World famous diamond gem processing center introduced

World Diamond Gemstone Processing Center Daquan World famous diamond gem processing center introduced
Diamonds are bright only through high-quality cut to show, and Belgium’s Antwerp, Israel’s Tel Aviv, the United States of New York, India’s Mumbai with different cutting style and known as the world’s four major diamond processing center.

The world’s five gem processing centers are:

World Gem City – Germany Elder – Oberstein.

Emerald Roughing City – India Jaipur.

Sapphire City – Bangkok, Thailand.

Jade and “Four King One” (referring to Cartier love bracelet replica diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds and pearls) processing center – Hong Kong.

Middle and low gem processing city – Japan Kofu.
World famous diamond gemstone processing center introduced

Antwerp, Belgium – Exquisite diamond processing center. Antwerp is the world’s leading diamond processing center, from the middle of the 15th century began to become the world “diamond capital”, the city 80% of the residents are engaged in diamonds and related industries, processing most of the diamonds for export.

Mumbai, India – Small Granular Diamond Processing Center. India’s diamond cutting has a long history, but its modern diamond processing development is relatively late. India’s diamond processing output in 1966 accounted for only 1.9% of the world, to the 20th century, 80 years, India’s modern diamond processing has been rapid development, by 1992 its diamond processing output accounted for 35% -40% of the world.
New York – Big Diamond Processing Center. New York is the world’s leading diamond cutting center, many well-known big jewelers are gathered here, New York’s diamond processing center gathered more than 400 skilled grottoes, about 2,000 diamond dealers. New York Diamond Center less cutting division, processing area is not large, diamond processing skills, but because of the high cost of manpower, wages to tens of dollars per hour to calculate the cutting costs are higher, so the main processing more than 1 carat large drill , Diamond cutting the difficulty and accuracy of the world famous. American-style rounded round diamond has 58 faces, polished at the end of polished into a transparent octagonal, the edge of the grinding into a transparent facade.

Israel Tel Aviv – exquisite fancy diamond processing center. Tel Aviv has a long history of diamond processing, but also one of the most famous diamond cutting ground. Especially in the fancy cut the world famous, the global diamond jewelry market has 40% of the round drill and 70% of the fancy diamond is cut here processing, with 10 to 50 points. But the processing level is very uneven, polishing also often use traditional tools.
How to choose a wedding ring

Marriage is a major event in life, every procedure, every detail must be carefully, so in the choice of a marriage symbol of marriage, when the wedding ring, even more meticulous.

A small number of people will be married in the wedding ring into the safe trouble, but most people will choose to wear it all day, so choose a wedding ring, we must pay attention to their style, to choose some feel and simple, not too much Exaggerated, regardless of any occasion or wearing any clothing can be lining.

Wedding ring engagement ring and wedding ring two, the former most of the inlaid with precious stones, different gems have different meanings, as detailed below.

Diamond: a symbol of permanent change.

A symbol of passion.

Sapphire: symbolic love like the sea.

Emerald: a symbol of wealth, the image of pure love.

Pearl: a symbol of noble. As for the wedding ring, optional inlaid Cartier love ring replica with the type of gem.
Choose wedding ring need to know things

But remember that take the big and small, to be elegant and elegant, comfortable combination, easy to see simple, is to buy wedding ring three tips.

As for the wedding ring material, should not use gold or gold-plated, otherwise it will give children play and do not seriously feel. Should use gold or platinum (mainly gold), and platinum is more rare than gold, the price is more expensive than gold. Pure platinum refers to PT950, purity of 95%. In general, polished silver and platinum gold and silver color similar, but the platinum is more glossy, not easy to sub-flowers, hardness is much higher than silver, with it inlaid gem, durability is higher than gold, especially Inlaid colorless diamonds, but also shine diamonds bright.
Lovers have what kind of diamond ornaments better

A fine diamond ring confirms sweet love. Since the diamond ring is the first choice for the bride and groom, then what kind of diamond ring is appropriate to send it?

Generally speaking, choose 50 points below the diamond mosaic of the ring, more suitable, both to express love and can be accepted by the general income class, 30,40 points of a single diamond diamond ring is the usual choice for white-collar workers.

Some broken diamond set in the ring, because of its compact design also by a person’s favorite. If the economic conditions permit, then choose more than 50 points better diamond, because more than 50 points of diamonds already have a considerable value, value-added, with a certain investment value.

Pay attention to the weight of diamonds at the same time, we must pay attention to the color of the diamond, clarity, cut, that is, considering the “4c” standard. Heavy weight, good cut (with bright light), pure flaws, color and white diamonds is a good diamond. Buy more than 40 points of diamond jewelry, must not forget to ask the business to produce national inspection department identification certificate.
How to choose the gift of the lovers

It is recommended in the purchase of diamond ring, the best will be able to match Cartier nail bracelet replica the earrings, pendants to buy, so as not to bride jewelry with improper left regret.

Similarly, the bride gave the groom a diamond ring as a token, is also very appropriate. In general, the diamond ring diamond ring diamond ring is appropriate, simple, generous, both gorgeous and not publicity, just to show the owner of the taste. In addition, choose a beautifully crafted diamond watch, give her husband is also very good, both distinguished and practical.

Chanel 1 carat diamond ring price Chanel 100 points diamond ring how much money

Chanel 1 carat diamond ring price Chanel 100 points diamond ring how much money
Chanel 1 carat diamond ring price 1 carat diamond ring, then really can not give you an accurate price, in general, a carat diamond ring price about 80,000 or so, according to their own like to go to their own store inside the choice or like the brand ,
Chanel 100 points diamond ring how much money 100 points diamond ring how much money, which also have to look at the brand ah. There are four other factors that know the diamond ring to see the diamond 4C standard: color (collur), clarity (clarity), cut (cut), carat (carat) that diamond carat weight. Any one will affect the price of diamonds, a carat diamond ring cheap three or four million, expensive one or two hundred thousand, because the 4C level is not the same
Chanel senior jewelry inspired by Ms. Chanel in 1932 launched the first jewelry series of lively and bold, and very fragrant Chanel brand spirit of the classic theme. During the period from 1988 to 2007, LORENZ BAUMER designed senior jewelery for Chanel.
Chanel 50 points diamond ring price diamond and diamond brand Cartier love bracelet replica has nothing to do, and the diamond itself is related to the quality of good or bad. If it is a medium quality 50 points diamond ring in about 10,000. Color G-J, clarity VS1-SI1, cut the quality of EX or VG is the most people choose. Brand Diamond This is so expensive to sell because of its brand value added to it.
User asked: I would also like to set a diamond ring to his girlfriend to marry, Chanel 50 points about how much money?

