity, eyes deep, wings beard, as if into the realm of the big thoroughfare, long and white beard to show his practice and the profound knowledge of the profound, Year-end correction fruit, on behalf of only eight bucket, learn rich five cars, learn something into.

2, Dharma life and Buddha junction edge, six clean, as if the mirror, there is no greed and desire, see through the Red, on behalf of you can remove all the troubles, everything goes well, life is comfortable.

3, Bodhidharma, for our ancestors Zen ancestors, magic can be imagined, you can resist all the calamities and suffering, on behalf of the risk of exorcism, exorcism asylum.

4, the performance of the form of Dharma is usually a long to reflect the thick beard long and white, but still can sit as bell, station like pine, stalwart of the body on behalf of healthy longevity, blessing, such as the East China Sea.

5, Dharma has been able to become the founder of Zen, because he can clear his heart, clear their own pursuit, to be clear heart, perseverance never give up, they can be fruition, the representative to clear their own goals , Once the goal, we must adhere to in the end, so there are beginning and end.

Jade Dharma for the crowd

Students wear: students wear emerald Dharma can give them the spirit of encouragement, I believe that under the influence of Jade in the Dharma, they will meditate on learning, can do both ears do not hear out of the window, put aside all the distractions, plus persist in the end The confidence, so naturally will learn something, learn rich five cars.

Old man wearing: Dharma is a face charity, hair white, beard thick and long and white, full of old man image, but at the same time Dharma can also sit as bell, station like loose, line of wind, plus stalwart of the body Enough to show its health and longevity of the physical quality. Elderly people wear emerald Dharma, in the blessing of Dharma, but also healthy and healthy, longevity; the face of any pain, can be saved; even emerald Dharma can help the elderly to escape evil, from the pain of the disease.

Male wear: male is the pillars of the family, whether it is life, career, love encountered any difficulties can not be back. Wear emerald Dharma can be a good show of male-specific temperament, in the Emerald Dharma’s inspiration, but also to better understand their own men, accurate positioning to their own, and then brave forward, to be a beginning and end, have to play Of the man, will naturally be superior appreciation, the opposite sex of all ages.

Life pressure big people: the increasingly fierce competition in the community, naturally, from all sides of the pressure, trouble can not escape, wearing Jade Dharma, you can make his master six clean, state of mind, such as clear, away from all sorts of Kind of temptation, the natural troubles will be less, life and more natural laughter and happiness, with a good mood to deal with all kinds of things, will be smooth and smooth

Chanel 1 carat diamond ring price Chanel 100 points diamond ring how much money

Chanel 1 carat diamond ring price Chanel 100 points diamond ring how much money
Chanel 1 carat diamond ring price 1 carat diamond ring, then really can not give you an accurate price, in general, a carat diamond ring price about 80,000 or so, according to their own like to go to their own store inside the choice or like the brand ,
Chanel 100 points diamond ring how much money 100 points diamond ring how much money, which also have to look at the brand ah. There are four other factors that know the diamond ring to see the diamond 4C standard: color (collur), clarity (clarity), cut (cut), carat (carat) that diamond carat weight. Any one will affect the price of diamonds, a carat diamond ring cheap three or four million, expensive one or two hundred thousand, because the 4C level is not the same
Chanel senior jewelry inspired by Ms. Chanel in 1932 launched the first jewelry series of lively and bold, and very fragrant Chanel brand spirit of the classic theme. During the period from 1988 to 2007, LORENZ BAUMER designed senior jewelery for Chanel.
Chanel 50 points diamond ring price diamond and diamond brand Cartier love bracelet replica has nothing to do, and the diamond itself is related to the quality of good or bad. If it is a medium quality 50 points diamond ring in about 10,000. Color G-J, clarity VS1-SI1, cut the quality of EX or VG is the most people choose. Brand Diamond This is so expensive to sell because of its brand value added to it.
User asked: I would also like to set a diamond ring to his girlfriend to marry, Chanel 50 points about how much money?

