What is the meaning of wearing a bracelet?

What is the meaning of wearing a bracelet?
is a rare organic gem, white jade, is also a Buddhist holy thing. is the largest in marine shells, up to 1.8m in diameter.one began in the Han Dynasty, because the surface of the shell has a road was radial-like groove, its like the ancient rut, so called the canal. Descendants because of its hard as stone, in the garage next to the stone word. The pearl, coral, amber in the West is known as the four organic gems in Chinese Buddhism with gold, silver, glass, agate, coral, amber is also one of the seven treasures. So what is the meaning of the bracelet?

What is the meaning of the bracelet?
Miss Snail Bracelet

Meaning a bracelet after thousands of years of growth, absorption of the essence of the month, the magnetic field energy is endless, endless, with a very strong magnetic field energy. With the provision of evil spirits, disaster relief, in addition to evil poly spirit, change feng shui, for the Buddha spiritual repair, for the Buddhist secret treasure, many practitioners will be regarded as for the Buddhist spirit, auspicious things, they believe, Holding the Cartier love bracelet replica practitioners, to purify the corruption, anger, crazy, to eliminate the barrier, disaster relief blessing, the effect of the body to reduce the magic, its power incredible.

Meaning two,  bracelet is for the Buddha to repair the auspicious thing, you can eliminate the disaster solution, evil, the town of evil, body health, longevity, Tibetan Buddhism as the exorcism of the magical treasures. bracelet allows the wearer to purify the body and mind, to enhance the mood to reconcile, inspired intelligence function. Holding its practice of law enforcement has more than doubled morality, and wisdom of the realm. Since the Qing Dynasty officials from time to time to wear the beads are made by the 砗 磲 made, made of Buddha beads in the Buddhist community widely rumored.

Meaning three,  in today’s popular “Buddhist Qibao”, the first row of exorcism. contained trace elements can stabilize emotions, remove distractions, so that the grumpy believers to eliminate trouble, nursed back to physical and mental balance.

In the traditional Chinese medicine, the tail of the shellfish was considered to have the same effect as the pearl, because of its trace elements, shell keratin and amino acids have health care, promote the function of body metabolism, anti-aging and To prevent the effect of osteoporosis, ground into powder often love things.

Wearing a bracelet on behalf of the meaning

1. have a strong magnetic field, can stabilize the patient’s mood, remove distractions, improve insomnia, health care can achieve the effect.

2.  is for the Buddha of the auspicious thing, you can eliminate the disaster solution, evil, the town of evil, physical fitness, longevity, Tibetan Buddhism as the exorcism of the magical treasures.

3. Wear bracelet can also keep fit, enhance immunity, stabilize emotions, prevent aging, play a longevity effect

4. According to “Compendium of Materia Medica” records,  has a very high medicinal value: to cooling blood, lower blood pressure, soothe the nerves scared, especially for sore throat, child blisters more effective.

5. Wearing  can enhance the body’s magnetic field, you can eliminate the trouble barrier, increase the wisdom of self-care.

What are the benefits and benefits of wearing ??

Can cool blood, lower blood pressure, soothe the nerves scared, especially for sore Cartier love ring replica throat, child blister more effective. can be physical fitness, longevity, Tibetan Buddhism as the exorcism of the magical treasures. is both jewelry and blindly traditional Chinese medicine, wear  jewelry on the body and mind have a good effect. “Compendium of Materia Medica” in the records of the town has peace of mind and thirst of blood and cooling effect. After long-term with incredible magic power, such as enhance immunity, to prevent aging, stable heart rate, improve insomnia and other efficacy.砗 磲 bracelet is easy to wear yellow when wearing, pay attention to daily maintenance.
With the change of people’s minds, men are more and more attention to dress up. A line with their own character, grade and preferences of the bracelet can not only set off the temperament of men, but also to others left a deep impression. What do men wear bracelets? Here are some recommended for men wearing a hand string, we can refer to!

Men wear bracelet good

Men wear bracelet good – tiger eye stone bracelet
Because the beads have a kind of tiger eyes, so the name of the tiger eye stone, tiger eye oil luster, glare overflowing, stars glare cat’s eye, the middle also slightly with gold, worn in the wrist domineering, gestures between the natural Temperament will be distributed for her out.

Men wear bracelet good – amber bracelet
Amber bracelet has a long history, high collection and ornamental value, as well as the appreciation of the space, amber absorption of the earth’s aura, a powerful energy magnetic field, can eliminate the disaster, healed frivolous state of mind, fortune-saving special effects, and amber arts and crafts Became the dynasty are royal favorite gems.