Questioner to adopt: Chanel 50 points about how much money? Because the price of the ring can not just look at the size of the diamond Oh, but also depends on the diamond cut, clarity and color. In addition to the material of the ring should also be carefully chosen, 50 points diamond ring price will be different. If you are used to propose marriage, I suggest you do not light the pursuit of the ring grams of grams, to see the meaning of the diamond ring, it is best to customize the models, used to marry more sincere, such as Levi’s real name ring , Is a need for men’s real name custom system of the diamond ring, but also meaning “in my name, crown your fingers; life accompanied, I go hand in hand!” Is not the other pigeon eggs diamond ring more profound meaning?
Chanel 30 cents diamond ring price 30 cents diamond ring on the price of the diamond mainly to see the price. Factors affecting the price of diamonds, the international standard is common 4C, the so-called 4C is the diamond carat, clarity, color, cut. The number of Craigs has been determined, the other 3C on the impact of diamonds accounted for about 70 percent of the value of the diamond, and each C are graded. In general, each level difference of about 1000 or so, for our consumers 30 carat bare diamond price is about 3000 or so.
Chanel 30 points of the ring is now the market price is probably more than 10,000 yuan, of course, the price will be different because of the 4C and very different, and different brands of its price is also affected.

Chanel senior jewelry inspired by Ms. Chanel in 1932 launched the first jewelry series of lively and bold, and very fragrant Chanel brand spirit of the classic theme. During the period from 1988 to 2007, LORENZ BAUMER designed senior jewelery for Chanel. You can click here to enjoy these jewels. Since then, Chanel senior jewelry began to build their own creative studio. From the original sketches of the Chelsea Chanel aesthetic universe, to the very detailed craft drawing prepared for the jewelry workshop, all from the hands of Chanel’s advanced jewelry creative studio. Creative studio innovation, Chanel jewelry industry for the infinite vitality.
Dai Mengde 1 carat diamond ring prices in the same brand in the general level, and for those who have a certain economic capacity but not too much to pursue high-priced diamond ring for consumers, wearing a dream diamond ring is a good choice.
Wearing a high-quality and superb level of technology is inseparable, perfect structure, a solid mosaic, exquisite surface treatment, which are your jewelry Zenghui, at the same time, but also a particularly thoughtful for you, is the so-called comfort With the beauty of the same. Processing personnel rich experience, meticulous spirit, superb skills; advanced sophisticated equipment, timely maintenance and updating, the application of computers; improve the production management, multi-channel strict quality supervision. It is all this, constitute a dream of superb level of technology.
How much money is to wear a 100% diamond?

So, what is the price of a carat diamond in the end? After investigation, Dai Meng was a carat diamond ring according to its quality, workmanship and other requirements, wearing a dream of a carat diamond ring in the tens of thousands to wait for hundreds of thousands. There is a need to buy a friend can learn more about the dream of a carat diamond ring in the specific price, you can also dream of the store to the field to look at.

Dai Mengde jewelry is the only brand of Chinese jewelry brand, is the China Gem Association awarded the Chinese jewelry quality well-known brands, and its jewelry jade all by the China Gem Association to provide quality certification certificate, its pure platinum by the National Cartier love ring replica Nonferrous Metals Institute and National Jewelery Quality Supervision and Inspection Center to provide quality inspection certificate, is the largest Chinese national jewelry brand. Shuozhou Dai dream jewelry store to sell jewelry, spread jewelry culture, guide people to “beauty” comprehend, looking for “not the most expensive, but most touched themselves, and their most appropriate jewelry” for the idea of the spread of human truth.
Pirate ship 1 carat diamond ring price 1 carat is equal to 0.2 grams, that is 1 gram and equal to 5 karats, and the general impact of diamond prices are the main factors of diamond quality, color, clarity, cutting, etc., if the relevant factors change, The impact of large diamond prices may be 70% -80%, while the small only 3% or less, so how much money a carat diamond is difficult to define this

The impact of 1 carat diamond ring price factors, as well as business model of the different business. With the popularity of the network, as well as the recognition of e-commerce to enhance the recent years, many new homes such as diamond birds, Kelan, Dai Ouni and other famous jewelery business brand, jewelers use b2c e-commerce operations Mode, which saves the store rent, staff salaries, shopping malls and other operating costs, which in the price than the traditional jeweler more tempting.
Pirate ship 1 carat diamond ring how much money, mainly determined by the Cartier nail bracelet replica diamond 4c standard, diamond 4c standard diamond weight (carat), clarity (clarity), color (color) and cut.

Zoacai [elegance] white 18k gold 100 points / 1 carat men engagement diamond ring ¥ 95889.00

Cartier 1.02 carat, D, VVS1, 3EX, GIA, ¥ 108011 元 [Special offer]

DarryRing Marriage Ring WarmU Warm Love Series Mysterious Jewelery 1 Carat Diamond Ring Price ¥ 134040

Darry Ring Marriage Diamond Ring Simple Four Paws F Color 1 Carat Diamond Ring Price ¥ 130520

How much is the world’s largest diamond

How much is the world’s largest diamond
How much is the largest diamond in the world? At present, the world’s largest diamond-grade diamond is found in January 1905 in South Africa’s Plemir diamond mine, known as the “African Star” “Cullinan” diamond, is a crystal is not complete diamond block, the color is Colorless and transparent, without any flaws, excellent texture, weighing 3106 karats. At that time, the name of the general manager of the mine “Curtinan” to name.

How much is the largest diamond in the world? “Cullinan” diamond imitation Cartier love bracelet was later processed into 9 large diamonds and 96 smaller diamonds. The largest of the pieces is called “African Star No. 1”, water-shaped, set in the British king’s scepter. The next one is called “African Star II”, square, 64 face, weight 317. Carat, set in the British Empire crown.

“Cullinan” because too big, then no one can afford. Later, the local authorities in the German city of Delaware acquired £ 150,000, and on December 9, 1907, the British royal family was presented to the British King Edward III’s birthday. At the beginning of 1908, “Cullinan” was sent to the then author of the most authoritative city of diamonds – Amsterdam, the Netherlands, to the processing of processing, processing costs 80,000 pounds. As the original stone is too large, need to plan in advance to split into a number of small pieces. This is a very difficult job, because if the study is not enough or poor technology, this huge diamond will be broken into a pile of little value of little debris.
Teach you how much money you know about the world’s largest diamond

The cleaving work was carried out by the famous Dutch craftsman about Aschary. He spent a few weeks studying the “Cullinan”, creating a glass model by its size and shape, and designing a set of tools. He first used these tools to test the glass model, the results achieved the desired requirements.

