Bare drill 30 points how much money

Bare drill 30 points how much money
Bare drill 30 points in the price of more than two thousand to 9 thousand yuan, more than two thousand is shaped diamond, fineness in the next, more than 9 thousand is 30 points are the top of the bare drill, because 30 points is more Small diamonds, so the price difference is not, only a difference of about 7 thousand.

Bare drill 30 cents how much money? Bare drill 30 points price is very much, 7 thousand or so you can buy fineness good 30 minutes bare drill, bare diamond are generally inlaid into diamond ring, when marrying or marriage gift, diamond ring pure, eternal, rare, people put it Metaphor for the “love keepsake”, 3 to buy 0% naked drill made into a diamond ring has become the trend, for many people in terms of working class, its price is very easy to accept.

Bare drill 30 cents how much money? Bare drill 30 points how much Cartier love bracelet replica money, you can choose according to personal budget to the right price of bare drill, and then through the design, with their favorite diamond ring, this way by many people respected. In the selection of bare diamond, diamond certificate is essential, it is best to choose a GIA certificate of bare drill, in the purchase of the most important thing is to clear the diamond flower 4C, and called the business issued a diamond certificate, will be more secure.

Bare drill 30 cents how much money? 30 cents the price of bare drill is relatively affordable, most of the working class can accept, at the time of purchase, it is best to shop around, choose the most cost-effective, and then buy. Bare drill 30 points different brands, even the same level of diamond prices will have a greater difference, and in fact the pros and cons of diamond ring is judged by the diamond 4C, and the brand is not directly related, so we buy As much as possible to shop around, choose the best price of the best business to buy, such as Zouka good, cost is very high.

Bare drill 30 cents how much money? 30 minutes bare drill about 5 thousand people to buy, because the parameters belong to the upper, fineness good, cost is also quite high, the price is more cost-effective, suitable for many new choice. Bare drill 30 points will not be too small, it will not be too cheap, just can accept, so 30 minutes bare drill is very popular. At the time of purchase, if you want to buy some of the more cost-effective, you can choose Zuo Kayi, Zuo Kay’s 30 cents bare diamond relative to the traditional brand, the price will be preferential 30% to 50% Guaranteed, and there are physical stores, easy cleaning and maintenance.
2 carat bare drill price between 70,000 to more than 600,000, to the two karats such a large diamond, different levels, different shapes, the price difference is very large, a difference of nearly six hundred thousand! However, more than 600,000 of the 2 karats bare drill, the level is the top, so the price is relatively high, the upper level of 2 karats bare drill, do not have to be so expensive, the price of more than 200,000 can buy.

How much is it going to be? 2 carat diamond itself is valuable, so we in the purchase Cartier love ring replica, we must understand the attention to the purchase of the matter, so as to be able to buy an inexpensive bare diamond. In particular, the current jewelry brand is very much, we have to shop more than three, more understanding of diamond-related knowledge, and then in accordance with the price of different jewelry brands and 4C standards to assess.

How much is it going to be? 2 carat bare diamond prices will be more expensive, so in the purchase, we must not ignore the diamond certificate to view, diamond certificate is the identity of each diamond description, especially when we buy this expensive two carat bare diamond, must To compare the information of this bare diamond with the diamond certificate carefully, to see whether there is a difference between the diamond and the certificate, once found between the diamond certificate and the physical difference, this time we have the best choice, the best certificate Is to choose GIA certificate, diamond will correspond to the waist code, to prevent the possibility of fraud.

How much is it going to be? 2 carat diamonds themselves are within the range of large carat diamonds, so its base price is naturally not cheap. Followed by the two carat diamonds also contains the color, clarity and cut, the most important of which is the two karats of diamond cut, the reason why diamonds can show a perfect fire color, with the cut process is inseparable , So in the purchase must cut the diamond carefully observed.

Followed by the color and clarity of diamonds, it can be said that these two aspects of the price of diamonds have a great connection, the same two karats of diamonds, if the color and clarity difference is relatively large, then the price will be very different, but We buy two karats of this large diamond, the best choice of high degree of clarity, color level close to colorless, so that the bare diamond is not only more bright, but also has the potential for appreciation.
Diamond ring is a couple or between husband and wife gifts of beautiful jewelry, usually by the man’s birthday or holiday to send the woman, and marry and get married, the diamond is also sent, so the diamond ring is a witness of love, love everyone love ~ diamond ring now The price, there are hundreds of thousands of tens of thousands, and more expensive also, usually usually give away the words, the purchase is generally hundreds to thousands of months, marrying or marriage, is to send a few million or so diamond ring.

How much is the diamond ring now? Diamond ring price is very rich, no you can not buy, only you can not think of the price! Diamond technology has always maintained a traditional design, it will not devalue, and to attract consumers. Even if your salary is not high, you can still find a Cartier nail bracelet replica ring for your spending power in the jewelers such as Zoac. If the economic conditions permit, then choose more than 50 points better diamond, because more than 50 points of diamonds already have a considerable value, value-added, with a certain investment value.

How much is the diamond ring now? Diamond ring prices are mainly affected by the diamond 4C, but the diamond 4C is what? Diamond 4C, refers to the color of diamonds, clarity, weight and cut, the same diamond ring, diamond color if the colorless and transparent D-class, clarity to IF no time level, with EX grade cut, Made the diamond ring prices are often much higher than the level of drilling a lot, and the greater the diamond ring, the price difference will show a geometric rise.

How much is the diamond ring now? Everyone in the purchase of wedding rings will certainly ask the price, know the price, but do not know how much money to buy wedding rings more appropriate, in fact, wedding ring price is more money is no clear request, which is mainly based on personal The preferences, the budget to buy, buy for their own, the price can be accepted, do not buy too expensive on it.

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