Men wear bracelet good – obsidian bracelet
This kind of hand string business more like to add brave. The two together, a symbol of the evil of evil, Lucky treasure into the effect. Obsidian hand string is also full of the audience’s favorite, black jewelry with rough men’s wrist, simple is perfect match.

Men wear bracelet good – Buddha beads hand string
Men’s hand string is now the most people wearing a Buddha beads hand string, lobular red sandalwood hand string, King Kong Bodhi hand string, yellow pear hand string of these most popular. And these three have some special meaning, such as the symbol of men in the future life and work in the smooth water. Evil spirits, security peace, soothe the nerves of the role.

Men wear bracelet good – crystal bracelet
Crystal bracelet modeling exquisite beauty, with health effects. Long time to wear, can up to ease fatigue, so clear mind; improve headaches, joint pain and so on.

What do men wear bracelets? Recommended above for several men wearing a hand string, hope that we can find their own satisfaction bracelet Oh!
Dharma practitioners in the world, in the lower people in the knot, he rescued the doom of the leprosy female Xiao Chan, in the course of time together Xiaocan heart love, which to the painstaking practice of Dharma bring a lot of inconvenience. Bodhidharma arrived in the Cartier nail bracelet replica Northern Wei Dynasty, the state division flow of three Tibet conscious position threatened, they resorted to various means to Dharma drive out of the Central Plains, Bodhidharma and flooded Sanzo launched an indomitable struggle, the final Dharma not only beat the opponent, The ensuing emotional temptation, Zuo Kay Xiaobian so simple to introduce Dharma, then, what is the meaning of Dharma bracelet?

What is the meaning of the Dharma bracelet?
Miss Snail Bracelet
The meaning of a, Dharma bracelet meaning healthy and longevity, blessing, such as the East China Sea, Dharma beard white, is a face charity image of the old man, so the old man wearing a bracelet jade can get it asylum, evil spirits, health and longevity.

Meaning two, Bodhidharma bracelet meaning wisdom and knowledge, Dharma face kindness, eyes deep, there is a sense of great care. According to legend, Dharma itself does not know a few characters, but he humbly studious, devote themselves to practice, a long beard appears that he is wise, a full of economic look. So students wear emerald bracelet can get the spirit of encouragement, under the influence of Dharma, may be able to devote themselves to study, abandon the distractions, wholeheartedly learn to become a knowledgeable person.

Meaning the three, Dharma bracelet meaning the beginning and end of the quality and dedication to the pursuit of perseverance, wear jade bracelet can show the man’s spirit, play to encourage the effect of the spirit of Dama can make men aware of their own responsibility, So as to be a beginning and end, strong and brave people.

Meaning four, Dharma bracelet meaning exorcism evil spirits, Dharma mana profound, you can resist all the calamities and suffering, and there are evil evils, the key moment can save the day.

Meaning five, Dharma bracelet meaning peace of mind, Dharma life and Buddha edge, his six clean, heart as a mirror, is a no greed and desire of people, he see through the Red, no trouble, life flies ease.

Wearing a bracelet on behalf of the significance

1, Dharma for my generation guru, face charity, eyes deep, wings beard, as if into the realm of the big thoroughfare, long and white beard to show his practice and the profound knowledge of the profound, Year-end correction fruit, on behalf of only eight bucket, learn rich five cars, learn something into.

2, Dharma life and Buddha junction edge, six clean, as if the mirror, there is no greed and desire, see through the Red, on behalf of you can remove all the troubles, everything goes well, life is comfortable.

3, Bodhidharma, for our ancestors Zen ancestors, magic can be imagined, you can resist all the calamities and suffering, on behalf of the risk of exorcism, exorcism asylum.

4, the performance of the form of Dharma is usually a long to reflect the thick beard long and white, but still can sit as bell, station like pine, stalwart of the body on behalf of healthy longevity, blessing, such as the East China Sea.

5, Dharma has been able to become the founder of Zen, because he can clear his heart, clear their own pursuit, to be clear heart, perseverance never give up, they can be fruition, the representative to clear their own goals , Once the goal, we must adhere to in the end, so there are beginning and end.

Jade Dharma for the crowd

Students wear: students wear emerald Dharma can give them the spirit of encouragement, I believe that under the influence of Jade in the Dharma, they will meditate on learning, can do both ears do not hear out of the window, put aside all the distractions, plus persist in the end The confidence, so naturally will learn something, learn rich five cars.

