Wedding cake customization advantages and disadvantages PK

Wedding cake customization advantages and disadvantages PK
Brand cake shop custom
Advantages: large brands have sufficient quality assurance
Disadvantages: limited range of styles, the lack of a certain degree of creativity and expensive
Now the market a lot of cake brands, many brands have a series of wedding products in the series. Comparison by the new recognition of the Yuan Zu, Yi Chi more, can Chung Square, Marco Polo, 85 degrees C and so on. To the brand cake shop to buy wedding cake, to meet part of the brand loyalty to the needs of new people. At the same time as the brand cake shop for product quality is very important, so the quality and taste of wedding cake have a certain guarantee, but the style and price will be based on different brand positioning and different.
Brand cake shop custom
Advantages: large brands have sufficient quality assurance
Disadvantages: limited range of styles, the lack of a certain degree Replica Cartier jewelry of creativity and expensive
Now the market a lot of cake brands, many brands have a series of wedding products in the series. Comparison by the new recognition of the Yuan Zu, Yi Chi more, can Chung Square, Marco Polo, 85 degrees C and so on. To the brand cake shop to buy wedding cake, to meet part of the brand loyalty to the needs of new people. At the same time as the brand cake shop for product quality is very important, so the quality and taste of wedding cake have a certain guarantee, but the style and price will be based on different brand positioning and different.
Online customization
Advantages: high creativity, cheap, and easy to shop around
Disadvantages: online shopping there is a certain risk, and the transport process is also prone to certain problems
From the shop for wedding cake customization is the biggest advantage is easy to shop around, diverse styles of arbitrary choice. But also the existence of defects, the first is to choose a high degree of credibility of the store, the best physical store to field visits; the other because of the particularity of the cake, the transport links should also be special and store communication confirmation, so as to avoid flaws.
Wedding hotel gift
Advantages: save money and effort, but also to ensure the quality of wedding cake
Disadvantages: style selection range is more narrow, creativity is not enough
Now a lot of wedding venues have presented a wedding cake service, this advantage is able to save the cost of custom wedding cake, but also save new time. But the lack of the United States is the wedding hotel free wedding cake can choose a limited style, and sometimes can not be a good performance of the wedding theme and new ideas. And sometimes the wedding hotel provides wedding cake rituals far more practical, can only be used for “cut cake” links, and can not really eat, new people if you want to let the guests eat the cake, may also need another way to solve.
Marriage is a lifetime event, each pair of new people are really looking forward to a grand and warm atmosphere, step on the other side of the red carpet. Spend a little more imagination and ingenuity, you can have a romantic and unforgettable wedding. The perfect wedding arrangement is when the guests come to the wedding scene is felt by the new people to express the atmosphere and feeling, and to achieve this atmosphere and feel the key lies in the overall planning and details of the pursuit.
1, the choice of venues
The form of the wedding to determine the choice of wedding venues, romantic travel marriage, the atmosphere of the hotel ceremony, fresh lawn wedding and sacred church wedding … … choose a wedding style you can accept, and then book a wedding for your most site. Spacious wedding venue with a fresh atmosphere of the atmosphere, giving a sense of natural pleasure.
Wedding venue is the stage of the wedding, involving the background layout, items placement, lighting sound, banquet services and many other matters, but also the most vulnerable to a problem. Most of the time, new people only have the opportunity to arrange the venue one day before the wedding, so the uncertainty is very high. In order to ensure that everything can be held, the early communication and preparation is very important.
Traditional indoor wedding, whether in the Western or Western, are the most new favorite, and the indoor wedding can be more and fancy arrangement. The layout of the wedding venue is often inseparable from the flowers, veil, cloth, light, pictures, candlesticks, romantic bubbles, ribbons and balloons, etc., make good use of these materials, you can create a fairyland fairy tale, but also create A highly artistic art of the gallery, can create a perfect little paradise.
2, stage background
Stage is the most concentrated place on the wedding scene, the stage background is also the focus of the scene layout, it can not be too monotonous, highlights the new style; can not be arranged too fancy, grabbed the thunder of new people. Usually the background needs a background gauze, add a new person’s own LOGO or hang a happy wedding LOGO card on the gauze, the appropriate flower embellishment will be active in the background of the atmosphere, increase the details of the highlights. If you do not design your own LOGO, you can use two background style or five-door to do embellishment. If you decide to do an outdoor wedding, exquisite four corners of the booth should be the best choice.
The stage of the proposed design of a few recommended a few key projects, so focused, not for a comprehensive, but exquisite. Practical experience tells us: when the wedding scene decoration is too complicated, the scene will appear very messy, when the new people came to the stage when the overall gives a feeling of instability, new people will become an element of instability, so give The guest’s feeling is naturally disorganized, so the stage needs to have a clear plan on the process to design. Indoor wedding main stage, cool colors, or tones contrasting floral decoration can be a good blend of indoor lighting, in the performance of elegant temperament at the same time have a visual appeal.
3, entrance
Let people do not enter the wedding venue, will be able to feel the atmosphere of the wedding, they have to spend some effort at the entrance, round arches, is indispensable, and a group of neatly arranged style style, like a Very disciplined soldiers and guests salute, and people have a rich and lovely feeling.
1, not wide and narrow channel, plus surrounded by full of flowers, giving a very lively feeling.
2, gold and the main color of the half-moon arches, flowers are used to embellishment, simple to non-noble.
3, wedding venues to provide the entrance has been very unique, but decorated with flowers and balloons, in order to highlight the atmosphere of the wedding. Put one or two of your most proud of the wedding, zoom in the wedding hall entrance, in addition to people envy you two are “Lang talented woman” born a pair, it is important to tell the guests not to go wrong, of course, red envelopes can not send Wrong place.
4, red carpet area
Wedding began to come to the red carpet ceremony, or the new dress again by the red carpet approach, want to plan the red carpet walkway to attract the attention of everyone’s attention area.
A. Placed floor style, exquisite generous;
B. Use balloon design, lively and colorful.
5, welcome area
Welcome area is the wedding to bring the guests the first impression, so not only have the style of unity, there are new highlights of the new cut. Wedding flowers, especially in the welcome area can be ingenuity, regardless of the glass, rattan, pot-shaped, spherical, columnar, from the dignified and elegant large floral, to the fresh wild taste of the comedy, with different site conditions , Can achieve different visual effects. Yingbin card is a more important element, its role is to guide guests to the banquet hall. In addition to the welcome card on some of the flowers will have the icing on the cake of the wonderful role.
6, stairs
Walking on the stairs, whether it is from the high and down, or from the bottom up, often give a very strange feeling, both sides of the very unique layout, it is easy to give a sense of integration into one, not Small wedding venues, will have a very unique stairs, may wish to make good use of these stairs, according to their desired characteristics of the layout. 1, warm light purple coupled with the music of the stairs, next to add little flowers, just like a happy road. 2, light purple tulle, plus a special flower ball, leading guests into your carefully created scenery.
7, flower door
Flowers are arranged inseparable from the flowers, silk and balloons these three types, the purpose is to add more than one color for the venue! Flowers are an important complement to the wedding, is often used to decorate the arches, love corridors, escalators, Watchtower, and even on the table there are beautiful table flowers, so that guests in a romantic atmosphere to enjoy the meal. General wedding will use more flowers and roses, mostly lily, color is light pink-based, or colorful red. Now there are many new people try to white flowers to decorate the wedding venue, get a high rating.
The flower door should be placed at the entrance of the ceremony. Usually the bride’s father will hand the bride’s hand to the groom in front of the flower. Carrying the father’s exhortations, the bride and groom holding the bride from the flower door to their own wedding hall. The unique design of the flower door will make this ceremony unique, flower door, balloon flowers, silk flower door … … you can according to the wedding venue atmosphere and their own preferences to choose a unique flower door. This year, the flower door by more and more new people of all ages, fresh fragrance and tender and beautiful flowers that heralded pure love, and for the entire wedding scene to bring fresh and bright air, the pursuit of romantic perfect you may wish to choose flowers The
As the balloon is rich in color, modeling interesting and changeable, has recently become a popular wedding venue layout props. And its price economy, after the end of the wedding guests can also take away, can be said to be the guests and guests. In addition to the balloon can be used to decorate the frame, arches, but also with flowers to do the design, but also the balloon cartoon characters made of bridegroom, bride and flower girl’s shape, quite interesting and creative. If the newcomers want to create some climax in the wedding process, but also use the balloon to make a blasting effect.
8, road cited
Road lead and flower door complement each other. Flowers inserted into the road for the new people out of a happy channel. Featured road lead may also be a bright spot on the wedding, smart you can try to try. Chic lead to the happy temple.
9, sign to Taiwan
The check-in desk is for the guests to sign in the place, but also the wedding scene of the first image of the window, the guests will leave the first feeling here, so warm and creative signature station will win you more good impression. Exquisite sign station is like a classic masterpiece of art.
10, photo display area
Do not put your wedding photos at home, the wedding day you should let all the guests to witness your romantic time, set up a photo display area, your wedding sun out, patchwork placed in your own art masterpiece The Momentary memory locked in the photo, the thoughts once again flew to the romantic moment of happiness. If you take a lot of good-looking photos but no way to show you one by one, you can choose to sign a station next to do a photo display area.
11, table flowers
The table flower is the finishing touch on the wedding, it not only highlights the level of the wedding scene, but also allows guests to enjoy the beauty while enjoying the food, so you and your florist to communicate a good wedding style, designed the most suitable Own table flowers. New people to express in the main table elders or guests of the attention, I hope the main table and the table is different, so want to spend more in the main table part of the clever arrangement. The use of table flowers will make the venue feel more refined, so that the overall area of the main table even more noble grand.
A. The main table with a back design, will be more solemn exquisite;
B. The main table to spend a rich design, will make the guests one of the eyes bright, but also to make dining more relaxed atmosphere;
C. A small number of tables of banquet way, you can use table flower design, will increase the overall texture.
12, ritual area
The ritual venue can be selected in the outdoor lawn, courtyard, or the main stage of the wedding scene. In the sun can enjoy the outdoor, floral decorative colors can be as much as possible pink, lively, jumping.
13, wedding room
Wedding room is of course the use of bright colors better, the ceiling of the hall is best to use red gauze to put up the lamp, so when the lights open a little more romantic. New house is best to color, gauze-based, reflecting the romantic, gentle features. Bedroom wall is the best pink, or lavender, reflecting the soft features, the bedroom bed to match the color of the wall. Green with yellow, or pink; purple with white, or powder.

