Originally wanted to buy a jewelry necklace

Originally wanted to buy a jewelry necklace as a birthday souvenir, I did not expect to buy jewelry necklace jewelry rupture, to find businesses to request a return, but was rejected by businesses. In desperation, the consumer complaints to Longhai City, Fujian Province, 12315 for help. After mediation, to do so return.
Longhai City, the town of Miss Liu’s birthday in the evening to 1665 yuan price to the “Fushun jewelry store” to buy a natural tourmaline bracelet and necklace as their birthday souvenirs. The next morning, Ms. Liu looked at, appreciate the jewelry necklace, found many beads cracks, they find jewelry store negotiations require returns, but was the operator’s refusal.
Longhai 12315 received a complaint, immediately launched an investigation to confirm the case of consumers is true. The jewelry store operators argue that the bracelet is the gold and silver products through the National Quality Supervision, Inspection and Testing Center, the quality of qualified products, bracelets on the crack is a unique jewelry cracks, not cracks, can not return. Law enforcement officers asked businesses to “negate the crack,” the proof of this reason, the jewelry store failed to provide legal authority to identify qualified product certification, “can not prove.” Longhai 12315 Pursuant to Article 52 of the Law on the Protection of Cartier love ring replica Consumers’ Rights and Interests: “Where an operator provides goods or services and causes damage to the property of the consumer, it shall, in accordance with the law or the parties concerned undertake the repairs, redo, replacement, , To make up for the quantity of goods, to repay the payment for goods and services, or to compensate for the loss of civil liability. “Organization of jewelry stores and consumers to mediate. After consultation, with quality defects in the jewelry bracelet and necklace from the jewelry store to recover, on the spot refund of 1650 yuan to consumers shopping.
In recent years, with the improvement of people’s living standards, the purchase of jewelry has become fashionable, but because some unscrupulous businesses mercenary, in jewelry doping false, shoddy, false identity fraud to consumers, making Jewelry quality disputes complaints have occurred. To this end, the industrial and commercial administrative staff to remind consumers to buy jewelry jade ornaments were easy to point. Buy jewelry jade jewelry best in the day to buy, to prevent the night in the light is difficult to see the jewelry jade jewelry defects; purchase should first understand some jewelry jade commodity common sense, master some simple recognition skills, conditional Do not blindly impulsive, seek cheap, try to choose the large shopping malls in the large-scale shopping malls, the choice of large-scale shopping malls, shopping malls, shopping malls, shopping malls, Jewelry counters and formal franchise stores to buy; pay attention to see whether the legal authority issued by the single commodity identification certificate, and remember to ask for merchant vouchers, vouchers to indicate the purchase of jewelry in detail the name (including texture, type, fineness Etc.), to prepare for after-sales service and use.
Nowadays, the rise of jewelry consumption boom, color gems limelight. Rather than for the average consumer is aware that some of the jewelry through a professional heat treatment and dyeing means, the price and the real value of the far cry. Reporters visited the market found that carefully imitation Cartier love bracelet colored gems color make-up, the price can rise ten times or even more than a hundred times, so that people spend a lot of money wasted.
Ms. Fan to Southeast Asia travel spend thousands of dollars to buy a sapphire ring, recently by the friends of jewelry tips, precious stones may have been processed. She was skeptical to be identified after the gem is indeed a problem. This Sri Lankan production of the original stone is not processed before is a translucent, milky white, shiny corundum, can not be called gem grade, is heated to high temperature close to the transparent blue gem appearance. The industry to assess the actual price is only one-tenth of the purchase price.
Reporters unannounced visits to Tianjin, some of the smaller gem stores and exhibitions that businesses sell heat-treated color gems accounted for a high proportion. Some pale, low-value gems are also dyed. Under a magnifying glass, the gems are usually visible to the naked eye and the dyestuff remains in the pores. The industry disclosed in private, a considerable proportion of the amethyst is a decent selling phase by some kind of smoke crystal heat treatment “transfiguration”. In addition, in addition to the commonly known emerald dyeing, the coral, amber, chalcedony, crystal, Furong stone, Oupo, turquoise, pearl dyeing phenomenon is also increasing. Some of the poor quality of jade after dyed after rising sharply.
According to Tianjin Gemmological Association professionals, Choi Po gold jewelry in the overall market share continues to expand in 2014, Choi Po overall price increase of about 3 percent. The next few years will continue to be the development of color jewelry period. In the interests of the drive, all kinds of domestic and foreign “make-up” jewelry after another, especially after heat treatment and dyeing shoddy colored gemstones have attracted increasing attention. For example, the amber in organic gemstones is softened or melted by heat treatment, and after cooling it becomes amber with a high degree of clarity and a pure texture. After processing the real price of Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica amber also tens of dollars, but businesses are priced more than a thousand dollars.
Tianjin gemstone testing center professionals pointed out that consumers can not just buy jewelry when the name of the jewelry, the price of understanding, but also need to have a more professional understanding. It is recommended that people go to the well-known brand businesses to buy jewelry with identification certificate, while people have to understand the certificate of professional knowledge. Some international certificates use a lot of abbreviations to indicate the situation and extent of the treatment of the gem. H (Be) represents heat treatment with chemical elements, C represents coating treatment, D represents dyeing treatment, and O represents oil immersion treatment. These marked jewels are generally not collectible. Reputable brand jewelry business will be marked “untreated”, pure natural jewelry has a real appreciation potential.

Diamond woman

Diamond woman
Modern women in the care of the cause and family should also know how to treat themselves, diamond hard bright, unique interpretation of the perfect modern women’s true style: self-confidence, charming, considerate, unique taste. 

