White diamond non-eternal color is more rare

White diamond non-eternal color is more rare
For most people, diamonds are signs of eternal existence, but in the eyes of several London fund brokers, these priceless gems are more like a short-term investment in London’s famous luxury brand Asprey’s chairman John Rigas and Italy The two former head of the jewelry company Bulgari officially opened the Sciens diamond fund earlier this month. Sciens Diamond Fund is funded by the US hedge fund giant “Sciens Capital Management”, as well as two high-end jewelry veteran Mahyar Makhzani and Philip Baldwin joint venture to do a color diamond trading fund.

“We offer an alternative investment route for investors,” said Makhzani as one of the founders and co-managing directors of the fund. “It is said that Makhzani has begun to figure out the investment opportunities for the diamond industry, which is Cartier nail bracelet replica a world-renowned super jewel Brand Harry Winston’s founder Harry Winston himself. In the 1970s, Makhzani worked in an Indian-based investment brokerage office where he remembered that Harry Winston told him that “the color diamond is the richest and most expensive treasures of the jewelry industry, but they have not been taken seriously.” ”
Alternative investment fund warming
The London office of Sciens Capital Management was beautifully decorated and looked down over Berkeley Square in the window. In an office interview, Makhzani and Baldwin said the fund would provide a 100% return on investment for customers. The goal is in three years after each year for investors to obtain 25% -30% of the proceeds. Fund plans to enter the first closed in March, the repayment plan is in the fund after the closure of 3-5 years. They did not disclose the current fund size of the fund, but said the target is 150 million US dollars.
Baldwin, one of the founders and co-managing directors of the fund, is also confident in the diamond market, “since the price of the color diamond has been climbing in the past 37 years, the average wholesale price of the diamond is up to 12 per year %.”He said.
In fact, Makhzani and Baldwin founded the first small diamond fund in 2008, but they stressed that in recent years with the US alternative asset management company Sciens capital management joint venture, as well as luxury brand Asprey investors behind the support, became their Strong backing, but also for the color diamond fund to provide a channel with the financial market connectivity.
Rigas believes that the diamond diamond fund can attract people for several reasons, “luxury brand Asprey can help the fund looking for the diamond diamond interested customers, skilled gem craftsmen can provide the perfect gem cutting process.” He said, A rare thing, its price is closely related to its rarity.There are no recognized price indicators, each one has its own unique price, mainly depends on the color, purity, cutting process and weight. Gem this market imitation Cartier love bracelet investment starting point High, details, buyers need to be very cautious, otherwise it is easy to be deceived.
Investors interested in this fund include some family businesses, private banks and wealthy. Baldwin said some of the recent pension funds and other financial institutions have also expressed interest in the Diamond Fund.
Makhzani, one of the executive directors of Gianni Bulgari Jewelery, said, “The fund is mainly a small diamond subspecies.” Makhzani and Baldwin say they are only investing in natural colored diamonds that weigh more than 1 carat. In addition to the use of short-term arbitrage trading and long-term investment strategy, the fund is also committed to finding some gems in terms of color, shape and size, and hope to provide buyers with more rare opportunities in exchange for Higher economic benefits.
In the case of Bond Street’s two world-class jewelry stores, famous for its clever use of colored jewelery, Makhzani admits that although Sciens is probably the only diamond fund, there is no lack of competition in the gem market opponent. “We’re just a newborn baby, like Moussaieff and Graff,” he said, “with jewelers who can pick up $ 30 million at any time to buy a diamond.”
The diamond base price has soared
In the past 18 months, Sotheby’s auction house (Sotheby`s) in Geneva to establish a benchmark price of advanced color diamond. In May of this year, a 7.61-carat pincer-shaped high-purity blue diamond ring sold at a high price of $ 8 million to refresh the world record blue diamond per gram of the highest unit price. Recently, Sotheby’s auction house in Geneva, Switzerland, a 24.78 carat pink diamond auction, the valuation of up to 38 million US dollars. This gem purchased by Harry Winston 60 years ago will be taken out of the private collection.
“I’m not going to make any comments on gem investment,” said David Bennett, chairman of Sotheby’s International Jewelery Europe and Middle East. “What I can say is that the price of the color diamond has skyrocketed over the past 30 years. There are many buyers on the market looking for perfect gem.
Bennett pointed out that the main reason for the continued success of the diamond market is that these gems are indeed very rare. Whether or not you agree that these diamonds have a gorgeous appearance, their rarity is beyond doubt, the diamond diamond in the diamond mine which only about 0.002%. No wonder some people say that the world’s every generation of 100,000 gem-class diamond, it may encounter a color diamond, it is extremely rare.
Fancy diamond is the world’s most concentrated wealth, the more pure the color of the more precious diamonds. Sciens data show that the most rare and the highest price diamond drill is red diamond, the price per carat up to 3 million US dollars; compared to the yellow diamond imitation Cartier love bracelet is much more common, the price per carat between 20,000 to 60,000 US dollars between.
But some people think that these precious stones should not belong to a fund. Some financial analysts point out that high-level diamonds are not the same as those for gold and copper, and it is difficult to price them. The value of the color diamond depends entirely on whether it is favored and trusted by the right buyer.
In the end how to measure the value of color diamond? “As a buyer, you need to believe that sellers know more than you and trust them,” said Peter Davey, director of mining research at Ambrian Partners in London’s small investment bank. “With this, investors should see how The prospect of drilling the fund? Makhzani said in favor, “This is a trust and mutual relationship between the transactions we provide to investors is an alternative investment, for which we will do everything we can according to these years we have experience in the gem market To win profits for investors. “

Diamond rings are those jewelry that record the fragments of our life

Diamond rings are those jewelry that record the fragments of our life
Not far away, where you are, subtle expression, but always let the woman fascinated, you flickering light like a pair of lovers eyes bright eyes watching their love; your pure love signs is how much People are struggling to pursue the beautiful fairy tale; so, you are inadvertently settled in the heart of the world.