How much is a carat diamond ring now?

How much is a carat diamond ring now?
When buying a diamond ring, people’s favorite size, than a carat diamond ring. There are two reasons, the first is a carat diamond ring in the appearance can be said to be very domineering, but not too exaggerated, can be very good to meet some of the daily life and party. People in the purchase of a carat diamond ring, the most concerned about the issue, than a carat diamond ring how much money. Xiao Bian collected some brands of a carat diamond ring offer, in this article which for everyone to answer this question in detail.
The international first-line brand prices the highest: a carat diamond ring can be fried to 20 million price

The same price, in the domestic brand can buy a 3 karats Cartier nail bracelet replica of diamond rings, but in the first-line brand, but only can only buy a starting price of a carat diamond ring. International first-line brand launched by the diamond ring, whether it is in the product design or material use, are exquisite, but also rich in artistic spirituality. Many consumers bear a huge economic pressure to buy a first-line brand launched diamond ring, a large part of the reason is that the hearts of the luxury of the dream at the mischief, so that they hesitate to put into the arms of luxury jewelry , Will be a piece of art to take home. Xiao Bian suggested that you buy a carat diamond ring when, although the brand is very important, but also the ability to do so, must not be lost because of small.
Second-line brand the most popular: eight to ten thousand yuan can buy good quality ring

In the Xiaobian concept, the second-line brand is the most cost-effective, because the second-tier brands also have a good brand image, while the quality of the diamond ring can provide protection for consumers in the diamond ring after-sales service, can also provide Good choice, so the second-line brand launched a carat diamond ring, is currently on the market people love to buy. Eight to ten thousand yuan price, buy a fineness good, fashionable and unique, professional service in place of the diamond ring, no matter how to look are very cost-effective.
Custom brand sudden emergence: the main push low price and cost

Many brands can not stand the high entrance fees, choose their own diamond factory shop, reduce the diamond ring to the hands of consumers in the middle of the link, and can also provide consumers with better customized services, the price ratio Shopping malls inside the finished product to be about 60 percent lower, as many young people a new choice. In the diamond factory shop customization of a dedicated carat diamond ring, just only two or three million!