According to statistics, the current market, women who buy diamond ring, to 70 years after birth (20 to 28 years old) batch of the most eye-catching. They are independent, bold out, anti-traditional, wearing holes, like Maverick striking, more young, more Cartier love ring replica urbanization. They are no longer just waiting for a drill (wedding ring), but for promotion, graduation, love, children and other reasons to buy diamond ornaments, or just to keep up with the trend, we call it –

“Are you a diamond woman?”
1. Move out of their parents’ home and create their own independent small world. 
2. Fashion human, has its own unique taste and dress. 
In addition to marriage, but also for graduation, promotion, love, children and so on to buy their own diamond. 
4. When shopping, spend more time to see diamond ornaments. 
5. others boast you show outside Huizhong, charming and strength coexist. 
6. In social situations is very easy to attract attention, make new friends. 
7. Work and life balance master. 
8. Bold, confident, never afraid to express different views to the boss. 
9. With their own money to buy a house, buy a car and travel abroad. 
10. Whether wearing a night dress or denim T-shirt, like to wear diamond ornaments. 

If your answer is “yes”, congratulations, you must be brilliant “diamond woman”. 
If you are not a “diamond woman”, please see 

“10 women make a diamond a big reason”
1. Diamonds give you confidence. Diamonds dazzling enough to make you feel the glory of their own different, so you calmly confidently face any challenge. 
2. Diamond is the most valuable prize. Promotion, salary increase, successful career, to overcome the physical weaknesses, etc., in this very happy moment, why not take the initiative to give yourself a valuable reward?
3. Diamond is the best souvenirs of life journey, graduation ceremony, fell in love, gave birth to a baby, only long-lasting diamond enough to witness the imprint in my mind touched. 
4. Diamond is always close friends. Career frustration, men and women leave, friendship imitation Cartier love bracelet is no longer only refers to the diamond is still flashing like the old one, to accompany the next to the side. 
5. Diamond suitability: elegant evening dress, healthy jeans, casual shirts, no matter what the dress, it is the most appropriate accessories. 
6. Diamond allows you to be proud enough of the fashionable people, you like Cindy Crawford, Li Wen, Gong Li, are all followers of diamonds.
7. Diamond makes you superior taste, you are closely following the trend of the pace. 
8. Diamond subtle classic, no matter how the trend of change, its fashion position has always been strong, flashing light never dim. 
9. Diamond eternal lasting, things change, the same is that it is to the long-lasting luster. 
10. Diamonds are stable in value and will not easily change with the ups and downs of economic conditions. It is a wise investment choice. 

Is it tempting? With the times, you will be able to deeply understand the charm of diamonds. As you are, every diamond in the world is unique. It has nature to give the unique temperament and bright light. Do not hurry a pet myself, to be a diamond woman!

Simple, natural, decorative modern diamond design of the three mainstream 
Simple and smooth lines, concise concise overall structure, is the main theme of this style. Its appearance was streamlined or geometric type, depending on the sense of simple and lively subtle introverted. Most representative of the simple style of daily diamond diamond was undoubtedly a single. Clear and bright single-grain diamonds hanging in a delicate chain, crystal bright, the focus for the gathering line of sight, unique classic design just right to reveal the diamonds astounding light. 

Return to nature
The vibrant nature of all day long trapped in the reinforced concrete jungle in the modern city people will always have an infinite appeal. Return to the natural trend also affects the design of the diamond. Beautiful leaves, interesting shells, full of vitality of the sunflowers, designers have Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica become the source of inspiration. Processed diamond ornaments works to create a concise effect of concise, feel the fresh and rustic nature. 

Classic decoration
Retro trend will be a comeback in almost a few years, and intensified. Decorative doctrines that are counterproductive to the simple modernist stream of consciousness are in vogue. Its characteristics that emphasis on jewelry color, design and contours of well-designed, gorgeous color gorgeous, complex and sophisticated structure.

Online shopping diamond: let luxury fly into the homes of ordinary people

Online shopping diamond: let luxury fly into the homes of ordinary people
Stone, on behalf of love and romantic gift of supreme gift, because of its eternal quality, diamonds from ancient times represent the perfect marriage and the eternal promise … … In this season, to send their bride a A diamond ring, on behalf of the vow of faith, on behalf of a firm belief, is no longer so important, it is important that this beauty really belongs to your bride. However, as a working class, easily tens of thousands of prices, even if not eat nor drink can not buy back. Do not worry, the network diamond sales platform, you can solve the problem.

Break through the tradition

At present, the domestic sales network in the diamond platform has been more than 20. Diamond sellers in the online presence before the huge profit diamonds are attributable to the seller. And when the diamond to get online to sell when the diamond industry’s huge profits are part of the transfer to the consumer. Price is a temptation, and is the real reason for online shop fire. As a result of the elimination of too many intermediate links, such as higher labor costs, site rents and huge advertising costs, which makes the online sales of diamond businesses save a large part of the expenditure. According to the survey, the same quality of diamonds, the price of the network with the traditional store prices are often a difference of 30% to 40%.

Sales channels have been changed, the price of the monopoly was broken, the industry Replica Cartier love bracelet mystery was erased public awareness, the use of the network, which has gradually led to the high-end consumer goods to the mass market, “diamond + online shopping” is the establishment of the industry’s new norms, Its emergence and vigorous development, completely changed the diamond industry profits monopoly. Internet “online shopping” concept completely subvert the inherent mode of the original diamond industry.

Quality assurance

In order to address the credibility of the product, quality, service and other factors, a group of professional diamond mall began to take root in the e-commerce green. In order to ensure the quality of diamond ornaments and services, diamond dealers for each sale of diamond ornaments, will issue a special certificate. Each diamond has been rigorous testing by experts, have GIA, HRD and other national authority of the jewelry testing organizations issued by the identification certificate. These diamond drill operators also provide individualized DIY diamond production, customers can choose according to different styles of diamond care, plus different levels of diamonds, but also can bless the language engraved on the diamond.

Net Diamond dealers use the network segment customers, for different customers to launch different products and services. For example, for two kinds of customers: buy diamond jewelry customers, the pursuit of classic, affordable, generally 30 points or more bare diamond customization; Valentine, friends before sending gifts, the pursuit of convenience, fashion, introduced 2000 yuan diamond, Stock, you can buy that is to. Diversification not only gives consumers more choices, but also extends their customer base.
The global market is domino-style fall, around the diamond industry for nearly a century problem at this time even more prominent: diamond prices in the end is the result of market sentiment or the reason?