Time flies, flies, recently idle when she will look at some of the previous things, think of those related to the life of the fragment, she began to feel really happy day, when she just out of school, when she Not married, when she likes to nail polish, then she has the first diamond ring of life, very excited … …

This is her in 2009 to buy wedding ring, but also her life’s first ring, although not Cartier love bracelet replica large, it is meaningful for her, I do not know what is the wedding ring?
Butterfly is one of her favorite insects, she always felt that they are the most beautiful animals in the world, nothing more than it is like a dance wizard shuttle in the flowers when more beautiful and charming, she likes their own romantic and everything with them Related to something.

This Saturday blessing ring with thousands of gold portrayed a side of the butterfly, exquisite workmanship to the butterfly flying posture performance of the most vivid, bright and charming, hollow design to make it more three-dimensional, butterfly feet at the foot of the two balls using tassel , The use of retro elements to add a romantic aesthetic atmosphere.

This is the most beautiful butterfly jewelry she has ever seen, the complex process of the butterfly body of each part are presented, very smart ring, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
There is always something, so that we fell in love with the out of control, the ring is so in her, five years ago, an encounter, so she can not extricate themselves from, so stubbornly think that they are very rational in front of the ring Became the most emotional person.
This ring to symbolize the heart of love for the design inspiration, a large and a small two hearts snuggle, meaning heart and mind, as if the love of men and women are writing the most romantic love story, solid and hollow combination to make it more beautiful, Concise style, interpretation of the world’s most touching emotion, romantic mood Jiaoren intoxicated.
This is her first gold ring, or five years ago to travel to Thailand, a department store in Bangkok to buy, then feel that it must take it home, very chic delicate ring, recommended to everyone Like, hope you like.
Women like flowers, they love flowers, like flowers, she did not even forget a lot of Cartier love ring replica jewelry and flowers, this flower ring is her last year to buy, because too much, or even reluctant to wear, so has been treasured in the jewelry box, But not see the day and let her feel it’s wronged, so come out to share with you.
This Saturday’s blessing of the flower ring with exquisite workmanship to create a hollow three-dimensional flowers, petals at the solid and hollow combination of the whole flower is more layered, the flower is decorated with small beads, all of a sudden For the whole flower into the vitality, while the matte and smooth design makes it look real.
Very beautiful flower ring, although the flower looks great, but worn on his hand but not unexpectedly, close to the fingers, like a bloom in the hands of flowers, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
Some people say that women like bracelet gentle, romantic, with pity tenderness, she is like bracelet, but not to add the wrist between the touch of style, just used to wear something on the wrist, because like to start love On the bracelet, until it can not refuse its temptation, everything Cartier nail bracelet replica is so natural and logical.

This rose bracelet with rose flower as the design element, thousands of gold to create the three-dimensional rose delicate, tender and beautiful, roses next to the small hand with silk filaments, exquisite workmanship let it rose to the center of a crescent shape, chain The body is also designed as a small crescent, with the roses crescent theme complement each other, romantic and warm, classical style, gorgeous style is full of strong exotic.

Bulgari gold coin long necklace

Bulgari gold coin long necklace
Once, gold is a symbol of wealth. Now, after a variety of turning points, the golden gold and stand in the forefront of the market, representing the trend of people fashion. As a result, we have to admire the potential of the existence of gold, but also have to believe that the road has shining bright golden light will once again evoke people’s minds. Bulgari antique collection series of gold and gold coins long necklace, mosaic of seven Alexander III period (about 336 BC – 323 years) of the ancient coins, which is enough to prove its value.

Bulgari B.zero1 in the design of this jewelry, meaning “start” and “end” two extremes. At the same time, this jewelry also expressed in addition to the “past” and “now” surrealist complex. This ring is one of Bulgari’s most popular jewelery, enduring. Bulgari Bulgari Cartier love bracelet replica series of gold pendants are basically designed with ancient Roman inscriptions as a source of inspiration, and on this basis, emphasizes the Bulgari tradition and brand personality unique pattern elements. This double logo shape contains a strong visual effect, and gradually become the most commonly used in the works of one of the elements.
Angular Momentum is a world-renowned Swiss watchmaker who designs and manufactures innovative watches with a reputation. Their watches are not just an ordinary timer, these watches can be many people dream of collectibles, works of art.

Sculpture series is the super luxury collection of valuable watch brand in a. This series of watches can be said to be unique, so when buying, pay at sight. This series of watches are carved with gold, platinum and silver. Among them, Oriental Blossom Time Cushion this, by the 18K gold carved case, the top set with 100 full cut (foot turned bright) diamonds. In addition, in the dial 12 o’clock position, there is a round sapphire. At present this series of watches only 20.
Women’s pursuit of jewelry never end, and clothing, always feel that the jewelry box less so, and all women, she also loves jewelry, like its swaying posture, elegant calm temperament and its delicate attitude , This is her recent love of jewelry, fashion chic style is her favorite style.

This just gold muse goddess of thousands of gold series to the Greek mythology Cartier love ring replica for the design inspiration, which contains the church, opera house, palace and other distinctive features of the European human elements, magnificent magnificent metal coupled with mysterious elegant turquoise, instantly improved Low-key luxury texture, fashion glamorous exotic distribution of breathtaking atmosphere.

Very design sense of the bracelet, hand and detailed pattern of pure gold gold presents a romantic, mysterious European beauty, very personalized jewelry, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
On the jewelry, each woman has its own taste and hobbies, irrelevant to the other, only from the inner pleasure and dedication to the beautiful, for example, someone is a ring, but also some heart and butterfly modeling a soft spot, she But unique love set, especially fine, elegant, which is her many sets of a set of elegant style lining her more customs million.