For a carat diamond ring how much money the topic, in fact, worth the value of the heart, the value of the geometry of the men and women are not important, it is important to harvest a sweet love through the diamond ring.
In the wedding market, the most popular, than the diamond diamond ring. Platinum Replica Cartier jewelry diamond ring not only has a diamond shine, as well as platinum solid, more importantly, represents the commitment of life. People in the selection of platinum diamond ring, often feel puzzled, I do not know how to start, Xiao Bian recently received a lot of readers of the letter, to consult Xiaobian how to choose platinum diamond ring, Xiao Bian also sorted a few, and Everyone to share.
Choose a diamond diamond ring Tips: Diamond quality is very important

Platinum diamond ring in the most out of the color part, is undoubtedly the middle of the diamond inlaid, and a good platinum diamonds, in the diamond part must be very good. Measuring a diamond is good, mostly to measure the diamond 4c quality, that is, this diamond carat, clarity, cut and color. Diamonds closer to the transparent color is an appointment, the color is also better to pure, in the carat number, the greater the carat diamond is more difficult to mine and processing, the natural price will be relatively high. From the cut point of view, the more smooth cutting surface, the more able to release the fire of the diamond, the natural diamond ring the better quality. In the selection of platinum diamond ring, only these qualities are combined in order to pick the most suitable for their own products.
Choose platinum diamond ring tips two: platinum ringing material to see

Platinum is currently used in the ring mosaic on the best material, but the platinum material is not a single, it will be divided into pt990 and pt950, which is often said that platinum 990 and platinum 950. Pt990 platinum content is the highest, that is, people often say that the quality of the most pure, the price is relatively high. Pt950 in the platinum content on the inferior, but the win in the more hard, ductility is also better, the average price per gram than pt990 material to be cheaper about 50 yuan. Comprehensive above the characteristics of the diamond ring on the use of the most is pt950 material, a combination of cost and quality in one.
Selection of platinum diamond ring tips three: diamond ring style to fit the wearer’s hand type

People often say that for their own is the best, this sentence is used in the platinum ring is a good point. In the selection of diamond rings, be sure to choose a style for their own hand type, to be able to avoid weaknesses. Fingers more rounded women, that is, in the traditional concept of the blessing of the hand, not suitable for wearing ring ring thick diamond ring, this will only appear to your fingers more sturdy, no beauty at all. At the same time, the fingers are very slender women, you can choose straight ring, will set off your fingers more slender

Why does the ring size table differ?

Why does the ring size table differ?
Many people in the purchase of diamond ring will always encounter some big or small problem, may be just a small detail, will become an important factor affecting the effect of wearing, which ring size is a very important and worthy of attention, the size of the ring What is the size of the table? The face of different regions and countries of the diamond ring brand, its ring size will have some minor differences How to accurately grasp the size of his girlfriend ring it? Give her a surprise, which requires your patience and careful, Xiaobian today with you to share the ring size table, as well as the purchase of the ring to pay attention to the details and measurement methods.
How to measure the size of the ring

Want to give his girlfriend a surprise? Surprise is not casually talk about you can complete Oh, you need to have enough patience and careful, careful through the details of life to understand the size of his girlfriend ring, patience is to make sure you can spend a lot of Replica Cartier jewelry time in many styles Choose a suitable for her. How do not know in the case of his girlfriend to measure the size of the ring, Xiao Bian here for everyone out of a few strokes it! First of all, if the girlfriend itself has a ring, you can directly get her jewelry jewelry store to estimate, if not convenient, then you can prepare a white pen with a pencil along the inner wall of the ring circle. Of course, you can also read the magazine inadvertently asked the size of the ring, the specific form depends on your way with your girlfriend, I believe this must be difficult.

Measure the need to pay attention to the details

Small ring carrying a lot of good, can not because of their careless effect of the wearing effect, Xiao Bian is still here for everyone to list a few need to pay attention to the small details of it 1, seasonal, the size of the purchase of the ring when the size is seasonal, the summer when the ring is just enough to buy, can not be too loose, too loose, then it will be easy to fall off in the winter, which is hot and cold A principle, but also affect the effect of ring wear an important factor. 2, wear habits, the previous custom is the male left female right, but with the continuous improvement of modern ideas and updates, many people do not care about this problem, on the contrary, everyone has everyone to pay attention to the way, You personally to understand the understanding of the size of different fingers will be different Oh.

Self-measurement can not guarantee accuracy

Sometimes for convenience, may choose to choose their own home at home, because their own professional may cause some errors, it should be able to go to the jewelry store for professional measurement, it will start from a lot of details, for you to find a suitable size , So that you can have a better wearing effect of the United States!

There are a variety of rings, each person’s size is only one, each ring has its own special significance, I hope everyone in the purchase of the ring before some more attentive and patient, although the different brands of ring size table will be different, but as long as Patience, so that you can buy a satisfactory diamond ring, witness your happiness.
Love is born from heaven and earth, irrelevant, irrelevant, only about two people. I do not know when, always smiling, then inadvertently climbed the cheek. Love and love to fill the heart of every corner, is looking up at the sky can see the stars, diamond ring, it is this little bit of the brightest bright stars that one. Cartier classic six claw diamond ring, only to bring the world’s most stunning beauty.

Cartier classic six claw crown diamond ring

Diamond ring at the fingertips temperature, like a love of fantasy. Cartier is called “the emperor of the jewelry industry,” it’s every diamond ring is the time of the classic, is the history of the waves after the waves still exist under the glow of gold, its jewelry concept has been deeply with this and the times Fused together, interact with each other, and with the times and common progress. Classic six claw crown wedding that is an ancient love, it’s every inch of Guanghua, are firmly grasp the people’s eyes, it is the perfect combination of classic and fashion, the ultimate luxury bright, elegant and refined, glamorous.

Cartier six claw diamond ring red box of the secret

Love is a time to cook the rain of the romantic dream, is written in the diary of the footer of the time mark, will be on every day of love are marked with the time stamp. Love is to miss a person bit by bit condensate into the secret, with a strong charm when the freeze, in the encounter that moment, dial the heart chord, think about it, let the memory branded every time with you, So deeply to your facial features, your smiles and laugh, engraved in every corner of my heart. Cartier exceptionally with the “red box” take the diamond ring, which is not only filled with the commitment to love, but also for every customer a good marriage blessing.

How to maintain the diamond ring, how to maintain love

How to maintain the diamond ring, how to maintain love
Life is actually very simple, meet by chance, acquaintance is fate, love to cherish, miss will forget, in fact, life is such a simple thing, why always think so complicated? In the world in addition to their own family, the rule of your bad temper, people who have suffered your bad temper only one person, that is deeply in love with you, only love, and their own life The person will be inclusive everywhere. In this beautiful encounter, Xiangzhi love, to spend the diamond ring to play, then how to maintain the diamond ring?