Old man wearing: Dharma is a face charity, hair white, beard thick and long and white, full of old man image, but at the same time Dharma can also sit as bell, station like loose, line of wind, plus stalwart of the body Enough to show its health and longevity of the physical quality. Elderly people wear emerald Dharma, in the blessing of Dharma, but also healthy and healthy, longevity; the face of any pain, can be saved; even emerald Dharma can help the elderly to escape evil, from the pain of the disease.

Male wear: male is the pillars of the family, whether it is life, career, love encountered any difficulties can not be back. Wear emerald Dharma can be a good show of male-specific temperament, in the Emerald Dharma’s inspiration, but also to better understand their own men, accurate positioning to their own, and then brave forward, to be a beginning and end, have to play Of the man, will naturally be superior appreciation, the opposite sex of all ages.

Life pressure big people: the increasingly fierce competition in the community, naturally, from all sides of the pressure, trouble can not escape, wearing Jade Dharma, you can make his master six clean, state of mind, such as clear, away from all sorts of Kind of temptation, the natural troubles will be less, life and more natural laughter and happiness, with a good mood to deal with all kinds of things, will be smooth and smooth

Thousands of silver bracelet brand list Thousands of silver bracelet brand which is good

Thousands of silver bracelet brand list Thousands of silver bracelet brand which is good
Buy thousands of silver bracelets where to go? Buy a thousand silver bracelet which brand is good? Now thousands of silver bracelets more and more popular, I believe that these problems are troubled by the problem for many years, many well-known throughout the country thousands of silver bracelet shop competing to launch the new thousands of silver bracelet for consumers to choose, but also actively create their own brand image, we come Look at Cartier love bracelet replica the top ten thousand thousand silver bracelet shop list it.

One, Tiffany

List of reasons: silver on behalf of the brand, style luxury aristocratic silver symbol.

Insufficient: more expensive, is a foreign brand, mainland China store less.

Recommended index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Brand introduction; Tiffany (Tiffany & Co.) is an open in 1837 the United States jewelry and silver company. In 1853 Charles Tiffany mastered the company’s control, the company name is simplified as “Tiffany” (Tiffany & Co), the company has since established the jewelry industry for the business focus.

Second, the old Fengxiang

List of reasons: Lao Fengxiang is the old Chinese, in the industry has a high reputation, many consumers praise.

Lack of: less style, the price is relatively high.

Recommended index: ★ ★ ★ ★

Brand introduction: venture in 1848, the old Fengxiang has gone through more than 160 spring and autumn, is the Chinese jewelry industry century brand. Shanghai Lao Fengxiang Co., Ltd. is created by the development of the old Fengxiang Silver House in 1848. Its trademark “Lao Fengxiang” is also derived from the name of the old Fengxiang Silver House.

Third, Chow Tai Fook

List of reasons: China’s well-known brand, the country most of the prefecture-level cities have branches, a total of more than 2,000.

Inadequate: we only know that buying money to Chow Tai Fook, but do not know to buy silver can also go to Chow Tai Fook

Recommended index: ★ ★ ★ ★

Brand: Chow Tai Fook Jewelery Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Chow Tai Fook Group, which specializes in Chow Tai Fook brand Jade Gold Gold 12 Zodiac Pendant business. It is a comprehensive enterprise which integrates raw material procurement, production design and retail service. It has more than 80 years of history, Is the mainland of China and Hong Kong’s most famous and the largest jewelry brand.

Four, old silversmith

List of reasons: in the northern region has a very high visibility, product design first class.

Insufficient: Southern market coverage is less, less seen.

Recommended index: ★ ★ ★

Brand introduction: the old silversmith to “spread the silver culture, to create a beautiful life” for the mission to “silver” as the media, heritage and carry forward the traditional Chinese culture, “craftsmen” from Xu, committed to the needs of different people to create personalized jewelry The Since the creation of the brand since, has repeatedly with the fashion industry, the performing arts cooperation, by the fashion and the media industry’s attention and become its work and life accessories.

Five, silver age

List of reasons: the domestic outstanding silver brand

Inadequate: due to open days cat shop, Lynx shop prices lower, the impact of the market to join the store.

Recommended index: ★ ★ ★

Brand Description: Sterling silver series, gold-plated series, mosaic series, Thai silver Cartier love ring replica series, the ancient silver series, drawing series, couple series constitute a silver era rich product line to meet the needs of various consumer groups. Each series has its own characteristics, giving people or intellectual, refined, or elegant, natural beauty connotation, a comprehensive interpretation of 925 sterling silver fashion jewelry features and taste.