This just gold of the French beauty to the rich European characteristics of the Cartier nail bracelet replica cross for the design inspiration, pure gold through the three-dimensional cross-chic exquisite chic, accompanied by rich romantic atmosphere of the purple spar to be embellished, fashion glamorous, distributed irresistible Seductive charm, small tassel design is to make elegant, gentle temperament spread like wildfire, just like the light of the beautiful beauty of the beautiful, mysterious, seductive.

Very stunning set of gold, whether it is designed or workmanship are unique style, the European cultural characteristics and oriental elements of the ingenious fusion of self, into the body, will certainly become the focus, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like The

Simple to distinguish the true and false gold

Simple to distinguish the true and false gold
How can a simple resolution of the authenticity of gold?
In the ordinary life, some people will be some simple to distinguish the method of gold statistics for a small sentence formulas: Dian weight, see color, audition rhyme, folding soft and hard, with acid point. Specifically, it can be divided into the following few small ways:
1. True gold texture is softer, it is other metal than do not come. So you can directly hand gold, if you can directly hand bending, and easy to bend, it seems its soft. In addition, the real gold with hard things to draw there will be traces.
Listen to sound. If it is more than 99% of the fineness of the real gold to throw Cartier nail bracelet replica hard on the time, often issued a sound. And fake or fineness of gold to the ground to throw the words, the sound will be brittle and boring, are generally issued a similar “Dangdang” sound.
3. really golden color tend to dark yellow, if the color is too red for the pseudo-gold, the color is generally light silver, or aluminum and other mixed gold. The higher the purity of gold jewelry, the deeper the color.
4. Gold density is relatively large. With the volume of gold and silver compared to more than 40%, more than 1.2 times the weight of copper, 6.1 times heavier than aluminum. The same volume, really heavy weight of gold, fake lighter.
5. With the fire to be identified gold jewelry red (do not make jewelry melt deformation), wait until after the beginning of the cooling began to observe his color changes. If the surface of the same luster, still the original gold color is pure gold; such as darkened or varying degrees of darkness, it shows that the gold jewelry is not pure gold, earrings mixed with other impurities. In general, the lower the golden color, the color will be more concentrated, all black, that is false gold jewelry.
6. Look at the mark, normally, gold jewelry will always have some signs behind. Domestic gold jewelry are prepared according to international standards, and stamped, such as “24K” marked “foot red” or “enough gold.” Can be based on these markers to identify the true and false gold jewelry.
Now the jewelry market, gold is not alone, and other similar to platinum, jewelry, jade is also gradually recognized by people, and wear it. After a period of growth, their fame has been gradually catch up or more than gold. But the Chinese people, gold is still a very special jewelry materials. Gold has a special meaning for us. So about gold, how much do you know?
People often say that the mouth of the gold, K gold is also a gold it? How is gold sorted?
The nature of gold is very stable, but its texture is very soft, hardness is not enough, some mosaic things can not use gold as a material. Therefore, people in order to increase the hardness of gold, in the gold by adding other, similar to silver, copper, zinc and other metals, these added a lot of imitation Cartier love bracelet impurities in the gold class are directly called K gold. Gold in the gold content of the unit called “gold”, English is “Karat”, according to the English prefix can also be referred to as “K”. The representation of K gold is classified according to the purity of gold. Pure gold is divided into 24 points, not divided into 1K. 24K purity is the legendary 100%. But this is only ideal, the actual production does not exist in the real 24K. The K gold produced in addition to retaining the nature of most of the gold, there are good hardness. Therefore, also by the consumer’s welcome. However, in recent years with the gradual improvement of gold processing technology, as well as the emergence of a new technology applications, some high purity gold can also have a higher hardness. This is the hard gold process.

How to buy their own wedding gold jewelry?
In the festive wedding, gold jewelry is essential. And can be used with the wedding of gold jewelry is generally a symbol of wealth, auspicious decoration. Different ornaments also have different meanings. From ancient times, dragon and phoenix theme has been the most appropriate wedding theme. After entering the modern society, the dragon and phoenix theme of the gold jewelry in the wedding can still be regarded as an indispensable part. In addition, there are some other ornaments, such as flower-shaped gold ornaments have also been well received by the wedding staff. Another flower-shaped gold show women feminine and charming, but also express the new wedding in the good wishes.
Although gold is not a dominance, platinum, jewelry, jade fame has been gradually catch up or more than gold, but the Chinese people still have a strong feeling of gold, gold has a special meaning for us. For those who are in the wedding leave, especially the more traditional, gold for them is still an indispensable precious metals. So about gold, how much do you know?

How did gold form? On the earth, how much is the gold?
The initial gold is only a free state of existence, and can not be synthetic, can only try to extract the natural vaccination only some of the gold. Gold is very little on earth, but it is found very early, it can be said that the earliest human discovery and use of precious metals. The world is now identified gold resources of 89,000 tons. It is because of the scarce gold and precious, people gave gold crown on the first gold, “the king of metal” title.

What kind of position does gold have?
Gold has a very good chemical stability, its nature is very stable, it can be said that the most imitation Cartier love bracelet stable that kind of. From ancient China, gold has become a symbol of wealth and rights, people as a synonym for wealth and rights. In ancient times, gold is not an ordinary family can have something. In the East, gold is basically unique to the emperors and nobles. In the West, no matter what kind of faith, gold is dedicated to the apparatus and modification of the gods to protect the image of the most sacred material. Both in modern life, gold still has a very important position. Gold is the world’s monetary reserves, the economic value of gold itself in the field of financial money, political life, social and cultural fields play a special role, such as circulation, hedging value, investment, collection, wearing decoration, appreciation, value, Etiquette and so on.

What is the difference between platinum and real platinum on the market?

