Diamondland color diamond world

Diamondland color diamond world
Color in the value of a diamond, play a key role, one of the reasons for colored diamonds precious derived from its rarity, red diamonds almost negligible, green also is extremely rare, blue, purple is the color of the rare, comparison, yellow, brown wait for color more, but on the whole, colored diamonds are still rare gem, has certain value of collection.
In addition to the usual we see white diamond, diamond is the colorful world. Most people are of the opinion that the diamond color is white, the better, is really colorful economy and the collection value is quite high, as the saying goes content with rare for expensive, it is not difficult to understand the color of the diamond is rare, the higher the value of nature.
Colorful constitutes the diamond another unique world, rather than the white diamond, color of drill is often a bright color and you’ll never forget. Rare and precious diamond produced its special charm.
The kinds of colored diamonds have red, green, red, purple, pink, blue, purple, orange, brown, yellow and black, and so on. What color of colored diamonds more popular? And Diamondland to explore the mysteries of colored diamonds together.
Yellow diamond
Compared with the white diamond, the same weight, the colour yellow diamond Cartier nail bracelet replica prices generally was more than 25% to 50%. Yellow diamonds are not particularly rare, from a light yellow To there are many deep yellow color grading. Although the canary is common, but to brilliant color level of canary is rare and is hard to find, Tiffany canary is the world’s most famous yellow diamonds, it more than the ordinary round brilliant cut, canary 32 facet, as many as 90 facets. The diamond weighing 128.54 carats, worth $12 million, dazzling light.
In Diamondland, also have a noble giant double color diamond ring, it is composed of white diamonds and yellow diamonds inlaid together, 3 carat total diamond weight. Exaggeration and chic modelling, detail carve all show showily atmosphere.
Brown diamond
Early, because of the great brown diamond production, it doesn’t get the favour of jewelry manufacturers, and only be used for industrial purposes. Today, many celebrities have begun early wear of people mouth “diamond” chocolate. Brown diamond also exist many differences, such as champagne diamonds, color from golden light brown to dark brown; Another popular cognac color diamonds, dark brown diamonds look like the combination of golden yellow color with imitation Cartier love bracelet flame, particularly eye-catching let cognac diamond.
Golden Jubilee (Golden Jubilee) is a famous brown diamond, was found with 755.5 carat, then cut into 545.67 carats. Now it as part of the royal jewelry, collection in Thai royal palace, its value is immeasurable.
Pink diamond
Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, pink is, therefore, diamond and a pink color combination becomes many girls’ favorite. A pink diamond, if with a purple hue (become a purplish pink diamond), according to the definition of the purple, the diamond is better than a pure pink diamond to more precious, more valuable.
Graff Pink diamond (Graff Pink) is probably the most expensive Pink diamond, it does not possess ancient history, but because of its amazing color and clarity, it for $46 million, and the price is naturally became the most expensive single diamond.
Black diamond
Black is the color of a powerful and has the authority, it may arouse strong emotion and inspiration: mysterious, fear, fashion, anger, sexy, mature, strength and depth. It triggers the feelings of people, in the west it is also a kind of fashion color, also, black diamond also has a long Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica history, and more and more popular in recent years. Black diamond for more contracted rings or pendants, moreover also often used to make bracelets.
In Diamondland, center of the ring studded with a nearly 1 carat black auger, surrounded by a circle of white broken auger, deep black and pure white color form sharp contrast, is enough to make you become the focus of the crowd to shine.

Learn to use international price list five minutes

Learn to use international price list five minutes
International diamond quotation is diamond jewelry, diamond and diamond cutting factory wholesaler trading diamond market prices for reference, is the world’s diamond trade standard tools. International diamond quotation of diamond grade according to standard the same as the American college of gem GIA diamond grading. In general, as long as consumers know “international diamond quotation” can calculate any international wholesale price of a diamond.
Learn to use international price list five minutes
Clarity of interval
Diamond studs interval, according to your choice of diamond studs, find the Cartier love ring replica corresponding clarity value. Precision standard levels from the IF the I3, a difference of ten level.
The weight range
Diamond weight range, according to you to choose the size of the diamond, find the corresponding weight range, to the correct use of the international diamond quotation.
Color range
Diamond color range, according to you to choose the color of the diamond, find the corresponding color value.
Quotation sheet color standard D is the highest, the lowest for M class, ten steps.
Price index
Diamond prices range, according to your choose diamond color and clarity to find the corresponding index value of diamonds.
Diamond index for the unit for $one hundred.
Formula: diamond prices = price index X100X diamond weight (unit carat) X dollars for RMB exchange rate.
Diamond value
With 31 points, H is lubricious, VVS1 diamonds, for example. Select weight range 0.30 0.39 CT quotation, H color and clarity as VVS1, according to two indexes corresponding number, is it naked drill with the international standard 1 carat for the unit price. 24 is the price Cartier nail bracelet replica of $one hundred for the unit, which is equivalent to $2400, that number, by your choice again naked drill carat number, $0.31 CT is that it offers. Then, only need to calculated according to the row of price of foreign exchange in time, can receive RMB price. Its price is: 24 multiplied by 0.31 CT multiplied by 6.56 times the $100, equal to 4880.64 yuan.
Do you know why color diamond has always been the big winner of the auction, or colored diamonds are how to obtain high auction prices? The American academy of gem (GIA) Russell – shore reported recently, the auction house senior executives and industry observers to colorful even in a recession, still can make some of the reasons for high price there is quite a consensus. These include the international influence of the auction house, the scarcity of top class gem, as well as for the growing number of auctions private buyers.
In every year millions of diamond mining, only 0.001% of the diamond qualify for colored diamonds, which only a handful of colored diamonds can reach top level of strong color and brilliant colour. More than one carat are much rarer, 5 carat let alone. So in the auction of rare indeed.
GIA accepted the Chinese edition of the bazaar April issue about the diamond, and why these rare interview material can only be bought at an auction, the following is the content of the interview:
Q: given the current trends diamond identification, you can analyze the value of colored diamonds and the trend of investment value?
GIA: GIA diamond is assessed. Diamond prices are decided in the auction industry. Big Cartier nail bracelet replica strong color diamond or brilliant red and blue diamond dust auction prices have more than $1.5 million. Color diamond appraisal needs to prove that substantial increase of color diamond investment growth trend. This demand has increased by 102% since 1999.
Q: why is the auction house is the only place one can find the top colored diamonds?
GIA: this seemingly simple conclusion due to the long history of the auction, the auction trend of the world’s good control, good at discovering rare gems of consciousness, as well as the long-term accumulated contacts with international famous auction. First of all, Geneva, New York and Hong Kong three main market can always attract customers around the world. Rare color diamonds can always sell unprecedented price in the auction house. Second, sotheby’s and Christie’s top for those rare diamonds have the most profound insights, in other words, the real precious diamond here. Finally, the number of private buyers increases.
Q: GIA about how colorful standard appraisal process?
GIA: a superior color diamonds are rare, its quality is decided by the concentration of color and color appeal. And identification of colorless diamond 4 c standard is different, is used for the identification of color diamond GIA a unique identification system. Appraisal from the beginning of the color, for example, first identified the diamond as yellow, next, if a little green color mixture in the diamond, the diamond is referred to as “Huang Zhong take green” green diamond. Then the concentration of the identification of color, from micro to strong color, bright color, etc. GIA also will identify whether color is natural. GIA diamond color identification certificate will include color level, color natural, carat weight, clarity, and clarity drawings.