Take time to wear

On behalf of the love of the diamond ring, once worn on his hand to feel Cartier nail bracelet replica at first sight, the moment can not leave it, it is like the person who loves their own time to accompany the same, although very envious of you can have Such a love, but had to remind is this is not good, is not conducive to protecting the original appearance of the diamond ring, bathing, sleep at night, etc. do not take down, it will inevitably affect it, so remember to wear jewelry diamond ring The

Correct collection

It is not easy to say that in order to show that they really care about this love, like to own favorite things collection, generally not important and very formal occasions will not be easy to wear out , But always with the wrong collection method, the general collection of diamond ring with a relatively soft collection of special boxes.
Regular care

We humans need to take care of themselves every day, so as to allow themselves every day with different mental outlook in front of everyone, to bring each other a good mood day, even if their first night did not sleep well, but also through their own finishing Mental outlook adjustment is good, the ring is also the need for regular care, at least once a month, regularly fixed on their own diamond ring maintenance and care, it has been to maintain brilliant light.

Daily attention

We in daily life, every day will do a lot of things, in addition to normal work every day, even every day at home are also a lot of housework, and it is precisely when these trivia will be more damage to their own diamond ring, weekdays With the laundry, the kitchen with the cleansing agent on the diamond ring corrosion more strongly, so we have to remember the daily life of the diamond ring to do housework, the diamond ring to protect.

Once the young ignorance let us miss a lot of the opportunity to have happiness, let us miss a possibility between each other, it is already a mistake committed by youth, when we had a rainy season, it must not repeat the year Of those silly things, and understand how to protect the diamond ring, do not repeat the original ignorance of the error.
As the saying goes, life sometimes need to have, life no time Mo forced. That is to tell you, in the emotional aspects must not be forced, because it lost the meaning of love itself. Not their own strength also can not retain, is their own to also can not stop. Since this is the case in love, then the ring on behalf of love is the same reason, although the style of the ring is selected according to their own preferences, but its size is not a wayward, and have to seek truth from Replica Cartier jewelry facts, then the brand diamond ring Zhou Shengsheng ring size What are the methods of measurement?

The most formal measurement method – measuring the circumference

We choose a way of speaking, according to different people choose a different tone of voice and style, as we often say dialect and written language, in the face of different speaking objects, in different occasions, we will Reasonable way to deal with their own treatment. In measuring the size of the Zhou Shengsheng ring, different people will have different methods, although many people know that the method of measuring the circumference, but sometimes non-professionals, like our consumers will not have the right tools, no certain measurement Method is not ok, we’d better find ring professionals to measure the size of the circumference.

Personal experience

People are a kind of smart high-level animals, living in this complex social environment, more and more intelligent, and many are through their own experience gained from the accumulation, especially in relation to their own vital interests in some aspects , We will remember very clearly. In the purchase of Chow Sang Sang ring, according to their own before wearing the size of the ring to measure the size of the ring you want to buy now, although the different brands have a certain size difference, but the general range is still there, big or small Generally not more than 0.5 or so, so you can try several models, will be able to find their own appropriate size.
Try many times

Now a variety of profit for the purpose of the goods become more and more, with particular emphasis on everyone am leisure time entertainment, so gradually appeared in all aspects of imitation of goods, can be called inexpensive, only for the fight There is a lot of imitation of goods, so we can in the weekdays when traveling, buy a nice and entertaining ring, wearing only in the hands of the bloom for a moment of beauty, but it can give Bring their own favorable help, you can wear on the usual week to determine the ring to really can wear their own size, Chow Sang Sang is a well-known domestic brands, are generally Chinese standards, according to their own many attempts not wrong How many.

There are many kinds of places where you can meet your love. There are many kinds of places that can symbolize the beauty of love. You can meet a lot of opportunities for your loved ones. Just look at whether you treasure or not. There are thousands of ways to measure the size of your ring. Kind of will be able to solve, by understanding the brief introduction of the Zhou Shengsheng ring size measurement method, I believe you will understand more reason.

The ring wears the knowledge of the woman who wears the ring to wear the hand

The ring wears the knowledge of the woman who wears the ring to wear the hand
To see more wear when wearing a ring, we can easily find that not everyone will wear the ring in the same position. Wear knowledge for your popular ring, and let you see what the woman’s ring is wearing.

Left hand ring finger – heart to heart

Married woman ring wearing a left hand ring finger, from such a Cartier love bracelet replica statement: it was said that there is a ring finger is a direct access to our heart, coupled with the left hand is close to our left atrium, so the left hand ring finger Is the nearest place from our heart, the ring set in their own left hand ring finger, the first is on behalf of each other’s love tight set in their own heart, followed by their own love for each other’s commitment and love into the expectations Heart, and finally on behalf of each other’s minds connected. Carefully remember the promise, intentions to prove each other’s love, hand guard each other’s marriage, is the beginning and the continuation of happy life.

Left middle finger – “set” under love

We are often able to hear such a sentence: “the pursuit of separation from”, which is for our fingers means meaning, “set” will refer to the “set” marriage, to determine a marriage, “set” under a section Love. So the woman will be wearing a ring wearing their own middle finger is also reasonable, on behalf of their own mind has been identified, on behalf of a marriage to determine. Just as Levi’s life only to send a diamond ring, since that, then you are the only one. Then choose the left middle finger or right middle finger when more people think that love from the heart, commitment and waiting from the heart was more sincere, so closer to his left atrium of the left hand was elected. Left middle finger to bring a wedding ring, love from a heart, set in a heart, guarding a pair of people.
Right middle finger or ring finger – male left female right

Married woman to “set” the next section of love to choose the middle finger to wear a wedding ring, with the closest to the heart to choose ring finger to wear a wedding ring, but in the left hand or right hand choice, choose the right hand, which is why? Because since ancient times, there are still many places still retain the old feudal ideas, patriarchal, and still maintain the tradition of male superiority. Since ancient times to the left respect, left is male position, the woman Cartier love ring replica can only be right. So the woman married when wearing a ring will be “male left female right” as a reference, and finally choose to wear the ring in the middle of the middle finger or ring finger.

The best expression of the diamond ring, is in my name, crown your fingers. Married woman who wear a hand or may not have a special stress, happiness is holding each other whether the hand has been clenched.
Many people have been asked, between men and women should not be clear, in fact, the best stage of love is clear, but to the marriage stage is not necessary. A lot of things, love your people will naturally think of helping you to bear, on the wedding ring who bought the problem, is the same reason. But there are a lot of people puzzled, then today Levi Si Xiaobian to explain to you about it.
Wedding ring together to buy, in order to both at the same time the minds of two people

In the pursuit of individuality and autonomy of the modern society, many people are no longer willing to listen to their parents, this is not filial performance, but because young people should have their own choice and way of life. In the past, wedding rings are generally bought by the man, or the male family inherited ancestral ring, which is a very good heritage. But if not, it is necessary for both men and women to consider their own wedding ring to buy things, and any one can not replace the eyes of others, so wedding rings so important things of course should be two people to pick the purchase is appropriate.