What is the difference between platinum and real platinum on the market?
In the market, it is usually heard that platinum will be called platinum, and then not long, white K gold is also called platinum, which makes a lot of people know a little knowledge of gold do not understand, platinum in the end what is it?
In fact, these businesses are not really white platinum in the real sense. In their mouth, as long as the white color of the metal can be called platinum. And in the real knowledge inside, white k gold and platinum can not be confused. White K gold, K gold in a kind of gold and other metals are produced by the integration of a gold alloy. And platinum, the English name Platinum, referred to as Pt, is directly a natural white metal. And this metal box, like gold, is a member of precious metals. Under normal circumstances, only platinum can be called platinum, rather than white metal called platinum. Estimated in the gold market, there must be a lot of people will be mixed with these two metals. So, what is the difference between k and platinum?
First of all, as just said, the two are essentially the same Cartier love bracelet replica material, earrings two basically can be said that a completely different material, white gold is gold alloy gold, and another platinum, in fact, can Become a platinum.
In addition, the price of white K gold than platinum on the ground a lot. Because in the original circumstances, the price of gold is lower than the platinum, and white gold is gold alloy, so the price is certainly not higher than the price of gold Therefore, count to count, the price of white K gold than platinum a lot lower.
At the same time, although the white K gold and platinum in appearance there is a big resemblance, but we can also be very convenient to distinguish the two jewelry. One of the biggest reasons is that jewelry will certainly have the production of material mark, like platinum jewelry will make PT words, and white K gold jewelry can only play “18k”, “G750” and other mark.
In the new century, when gold is more and more popular, another different winds appeared: that is white metal! In this new force, the most popular combination is white K gold, platinum and silver. In fact, although the momentum of these white metal before there is no big gold, but it still has a love of their own, and is considered more introverted, elegant.

Platinum can be said that the price is not bad compared with the gold cents! But its use history is far less than gold. Platinum was in the late 19th century began to be used as a material for jewelry. The nature of platinum is almost the same as gold, but it is even more scarce than gold. The most important thing is, in hardness, platinum is much better than gold.

It is because of these characteristics, platinum is diamonds, pearls, even after the formation of the history of the famous “Edwardian jewelry”, formed the end of the 19th century, the early 20th century popular “white style”. In addition, in the 20th century, 20-30 years, with the trend of progress, in the decorative arts style period, platinum in the history of jewelry reached another peak.
Platinum as the most perfect partner of diamonds, not only with the diamond is very similar to the eternal characteristics, also has a bright white appearance.

Platinum is also known as platinum, the nature is quite stable, with the skin does not make any Cartier love ring replica allergic nature of the phenomenon. Therefore, platinum jewelry for anyone wearing.

Platinum has such a good nature, then the platinum jewelry will fade it?

The answer is very sure: no. The chemical properties of platinum are extremely stable and are known as a “never fading, never worn” precious metal. But why in the day-to-day people say that platinum will fade?

Originally, in the spoken language, I do not know platinum is called platinum, some white K gold will be people mouth called platinum, and faded platinum refers to them.

In fact, such as platinum fade the cause of this thing is that many people do not know enough about the metal, will give birth to white gold is also known as platinum, platinum, K gold, silly is not clear. Therefore, to master the precious metal knowledge, know what is platinum, do not white and white gold to continue to confuse the gold.
Platinum is a very rare substance. At present, the annual output of platinum or even only gold 1/20. There are a lot of countries in the world to produce platinum, but 95% of the share are produced in South Africa and Australia.
Platinum’s largest producer is South Africa. Just a South African land of platinum production Replica Cartier love bracelet has accounted for 60% of the world’s output, not much.
The world’s second largest producer of platinum is Russia. The country’s platinum production is also a lot, accounting for about 30% of world production. South Africa and Australia’s platinum production has accounted for 95% of the world.
China is also a country that produces platinum. In China, platinum production of about 300 tons, its main origin concentrated in Gansu, Yunnan, Sichuan and other provinces.

Teach you to know rose gold jewelry

Teach you to know rose gold jewelry
Rose gold, with it enough romantic name, you can cause people to countless wonderful association. Following the sparkling gold jewelry and classic elegant platinum jewelry, the soft colors and charming rose gold jewelry has gradually become fashionable “new favorite.” Rose gold to her unique culture and style, the interpretation of the precious metal jewelry and a new world.

The current jewelry market, there are two kinds of rose gold jewelry: 1, the use of rose gold jewelry for the matrix processing, rose color belongs to its true color; 2, jewelry matrix is other K gold alloy, made in the surface plating rose gold. Rose gold as the matrix processing of jewelry, process complexity, and thus relatively high cost, more common in high-end brand jewelry. Rose gold plating process is the late nineties of last century popular a plating process. At present, the rose gold plating process is relatively stable, and simple operation, the solution of the deep plating capacity and plating capacity are extremely excellent, low cost. Now, this rose gold plating process can make jewelry popular rose gold, after the jewelry after the bright color, uniform, with excellent decorative effect. Therefore, the rose gold plating process in the jewelry processing industry has been widely used.
Processing of platinum jewelry should pay attention to:

1. Must prevent foreign objects on the surface of the workpiece (to prevent contamination by other metal debris);

2. When annealing or welding, can not be used by other metal pollution support frame. There are welding with a fire-resistant support, and can not use charcoal.

3. Protect your eyes. High-temperature welding of white radiation and ultraviolet Cartier love bracelet replica radiation is much higher than the ability to bear the naked eye, long time by this beyond the capacity of the radiation will cause “arc burning eye”, which may make the retina permanent damage. It is safer to use a filter for welding protection when welding platinum. Platinum alloy has a strong antioxidant, jewelry carefully polished, in the static state, will never lose platinum dazzling luster. If after a high degree of polishing, and then plating a layer of white metal rhodium, you can enhance the surface hardness. As the high reflectivity of rhodium, light brightness lasting, this will make platinum alloy jewelry look more dazzling.