Do you know about K gold?

Do you know about K gold?
This year, K gold to become the focus of the jewelry market. Walk the shop jewelry counters, in the face of colorful K gold jewellery, consumers may ask: these are K gold jewelry? K gold is how synthetic?
K gold, just as its name implies, is made from gold to join other materials processing. Due to pure gold jewellery is too soft, it is difficult to set all kinds of exquisite design, especially when the inlaid pearls, precious stones, and jade treasures such as easy to lose, therefore, since ancient times, few people know that adding suitable amount of silver in solid gold, copper, zinc and other metals to increase the strength and toughness of gold, so produced gold called act the role of gold. Determine the act the role of the gold content of gold is made a call gold, English Karat, generally translated as open, press “English” can also be referred to as “K, therefore, also known as K gold ACTS the role of gold.
K gold can be made into various color according to need, such as gold and Cartier love bracelet replica copper after mixing is red, known as the red K gold, in the international popular K gold jewelry all sorts of color, orange, champagne, apple green, yellow, red, blue, green, milky white, black, such as a dozen, collectively known as color K gold jewelry.
In addition, there are K platinum. Gold in the mix, such as more than 25% of the palladium or nickel, is white gold, or gold, its main composition and its name is called K platinum, gold with 14 wg logo.
Catalyst is a substance can help to increase the rate of chemical reaction, and in the reaction is not consumed itself. Catalysts are in many different industrial processes for the production of chemical products, food and other items of important ingredients. When made by fermenting sugar alcohol use catalyst is one of the earliest use of the catalyst.
According to the phase relationship is divided into catalyst and reactant homomorphism and anomaly. Homomorphic catalyst and reactant in the same state at work, usually in the density of its liquid. Differential mode with the reactants have clear boundaries. The catalysts used in automotive industry, for example, is the solid catalyst used in gaseous reactants.
Until recently, many researchers don’t regard gold as a possible industrial catalysts. In the past decade, however, there’s been a great increase in interest in the catalytic properties of gold, if used properly, it can be widely used in a series of reactions including oxidation, hydrogenation reaction, and many other reactions. Homomorphism and anomaly applications are possible.
In the past few years of the university of wales gramm Hans (he prove that gold is the replica Cartier love bracelet most effective catalyst for production of vinyl chloride) and Japanese researchers Masatake Haruta research results make people more interested in gold application in catalytic reaction.
About gold catalyst for one of the most exciting thing is what you get “starting point” (that is, the catalyst start working temperature is low. Usually gold catalyst is the best working temperature of 200-350 k DHS, and platinum catalyst in best working temperature is 400-400 k DHS and, unlike many other platinum group metal catalysts, high humidity is actually beneficial rather than harmful in the reaction.
But what happens to gold when it is not necessarily a lot instead of noble metal catalyst platinum group metals in dominate position, and are used in the new reaction and in some cases provide the selection of a lower cost solution.
The current industry and a major topic of the academic research is gold can work as a catalyst in the mechanism. The past taught in the school are all gold is not lively, not corrosion and rust. And yet there is a structure of gold can be used as a catalyst.
Be careful with gold catalysts, for gold to do special processing, mainly for very small particles of gold. Rapid precipitation technology is probably the most effective process.
Gold catalyst has already begun to commercial applications in Japan, is used to eliminate peculiar smell in the toilet. Other in addition to flavour applications are possible, and the other has a potential for such as removal of nitrogen oxides in the exhaust from diesel engine, break down Cartier love bracelet replica his two oxygen in cremator. Very interested in is the appropriate treatment of gold catalyst can accelerate at ordinary temperatures can make carbon monoxide oxidation. The best example is the gold just below the environment temperature is larger than that of palladium and platinum catalyst. Gold catalyst used in fuel cells and gas sensors have a patent. In the next few years with the development of technology, and its industrial application could increase greatly.
How to choose the jade bracelet
Long-term wearing jade bracelet is clever and generous, can promote blood circulation, was deeply loved by people. All kinds of quality, various style of jade bracelet attracted the attention of many women this summer, psychic cui drill’s valuable jade expert points out, when the choose and buy the jade bracelet, grasp some identification work of common sense is very necessary.
Evaluation work of the jade bracelet, the first thing to look at its roundness is good. Silhouette is symmetry, for example, if the asymmetry, affect beautiful. Secondly the bracelet and ring opening degree of relationship, generally speaking, circle piece, the bracelet is fine accordingly; Circle Fake Cartier love bracelet big mouth, bracelet is coarse. For example, circle diameter of 50 mm and 55 mm, bracelet diameter is commonly 6 mm to 8 mm; Circle diameter of 56 mm – 65 mm, bracelet diameter with 8 mm – 10 mm advisable, this proportion is more appropriate. Love thick bracelet usually older people, young people like thin bracelets. Finally see if its surface grinding (polishing) good, good jade bracelet circle mouth size and the thickness coordinate the bracelet is beautiful, fine processing, neat, good surface polishing, hand touch uniform, smooth feeling.
Accumulate more knowledge of jade to help reduce the blindness of purchase, of course, the most effective approach or ask more when buy valuable jade expert.