Wedding rings together to buy, two people through the joys and sorrows

We always say that two people should be married after marriage, each should bear what kind of responsibility, in fact, this is unreasonable, because men and women are equal, if a person is willing to bear more responsibility in marriage, it is only because he Enough to love you, and not what Cartier nail bracelet replica he should do. Buy a wedding ring, do not need to be too expensive, in the range of your two people can bear, do not have to parents for money, because marriage is your own, life is also!
Wedding rings who are buying, suitable for their most important

When you go to buy a wedding ring together, you should consider many aspects, you can also listen to the elders at home before the proposal, be sure to choose to suit your own, because for you, it is accompanied by a lifetime ring, the best of the world Love is nothing more than this!

I firmly believe that two people who really love will understand each other, mutual sharing. Wedding rings who buy these are just small problems, as long as you love each other on the line. Whether it is diamond ring, or Chow Tai Fook gold ring, is the AA system to buy, or a separate commitment, which for you is never a problem.

Jade and jade bracelet difference between jade and jade bracelet What are the differences between

Jade and jade bracelet difference between jade and jade bracelet What are the differences between
Jade and jade bracelet difference, jade and jade bracelet What are the differences? Throughout the ages, the bracelet is still a lot of women’s favorite, wearing a woman’s delicate side of the mind. Jade shopping malls in today, jade bracelet and jade bracelet is more common. So when we hold a bracelet in our hands, how difference jade bracelet and jade bracelet?

For jade bracelets and jade bracelets, we must know that jade is a jade, jade can be called jade, but jade is not necessarily jade, because there are many kinds of jade. Generally speaking, jade bracelets and jade bracelets, mostly refers to the jade and jade made of bracelets. In general, the price of jade than jade bracelet prices higher. In terms of hardness, jade bracelet hardness than jade bracelet hardness higher, toughness is also stronger, so the bracelet bracelet than the bracelet stronger than some of the compressive.
Jade bracelet and jade bracelet to wear the feeling is not the same. Jade bracelet exudes a glass of luster, looks like ice is very cold, but the jade bracelet is distributed in the luster of oil, feels very warm, gives a very gentle feeling. If the temperament is relatively cold friends can choose jade bracelet, temperament more warm friends can choose jade bracelet, so you can more highlight your temperament, so you become more popular.
What is the difference between jade and jade bracelet? For the Oriental Replica Cartier jewelry woman, the essential jewelry is a bracelet, and women in order to highlight their own temperament, always in the wrist with bracelets, so that women will become more elegant. But for the bracelet woman friends do not know should choose jade bracelet or jade bracelet, to know that jade and jade are a woman’s favorite. For jade bracelets and jade bracelets we must first understand the difference between the two, and then according to their own situation and then choose, then the difference between jade bracelet and jade bracelet what?
The difference between jade and nephrite

In addition, many other places on the “soft jade” and “hard jade” is not enough to explain.In fact, “soft jade”, “jade” is used in the predecessors of the habit of the law, this is just a habit The hardness of the jade is 6.5-7, jade (that is, jade) hardness is 6.5-7, the two structures are the same, both are the same, are not the same For the fiber staggered structure, is the most compact, the most stable structure.
According to its color, soft jade can be divided into: white jade, jade, jasper, ink jade, topaz, sugar and other major varieties of soft jade and jade are obvious differences are:

(1) the crystal grain shape between the two is essentially different

The shape of the crystal grains between the two are essentially different, soft jade mineral particles for the sugar-like granular structure, and jade is a columnar or fibrous crystal grain structure, jade has a unique “Tsui”, and soft jade Without this feature, so from the reflective surface or through the light can determine the emerald or nephrite;

(2) Gloss is one of the biggest differences in jade jade

The luster is one of the biggest differences in the quality of jade, the slightest experience of people through the reflected light to determine the soft jade and jade, soft jade surface is the strength of the inconsistency of the oil luster, so the gloss is soft, warm , And therefore we understand the warm jade, while the emerald reflection of the gloss of the rigid glass luster, shiny revealed the cold chill, so called chilling jade;

(3) the proportion

The proportion of nephrite (3.00) is slightly lower than that of emerald (3.33)

(4) refractive index

The refractive index of nephrite (1.62) is also slightly lower than that of emerald (1.66)
Jade and jade bracelet with which hand, jade and jade bracelet which hand is very good? Beautiful jade bracelet, jade bracelet bought back, many people will fall into a “dilemma” problem, the jade bracelet, jade bracelet to wear in which hands? Should you wear your left hand or right hand?

Since ancient times, Dai Yu is a status, a symbol of character, jade not only has a good decorative effect, but also beauty beauty, health and love. Jade bracelet is one of the most favorite jade jewelry, its roundless, a symbol of success and happiness. A young round of jade and jade bracelet is a lot of women’s favorite, especially the Oriental woman, the jade and jade bracelet is a kind of unspeakable love. In fact, jade and jade bracelet wear a lot of elegant, although many people like jade bracelet, but do not understand these elegant, even the jade bracelet worn in which hands are not clear. So today we come to give you about science, jade and jade bracelet should be worn in which hand.
In the traditional concept, we all look at the “male left female right”, so when wearing bracelets, some people suggested that women should be worn on the right hand jade bracelet. However, modern women know that, usually, jewelry is not worn on the right hand. The right hand is the primary work of life, jewelry will be worn on the right hand, not only will damage the jewelry, but also hinder things. Jade bracelet is relatively large, if long wear on the right hand, the wearer will feel very inconvenient, especially some office women, often used in computers, jade bracelet in the wrist will make the wrist was hard to Ge, a long time, Will lead to wrist numbness and soreness, health is very negative, so we do not recommend a woman will be jade and jade bracelet worn on the right hand.
Jade and Jade Bracelet Which hand is very good? Many people think that wearing a bracelet also elegant “male left female right” is true? Is there a basis for it? It seems that the male left female right that seems to be an unwritten “Convention”: men dedicated channel is usually located on the left, ladies dedicated channel is usually located on the right; in fact, “male left female right” argument, at first to protect men and women are different Privacy and the birth of the unwritten rules, if used in the jade ring to wear the above is obviously a bit inappropriate. On the emerald bracelet worn in the right hand of the woman said evil spirits, it is nonsense.
The jade bracelet worn on the right hand is to make beautiful bracelets will have more opportunities to show, but this is likely to make the right wrist injury, in life, we use the right hand most, especially in the office of the woman, Computer wrist joint-intensive, jade bracelet often gorgeous wrist, a long time the wrist will numb and pain, especially when the activity more pain, such as things, twist towels, and even shake hands with the brothers and so on.