How much is the largest diamond in the world? On February 10, 1908, he and his assistant came to a special studio, with a large pliers tightly clamped “Cullinan”, and then with a special steel wedge placed in its pre-grinding groove The About a heavy hammer hit the steel wedge. “Snapped” sound, “Curtinan” motionless, steel wedge is broken. Aschar had a cold sweat on his face, and in an atmosphere of tension that was going to explode, he put a second steel wedge. And then hard to percussion, this time, “Cullinan” completely in accordance with the expected split into two halves, and Aschal was fainted on the ground.
On the origin of the heart of the diamond diamonds, and ultimately due to a movie. But it also has another name “Star of Hope”. In short, the heart of the ocean diamond means hope, and it is also considered to be unfortunate things, will bring bad fate for the owner, but this is only the history of the fog, and no exact basis.

Ocean Heart Diamond is a bright and dark blue transparent diamonds, is rare treasures, big grain only a few stars in the world, famous “hope” is one of them. The existing diamond “hope”, weighing 45.52 kt, has a very rare dark blue.

Ocean Heart Diamond Price

Everyone has heard of the heart of the sea diamond it! How much do you know Replica Cartier jewelry about it? Speaking of all this will think of “Titanic” in the “Ocean Heart”, today Xiaobian give everyone under the story of the heart of the ocean diamond.

Give you the heart of the next diamond. It has a bright dark blue transparent diamonds, is rare treasures, large particles of the world only a few stars, drilled “hope” is one of them. The existing diamond “hope”, weighing 45.52 kt, has a very rare dark blue. In fact, the film “Titanic” in the “Ocean Heart” prototype is taken from the “heart of hope”. The heart of the movie is a gemstone called Tanzanite, produced in Africa, Tanzania, is not a real diamond. The “heart of hope” is the real diamond, but only one in the world, the existing Smithsonian Institute of the United States.
Ocean Heart Diamond Source: Ocean Heart Diamond About this diamond will bring bad luck story, first out of 1909, when MayYohe and Newcastle Duke divorced, and his marriage and career failure attributed to this diamond The On the June 25 issue of the Times, a journalist in Paris wrote an article saying that the diamond had brought bad luck to many owners. 1920, May to persuade the famous silent film director George? Klein shot a long hope diamond mystery, and personally starred in the main role.

The filmwriters fabricated many stories, such as the discoverer Tawenei was killed by the dog (in fact, he was 84 years old in Russia hospice), and the Malata people fail in the UK and so on. McLean also added some of the characters for this story, even including the Russian Empress Catherine II. These stories, coupled with McLean himself later did encounter unfortunately, for this diamond cast a layer of mysterious color.

Ocean Heart Diamond How much money?
Bright dark blue, peach heart shape, “Ocean Heart” magnificent eye-catching. Ocean Heart Diamond not only represents the pure love, but also the witness of eternal love. Ocean Heart Diamond is almost all the pursuit of perfect love women dream, looking forward to their loved ones can wear a diamond heart for their own diamonds.

Ocean Heart Diamonds of the beautiful love story

On the origin of the heart of the diamond diamonds, and ultimately due to a movie. But it also has another name “Star of Hope”. In short, the heart of the ocean diamond means hope, and it is also considered to be unfortunate things, will bring bad fate for the owner, but this is only the history of the fog, and no exact basis. Now the name of the ocean heart diamond items, or more popular, we have a great understanding of the past has also been a great change.

5 carat diamond price 5 carat diamond ring price

5 carat diamond price 5 carat diamond ring price
5 carat diamond prices, the quality of diamonds determines the price of diamonds, we all know that the criteria for determining the quality of diamonds are diamonds 4c standard, ie diamonds weight, color, clarity, cut, 5 carats diamonds determine the weight of diamonds, the other three factors The most likely to affect the price of 5 carat diamond is cut and color, high grade 5 carat diamond prices may be as high as one million.

5 carat diamond ring price, 5 carat diamond ring can also be said diamond ring score of 500 points, is a very rare pigeon egg ring ring. 5 carat diamond ring price not only count the price of 5 carat diamond but also with the price of 5 carat diamond ring, usually imitation Cartier love bracelet like 5 carat so big diamonds will be used 18k gold or 950 platinum mosaic, the price of about 1000 yuan The

Another different brand of 5 carat diamond ring price will be different, the more internationally renowned brands its brand value-added higher, corresponding to its 5 carat diamond ring the higher the price. In fact, the quality of diamonds and the brand is not much relationship, the visibility is not so high diamond brand such as Zuo Kayi, its 5 carat diamond ring is also a very high quality products.
It is the eternal love of the representatives of many domestic jewelry sites are also introduced diamond ring custom, diamond quality diamond ring style can choose their own, to buy diamond ring of consumers are very good, in fact, Big choice of space, then the diamond ring custom which site is good?

In fact, the custom diamond ring is good or with the quality of diamonds, and diamond quality is almost no relationship with the brand, all brands of diamond quality is to see the diamond 4c. The other is related to the diamond ring style, and some well-known jewelry website diamond ring style is very delicate and therefore attracted a large number of consumers, Darry Ring, Zoca and so are quite good diamond custom website.

Diamond ring custom to which site, diamond ring custom is not just consider the brand, cost is high is the key. Many of the big brands of custom diamond ring are often charged a relatively high value-added brand, the same diamond ring but to spend more money, diamond ring is a luxury, and then spend some unnecessary expenses or not.

Zoukai site diamond ring custom is the best quality diamonds, the most exquisite style and the most real price so that each person to customize the diamond ring are satisfied and has been, Zoucai has always been committed to lead the new diamond consumption trend , Strictly follow the American Academy of jewelry proposed 4C standard selection of diamonds, for consumers around the world to provide a wide range of distinguished services, custom diamond go to Zoukei official website.
1, Cartier (Cartier)

Cartier (Cartier) was founded in France in 1847, the world’s jewelry, watch and accessories field leader, has been the British King Edward VII praised as “the emperor’s jeweler, jeweler’s emperor.”

2, Tiffany (Tiffany & Co)

Tiffany & Co.1837 was founded in the United States New Zealand was made by the silver plate, in 1851 launched the silver 925 ornaments and more famous. In 1886, Tiffany launched the most classic series of diamond ring.

3, Bvlgari (Bvlgari)

Bvlgari BVLGARI – gorgeous Italian jeweler. Bvlgari BVLGARI, in 1884 in Italy to establish Replica Cartier jewelry a high-level jewelry brand BVLGARI Bvlgari, from the ancient Greek and Roman culture essence.

Wuhan diamond ring brand

4, darry ring

In the definition of Darry Ring, life only one, just pass on the true love of love alone. It is also the harsh pursuit of true love, each darry ring custom diamond ring on behalf of a firm love.