the discriminant gold jewelry to authenticity

Remanufacture jewelry?
Jewelry is high-grade adornment, as ornaments, its design is in constant renovation, changing, and the design is always an indication of the latest trend of the latest trends.
Previously owned jewellery as if is out of date, so, how to follow or create new trend?
There is a good way, rather than pay big money to buy the new jewelry, it is better to take a toll fee, loss fees and the cost of raw materials to reform old jewelry through the reprocessed, renovation design, change shape, make it become the fashionable jewelry. Similarly, those damaged jewelry can also use up, through the restructuring, that puts a sparkle in make it again.
Below is the jewelry in the restructuring of four common ways.
With little more: 12 g as a square ring can be reprocessed into a small 6 g square rings and a 6 g necklace;
Getting old for new, such as the traditional style of bracelet to processed into modern style bracelet or bracelet;
Short of completion, such as loss of jewelry piece in pairs, remaining that can be http://www.ourlovestore.com reprocessed into smaller pair of jewelry;
Miscellaneous pieces of kit: such as some sporadic miscellaneous with jewelry, in accordance with the uniform design and style, to processed into a set of complete new jewelry.
The identification of gold jewelry and imitation
Gold jewelry refers to gold as the main raw material to make jewelry. The chemical symbol for gold Au, proportion is 17.4, mohs hardness is 2.5. Gold jewelry from its gold content can be divided into two categories, of pure gold and K gold. Pure gold jewelry of gold content over 99%, the highest can amount to 99.99%, so it has a “jiujiu gold”, “pure gold”, “red gold”. K gold jewelry is in its gold material joined the other metals such as silver, copper and jewelry, also known as the “alloy”, “colour gold”. Because of the addition of other metal quantity have more with less, and formed a number of different K K gold jewelry.
K number and the size of the gold content is as follows: 24 K, more than 99%; 22 k, 91.7%; 21 k, 87.5%; 18 k, 75%; 14 k, 58.5%; 12 k, 50%; 10 k, 41.66%; 37.5% 37.5% 9 k, 8 k, 6 k, 25%
In gold jewelry, gold jewelry quality of a material soft, teeth have printing, easy to bend, golden color, pure, soft, feel is heavy, feel heavy. K gold jewelry is a bit hard, texture teeth muji, colour and lustre is Huang Zhong belt is white, and in accordance with the decrease of the number of K, white, yellow light gradually. K gold jewelry feel is not pure gold jewellery heavy. In addition, both in pure gold and K gold jewelry with a seal. The seal on the gold jewelry, useful “gold”, “Kg” English letters texture is useful. Indicate the gold content, with “99” or “24 K” that was pure gold jewelry, K gold jewelry in accordance with the different value, indicating the corresponding http://www.ourlovestore.com K number, such as marked “18 K K gold jewelry, the gold content is 75%. In addition, there are marked the different jewelry manufacturer’s seal of origin. Really gold jewelry, seal standard, complete, clear, is an important criterion.
Easily confused with gold jewelry jewelry sort is more, have a plenty of gold jewelry, have a plenty of gold plated jewelry, have a plenty of jewelry, copper or copper alloy jewelry. Here are the various briefly explain:
Gold-plated jewelry is in other metal jewelry with plating coating on a layer of golden surface, similar color and gold jewelry, golden light, difficult to identify when new. But gold plated jewelry feel is relatively light, a hard, teeth muji, with long easy fade. Some bad plating gold-plated jewelry, the color red or white, or hair flower.
Color gold jewellery refers to the other metal surface on the package of 22 K or 24 K gold foil, such as the low number of K gold foil, its softness is poorer. The appearance of the jewelry is plated with gold similar to real gold jewelry, glittering, and not easy to fade, true and false difficult argument. But look carefully jewelry cavity, Angle, behind, etc., can be found to have gold foil uneven, become warped edge peeling phenomenon. Fracture joint such as jewelry, can be seen from outside in the yellow section of metal material is white. In addition, plated with gold jewelry also feel lighter, quality of a material is solid gold jewelry hard, teeth muji, not easy to http://www.ourlovestore.com bend, long wear gold foil easy peeling off.
Copper jewelry for Huang Zhong with red color, hair is false, dark gloss, texture is soft, light in weight. Copper alloy jewelry (copper tin alloy), color white, qualitative hard light, long wear rub off, can make the skin black.
Gold-plated jewelry, jewelry, plated with gold or copper jewelry, gold jewelry, generally does not seal with similar gold jewelry. Or with seal, unlike gold jewelry, such as some jewelry engraved with English letters “GK”, its meaning is “gold”. Sign or seal mark blurred, oblique, consumer should be to identify the jewelry on whether there is a seal, the seal is in line with the content of the above regulations and seal is clear, the discriminant gold jewelry to authenticity.

