How long does the automatic mechanical watch last?

How long does the automatic mechanical watch last?
A lot of friends who wear automatic mechanical watches will encounter watches because of lack of motivation caused by the stop showing. Automatic mechanical watches must have sufficient power to operate properly. Then the automatic mechanical watch how long last winding? Let the watch home to tell you now!
Automatic mechanical watch without batteries, some with manual winding, and some do not take, but still have the best hand winding. Generally in the case of the winding can be running for 30 hours or so, depending on the movement may be. Older and often sitting in the office and less sports are most suitable for wearing such watches, in this case, it is recommended that the wearer regularly manually wrist watch. Automatic mechanical watch at room Replica Cartier jewelry temperature, 24 hours error in ± 45 seconds for the normal error. Automatic mechanical watch to rely on the arm of the swing and automatically winding, so every day must wear more than eight hours in order to ensure accurate timing.
Rolex Shui Gui, Rolex Blackwater Ghost and Green Water Gui worth selling it?
Rolex black water ghosts and green water ghosts can be said that Rolex is the most popular watches, almost all fans will be the Rolex Shui ghost as a collection of gold watch. Then Rolex Blackwater Ghost and Green Water Gui worth selling? See the watch home below to answer!
Rolex Shui Gui, Rolex Blackwater Ghost and Green Water Gui worth selling it?
Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner is the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner. This as a deep wrist watch “Rolex Water Ghost” family, including the green, black, blue, red ghost, and the “King of Ghosts,” said Comex series. “Rolex Shui Gui” among the family, each “King of Ghosts” Comex more known to really under the sea. And green water ghosts and black water ghosts the most popular, especially green water ghost, it is a city to be sold out.
Rolex Blackwater Ghosts
Blackwater ghost is to fill the green water ghost in the market of great vacancies and the introduction of the watch, “black” refers to the black ceramic material.
Rolex’s deep submarine watch success thanks to a number of groundbreaking technological innovations, including Rolex exclusive new case structure RingloCKSystem, which ensures that the watch in the deep water calmly under great pressure. Especially for the most demanding professional divers design. In addition, the other three excellent watch components to achieve the outstanding performance of this watch contributed: its high-performance stainless steel ring placed in the blue crystal glass and case between the back cover to ensure that the glass and case back cover easily Withstand the huge water pressure; its blue crystal glass surface was slightly arched, than other oyster-style watch the glass surface thicker, and the other compressive capacity doubled; case back cover with a high resistance to resistance made of titanium alloy, And with excellent performance 904L stainless steel ring fixed.
Rolex Green Water Ghosts
Rolex Submarus calendar series 116610LV green dish watch, also known as “green water ghost”. It was first introduced in 2010, is characterized by the watch surface with PVD technology coated with “green gold” coating, and its green gold material ratio is secret. Bold design for Rolex stick to the traditional brand is a great innovation, green water ghost since the launch, will undoubtedly become one of the richest products Rolex, and because this table only out of a group, it Of the next batch of functional shape is exactly the same as the black water ghost replaced, making this watch has a very high collection value.
It uses the Rolex classic 3135 automatic mechanical movement. Its case material is 904L stainless steel, excellent corrosion resistance; mirror is a strong wear resistance sapphire crystal glass. The surface of the additional window convex lens display and instant change calendar display, allowing users to dive or exercise clear and convenient observation date. In addition, this table with a one-way rotating outer ring, accurately marked the scale, clockwise rotation of the bezel to the bezel on the triangular scale at the minute hand, the use of scale display to calculate the landing time.
Watch Casio and hundred of which good? Speaking of Casio watches and watch the watch, we may not be unfamiliar. They are more close to the people of the watch brand, do not need a lot of money will allow most people have a high quality watch. So what about Casio and the hundred who is good? Let’s watch the house to tell you
Casio watches represent the vitality of the young, stylish, multi-functional brand image has been deeply rooted. Casio company has always been a leader in peer-to-peer skills, over the years will have a breakthrough skills. Will be high, refined, sharp technology combined with new LCD technology, properly applied to the wrist on the meter, continue to improve the level of development on the wrist time – Casio has always been advocated by the “wrist technology” spirit in China is also Be able to follow and spread.