Questioner to adopt: Chanel 50 points about how much money? Because the price of the ring can not just look at the size of the diamond Oh, but also depends on the diamond cut, clarity and color. In addition to the material of the ring should also be carefully chosen, 50 points diamond ring price will be different. If you are used to propose marriage, I suggest you do not light the pursuit of the ring grams of grams, to see the meaning of the diamond ring, it is best to customize the models, used to marry more sincere, such as Levi’s real name ring , Is a need for men’s real name custom system of the diamond ring, but also meaning “in my name, crown your fingers; life accompanied, I go hand in hand!” Is not the other pigeon eggs diamond ring more profound meaning?
Chanel 30 cents diamond ring price 30 cents diamond ring on the price of the diamond mainly to see the price. Factors affecting the price of diamonds, the international standard is common 4C, the so-called 4C is the diamond carat, clarity, color, cut. The number of Craigs has been determined, the other 3C on the impact of diamonds accounted for about 70 percent of the value of the diamond, and each C are graded. In general, each level difference of about 1000 or so, for our consumers 30 carat bare diamond price is about 3000 or so.
Chanel 30 points of the ring is now the market price is probably more than 10,000 yuan, of course, the price will be different because of the 4C and very different, and different brands of its price is also affected.

Chanel senior jewelry inspired by Ms. Chanel in 1932 launched the first jewelry series of lively and bold, and very fragrant Chanel brand spirit of the classic theme. During the period from 1988 to 2007, LORENZ BAUMER designed senior jewelery for Chanel. You can click here to enjoy these jewels. Since then, Chanel senior jewelry began to build their own creative studio. From the original sketches of the Chelsea Chanel aesthetic universe, to the very detailed craft drawing prepared for the jewelry workshop, all from the hands of Chanel’s advanced jewelry creative studio. Creative studio innovation, Chanel jewelry industry for the infinite vitality.
Dai Mengde 1 carat diamond ring prices in the same brand in the general level, and for those who have a certain economic capacity but not too much to pursue high-priced diamond ring for consumers, wearing a dream diamond ring is a good choice.
Wearing a high-quality and superb level of technology is inseparable, perfect structure, a solid mosaic, exquisite surface treatment, which are your jewelry Zenghui, at the same time, but also a particularly thoughtful for you, is the so-called comfort With the beauty of the same. Processing personnel rich experience, meticulous spirit, superb skills; advanced sophisticated equipment, timely maintenance and updating, the application of computers; improve the production management, multi-channel strict quality supervision. It is all this, constitute a dream of superb level of technology.
How much money is to wear a 100% diamond?

So, what is the price of a carat diamond in the end? After investigation, Dai Meng was a carat diamond ring according to its quality, workmanship and other requirements, wearing a dream of a carat diamond ring in the tens of thousands to wait for hundreds of thousands. There is a need to buy a friend can learn more about the dream of a carat diamond ring in the specific price, you can also dream of the store to the field to look at.

Dai Mengde jewelry is the only brand of Chinese jewelry brand, is the China Gem Association awarded the Chinese jewelry quality well-known brands, and its jewelry jade all by the China Gem Association to provide quality certification certificate, its pure platinum by the National Cartier love ring replica Nonferrous Metals Institute and National Jewelery Quality Supervision and Inspection Center to provide quality inspection certificate, is the largest Chinese national jewelry brand. Shuozhou Dai dream jewelry store to sell jewelry, spread jewelry culture, guide people to “beauty” comprehend, looking for “not the most expensive, but most touched themselves, and their most appropriate jewelry” for the idea of the spread of human truth.
Pirate ship 1 carat diamond ring price 1 carat is equal to 0.2 grams, that is 1 gram and equal to 5 karats, and the general impact of diamond prices are the main factors of diamond quality, color, clarity, cutting, etc., if the relevant factors change, The impact of large diamond prices may be 70% -80%, while the small only 3% or less, so how much money a carat diamond is difficult to define this

The impact of 1 carat diamond ring price factors, as well as business model of the different business. With the popularity of the network, as well as the recognition of e-commerce to enhance the recent years, many new homes such as diamond birds, Kelan, Dai Ouni and other famous jewelery business brand, jewelers use b2c e-commerce operations Mode, which saves the store rent, staff salaries, shopping malls and other operating costs, which in the price than the traditional jeweler more tempting.
Pirate ship 1 carat diamond ring how much money, mainly determined by the Cartier nail bracelet replica diamond 4c standard, diamond 4c standard diamond weight (carat), clarity (clarity), color (color) and cut.