Thousands of silver bracelet brand which is good

Thousands of silver bracelet brand which is good? Buy thousands of silver bracelet, in addition to beautiful and unique, but also depends on the quality of technology and brand sales, etc., each brand is the good and bad, some very good brand, such as Tiffany, the price will be in a thousand More than two thousand or so, very high, if it is Tuhao class friends, election Tiffany is also a good choice.

If you want to buy three hundred or so thousands of silver bracelet, in the Chow Tai Fook old Fengxiang and other well-known brands can choose a very good, and domestic brands have an advantage, the factory in the country, the company is also domestic, design and transportation Cartier nail bracelet replica costs are low , After sale is also very convenient, it is a good choice. Of course, there are some new brands such as the silver era, Yi Cai Tang silver, seven silver jewelry, the price of two hundred dollars in the days of cat and other channel sales are also good, that is, after-sales need to mail, of course, thousands of silver bracelet if wearing a long time Oxidation black, but also can use their own toothpaste cleaning.

About the legend of diamonds The beauty of precious stones

About the legend of diamonds The beauty of precious stones
Diamonds legend, Zoacui introduces you to the legend of diamonds, provides information on the legend of diamonds, and information about the legend of diamonds at the Zoacai Jewelery House.
Diamonds, which originate from ancient times, deep in the depths of the earth, with endless mystery, with a bright luster, with its scarce, precious, hard, unique and never to the beauty of beauty and make people longing for the pursuit of even worship.
Beautiful diamond legend
There is no kind of gem like a diamond that spread a lot of moving, filled with the temptation of the legend and story. One of the most seductive I am afraid when the number of “Diamond Valley” story. Legend in Central Asia there is a horrible terrible valley, the floor is a diamond. There are birds flying patrols in the sky, underground snakes close guard, the eyes of these snakes can be placed to death. This legend tells the story of the hardships of diamond Cartier love bracelet replica mining. “Brazilian colored diamonds” is known worldwide and can be located in the very desolate area of the Tuokang Tesi River. The locals say that the Tuokang Tesi River is harder than the day to pass through the desolate virgin forest and the endless marsh strip, The snake is a beast. Dutch explorers repeatedly with the raft business circle over the swamp, all ended with a tragic failure. In the story of the diamond, the most touching story than “Feng Le Burton Diamond”. The story tells the story of the Hollywood star Taylor will own cherished Taylor Burton diamond auction, in the hometown of diamonds – Boqing Wana built a welfare hospital, leaving the name of the aromatic name.
Diamond and Imperial
Before the 15th century, only the emperor can wear diamonds, as a leader of the war, the country’s amulet. According to the famous Indian epic “Mahapraboda” records, in four thousand years ago, people use diamonds to decorate their heroes. Ancient diamonds are filled with mysterious, legendary and romantic colors. So some people believe that diamonds are falling fragments of stars; others say that diamonds are gods tears. In the ancient savory era, diamonds are the symbol of the imperial power since the generation, the emperor wearing diamonds as a symbol of strength, courage and invincible. In India, people have embedded diamonds in the Hindu gods on the eyes, you can see people on the degree of worship of diamonds. Europeans once thought that diamonds with disease prevention, evil effect, the Chinese Tibetan medicine also recorded with diamond powder treatment of stomach story. Diamonds are more or reminiscent of many romantic stories and legends. In the 13th century, the law of St. Louis had ordered the ban on all the women’s pilgrims. Even royal princess and aristocratic ladies are no exception. In his view, only the Virgin Mary is worthy of wearing diamonds. The first woman who dared to break the ban was Angelus Sullivan. In fact, she had neither royal nor noble lady, but she was able to transcend the decree by her love of King Charles VII. Since then, the Pilfer diamond is no longer just a symbol of exuberant jewelry.
The meaning of engagement weddings
Engagement diamond ring cut in the left hand insignificant finger on some of the legend of the United States. Believing in Christians believe that this is from the ceremony, the priest holding the ring in order to touch the new left hand, and said: “the Father, the Son, the name of the Holy Spirit.” The last ring worn on the new left hand fourth finger, thus forming the tradition. However, the romantic ancient Egyptians believe that the “love of the pulse” is connected through the left hand ring finger and the atrium. In the Middle Ages, many people believe that diamonds are not only a symbol of love, but also has the effect of maintaining love, it can make the rupture of the marriage to consolidate.