If you buy gold, you know how to distinguish color, then this will bring us great convenience. As the saying goes, gold is “seven green, eight yellow, nine purple, ten red”. What is the meaning of this sentence in the end?

Some experts believe that: if the gold content of gold into the Qi Cheng will be yellow with blue, gold over eight percent will be yellow, over Jiucheng is yellow through the purple, gold content will reach 10% will be red.

In addition, there are gold “nine five red, forty-six does not show gold,” said. The so-called nine five red, refers to the gold gold content of 95% when the overall color of gold was red. And forty-six does not show gold, refers to the gold content of less than 60% of the time has not shown the true nature of gold. Gold content of less than 60% of the gold is yellowish white color, and gold content of 40% in the following gold is completely white.
In life can affect the gold price changes in the factors that can be divided into the following aspects:
First, the supply factors: things rare. Scarcity determines the price of gold.

1, the total reserves of gold on earth. 2, the cost of gold mining. 3, the annual amount of gold mining. 4, the country’s gold sell-off. 5, gold production countries in all aspects of the latest policy.
Second, the demand factor: the demand for gold and the use of gold have a Cartier love ring replica direct relationship.

1, the amount of gold needed to hedge. 2, the amount of gold needed for gold investment. 3, gold in the application of jewelry and industrial production in the amount of demand changes. The following are the same as the ”
Third, other factors: factors closely linked with gold will also affect the impact of gold prices.

1, inflation will have an impact on the price of gold. 2, the stability of the international political situation will have an impact on the price of gold. 3, the stock market will have an impact on the price of gold. 4, the dollar exchange rate changes will have an impact on the price of gold. 5, countries of the Cartier nail bracelet replica monetary policy and international gold prices are closely related. 6, international trade, fiscal policy and external debt deficit will have an impact on the country’s gold price. 7, oil prices and gold price interrelated.
Gold investment is a complex investment process, investors involved in the gold market when the transaction varieties, trading strategies have a full understanding in order to effectively avoid risks, so that investment to maximize the benefits.

Notes gold jewelry in the music world to write the legend

Notes gold jewelry in the music world to write the legend
Often feeling intangible music actually seems to have a magical magic, not only can give people a wonderful hearing to enjoy the hearts of people can touch the heart, and now let us collect the most beautiful notes of the season, with brilliant gold in the music world to write Legend, enjoy the most dazzling fantasy song.

This just gold fairy music series to play the sounds of nature harp, footsteps, treble symbols and eight notes for the inspiration, the design of fashionable magnificent gold, such as fairy-like wonderful jingle, so that the wearer in the immortal Music, as if at the moment is surrounded by music, in a relaxed romantic atmosphere in the joy of life music.
Very beautiful and very fine jewelry, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
Whether it is a clear change in the sunny, or the ancient mythology of the legend of the moon, or it is full of aura of luster to the moon shrouded in a layer of mysterious and romantic aura, coupled with its soft and changing mind, All with the picture out of the woman is Cartier nail bracelet replica similar, so there is the moon is also a woman said.

This just gold heart ring to the mysterious and romantic moon for the design inspiration, take its people a total circle of artistic conception, with the moon sunny circle of morphological changes to the performance of women delicate and varied mind, different sizes of flowers and Solid round together, to create a kind of beads from the fall of the Smart feeling, fashion generous with a happy meaning of harmony.

Beautiful ring, simple elements to create a stylish atmosphere of beauty, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
Because this year committed too old, so she wanted to buy a small horse to wear, was originally ready to buy Pink Box of the Trojan horse, but unfortunately not familiar with HK, did not find the Pink Box counter, then bought this, and fortunately it also Without losing the delicate cute, but also very fit her mind.
This pony pendant exquisite work portrayed a horse in the run, Q version of the shape is very love, a small belly hung a large U-type lucky hoof down, although the size is not right but also down Without losing funny cute, smooth and frosted craft combination highlights the realism, though not solid, the opposite can not see the place is also very fine workmanship.

Very delicate and lovely little horses, recommended to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
“Although it is the bow of the gentle, just like the breezy shy.” Although the original meaning of this sentence is not written Magnolia, but she felt that the mood with it in the right, pure flowers, quiet bloom, such as snow Of the skin, elegant and pleasant fragrance … … is not exactly the cardamom girl?
This set of Chow Tai Fook’s magnolia gold ornaments to pure and elegant magnolia for the design inspiration, exquisite workmanship show magnolia from buds to blooming process, like cardamom girl like a shy shiny, distinct petals, coupled with the edge of each petal Hook gold line, all of a sudden to enhance the three-dimensional magnolia, coupled with the design of tassels, it is Smart and elegant.

This is her favorite set of gold, beautiful magnolia, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
Most women love roses, but she is more preferred lily, relative to the warmth of the roses she admired its holy, like love, vigorous and not necessarily long and long, and remain unswerving to steady.
This Chow Tai Fook lily ring to the appearance of elegant and elegant, elegant imitation Cartier love bracelet and elegant lily design for the prototype, exquisite workmanship to reproduce the lily of the delicate and charming, the shape of flowers vivid, especially the treatment of flowers, petals on the Texture is also very fine, far from smell as if you can smell the fragrance of bones.

This is her favorite ring, very fine lilies, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
Clover is also known as the “Clover”, the legend to find the four clover can be happy, although this is the world to give it a good meaning, but she is like this simple plant, although there is no flowers tender and beautiful, But has its own characteristics.
This Chow Sang Sang’s bracelet to the classic lucky four-leaf grass for the design blueprint, elegant lines outline the outline of the clover, the middle of the tea crystal embellishment, highlight the sense of hierarchy, simple shape, expressed in fact happiness is very simple, , Because only belongs to your happiness Clover on the side, passing the meaning of happiness.