Zoacai [elegance] white 18k gold 100 points / 1 carat men engagement diamond ring ¥ 95889.00

Cartier 1.02 carat, D, VVS1, 3EX, GIA, ¥ 108011 元 [Special offer]

DarryRing Marriage Ring WarmU Warm Love Series Mysterious Jewelery 1 Carat Diamond Ring Price ¥ 134040

Darry Ring Marriage Diamond Ring Simple Four Paws F Color 1 Carat Diamond Ring Price ¥ 130520

Bare drill 30 points how much money

Bare drill 30 points how much money
Bare drill 30 points in the price of more than two thousand to 9 thousand yuan, more than two thousand is shaped diamond, fineness in the next, more than 9 thousand is 30 points are the top of the bare drill, because 30 points is more Small diamonds, so the price difference is not, only a difference of about 7 thousand.

Bare drill 30 cents how much money? Bare drill 30 points price is very much, 7 thousand or so you can buy fineness good 30 minutes bare drill, bare diamond are generally inlaid into diamond ring, when marrying or marriage gift, diamond ring pure, eternal, rare, people put it Metaphor for the “love keepsake”, 3 to buy 0% naked drill made into a diamond ring has become the trend, for many people in terms of working class, its price is very easy to accept.

Bare drill 30 cents how much money? Bare drill 30 points how much Cartier love bracelet replica money, you can choose according to personal budget to the right price of bare drill, and then through the design, with their favorite diamond ring, this way by many people respected. In the selection of bare diamond, diamond certificate is essential, it is best to choose a GIA certificate of bare drill, in the purchase of the most important thing is to clear the diamond flower 4C, and called the business issued a diamond certificate, will be more secure.

Bare drill 30 cents how much money? 30 cents the price of bare drill is relatively affordable, most of the working class can accept, at the time of purchase, it is best to shop around, choose the most cost-effective, and then buy. Bare drill 30 points different brands, even the same level of diamond prices will have a greater difference, and in fact the pros and cons of diamond ring is judged by the diamond 4C, and the brand is not directly related, so we buy As much as possible to shop around, choose the best price of the best business to buy, such as Zouka good, cost is very high.

Bare drill 30 cents how much money? 30 minutes bare drill about 5 thousand people to buy, because the parameters belong to the upper, fineness good, cost is also quite high, the price is more cost-effective, suitable for many new choice. Bare drill 30 points will not be too small, it will not be too cheap, just can accept, so 30 minutes bare drill is very popular. At the time of purchase, if you want to buy some of the more cost-effective, you can choose Zuo Kayi, Zuo Kay’s 30 cents bare diamond relative to the traditional brand, the price will be preferential 30% to 50% Guaranteed, and there are physical stores, easy cleaning and maintenance.
2 carat bare drill price between 70,000 to more than 600,000, to the two karats such a large diamond, different levels, different shapes, the price difference is very large, a difference of nearly six hundred thousand! However, more than 600,000 of the 2 karats bare drill, the level is the top, so the price is relatively high, the upper level of 2 karats bare drill, do not have to be so expensive, the price of more than 200,000 can buy.

How much is it going to be? 2 carat diamond itself is valuable, so we in the purchase Cartier love ring replica, we must understand the attention to the purchase of the matter, so as to be able to buy an inexpensive bare diamond. In particular, the current jewelry brand is very much, we have to shop more than three, more understanding of diamond-related knowledge, and then in accordance with the price of different jewelry brands and 4C standards to assess.

How much is it going to be? 2 carat bare diamond prices will be more expensive, so in the purchase, we must not ignore the diamond certificate to view, diamond certificate is the identity of each diamond description, especially when we buy this expensive two carat bare diamond, must To compare the information of this bare diamond with the diamond certificate carefully, to see whether there is a difference between the diamond and the certificate, once found between the diamond certificate and the physical difference, this time we have the best choice, the best certificate Is to choose GIA certificate, diamond will correspond to the waist code, to prevent the possibility of fraud.