Bailun Lun
BESTLUN 100 World Lun watches assembled top watch jewelry brand classic style of the essence, to promote simple, elegant style. Focus on science and technology and art, all spare parts are provided by the world’s major brand manufacturers. With the most sophisticated assembly technology, as many as nearly 100 strict testing technology to products with a high degree of quality assurance. At the same time, “so that each watch has a deep meaning of the name.” It is also part of BESTLUN culture. High-quality materials, the top of the process, first-class quality, so that BESTLUN hundred times more unique charm.
Watches Casio and Besie Lun which is good? In fact, Casio and Bailun Lun is not a type of watch, so it is not suitable to put them together to compare. Casio watches pay attention to the function, with absolutely strong quality. Its sports watch is very good! And 100 is a watch and jewelry fusion fashion watch brand. The appearance of more than the Casio exquisite, but the quality may be better than Casio. As for which brand is good, but also according to the user’s own needs to choose!

Cartier tank series how much money? Cartier tank series price how much money?

Cartier tank series how much money? Cartier tank series price how much money?
Tank watch came out, coincided with the occasion of the First World War, the Cartier family of souls – Louis Cartier (Louis Cartier), by the first battlefield of the military tanks simple and energetic lines inspired by the design of this pen Legendary works. With Cartier’s bold innovation, each Tank watch design concept and ideas always possess beyond the pioneer spirit of the times, and therefore have become the trend of the classic watch for the trend. And in the Cartier tank watch the price span is relatively large, from more than 16,000 quartz watches to two million diamond-studded mechanical watches have!
Cartier tank series how much money? Cartier tank series price how much money?
1989 launch of the Tank Américaine watch elegantly responded to the Cartier love ring replica pursuit of large-scale watch a new boom, and in 1996 launched the Tank Francaise watch with a revolutionary bracelet watch concept represents the Tank watch in technology, aesthetics and functional research and development In the new stage.
Tank watch respect for the absolute aesthetic criteria, called the ultimate elegance of the pronoun. And Cartier’s inspiration is always walking in the forefront of the spirit of the times, and continue to give Tank watch new face. Following the TankAméricaine watch and Tank Francaise watch a great success, Cartier to a new Tank watch to lead the development of the third peak in the history, that is, Tank Anglaise watch. This watch and Tank Américaine watch and TankFrancaise watch together to form a perfect Tank trilogy.
Tank Anglaise is the most unique in that: in addition to the bracelet, vertical lugs and the chain of their own shape between the perfect harmony, the crown hiding in the vertical vertical ear, just revealing its mosaic of precious stones, so Tank Anglaise from the Tank family In the stand out. The new Tank Anglaise watch introduced three sizes of men and women models models, and with white gold, yellow gold, gold and three gold K gold.
Cartier watch where the origin?
Cartier watches where the origin of Cartier is a French watch and jewelry manufacturers, in 1847 by Louis-François Cartier in Paris Rue Montorgueil 31 founder. In 1874, his son Yafa Cartier inherited his management, by his grandson Louis Cartier, Pierre Cartier and Jiesi Cartier to develop into a world famous brand. Switzerland is now a subsidiary of the company.
Cartier watches where the origin? In 1847, Cartier was founded in Paris, France. Branch offices in 1902 and 1909 were established in London and New York. Maison Cartier’s cornerstone was laid.
Cartier soon in the European court reputation. Prince of Wales (became Edward VII in 1902), praised Cartier as “the king of jewelers and jewelers of the king”, and in 1904 granted to Cartier as a British court supplier of first-class British supply license. Cartier’s design features the exoticism of the three brothers traveling around the world.
Cartier design, now, Cartier design, whether it is high-end jewelry or contemporary jewelry product line, such as Caresser d’Orchidées par Cartier collection, are in a unique technical know-how, style and expertise based on the interpretation of Maison’s values.