Romans are even more favored by diamonds, and they think diamonds have supernatural powers, so the Roman diamonds are not only used as a carving tool, but also as an amulet.
Diamond quality is good or bad with its own nature, but also with the processing quality. Diamond’s assessment is usually 4C as the standard, ie, the color of the diamond, the Clarity, the Cut and the Carat, and the different countries and regions have their own grading system, the American Jewelery Institute (GIA) and the International Jewelery Union (CIBJO) proposed classification system has been generally recognized. China is the current national standards
Diamonds are almost always machined into faceted gemstones, and the quality of processing is good or bad, and the size of the diamonds, the regularity of the facets, the width of the girdle, the underside and the external flaws are to be considered. With the ratio and degree of modification to be classified into good, good, general three levels.

Diamond often pondering into a round multi-faceted type, it is based on the principle of total internal reflection design. Good cut cut out of the diamond, the light will be reflected from one facet to another facet, and then from the top of the diamond emit a colorful fire color
How to use the naked eye to assess the quality of diamond cutting

Experienced can be experienced, with the naked eye assessment side of the diamond cutting quality.

Specific observation, the diamond table up, and turn the diamond. View the diamond surface brightness and fire color. In general, the proportion of good diamond cut bright, fire color moderate, light stick eyes. When the cut ratio is not very good, such as the same carat two diamonds, the table is too large will appear “big”, but the fire color will be weakened, diamonds look stiff and lifeless; face too small fire strong, when When turning diamonds, the colorful light is so obvious that the diamonds will look smaller.

In addition, in determining the cut, the need to observe the diamond pavilion ratio, the specific observation of the diamond table up, and up and down swing, when the diamond ratio is appropriate, the diamond pavilion should be relatively bright, when the cut ratio When the diamond pavilion is too shallow, the diamonds will leak in the vicinity of the waist to form a circle of white ring like fish eyes; when the diamond pavilion is too deep, the diamond Will be light in the diamond table within the scope of the formation of a gray-black shadow, that is, “black.”
Diamonds are usually cut in the industry

At present, China’s jewelry market sales of diamonds in the industry usually cut its Cartier love ring replica work known as three: Belgian cut, cut in Israel, India cut.

In general, India has a thicker waistline, the overall shape of the symmetry is relatively low, relatively rough processing. Belgian cut the overall proportion of moderate waist thickness is generally about I% ^ – 5%. Diamond fire color, light and so on are more appropriate. Israel cut between the two.

In fact, to determine the diamond cut, not to place names (processing) to judge, and deal with the cut rate of diamonds, the degree of modification to measure, in order to accurately cut the diamond to evaluate.

Cut the side of the calculation is a complex work, there are a lot of side calculation method is generally measured on the diamond scale meter.

Inlaid diamonds cut the amount of side only emphasizes the aspect ratio and pavilion depth than the two specific test the most in the laboratory to complete.

For the measurement of cutting and inlaid diamonds, the use of 10 times the magnifying glass or side of the instrument measurement method, measuring the aspect ratio, pavilion depth ratio ratio to home and the impact of the degree of modification to describe the turbulence.
The world ‘s most important diamond cutting center

At present, the world’s most important diamond cutting centers are: Antwerp in Belgium, Tel Aviv in Israel, New York in the United States, Mumbai, India, Bangkok, Thailand.

Antwerp has a reputation as a “world diamond capital”, where half of the world’s diamond trade is done here, and “Antwerp Cut” is synonymous with perfect cut, and because of the labor force is more expensive and more rough. Tel Aviv has now become the main base for fine cutting and fancy diamonds. New York Manhattan due to high cost of land, the labor force is expensive, generally only processing more than 2 karats of diamonds. India in general to drill small diamond-based, in recent years, diamond processing industry has been rapid development, but relatively speaking, “India cut “Diamond cut less than the other .208 century developed Bangkok diamond plus the next industry to processing 1-10 small drill mainly due to its color gem and jewelry processing and trade center, the next few years it will May be 20 points below the finished product drilling processing trade center.