On the one hand, strong market conditions will lead to consumption; on the other hand, the lower prices will increase more wait-and-see mood, leading to further price decline?

It stands to reason, the sale price is a double-edged sword, but some diamond dealers had to take the lead. For example, since the financial crisis began to expand since last year, a diamond brand launched a series of promotional activities to attract customers, including over 2000 back to 1000, part of the commodity 7 discount.

Jewelery and diamond table prices fell more than 10% over last year, but the consumer, who is not afraid to buy because of some people do not dare to buy, See prices continue to fall more reluctant to buy, so the practice of price promotions have not yet seen results.

However, the decline in diamond prices has become an indisputable fact.

Cut diamonds fell 30 percent from August to the end of last year, according to Polished Cartier love ring replica Prices.com, a diamond price index. Prices for uncut natural diamonds fell to 44 percent from $ 2,500 an average of $ 2,500 per carat, More.

Ordinary consumers may be encouraged by this, which means that the cost of quantitative love is reduced, but no one can accurately predict where the diamond price curve will stretch.

Although the diamond is expected to be a slight decline, but the scarcity of diamonds, the price cut will not be much. He used “common sense” two words to refute the diamond price cuts speculation, “diamonds and roses to fall as cheap, it is diamonds? This is not consistent with industry knowledge.”

Discount activities are mainly due to poor financial performance of some brokers and price clearance. The price of diamonds is not the same as gold, price volatility is very small, and the upstream diamond raw materials will not have the possibility of price cuts.

When demand fell in the last quarter of last year, industry giants, led by De Beers and Alrosa, chose to limit production rather than cut prices.

The world’s leading diamantaires, as well as India, Israel, Belgium and China’s cutters, finishers and traders, discussed the strategy at the “Diamond Capital” Antwerp at the end of last year in order to defend the price of diamonds at all times.

The meeting was held in an “urgent and harmonious” atmosphere. Avi Paz, chairman of the International Federation of Diamond Bourses, called on the industry to be responsible “to ensure that the market will not be filled with large quantities of blanks and only produce the products that are needed”.

The meeting achieved some results. The world’s major diamond producers announced that they will reduce the supply of rough market in a short time. De Beers general manager Gareth Penny said that De Beers has reduced the production of diamonds in response to declining Cartier love ring replica consumer demand; Al Rosa CEO Sergey (Sergey Vybornov) also said that their company has decided to reduce the input to Market volume of rough.

Called consumption

Diamond traders would rather seal mine production, nor reduce the cost of publicity, even more than ever before. Last year’s Christmas season, De Beers’ advertising spending has more than doubled and is by far the largest publicity campaign it has ever undertaken.

It is understood that the mainland jewelers did not significantly reduce the amount of advertising. Advertising and diamonds are indeed “fish and water,” the relationship between semiotics often as a case to illustrate the diamond is just ordinary stones. In De Beers advertising, never mentioned the product manufacturers, but repeatedly stressed that the diamond is the best representative of honor and loyalty.

Promotion activities in the economic crisis to stimulate the importance of consumption, the key to deal with the crisis is to actively nurture and consolidate the consumer market, the full development in the retail industry, so as to promote the upper reaches of the mining and processing market.

This year may continue to be a year of discoloration of diamonds. According to Antwerp World Diamond Center estimates, the impact of the crisis on the diamond industry in a wide range of global retail market in 2009 is expected to be 10% decline in transmission to the upstream, the wholesale market will have bare diamond sales of 20% Demand will drop to 35%.

Gold GUESS interpretation of luxury and the perfect

Gold GUESS interpretation of luxury and the perfect noble temperament
GUESS brand origin: 1981, from the south of France Marciano three brothers, founded in the United States GUESS brand. They will be romantic and passionate French design, with the United States the perfect combination of realism style. GUESS brand first from the clothing, its jeans series fully reflects the individual’s pragmatic style. On this basis, Marciano brothers and in 1983 founded the GUESS watch. Then they use high-quality and durable materials, fashion lines cut, and innovative design concepts, creating a perfect mix of personal clothing watches and glasses and other accessories.
In the eyes of the public, GUESS is a luxurious and perfect combination of products. Gold is the representative of luxury and noble.
From the first day of birth exclusively for girls special accessories. So wear Fake Cartier love bracelet to choose the most lining their own right that! Remember!
Do not forget the beautiful neck and highlight the collarbone, wearing a dotted dazzling necklace. Noble nobility to share the enemy.
Like to wear jewelry a class of jewelry girls, will feel that the hands do not wear something to less like, and these unique design bracelets, bracelets do not attract them are immune.
Slender jade ring, a fine shiny ring, raised his hand between the elbow, the crowd’s eyes will move with you.
In the world-class jewelry brand, has never seen the figure of Chinese jewelry, and in this the world’s most influential jewelry industry event – the Basel World Watch and Jewelry Fair, the tide Acer on behalf of China was first invited in the This international top stage on the special show of the East jewelry show, with its unique charm and elegance that the Chinese jewelry to the world attention, so that the magnificent oriental jewelry culture among the world jewelry culture.