This is her recent just received the bracelet, beautiful clover, kind is very fine, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
Recently, she began to like garnet, crystal clear crystal in the natural light exudes a warm luster, like a beautiful woman, elegant, gentle and yet bright, in the red appearance contains a warm and beautiful connotation, which Let her know why it is called a woman stone.
This is her own DIY bracelet, composed of warm and tidy, fresh and refined garnet Fake Cartier love bracelet and her mother’s genus golden pig, garnet string into a chain with a paper-cut series of small gold pig pendant, slightly open mouth, charming The eyes and the flowers of the body all make it flourish.
Very special match, long chain stacked on the wrist there are different kind of style, recommended to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.

Wishful ring styling chic meaning auspicious

Wishful ring styling chic meaning auspicious
Like all the women, she also has a different kind of affection for the ring, whether it is its own exquisite beauty, or it has a special meaning so that she throb, although the youth has been ignorant of the age, but every time see To the favorite ring will let her have an exciting feeling.
This ring is not like our common ring ring is flat, and its ring is a cylindrical, from the bottom to the main body gradually thicker, a bit like the shape of the speaker, the column overlap openings were engraved with ” Such as “and” meaning “the plane sealing, modeling chic, simple and generous, meaning auspicious.
This is her just received the ring, very special style, the cylinder of the ring Cartier love bracelet replica more thick and strong, lines are beautiful, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
Beauty is a woman dedicated to the pursuit of the perfect woman is that the United States, not only from the heart, but also from the appearance, and jewelry can be a woman out of the temperament, so they made the beauty of women’s mind, so only To win their soft spot.
This Chow Tai Fook’s garlic bracelet classic atmosphere, smooth shape of the simple and elegant, refined temperament, pure natural, quietly exudes a low-key gorgeous, smooth lines outline a rounded full shape, perfect and delicate.
Others like bracelets, she also likes, but only love only in the bracelet, always feel that it is low-key beauty and unique content like a rich experience and taste of noble women, the whole body exudes a breathtaking atmosphere, very The atmosphere of the bracelet, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
She has always felt that the earrings of the most soft woman and upside down beings, which is one of the reasons why she is so preferred earrings, ear that little bit of color to add, and instantly let women become customs million, although it is not necessarily luxury, , But it has this can not ignore the magical magic.
This twins butterfly earrings, elegant and smooth lines outline two lifelike butterflies, solid use of frosted design, the other using a hollow shape, clever design hidden butterfly other half of the body, not only enhance the fun also increased Of the mysterious sense of matte texture and gives a visual dynamic, light dancing.
At first glance to see this twins butterfly earrings, she was attracted by its delicate, very beautiful Cartier love ring replica earrings, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
Women can never refuse the temptation of jewelry, especially those elegant and noble can set off the temperament of the jewelry, purple has been regarded as noble, elegant colors, and gold gives a sense of luxury, so we began to look purple and gold What kind of sparks will meet.
This just gold violet pendant from thousands of gold and amethyst builds, the overall shape looks like a beautiful perfume bottle, purple crystal made of the bottle of noble and elegant, luxury thousands of gold to create the cap even more noble and extraordinary, Fresh tone exudes like a fog-like tenderness, people can not help but with the violet together intoxicated.
This is some time ago you just received the pendant, elegant fresh and charming, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
Calla lily is always her favorite flower, its flower language is eternal, elegant, noble, pure and flawless love, it is not like a simple flower-like flowers like the elegant, but the soul reveals the faint spirit, Elegant and refined, and even bloom also accompanied by Jiao shame, like a very ignorant girl.
This section of the calla lily bracelet smooth lines, calla lily shape is very realistic, matte texture to create a charming halo, quietly blooming in the hand, its unique charming posture in the glamorous reveals a soft, noble temperament Not publicity is not luxury but no way to reveal a kind of neither overbearing nor gorgeous.
This is her favorite a bracelet, elegant and beautiful, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
Some people say that the slender neck is the most charming place for women, but she felt that the ear is the most secret beauty of the woman, smooth and beautiful ears fall on a string of long earrings, breeze Buddha, swaying jingle, Low v., Has become endless endless endless love words, I do not know when will Fanghua dark change.
This earrings with three-dimensional ball for the design elements, exquisite workmanship design of the spherical surface made of concavity, a different angle of the small gold in the sun’s light reflection under the colorful light, dazzling charming, hollow shape increased Some mysterious Cartier nail bracelet replica atmosphere, noble and charming.
This is her favorite earrings, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
No woman does not love jewelry, not only because it makes women have intoxicating water tenderness, but also because it is a woman’s charming luster distributed most vividly, and sometimes we even feel a woman treat jewelry like a girlfriend, she always on it The knowledge of Xiangxi.
This dragonfly pendant exquisite workmanship to create two are playing the dragonflies, natural natural beauty, full of hand, two dragonflies wings are the above is smooth below the matte, and can shake, very delicate and lovely , Delicate gestures shaped the wings of the dynamic beauty, to bring a simple, tedious sense of view.
Very woman’s pendant, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
Some people love it slender soft, some people love it weak and no bone, some people love it’s gentle and delicate, and some people love it delicate and graceful … … it is the bracelet, her bones on the bracelet preference let her always feel that again More beautiful language can not fully explain the beauty of the bracelet.

This bracelet is made of gold beads and fine chain, two thin chains scattered, slender and beautiful, the middle of the interval between the different sizes of different rounded gold beads, to resolve the chain itself monotonous and lonely, free Of the chain with the wrist of the swing when sometimes separated from the size of the shape of different beads like a group of naughty children playing on the wrist, suddenly added a little delicate and lovely.
This is her just bought the bracelet, very beautiful, handsome gentle, recommended to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.

Woman’s girl feelings and diamond complex

Woman’s girl feelings and diamond complex
I believe that many women are like bow and flowers with the shape of things, perhaps a lot of women’s mind which have a girl’s feelings, even if they are no longer young, and this feeling is also reflected in the woman’s good friend — – jewelry body.