Brief introduction of eight heart eight arrows

Eight Hearts is one of the diamond professional terms. Also known as “Cupid Cut”. The so-called “eight heart eight arrows” is the use of the world’s top Cupid-style cutting. Perfectly symmetrical eight hearts and eight arrows, accurate and flawless cut is amazing. Eight heart eight arrows together one, metaphor “encounter, love, hint, dream system, the first kiss, lingering, understanding and Shan Union” eight beautiful mood. No matter from any point of view, can see the most bright and most dazzling light, its eight hearts and eight arrows inspire the meaning of love, unparalleled and wonderful Eight heart and eight arrows are symmetrical, like the love of Cupid’s Cartier nail bracelet replica visit, through the heart and arrows of the map, so that love firm. Eight hearts and eight arrows to release the light, but also the advent of love when the dazzling mood to do the most perfect interpretation.
Diamond Grade Rating Related Articles:

Diamond grade evaluation of the color of which color level is the best

Quality and Authenticity of Diamond Grade Evaluation

Classification and characteristics of the clarity level of diamond grade evaluation

A new realm of diamond cutting

A new realm of diamond cutting
The emergence of profiled drill, rich diamond world, so that diamonds emit a ever-changing, colorful light. From the princess square to the heart-shaped, from the drop-shaped-oriented olive-shaped, each shaped drill are hidden without drift attitude and self-advocating character.

Princess square first appeared in the eighties of last century, is developed by BEZAMBER. At that time the drill was only stepped cut (STEPCUT), BEZAMBER to imitate the desktop diamond cutting, bottom cutting to retain the ladder, known as the four bright Cartier love bracelet replica (QUADRILLION). Princess square diamond design and round diamonds, so it looks bright and colorful, showing neat, simple, dazzling style, beautiful brightness and unique cut to make it the best choice to build wedding ring. Princess diamond has a crown angle and the Quartet shape, is the most popular shaped diamond, coupled with cut the personality of the distinctive, so inlaid into a diamond shape simple and concise, male diamond ornaments also like to use this cut diamonds.

“REDCROSS” is the most well-known princess in the diamond drill, appeared in Christie’s London auction in 1918, the last public appearance in the auction in Tokyo in 1973. This diamond weighs 205.07 karats, is a faint golden beige, because the relationship between the cutting, from the front to see the desktop will clearly see a Maltese cross. It is another magical point is that people in the light than the white diamond looks even bright, and placed under the light for some time, and then placed in the dark will see it self-shiny.

Heart-shaped diamonds is one of the most basic symbol of love, with 100% romantic temperament, is the first choice to express love. Due to the close to round diamonds, heart-shaped diamonds also have close to the round pavilion, making a charming color. Is the best choice for men to express their love.

Heart-shaped diamonds have often become the focus at the auction, such as Christie’s auction at New York on October 24, 1996, making a heart-shaped diamond with a weight of 101.31 carats, Level is the flawless level, the size is 30.86 × 31.8 × 17.37mm, was appeared in the auction at this color and clarity level in the largest heart-shaped diamonds, the original estimated price is “pending”, and finally to the standard end.

What are the shapes of profiled drill?

Water droplets are a very sexy diamond, and some people according to their shape of the romantic called “teardrop-shaped”, with the brightness of the drop-shaped diamond-shaped diamond rounded, one end narrowed into a point, the shape is very elegant. Generally as a pendant or earrings, as the ring when the length of the diamond can increase the sense of slender fingers.

The representative of the water droplets is the “De Beers Millennium Star” published by the De Beers Group in 1999. Its weight is 203.04 carats, the color grade is D, the clarity level is no time, and the line proportion is the most Beautiful drop-shaped, 4C conditions are the best, is the world’s ninth largest drilled. “De Beers Millennium Star” debut, is in the De Beers Group London headquarters, by the international star Sophie Marceau hand for the media to take pictures. Diamonds brilliant radiance, shining flow, two light matched, and people could not bear to move the head.

Oval diamonds from the shape of the original stone cut from it, it is gentle and graceful, much like ladylike. In the eyes of the West, the oval and eggs are similar, and the egg also represents the endless, so oval diamonds, meaning the eternal vitality. Oval diamonds have the same brilliant brilliance as the round drill, and by its length highlights the ladies’ fingers slim, thus becoming extremely popular alien diamonds.

Oval diamond was the first to be raised, is the current collection in London, England, “KOH-I-NOOR”, the free translation is “mountain light.” It is actually a nearly round oval, weighing 105.60 karats, it seems very weight. This diamond is one of the oldest known diamonds, and the earliest record about it is the fifteenth century owned by the Indian mausoleous dynasty, and it is legendary that it has a magical power to dominate the world.
Also known as “olive”. Charming, personality, elegant lacquered diamond set in a single diamond ring particularly attractive fashionable women, diamonds narrowed at both ends into the point, so that the ring is more beautiful, by the modern lady’s favorite.