The jade bracelet worn on the left hand, not only to protect the wrist, as well as the wealth of wealth effect, this is because the folk kind of argument is called “left into the right”, so jade bracelet worn in the left hand has the effect of financial wealth. People who like jade bracelets should wear bracelets on their left hand, both to protect their wrist, there are good moral, why not?

Violet Jade prices how much violet jade emerald collection value

Violet Jade prices how much violet jade emerald collection value
Purple itself is a mysterious and noble color, violet emerald is “expensive” gas upgrade, which is why the reason why the violet emerald, then the price of violet jade? What is the value of the collection of violet Jade? Here to introduce the type of violet jade and its price, we can understand!
The type and price of violet emerald

Royal purple
Has a pure color of smoke, saturation is relatively high, this type of jade is actually rare, is a rare collection of jade, the value of nature is also very high.

2. red and purple
Red Purple Jade Jewelry is a kind of red in the red of a Replica Cartier jewelry purple, the general color is relatively light, the value is not very high, but encountered a rich color, rich color red purple emerald, it must not miss, this collection The value is beyond imagination.

3. blue and purple
This type of violet jade is the most common, color on the bias in the blue, this type of emerald color change, from shallow to deep, because in the market more common, the price is relatively low.

4. Pink and purple
Pink and purple emerald tones reddish, but they can not reach the rich red emerald, light pale pink, looks more attractive, in fact, the value is the lowest in the violet emerald.

5. Violet
Violet color of the emerald color rich, like violet flowers, in general, the texture to be slightly rough, is the most common violet emerald.

Violet Jade Collection value

At present, the purple emerald polarization is very serious, the kind of delicate, colorful violet jadeite prices rose very powerful, and the general color of light, dark, rough texture of the violet emerald in sharp contrast, and the gap between the two growing. At first good violet bracelet, but a few million, and now has risen to 40 to 50 million, while the same color pale, texture, general violet bracelet, and now the market price is only 1 to 2 million.

Violet jade collection value is high: beautiful color production scarce. In the emerald, the violet emerald because of the rich purple violet jade emerald most consumers on the market, and according to the statistics of these years, the kind of water is good violet jade emerald world is actually less than the green emerald, Which is also added in the invisible violet jade collection value.

Identification method of violet emerald

1, to the business request for jade identification certificate
It is best to more authoritative institutions to identify the authenticity of jade quality.

2, magnifying glass observation
With a magnifying glass to observe the violet emerald, if after artificial dyeing, in the emerald will appear inside the accumulation phenomenon, there will be some small particles magazine.

3, ultraviolet radiation
The real violet emerald has no fluorescence reaction under UV irradiation, and the stained emerald will have a very obvious fluorescence phenomenon.
Collection sector has a jargon “gold is priceless jade”, where jade is jade, said the value of jade is even the city. Jade in recent years, the market price is also rising, then the price of jade in 2017 how? What is the price trend this year? Take a look!
2017 emerald price trend

1, high-grade jade
High-grade emerald prices have been rising for a long time. Mainly due to the relatively scarce high-grade jade, its high value, rarely affected by external factors. High-grade emerald appreciation space is much higher than the mid-emerald, but can buy high-grade jade who did not buy high-grade jade people, sales are not as mid-range emerald.

2, mid-range emerald
In the high-grade jade because of price, quality and other factors of the advantages, so in addition to the volatility between 2002 and 2005, the latter few years are almost steady rise. Mid-range emerald price is moderate, coupled with the appreciation of space is relatively considerable, its sales is the largest.

3, low-grade emerald
Low-grade emerald prices have long been ups and downs, especially after 2011, continued to shock, mainly because of its own value is not high, before the hot market is often a lot of business speculation, and with the market changes, many people know the emerald Continue to strengthen, coupled with the improvement of living standards, the requirements of the jade is also getting higher and higher, so low-grade jade in recent years continue to devalue.

Emerald collection of three major considerations

1, do not buy too transparent emerald
Although the emerald permeability is an important factor in measuring the value of jade, which is because the emerald of the better water is more transparent, but here can not buy too transparent jade is due to the emerald base is too thin and seem transparent The

2, cost-effective jade do not buy
Encountered some “cost-effective” emerald, be sure to be careful to their own expertise to identify the true and false Jade, if it can not be identified, you can help the master, only to determine the true and false to start to buy, so more safe!

3, the color is not the emerald do not buy
Emerald color is not evil, especially green jade, green are generally pure green, although the color is not uniform, colored roots, but no other variegated. Sometimes we will find some emerald above the evil color, such as some green jade on the flashing blue, or reveals a yellow, which may not be jade, but green agate or malay jade forged.

Crystal pendant with what chain look crystal pendant with skills

Crystal pendant with what chain look crystal pendant with skills
Crystal pendant crystal clear, very beautiful, with a delicate chain and crystal pendant can be decorated with each other, the charm of the crystal pendant to play most vividly. Then the crystal pendant with what chain look good? Here to introduce the crystal with the skills, we can refer to!
Crystal Pendant with Chains – Platinum Chain or Sterling Silver Necklace
For the crystal pendant with necklace when the first attention to the size of crystal pendants. For the larger crystal, we need to consider the necklace load-bearing capacity. You can choose platinum necklace to match, or bearing a larger sterling silver necklace to match

Crystal pendant with what chain look good – gold chain or other metal chain
If the crystal pendant is relatively moderate or smaller, you can choose the gold necklace, of course, you can also use the general metal chain, in particular, according to the crystal metal color to match, try to ensure that the color of the necklace and crystal metal on the same color , This will look shiny, dazzling color, if it is the same style two colors of crystal, such as white crystal and blue crystal, it is recommended white pink crystal with silver necklace, blue crystal with metal color necklace, so with Up more refined, beautiful.