How much is it going to be? 2 carat diamonds themselves are within the range of large carat diamonds, so its base price is naturally not cheap. Followed by the two carat diamonds also contains the color, clarity and cut, the most important of which is the two karats of diamond cut, the reason why diamonds can show a perfect fire color, with the cut process is inseparable , So in the purchase must cut the diamond carefully observed.

Followed by the color and clarity of diamonds, it can be said that these two aspects of the price of diamonds have a great connection, the same two karats of diamonds, if the color and clarity difference is relatively large, then the price will be very different, but We buy two karats of this large diamond, the best choice of high degree of clarity, color level close to colorless, so that the bare diamond is not only more bright, but also has the potential for appreciation.
Diamond ring is a couple or between husband and wife gifts of beautiful jewelry, usually by the man’s birthday or holiday to send the woman, and marry and get married, the diamond is also sent, so the diamond ring is a witness of love, love everyone love ~ diamond ring now The price, there are hundreds of thousands of tens of thousands, and more expensive also, usually usually give away the words, the purchase is generally hundreds to thousands of months, marrying or marriage, is to send a few million or so diamond ring.

How much is the diamond ring now? Diamond ring price is very rich, no you can not buy, only you can not think of the price! Diamond technology has always maintained a traditional design, it will not devalue, and to attract consumers. Even if your salary is not high, you can still find a Cartier nail bracelet replica ring for your spending power in the jewelers such as Zoac. If the economic conditions permit, then choose more than 50 points better diamond, because more than 50 points of diamonds already have a considerable value, value-added, with a certain investment value.

How much is the diamond ring now? Diamond ring prices are mainly affected by the diamond 4C, but the diamond 4C is what? Diamond 4C, refers to the color of diamonds, clarity, weight and cut, the same diamond ring, diamond color if the colorless and transparent D-class, clarity to IF no time level, with EX grade cut, Made the diamond ring prices are often much higher than the level of drilling a lot, and the greater the diamond ring, the price difference will show a geometric rise.

How much is the diamond ring now? Everyone in the purchase of wedding rings will certainly ask the price, know the price, but do not know how much money to buy wedding rings more appropriate, in fact, wedding ring price is more money is no clear request, which is mainly based on personal The preferences, the budget to buy, buy for their own, the price can be accepted, do not buy too expensive on it.

Diamond rings are those jewelry that record the fragments of our life

Diamond rings are those jewelry that record the fragments of our life
Not far away, where you are, subtle expression, but always let the woman fascinated, you flickering light like a pair of lovers eyes bright eyes watching their love; your pure love signs is how much People are struggling to pursue the beautiful fairy tale; so, you are inadvertently settled in the heart of the world.

Time flies, flies, recently idle when she will look at some of the previous things, think of those related to the life of the fragment, she began to feel really happy day, when she just out of school, when she Not married, when she likes to nail polish, then she has the first diamond ring of life, very excited … …

This is her in 2009 to buy wedding ring, but also her life’s first ring, although not Cartier love bracelet replica large, it is meaningful for her, I do not know what is the wedding ring?
Butterfly is one of her favorite insects, she always felt that they are the most beautiful animals in the world, nothing more than it is like a dance wizard shuttle in the flowers when more beautiful and charming, she likes their own romantic and everything with them Related to something.

This Saturday blessing ring with thousands of gold portrayed a side of the butterfly, exquisite workmanship to the butterfly flying posture performance of the most vivid, bright and charming, hollow design to make it more three-dimensional, butterfly feet at the foot of the two balls using tassel , The use of retro elements to add a romantic aesthetic atmosphere.