“Diamond forever, a forever” This is every girl, a woman’s complex. Precious diamonds were originally colorless, and pure white flawless platinum, to maximize the retention of natural diamonds fire color, and its perfect shine, the diamond set off more exquisitely carved, bright and moving. With pure platinum and diamonds to create bright necklace this can not be refused, in the design of the shape of butterflies and flowers, more people without any resistance.
This is a member of love jade network, although not a luxury Cartier nail bracelet replica style, but in a trace of fresh and elegant. Recommend here to share with you, I hope you like!
Lotus also known as Lotus, on behalf of love holy and loyalty. Unique gold and K gold to create or complicated or simple flowers, gently blooming in the neck; the beauty of the posture and bloom of the beautiful show, unknowingly return to the woman’s charming and lovely, more prominent woman’s noble and Elegant.

Chow Tai Fook with fashion woven flowers, interpretation of the eternal love and perfection. This lotus pendant is different from the other several, people feel there is a Zen in the inside, extraordinary refined, simple and beautiful yet fresh and fresh temperament.

Say that a woman flowers, Valentine’s Day to send flowers is popular, flowers will eventually wither, in the upcoming 2012 Valentine’s Day, why not send a never withered flowers to your beloved her.
Women can never refuse gorgeous swaying jewelry, there is no doubt that those luxury and bright details contain their irresistible charm, so every woman must have some housekeeping gold and silver jewelry. Whether it is bad mood to come out to enjoy some, or in a grand occasion to wear pressure to the audience, different styles of bracelets have its luxurious magic.
Today is the love of the whole world lovers are looking forward to Valentine’s Day, the air floating in the fragrance of roses and chocolate fragrance, each corner are staged with a theme of love story, although the story of the protagonist are different, but the content is Write a happy, eyeful of flowers on the streets, a pair of lovers embracing dependencies, laughter with a smile, so sweet.

“Valentine’s Day happy happy Valentine’s Day, the melancholy hair light cut, no Valentine’s Valentine’s Day, how many will have a lonely feeling … …” is a Valentine’s Day without Valentine’s Day, everything is the past or no one knows , I hope people long, thousands of miles of the moon, the ancient beautiful poem as the night sky and the stars, like a flashing dazzling light.

This is a netizen to send their own Valentine’s Day gift – bracelet, no lover, a person’s Valentine’s Day can also be very good, she felt with red stone bracelet together to wear special look, here I wish you a happy Valentine’s Day , Hope they can bring her a good marriage, but also wish the whole world had Valentine’s Valentine’s Day happy.
Crystal shoes beautiful fairy tale already deep into the hearts of the world, young fairy imitation Cartier love bracelet tale into each child’s life and pure feelings of longing, so wear crystal shoes, from Cinderella into a magnificent princess, became each Girl heart of the beautiful complex.
Do not wonder why girls always have a soft spot for shoes, after all, Cinderella is put on a crystal shoes into a fairy tale princess. Although it is a fairy tale, but still can not stop them like beautiful shoes hobbies, whether it is wearing shoes or jewelry shoes, the same can not escape their palms.

This is a netizen to collect a very cute, exquisite little shoes, she said since the story of Cinderella had a good impression on the shoes Mo Ming. Is there a dream about Cinderella in the depths of your heart?
Many of the ancient peoples of the world have the legend of the lunar god, saying “spend the next month”, the moon seems to always be with the romantic feelings and love.
Just Gold this moonlight goddess and Greek and Roman mythology for the creation of inspiration, to create a fairy romantic mood, hand and meticulous pure gold pattern, ingenuity design, to half a moon for the design center, the middle of the flower design, design Into a beautiful romantic Fake Cartier love bracelet gold ornaments, to arouse the moon goddess Artemis stunning beauty, upside down beings, fascinating.

This is a netizen like a long time the gold, recently finally in the bag, very gorgeous very fine jewelry, here congratulations to her Oh! Also recommended for everyone to enjoy it.