5, Chow Tai Fook

Is a comprehensive management of raw materials procurement, production design, retail services business, with more than 80 years of history, the mainland of China and Hong Kong’s most famous and the largest jewelry brand The

6, Xie Ruilin

Many people to this evaluation Xie Ruilin jewelry: bright, pure, shiny, perfect, is the cost of excellence wedding ring of choice!

7, Zhou Dasheng

To 2013, Zhou Dasheng chain reached 2300 scale, covering 32 provinces and cities nationwide more than 300 large and medium-sized cities, favored by the vast number of consumers, has become the largest jewelry chain brand.

8, Kimberley

May 1995, “Kimberly Diamond” officially settled in mainland China, and successfully registered through the trademark, is China’s first diamond-based professional brand companies.

the world’s largest diamond ring picture

The world’s largest diamond ring prices the world’s largest diamond ring picture
The world’s largest diamond ring price how much money? At present, the world’s largest diamond ring is the British jeweler show rare 40 carat diamond ring, this piece of diamond ring is valued at 14.75 million yuan. This ring is designed by the designer to spend a year to build, inlaid with two 20 karats of diamonds. Because it is too rare, jeweler for it arranged a professional bodyguard.
The world’s largest diamond ring

The world’s largest diamond ring of these two diamonds from the same piece of drilling, very match each other. Designer Amy Burton spent a year to create this rare treasure, she also said that the two diamonds are very rare, they have never seen such a big and match each other diamonds. This is for everyone to look at the ring is waiting for a favor of the rich, repayment sold.

The world’s largest diamond ring picture

The world’s largest diamond ring picture. The world’s largest diamond imitation Cartier love bracelet ring is only 40 carats, but the world’s largest diamond is far greater than this, the world’s largest diamond is “Cullinan” diamonds, the weight of 3106 karats, the size of the equivalent of an adult man’s fist. It is pure and transparent, with light blue tones, is the best grade of diamonds.
The world’s largest diamond ring picture

The world’s largest diamond ring picture. The world ‘s largest diamond “Cullinan” was split after. The total weight of 1063.65ct, only “Kulainan” the original weight of 34.25%. By the “Cullinan” ground into nine large diamonds, all owned by the British royal family. 9 of the largest one named “African Star I”, the weight of 530.2ct, pear shape, a total of pondering 74 faces. It is now the largest diamond, set in the British king’s power. The second largest is called the “Star of Africa II”, the weight of 317.4ct, the appearance of square, grinding with 64 faces, it is the world’s second largest diamond, is now set in the middle of the British Empire crown.

The world’s largest diamond ring picture. Because the human hand is too small, so even if the world’s largest diamond inlaid into a ring, but also can not wear, so the world’s largest diamond ring and then big no big place to go. Generally very large diamonds are directly collected, not mosaic, there are like “African Star I” embedded in the scepter, or crown, or inlaid into a pendant to wear.
What is the meaning of a diamond pendant? Diamond pendant, is set in the diamond pendant, when the summer comes, faded thick clothing, revealing graceful posture, nature of the United States and the United States to make every beauty so that every beauty lady want to show in this summer show self Have the temperament, have more attention to the focus! What is the meaning of a diamond pendant? This depends on what shape the diamond pendant, as well as the shape of the diamond, size and so on.

1, diamond pendant size on behalf of the meaning: one, 10 points diamond pendant, very diamond pendant symbolizes the perfect, is the symbol of love wholeheartedly!

Two, 13 points diamond pendant, 13 is a homophonic life, send her a cherished from life, I believe who will be moved.

Three, 25 points diamond pendant, 25 points is also 0.25 carats, careful you in turn will find this is a symbol of 520 Oh, with such a diamond to send her, silent love to believe that she must feel the meaning of Italy.

Four, 27 points diamond pendant, 27 is the wife of the homophonic, love your day Replica Cartier jewelry to send your love token, to express your eternal love for his wife.

Five, 30 points diamond pendant, 30 points diamond pendant already have a certain guarantee value, but also past life, life and future love symbol, this love from time and space constraints, forever. Six, 40 points diamond pendant, 40 is I said that this world you have enough.

Seven, 50 points diamond pendant, 50 is half of the 100, half of you, half of me, they formed a hundred percent of life, which is accompanied by love with life, the symbol of the desire to grow old together.

Eight, 1 carat diamond pendant, one hundred points of the good meaning, I love you, wholeheartedly.

Nine, two carat diamond pendant, I and you formed us, a person’s world alone, two people’s sweet sweet honey.

2, the shape of the diamonds diamond diamonds on behalf of the meaning: First, round diamond pendant: it symbolizes the feelings of trust and dependence, the family always with the responsibility, is the guardian of the representative shape of love.

Second, heart-shaped diamond pendant: heart-shaped diamond pendant is all the shape of the most lovable shape, sweet shape, advocating romantic or distinctive women will particularly like heart-shaped diamond, it is the representative of the romantic love shape, if you want Give her a romantic love, may wish to heart to drill to express it!

Third, the emerald-shaped diamond pendant: it looks simple and stable, a symbol of the piano and Ming, is purely representative of the shape of love, usually in simple and compact design style show, to show women’s classical elegance.

Four, drop-shaped diamond pendant: the shape of the water drops like an angel’s tears, lovely, very beautiful. Water droplets modeling no one does not like, people born hydrophilic, shining bright.

Diamond pendant style meaning Daquan

Diamond pendant style meaning Daquan. First, the classic wave point diamond pendant. Simple and concise, simple and concise, atmospheric fashion, and because it is package set, no claws, smooth and clean, easy to hook clothes, suitable for everyday wear. Simplicity is beauty, no matter what the first case, it can be an indispensable companion to you.

Second, group of diamond pendant. For example, Zuo Kayi electric shock pendant, by a large main drill, and 10 small drill group inlaid, very obvious drill, shoulder kar effect pendant. Speaking of group craftsmanship, many of the jewelry industry’s luxury masterpiece has adopted a group of inlay craft, it is more expressive, more delicate visual effects, of course, the producers of the manual process more stringent, usually only experienced mosaic master side Can skillfully control.

Third, the romantic heart pendant. Heart-shaped diamond pendant, with the heart of the shape, with the name of love, from the heart to release the power of love. Full of deep feeling, contains a designer of the deep understanding of love and deep blessing, bearing in mind the happy times in life, the real interpretation of the A DIAMOND IS FOREVER.

Custom Marriage Ring

Custom Marriage Ring
You can go to a lot of places, and even now many well-known jewelry stores can choose to customize, so you want to custom diamond wedding ring, you can choose a lot of stores, but in the end which is more suitable for you, can make you satisfied, then No way to make it clear, after all, everyone like the jewelry store are not the same, so you want to buy marriage diamond ring, or according to personal budget to their favorite jewelry store selection custom bar.