Smart buy jewelry

Smart buy jewelry
For beautiful to love you, buy a good quality jewelry can be said to be creating a great life is the most important lesson. Because jewelry is valuables, in order to seek exorbitant profits some illegal businessmen on the market, at the false seriously, shoddy, when buy so don’t be a moment of passion. Gem association of guangdong province, guangdong industry technical college original geological associate professor Tian Shugu teacher, for readers summarizes several common types of jewelry fraud and identification method, smart people according to the scientific method can buy beloved jewelry.
The durable – gold
Gold occupies the important position in the accessories.. According to the provisions of Cartier nail bracelet replica the state, our country gold ZhuBao field of gold jewelry or gold inlaid jewelry, jade jewelry of gold content is clearly marked on the jewelry, such as 18 k gold, is inscribed with “18 k” or “750” and other words, generally not be fake. But also should require companies issue formal invoices, so that justice when problems arise.
In addition, there is a marked with “18 KGP” jewelry, is refers to the 18 k gold plated, only on the surface coated with a thin layer of 18 k gold, basic material is not gold. If companies to sell its when 18 k gold, is cheating.
Gem queen – pearl
Pearls, give a person a kind of elegant and polished, noble and elegant temperament. Excellent pearl ornament color thick, net and uniform color, a cone, with strong pearly luster, punch, wear beads and buttons on the pearl knot are very delicate.
Is the most effective way of judging the pearl, the necklace of arbitrary two bead rub against each other, have a rough and is a real pearl powder, have slippery feeling and peeling phenomenon for imitation pearls. Because of the black pearl or golden pearl production is rare and expensive, on the pearl stand for a few dollars a grain are dyed. When out an invoice to the businessman should specify the pearl varieties (such as freshwater cultured pearls, and not only write “pearls”), selling price, so that when it is necessary to return or claim.
Majestic demeanor – diamond
Diamond is the “king of the gem”. Domestic normal bazaar diamond counters selling certificates of quality appraisal of diamond jewelry, is the real natural diamond processing, as long as the invoices, certificates, you can rest assured purchase.
Buy diamond jewelry, must pay attention to the following four points: Turner (CUT), color (CLOUR), CLARITY, CLARITY, and carat (CARATWEIGHT), which is the so-called 4 c standard for diamond.
What kind of diamond for you? It depends on their own economic strength. Expert imitation Cartier love bracelet clew, said economic strength generally buyers when the choose and buy diamonds, don’t need to perfect each “C” requirements. Along with the increase of the carat diamond prices will rise by multiples, must more when buy. The wedding diamond ring, about 50 points is enough “is placed on the table.
In essence, diamond jewelry is to please the eye, so the colour and lustre of diamond is very important, as white as possible, of course, but also want to decide according to their own strength. Get married diamond ring should choose color to G color I, at least not less than I. The true color, appropriate tell a diamond with white as the background, and viewed from the side.
Clarity is the highest standard of VVS, namely “America”. Ordinary people to buy diamond, there is no need to pursue the highest level, lower level of VVS not VS, VS diamonds, with a magnifying glass also basic can’t see the inside of the impurities. VS the next level of SI1, this level of diamond under the magnifying glass, experts can see almost invisible to the naked eye. Visible, select SI1 grade diamond, has never “eyesore”.
Evaluate the superiority of lathe work, we can see if there is a “rotor” the diamond. In the sunlight, diamond like can coruscate gives the dazzling light, Turner “in place”.
Also check when buy two famous away the sham as the genuine of synthetic diamond. One is “Soviet drill”, this is the first synthetic compounds by the former Soviet union, the appearance is quite similar with real diamond, but its price is very low, less than one over one thousand of the real diamonds. One is the “beauty,” god, is first introduced the C3 company, currently in 30 countries and regions in the world, including guangzhou and shenzhen) have sales general agent, the price is about one over ten of the natural diamond.
The spirit of green –, jade
The Chinese like to jade. High quality natural jade (business name as “A”) more expensive, “B” is to emerald and jade jade is poor, by using strong acid bleaching and injection plastic products. Actually “B” has A value of jade is the use of new technology will make it already appear beautiful Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica, but the price, the quality of the jade and emerald look worse than “A”.
The problem is that few profiteers knowing is “B” is to approximate an “A”, fool laymen, to seek exorbitant profits. “B” green is not normal, often a fine mist distribution, appear even without shade. Its green seem overblown. After the “A” is struck A ringing sound pleasing to the ear; “B” sound dull. Buy value higher jade, ask the boss to provide “A” certificate, and invoice to claim if necessary.
When the choose and buy should pay attention to the following:
1, the quality of a material. Should better transparency is glass luster of choose and buy a product, but to prevent glass products (commonly known as the event). Identify the main points of the jade is pervious to light as a part of mist or porphyritic, glass products without fog and porphyritic, there are air bubbles. With green jade the color shade depth, cui. And the glass color are basically identical.
2, the hardness. Than glass and other jade jade of high hardness, classes are hard, can be used in the glass.
3, weigh in hand. Jade than major, weigh in hand in hand with heavy feeling, so the glass has a light feeling. Henan jade proportion is big, easy to pretend to be jade, its colour and lustre is also close to emerald, comprehensive inspection.
4, see color. High green (especially gorgeous) or full of green products must be very careful, because so genuine its high price, average price is impossible to sell. As with a small amount of green head and colour and lustre is bright is good, its price is moderate.
5, look at work. Attention should be paid to watch a product craft carving (had better use more than four times the magnifying glass observation). Figure statue facial behaviour, facial features should be reasonable; Animal statues to see whether the proportion of the imitation Cartier love bracelet trunk and limbs. Special attention should be paid to carve the sunny side of and at the bottom of the shadow and whether smooth level off. Whether also scan line thickness is consistent, have broken knife or overlap. Bracelet a note for fractures.
6, select the vendor. The seller on the market basically has 3 kinds: speciality store price goods really high, individual antique shop price is low but illusory, individual booth price low fake goods, need to choose carefully.
Cold ao beauty –, crystal
Crystal should be the most popular gemstone. Natural crystal clear transparent, and is often visible to the micro cracks, the color white and bright; Artificial crystal or glass products there is no crack, often have the tiny bubbles and hearing the glass in white suffused with green, yellow, and lack of sense of bright. If use the tongue lick, or to touch the face, the crystal has a cool feeling, glass has a warm feeling.
Buy more expensive (worth 100 yuan of above) crystal ornaments, the boss made it clear whether natural crystal, on the basis of invoice, indicating that content, in order to claim for compensation or replacement if necessary.