The world’s top 100 drilled, cut into a horn shape less, “JONKERIII” is one of the relatively well-known. There is also a Lesotho III (LESOTHOIII), but also from a huge diamond cut off the original stone. This is also found in South Africa, the giant diamond, weighing 601 Cartier love ring replica karats of the original stone, and later was bought by the pirates Winston, cut out eighteen diamonds, the third largest is a sharp tip of the cut, weighing 40.42 carat.
[Bright love] 18K white gold F-G color 50 heart-shaped diamond ring

Shaped diamonds meaning

Unlike the common round drill, all shaped diamonds are very uncertain, each one is unique, and different shaped diamonds represent the meaning is not the same. Heart-shaped diamonds on behalf of the romantic and emotional, is the best gift to love; princess square and emerald green on behalf of the bright future, to show the wearer’s self-confidence and strong; water-shaped diamond symbol of blood thicker than water is given to sisters And other precious gifts of their loved ones; olive-shaped diamonds symbolize maverick, the same 1 carat diamond, olive tip looks the largest, more by the personality of the ladies of all ages.
Variety of modeling, rich character meaning, rare high-quality cut, so that the diamond has become the darling of the world’s people. But in another case, shaped diamonds are only popular in North America, Western Europe, Australia and South Korea and other developed areas, only in China, Taiwan, a small number of rich people to play appreciation, early in the mainland profiled drill is rare items. The reason is that the alien diamonds in the country to promote the need for a certain process, consumers need to slowly accept this exotic diamond popular; second is the special diamond drill on the requirements of the cut is very strict, the domestic diamond institutions in general is difficult To achieve this level of cutting, promotion is more unable to speak.
In October 2006, the international diamond agency century edge in its international jewelry store Jinan shop held the first special diamond exhibition, in the industry caused no small impact, domestic consumers were able to enjoy the charm of shaped diamonds. Century edge of the international diamond laboratory has been committed to the diamond cutting technology updates and research, decades have overcome several diamond cutting problems, only to diamonds to the domestic public. In addition, Davey Jewelery also made a large web of profiled diamonds on its website. However, like the century margin, Davey so willing to work hard to profiled drill in the domestic promotion, to have several? This situation, more or less restricted the profiled drill in the domestic market development.

Fortunately, shaped diamond or seize the only chance, with its own unique temperament to attract the diamond lovers of the eye. According to the author survey, the domestic market, several major diamond brands such as Tiffany, Kanya’s counter has a lot of customers consult princess square, drop-shaped and other shaped diamonds. Most of the industry experts also predicted that due to the unique shape of its own diamond, the domestic diamond market is about to usher in a wave of profiled diamond consumption boom. In this article is about to be written, the century edge and came the good news, its shaped diamond products series “C · Vatican” is about to market, the domestic market finally ushered in the first special diamond special brand. This is the fortune of the century, it is the blessing of the domestic jewelry industry. It is better to wait and see, open arms to meet the shape of diamonds from the face.

The opposite sex has become a new trend in consumption
Identification and selection:

Focusing on cutting and visual effects. The reason why the price of diamonds are somewhat Cartier nail bracelet replica different, mainly from the visual effects of the differences, and secondary is the difference between their cutting technology.

Visual effect

Princess square diamonds: looks elegant and full, the proportion of coordination, but also the first to enter the Chinese market of shaped diamonds, naturally sought after by the market.

Drop-shaped and diamond-shaped diamonds: Looks not so full, the price of course, greatly reduced.


After forming the more symmetrical shape, the better the reflective effect, the more asymmetric the effect is worse. The best way to cut is made of 57 section of the circular cut, and the emerald is a square cut the way for the best, cat eye is the best oval cut.

Tide Acer 50 points diamond ring price tide Acer 0.5 carat diamond ring how much money

Tide Acer 50 points diamond ring price tide Acer 0.5 carat diamond ring how much money
Tide Acer 50 points diamond ring price, Zokai for you to introduce the tide Acer 50 points diamond ring price related content, to provide the tide Acer 50 points diamond ring price reference information, on the tide Acer 50 points diamond ring price information in the Zuo Kay jewelry Family.
User comments: saw the wave of Acer 50 points diamond ring vvs i-j off the end is about 18000 or so, the price value Well

Questioner adoption: 50 drill, a little collection value, but this color is not how, so the price is high.

It is recommended that you buy more than 50 points of the naked drill and then mosaic ring, select the color high, such as G color above the degree of VS1 or VS2 or SI can be, (because the color visible to the naked eye, clarity can not see, only in the professional The instrument Cartier love bracelet replica can be observed under the diamond itself contains the inclusions and location). But the cut must be 3EX perfect cut, so the fire will be more beautiful color.
Tide Acer 50 points diamond ring price

Our family a diamond ring 50 points, F color, VVS2, 3EX cut, GIA certificate, the price is 15365, and then a PT950 quit is about 1200 or so. Such a 50-point diamond ring only need about 16,000.