Custom marriage proposal diamond ring is generally the price of their own 3 months to customize, more sincerity, to marry a very high consumption, which marry diamond ring accounted for Bacheng expenditure. We can see the modern popular marriage Cartier love bracelet replica ceremony is the man with marrying diamond ring, flowers, kneel to the woman in person, do not do enough to be the woman that sincerity is not enough, if the diamond ring is small, but also the performance of good enough friends.

If you want to go to the same price, buy a bigger and better diamond ring, so that his girlfriend can agree to marry, you can go to the Internet to buy, such as Zoca, diamond bird, BLOVE and other online well-known brands, the price will be higher than the traditional brand Discount about 50%, the price is very high. Among them, Zuo Kayi in the country has more than 100 physical stores, really do not want to buy online, you can also go to Zoacai and other emerging brands of physical store to buy, the same price concessions! Can also be optimistic about the official website, and then make an appointment to the store to buy, when the shop is more critical.

In fact, the most important thing is to have a sincere heart, if you are really in love, and the bag shy, you can also buy a small diamond ring, and so rich, and then send a large. And not love people, even if someone sent another big diamond ring, but also will not promise to marry him. Custom Marriage Diamond ring to clear the wedding proposal is how much the budget, that is, the new economic capacity of their own, to determine the heart of the heart to accept the price to buy, so that was guided tour of the nose holding the nose, buy back and feel overrun regret, so It is worth the loss.

Custom wedding proposal is the most important selection of bare diamond, bare diamond is the most expensive diamond ring, and select the bare drill, it is best to understand the diamond 4C. The same weight of bare drill, clarity level, different color levels may lead to a lot of price difference, if it is ordinary people from wearing, then consider the cost and their own budget, choose a slightly lower clarity of diamonds, personally feel VS and SI1 can, The color of the lowest to G diamonds, the naked eye almost no flaws can not see it. Because the color is low, then with the naked eye to see will be rare little yellow, of course, not everyone can see.

Diamond ring custom online is now very popular, after all, from 2004 onwards, the Cartier love ring replica diamond ring has been sold online, was the first to sell diamond ring online is Zuo Kayi jewelry. To now more than a decade has passed, people from the beginning of the mistrust, to more and more people online custom diamond ring jewelry, online custom diamond ring is more and more confident!

Diamond ring online customization want quality can be guaranteed, it is best through the official website of the diamond ring to buy. General professional diamond ring brand has a network of the nature of the official website of the official website, through the official website to buy, the risk greatly reduced to ensure the quality of the product at the same time, can be more patient authority on the diamond ring of knowledge, aftermarket is more secure.

Diamond ring online custom can also choose a store business, and now quite a lot of well-known jewelry brand, in most parts of the country opened a store, such as Zuo Kayi, in the country has opened more than 100 physical store , In the Zoukai official website, you can look at the physical store, online single custom. Can also be optimistic about the official website, contact the jewelry consultant to understand the diamond 4C and other knowledge, let the jewelry consultant to the physical store to see the physical custom, more convenient and fast security.

Diamond ring online customization is the most important part of the choice of the right bare diamond, bare diamond selection criteria is 4c standard. Ie weight, color, cut, clarity. Weight: Carat is a common unit of measurement for diamonds and other precious stones, 1 carat expressed as “1.00ct”, its weight is 0.2g, although it looks very light and small, but in the world of diamonds, 1 carat Diamonds are already great.

Color: Divide the rank according to the letter D to the letter Z. Diamond color from the D-class colorless start, the more close to Z with the deeper the yellow or brown. When we choose, I-color diamonds is the minimum requirements, and generally only apply a small carat diamond, such as 30 points, slightly larger diamonds are at least in the H color above, if you take into account the investment collection, then only in D, E, F three colors selected.

Cut: even if the diamond color no matter how good, there is no good cut, the diamond is still no bright light. If only used to set the diamond mosaic, cut the level to VG level can be. Clarity: diamonds are naturally formed gems, there will be a variety of natural flaws, flaws in size, how much and location will affect the value of diamonds. In our diamond customization, the importance of clarity depends on the size of the diamond, 30 points diamonds, SI1 clarity is also good.

Beijing ring custom tailor-made in the brand store can be tailored, and some sell the ring gold shop can be customized ring, ring custom can be customized gold ring, platinum ring, K gold ring, but inlaid diamonds or precious stones ring material only Can be customized with platinum or K gold, because the gold is too soft, inlaid diamonds or precious stones is not strong.

Beijing ring custom style, the best embodiment of the specificity of the custom. The style of Cartier nail bracelet replica the ring can be selected according to their own preferences, and can also be provided by their own like the arrangement of the models, customization belongs to you in TA’s exclusive love witness. Such as a lucky figure, a private symbol, a favorite animal, a favorite pattern can customize the creative source of the ring.

Beijing Ring Customization If it is custom diamond ring, then the core of the value of the ring on the diamond, and its cost is much greater than the ring 2 times or more. In the selection of diamonds, to do a good job budget, according to their own economic capacity to select their own diamonds. Diamond must have international authority certificate, such as GIA, IGI, HRD and so on. Because the bare diamond in terms of certificate is like identity cards, certificates are guaranteed. After the customization, you can use a magnifying glass to check the waist of the diamond to see there is no corresponding to the laser code, to prevent being drilled.

Beijing ring custom are generally free lettering, you can engraved in the ring above the touching phrase, the date of the wedding or both the name or love symbols and so on. If you decide to want to carve their own personal things, you have to think about what to cut out. The traditional approach is to engrave the name of two people or the date of marriage, more personalized, such as two people’s constellation or zodiac pattern.

Beijing ring custom custom in the election after the ring, be sure to ask the price, to avoid the balance when the sky was asking price, when the pit on the big. Diamonds or gem prices can be compared at home to come out, then you can compare the price of the way to stay, after all, the cost is the whole, it is best not because of a bare diamond drill a share, blindly settled down, Or to shop better than three only.

10 carat diamond ring how much the price

10 carat diamond ring how much the price
This problem is from our ordinary people’s life, is indeed a very distant topic, ordinary people may have seen never seen ten million so much money, like many people estimated that life has not seen a few 10 carat gorgeous diamond ring The But this does not prevent us as a simple happy happy love. Even if the stars are shining between the 10-carat diamond ring pigeon eggs, my fingers flashing 50 points of the bright, as long as in your eyes, only my smile is the most sweet, my face is the most valuable, then, I The face of the flower smile, that is not even less than they even half a minute.

10 carat diamond ring how much money? 10 carat diamond ring price is based on the diamond 4C level to decide, the general price of about 500-1000 million, of course, the brand is not the same, the price is not the same, 4C standard is the car Carat Cartier love bracelet replica weight (Carat Weight), clarity (Clarity), color (Color), cut (Cut), they are together to determine the price of this 10-carat diamond ring. So the higher the level, the higher the price, and 10 carat diamond ring is of course the value of extraordinary friends.