Crystal pendant with what chain look good – black string rope
For men, and crystal pendants must take the black string of rope. This is consistent with the characteristics of men, and will not let the crystal luster. But we can work hard on the rope, choose their own different ways to prepare the rope to do the crystal pendant necklace; the second option is based on the shape and characteristics of crystal, choose crystal necklace with, which can also increase the effectiveness of the crystal, and A little way to wear Replica Cartier jewelry Buddhism, both in line with adult men’s way of wearing, but also allows young men to wear, under normal circumstances men wear crystal pendants will not choose metal necklace to do with.
Jin Xiangyu jewelry since its inception has always been very much like and one of the most concerned about the jewelry, which gold inlay Guanyin pendant the most popular. And Guanyin in our traditional cultural concept has a very high status, is recognized by the public patron saint, ancient and modern, gold inlay jade products has always been one of the people concerned and like jewelry, and gold inlaid jade high-grade materials Jade Green and red symbol of happiness and people thriving, then, what is the meaning of gold Guanyin pendant?
Jin Guanyin pendant what meaning

Meaning a Goddess of Mercy in the traditional culture of our country has a high status, full name is the South without great mercy to save the victims of the broad sense of inspiration Guanyin Bodhisattva Maha, because rumors of Guanyin Dharma and Pudu life, was hailed as a symbol of the rescue, Is the eyes of the majority of believers patron saint, Guanyin the image of kind words, holding the bottle, but also gives a gentle and kind form.

The meaning of the two, every fortunate, died, the legend of Buddhism in the Guanyin Bodhisattva can save the relief of the Purdue sentient beings, in the face of the crisis when the faith can always bless the messenger through the storm, evil spirits, so wear gold Guanyin pendant with evil spirits The effect and meaning of disaster.

Meaning three, send a child to send blessing, descendants stretches. Guanyin there is a saying, that is, send a child to send blessing, Guanyin also have the idea of sending a Buddism godness Guanyin, a lot of good men and women are hoping to worship by the gold inlaid Guanyin seeking child seeking blessing.

Meaning four, good luck, everything goes well, whether in ancient times or in modern society, unhappy things eighty-nine, so people often pray for Goddess of Mercy blessing, auspicious peace. Away from the desire, inner peace in the hearts of people, Guanyin Bodhisattva is a symbol of holy and noble, such as lotus generally out of silt and not stained, since ancient times, Guanyin Bodhisattva are compassionate, calm and gentle heart, so worship Guanyin Bodhisattva can get rid of people The distractions also teach people calm heart.
Wearing Jin Guanyin pendant on behalf of the meaning

1, jade for the multi-mineral aggregates, there are cleavage, with Tsui, hardness is not great, usually wear or remove, to gently, to prevent the break or broken, affecting the beauty and value.

2, jade is low temperature very high pressure conditions of the product, usually should be careful not to put in the hot and cold, or overcooled hot environment.

3, jade mainly sodium aluminosilicate minerals, do not be placed in strong acid and alkali, to prevent corrosion.

What people are suitable for Dai Jin Guanyin pendant

And there is nothing hard for men and women with what Buddha. The most important thing is to feel good thoughts, and now more popular men wearing a Buddism godness Guanyin female Buddha, in fact, are the same, the key is to wear people are not kind. Like Maitreya, like a large degree of world affairs, and men are grumpy, then hope as Guanyin the same, meditation, in general, according to the ancestors of the argument. Male Dai Guanyin female Dai Buddha. But for reference only. But you have to wear it, you should believe that this, it is still the old man said to wear it.
Brave is the food for food, eat the Quartet of the financial, the Chinese tradition is a “brave” customs, it has driven away the evil, bring joy and good luck magical, and gold created by the gold brave is people Think it is a weapon for factions. With the yellow jewelry in the market coverage of more and more widely, people of gold jewelry also have more requirements. Which is the most popular animal brave brave, people want to buy gold brave for their own Lucky, then, gold brave pendant what meaning it?
What is the meaning of the gold brave pendant?

Meaning one, brave no anus, only to eat, and brave like Diao money to discuss the owner of favor, so Lucky. Placed brave do not face the main entrance, to offset a little. Wearing braids on the body is best to use red rope, because brave is a beast, to use red repression.

Meaning two, there is the role of financial wealth, especially for the biased, income floating who have miraculous, such as sales, business, foreign exchange, stock, finance, color horses, futures, casinos and so on.

Meaning three, brave and the meaning of evil spirits. Brave looks ferocious, in heaven as a patrol of heaven’s work, get rid of demons, rid of the disease plague, brave and skilled, heaven will be away from these fierce evil has been safe.

Meaning four, the role of the town house evil spirits, will have opened the brave placed at home, can make the home run well, good luck to strengthen, drive away the evil, the effect of the town house, become the patron saint at home, The
Wearing gold brave pendant on behalf of the meaning

1, brave is gold and silver treasures for food, and eat only do not pull, belly is a rich capsule, wearing gold brave on behalf of financial resources rolling, Lucky into treasure.

2, brave is the ninth son of the dragon, also known as the day. Official big, power pressing, on behalf of the official transport prosperous, senior officials thick Lu, meteoric rise, meteoric rise.

3, in our traditional culture in the dance brave custom, so you can get rid of evil, bring the role of joy and good luck, on behalf of luck again and again, Fortune.

4, brave can be regarded as success, one of the representatives of the successful work, it symbolizes the cause smooth sailing, fame.

5, brave blessing big life, on behalf of Tai Fook longevity, blessing East to.

6, brave long with a ghosts are afraid of the face, is to avoid evil, disaster relief, the town house of choice.

What is the taboo to wear brave?

Brave in the wear which is not allowed to let other people to touch, brave after the opening of the main body, and after the Lord only loyal to the guardian of the owner and bring wealth, other people will touch the brave of the spiritual power. Bath and intercourse need to be placed before the brave placed in a stable and clean place. Brave is not able to contaminate the blood, if no intention to contaminated, and the need for timely cleaning with water.

What is the meaning of sending earrings to send earrings?

What is the meaning of sending earrings to send earrings?
Earrings are worn on both sides of the left ear lobe, is the closest to the heart of the place, so wearing a love to send earrings, on behalf of life to listen to the voice of love. Many young friends are particularly fond of beautiful exquisite earrings, often can not resist the temptation of earrings. At first, the earrings are people in order to avoid evil exorcism, bless the product of peace, the development of today, earrings have become a female friend love jewelry, but also a lot of friends gifts the best choice. So, what is the meaning of sending earrings?
What is the meaning of the ear studs?

Meaning one, boys send girls earrings: your body has my mark, can only belong to me.

Meaning two, girls send boys earrings: stare you life or Replica Cartier jewelry marry me.

Meaning three, boys send girls right ear nails: I like you, please contact me.

Meaning four, boys send girls left ear nail: Please and I finished my life.

Meaning five, girls send boys right ear nails: hope we can be together.

Meaning six, girls send boys left ear nail: let us hand in hand to see lonely human.

What is the meaning of the ear studs?
Snail lady earrings

The meaning of sending the earring

1, send earrings the earliest time with the role of amulet, so at that time people donated earrings each other is equivalent to the amulet is expressed that the other side of the concern, hope that the other side can be safe, often loved ones or better friends between each other Gift.