Tide Acer jewelry is in this infinite yearning quietly walked into this “feast”, and with a modest self-confidence and high spirits of the works, won the hearts of many critical international audience.
Diamonds since ancient times because of its highest hardness of the ore properties, as the eternal love of the dream symbol and the best keepsake. Recently, the top jewelry brands from the United States ─ ─ Harry Winston Harry Winston, in its place in the hotel brand boutique Jinghua launch classic wedding ring exhibition to “The Unconditional Love” (the most complete love) as the theme, exhibition Platinum diamond wedding ring series, this work is mainly white diamonds, and then divided into different shapes introduced to the public series, it is worth all the diamond lovers attention, this is also to introduce Hai Winston has been included in the hundred Cartier nail bracelet replica names Drilling classic works, is a rare bright feast.
Harry Winston’s classic diamonds, in fact, behind all have a timeless love story, such as: movie star Richard Burton gave his wife Elizabeth Taylor Taylor. Taylor-Burton (Taylor-Burton), is the best love keepsake in this century; Greece Ship Wang Onassis and his wife Jia Guilin Smith when marrying, the United States will always give the first lady Lesotho III Ma Yan-style cut (Marquise Cut) diamond ring, also pass for the elephants; Madonna married with Gary Rich, carefully designed by Hai Winston, different shapes of cut diamonds inlaid by the cross of the pendant, also spread a long time; Gwen female star in the 2001 Epicurean love story in the best actress award, her father in order to make her remember this memorable moment, so she was wearing the jewelry that night Buy, let her as a memorial. These moving stories are all people talked about, watching these works at the same time, we also seem to witness a period of historical events, beautiful love, precious family, and eternal diamond, the more lasting, the more Mi new.
Compared with other jewelry brands, Harry Winston came to Taiwan a short time, but in fact, Harry Winston development so far has been more than 100 years of history, and because of the royal nobility, celebrities love, become a symbol of high society, It is famous for its exquisite fancy cut and unique inlay arrangement skills, and even enjoy the king of diamonds – King of Diamonds status, and the most classic hexagonal emerald cut (Emerald Cut) Can be described as a symbol of the brand logo. Because Harry Winston’s foresight, since 1944 for the first time sponsor Oscar for best actress Jennifer Jones Jennifer Jones wearing awards, not only opened after the major jewelry brand to invite stars to wear the ceremony to attend the awards ceremony, also won the “star Jewelers “reputation, and the ordinary as you and me, and therefore can be in a variety of major celebrations with red carpet occasions, a glimpse of the peerless beauty of rare beauty.
Harry Winston’s expansion this year has opened stores in Honolulu, Hawaii, and Miami in the Cartier nail bracelet replica southeastern United States, following New York, Paris, Geneva, Beverly Hills, Tokyo, Osaka, and Taiwan. , And this year again in Tokyo, Japan Omotesando (Omotesando) opened the tenth store, so that diamond lovers can have more opportunities to close the top jewelry.

Where in this exhibition period, set Hai Rui Winston platinum diamond wedding ring series, and provide the most romantic way to propose to the public to share, that have the opportunity to wear at the wedding by 207 diamonds, weight 118.26 kt, Type cut diamonds about 10.21 kt, priced at NTD31,200,000 for the stunningly beautiful Horatio Winston Classic Crown Tiara

Perspective of the man ‘s earrings

Perspective of the man ‘s earrings
In the “new good man” or “fashion gentleman” these fashionable appellation arises at the historic moment, its focal point is the man \ ‘s another kind of angle of view. People no longer look at men in a traditional way, including men’s clothing and behavior. It is so, the man’s popular tentacles have been stretched to all aspects.

Sometimes the tide can not be explained logically.

Men wearing earrings, has been more and more people agree that in the past dare to express their own people known as heterogeneous, with full confidence and blind courage to dare to scurry the streets. This is like a girl mouth Diao cigarette, even from head to toe upright, you can not not look at her eyes. Once these objects are marked with gender, they will be firmly circled in people’s minds.

Now, those rules are being broken one after another, people are more and more tolerant attitude to look at it all.

This year, as long as you Ganchuan, no one will how you like, dressed Fake Cartier love bracelet just right, maybe get a sexy title.

People’s aesthetics is always changing with the development of the times. According to a foreign newsletter reported that the situation after a period of simple, simple stage, peacock-like gorgeous man back. Rocker David Bowie painted eye; basketball star Rodman also painted eye shadow thing! In the United States, the cosmetics industry is also trying to win the male market.

It is said that men can wear earrings evolved into the trend, so that they walked into the jewelry store, such as girls into the jewelry shop, a large part of the credit should be attributed to a group of leading Japanese actor, in addition to British culture invasion is not Look down.

And women’s accessories, the men’s earrings are mostly simple, small abstract graphics, it is natural to wear on the earlobe. Men not only focus on the selection of these jewelry, but also to follow the combination of principles, re-match them to achieve the handsome cool effect.

Men changed in the past solemn, tough, slovenly, tight muscles of the “Tigers”, full of feminine taste full “peacock-type” change. Japan’s 100 original Chong, Takizawa Hideaki, Kimura Takuya is its representative, Hong Kong’s Nicholas Tse, Chen Yixun has also been included in this column. This type of man, known as the “cool” family.
Ancient, elegant and noble pearls, whether in China or in Europe, has been cherished by the royal family, a symbol of women’s charm and rights. Pearl in the West also have the meaning of the wedding happy. June Europe’s pleasant scenery, known as the best season for marriage, such as at this time to do the bride is considered a happy life, so the June “birthday gemstone” as a pearl, a symbol of health, wealth and happiness.

Cultured pearls are divided into Nagoya pearls (Japan), semi-circular pearls (Japan), Nanyang pearls (Southeast Asia and the South Pacific) and freshwater pearls (China).

Nagoya pearl with elegant and solemn features, it is more suitable for mature women in the wedding, dinner and negotiations and other formal occasions to wear, the best clothing is white or dark blue. Freshwater pearls are characterized by colorful, processed brooches, necklaces, earrings styles and diverse, can show a different temperament and fashion, suitable for young people. And the price is cheaper than other pearls.

Nanyang pearls are white and black two. Due to long growth period, yield less, so the Cartier nail bracelet replica price is higher. Granular, bead thick layer is its characteristics. Black Pearl gives a sense of mystery and elegance, in Europe and the United States, Southeast Asia and other countries is very popular. Now there are also popular trends among Chinese young people.

Noble nobility of precious metals, but also the lack of bright diamond ornaments. Pearl jewelry with its unique elegance and mystery of the mysterious feel the same fascinating. Especially in the past two years in Japan and Europe and the United States, pearl jewelry subtle, reserved temperament to attract a lot of intellectual women, fashion jewelry into a major mainstream.

The existing pearl jewelry in Japan Nagoya’s water pearls, semi-circular rainbow-colored horse nose shell pearl, Nanyang black pearls and the shape of a true round of freshwater pearls and so on.