10 carat diamond ring This is the ordinary star are afraid to look forward to the big carat diamond ring, 10 carat diamond ring price is at least a few million to tens of millions. Diamond pricing is based on the “4c” parameters to the same time combined with fluorescence, milk green situation, 10 carats of diamonds is very rare, the price is not low, but according to different indicators, the price range is very large. We all know that diamonds forever, a permanent spread It is true that diamonds are permanent.

In fact, the ring is not its size, nor is it its value, not the higher the price, you can more representative of the love you love her heart, the most important thing is the meaning of the ring, Zuo Kay has been adhering to the exploration and The spirit of innovation, the creation of a persistent attitude, innovative interpretation of meaningful jewelry aesthetic style. In Zoac, we often say that a piece of jewelry engraved with a journey of time and soul, can accompany you in the long time for a long time, those minds of the imprint, have been engraved in the jewelry one by one.
Darry ring how much is the price of a carat diamond ring? Darry Ring is a jewelry brand dedicated to marrying a diamond ring and spreading romantic love culture. It is part of the Hong Kong Dai Rui Jewelery Group Co., Ltd., providing a perfect diamond ring for every lover. Darry ring officially stationed in China’s inland, began to “life only one” unique custom interpretation of “life, only true love” moving concept. Now, darry ring has become a very romantic jewelry industry to marry the diamond ring brand. Then darry ring a carat diamond ring how much money?

Darry ring how much is a carat diamond ring? Darry ring a carat diamond ring price does not have a standard market price, because the diamond ring price is mainly affected by the diamond “4c” standard, this “4c” includes color, clarity, weight, cut. In addition, the diamond ring brand, diamond ring style and sales methods also have an impact on the price of diamond ring. Take the real love diamond ring “darry ring”, now darry ring a carat diamond ring price market price is between 30,000 to 130,000. And Zoacai a carat diamond ring prices generally in the 2 million -10 million or so, depending on the diamond 4C standard.

A carat diamond ring price is set in the mosaic above a bare diamond, bare diamond directly affect the price of diamond ring, and now the diamond is not produced, only the international standard, the most common is the GIA rating standard, which is usually Say 4C. But the essence of diamonds is the same, regardless of the brand and origin of diamonds, in fact, each diamond is unique, from the formation of diamond harsh conditions, to the finished product, are the same. Each diamond is given a unique nature of nature, is not copyable works of art. So I suggest you do not have to be too much to pursue the brand, a carat diamond ring price is important or look at Cartier love ring replica the quality of 4C.

Darry Ring spend a lifetime 1 carat diamond ring, drilling weight 1.00, diamond clarity VVS2, diamond color F, diamond cut 3EX value 130520 yuan

Darry ring forever eternal love 1 carat diamond ring, drill weight 1.00, diamond clarity VVS2, diamond color F, diamond cut 3EX, price 130520 yuan
Since 1837, Tiffany & Co. Tiffany legend master style, witnessed the world countless to the beauty of love story. Tiffany first published in 1845 the Blue Book catalog, this yearbook will show all kinds of superb craftsmanship and unparalleled design, the world’s most dazzling, elegant and elegant new luxury jewelry series to meet the arrival of the fall. These rare gem to create a touching masterpiece is the global experts eagerly look forward to the jewelry treasures, once the market will attract many fans after another, competing to buy. How much is the price of Tiffany diamond ring?

Tiffany diamond ring price can not have a certain number, because the diamond ring itself, the price to be affected by the quality of 4C, like cut, color, clarity, carat weight, these configurations are different, also determines the diamond ring itself The price is different. Tiffany diamond ring price is more expensive than other diamond ring, because it as an internationally renowned brand, a brand premium, this is normal, many big brands will be like this. Here Xiaobian know a well-known brand name Zuo Kayi jewelry, Zuo Kayi 020 online and offline implementation of the marketing model, you can buy online booking store, remove the worries of consumers, save a lot of the middle of the cost, Consumers bring economic benefits, the price is quite cheap, but also very popular with young people.

Tiffany is established in 1983 in the United States, the world’s top 500 brands, known as Cartier nail bracelet replica diamonds, the world’s luxury goods Tiffany, so its price is very expensive, higher than the ordinary jewelry brand diamond ring price a lot. Tiffany diamond ring the most important part of the price is a diamond, which is not only related to the whole diamond ring bright or not, but also related to the value of this diamond ring. For ordinary working-class friends hope to stop, buy the ring is not to say that more expensive to work, according to their own economic strength, the most important is its meaning, a symbol of two people’s love and commitment.

Bare drill 30 points how much money

Bare drill 30 points how much money
Bare drill 30 points in the price of more than two thousand to 9 thousand yuan, more than two thousand is shaped diamond, fineness in the next, more than 9 thousand is 30 points are the top of the bare drill, because 30 points is more Small diamonds, so the price difference is not, only a difference of about 7 thousand.

Bare drill 30 cents how much money? Bare drill 30 points price is very much, 7 thousand or so you can buy fineness good 30 minutes bare drill, bare diamond are generally inlaid into diamond ring, when marrying or marriage gift, diamond ring pure, eternal, rare, people put it Metaphor for the “love keepsake”, 3 to buy 0% naked drill made into a diamond ring has become the trend, for many people in terms of working class, its price is very easy to accept.

Bare drill 30 cents how much money? Bare drill 30 points how much Cartier love bracelet replica money, you can choose according to personal budget to the right price of bare drill, and then through the design, with their favorite diamond ring, this way by many people respected. In the selection of bare diamond, diamond certificate is essential, it is best to choose a GIA certificate of bare drill, in the purchase of the most important thing is to clear the diamond flower 4C, and called the business issued a diamond certificate, will be more secure.

Bare drill 30 cents how much money? 30 cents the price of bare drill is relatively affordable, most of the working class can accept, at the time of purchase, it is best to shop around, choose the most cost-effective, and then buy. Bare drill 30 points different brands, even the same level of diamond prices will have a greater difference, and in fact the pros and cons of diamond ring is judged by the diamond 4C, and the brand is not directly related, so we buy As much as possible to shop around, choose the best price of the best business to buy, such as Zouka good, cost is very high.