This is the most beautiful butterfly jewelry she has ever seen, the complex process of the butterfly body of each part are presented, very smart ring, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
There is always something, so that we fell in love with the out of control, the ring is so in her, five years ago, an encounter, so she can not extricate themselves from, so stubbornly think that they are very rational in front of the ring Became the most emotional person.
This ring to symbolize the heart of love for the design inspiration, a large and a small two hearts snuggle, meaning heart and mind, as if the love of men and women are writing the most romantic love story, solid and hollow combination to make it more beautiful, Concise style, interpretation of the world’s most touching emotion, romantic mood Jiaoren intoxicated.
This is her first gold ring, or five years ago to travel to Thailand, a department store in Bangkok to buy, then feel that it must take it home, very chic delicate ring, recommended to everyone Like, hope you like.
Women like flowers, they love flowers, like flowers, she did not even forget a lot of Cartier love ring replica jewelry and flowers, this flower ring is her last year to buy, because too much, or even reluctant to wear, so has been treasured in the jewelry box, But not see the day and let her feel it’s wronged, so come out to share with you.
This Saturday’s blessing of the flower ring with exquisite workmanship to create a hollow three-dimensional flowers, petals at the solid and hollow combination of the whole flower is more layered, the flower is decorated with small beads, all of a sudden For the whole flower into the vitality, while the matte and smooth design makes it look real.
Very beautiful flower ring, although the flower looks great, but worn on his hand but not unexpectedly, close to the fingers, like a bloom in the hands of flowers, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
Some people say that women like bracelet gentle, romantic, with pity tenderness, she is like bracelet, but not to add the wrist between the touch of style, just used to wear something on the wrist, because like to start love On the bracelet, until it can not refuse its temptation, everything Cartier nail bracelet replica is so natural and logical.

This rose bracelet with rose flower as the design element, thousands of gold to create the three-dimensional rose delicate, tender and beautiful, roses next to the small hand with silk filaments, exquisite workmanship let it rose to the center of a crescent shape, chain The body is also designed as a small crescent, with the roses crescent theme complement each other, romantic and warm, classical style, gorgeous style is full of strong exotic.

Notes gold jewelry in the music world to write the legend

Notes gold jewelry in the music world to write the legend
Often feeling intangible music actually seems to have a magical magic, not only can give people a wonderful hearing to enjoy the hearts of people can touch the heart, and now let us collect the most beautiful notes of the season, with brilliant gold in the music world to write Legend, enjoy the most dazzling fantasy song.

This just gold fairy music series to play the sounds of nature harp, footsteps, treble symbols and eight notes for the inspiration, the design of fashionable magnificent gold, such as fairy-like wonderful jingle, so that the wearer in the immortal Music, as if at the moment is surrounded by music, in a relaxed romantic atmosphere in the joy of life music.
Very beautiful and very fine jewelry, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
Whether it is a clear change in the sunny, or the ancient mythology of the legend of the moon, or it is full of aura of luster to the moon shrouded in a layer of mysterious and romantic aura, coupled with its soft and changing mind, All with the picture out of the woman is Cartier nail bracelet replica similar, so there is the moon is also a woman said.

This just gold heart ring to the mysterious and romantic moon for the design inspiration, take its people a total circle of artistic conception, with the moon sunny circle of morphological changes to the performance of women delicate and varied mind, different sizes of flowers and Solid round together, to create a kind of beads from the fall of the Smart feeling, fashion generous with a happy meaning of harmony.

Beautiful ring, simple elements to create a stylish atmosphere of beauty, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
Because this year committed too old, so she wanted to buy a small horse to wear, was originally ready to buy Pink Box of the Trojan horse, but unfortunately not familiar with HK, did not find the Pink Box counter, then bought this, and fortunately it also Without losing the delicate cute, but also very fit her mind.
This pony pendant exquisite work portrayed a horse in the run, Q version of the shape is very love, a small belly hung a large U-type lucky hoof down, although the size is not right but also down Without losing funny cute, smooth and frosted craft combination highlights the realism, though not solid, the opposite can not see the place is also very fine workmanship.