Rolex Green Water Guess
Rolex Lushui ghost belongs to the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submarine calendar type watch, to prevent the water depth of 300 meters amazing technology caused people’s sensation. Rolex green water ghost’s popularity is very high, even a lot of women also like. Then the Rolex Lv water ghosts have female models?
Regrettably, Rolex Lv Gui did not have a female watch. Green water ghost belongs to the Rolex Cartier nail bracelet replica submarine series, because it is diving watch, so the dial than the average watch should be thick and big, not suitable for ladies wear.
Rolex is a well-known Swiss watch manufacturer, formerly known as Wilsdorf and Davis (W & D), by the German Hans Wilsdof (Hans Wilsdof) and the British Davis (Alfred Davis) in 1905 in London partnership. In 1908 by Hans Weissdorf in Switzerland, La Chaux-de-Fonds registered renamed ROLEX. After a century of development, Rolex, based in Geneva, already has 19 branches, 24 major service centers in the world’s major metropolises, with an annual output of about 450,000 watches and a large market share One of the famous watches.
Cartier blue balloon series female table introduction
Cartier blue balloon series chronograph in the classic outline of the contours above, adding the timing of complex functions, in the black checkered dial three and six o’clock when the standard, respectively, with minutes and seconds of the small dial to replace the classic Roman numerals , The date pane also moved to nine o’clock next to the standard. Sapphire crown placed around the standard dual-button, press between, the passage of time in control.
Cartier blue balloon series female table introduction
Cartier blue balloon series inspired by the human dream of flying and try: 1783 successful launch of the Montego Feier blue hot air balloon, is the first human aircraft. Break away from the gravity of the ball more than flying blue ball into a convex round mirror side of the beautiful sapphire crown, carrying the human mysterious beautiful outer space fantasy and eternal yearning, and love brought endless strength and courage. No wonder many couples are to blue balloon on the table to express their love for each other.
Cartier blue balloon series female table introduction
Blue balloons series of diamond watch is carefully selected top diamond, consummate Replica Cartier jewelry mosaic process, the blue balloon watch into a woman’s dream of love Jane pet. Inlaid on the dial 11 o’clock mark on the precious diamond, as if the dark blue sky in the shining star, in the light to guide the pace of time. Dial on the diamonds and crown sapphires of the unexpected encounter, painted out of a beautiful stars like a beautiful picture. Dial above the diamond with rose gold or crocodile leather strap, then convey a completely different moving grace.
Cartier blue balloon series female table introduction
Blue balloon series of ultra-thin watch with ultra-thin body, light texture, the blue balloon watch series of elegant interpretation of the extreme to the extreme. In the 46mm super-large table diameter, re-structure of the mechanical movement of the components of their duties, complement each other. Case with red K gold, white gold and platinum to build. Among them, the red K gold and white K gold watch decorated with silver carved dial, elegant and delicate; platinum watch is lined with dark blue dial, hidden mysterious luxury atmosphere.

AP table fans Lin Xinrui as the endorsement Audemars Piguet Millennium series watch

AP table fans Lin Xinrui as the endorsement Audemars Piguet Millennium series watch
Swiss senior watch Audemars Piguet (Audemars Piguet) for the modern independent women to create a new series of Millennium watch release, as the entertainment industry both beautiful and ability, the strong woman on behalf of Lin Xinru, AP fans Cartier love bracelet replica and collectors, She is perfect to master the elegant shape and complex movement coexistence of the Millennium series of female table.
AP table fans Lin Xinrui as the endorsement Audemars Piguet Millennium series watch
The appearance of slender sweet Lin Xinru, in fact, the heart of the man. She said, “I am a boy character, buy basically more than 40mm large diameter male watch, neutral table, sports style is the most in line with the personality, jewelry table for the job needs to buy.” Like she has a royal oak offshore watch, a large table completely cover the wrist, let her wear the door often knocked to the table, my father did not care about the watch, but she responded to the “things bought is to wear of.”