Rare platinum jewelry buying guide

Rare platinum jewelry buying guide
It beautiful, elegant, easy collocation, also contains the strength and toughness; Platinum is pure, it shines white radiance, and will not make skin allergy. Platinum is rare, it has become celebrities ladult rushed to chase down the centuries treasure spoil; Platinum is eternal, it shining forever in, experience is long cover is new. Choice of precious metal is showing your personality, power, and the best way.
Platinum is pure, is a kind of expression, the perfect is the real reflection Cartier love ring replica of the inner. Platinum gives its own pure white luster, and at the same time can be diamond glare outstanding reflect. The purity of platinum jewelry in general is 95% (normally 75%) the purity of 18 k gold, it will not fade or dim, can always stay true colors. And the pure platinum also is not the skin produce allergic reaction, is ideal for sensitive skin. To understand ourselves and open-minded woman, platinum is perfect.
Platinum is rare, for those who pursue life grade, tasteful, platinum is what they spoil the treasure. Platinum resources on earth is limited, only a few places in the world can be found. This delicate metal to 35 times more rare than the gold. In fact, according to estimates if all the world’s platinum into an Olympic swimming pool, its depth is not enough to cover your feet. But gold filled with three swimming pools. Platinum rare to make it more elegant and distinctive, and can fully display your personality.
Platinum jewelry is to be worn daily, one’s life to yet. The density and weight to make it more solid durability than other metals. Platinum will not damage during wear, can safely and firmly set with precious jewels. As with all precious metals, platinum will scratch, however, scratches on the surface of the platinum is only the shift of the metal, and it shows no loss of weight. So, even if every day wear and make the platinum jewelry surface leave traces, it is still the same? All \ a symbol of eternal things.
What is the difference between K platinum and white gold?
Platinum is a natural white and white K gold just by putting gold and other metals Cartier love ring replica fusion to get a white appearance. White K gold color also typically use rhodium surface to enhance. However, the plating will wear and tear, making it appear white K gold inherent dim yellow.
More direct difference method is to compare their weight of the two metals. Even a simple wedding rings made of platinum, K gold also obviously than white is heavy, it makes you feel at ease to its value.
Looking for Pt, just a little affectations
Behind the classic platinum, there is a guarantee? \ Pt, platinum proprietary marks. When the choose and buy, as long as his hand over the jewelry and, on the back of real platinum jewelry, ring, pendant, or little big earrings, will be engraved with a line of small sign: Pt950 Pt900 or. Don’t ignore the little affectations, it help you to look for the Pt logo, let you have really pure, rare, eternal nature of platinum.
Why is more expensive than the price of gold platinum ring?
Platinum rare means that the price of it inevitably much higher than gold.
Platinum jewelry is commonly 95% purity, compared to 75% of the purity of 18 k gold.
Platinum high density than gold and platinum jewelry than an 18 k gold jewelry more than a third of the same weight.
The process of manufacturing platinum jewelry require higher levels of Cartier nail bracelet replica technology.
Platinum jewelry will be scratched?
All the precious metals will be scratched, platinum is no exception. However, scratches on the surface of the platinum is only the shift of the metal, will not cause any loss to the weight. As time goes on, platinum will appear natural luster, people find it moving like just been polished.
Platinum is a kind of new metal used in the manufacture of jewelry?
Platinum has long been the ancient egyptians and used to decorate the Inca civilization. In modern times, with exquisite craft to security inlaid diamonds, platinum qualitative material is preferred. It also make the decorative art of beauty in the 1920 s unique nylon is able to make. Today, platinum implicit elegant temperament with longing for for a new generation of consumers.
How do I care and maintenance of platinum jewelry?
The platinum jewelry store in the jewellery box or soft leather bag.
When doing manual work, remove the platinum jewelry.
When wearing a platinum jewelry, not to touch the bleach or other harsh chemicals. Although they do not damage platinum, chemicals may make delicate gems fade.
Regularly clean platinum, like clean other precious jewelry? \ please use specialized Cartier nail bracelet replica jewelry cleaner or it is immersed in a mild soap and water, and then gently with a soft cloth to wipe.
Every once in a while sending platinum jewelry professional cleaning to do. Metagems platinum jewelry, to ensure that every six months on a professional cleaning.
If maintenance appropriate, you should don’t need any repair of platinum jewelry. When you need to do some adjustment, such as resizing, polishing or cleaning, you need to have professional platinum artisans of the jewelry store.
If I’m sensitive skin, I can wear a platinum jewelry?
Due to the pure platinum make the skin does not produce any allergic reaction, so the sensitivity skin suit to wear.

Learn to choose “see through” diamonds

Learn to choose “see through” diamonds
Xu you don’t have it, but always have; Maybe you haven’t pay, but one day it will pay –, the diamond ring is that many women in his life the most precious thing; Many a man one of the most important in my life.
Recently, many young friend to delay our wedding, this period of time, may be able to decide centering carefully to choose a diamond ring. To the jewelry counter, however, you will see presbyopia, heart pounding, sort is hundreds of thousands, lowest price, which one pick, both good-looking, and not “fall”?
Basic knowledge: carat is not the only standard
In most people’s impression, the vocabulary is closely with the diamond Cartier love bracelet replica is the most “carat”, 1 carat diamond is better than 1/2 carat, 2 carats of diamonds is better than 1 carat. Actually otherwise, carat is just one of diamond quality evaluation standard.
Valuable jade association, vice President of Shanghai, Belgium HRD diamond appraiser AnMingYi said, to buy diamond jewelry, must pay attention to the following four points: Turner (CUT), color (CLOUR), CLARITY, CLARITY, and carat (CARATWEIGHT), which is the so-called 4 c standard for diamond.
Carat diamond is a dedicated to the measuring unit, 1 carat is equivalent to one 5 of a gram. Per carat can be divided into 100 points. A special scale for weighing the diamond is very accurate, sensitive, even the slightest breath may also affect balance.
Most diamonds are white (transparent), there are pink, green, blue, golden color, etc. In general, the color more white more rare, completely transparent crystal diamond is the most rare, also the most expensive. But the clarity of high color diamonds are rare, valuable too. The color of the diamond grading meticulous, according to the English alphabetical order from high to low, the highest is A color.
Diamond studs are higher, and the less inclusions, the more valuable. Diamonds in the crystallization process, often with a slight natural marks, such as spots, bubble or plume of inclusions. If after 10 x magnification, still cannot see any inclusions to the naked eye, this diamond is regarded as “America”, is the highest state of clarity.
Diamond embryo after cutting, the disc surface can reflect light of diamonds. Each of the Turner disc surface shape each are not identical. Diamond is bright, glorious whether “sneaky”, to a large extent depends on cutting artisan craftsmanship.
The diamond ring marriage customs: married promise “small” and “big”
Diamond engagement ring, derived from a French princess replica Cartier love bracelet named Mary. On August 17, 1477, she engaged to the Max held in Austria, is the first women take a diamond ring as a pledge engagement.
According to history carries, Max held the opinions of the Ann to listen to a counsellor, in asked Mary to marry him, will be a a diamond-encrusted gold ring on her left ring finger. Mary said a sentence “I do”, from now on in the tradition of diamond engagement ring.
In China, is now the established habits are, when love to determine the relationship between men and women, generally by the boy money to buy a diamond ring for the girl, or do pledge promise to buy a diamond ring. On the eve of formal wedding, the boy and the boy’s parents to buy a diamond ring or a necklace, solemnly by boys to girls.
In general, both as a diamond, the weight not less than 25 points. And wedding diamond ring is in commonly 50 or so, clarity, and color also need to be excellent, some colorful drill and world famous diamond popularization setups DTC newly married with 1/2 carat diamond ring series, to “love their own the other half”, the young couple love.
Reasonable trade-off: the key effect to the naked eye
What kind of diamond for you? It depends on their own economic strength. AnMingYi prompt said, economic strength generally buyers when the choose and buy diamonds, don’t need to perfect each “C” requirements.
Along with the increase of the carat diamond prices would rise by “geometry”, must be more when buy. The wedding diamond ring, about 50 points is enough “is placed on the table.
In essence, diamond jewelry is to please the eye, so the colour and lustre of Cartier love bracelet replica diamond is very important, as white as possible, of course, but also want to decide according to their own strength. Get married diamond ring should choose color to G color I, at least not less than I. The true color, appropriate tell a diamond with white as the background, and viewed from the side.
Clarity is the highest standard of VVS, namely “America”. Ordinary people to buy diamond, there is no need to pursue the highest state, who will be using 10 times the magnifying glass diamonds to evaluate you? VVS next level especially in VS, VS diamonds, with a magnifying glass also basic can’t see the inside of the impurities.
VS the next level of SI1, this level of diamond under the magnifying glass, the expert can see inclusions, but hardly see with the naked eye a little impurity. Visible, select SI1 grade diamond, has never “eyesore”.
Evaluate the superiority of lathe work, we can see if there is a “rotor” the diamond. In the sunlight, diamond like can coruscate gives the dazzling light, Turner “in place”. Generally speaking, diamond engagement ring with round diamonds are the most popular. Now some jewelers began to provide customers with personalized service, some colorful drill with the diamond model of professional designers, communicate with customers, and then according to the different tastes of customers, build heart-shaped, pear shape, oval shapes of diamonds. Huamei drill head office in sichuan road north and east of nanjing west road shop has been open is specially for the Fake Cartier love bracelet customer’s “diamond” personality design counter, its original “jewelry creative design center”, continuously introduce the latest married diamond ring.
Diamond nursing knowledge
Diamond must be careful nursing care to maintain brilliant luster. Diamond has cohesiveness to the oil, so must be cleaning once a month. Cleaning method basically has the following three types:
Detergent bath – to put the diamond in a small dish mixed with mild detergent in warm water, then use a small brush scrub gently, and then put the diamond in the filter net rinse with warm water, and finally a cloth blot moisture.
Cold water immersion method — with a half cup of families with the ammonia water, in the same capacity of water, the diamond is immersed in solution about 30 minutes, then gently wash with brush clean diamond ornaments of up and down around the metal, then gently waved in the solution, after take out paper moisture blot, don’t have to wash.
A quick dip method – to buy a set of gem cleaning fluid, washing Cartier love ring replica diamond as instructed.
Diamonds, care must also be three: to do the housework, don’t let the wear of diamond ornaments with bleach water. Bleaching water will not damage the diamond, but will make metal framed tower fade or spots;
Do exercise, heavy work, or cooking, should not be wearing a diamond;
Do not the diamond jewelry stacked together in the drawer or jewelry box, friction between diamond “dog-eat-dog”, when they appear loss.