Very delicate and lovely little horses, recommended to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
“Although it is the bow of the gentle, just like the breezy shy.” Although the original meaning of this sentence is not written Magnolia, but she felt that the mood with it in the right, pure flowers, quiet bloom, such as snow Of the skin, elegant and pleasant fragrance … … is not exactly the cardamom girl?
This set of Chow Tai Fook’s magnolia gold ornaments to pure and elegant magnolia for the design inspiration, exquisite workmanship show magnolia from buds to blooming process, like cardamom girl like a shy shiny, distinct petals, coupled with the edge of each petal Hook gold line, all of a sudden to enhance the three-dimensional magnolia, coupled with the design of tassels, it is Smart and elegant.

This is her favorite set of gold, beautiful magnolia, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
Most women love roses, but she is more preferred lily, relative to the warmth of the roses she admired its holy, like love, vigorous and not necessarily long and long, and remain unswerving to steady.
This Chow Tai Fook lily ring to the appearance of elegant and elegant, elegant imitation Cartier love bracelet and elegant lily design for the prototype, exquisite workmanship to reproduce the lily of the delicate and charming, the shape of flowers vivid, especially the treatment of flowers, petals on the Texture is also very fine, far from smell as if you can smell the fragrance of bones.

This is her favorite ring, very fine lilies, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
Clover is also known as the “Clover”, the legend to find the four clover can be happy, although this is the world to give it a good meaning, but she is like this simple plant, although there is no flowers tender and beautiful, But has its own characteristics.
This Chow Sang Sang’s bracelet to the classic lucky four-leaf grass for the design blueprint, elegant lines outline the outline of the clover, the middle of the tea crystal embellishment, highlight the sense of hierarchy, simple shape, expressed in fact happiness is very simple, , Because only belongs to your happiness Clover on the side, passing the meaning of happiness.

This is her recent just received the bracelet, beautiful clover, kind is very fine, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
Recently, she began to like garnet, crystal clear crystal in the natural light exudes a warm luster, like a beautiful woman, elegant, gentle and yet bright, in the red appearance contains a warm and beautiful connotation, which Let her know why it is called a woman stone.
This is her own DIY bracelet, composed of warm and tidy, fresh and refined garnet Fake Cartier love bracelet and her mother’s genus golden pig, garnet string into a chain with a paper-cut series of small gold pig pendant, slightly open mouth, charming The eyes and the flowers of the body all make it flourish.
Very special match, long chain stacked on the wrist there are different kind of style, recommended to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.