Bare drill 30 cents how much money? 30 minutes bare drill about 5 thousand people to buy, because the parameters belong to the upper, fineness good, cost is also quite high, the price is more cost-effective, suitable for many new choice. Bare drill 30 points will not be too small, it will not be too cheap, just can accept, so 30 minutes bare drill is very popular. At the time of purchase, if you want to buy some of the more cost-effective, you can choose Zuo Kayi, Zuo Kay’s 30 cents bare diamond relative to the traditional brand, the price will be preferential 30% to 50% Guaranteed, and there are physical stores, easy cleaning and maintenance.
2 carat bare drill price between 70,000 to more than 600,000, to the two karats such a large diamond, different levels, different shapes, the price difference is very large, a difference of nearly six hundred thousand! However, more than 600,000 of the 2 karats bare drill, the level is the top, so the price is relatively high, the upper level of 2 karats bare drill, do not have to be so expensive, the price of more than 200,000 can buy.

How much is it going to be? 2 carat diamond itself is valuable, so we in the purchase Cartier love ring replica, we must understand the attention to the purchase of the matter, so as to be able to buy an inexpensive bare diamond. In particular, the current jewelry brand is very much, we have to shop more than three, more understanding of diamond-related knowledge, and then in accordance with the price of different jewelry brands and 4C standards to assess.

How much is it going to be? 2 carat bare diamond prices will be more expensive, so in the purchase, we must not ignore the diamond certificate to view, diamond certificate is the identity of each diamond description, especially when we buy this expensive two carat bare diamond, must To compare the information of this bare diamond with the diamond certificate carefully, to see whether there is a difference between the diamond and the certificate, once found between the diamond certificate and the physical difference, this time we have the best choice, the best certificate Is to choose GIA certificate, diamond will correspond to the waist code, to prevent the possibility of fraud.

How much is it going to be? 2 carat diamonds themselves are within the range of large carat diamonds, so its base price is naturally not cheap. Followed by the two carat diamonds also contains the color, clarity and cut, the most important of which is the two karats of diamond cut, the reason why diamonds can show a perfect fire color, with the cut process is inseparable , So in the purchase must cut the diamond carefully observed.

Followed by the color and clarity of diamonds, it can be said that these two aspects of the price of diamonds have a great connection, the same two karats of diamonds, if the color and clarity difference is relatively large, then the price will be very different, but We buy two karats of this large diamond, the best choice of high degree of clarity, color level close to colorless, so that the bare diamond is not only more bright, but also has the potential for appreciation.
Diamond ring is a couple or between husband and wife gifts of beautiful jewelry, usually by the man’s birthday or holiday to send the woman, and marry and get married, the diamond is also sent, so the diamond ring is a witness of love, love everyone love ~ diamond ring now The price, there are hundreds of thousands of tens of thousands, and more expensive also, usually usually give away the words, the purchase is generally hundreds to thousands of months, marrying or marriage, is to send a few million or so diamond ring.

How much is the diamond ring now? Diamond ring price is very rich, no you can not buy, only you can not think of the price! Diamond technology has always maintained a traditional design, it will not devalue, and to attract consumers. Even if your salary is not high, you can still find a Cartier nail bracelet replica ring for your spending power in the jewelers such as Zoac. If the economic conditions permit, then choose more than 50 points better diamond, because more than 50 points of diamonds already have a considerable value, value-added, with a certain investment value.

How much is the diamond ring now? Diamond ring prices are mainly affected by the diamond 4C, but the diamond 4C is what? Diamond 4C, refers to the color of diamonds, clarity, weight and cut, the same diamond ring, diamond color if the colorless and transparent D-class, clarity to IF no time level, with EX grade cut, Made the diamond ring prices are often much higher than the level of drilling a lot, and the greater the diamond ring, the price difference will show a geometric rise.

How much is the diamond ring now? Everyone in the purchase of wedding rings will certainly ask the price, know the price, but do not know how much money to buy wedding rings more appropriate, in fact, wedding ring price is more money is no clear request, which is mainly based on personal The preferences, the budget to buy, buy for their own, the price can be accepted, do not buy too expensive on it.

De Beers diamond ring price

De Beers diamond ring price
De Beers Group is the world’s diamond industry cartel, multinational companies, one-stop service to dominate the world nearly 40% of the diamond mining and trade, in marketing, the most familiar is the phrase “diamond forever, one A Diamond Is Forever, the diamond as a symbol of love and commitment, greatly enhance the consumer demand for diamonds. De Beers loyalty to the symbol of love around the diamond immortal emotional value Cartier love bracelet replica of the consumer love elements of the mining, developed a customer’s emotional needs, to create a new concept of the market, then De Beers diamond ring how the price? The

De Beers diamond ring price

How much is De Beers diamond ring? In the De Beers diamond ring brand style, such as 1 carat diamond ring color, clarity, cut, these are the importance of the price level, the best level of 4c is the top, 1 carat VVS, the color at the DF level Of course, that the diamond ring is of course the bigger the better, but as a working-class newcomer if you feel the pressure or you can select the diamond scores smaller diamond ring, as long as the sincerity declaration with the sincerity of the declaration, even if the diamond ring did not So high prices, suitors of the mind, is also priceless.

How is the price of De Beers diamond? De Beers diamond jewelry company, inherited the excellent tradition of De Beers, high-quality diamond has the most professional right to speak. De Beers diamond ring is occupied by 40% of the world’s diamond mining and trade group, headquartered in Luxembourg, founded by Cecil Rhodes 1888, De Beers diamond ring, we should be familiar with that “diamond permanent Far, a permanent spread “, the diamond and love and commitment to link, to stimulate people’s purchase needs.

De Beers diamond ring price

De Beers diamond ring expensive expensive? De Beers diamond ring price is more expensive, after all, De Beers Group accounted for nearly 40% of the world’s diamond mining and trade, De Beers diamond jewelry Bridal series, through the beautiful design to express the eternal love, praise the life of the Love is one of the more expensive ones. Dai Beers diamond ring price is a large part of the brand’s added value, but as a French luxury goods company, the diamond ring is also high prices are understood.
Luk Fook Group was founded in 1991 by a group of senior jewelery professionals Cartier love ring replica and was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in May 1997. Luk Fook Jewelery is a very powerful jewelery company that has been committed to jewelry for many years. The design and production, many years of heritage experience makes them for the quality of the product particularly fancy, quality service is also particularly welcomed by everyone, Luk Fook Jewelery Diamond Ring believe that many people want to buy, then how about the price of Lu Fu diamond ring?

Liu Fu diamond ring price

Liu Fu diamond ring how the price? Luk Fook Jewelery is not only a good product, and Luk Fook Jewelery after-sales service is first class, if you want to customize the product, Luk Fook Jewelery will be one-on-one full service, until you bring the best products. Lufthansa jewelry each piece are equipped with the authority of the jewelry identification agencies recognized the authenticity of the certificate, the quality of absolute guarantee, the customer by virtue of goods and warranty can be more than 1,300 Lufo jewelry stores around the world to enjoy the same in the store to buy the same after-sales service The

Liu Fu diamond ring how much money? Diamond is a standardized product, its price has nothing to do with the brand, mainly to see the diamond certificate on the diamond 4C level, remove the brand value according to the diamond 4C level, Zuoai Yi a carat diamond ring price between 20,000 yuan, according to Different brands of influence added value, the same quality diamond ring price is not the same, Luk Fook Jewelery is well-known diamond brand in Hong Kong, it’s a carat diamond ring price should be 4.5-13 million or so, the specific how much money mainly to see the diamond level.