A little research on pearls people know that the texture of the most excellent pearl should have a smooth surface, bright color, large particles and other characteristics, such as pink, is more valuable. As a measure of this standard, sea water pearls are much more valuable than freshwater pearls, and therefore favored by all walks of life.

But in recent years, the production of seawater pearls is decreasing, and the market is gradually replaced by freshwater pearls. Fortunately, due to the continuous improvement of aquaculture technology, the quality of freshwater pearls has been comparable with the sea pearls. Therefore, the purchase of a bunch of freshwater pearls, can still make you brilliant, and the price is much cheaper than the sea pearl!

The existing freshwater pearls are white, pink, orange, purple, gold and other varieties. Golden South Sea pearls in Japan is very popular, orange and purple pearls have also been popular trend. Orange pearls are translated as “APRICOT” (apricot), which means like a grain of apricots Cartier nail bracelet replica in general, very image; purple pearl was translated as “BLUEBERRY” (blue berries), to describe its color Guangrun like to drop Out of the juice to.

Orange or purple pearl jewelry to wear it looks young and dynamic, suitable for young, with a bookish woman to wear.

Black pearls are extremely rare, so the price is very high. In medieval Europe, it was the nobility of the pearl, now in Europe and America, black pearls began to pop up.

Why do women need diamonds?

Why do women need diamonds?
DE BEERS has been very much like advertising, and it is extremely attractive words phrase is deeply rooted in people’s hearts: diamond forever, a permanent spread. This slogan is said to be translated from the DE BEERS original ads, the English original is A diamond is forever, I do not know which translator students spend wonderful pen, actually make the flat light of the sentence is so affectionate meaningful and meaningful.

DE BERRS advertising has always been love, whether it is television or flat. There is a still fresh, a child to a little girl wearing a petal ring, then the two separated, grew up, and finally a lover into a family. Picture poetic, music is warm and moving, then feel that, if not DE BERRS, I really do not know what to witness the splendor of love brilliant. Later, there is a beach couples version, Australia in the beach and sunset Meilunmeihuan, creative good mood is also charming.

Diamond with its natural, pure, long-lasting, irreplaceable love to become a Replica Cartier love bracelet keepsake. In our minds, the diamond is not just a symbol of love, it is more like an amulet. Love is the world ‘s most vulnerable fragile thing, so we need the world’ s highest hardness of the most able to withstand the exercise of diamonds, to protect our love for a long time.

Men often complain that women are so vain, like the kind of flowers do not real things? What is it that we are so fascinated by diamonds? Some people say that the precious diamond is that it is very rare and extremely beautiful processing. In fact, the value of things, not its own, but rather that we give it the value. We are not what experts, do not understand which is the most important 4C, but also figure out the cut, color, clarity, and how carat classification and identification. For women, the value of diamonds is only one, that is, his own treasure.

Forget which movie or novel, or which celebrity story to see, the actor in his wife’s birthday each year, gave her a beautiful diamonds. In this way, I thought it was the most luxurious and most affectionate. Although the diamond is only a symbol, but in many cases, it is not just a form. We are just ordinary woman, do not expect such a romantic, we need, just a small one, gorgeous and not publicity, the combination of his hundred percent of the mind.

ROSEMARY said in the post to see that she has the other stones, but the lack of diamonds. Their economic situation is not good, and when her husband has a fortune, but it can take the initiative to say: \ Do not say her own, even our other people listen to feel warm and touched . Although diamonds can not eat can not be used, but it is clearly her husband’s true heart.

Suh Huilun has a song called love is a diamond. A small diamond, but can weigh the weight of your heart in his heart. Relative to the house and car, the cost of a diamond may be only a fraction of it. But a lot of men, why so much money are willing to spend, but distressed for women to buy a diamond ring? Only because he can enjoy the house car, while the diamond ring, he did not have any practical value. If a man is willing to live frugally to buy you a beautiful but not practical Cartier love ring replica diamonds, we have reason to believe that in his mind, you are the most precious treasures. Let a little diamond, a flawless, crystal, beautiful diamonds, heavy pressure in the heart, there will be a lifetime of feeling. It always blooming bright light, with each passing day, will become a shining day.
Appearance rounded bright pearls, jewelry is an integral part of the wedding, wedding accessories and pearls how to do the perfect match?

First pearl jewelry styles are divided into: rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches, pearl string … … and so on, can match a variety of styles of wedding dresses. To pearl string chain, for example, is very suitable with a word collar, thin shoulder strap, shoulder-style and cup-style wedding dress, decorated with pearl string chain, not only highlights the beautiful lines of the bride neck, Can add wedding dress noble and elegant temperament.

Long-type string in wearing a halter-style wedding dress, with the finishing touch of the effect. When the bride wearing a halter-style dress, you can wear long bead string to do a variety of changes, such as the long beads to wear scarf-style wear; or bead to the gradient in the way of wearing Cartier love ring replica the rear dress, So that the natural pendant of pearls show the effect of the bride’s back curve embellishment of the more beautiful.

As for the wedding dress and pearl jewelry with skills, we must first determine the main accessories and accessories of the points, if the bride wearing a simple style of pearl jewelry, you can choose the style fancy wedding dress; if the bride choose jewelry style is more luxurious , Wedding dress style is simple and elegant is appropriate.

In addition, pearls can also be applied directly to the design of the dress, for example, in the wedding dress collar, cuffs and waist to pearl to do the key type of embellishment, and the first part of the pearl to do decorative decoration is also very beautiful! As long as the grip of the characteristics of pearls to be played, but the best pearl wedding dress partner!

Scarf change shoulder bag

Time and nature is undoubtedly the most ingenious combination of the world, a large number of precious stones and precious metals is precisely this combination created by the greatest wealth. Swatch Bijoux series of clever design and interpretation of the concept of fashion jewelry, has become the best catalyst for consumers to open the door leading the trend of the trend. Creative ideas and craftsmanship, has always been the soul of Bijoux series of jewelry, the use of the most simple elements, to create the most unique jewelry, Bijoux with its unique fashion position to go in the trend of cutting-edge.