Wishful ring styling chic meaning auspicious

Wishful ring styling chic meaning auspicious
Like all the women, she also has a different kind of affection for the ring, whether it is its own exquisite beauty, or it has a special meaning so that she throb, although the youth has been ignorant of the age, but every time see To the favorite ring will let her have an exciting feeling.
This ring is not like our common ring ring is flat, and its ring is a cylindrical, from the bottom to the main body gradually thicker, a bit like the shape of the speaker, the column overlap openings were engraved with ” Such as “and” meaning “the plane sealing, modeling chic, simple and generous, meaning auspicious.
This is her just received the ring, very special style, the cylinder of the ring Cartier love bracelet replica more thick and strong, lines are beautiful, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
Beauty is a woman dedicated to the pursuit of the perfect woman is that the United States, not only from the heart, but also from the appearance, and jewelry can be a woman out of the temperament, so they made the beauty of women’s mind, so only To win their soft spot.
This Chow Tai Fook’s garlic bracelet classic atmosphere, smooth shape of the simple and elegant, refined temperament, pure natural, quietly exudes a low-key gorgeous, smooth lines outline a rounded full shape, perfect and delicate.
Others like bracelets, she also likes, but only love only in the bracelet, always feel that it is low-key beauty and unique content like a rich experience and taste of noble women, the whole body exudes a breathtaking atmosphere, very The atmosphere of the bracelet, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
She has always felt that the earrings of the most soft woman and upside down beings, which is one of the reasons why she is so preferred earrings, ear that little bit of color to add, and instantly let women become customs million, although it is not necessarily luxury, , But it has this can not ignore the magical magic.
This twins butterfly earrings, elegant and smooth lines outline two lifelike butterflies, solid use of frosted design, the other using a hollow shape, clever design hidden butterfly other half of the body, not only enhance the fun also increased Of the mysterious sense of matte texture and gives a visual dynamic, light dancing.
At first glance to see this twins butterfly earrings, she was attracted by its delicate, very beautiful Cartier love ring replica earrings, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
Women can never refuse the temptation of jewelry, especially those elegant and noble can set off the temperament of the jewelry, purple has been regarded as noble, elegant colors, and gold gives a sense of luxury, so we began to look purple and gold What kind of sparks will meet.
This just gold violet pendant from thousands of gold and amethyst builds, the overall shape looks like a beautiful perfume bottle, purple crystal made of the bottle of noble and elegant, luxury thousands of gold to create the cap even more noble and extraordinary, Fresh tone exudes like a fog-like tenderness, people can not help but with the violet together intoxicated.
This is some time ago you just received the pendant, elegant fresh and charming, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
Calla lily is always her favorite flower, its flower language is eternal, elegant, noble, pure and flawless love, it is not like a simple flower-like flowers like the elegant, but the soul reveals the faint spirit, Elegant and refined, and even bloom also accompanied by Jiao shame, like a very ignorant girl.
This section of the calla lily bracelet smooth lines, calla lily shape is very realistic, matte texture to create a charming halo, quietly blooming in the hand, its unique charming posture in the glamorous reveals a soft, noble temperament Not publicity is not luxury but no way to reveal a kind of neither overbearing nor gorgeous.
This is her favorite a bracelet, elegant and beautiful, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
Some people say that the slender neck is the most charming place for women, but she felt that the ear is the most secret beauty of the woman, smooth and beautiful ears fall on a string of long earrings, breeze Buddha, swaying jingle, Low v., Has become endless endless endless love words, I do not know when will Fanghua dark change.
This earrings with three-dimensional ball for the design elements, exquisite workmanship design of the spherical surface made of concavity, a different angle of the small gold in the sun’s light reflection under the colorful light, dazzling charming, hollow shape increased Some mysterious Cartier nail bracelet replica atmosphere, noble and charming.
This is her favorite earrings, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
No woman does not love jewelry, not only because it makes women have intoxicating water tenderness, but also because it is a woman’s charming luster distributed most vividly, and sometimes we even feel a woman treat jewelry like a girlfriend, she always on it The knowledge of Xiangxi.
This dragonfly pendant exquisite workmanship to create two are playing the dragonflies, natural natural beauty, full of hand, two dragonflies wings are the above is smooth below the matte, and can shake, very delicate and lovely , Delicate gestures shaped the wings of the dynamic beauty, to bring a simple, tedious sense of view.
Very woman’s pendant, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
Some people love it slender soft, some people love it weak and no bone, some people love it’s gentle and delicate, and some people love it delicate and graceful … … it is the bracelet, her bones on the bracelet preference let her always feel that again More beautiful language can not fully explain the beauty of the bracelet.

This bracelet is made of gold beads and fine chain, two thin chains scattered, slender and beautiful, the middle of the interval between the different sizes of different rounded gold beads, to resolve the chain itself monotonous and lonely, free Of the chain with the wrist of the swing when sometimes separated from the size of the shape of different beads like a group of naughty children playing on the wrist, suddenly added a little delicate and lovely.
This is her just bought the bracelet, very beautiful, handsome gentle, recommended to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.