do with is precious metals prices cheaper

Palladium and platinum has nothing to do with is precious metals prices cheaper
International association of palladium, gold and platinum and palladium has nothing to do with precious metals prices cheaper
Following the traditional K gold, platinum and platinum jewelry, jewelry market Cartier love bracelet replica this year and pool “palladium”, in a lot of platinum jewelry daqo shout “palladium as platinum rob city”, the international association of palladium yesterday has sent a letter to the newspaper, the initiative to the boundaries of palladium and platinum, and palladium and platinum as white rare precious metals, but palladium jewelry because of low price more competitive.
Problem a: palladium jewelry is used the black fracture
Association: quality palladium has designated dealers
With the people understanding of platinum, gold, palladium market how many somewhat ignoble. In October this year, media reported partial businessman for the price of less than 200 yuan per gram to promote “platinum jewelry or scrappage, with palladium as platinum gimmicky. Only gold and palladium in the Chinese market early, haven’t open up an outlet is buckle on the name of “platinum”.
International association of palladium says, appear on the market most of the black, fracture of palladium jewelry because of palladium jewelry production technology does not pass. According to understand, even more than platinum palladium jewelry production process, process Fake Cartier love bracelet upset is conquering it until the late 1990 s. Consumers want to buy craft through palladium jewelry should be the best choice in the international association of palladium designated dealer purchased, such as Ryan diamond restaurant chains, the lot product.
Problem two: I wonder if palladium is valuable
Association: palladium is more rare than the gold
With such a bad reputation, palladium what values are not worth money into a lot of the consumers’ mind the biggest question. The international association of palladium China chief representative li said: “the palladium and platinum, is one of the most rare precious metals in the world, even once historical prices than platinum. 2005 world production of palladium and platinum is the same, less than 10% of the total gold production, is also very valuable.”
Palladium jewelry currently on the market price is in 198 yuan/grams generally, price between gold and platinum jewellery. And because the palladium market time is short, a lot of consumer recognition of palladium jewelry is very low. This has caused some illegal businessmen in the name of platinum ruined the reputation of the palladium.
People have since ancient times the jade of the special interests, in the ancient “gentleman Cartier love ring replica without reason, jade, gentleman with jade bede how”. Today, the mei-yu has become one of the types of jewelry to fondle admiringly, is a symbol of luck and social status, show individual character, taste, grace. The specially for several type mei-yu boutique.
A long jade furnishing articles
The value of jade with overall modelling, profound implication, carved with process and has a very important relationship with qiao color. Seven division of labor “is the so-called” three points. Manual sculpture and raw material of different characteristics make every piece of work is the only one. Long life furnishing articles according to the material characteristics and color of jade itself, to carve, formed a vivid art treasures.
Mobile phone chain
Moderate price of emerald mobile phone chain is nowadays deserve to act the role of men and women love, don’t meaningful chain. Design and weaving, implied meaning is “up”, “happiness consists in contentment”, “rich” everywhere, also can hang on the bag bag, also do not have lasting appeal.
Hetian jade play a
Hetian jade is a kind of nephrite. Its color, transparency, gloss, toughness and hardness, weight Cartier love ring replica is top grade of jade, strange precious, distributed in the kunlun mountains in south of tarim basin. As the material basis of the unique culture, hetian jade is the ancestors of the Chinese nation from various kinds of stone screening out the beauty of the “stone”, has WenRunYing ze, the aesthetic feeling of fine tenacity and practical function.
Crystal and jade ring color, style each different. Tender is its unique shape. Have to shave, glittering and translucent purple red warm and beautiful, beautiful green jade. Amethyst and the design of the green jade ring particularly generous, men’s and women’s wear and suit.
The jade bracelet
From a person wearing jewelry can show a person’s grade and status. Jade has the elegant, elegant temperament, and the Oriental inherent color, physique, banner phase contrast is very harmonious, is suitable for people of all ages to wear. Whether with decent Chinese style clothing, modern Cartier love ring replica business attire, or elegant evening dress collocation, can reveal the wearer noble, elegant temperament to get incisively and vividly.
Sweater chain
Sweater chain for fashion accessories, especially in the pure silver plating platinum pendant by fancy for designer’s unique design, composed of jade, crystal, ruby, agate design pattern, shape of both the ancient COINS, the traditional modelling of double butterfly shape, and there was a purple heart, modern fashion designs. Color is rich, ruby moist texture. Wear in the neck, immediately can show a good taste.