Dream Crystal
Luminous design has gradually become the protagonist of fashion. Elegant Cartier love ring replica light flash reminding us of scenes dream reproduction, these lovely jewelry shining dazzling light, will become your closest friends, you will become the most unique designers. Fantasy Crystal will elegantly into their own fashion, you can own with cuffs, rings and bracelets. No time to create a harmonious combination of the perfect material appearance, shining with fashion light. Simple concept will be elegant fashion elements and life attitude together, the perfect show in front of you.
Bold eye-catching wide bracelet
Wide bracelet is a very rich style of things, those famous fashion icons, such as CocoChanel, DianaVreeland, wrist is never missing such a striking decoration. New wide variety of bracelets this season, each with its own flavor. With the colored evening gem bracelet, full of heavy metal style silver bracelet, different fashion can find the corresponding style.

Clearly satin
Although TomFord does not show in the show field YSLRiveGauche colored gemstones sleeveless vest, but those lovely little clothes or to fully prove his accurate grasp of popular emotions. Emerald, amethyst, ruby color out of the festive clothes like a cheerful atmosphere, satin texture is the most discerning fashion professionals rush.

Whether equipped with a suit or a single wear, brightly decorated satin can let us easily join the popular.

Scarf change shoulder bag
All the Hermes scarf fans will change in the scarf on the brains to play a new tricks. Now BAZAAR teach you a trick, is extremely easy to learn, and the effect of unusual chic: the scarf folded, the two corners were tied together, and then tied the good knot again, sorting, hanging on the shoulder is A type of silk shoulder bag with money.
Jewelry is the details of the man. A man of taste, in addition to focus on clothing styles, material selection and maintenance of their own, the body of the jewelry will be carefully considered.

Mention jewelry, you first think of what? If it is before, may be wearing a huge gold ring of rivers and lakes taste ready to come out of the man? But now, you may think of wearing a variety of different shapes of earrings appear in different occasions Beckham. Indeed, the past two years, male jewelry regardless of material, shape and type, all broke the established impression, showing an open trend. Times have changed, fashionable men know how to use jewelry to express imitation Cartier love bracelet themselves, they are low-key calm, or avant-garde free and easy, but not rustic.

What is driving the popularity of men’s jewelery? The industry summed up the four main reasons:

First, because the watch driven, men hold a more open attitude to the jewelry;
Second, driven by the leisure wind, making men happy to present their own unique style;
Three stars and sports celebrity driven;
Fourth, the fashion brand has introduced jewelry, both men and women consumers, for men to provide more choices.

Whether you feel the forces are forming, and no matter how conservative you look at male jewelry, a new era of male jewelry has come, and a know how to use jewelry to express their own men, is a well versed in fashion Of the men.
Available for men to use jewelry necklaces, bracelets, rings, brooches, tie clips and so on. Select and wear, we must highlight the male characteristics, showing the young man rough, active and unrestrained chic style.

In general, the male necklace, bracelet, ring texture should be gold or silver, style should be heavy, angular, text-shaped pendants and rings on the pattern should also have male characteristics.

Men’s necklaces must be close to wear, wearing a ring should also follow the principles of women wearing the law. Men’s brooch should be selected to wear abstract graphics or on behalf of Treasures of the United States and the pattern, do not suit lapel, the male full.

Tie suit tie tie, the tie clip should match the color of the tie, the lines should be simple and neat.

Young office workers dress up – unlock the password
Meet the business partners The first impression is very important, while the personal instrument will account for 55%. The other side from your dress to see your attitude and personality.

“A hunter head company boss told me that he would not hire a shoe to wear Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica dirty people.He thinks shoes can not put on, work ability is limited.

“Young office workers just entered the community, not all of a sudden to cultivate the temperament of successful people, but at least you can dressed like a model.

[For Men]
Hair combed neatly, do not hair
Keep nails clean
Glasses lenses to wipe clean
Shirt to be hot flat clothes, sleeves can only see a “hot pattern”
Trousers must wear trousers
Do not wear white socks
It is best to buy 2 pairs of shoes. Today to wear A, wear B tomorrow, you can let A breathable, so shoes will be more durable. In this case,
Pants to close. If people lose weight, pants widened, should take to modify rather than tighten trousers with sloppy
Sleeve to bend the suit jacket arm 90 degrees, the cuff touches the wrist as the standard. Shoulder shoulder longer than the shoulder 2 cm
Long pants to expose the heel as the standard
Perfume to light

Cartier create a mini-fun

Cartier create a mini-fun
World famous jewelry brand Cartier recently launched Les charms de Cartier jewelry series, once again beyond the realm of jewelry design, to countless talented new hanging jewelry gorgeous aesthetic interpretation. Cartier jewelry with exquisite delicate shape and implication meaning profound design known. A variety of exquisite gratifying pendants, lovely shape and contains a beautiful theme: the back of the promise can be carved “Heart of Heart” is two pure and bright heart, rose gold on behalf of love, platinum on behalf of friendship; symbol of flying “ladybug” Interesting, platinum, bright diamond and ruby with the perfect match to the ladybird imitation Cartier love bracelet lifelike; and the days of negative to the “turtle” implies wisdom, platinum, chalcedony, emerald and light diamond set off the whole turtle pendant … … these Jewelry is not only a masterpiece, it is the wearer’s personal fortune. Whether it is worn alone or with a variety of jewelry accessories combination, can let the wearer inadvertently sway charm. In addition, limited production of some jewelry, jewelry collectors treasures.
Lili crystal precious and the value of the collection, from a crystal of the stubborn and adhere to the production, when the crystal was burned up to 1,400 degrees, after molding, but also must be 200 hours of cooling process, with the production are not To replace the machine, and must rely on the master of the manual process to create a simple, especially in the ‘baht will be more’ critical quality control, even if there is not even identify the flaws of the naked eye can suffer the same out, As the ‘best craftsmen in France’.