Color white, unlike the I-color yellow.
Tide Acer 30 points diamond ring price, Zokai for you to introduce the tide Acer 30 points diamond ring price related content, to provide the tide Acer 30 points diamond ring price reference information, on the tide Acer 30 points diamond ring price information in the Zoakai jewelery Family.
User asked: in the wave Acer fancy a diamond ring, 30 points, clarity F, SI1, cut very good, eight eight arrows, 6500 yuan, right?

User rating: A User: Hello! Counter on the price of the general. Physical store, then the price as long as the general can get.

User: the quality of the store can buy five thousand or so, or 5500 the price can be

User: 6500 price is almost, but it is recommended to go to Chow Tai Sang Chow Tai Fook Lu Fu these big line to buy more assured, and their diamond ring will have a certain discount.
Tide Acer 30 cents diamond ring price

User: 30 points of the diamond price range is relatively large from three thousand to more than ten thousand, depending on the level of your choice of diamonds, which is different from the diamond 4C standard, diamond 4C standard: color (collur) , Clarity, cut, carat, or carat weight of diamonds. Any one will affect the price of diamonds. 30 points of the diamond ring cheaper than three thousand, expensive more than ten thousand, because the 4C level is not the same. Medium level 6000 to 8000 level on the OK, the price is acceptable.
Round face should not wear a collar or by the beads into a large necklace, too much round line is not conducive to adjust the face of the visual impression. If you wear a long necklace or pendant necklace, you can use the necklace hanging formed by the “V” font angle to enhance the coherence of the face and neck.

Square face type, such as wearing a string of beautiful necklace, you can ease the face of the Founder lines. If you wear beaded necklace, bead shape should avoid diamond or square.

Triangular face is characterized by a small amount of forehead, large jaw. When wearing a necklace, you can use long necklace. Because the long necklace after the formation of the inverted triangle form, is conducive to change the mandibular wide impression.

Inverted triangular face, in the general more normal circumstances, showing the characteristics of the width of the full amount of full, This face due to close to the ideal oval, so wear a larger range of necklace, regardless of length, thickness are more affordable.

Long face type, should not wear long necklace or pendant necklace. Because the necklace sagging after the formation of long arc, easy to neck and face together and deepen the impression of long face. Wearing short and thick necklace, nest necklace, collar, are more suitable for long face type.

Face narrow and thin people, if the expression is also relatively cold, it is best not to wear a Cartier love ring replica black necklace, so as to avoid too cold. If you wear a light, flash-type necklace, you can make the face look full and add a little bit of active atmosphere.

According to the skin with diamond necklace

No matter what color, diamond necklace with a certain skill.
Deep skin color, when wearing a necklace, be careful to choose. Generally should not wear light-colored necklace, because in the light-colored necklace contrast, skin color will appear deeper. If the face is black in the yellow, then amber, agate, gold, copper and other colors better. Because the color of these necklaces were yellow tone, and darker than the skin color, which can set off the skin in the coordination. If the color is black and red, then the gold necklace, black Yao stone necklace, amethyst necklace is more suitable, emerald, jade and other green necklace will make the skin more red and black. In most cases, gold, platinum, diamond necklaces are easy to wear with a variety of skin color.

Skin white and delicate people, wearing the color of the necklace will be good-looking. Such as wearing a platinum necklace, silver necklace, pearl necklace and other light-colored necklace, look elegant, and soft, natural, subtle beauty. If you wear amber, black jade stone, amethyst, dark agate and other dark tone necklace, will set off the skin more perfect. Any color of the necklace, in contrast to the white skin, will be more glorious.
Diamond Necklace with clothing:

Wearing a diamond necklace and clothing should be achieved harmony and echo. Such as: when wearing a soft, elegant silk dress, wearing exquisite, fine necklace, looks more moving.

Diamond Necklace & Clothing Color Matching:

The color of the diamond necklace is in contrast to the color of the garment in contrast to the color of Cartier nail bracelet replica the garment. Such as: monochrome or plain clothing, wearing a brightly colored necklace, jewelry can be more eye-catching, decorated in the jewelry, the clothing color is also rich. Colorful clothing, wearing simple and simple necklace, will not be submerged by the colorful clothing, and can make a sense of balance of clothing color.