17-year-old debut Lin Xinru, all the way from the model to the actors, singers, theater producers, and set up a studio when the boss, show modern women changing and never stop life attitude. She also uphold the philosophy of “people want to progress”, she said, “I need to continue to innovate, repeat one thing easy to let me lose enthusiasm, will not progress, when the reserves of energy, they should dare to break, do not let yourself Regret. “Her next challenge is when the film production, but” the heroine or me, sorry. ”
Millennium series watch rose gold, bezel, ear ear diamonds, mother of pearl eccentric disc and small seconds, 90 million 8,000 yuan
MasterGraff three asked the watch is equipped with a three-ask device, the wearer only need to push up in the case on the side of the three asked the table dedicated slider, you can start the timekeeping function. Two hammers plus two different combinations of sound spring, respectively, with different high and low bass reported hours, carved clocks and minutes.
Master Graff three asked watch introduction
In addition to 80 hours of power reserve manual refining mechanical movement, this masculine temperament full of men’s watch is also equipped with a flyback tourbillon, at 6 o’clock hole so that this exquisite Tourbillon exposing, round The hole edge also surrounds a small Cartier love ring replica second hand disc. Black paint or white paint on the dial with a rose gold standard, 12 o’clock also set in the Graff logo inverted triangular cut gem. Crown with Graf’s cutting-edge diamond design, 47 mm carved case is a single round diamonds from the inspiration.
This unique and elegant watch with black or brown crocodile leather strap and Graff exclusive folding buckle, with rose gold and platinum two materials to choose from, each are strictly limited edition 30.
Movement energy: self-winding mechanical movement
Watch function: chronograph
Case material: rose gold
Strap Material: Leather
Shape of the dial: round
Dial color: black
Movado’s MOVADO watch is famous for its twentieth century by the most influential artists of the twentieth century, and the prototype table created from the artist’s concept sketch is accompanied by exquisite mechanical parts made by Swiss watches. Strap is an important part of the Movado watch, while the straps determine the comfort and convenience of the Vatican watch, the safety of the Vatican watch also has a relationship. Then Movado Turnda MOVADO watch which should pay attention to what?
Movado Turnda MOVADO strap to pay attention to what that
Metal strap
1, when the Movado watch spread out, the strap on the discount letter or logo to dial the same, if it is reversed, that is, straps installed anti.
2, metal strap in the removal of the band when the time, it is best to go to the number of pairs, and must be decorated with Movado Tuo table buckle are evenly removed. So as to ensure that the clasp is centered, wearing only comfortable, especially the wrist of the more fine ladies, in the band to pay more attention to this issue
3, the demolition of the band is a directional direction, generally in the Movado table strap is an arrow to indicate the direction between the staircase between the spikes out, not anti, the direction of installation and removal of the direction On the contrary.
4, air-core strap section, the general use of the so-called “hair plug”. Easier to loose and Cartier nail bracelet replica sprang, and solid core strap with a piercing screw or bolt to connect the strap section, a long time may also loose sprang, so be sure to check regularly. You can use the needle-like things to push it out, if a pincer on the out, it means that has been loose. If you find signs of exposure, to immediately repair.
Cortical strap
1, Mo Tuo Tuo leather strap strap and the width of the case should be suitable for the opening file, not too narrow. Narrow the strap will be around the move, easy to compress the strap bolt spring and make it fall, resulting in Moro Tuo watch lost, but also not beautiful. (Especially those with large diameters and longer straps). The most commonly used leather strap width is: male table 18 or 20MM, female table 10 or 12MM.
2, the thickness of the strap should also take into account the opening of the case and the strap between the bandage, if the strap is too thick will be in the case and strap tied between the plug, resulting in the activities of the strap Do not die.
3, the strap with a clasp that cut (short that cut) should always be in the top of the Movado watch (when the Movado watch is watching, the table in the right).
4, with a discount Movado table strap, the side will have many holes, used to adjust the length of the strap. When retracting the strap, also note that the clasp adjustment section (indent and release) should not indent the surface of the strap with the axis of the shaft. So that the clasp will form a lever force, so that the strap is very easy to be opened, it is easy to throw off Van Tuo watch.