From 1990, Lalique jewelry again after the launch of the series, the implementation of the crystal can be more easily integrated into the life of the idea. In the autumn and winter of 2004 new products, in addition to the theme of the continuation of the year ─ ─ marine and natural world works, the classic mystery face girl totem series, through the skin rope or a beautiful wave of the metal material match, Refining, hand ring or key ring of the new models. The new ‘Irene’ jewelry series, is to show the exotic Arabian style, silver pendant and earrings through the decorative paint processing, supplemented by soft flower-shaped arc, and cleverly decorated with crystal to convey the Mystery of the Middle East style. Autumn and winter of 2004, Lai Li’s leather-style outlining both retro and gorgeous mood, like in the ‘Pearl’ series of leather goods, embroidery on a by Rene Lalique in 1934 designed by the crystal inlay. And to the complex hand-embroidered seam crystal decorative package surface, with the production of Namibian sheepskin from http://www.ourlovestore.com the ‘Exquise’ handbag, the addition of autumn and winter luxury imagination.

‘Mystery Face’ jewelry series to the smiling face of the mysterious female face as the theme, in the side to be fine lines portrayed by the fine fish, fully reveal the Art Nouveau style.

‘Irene’ jewelry series, decorated with silver finish on the crystal, showing the Arab folk customs.

Belt buckle ring bracelet style, with the classic design of Lalique crystal, in line with the Lai Li future emphasis on fashion style brand direction.

Grande Nue Aphrodite (Aphrodite) Crystal Statue. The world’s limited 99.
“If fashion ladies can wear only one kind of accessory, the most sensible choice is to hang the earrings, because they lock the line of sight in the face and make the neck look more slender,” said one jeweler.

In the earlobe to play a small hole, you can hang all the beautiful swing. And this year’s popular earrings, longer and more charming, in a slight shaking, you inadvertently became the focus.

Long fall style and the chest of the most pendants, this summer’s earrings are also very popular http://www.ourlovestore.com long style. Those delicate and delicate earrings, although very beautiful, but how could not cover the long light earrings.

The most gorgeous traditional gold or gold platinum K platinum earrings still account for the majority. However, this year’s earrings with lottery made of the style is also very much. Probably, the summer color must be so gorgeous, earrings can not be so purer to hang. K gold, rose gold and K platinum combination of the most gorgeous. Three different metallic luster together, almost a little dazzling.

The finest earrings The finest earrings this year are not those of traditional earrings. Ear line replaced the location of earrings. A thin gold thread through the ears, hanging from the back of the ear, not too many complex pendant, perhaps only a small laser beads, but full of charming and delicate.

Most “brand name” brand necklace

Most “brand name” brand necklace
In recent years, the new vocabulary Bling Bling, booing the masses can be divided into two groups, praise means “enough to jump! Flash enough!”, Derogatory is mixed with the number of “vulgar” taste inside, and money out of the bad taste is somewhat similar No matter how much the West West of the Viper Sergeant Jennifer Lopez and Paris Hilton hit the Bloom Bling and his eldest brother of the family, imaginative designers to this kind of “fetish” irony also used to sell some money, it is absolutely taught People Gan beats.

Dutch cutting-edge designer Frank Tjepkema well-known brand as creative elements, collage into a glittering cross necklace, metaphor modern advocating brand name, rely on brand-name fetish psychology, but also took a very loud “glittering famous necklace” (Bling Bling Medalion), the designer’s humor, sharpness and even simple to single-gun straight into: “since the love of brand-name? Let you hang a enough!”
Jaguar, Diesel, Kleenex, Boss, BMW, Cartier, Harley Davidson, Nike, Levi’s, Apple, Phillips, McDonald’s, Playboy … .. and other well-known brands, It is said to have been a permanent collection of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Kruithuis Cartier nail bracelet replica Museum of Art in the Netherlands. In 2003 and 2004, it was nominated for the Rotterdam Design Award and the Dutch Design Award, each for 12,800 yuan , The designer himself said, “This is probably the world’s most famous brand necklace!”
In addition to conception special, marvel, silver rose in recent years, the rise of gold, few people will do the gold accessories so big and flash, the mainstream trend is mostly: small and beautiful, silver and exaggerated, this year with particular emphasis on “large size and more Level, multi-level necklace and bracelet, large and eye-catching pendant and exaggerated rough, colorful ornaments and retro brooch, silver jewelry this year, the four major focus.
With different materials, silver effect is particularly prominent, such as with pearls, crystal and colored glass, beads, plastic, rhinestone and even enamel, are fresh this spring and summer formula, the market fresh goods.
The rise of the 70’s Playboy, the most popular small rabbit is also cleverly decorated crystal and semi-precious stones, used in earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces and hair accessories, body drive accessories also follow the flickering shimmering gloss, can be described as Full Semitic! Do not love too much of the semi-precious stones crystal, including red and retro box series, are square-shaped enamel and silver deputy material strung together, and the other can be a back, chest hanging, but also hand-held multi-purpose strap , Selling point is that the size of several times the zoom swing side rabbit face, do not have Fan retro mood.
In this year’s fashion arena, style exaggeration, smooth lines of accessories once again become the major brand designer’s favor this year. Major shopping malls in Shanghai brand monopoly, but also can be seen everywhere big bracelets, large sunglasses, wide belt figure. Such as the natural fur, the devil skin, sea creatures, such as Tod’s, FolliFollie invariably launched fish skin mosaic wide bracelet, and CELINE also introduced a series of marine to the sea, In the shell for the material jewelry.

All in all, large, rugged, simple, popular accessories this season is the key word.

3 different levels of convergence, the edge with a wave-shaped, the overall Cartier love ring replica shape that is a single break, but also to maintain a smooth and simple lines. Lined with a wide style of the wrist of the slim, while the silver-colored display more glamorous and luxurious.

Fine pieces of precious stones scattered inlaid in a thick transparent synthetic glass, regardless of day and night, as long as there is light, bright jewels from different directions to reflect the dazzling light. Even if you do not wear any other jewelry, the bracelet light enough to make you shine.

Modeling large, but tell the subtle and elegant theme. During the mosaic of fur, soft and natural colors, it can bake intellectual woman temperament.