Cleaning gem ring and simple method is introduced

Cleaning gem ring and simple method is introduced
Gem ring is wiped
Jewel-encrusted ring with dust, most of the product below. At this time, can use toothpick or matches on a piece of cotton, the toilet water, glycerin, or a mixture of magnesium chloride and ammonia in the wet, scrubbing the gem and its framework, then use flannelette polished ring. Must not use sharp objects to clear gem and its framework.
Silver ornaments of cleaning
Another simple methodology is painted with paper towel now some correction fluid, then coated with polished silver correction fluid, you will find that the silver can if brightness is new.
First washed with soap and water, polish with velvet. Also can use hot soapy water imitation Cartier love bracelet washing. Then tu fu with ammonia (ammonia water) and the mixed powder paste mixture, wipe dry with a small piece of flannelette, until a luster.
Gold has a price, the jade is priceless, this ultra-premium jade store visitors was shocked by the high price of 9.99 million. It’s rare? The beauty of its color, look from the exterior, like green feathers kingfisher, is “perfect, perfect,” and the jewelry jade by the state administration of quality supervision, inspection center, according to the appraisal certificate issued by this boy worship goddess of mercy jade 45 grams left and right sides, the total weight is 7.9 cm, 3.1 cm wide, 1.1 cm thick, variety is a old pit full of green glass, water head, carver is exquisite.
, experts say, see a jade value discretion is often to see how many on the emerald green and green is bright, pure. Kind of refers to the exquisite, moist degree of jade material, kind of a good, green color makes beauty; In addition, natural jade has a unique texture; Look from the category, the size of the jade also decided to value, the same color, kind of the jade expected, the bigger the value; But in terms of technology, good technology can greatly promote the jade carving art appreciation and investment value. The boy worship goddess of mercy of jade with absolute value of collection, is a rare rare treasures.
So, what is “old pit”? Expert introduction, sichuan gemstone association mining jade Replica Cartier jewelry craters some match with a long history for centuries, some nearly a century, some decades, some new. For the material match very long time, generally referred to as the old pit, the “old” refers to the ancient origin match, because the old pit in history to produce a lot of good materials, high-grade materials. A few years ago, flying jewelry has sold a “level with green jade emperor” pendants, 4.4 cm long, 2.8 cm wide, caused a sensation during rong on display. In recent years, due to resource depletion into jade products prices rose sharply, the market value of the “level with green jade emperor” rising.
, little knowledge,
Jade collection, experts say a higher value of jade, should be from the five conditions to evaluate:
1, good quality of a material: structure of polycrystal structure of jade, the thickness of crystal structure and the order will affect the quality of the jade is good or bad.
2, good penetrability, good light transmittance of the jade more strengthen, internal less impurity, more high clarity.
3, rich color to: jade generally divided into three kinds, besides red fei green emerald green, there is a violet color. Pure green jade is the best, very rare, pure green, “zhengyang” more properly, the after taste.
4, do manual work is good: the so-called the finest diamond must be cut abrasive, to spread the value of imitation cartier love bracelet the collection, it is very important to a good work.
5, good product sample: that is to say wants to coordinate, size, specifications conform to the public’s aesthetic idea.
In the identification of jade, there are three contents, one is to identify the quality of the jade, jade jade expected variety is what namely; The second is to identify artificial processing, that is, the color of jade and ancient jade ooze color or other features caused by artificial processing; Three is to identify counterfeit goods and finished product, even the real phony identified.
1. The soft jade identification
Nephrite is usually artificial handler does not see more, because of their pursuit is white color, so don’t need to go to dyeing. Since ancient times, nephrite jade is a rare kind of jade. Thus there are counterfeit. Most of the counterfeit is serpentine jade, jade jade quartz and calcite, etc. Sensory characteristics of soft jade, it is a shiny, oily luster, characterized with grease or feeling of glass; Secondly, the structure, soft jade is a kind of small fibrous crystals mixed of jade, can see small fibrous crystals composed of interwoven, sparse and tinea, but not the transparency of small granular crystal, known as “phenocryst”; Third, transparency, relative may confuse the jade, the transparency Cartier love bracelet replica of its relatively poor, although is translucent or opaque, in fact most of the jade is slightly transparent, soft and translucent jade is not easy to meet.
2. The jadeite identification
The surface of the jade has star point, line and flake. Jade color colorful, it is not possessed by other gems, so color not only has to look at the color and tonal, also want to notice the color combination and distribution. Jadeite gloss is vitreous luster, oily luster or vitreous luster with grease. Good jade transparent head removed from your mind, not by other jade. The jade smooth surface on the face or lips feel cool.
, related links,
What is the emerald A, B, C delivery?
Jade A goods, for the pure natural jade. Only through the surface of the traditional mild acid or pier wax surface treatment, the structure of the jade to the corrosion and damage.
Jade B goods, jewelry, jade standard issued by the state, to optimize the jade for replica Cartier love bracelet machining process, after dipping acid bleaching, pier wax processing of jade. According to the strength of the acid leaching bleaching, also can be divided into two weak strong corrosion and erosion corrosion, strong corrosion to optimize jade is equal to the market without glue B mentioned goods. The interior has received much damage. Sufficient glue processing jade in the machining process, after bleaching, acid corrosion roguing optimum processing, the jade was badly damaged by the internal structure, and then inject the anti-reflection consolidation of colloid polymer fill said rubber goods. Sufficient glue processing or optimization of jadeite jade, in fact, should be dealt with as a destructive jade namely B goods. And weak corrosive jade, because of its destructive, should say optimization of jade. In addition, water glass (silica) filling jadeite, and with nano-sized aluminum material, the siliceous material filling of jadeite, are called senior B goods.
Filling glue additive process jadeite, by acid leaching bleaching note glue or not note glue, and join the stain of jade jewelry say B + C.
Jadeite jade C goods for dyeing. Whether pickling bleaching or not, filling glue or not, all artificial additive color jade said C.