Liu Fu diamond ring price

Liu Fu diamond ring expensive expensive? Luk Fook Jewelery, it can be said that the domestic more famous jewelry brand, and its diamond ring price than some ordinary jewelry brand diamond ring more expensive, familiar with the diamond people know that the diamond ring can be measured by the diamond 4C standard one The quality of diamonds, that is, the color of diamonds, weight, clarity and cut, the color accounted for 15% -20%, cut 20% -35%, weight 40% -60%, clarity of 15% -25 %. Then, coupled with its brand value-added costs, diamond ring price difference is great.
Zhou Dasheng China’s well-known jewelry brand, Zhou Dasheng is also loved by love Cartier nail bracelet replica jewelry brand, Zhou Dasheng’s scale is very large, as one of the top ten jewelry brands, it is now more than three hundred cities in the country opened a chain, as China Jewelry chain brand, it has entered the top 500 in Asia, so Zhou Dasheng brand strength, Zhou Dasheng each diamond has its unique beauty, all represent a love heart. We believe that diamonds are blessed with love, so in the top of the process into the treasure, then Zhou Dasheng diamond ring how the price of it?

Zhou Dasheng diamond ring price

Zhou Dasheng diamond ring how the price? Zhou Dasheng jewelry is the first in Shenzhen won the well-known trademarks and brand-name jewelry enterprises in China, in 2013 entered the Asian brand 500, is the Chinese jewelry jewelery jewelry demonstration shop, Zhou Dasheng jewelry adhere to the dedication of the customer, send love, the diamond beauty Sent to the hands of every lover. Zhou Dasheng diamond ring price mainly by the diamond 4C level to measure, in addition to the diamond level, Zhou Dasheng diamond ring price and ringing material is also related to the market today, the material is mainly by the platinum and K gold, K gold price cheaper than platinum.

Chow Dasheng diamond ring how much money? Price issues are often people’s concerns, then how much money Zhou Dasheng diamond ring price? We know that the price of diamonds based on the diamond 4C level to measure, each one to achieve the standard diamond, there will be a certificate to prove its 4C level, when buying diamonds should pay attention to whether the business can give you a formal diamond certificate, Diamond prices more than a few million or so, the specific price depends on the level of diamonds to give a more accurate data.

Zhou Dasheng diamond ring price

Zhou Dasheng diamond ring expensive expensive? Such as Zhou Dasheng this big brand diamond ring price than some other small brand is certainly expensive, it is because Saturday fame, have their own culture and heritage, which will give value-added products, which makes the diamond ring will be higher prices Some, if you are not deliberately pursuing a big brand, you can also choose to go to some jewelry to buy electricity, so the price will be much cheaper, such as Zouqi jewelry is a good choice.

Diamond earrings how much money

Diamond earrings how much money
Relative to the ring, the earrings of the history of a more long, earrings called “珰” ancient books have words: “ear ear beads called ‘珰’. Previous earrings are mostly jade earrings, with the rise of diamonds in the beauty industry and popular, diamonds Earrings gradually become a dress with the embellishment of things, the finishing touch of the pen. A variety of diamond earrings impact of people’s attention, then how much a pair of diamond earrings?

If the diamond ring is passing love, then the diamond earrings highlight the personal charm, sometimes wearing a diamond earrings in the ear will become the most obvious feature of a person, the book likes to say: “a makeup wearing a diamond earrings Cartier love bracelet replica Woman, smiled at him kindly. So how much kind of diamond earrings how much money? And diamond-related jewelry will not be cheap where to go.

Diamond earrings the price is closely related with the diamond, according to style design, embedded in the earrings on the diamond is large and small, large diamond earrings price is more expensive, and according to the diamond 4C standard, divided into different grades of high quality 50 points diamonds Earrings prices to tens of thousands of dollars.

If the diamond earrings inlaid diamonds is a small diamond, or the quality and its ordinary diamonds, then the price of diamond earrings is not expensive, of course, how much money diamond diamonds not only with the diamond, but also related to the material of the earrings, platinum because of high purity, On the human skin without any sensitive role, coupled with texture and said diamonds, so platinum diamond earrings are very popular, the price is more expensive.

Finally, the brand will also play a role in the diamond earrings in the general brand to buy diamond earrings, 10 cents a pair of diamond earrings about three thousand dollars, if the big brand counter purchase price will be doubled, diamond earrings Mosaic mostly small Cartier love ring replica drill, mainly used to embellish life, so as long as the style like, in the network diamond brand to buy, the price will be more affordable.
More than 5 carats of diamonds are called pigeon eggs, the price of millions of dollars, 18 carats of diamonds on the weight is more than three times more than 5 carats of diamonds, the price is naturally expensive to climb, the diamond is the most dazzling gem One, it is indulge, it is bright, pure, dotted with the United States, the greater the diamonds, the more sought after, then 18 carat diamond value how much money?

(Including color, clarity, weight, cut), the parameters of different levels, 18 carats of diamonds are also different prices, and the diamond has nothing to do with the output of the diamond , When the business because of the diamond’s intention to raise the price of diamonds, the purchase of drilling when you need to be careful.

Diamond is a luxury, expensive and no doubt, the purchase of high-priced goods, quality assurance is very critical, so the purchase of 18K carat diamonds need to buy a formal place to buy, must remember to obtain a diamond identification certificate, identification certificate Mark the parameters of the diamond, these parameters are the authority of the rigorous procedures identified, but also determine the value of 18 carats in the end how much money.

Like 18 carat so big diamonds is good, the price is astronomical, with 18 carats of diamonds Replica Cartier love bracelet are generally extraordinary income, such as millionaires, celebrity stars, diamond investors have 18 carats of diamonds is also temporary, but want to diamonds The price rise period of sale, earn a profit only, for ordinary people with 18 carats of diamonds is not realistic, so 18 carat diamond value of how much money do not have to be too concerned about.

18 carat diamond is difficult to have, but 0.18 carat diamonds for the new people is not a difficult thing, a 0.18 carat diamond, the price of a thousand or so, plus the cost of the whole 0.18 carat diamond ring no more than three or four thousand Yuan, not so much attention to the brand, in the network diamond brand purchase price of two or three thousand dollars, very concessions.