Speaking of LOEWE, the most talked about than its quality leather products, however, this spring and summer, a group of dazzling sunglasses exaggerated new LOEWE once again become the focus of the spring and summer fashion stage.

Has always been superb rigorous production process, the use of glasses in the design, LOEWE also play the most vividly. In the details of the glasses, such as mirror feet, screws can be seen on the delicate LOEWE logo. Design, from Hollywood’s old movies to the British rock and roll, have become the inspiration for this season LOEWE glasses source, the lens color from brown to black shades of different shapes from half-framed, frameless to retro toad mirror, The most imitation Cartier love bracelet popular is a very “pull the wind” of the wind mirror, in Hong Kong, this season’s LOEWE sunglasses have been ordered early local ladies.

Collar is not popular this year’s hot, but occasionally there are several memorable. CELINE This lace-up collar with dark red, black, and pink crystals shades the metal collar’s cold texture in warm tones and a soft fabric that fits the skin.

Gold and copper atmosphere and luxury, coupled with the gem bright embellishment, so that this bracelet CELINE undoubtedly become the king of the season wide bracelet.

Van Cleef & Arpels – interpretation of romantic love story

Van Cleef & Arpels – interpretation of romantic love story
Whether it is noble and generous diamond ring, or a simple natural wedding ring, for the wedding are unique. Van Cleef & Arpels was born in a romantic love story. Love, can be regarded as a Van Cleef & Arpels in the history of the most beautiful poem. At the beginning of the 20th century, Estelle Arpel and Alfred Van Cleef’s wedding achievements in 1906 Van Cleef & Arpels top jewelry kingdom was established. After it’s jewelry also announced a number of world famous love story. Therefore, in its wedding ring design is always integrated into their own legendary and eternal marriage, combined with the top jewelry designer’s artistic expression, modern lines and top diamonds, so that each of its series, each product has become An integral part of the wedding.

Inlaid with single and single row of diamonds leaves shape of the Acanthe ring is Van Cleef & Arpels to nature as the inspiration to create the design theme. Set in the center of the Acanthe ring is a single carat weighing 1 carat.

Solitaire Classique ring mosaic method is particularly suitable for those who love Cartier love ring replica the Van Cleef & Arpels sophisticated technology and quality of people, the traditional design style presents a very modern and simple pure lines. Fid Lit ring design classic simplicity, four frame gracefully set off from the middle of the diamonds, highlighting its dazzling light and bright. Solitaire Classique engagement ring can be set with 0.3 to 0.7 carats of diamonds. Diamond base of the hollow design allows more light to reflect the gem of light.
Fashion, low-key and not publicity of silver in the summer seems to have the most loyal FANS. Not only large shopping malls silver counter more and more bustling commercial district franchise silver shops have also appeared, and it seems that every silver counter customers are flocked to the foot silver, Tibetan silver, Italian silver … … each has Many fans who.

According to reports, the unique charm of silver and its own advantages are closely linked. The price of silver is not high, generally tens of dollars to several hundred dollars, the price positioning so that it has a broad market space. Second, silver is a plasticity and ductility of good metal, with its own “flexor can be extended character”, silver was molded out of many “difficult” shape. So with the changing shape, free and casual style, silver to attract the attention of everyone. In addition, the silver can be long-term wear is not easy to deformation, if dirty, just use the “wash silver water” soak a bubble, or use toothpaste to wipe, and like the new.

This season silver jewelry design is still on the earrings, earrings style to “long”, “big” as the mainstream, exaggerated shape shows the unique character of the wearer. Small “earrings” are no less, and some were polished into multiple cross-section, under the light shine; some shape three-dimensional full, full of dynamic.

According to the silver seller, this year’s necklace, bracelet, anklet style change little, still go simple and generous “fresh” line, but in the pendant part of the idea: spent some larger, more three-dimensional geometry Combined into a new pattern.

In the hot summer, often wearing a small vest, short skirts or shorts girls feel if the neck, arms, ankle on the “empty” feeling, may wish to buy several silver ornaments, may have unexpected results!
Now, with a few pieces of jewelry for women who is not surprising, but let the baby for the kind of “transfiguration” to decorate themselves, and perhaps many people did not expect. This does not, this summer changed the body of the ring, earrings, bracelets inadvertently has quietly broke into our line of sight, and the popular trend of the fire has been expected in people.

Ring turned — ring size is moderate, ring shape can be easily combined with a variety of materials, so “turned” the most opportunities.

This is the most basic ring changes, but also the most suitable for drilling with a ring. Will be with different materials, the chain, you can create a different temperament. Such as with the leather rope, hemp rope can make the elegant rough rough added, and with the metal imitation Cartier love bracelet chain is able to highlight its elegant temperament.

Changing the ring inlaid precious stones ring best suited as a hand ring. Flannelette and ribbon is the most suitable match material, whether it is velvet elegant texture, or brightly colored ribbons, can express a ring of bright light.

Change back chain diamond ring change back chain is basically the more detailed the more flexible the more suitable for the chain, the wearing method is very simple, choose a slightly longer soft chain, directly to the diamond ring hanging in the back on it.

Bracelet transfiguration — Bracelet Because of the “congenital thin and long” and “body”, not only can be worn around the wrist, you can also around the hair, chest, or follow the pendant “tassel wind”, hanging in the chest.

Change hair accessories long hair in the back of the plate, clever use of diamond bracelets can change the style. Bracelet can be in the hair side, but also from the front surrounded by hair, like a small crown.

Earrings turned — diamond earrings, whether it is clip-style or pin-type are easy to fixed, so “transfiguration” opportunities.

Whether to wear a skirt or jeans, loosely tied a ribbon at the waist, and then fixed in the ribbon on the Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica ribbon, the use of diamond light to highlight the waistline; or an earring decorated in the waist, the other wearing In the ears, both the overall sense, but also do not have style.

Change the necklace in order to choose the style of earrings hanging chain or in the colorful colorful beads hanging in the glittering diamond earrings, can definitely help you raise the attention rate.