spirit likeness all different quality attributes

Palladium platinum “sells” spirit likeness all different quality attributes
Palladium jewelry consumption increase
Palladium jewelry is in platinum arises at the historic moment under the background of the rising price. In past years, belong to one of the metal palladium and platinum, although the color and appearance are very close to, but different destiny. Platinum as an object of widely popular with its jewelry products the price is bullish. And then did not even get the birthright of gold and palladium, are genuine in a supporting role, mainly as the synthesis of other metal jewelry Cartier love ring replica components, such as on the outside of the 18 k gold or silver jewelry plating a layer of palladium. In recent years, with platinum jewelry consumption threshold up higher and higher, some palladium jewelry factory is committed to research technology, introduced the content of pure palladium jewelry in more than 900 ‰.
Palladium jewelry market increasingly aroused the concern of the fashionable personage. These two types of gold is natural white, brilliant, feast for the eyes, look at all do not feel the obvious difference. To come to the wholesale palladium jewelry dealers around in an endless stream. Says one guest from ningbo, jiangsu and zhejiang area, a growing consumer demand for palladium in his business grew. The personage inside course of study introduces, shenzhen palladium jewelry retail sales are also on the rise. Palladium jewelry is fashionable, trendy, young people to be bestowed favor on newly.
Retails for about half a platinum
Palladium Jin Daju enter competitive jewelry market, one of the prominent advantage is price is relatively low. And display a side of with a platinum diamond ring price is twice as much. A clerk explained that the diamond price, and price difference is mainly, platinum and palladium material price.
At present, the international market, platinum price of more than $1100 an ounce, yellow gold for more than $600, palladium for more than $300, about half of yellow gold, less than a third of the platinum. Retail price of gold jewellery, however, does not equate to the gold Cartier nail bracelet replica raw materials, according to statistics, 50% of the palladium jewelry at a price of platinum jewelry – 70%.
International association for palladium and palladium and platinum, gold and silver with for the international spot precious metals and futures trading varieties, although the current market price is lower than the platinum palladium, but history once was higher than platinum. Palladium is a kind of non-renewable scarce resources, with the improvement of continuous mining and the market demand, believe in the value of properties will also be gradually reflected.
“Pd” and “Pt” difference is big
Palladium platinum “look very similar but the price differs a lot, it makes individual vendors to any ideas on them with platinum, and palladium to fish in troubled waters. At the beginning of the palladium jewelry market, shenzhen this kind of phenomenon, also has appeared once, also be the more specification now.
Jewelry professionals, says from her appearance, although with silver, palladium and platinum palladium density is relatively small, however, the same size is much lighter than platinum palladium jewelry. City gold jewelry industry association officials said, the general rule of thumb and surface observation is unable to distinguish between palladium platinum jewelry. Today, the merchants of specification will in gold jewelry material shown on the sign, among them, the metal palladium code is Pd, platinum, code-named Pt, there is only one letter short of consumers need to be carefully when buy screening; At the same time, should choose reputable manufacturers and Cartier nail bracelet replica merchants. If you still don’t trust, can hold the gold to a nearby jewelry inspection agency site test.
Contemporary Swiss wristwatch designers Ma Dingbo (Martin Pauli) can be called Mr Artists, thinkers, create a home, as the watch from his design embodies the characteristics of the same. Successfully listed in the Axis, Time Exploration, Tec & Art, Color Tec sweet wrist after products, such as Ma Dingbo benefit now with original and strong personality of fashion watches – Eglomise sapphire mirror opposite painting series wrist watch.
Ma Dingbo he introduced: “I engaged in for many years and during the industrial art, education and research in the future, as a hobby, I have engaged in painting art insects, I often on the glass surface, the paintings in the art world is called Eglomise.” Now Mr. Martin in watch sapphire mirror on the back of the painting, the technical difficulty is very high, at present only Angle in watch manufacturing monte a watch with this technology, bring the world watch industry innovation ideas of art.
The difficulty of this technology is that in order to be able to see the normal picture from the front, painting should be carried out in the back of the mirror, this sort of work demands great imagination, patience, and skills, especially on the color of all sorts of color production, and the Angle of monte sapphire mirror opposite painting embodies the characteristic of the original series of products.
Eglomis technology originated from China, popular in Europe in the eighteenth century, especially in southern Germany and Switzerland, because there are more likely to win the paint. Ma Dingbo a year ago, and found that using a new kind of enamel on wrist watch material, the Angle Cartier nail bracelet replica monte products compared with other independent tabulation brand products, more competitive. He said: “the successful development of new products to promote the emergence of Angle monte watch a variety of models.” Mr Martin unique design from the earliest pencil, then paint designs onto a sapphire table on the back of the lens, use the tick the enamel contour, finally USES the small brush to detailed need to colors, fill in the background color, finally completed a mirror. Reverse painting has three forms: describe silhouette picture on common glass, prevalent in the 20 s to 50 s; Art painter painting on the surface of the glass, then put the glass frame around, mainly popular in the 19th and 20th centuries, nowadays in some countries and regions in the world is still made by this method, or made in a different style; Then there is with a tiny brush painting inside the bottle, the technology is similar to the Chinese snuff bottles; If in the interior of the glass container or on the back of the medal with golden or silver leaf shape design, is called Eglomise.
Unger monte watches on the painting is Angle monte painter made more colorful pictures, also some imitation Cartier love bracelet adopted the pattern of famous painting in the 19th century. Unger monte initial Eglomis products are the paintings on the African wildlife, there are many USES the romantic life picture of Indian nobleman, China sets pictures, there are flowers design, etc.
Unger monte reverse mirror carve painting series wrist movement of Eglomis USES is ETA Unitas 6498 movement, the movement was originally designed for pocket watch, Angle of monte BiaoJiang to improvements of the manual winding machine, combined with Abraham – Luis Breguet Montre a tact in 1798 display mode (this is shown in the watch industry is very popular at that time, until Svend Anderson in 1998, launching its own Montre a tact display technology); Through modern improvements, can realize the clockwise or counterclockwise time display.
Ma Dingbo 38 mm in diameter, and the back of the sapphirine crystal carved painting, marked the recovery of Montre a tact time concept, through to the ETA Unitas 6498 movement movement was improved, the hours Numbers in anticlockwise order is arranged on the circular dial, circular dial is installed within 42 mm diameter stainless steel watch case rotation. In to reading time need a little time to think about: the next hour reading will appear from the display window on the left side of the table mirror, rather than from the right. Three of chongqing steel shell bottom for screw-plug sapphire lens, can reveal the internal complex manual winding Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica machine, crown is screw locking type.
It goes without saying that every Angle monte watches are for different hand-painted patterns and different mirror. Ma Dingbo he said “we are very pay attention to the creative”, “watch the viewer with lovers can always find innovation on Angle monte watch.”