2, send earrings slowly develop to a certain stage, between men and women began to donate earrings to express their feelings, because the ancient Chinese men and women expressed the feelings of the special subtle, often not straightforward to say it, often through the gift earrings Of the small jewelry to express their minds.

3, if the girls are donated earrings between each other, often because of the feelings between each other very good, is the expression between the girlfriends affection.

4, and boys donated earrings each other, either because their brothers wearing earrings look better, or is the love of love between the same sex keepsake.

5, send earrings and the ancient superstition, the legendary devil and other demon soul always want to enter the human body, the body, so the human body may be all out of the hole must be particularly guardian, and earrings are worn on the ears Lucky character.

How do the earrings look good with the face?

(1) oval face: this face is our most common, this is the traditional oriental women’s standard face shape. This face is the largest range, almost any shape of the earrings can be worn. Send earrings on behalf of what, but also pay attention to the size of the earrings to be consistent with their overall feeling, with their own body, hair and clothing with the perfect moving Oh!

(2) square face: square face on the face of the need for visual softening of the line. Suitable choice of flower-shaped, heart-shaped, oval-shaped earrings, can be a good way to ease and modify the face of water chestnut, to reduce the face lines too obvious shortcomings. Send earrings meaning, try to avoid the earrings, because the earrings are generally only a good face to wear the appropriate crush, and other flawed face to try to avoid earrings, because it is not only make up for defects, but also strengthen the highlights defect.
Earrings what material good different material earrings the advantages and disadvantages

Earrings common materials are pearls, Choi Po, diamonds, gold, platinum, then ear studs what material is good? The following describes the advantages and disadvantages of different materials, earrings, we can according to their actual situation to choose Oh!
Ear studs what material is good – pearl
Pearl ear nails, pearls have the role of care, pearl commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine, mediocre in medicine must be scared, heat Yiyang, received mouth muscle and other effects, so wearing pearl earrings can play a very good regulatory role, so that the skin exceptionally smooth , Delicate; color Po earrings, color colorful color, the price is not high, elegant and elegant for the love of young women

Earrings what material is good – sterling silver
Generally limited funds in the student period, the choice of sterling silver stud ear is good, low prices and no allergies, generally about twenty or thirty can buy

Earrings what material is good – platinum
Platinum earrings high purity can prevent allergies, platinum process in addition to smooth and faceted; but expensive.

Earrings what material is good – diamonds
Now more people will choose diamond stud earrings, ear a little more than a drill, and not because it is small and it shines, it is to achieve the icing on the cake of the great results.

Ear studs what material is good – gold
Gold color is glittering, but the gold is very soft because the material is difficult to shape, the process is limited, are generally smooth and frosted, and gold earrings ear rods generally thick, so many people do not like

Earrings what material is good – ordinary metal
Ordinary metal earrings advantage is a variety of styles, affordable, or even two dollars can buy a pair of beautiful earrings; shortcomings are easy to allergies, bad for the body.

What studs are good material? The above description of the advantages and disadvantages of different materials, earrings, we can refer to!
In this trend of society, you will see a lot of people are wearing earrings, earrings are pairs of pairs, that is, left ear nails and right earrings at the same time wear. But you will see a lot of people wearing only one ear, especially the boys, is to show their own personality, fashion or other deep meaning? What does that mean?
Wearing right ear nails on behalf of the meaning

1. earrings worn on the left ear of the male is often that single, not married, left ear nail there is a meaning that is intimate meaning, while wearing the right ear nails that men are gay, that is, gay. This argument is generally popular in foreign countries, generally not so much in the country to say that young people want to play in which ears, on which ears to play.

2. with the earrings of the most important meaning is beautiful, but according to modern analysis, especially abroad, left and right earrings have different claims. Such as wearing a left ear nails of men are gay (gay), wearing right earrings of the male is bisexual. Wearing a stud earrings, no matter which ear, are said to be homosexual.

3. boys in the absence of his girlfriend when the left ear earrings means: healing or playing cool, if in the case of a girlfriend, the boys left ear earrings means: you are my favorite. Girls single ear when the left ear wearing a nail means to commemorate a love, accompanied by her boyfriend when the left ear wearing earrings, meaning I want to love the people finished a lifetime.

4. girls wear side which does not matter, if the male band, both sides with no special meaning, if only with the left is also normal, but if only with the right side may be homosexual.

Earrings (earrings) wear precautions

First, to prevent accidental loss of earrings

1. To wear ear holes to select the coarse ear nails, silver needle rod diameter of 0.7mm and above the tight plug;

2. If the selected silver nail <0.7mm plastic stopper can be straddled into the silver needle, can not afford to long-term (this method is our professional wear law, they are not easy to operate);

3. Silver nail behind the small ring (forbidden straight hook), to ensure that will not hang pillow. These three kinds of wear, earplugs should be left with the ears of 2mm gap to facilitate the breathable, on the drug, rotation.

Second, within a month before the earrings accidentally fall off or want to change the other earrings do not wear, and scratch the ear wall caused by inflammation.

Ear hole within one month after the hole, the skin regeneration of the hole there is a process, just forming a thin and tender layer of film, not enough to withstand any slight outside the scratch, this period, such as earrings accidentally fall off, hanging injury Or want to change the other earrings, but found how to wear on the hard wear will cause scratches, bleeding, bacterial infection will be inflamed. A friend said that because of the ear hole slanting to wear in the past, in fact, you want to be really slanting oblique wear should wear through, so in any place piercing ears are asked you not to pick a month Surely, earrings accidentally fall off or for the first time in the case of their own do not grasp the best to find a professional store to help you wear.

Third, the choice of silver nail quality

Change the ear nail when the pain, do not wear and the quality of the earrings, nail head shape, and now a wide range of commercially available earrings earrings, some varieties of processing technology delicate, ear tip cut off after the high temperature firing, The end of a smooth, curved, comfortable to wear; there are some silver ear nail (ring) processing technology is simple, silver nail directly after processing finished products, nail face and nail was 90 °, sharp edges, for some lack of earrings experience Friends, wearing this earrings hanging ear piercing the possibility of a larger.

Fourth, do a good job cleaning care

Some friends have finished the situation has been very good, to the effect did not go to the tube, and sometimes hang after the pain, bleeding and no anti-inflammatory care, leading to ear puff from the pustules. So after the cleaning care is also very important. There are ear holes, alcohol, cotton swab should be a regular product, a month should always use alcohol cotton cleaning wipe ear holes before and after the gap, like every day to wash their faces, ear holes need to clean every day, wounded, bumps also need On the drug care, can not care, only careful care to make the ear hole fast and healthy intact.