Through time and space to release the magic of colored diamonds

Through time and space to release the magic of colored diamonds
Diamonds, gothic churches – romantic and vivid, solemn gorgeous, Belgium condensed with thousands of years of European history, in the glory of the diamond country shine. Known as the “world diamond capital” Antwerp has a solid foundation of the diamond industry and a long history, is the world’s major natural diamond distribution center. There are eight out of every 10 uncut diamonds in the world that have to be treated with Antwerp. Today, pregnant with the European noble and full of vitality of the Belgian brand MONETA, with precious stones through the time and space tunnel to China.
According to the ancient records of India, the origin of colored Cartier love bracelet replica diamonds is due to the killing of the betrayed devil Vala, his wings into a variety of precious stones scattered full of the earth, these fragments fall in the river, the sea, mountains and forests, and then Into a variety of different colors of diamond mother ore and containing the energy of Vala.
Color diamonds are rare in the world of diamonds, according to experts statistics, each producing 100,000 gem-class diamonds, which may have a color diamond, unearthed probability is only 1 / 100,000. The pink, green, red, yellow diamonds to the unique bright colors and bright luster is more precious and rare, with a fatal magic, so that the world obsessed with dumping. In 1990, Harvey Harris and Harvey Harris wrote that since the human race has given value to the scarcity, it has never seen so many people at such a high cost on. Great Zaisi words, this small items, not the night sky star, deeply captured the pursuit of extremely beautiful people.
Billions of years of natural precipitation and time baptism to give the magic of colored diamonds, MONETA to inherit the three generations of the Belgian craft will be due to the mysterious ancient times, through time and space tunnel to China, in front of the world to show its pressing luxury With beauty.
Introduction to five international accreditation bodies
Although there are many well-known independent diamond grading laboratory, but the most famous is the American Academy of jewelry (GIA). American Jewelery Institute is a non-profit organization, which is mainly engaged in jewelry education, research and identification. Other well-known laboratories include the European Jewelery Laboratory (EGL), the Belgian Diamond High Level Council (HRD), the American Gemological Society (AGS), the World Gemological Institute (IGI). Almost 1/3 of the world’s diamonds are identified through these laboratories. All these certificates are internationally recognized.
They all provide the necessary information for diamonds, its quality (weight, color, clarity and cut), its ratio and cut is good or bad.
First, GIA (American Jewelery Institute)
American Jewelry Institute was founded in 1931 in Los Angeles. It created and presented an international grading system. Headquartered in Los Angeles.
The college is known for its diamond grading and gem identification world, known for its knowledge and expertise in founding treasure. In fact, the GIA Diamond Grading Report and GIA Diamond Treatment are considered the world’s first gem certificate. All shapes and sizes of diamonds are sent from every corner of the world to the college for analysis grading.
Second, HRD (Belgian Diamond High Level Council)
Belgium Antwerp Diamond High Level Parliament wants to further develop Antwerp as a world diamond center. On the one hand in this area represents the Belgian, foreign government and professional organizations. On the other hand, through the promotion of jewelry jade market transactions to promote the field of diamond related knowledge.
The Belgian Diamond High Level Council is officially recognized as representing the Belgian diamond trade industry. The Belgian Diamond High Level Council is headquartered in the World Diamond Center Antwerp.
The Belgian Diamond High Level Council publishes three types of certificates.
The HRD Diamond Certificate guarantees the authenticity of the diamond and determines the possibility of a fake or artificial diamond. Of course, the certificate also contains a complete diamond quality description, in the shape, weight, clarity level, fluorescence, color level, size, ratio and polishing level. These unique qualities determine the value of a diamond.
HRD diamond identification report mainly face 1 carat diamonds, is efficient and efficient service.
HRD Diamond Color Certificate focuses on the detailed characteristics of the value of Cartier love ring replica colored diamonds, such as color descriptions, color design and glowing. It is the detection of diamonds are natural colored diamonds or imitation diamond has an important position.
Third, IGI (World Gemological Institute)
The World Gemological Institute is located in Antwerp which is the oldest gemological college. 1975 was established in New York, Bangkok, Mumbai and Tokyo.
The IGI Diamond Report is essentially a statement that proves the authenticity of diamonds with a world-recognized system, providing reliable and correct diamond identities and levels.
Each diamond has been subjected to a number of experienced instruments using specialized instruments to analyze and obtain an accurate description of the characteristics of the diamond and the quality of cutting. Through the understandable language to explain the details of diamonds, different quality of diamonds can be accurately appreciated.
The level and quality of each diamond is generally based on 4C: carat weight, color, clarity and cut. These analytical structures are recorded in the IGI Diamond Report.
Fourth, EGL (European Gemological Institute)
Some people say that their grading standards are not strict enough. There are instances where fraudulent certificates are involved. Some experts in the industry say this is not the mistake of the European Gemological Institute and its grading practice, but the extra benefit, because EGL’s identified diamonds are usually cheaper than the GIA and AGS identified diamonds.
Five, AGS (American Gemological Society)
The American Gemological Society leads the industry through rigorous grading standards and detailed information. Primary consumers can use simple digital methods to understand diamond grading. Diamond processors and diamond wholesalers also use the American Gemological Institute Diamond Certificate to provide detailed diamond information in the world to purchase quantities of diamonds.
Color Diamond <Fancy color diamond> refers to the diamond with a significant color, or rare natural color-colored diamonds, all belong to the list of colored diamonds, loved by the people. To yellow or brown diamonds, for example, the color must reach a sufficient depth, such as the international identification grading system GIA grading system, must be deep in the Z-color stone can be called color diamonds.
As for the other colors of diamonds, although the color is lighter or color saturation is low, can still be called color diamonds. In the color of diamonds, red and green is extremely rare, followed by red purple, purple, orange, pink and blue, jewelry market, colored diamonds to yellow and brown-based, the former more economic value.
The degree of color is usually graded and described in terms of color saturation <chroma> and hue <shadows> when the diamonds are graded, and these terms are placed before body color, such as Fancy yellow or Deep yellow, After the GIA identification of the diamond, in the jewelry market has a high value.
Fancy <Very light <Light> Light> Light> Fancy light> Fancy <Fancy </ F> color> Fancy intense> Fancy intense> Fancy deep → Fancy vivid.
GIA color diamond certificate on the color <color> item explanation:
Color items are as follows:
“Source of color”
Natural Natural
Irradiated color change Artificially Irradiated
Can not determine color source Undetermined
Grade <color level>, in two lines
Set the color of the light
Describe the color of the diamond, such as Fancy Yellow
“Color Distribution”
Even distribution evenly
Uneven distribution is not uniform
Fluorescence Strength and Color
None <None>, Faint <Medium> Medium Strong Strong Strong Strong, Continued Description Fluorescent Color
Color Diamond Generation:
Color Diamond <Fancy color diamond> refers to the diamond with a significant Cartier nail bracelet replica color, or rare natural color-colored diamonds, all belong to the list of colored diamonds, loved by the people. To yellow or brown diamonds, for example, the color must reach a sufficient depth, such as the international identification grading system GIA grading system, must be deep in the Z-color stone can be called color diamonds.
As for the other colors of diamonds, although the color is lighter or color saturation is low, can still be called color diamonds. In the color of diamonds, red and green is extremely rare, followed by red purple, purple, orange, pink and blue, jewelry market, colored diamonds to yellow and brown-based, the former more economic value.
The degree of color is usually graded and described in terms of color saturation <chroma> and hue <shadows> when the diamonds are graded, and these terms are placed before body color, such as Fancy yellow or Deep yellow, After the GIA identification of the diamond, in the jewelry market has a high value.