How to guide hidden gem wrist watch

How to guide hidden gem wrist watch
Earl senior jewelry bracelet wrist watch dial the opal is very precious, mixed with a variety of minerals, in the light colorful natural reflected light. Carry the earl of 9 p on ultra-thin manual chain movement.
Roger dubuis EXCALIBUR 42 watch of wrist of lapis lazuli Lapis lazuli dial with general deep blue sky, on the platinum with create the artistic conception of the starry sky, the inferior smooth transparent transfer is 12 hours time, Roman numerals. Limited edition 188.
Jacques johndroe Colorado rhodonite dial, pink white pearl dial fritillaria, 18 k red gold Cartier nail bracelet replica inside dish ring and casing, inside dish diamond ring, watch case, watch button. Automatic chain machine, limited release one. Grande Seconde Astorite
Now the dial material is varied. But has a corner, not to mention but it has given everyone must respect, it is natural stone. Carefully cut and original show on the gem disk inside the watch case, having composed atmosphere and don’t even know it. Said in modern times, with precious stones for manufacturing watches is the earl of precedent. In 1964, the earl of creation with hard gem watch stirred peers: lapis lazuli, onyx, tiger’s eye, opal, jade, coral, malachite these extremely rare but colorful natural stone brought wrist watch designer is quaint image. Starting from this, watch of wrist of unexpectedly is finally got completely out of the utilitarian heart “utility”.
Ponder grain, decisive sacrifice heavy and complicated function
Made of precious stones dial, great influence on the function of a watch design. The traditional gem disk watches, basically be the polished clean area, three needles, tiny scale 12 hours, or even eliminate the second hand pointer, wish don’t, twelve scale in order to maximize the present the beauty of the gem itself. Because each piece of natural precious stones are unique subtle variations in color, texture, any more shade, as much a worth pondering loss of detail, also lose the integrity of nature with aesthetic feeling.
In addition, technically, gem is hard, but in the process of production is easily Cartier nail bracelet replica broken, so on the number of cutting holes in order to join the calendar window, small dial, phases of the moon, such as display window, will bring great cost risk, so watch most of the stones disk will be decisive sacrificed complicated functions.
Dial is small, but create a small gem dial need to use a block suitable gem as the base material. First of all, the gem itself minimum diameter must be greater than the diameter of the dial, because good gem stones table would never accept in broken stitching on the surface of the acquired, as being a gem inlay material again small is also just as well, once you make your dial, must be a block. Second, the selected gem species, its crystal must be hard enough and anti-scrape, will be able to withstand the various processing and security in the end, so not all gems can be processed into the dial. Third, for aesthetic needs, gem is not worth alone can on disk and is well sold, gem grain is not beautiful, watchmaker, have to the end of the pocket.
“Thin” or “thick”
For gem craftsman and dial manufacturing division, choose good gem is only the first step, then they need to study the natural growth direction of each gem, only conform to the mechanism of cutting, processing, to ensure the intact and show the most beautiful appearance. At that time, gem craftsman must use all of its professional experience and aesthetic skills, at the same time the reference side of the dial various stringent requirements of manufacturing division is put forward, finally the material grinding molding, smooth and complete the dial.
Dial is done, and the movement of the connection is a problem. For hundreds of years, people in the pursuit of Cartier nail bracelet replica wrist watch there is no shortage of “light” both “thin”, stone plate cutting more fine, thin but also a piece of paper, let alone a weight. Thus, combined with the movement form, thickness is bound to become indifference.
The more well known function of movement and its thickness will also increase, so the gem disk watches are equipped with movement also has always been extremely simplified function. But back in a few years, due to technical limitations, the most simple movement are thicker than now more features, and some gems once as thin as transparency, texture and beauty, thus it is easy to understand when the earl developed ultra-thin 9 p on the manual chain movement using Yu Baoshi table decision immediately. After that for a long time, the earl of wrist watch in the ultra-thin stone disk area occupies the leading position, and it also become easily dare not try to watch a lot of brand.
Extremely has the collection value
Raw materials of rare, difficult to process, the workmanship is expensive, not mass production, all this makes gem disk watches became almost the smallest and noble wrist watch, wrist watch brand production it all without exception is “custom”, “limited”. This custom, limited and now on imitation Cartier love bracelet the market for marketing gimmick with customised version, limited edition commemorative watch money is two levels. So for the owner, its collection value and appreciation potential is.
But thankfully, gem dial watch few blindly inflated prices, mostly in the range of 200000 to 400000, only if some diamonds, I’m afraid the price will be higher, but the watchmaker in gem dial watch shows rare art aesthetic integrity and devotion, rarely with a large number of diamonds to conflict the grace to bid up the price of gems.
In view of technical progress in recent years, the small incision that watch on the gem disk for a date window, have dare-takers such as Jacques johndroe dedication to keep figure 8 classic design, however, is no bigger than this action.